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University  of  Virginia  Ubrary 

F12S.Z2  B    1909 

A  LD  Sodaf  Teglsl$r,  Naw  Vortt. 

XX  ODD  4a M 



iSocial  Register, 

New  York, 

Vol.  XXIII,  N0..I.  November,  1908. 


Copyright  1908  by  The  Social  Register  Association 



A Authors    |    K. . 

Ad Alpha  Delta  Phi 

Aht' Amherst  Graduate 

An Army  &  Navy 

Ap Apawamis  Goft 

Ar Sons  American  Revolution 

As Ardlsey 

Ats National  Arts 

Au Automobile  of  America 

Ay American  Yacht 

B The  Brook 

Bd Barnard 

Bg Baltusrol  Golf 

Bm Badminton 

Bow' Bowdoin  Graduate 

Br' Brown  University  Graduate 

C ■ Century 

Cal Calumet 

Cc Society  of  the  Cincinnati 

Cd Colonial  Dames 

Cda Colonial  Dames  of  America 

Ch Church 

Cr Columbia  Graduate 

CI Columbia  University  Club 

Cly Colony 

Cr* Cornell  Graduate 

Cr Cornell  University  Club 

Ct City 

Cth Catholic 

Cw Society  of  Colonial  Wars 

Cy Country 

Dar.  . .  Daughters  of  American  Revolution 

Dc Daughters  of  the  Cincinnati 

Dke Delta  Kappa  Epsilon 

Dp Delta  Phi 

Dt Down  Town 

Dth' Dartmouth  Graduate 

Du Delta  Upsilon 

Dv Deutscher  Verein 

E Essex  of  Newark 

Eg Engineers, 

Fn F«ncers  • 

Gg. Garden  City  Golf 

H.' Harvard  Graduate 

H Harvard  University  Club 

Ha Hamilton  of  Brooklyn 

Ham' Hamilton  Graduate 

HI Holland  Society 

Hob* Hobart  Graduate 

Ht Huguenot  Society 

'  Hop' Johns  Hopkins  Graduate 

kl Jekyl  Island  Club 

GIFT      ^ 

.  .  Knickerbocker 

Kg KnoUwood 

Lc Larchmont  Yacnt 

LL Loyal  Legion 

Lt Lotos 

M Manhattan 

Mb Meadow  Brook 

Mc Merchants 

Mg Morris  County  Golf 

Mid City  Midday 

Mo Morristo^wn 

Mt Metro^litan 

Mtw Metropolitan  of  Washington 

Myf Mayflower  Descendants 

N New  York 

N' New  York  University  Graduate 

Na N.  Y.  Athletic 

Ny N.  Y.  Yacht 

P' Princeton  Graduate 

P Princeton  University  Club 

PI Players 

Pa.' University  of  Pa.  Graduate 

Pu Psi  tJpsilon 

R Racquet  &  Tennis 

Re Richmond  County  Country 

Rens... Rensselaer  Poly'tnc  Ins.  Graduate 

Rg Riding 

Rn Rockaway  Hunt 

Rp Republican 

Rut' Rutgers  Graduate 

Rv Sons  of  Revolution 

S Seawanhaka  Cor.  Yacht 

Sa St.  Anthony 

Sn St.  Nicholas 

Snc St.  Nicholas  Society 

So Southern  Society 

Ss South  Side  Sportsmen's 

T Tuxedo 

Tf Turf&Field 

Ty'.. Trinity  Graduate 

y Union  College  Graduate 

-_1 Union  League 

Fw Foreign  Wars  (Military  Orcjer  J>f)  t  ."Un Union 

G Grofier    •  U  S  A  or  U  S  N US  Army  or  Navy 

Uv University 

W Whist 

Wk Westminster  Kennel 

Wms' Williams  Graduate 

Wp Whippany  River 

Wt Society  War  1812 

Y' Yale  Graduate 

Y Yale  University  Club 

Zp Zeta  Psi 

The  date  following  the  college  abbreviation  indicates  the 
graduating  class. 

The  first  club  following  a  name  indicates  where  letters  may- 
be sent. 

Club  abbreviations,  not  included  in  the  above  list,  refer 
to  Washington,  Philadelphia,  Chicago,  Boston,  Providence, 
St.  Louis,  Pittsburgh,  St.  Paul  and  Minneapolis,  San  Fran-- 
cisco,  Baltimore,  Buffalo,  or  Southern  Cities  Clubs,  to  dis- 
tinguish which  is  added  respectively  the  letters  «;,  />,  ch,  b,  pv, 
^t>,  w,  sf,  bly  bf,  or  so. 

-•domiciles  ^^^^^  front  cover  of  this  book  should  be  conni 
suited  first  for  all  changes.     If  the  name  be  not  found  there, 
it  is  correct  in  the  main  book. 

Changes  of  address  will  be  inserted,  without  charge,  in 
**.D^^Sie.'*  which  are  sent  only  to  subscribers  for  the  year.' 

Social  Registers  for  New  York,  Washington,  Philadelphia, 
Chicago,  Boston,  Providence,  St.  Louis,  Pittsburgh,  St.  Paul 
&  Minneapolis,  San  Francisco,  Baltimore,  Buffalo,  and 
Southern  Cities  from  Richmond  to  Atlanta,  appear  in  No- 
vember, with  DSdS.  in  December,  January,  February  and 
April.  The  Summer  Social  Register,  with  country  and 
foreign  addresses  of  all  combined,  will  be  issued  in  June, 
with  D^*Se.  in  July.  They  will  record  the  full  names  and 
addresses  of  members  of  prominent  families,  grouped  together, 
the  clubs  to  which  they  belong,  and  the  marriage,  death  and 
Eurppean  arrival  and  departure  of  each  person  as  it  may 

iHr.         t  [  appear  under  the 

names  of  older  members  of  their  families. 

On  the  last  pages  of  these  issues  will  also  be  found  an  index 
of  marriages  and  deaths  and  an  alphabetical  list  of  the  maiden 
names  of  married  women. 

The  subscription  is  $5.00  per  annum  for  each  city. 

A  subscription  of  $25,00  will  include  all  the  issues  for  New 
York,  Washington,  Philadelphia,  Chicago,  Boston,  Providence, 
St.  Louis,  Pittsburgh,  St.  Paul  &  Minneapolis,  San  Francisco, 
Baltimore,  Buffalo,  and  Southern  Cities  from  Richmond  to 
Atlanta,  for  one  year;  or  any  ^/tr^e  for  $10.00. 

The  Locatefi  a  separate  book  from  the  Social  Register, 
combines  the  names  in  all  the  Social  Registers,  indicates  to 
which  city  each  name  belongs  and  the  family's  head  under 
"which  it  may  be  found.  The  Locater  places  at  the  command 
of  Social  Register  subscribers  the  utilities  of  all  the  Social 
Registers  combined.     Price, $5.00 

Social  Register. 

II  W  50 

160  E  91 


Abbe  DiM"  Rob't  (Palmer-Catherine  Amory)  C. 

Uv.Cd.Cly.'yo.  .aVd  K  II  Oct  6 

tf"  May  S  &  M'  Courtlandt  Palmer 

Abbot  M'  Everett  V-Uv.H*86 P^'SS243o-79 

Abbot  MiM"  Harry  S  (Alice  R  Loney)  H'86 see  W  A  Loney 

Abbott  MiM"  Geo  Haven  (Katharine  F  Hargrave) 

Na.Rp.Y.'98.  .P^"^547o6Col.  .125  W  58 
Abbott  MiM"  Lawrence  F  (Winifred  Buck)  Uv.   IP*^^Ssi98Plaza 

J^„  tf"  Dorothea  V [C.Aht'8il     115  E  65 

Abbott  DiM"  Theo  J  (Marie  Matthiessen) 113E78 

Abbott  M'  Walter-K.Uv.B.Mtw.R.Smb.Atb.H'88 see  B?Sn 

Abbott  M'  Wm  A see  W  L  Pomeroy 

Abd-el-Messih  Bey  &  M"Georges  G(Marie  ASherman).58  W  47 
Abeel  M"  Gustavus  N(Margaret  A  Hall)  146  Mad  Av..see  DJ^'X 
Abeel  MiM"  John  H  (Davis-Louise  S  Sluyter) 

Na.Snc.Ht.Hl.Rv.  .P^'SS3487Col. .  148  W  73 
Abeel  M"  Neilson  (Nina  F  Jackson) 

P^^S2  2  53w, .  15  Fulton  Newark  N  J 

Abendroth  M'  Arthur  Howard-Ul.Pl Union  League  Club 


aVdBaltJun  11.  .  av'd  Lusi  Oct  8 .  .P'^'SS  1180-79. .  19E86 

Achelis  MiM"  Fritz  (Bertha  F  Koenig)Ha.As.Au 

Achelis  tf""  Margaret  J  &  Elizabeth  A.  .  .[Mc.Dv 

Achelis  M'  Fritz  G-Y/07 

Achelis  M'  John-Mt.Mc.Dv.Na 

Achelis  M'  Thos  2d-Y/o8.  .ab*d  Grosse  Oct  20.  .at 

JSL  M'  Johnfritz [Cite  de  Paradis  2  Paris 

Achelis  M'  Thomas-Dv.Mc.Ha Seabright  N  J 

Adair  M"  Cornelia  (Ritchie- Wadsworth) .  .  .30  Curzon  London 
Adam  MiM"  Wm  Forsyth  (Florence  Leach)  Bg. 

PH'Si88j..  Summit  N  T 
^dams  M"*  Agnes see  A  vSmedberg  Jr 

9  E   57 

16  W  69 

New  York  1909^ 



41  E  64 

P^^S392  5Plaza 
45 S  Mad  Av 

Adams  M*M"  Ambrose  R  (Katie  Bontecou)Ul. 
Adams  tf"  Alma  F [Mc. 

Adams  MIM"  Chas  (Elizabeth  F  Park) 175  W  58 

Adams  M"  Chas  Hy  (Judith  C  Coleman) Cd.Dar.    P*«S2oo6-79 

Adams  M'"  Agnes  Crittenden-Cd [Dc.Myf.  1070  Mad  Av 

Adams  Mill"  Danl  C  (Katharine  H  Osterhoudt)  U v.    P^^S63  6C0I 

M"  Howard  Osterhoudt [Rv.Y/95  201  W  55 

Adams  MiM"  Edward  D  (Frances  A  Gutterson) 

Adams  tf-  Ruth [Cly.Nor'64 

Adams  M'  Ellis-Y/02 77  Washington  East  Orange  N  J 

Adams  MiM"  Fred'k  B  (Ellen  W  Delano)  Uv.As.T.R.Cly. 

Y.'oo.  .P^"i?S3048Gram.  .43  W  9 
Adams  MiM"  Fred'k  Thompson  (Maud  Witherbee)  N.Ny. 

Lc.Na.  .25  W  36 
Adams  Judge  &  M"  Geo  Bethune(Helen  J  Balfour)Ul.i37  W  10 
Adams  Mill"  Geo  Elder  (Bertha  H  Purser)  Ny.     |P^^S56ooMad 

&M'  Purser  E-at  Pomfret  Ct [N.Au.      22  E  29 

Adams  MiM"  Hy  Clay  (Virginia  Patteson)  N.Na.|P4s2i8iPlaza 

Adams  M"  Samuel  R [So.|     72  W  51 

Adams  M"  Hy  H  (Helen  E  Redington) 

P'^^S6i2.  .Belle  Haven  Greenwich  Ct 
Adams  M"  Hy  Kingsland  (Annie  Disosway). 
Adams  D'  Robert  Staunton-As.Na.P/88 . .  at 

Adams  DiM"CThayer(Nannie  D  Adams)As.Ht.Na. 
Adams  MiM"  Herbert  (Adeline  V  Pond)  C.Pl.Ats. 


.131  W  II 


262  Palisade  Av 


Adams  M'  Hugh  W 

Adams  M*"  Amelia  White 

Adams  M'  Benj  Haywood-Uv.P.*9o 

Adams  M'  Jas  Truslow- Y.'oo P^^S66Rect.  .Yale  Club 

Adams  M"  John  H  (Josephine  Kalbfleisch) 

P^«5458oPlaza..7o  W  55 
Adams  DiM"  John  L  (Elizabeth  E  Wallace) Ny.Uv.Lt.Lc.Na. 

M.Y.'83.D'  aVd  Onic  Jly  i.P«S2  544Plaza.38  E  51 

Adams  MiM"  John  Wolcott  (Frances  Sheldon) 70  W  11 


331  W  TOl 

Adams  MiM"  Jos  Hy  (Anna  W  Lincke)  Ct.Ch.Rv 
M"  Gordon  Page  (Marion  De  L  Adams)  .[H'8t 

Social  Register 

Adams  M'  Louis  B-Cal.Mo.Mg.P/91 P*^^S3967Broad 

Adams  M*"  Bessie  H-Mg 17  State 

Adams  M'  Mason  T  (late  Chas  D).  .Married  at  Brick  Presb*y 

Hubbell  JT"  Juliette  E  (Chas  B) Oct  31 

Adams  MiM"  Mason  T  (Juliette  E  Hubbell)  Uv.Eg. ¥.'99.01*01 

Vancouver  B  C 

Adams  M'  Newton  (Thos  B) Married  at  Newport  R  I 

Potter  tf"  Alice  K  (Frank  H) Sep  5 

Adams  Mill"  Newton  (Alice  K  Potter)  Sn.P.*o2 

37  Catherine  Newport  R  I 
Adams  MiM"  Oliver  (Augustine  L  Tardos).  . 
Adams  M*"*  Emily  J,  Augustine  M  &  Helen. 

Adams  M'  Oliver  W 

JSS,  tf"  Winifred  &  M'  Ralph 

Adams  MiM"  Thatcher  M  (Frances  C  Robbins)  Un.'Mt.K. 

Mid.Dt.W.Chch. Y' . .  P^'iS53433-79  • .  63  E  79 
Adams  MiM"  Thatcher  M  Jr(Edith  Atlee  Jackson)Uv.Un.R. 

Y.'95 .  .ab'd  Ced  Aug  13  aVd.  .P^^S3929  Chel.  .39  W  10 

Adams  MiM"  Thos  B  (Annie  Corlies)Ct 

Adams  M'  Stuart  C-H.'o5 

JlSsM'E  WC 

Adams  MiM"Walter  Wood(H  Augusta  Hillhouse) 
Ct.Sn.Cw.Cd.Dc.Hob'70 ' 
Adams  M'  Phineas  Hillhouse-Ct.Sn.H.'os.  .  . 

P«S2  709 

55  Glen  Rd 



52  W  39 

Adams  DiM"  Warren  Sanford  (Sheldon-Emily  J 
W"  Cecily  Sheldon.  .[Adam)  Au.N. Ap. Ats.N' 

106  E  70 

av'd  Ced  Sep  4 


no  E  38 

Adams  M"  wiiuam  (Helen  Coolidge) |P^^S3796Chel 

Adams  M'  Thos  S-Uv.R.Rh.Y.'oi 

Adams  MiM"  Wm  (Alice  C  Greenleaf)  Uv.Sa. 

JJS,  M'  Wm  Jr.  .at  Groton [Rh.Y.'9i 

23  W  10 
Lawrence  L  I 


Glen  Cove  L  I 

see  DSS$X 

Adams  MiM"  Wm  Crittenden  (Grace  F  James) 
JSJ.  ff"  Crittenden  H  &  Jas  F. . .  .[Ul.Bd.S.Cl.*84 

Addoms  MiM"  Mortimer  C  (Mary  A  Baldwin)  Ul. 
Rp.Snc.Hob\  .ab'd  Jly  4.  .av'd  Fin  Sep  8 

Addoms  M'  Mortimer  C  Jr-Y.'o6 

Adee  M"  Ernest  R  (Geraldine  Fitzgerald)  T. 

P'^mio.  .Tuxedo  Pk  N 



New  York  1909 

Adee  T  Geo  A  (Adelaide  Palmer  P^«Si35 

Adee  IP"  Ellen  L [Stanton)  Country  Club  Grounds 

Adee  M'  Geo  Townsend-Uv.Cy.R.Y/95       Westchester  N  Y 
Adee  M'  George  A  (late  Geo  T). .  .Died  at  Stonington  Ct  Aug  12 
Adee  M'  Philip  Hy-Un.Uv.R.Cy.Ny.Lc.Y/73 

I*«S36s3Plaza.  .718  Fifth  Av 
Adenaw  ItM"  Arthur  P  (Charlotte  M  GiUet)  Cl.'oi 

P'1KS74oPlaza.  .80  E  55 
Adenaw  MiJT'JuUus  K'  (Louise  C  Arthur)G.Cl/79. .  )P«S798Plaza 

MiM"  M  Phillips  Parks  (Adenaw) |    104  E  64 

Adler  DiM"  FeHx  (Helen  Goldmark)  C.Ct.Cr?© 

Adler  If*  Eleanor  H BerUn 

Adler  M"  Waldo  &  Lawrence Ger 

Ja  M*—  Margaret  &  Ruth 

Adriance  Rev  ft  M"  Harris  Ely  (Sarah  McC  «»«-.  .      w^^ 

Holmes)  Uv.Ap.HLWms'83        'J?^  7. 

JSS.  M""  Harris  E  Jr  &  Edwin  H 122  iS  30 

Adriance  M'  John  Sabin~Ul.Na.Rv.Wms*82 P«S2476-38 

Adriance M'  Hy  Benson-Uv.Hl.Na.Snc.Wms*87.  . ,     105  E  39 
Adriance  D*M"  Vanderpoel  (Tillinghast-Mary  B  Kellogg) 

Ul.Uv.Na.Wms'90:  .P«;i64.  .Williamstown  Mass 
Aertsen  MiM"  Guilliaem  (Edith  Price)  Eg.Rtp.  P*^'J?Ss8o2Plaza 
Aertsen  If  Elizabeth  R. .  [Unch.Chch.Acp.Sdgp.       135  E  66 

Aertsen  M'  Guilliaem  Jr-Mkp.Gcp.H/os see  P^'K 



JiS.  M'  John  G  Jr [Rg.Mtw.Geo'76 

Agate  MiM"  Fred'c  J  (Helen  W  Smith)  Cl/03 

P*«S869Col.  .65  Central  Pk  W 

"Fair  Oaks" 
New  Rochelle  N  Y 

Q  Ws6 



Agnew  M'  Andrew  G-Ul.Dt.Ct.Rg. 
AgnewM'  Geo  B-Uv.Rp.Ul.Ct.S.Rg.P/91.  . 

Agnew  M"  ComeKus  R  (Mary  Nash) 

Agnew  If--  Laura  N,  EUzabeth  F  &  Edith. 
Agnew  JP"  Sarah  0.  .see  S  S  Auchincloss.  . 

Agnew  M'  Wm  Paton-P.*83 

Agnew  MiM"  Cornelius  Rea  (Blanche  Bean)  Ap.Ul.Uv.Dt.Ay. 
Rg.Rv.P.'gi.  .P^«S29o6Plaza.  .66  E  55 

Agnew  IP"  Eleanor 

If-  H  Olive  Trowbridge. 


Social  Register 

'  ab'd  Adri  Jun  17 
17  W  47 

Agostini  M*M"Jos  (Louisa  Macy)Un.Mt.Au. 
AgostiniM'  Louis-R.Rg.  .at44W45[Tf.Mid. 

DiM"  Fellowes  Davis  Jr  (Agostini)  .  . . 

M"  Edith  A  Beales  (Agostini) 

Aiken  M'  Wm  Martin-C.So.  .Mit*79 

Ns2  26oStuy.  .499  Fifth  Av 
Aitken  Mill"  John  (Ethel  Ralston)  Uv.P/oi 

P^«S5294Plaza..72  E  56 

Aitken  IT  John  W-Uv.Mt.Ul.Rg.Au.G.P/69 1    28 

Aitken  tf"  H  Jean |  W  54 

Aked  Rev  st  M"  Chas  P. 8  W  46 

P^«S2oLarch."  Mayswood" 

Hommocks  Pt 

Mamaroneck  N  Y 

Akerly  M"  Samuel  M  (Charlotte  M  Taylor) P^«S237oPlaza 

Akerly  IT"*  Mary  &  Lucy  Dubois. 550  Park  Av 

Akin  MiM"  Albert  J  (Gwendolyn  Wickersham)  Sa.S.Rh.Cro4 


Akin  MiM"  Albro  (Emma  Read) P^'»S2869Bry .  .  64  W  49 

Akin  M"  Wm  H  (Sarah  Miller) 9  E  48 

Albro  M'  Lewis  Colt-Sn P^«S5956Mad. .  i49-E  34 

Alden  MiM"  Adelbert  H  (Mabel  C       -       ^""^^  ^^'^  ^^^  ^^ 

Thayer)  Ny.R.Dt.Ay.Au.Cy. 
J2S.M' John  Victor [Lc.Myf. 

Alden  JT"  Enid  B see  Rob't  F  Weir 

Alden  M'  Rob't  Percy-C.Cc.G.Y'70 70 

Alden  M*"  Geo  H  W-Y/06  &  John  P  C-P^o7 W  55 

Aldrich  M'"  Amey P''»S2945Mad 

Aldrich  M'  Chester  H-C.Sa.Cl/93 142  E  33 

Aldrich  MiM"  J  Frank  (Mariska  de  Horvath)  Ulch.Rens'77 

P^^S26iCol..i  W68 
Aldrich  MiM"  Jas  H  (Mary  G  Edson)  Uv.Ch.Dar.Cly.Cl/63 

P*^«Si6iCol..i5o  W  59 

Aldrich  tf"  Mary  L-Cly )P^^S5i99Plaza 

W"  Agnes  G  Troup (     131  E  66 

Aldrich  MiM"  Richard  (Margaret  L  Chanler)  C.Cly.H/85 

317  W  74 

Aldrich  MiM"Spencer(HarrietteHDall)Ul.Ch.Sa.Cd. 
Aldrich  If"-  Mary  A,Helen  H&Maude  H[Dar.Cl.'74 

Aldrich  M'  Spencer  W 

Alexander  M"  Andrew  J  (Eveline  Martin)  Wh. 
'ander  M'  Upton,  .at  203  Bway [Dar. 

W  72 
Auburn  N  Y 

New  York  1909 

Alexander  M"  Arch*d  (Caroline  Bayard  Stevens) Ats.     ^^0498 

Cda.Cly.Wp.  Castle  Pt 
Alexander  MiM"  Arched  S  (Helen  T  Barney)  R.Mb.      Hoboken 

Cly.P.'o2       N  J 
Alexander  MiM"  Chas  B  (Harriet  Crocker)  Uv.Un. 


Alexander  M^"  Harriet  &  Janetta 4  W  58 


Alexander  MiM"  Douglas  (Helen  H)  Rg.Au i  W  72 

Alexander  MiM"  Fred*k  B  (Florence  Lounsbery)  Mt.As.P/03 

M"  ab'd  Prov  Oct  29.  .Credit  Lyonnais  Paris 
Alexander  Rev  D'  Geo-  C.U'66 .  P*^^S6o3  iGram.  .47  University  PI 
Alexander  M"  H  Eug  (Mary  B  Davenport).. .  .  ""' 

Alexander  If"  Mabel  W 

Alexander  tf"  Mary  B  W 

Alexander  M'  Eug  D-L1.Y.'96 

Alexander  M"  Hy  Addison  (Grace  Green)  Cly. 

Alexander  tf"  Eleanor  B.  . 

Alexander  MiM"  Hy  Martyn  (Helen  Manice)  Mt. 

Jl^tf- Helen  G [R.Uv.T.Tf.Sa.P.'90 

Alexander  M"  Henry  m  (Susan  M  Brown) 

Alexander  M'  Archibald-C.P'7S 


Clinton  Av 
New  Brighton 

42  W47 
15  E36 
^  10 

Alexander  MiM"  James  W  (Elizabeth  B  Williamson) 

Alexander  M'  John  Franklin-Rp.Na.P*^^4oooBry . .  524  FifthAv 
Alexander  MiM"  John  W  (Elizabeth  Alexander)     f'^To^  2 7  7Plaza 

Mt.C.Un.Cal.  116 

.&  M'  James  W  2d~at'79Bldg  Princeton  N  J E  65 

Alexander  MiM"  Lawrence  D  (Orline  St  John)  C.        222  W  23 

Alexander  tf"  Orline [Ats.Rv.Jef'64  see    DiiJiX 

Alexander  D*M"  Lawrence  D  Jr  (Marion  L  Eaton)  Va*oi 

P^Si7i-38..s  W38 
Alexander  M"  Rob't  C  (Annie  Clare)  "Buena  Vista'' 

Bolton  on  Lake  George  N  Y 
Alexander  If  Sam'l-Uv.P.'79 .  ab'd  Teut  Sep  2. 

av'd  Onic  Oct  14.  .P'»;i244Plaza.  .68  W  S5 
Alexander  MiM"  Walter  (Grace  H  Coppell)  Uv.Mt.Dt.Gg. 

So.Cly.H.'87.  .P'»Si642Plaza.  .  133  E  54 



Alexander  DiM'*  Welcome  T(Aim6e  GThayer) 

Alexander  M'"  Lee  F.  .see  DS^SJ. 



St  Nicholas 

Alexander  M'  Ludwell  B-Cl'04 Av 

AlexanderMiM"Wm(FrancesGordonPaddock)  Un.    ^^4660-38 

Alexander  If"  Frances [C.Uv.So.Va'yo       14  W  37 

Alexandre  MiM"  Francis  V  (Sedonya  Bussell)  Ny.Na.Tf.Lc. 
Cth.H'99 . .  7 iSFifthAv . .  M"  ab'd  Prov  Oct  i 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 

Alexandreir  J  Henry-Rg.Mt.Un.Ny.Tf.Rc P«S2963Plaza 

Alexandre  M'  J  Hy  Jr-Rg.R.H/07 35 

fe  IP"-  Virginia  L  &  Mary  E  &  M'  Fred'k  F E  67 

Alexandre  MiM"  Jerome  (Violet  A  Oakley) see  P  R  Bonner 

P^«S42  52 


Mad  Av 


Alexandre  MiM"  John  E  (Helen  Lispenard  Webb) 

Alexandre  tf"  Helen  L [Un.Mt.Rg.T.Cda 

Ja  tf""  M  Civilise  &  Anna  R 

AU  MiM"  George  D  (AUce  Hall) . .  P**«S23o. .  2 1 2  Av  A  Bayonne  N  J 
Alker  MiM"  Alphonse  H  (Florence  A  Ward)Lc.Ny. 

Alker  iP"  Florence  W [Na.'7i 

Alker  M'Jas  W-Ny 

Alker  r'^Hy  A-Y/07  &  Ed  P-at  Yale 

JS.  tf-  Mabel  W  &  M'  Carroll  B 

Allan  Sir  &  Lady  H  Montagu  (Marguerite  E  Mackenzie) 

K.  /'Ravenscrag"  Montreal  Can 
Allen  MiM"  Chas  H  (Harriet  C  Dean)  Mt.Uv.Au.Unb.Mtw. 

Aht'69..48  W46 

Allen  M"  EUsha  h  (Julia  A  Herrick) P^^3333Riv 

Allen  M"  E  Hunt-Ul.Na.  .av'd  Maj  Oct  7  &  WmF         n6 
Allen  M""  Rob't  H-Un.Sa.R.Na.  &JohnA-Na.Y/oo       W  82 
Allen  MiM"  Ethan  (Alice  R  Bigelow)  Rp.Ul.As.  .      ^^$3360-38 
JS.  M'  Horace  R  B . .  at  Phillips  Exeter  3 1 5  LexAv 

Exeter  N  H  see  Sk«i 

Allen  M'  Francis  B-Uv.H.'8i 64 

M"  Samuel  L  M  Post  (Mary  L  Allen) E  55 

Cda.Cly.H.'8o . . M'av*d  Prov  Sep26 . .  19  rue  RaynouardParis 
•     M'  at.  .P«S9  *'Bolton  Priory"  Pelham  Manor  N  Y 
Allen  MiM"  Fred'k  L  (Jane  CarHsle)  Uv.Kg.Ad.Ham'88 

PlK9687Riv,  .391  W  End  Av 

New  York  1909  11 

AUen  MiM"  Geo  Marshall  (Grace  Fanshawe)  Mo.Mg.Ny. 

P«S459 . .  Morristown  N  J 

Allen  MiM"  Harry  (Josephine  Pumpelly) )P«;2405Spring 

JS.  tf-  Margaret (27  WashSqN 

Allen  MiM"  Henry  (Trumbull)  N P«S4646-38.  .44  E  49 

Allen  MiM"  Joel  Nott  (Fanny  W  Ogden) 202  W  74 

Allen  M"  Marshall  J  (Frances  E  Gamryck) Hotel 

M**  Frances  W  Gamryck Plaza 

Allen  DiM"  Paul  (Mattie  R  Duvall)  Ht.  .Pl?S246Plaza..S9  W  49 
Allen  DiM"  Thos  H  (Blanche  D  Townsend)  Un.Cr75 

1*^1729001..  I  so  W  59 

Allen  M"  Timothy  Field  (Julia  Bissell) 3  E  48 

Allen  MiM"  Timothy  Field  (Woodford)  H.'ps see  DSSS. 

Allen  MiM"  Wm  (Mary  Houstoun  Anderson)  Uv.So.Geo'77 

Va'78..aVdOiiicSepi6..P«Si233Plaza..5i  E  65 

Allen  M'WmHall-C.H'78 "Netwood'SaybrookCt 

Allen  MiM"  Yorke  (Mary  Vim  L  Findlay)  P.'94 

P^^S3ioj .  .Clark  PI  So  Orange  N  J 

Alley  MiM"  Hy  T  (S  Isabella  Lord)  Cal Calumet  Club 

AUien  MiM"  Frederick  (Susan  T  Martin)  R.Myf .Cly.Cd. 

ab'd  Onic  Jly  29  av'd..see  D^tZ, 
AlUen  MiM"  Hy  V  (EUza  R  Campbell) 

P^472W. .  159  Glen  Ridge  Av  Montclair  N  J 
Allien  M*"  Laura  V 28  Champs  Elys^es  Paris 


Flushing  L  I 

see  DSSZ. 




AUis  MiM"  Fred'k  (Lida  B  Ashton)  Y^7o.Cr72. 

AlUs  If"  Katherine  A 

Allis  M'  J  Ashton.  .at  P^S44S4Col. .  109  W  54 
AhnyMiM"Fred'k(Millicent  Magruder)  Rh.  .  . 

Almy  If"  Elizabeth  B 

AlmyM'Fred'k  Jr 

JIS.  ir  MiUicent  &  M'  Wm  M 

Almy  M"  Harvey  S  (Mary  L  Sisson) 

**  Hillside*'  East  Greenwich  R.I 
Almy  If"  Helen  Gladys  (late  J  Winthrop) Married  at  37  Mad  Av 

Walker  M'  J  Brandt  (Edwin) Jly  1 

Alsop  tf"  Aim6e  E I  Hinckly  Rd 

Alsop  MiM"  Francis  J  O-Y'03 (  Milton  Masa 

Alsop  M'  John  de  Koven-Pl. Y.'o2 . .  P«S2  2  54Spg. .  62  Wash  Sq 

T  2  Social  Register 

Alsop  M'  Jos  Wright-Y.'98 |  P'^'{?S5S-4Farm  **  Wood 

M"  Walter  L  Boreham  (Dabney).  .JFord  Farm"  Avon  Ct 
Alvord  M'  Andrew  P-Uv.Ad.S.Aht'87 .  .  .P*^^S2  233Bry .  .  12  W44 

Alvord  M' Edwin  B-Ny.Na.Kg New  York  Yacht  Club 

Ambrose  M* "••  Ida  V  &  Mary |         see 

Ambrose  M'  Thomas  J |G  F  Shrady 

Ames  Mill"  Edw  W  (Millicent  Johnson) abroad 

Ames  Mill"  John  McEwen  (Josephine  B  Coleman)  Ad.Ct.Eg. 

Re. J  Hop'90.  .NsiosDorp.  .Dongan  Hills  S  I 
Ammidown  M'  Albert  Holmes-H'68 .  .  P^^'SSioyoCort .  .  206  B*way 
Ammidown  M'  Hy  Philip-Un St  Augustine  Fla 

Amory  MiM"  Copley  (Mary  Russell)  Uv.Smb.     R^onx^l^P  N  V 
JlSs  M'"  Copley  Jr  &  Hy  R [Uvb.H'88  gSsn 

Amsinck  MiM"  Gustav  (Beekman-Florence  Delaplaine)  Un. 

Dv.Dt.Bg.  .ab'd  Cecil  Jun  9.  .P*'^S6766-38.  .25  E  47 
Amundson  MiM"  John  A  (Augusta  R  Paige)  Dt.Dke.Y/80 

P*^^S6i5a-38..i  E  41 
Anable  M"  EHphalet  Nott  (Annie  H  Schenck)!         P%357w 

J&»  M'  Anthony jMorristown  N  J 

Andariese  M"  Jas  (Edith  McVickar) abroad 

Anderson  MiM"  Abram  A  (Elisabeth  Milbank)  Ul.  Rp  Au. 

P^^S884-38..6  E  38 
Anderson  MiM"  Chandler  P  (Harriet  S  Ward) 

Uv.Dt.Mtw.Y'87.  .P^^3543Plaza. .  121  E  60 

56  W 

Anderson  M"  E  EUery  (Augusta  Chauncey) 

Anderson  M'  Henry  Jas 

Anderson  MiM"  Ed  C  (Estelle  Piatt)  Ul |P^'i?S4 13  2^501 

Anderson  M'"  Lillian  M |        112 

Anderson  M'  Edward  C  Jr |      W  58 

Anderson  MiM"  Ellery  0(Melicent  S  Duryea)  Rh.Tf.Dp.Cly. 

Cl.'97.  .P^«;5656Plaza. .  147  E  64 

Anderson  tf^  Harriet  A 6  Winchester  Rd  Oxford  Eng 

Anderson  M"  Hy  H  (Sarah  Burrall) [     P*'^S2448Plaza 

Anderson  M'  Hy  B-Mt.Uv.Au.Ny.Y'85 |     449  Park  Av 

Anderson  DiM"  J  Cameron  (Requa-Annie  E 

Jte,  tf"  Cora [Sheldon)  Na.'97 

M"  Isaac  E  Sheldon  (Smith) 

53  E  51 
Anderson  M'  John  Childe-Y/88 P'^'»S2oooBry..Yale  Club 

New  York  1909 




Anderson  MiM"P  Chauncey  (May  Yale  Ogden)Un.Ap.W.Au. 
Ay.  Cl.'87  .P^'»S297 .  .**  HawthorneBeach'*  PortchesterNY 

Jan  I. .25  Broad 

Anderson  M'  Rupert  W 

Anderson  M'"  Rupert  W  K-Croi  &  Douglas  C 55 

Anderson  M'  Alfred  Fitz  Roy.  .at  Scarsdale  NY W  83 

Anderson  M'  Francis  1207  W7  Plainfield  N  J. .  .  . 

Anderson  If"  Stella 30  rue  de  la  Faisanderie 

Anderson  Mill"  Walden  Pell  (Madan-Emmie  Appleton) 

M'  Julian  A  Madan [Ap.Cr7o 

Anderson  MiM"  Wm  Burrall  (Helen  Tremain)  Uv.Y'86 

P^S82Plaza..i54  E  62 
Anderson  M*M"  Wm  de  La  Roche  (Amy  G  Olyphant) 

P^^S67ol.  ."The  Wilds''  Plainfield  N  J 
Anderson  Mill"  Wm  P  (Julia  Worthington)Jkl. 

2433  Grandin  Rd  Cincinnati  O 
Anderton  DiM"  Wm  B  (Elizabeth  S  Palmer)  Mt. 

Anderton  tf"  Alice [As.Rh.Cly 

Anderton  M'  Walter  P-Rh.H'o8 

]SS.  tf"-  Dorothy  &  Ruth 

Andreae  MiM"  Otto  (Kate  Henning)  T 

M^"  Henning 

Andreini  MiM"  Jos  M  (Mary  S  McHarg)  Dt.G.Ats 

Andreini  M""  N  Giglio  &  K  Minius W  75 

Andrew  MiM"  Harold  Seymour  (Adriana  S  Quackenbush)Du. 

N'87.  .P'^^;27iiGram.  .48  W  9 
Andrew  MiM"  Hy  Hersey  (Mary  R  Garrettson)  AnAr.Cw. 

Mtw.Smb.H.P^^S3546Riv.  507  W  End  Av.seeBSn 
Andrews  MiM"  Ch  Lee  (Edythe  Walden)  So.Un.Fw.Va'8i 

av'd  Aka  Jly  30 .  .  P''^S7 .  .  208  Jamaica  Av  Flushing  L I 
Andrews  M'  Gwynne  M-Uv.H.'83 .  .ab'd  Lor  Jly  2 

University  Club 
Andrews  M'  J  Sherlock-Cal.Sa.Uv.Rv.Cw.Roch'68 

III  St  Paul  Rochester  N  Y 

180  MadAv 

Tuxedo  Pk 


Andrews  MiM"  Sam'l  Wakeman  (Harriet  R  P 

JS.  tf"  Naomi  H [Hammond) Uv.Cl.'90 

875  Mad  Av 

Andrews  M"  Thos  (Mary  E  Dougherty) .in  W  75 

Andrews  MiM"  Walter  Scott  (Irene  Filtsch)Uv 

Andrews  M*"  Daisy [H*77 

fe  M'  Walter 

fm'y  care 

Morgan  Harjes 

ft  Co  Paris 

14  Social  Register 

Andrews  MiM"  Wm.Loring  (Jane  E  Crane)C.Ul.G.Snc.Cd. 

W  aVd  Aka  Jly  2..aVd. .  1*^21362-38. .  16  E  38 

Andrews  MiM"  Wm  S-Uv.Pl.M.Ll.H^8o 39  W  105 

Anthon  M"  Edward  (Helen  L  Post) |  205 

Anthon  IP"  Madeleine |  W57 

Anthon  M"  William  H  (Sarah  A  Meert) . 
M"  Wm  S  Callender  (Anthon) . 


70  W  49 

Anthony  MiM"  Alfred  R  (Lozorah  J  Tucker)  N.  . 

Anthony  If""-  Ethel  R  &  Lillie  S 

Anthony  MiM"  Hy  B  (Laura  B  C  Roe)  Br'79. 

P^S596w. .  9  Mt  Ter  Upper  Montclair  N  J 
Anthony  MiM"JasL(CarolineAStowell)Ny.  I  M'  av*d  OnicOct  14 

Anthony  tf"  Geraldine  W-Bd ['63    PiK  1448 Montclair 

J^»  M'  Richard  C |    Glen  Ridge  N  J 

Anthony  MiM"  James  S  (Alys  P  Scott)  Cal.  Kg.Cw.Cr'93 

**Casa  Bamba*'  Geneva  Switz 
Anthony  MiM"  Nicholas  W  (Ella  L  Brooks)  Ny.N.Na.Au. 

P^«Sio4.  .'*The  Anchorage'*  Allenhurst  N  J 
Anthony  MiM"  Rich'd  A  (Amelia  Van  Valkenburgh)  Uv.Snc. 

Rv.Hl.Wt.Cr8i.  .P^«;S4i8Plaza.  ,49  Ws7 

Appleton  Col  Daniel-Un.C.Ny.Cy.Na.An.Fn 1      436 

M^"  Eleanor  Margaret  Buckwell [Fifth  Av 

Appleton  M"  Daniel  F  (Susan  Cowles) I  iii 

Appleton  M' Jas  Waldingfield-K.Uv.Dt.R.Mb.H.'88.  ..  .|E  35 
Appleton  MiM"  Ed  Dale  (Charlotte  Lamson)  C.Uv.Sa.Ty.'So 

P«S2S5lFlushing.  .**Appledale  Farm"  Bayside  L  I 
Appleton  MiM"  Francis  R  (Lanier)Uv.R.K.Mb.Rg.Tf.Dt.  I  26 
Appleton  M'  Francis  R  Jr[Smb.Cly.H.'75.av'dCed  Jun  i2|E  37 
Appleton  MiM"  Henry  C  (Dora  Threlkeld)  Un.Pl.Ty'Ss 

P^«S64./*  Notelppa  Ledge  '*  King  Av  City  Island  NY 

Appleton  M"  Jessica  C  (Jessica  C  Branham) see  DSi3Ja 

Appleton  If"  Malvina  (Sidney-Marshall)  Cly. 

P^«S3  6 . .  BemardsviUe  N  J 

Appleton  tf"  Mary-Cly P*^S37S3Plaza. .  866  Lex  Av 

Appleton. MiM"Rob't (Juliet  B  Edmond)Uv.Na.Au.  P^^i94Riv 
JlS.  M'  John  A-at  St  Paul's  Concord  N  H  .  .  .  [Y'86  315  W  79 

Appleton  M'  Wm  Worthen-Un.C.K.Ch.S 

Appleton  M""-  Margarett  S  &  Mary  W P^'i?S38io-79 

Appleton  M'  Wm  H-H/06 26  E  80 

Appleton  M*  Henry  S-at  Hampden  Hall  Camb . .  . 

New  Votk  1909  15 

ArbuthAot  MiM"  W  Reierson  (Mabel  Slade) 18  W  52 

Archbold  Mil"  John  D  (Annie  M  Mills) Ul.R.M.Kg.Lc.Rg. 

Na.Ny.As.Ats. . .  512  Fifth  Av 
Archbold  HtM"  John  F  (May  Barron)  Uv.Au.R.As.Sa.Ny.Kg. 

Cly.Y.'99.ab'd  Onic  Aug  26./*Witchwood"  Asheville  N  C 
Archer-Shee  Maj  &  M"  Martin  (FrancesPell) .  i8  Park  W  London 

Arden  M'  Henry  (late  Thos  B) Died  Oct  3 

Arden  M' John  Lorillard-Lc.Y/94.Cr96..P«S2oooBry. Yale  Club 
Arden  MLM"  Thos  Boyle  (Elizabeth  V  Jones) 

HSi834Mad..i33  E  30 

Arents  MiM'*Geo(Annie  Walter) I     ab'd  Carm  Jun  27 

JS.  tf-  Dorothy (P^SisioPlaza.  .38  W  57 

Arents  Mir  Geo  Jr  (Ella  W  Clark)  R.Lt.Au.Ny. 

av'd  K  II  Jun  16.  .P^35ioBry.  .524  Fifth  Av 
Arkell  HiM"  Bartlett  (Louisiana  G  Grigsby)  Uv.Lt.jP«S397oChel 

JSS.rWmC .[Dt.Na.Y'86[     37  W  11 

Armitage  MiM"  Paul  (Alice  L  Watson)  Cl/94 

P«Si728Col. .  13  Cent  Pk  W 
Armour  M'  AlUson  V-Un.Uv.Ny.S.Chch.etc.Y.'84 

care  N  W  Brooks  i  Mad  Av.  .see  Cifc 
Armour  IKIP"  Chas  W  (Rebecca  D  Camp)  Ul.Au.Na. 

P^S42 1 1  Plaza  ..771  Madison  Av 
Armour  MiM"  Chas  Windfield  (Ella  J  Colwell)Mg.Au.Na. 

Hotel  St  Regis 
Armour  MiM"  Geo  A  (Harriette  Foote)Un.G.Ny. 
Armour  M'  Norman,  .at  Princeton. [Pl.Uv.P. '77 
&  IP-  Barbara&M'  Wm. .  atStPauVsConcordNH 
Armour  M"  Herman  O  (Jane  Livingston) 

P«524 . .  Rye  N  Y . .  sec  D^SSlX 
Armstead  W  Hy  Jr-€al.Cy.Ad.R.Rh.Cl.'97 

P^2592Bry..i36  W  44 

Princeton  N  J 

Armstrong  MiM"  Chas  P  (Sarah  A  Searles)  Mid. 

Armstrong  M'  Lorenzo  D-Ny.Uv.Y.*99. 

Armstrong  MiM"  ColHn  (Elizabeth  Hale)  Uv.G.Ad.Ats'. 

Lt.Aht'77.  .P^1?S68.  .''Braecroff'  Mamaroneck  N  Y 
Armstrong  MiM"  D  Maitland  (Helen  Neilson)  C. 

Armstrong  tf"*  Margaret  N,  Helen  Maitland  & 

Armstrong  M'  No€l-Y'os [Marion  H 

JS.  M*  Hamilton  P-at  Ridgefield  Sch 

9  W  75 

58  W  10 

i6  Social  Register 

Armstrong  MiM"  Egbert  J  (Catharine  D  Lindsay) 

Mt.Vt'94. .  1*^2242 2Plaza.  .640  Mad  Av 
Armstrong  MiM"  E  Maitland  (Gwendolen  King)  Mt.Sa.Cr96 

Hibemia  Fla 

Armstrong  M'  George  E  Jr  (Geo  E) Married  at  Clayton  Mo 

Capen  M*"  Jeanne  P  (late  Francis) May  2 

Armstrong  MIM"  Geo  E  Jr  (Jeanne  P  Capen)  S.Y.'oi 

P«S3996Col..i4o  W69 
Armstrong  M'  Harry  G-Cal.Dt.Lt.  .P^262oMad.  .Calumet  Club 
Armstrong  MiM"  Jas  (Elizabeth  Douglass)  Ad.  863 

M"  M  Douglass  Dennison [Hob' 5 6  Seventh  Av 

Armstrong  MiM"  Rob't  B  (Blanche  A  Hogin)  Rp.Lt.Uvw. 

Cvcw.Cosw.Php. .  Waldorf-Astoria 

Armstrong  M'  Russel-Ct.Bg P^i?S647Bry.  .44  W  44 

Armstrong  DIM"  Wm  (Kendall-Helen  E  Stillman)    |P*^"SS956Bry 

JS.  tf"  Elizabeth  S  Kendall [Uv.G.Y'891   19  W  48 

Arnold  MiM"  Benj  Walworth  (Elizabeth  Van  Nsi4Main 

Rensselaer)  Uv.Jkl.Ham'86    465   State 

Jff«  tf"-  Dorothy  &  Katharine Albany  N  Y 

Arnold  MiM"  Carrington  G  (Cassandra  L  Lee)  Uv.Mdbl.P.'95 

Flushing  L  I 

Arnold  tf"-  Charlotte  Bruce  &  Grace P'»S93oChel 

M"  Clendenen  Gray  don  (Arnold) 148  W  12 

Arnold  tf"  Frances see  E  J  F  Campbell 

Arnold  MiM"  FrancisR(MaryMPSamuel)C.H.'s7 

Arnold  tf"  Dorothy P^^679oRiv 

Arnold  M'"John  W&D  Hinckley .  .  atWmsCoUege  620  W  End  Av 

J^»  M^-  Marjorie  B 

Arnold  MiM"  Frank  (Augusta  Baldwin)  Un.Bg.Rv. 

P^^S9.  .*'Fairholm''  South  Orange  N  J 
"     "     -  P^"»S6463Col 

853  Seventh  Av 

Arnold  M"  Glover  C  (Emily  Speir) 
Arnold  tf"~  Mary  S  &  Annie  L 

Arnold  M'  Hy  Newton-Un.H.'96 '.  .'.'.  Union  Club 

Arnold  MiM"  Mortimer  P  (M  Constance  Berry)  Fn. 

P^1?S243oRiv..iii  W  7S 
Arnold  MiM"  Reginald  (Violet  di  Zdrfega)  Cy. 

see  F  A  di  Z^rfega. .  51  E  58 
Arnold  M"  Wm  (Annie  Stuart  Cameron) 15E82 

New  York  1909 


Arnold  MiM"  WmH  (VerPlanck-SElizabethSeelye)jI*1?S3207Col 

Arnold  W  Amey  V.  . .[G.A^.         152 

Arnold  M'  W  Benj .  .  M"  Lindsley  P  Seelye (      W  74 

Amot  M'  Mathias  H-Mt.Un Elmira  N  Y 

Arosemana  H'  Jos^  V Died  Jun  2 1 

Arthur  MIM"  Chester  Alan  (Andrews-MyraTFithian)Un.B.R. 

P'85 .  **  EdgePlain  " .  i  io6NNevadaAvColoradoSpgsCol 

Arthur  IT  Robert-C Century  Club 

Asch  Mir  Joseph  J  (Carrie  E  Frost)  Un.Ny.Ll.Ht.Mtw. 

P^i98SNorwalk./*Rivermouth''    Saugatuck   Ct 



see  D 


Ashley  MiM"  Clarence  D  (Isabella  Heyward  Rip- 
Ashley  tf"  Edith  H.   .   .   .[ley)   Uv.C.Dke.Y.'73 

Ashley  M*"  Mabel  P-at  Bryn  Mawr 

Ashley  M"  Ossian  D  (Harriet  A  Nash) 

Ashley  IP""  Jessie  &  Anita  C 

Ashmore  IP"  Dora  L see  M"  H  W  Gray.  .4  W  49 

Ashmore  MiM"  Hy  B  (Isabel  F  Ashmore)  An.Esher  Surrey  Eng 
Ashmore  MiM"  Henry  Townsend  (G  Eulalie  Matthews) 

P^Si797Plaza.  .75  E  54 
Ashmore  MiM"  Sidney  G  (Fanny  Hart  Vail)  Dp.Cr72 
M'  ab'd  Maur  Jun  24.  .av'd  Lusi  Sep  10 

P^^466.  .College  Hill  Schenectady  N  Y 

Ashmore  M"  Townsend  (Annie  Town-  ~  ^ 

Ashmore  M^"  Ruth [send) 

'  Ashwell  M"  Wm  C  (Grace  J  Walker).  . 

Ashwell  M*"  Grace  Isabel 

Ashwell  M'  Thos  W.  .at  Randolph  Hall  Camb' 

fe  tf""  Madeline  &  Muriel  W 

Aspegren  MiM"  John  (Lucille  V  Bacon)  Na.As.  .ab'd  Maur 

Jun  24.  .av'd  Aka  Jly  30.  .P^'9S6 281  Plaza.  .40E51 

Aspinwall  M'  J  Lawrence-Un.Eg.Snc 

Aspinwall  M'"  M  A 

Aspinwall  M^"  Eliza  M.  .av'd  Adri  Jly  8 ., 

Aspinwall  MiM"  John  (Juliet  Wilson)  Ny.Au.Bg. 

Aspinwall  M'"  Bessie  R [Stv'8i|      N  Y 

Aspinwall  MiM"  Lloyd  (Bessie  R  Moulton) 

P**'J?S2962Plaza.  .133  E  S5 
Aspinwall  M'  Wm  H 1026  W  7  Plainfield  N  J 

av'd  Camp  Sep  26 

P^S?S2i93Plaza...75E  54 





P^«S442  7Plaza 
50  W  51 


i8  Social  Register 

Asten  M"  Thomas  B  (Eliza) i   226 

Asten  W  Henry  D-Ny | W  59 

Astor  MiM"  John  Jacob  (Ava  L  Willing)  Mt.K.Un.A.B.T. 

M'  ab'd  Cecil  Jly  7.  .MiM"  av'd  Sep  22.  .840  Fifth  Av 
Astor  M"wiiUam(CarolineWSchennerhom) .  .Died  at 

842  Fifth  Av  Oct  30 
Astor  M'  Wm  Waldorf-Cy .  Snc . .  [see  Dl^aj.  I  Cliveden 
Astor  MiM"Waldorf(Shaw-NancyLanghome)|TaplowBucksEng 
AthaM'  Albert  H-Ny.Y.'pQ.  .  .218  Mt  Prospect  Av  Newark  N  J 
AthaMiM"Benj  (Sarah  AGumey)Ul.E.Bg.|P^«S2i7o.  .756  High 
av'd  Kp  Wm  Jly  7  Newark 

AthaM'  Louis  M-Y.'os |  N  J 

Atha  MiM"  Henry  G  (Margaret  M  Plum)  Uv.CI'Sq 

990  Broad  Newark  N  J 
Atocha  tf"  Alice  Lansing-Cd.Dar.  .  .  .P^S5i82Riv.  .106  W  85 
Atterbury  MiM"  Albert  Hoffman  (Emma  H  Baker)  Uv.Y'82 

31S  W  7  PlainfieldN  J 
Atterbury  Rev  DiM"  Anson  P  (Catharine  G  Van  Rensselaer) 

C.Kg.Ht.Cd.Ap.Y'7S.  .P*^«S2275Riv. .  145  W  86 
Atterbury  MiM"  Chas  L  (Katharine  M  Dow) 

Atterbury  M'  Grosvenor-C.Uv.Y'91.  .ab'd 

Lusi  Aug  s 
Atterbury  tf "  Ellen  M  (John  T) . . .  Married  at  Dark  Harbor  Me 

Howe  M'  Dudley  Rogers Sep  5 

Atterbury  MiM"  John  Turner  (Flagg-Anna  D 

Atterbury  tf"  Katharine  S 

J^»  tf"  Beatrice  A  Flagg 

Atterbury  M"  Lewis  B(Annie  T  Lawrence)Cd.Ht 

Atterbury  tf"  Sallie 

Atterbury  tf""  Josephine,HopetonD-Bm.&IsabelF 

Atterbury  M'  Lawrence-R.Rg.Cl.'94 

Atterbury|MiM"  Rob't  Rennie  (Eleanor  G  Dodge)  R 

P^S?S473J  •  •  '*Rennore"  Wyckoft  N  J 
Atterbury  Rev  D'  W  Wallace-C.Uv.Rv.Ht.YU3 

Auchincloss  MiM"  C  Russell  (Helen  P  Russell)  Un.Rh.Y/03 

P'^^5S2  2oPlaza..ii9  E  55 

23  E  62 

13  W  49 

141  W  86 

New  York  1909 


24  £  48 

Auchincloss  MIM"  Chas  C  (Rosamond  Saltonstall)  R.Y/03 

P^«S2433Plaza..4S  E  57 

Auchincloss  If"  E  Ellen 3a  E  68 

Auchincloss  M"  Edgar  s  (Maria  La  G  Sloan)  Cd 

Auchincloss  M'  Jas  Coats-Y'o8 

Auchincloss  M'  Gordon-R.Y/08.  .at  Craigie  Hall 

JS.  M'  Reginald  L.  .at  Groton [Camb* 

Auchincloss  MiM"  Edgar  S  (Catherine  S  Agnew)  Uv.Dt.R.Au 

¥.'96.  .P«53509Plaza. .  123  E  69 

Auchincloss  D'  Hugh  (late  Edw  S) Married  at  Franconia  N  H 

Newlands  IP"  Frances  C  (Wm) Sep  29 

Auchincloss  DiM"  Hugh  (Frances  C  Newlands)  Uv.Y.'oi 

981  Mad  Av 
Auchincloss  MiM"  Hugh  D  (Emma  B  Jennings)  C.Ss.Uv.Mt.Dt. 
Rg.Ny.Cly.Y.'79.  .MS4474Plaza.  .33  E  67 
Auchincloss  MiM"  J  Stuart  (Hazel  Hulbert) 

23  Hamilton  E  Orange  N  J 
Auchincloss  M'  John-Ct.Sn.P.*95 

P^«S4332Cort.  .Llewellyn  Pk  W  Orange  N  J 
Auchincloss  MiM"John  W  (Joanna  H  Russell)  C 
Uv.Mt.Ny.Mid.Dt.Ss.Chch.Y'73 .  .av'dK  II 

Auchincloss  M^"  Joanna  R Qly  14 

Auchincloss  M'  J  Howland-atCraigie  HallCamb' 

&  tf-  Caroline. 

Auchincloss  M'  Sam*l  Sloan-C.Mt.Rc.Y.'94 |  P«Si  134-79 

IP"  Sarah  O  Agnew I973  Lex  Av 

Auchmuty  M"  RichardT(EllenSchermerhom).ioi  University  PI 




Auerbach  MiM"  Jos  S  (Katherine  Hone)  Un.Uv.R. 

Auerbach  M'  John  H-S.Rh.P.'os 

AuerlDach  M^  Kathryn  H  &  &  f "  Helen  D 

Auffm'Ordt  MiM"  Clement  (de  Salverte ) . .  .  . 

fm'y  av'd 
Adri  Sep  3 

II  W  10 

Austen  M"Valle (Isabel  Valle)**Sweetbrier  Farm"..Geneseo  N  Y 
Austin  Col  &  M"  Eug  K  (Mabel  Grant  Hatch)An.Snc.Cw.Rv. 

P^"»S4468Col..2S7  W  74 

Austin  MiM"  Francis  B  (Mary  N  Weston)  Mtw. 

MiM"  Chas  L  Poor  (Austin) 

124  Hobart  Av 
Summit  N  J 


Social  Register 


Austin  M"  Wm  H  H  (Eleanor  F  Gage) 1     P*^^'li486  Riv 

Austin  M'  Wm  G-Wms'o6 |  410  W  End  Av 

Austin  MiM"  Wm  Morris  (Pauline  D  Foss)  Snc.Cc.Cw.Ty'98 

P**«S63sn3 . .  1341  North  Av  Elizabeth  N  J 

Averell  IT  S  Gilbert-Un.Na Union  Club 

Averell  W  Wm  B P^l5576Bry.  .512  Fifth  Av 

Avery  M"  Frank  M  (May  Clark)Cly..av'd  St  L  Oct  10 see 

M"  John  Terrill  Clark CJ£ 

Avery  tf"  Helen  Fowler P''^S349-79 

Avery  M'"  Edw  S-Mt.Rg.  &  Theo  S 19  E  80 

Avery  M"  Samuei  Putnam  (May  Ogden) 4 

Avery  M'  Samuel  P-Ul.G.Ny.Rp.Rv.Cw.Ats.Cro6 
Ayer  M'  FrederickF-Uv.Ul.Mt.Rg.Dt.H/73 

P^^SyQiSHanover.  .5  W  57 
Ayer  DiM"  James  C  (Boyd-May  Hancock)Uv.Ny.Lc.Cy.Au. 

H'86.  .aVd  Aka  Jly  30.  .P^^S5i2oCol.  .34  W  74 

AymarM'  Benj-Ht.Cr92 ^^^  Chestnut  Av  Redlands  Cal 

Aymar  IP"  Elizabeth-Ht .  .av'd  F  Wm  Sep  27 

MiM"  Bradish  Johnson  (Gaillard) 

M'"  Bradish  G  &  Aymar  Johnson 

JS5.  M^  Marie  G  Johnson 

Aymar  MiM"  Jos^  (Blois-LiUian  La  Bau)Un.R.Sa.Cly.Ht. 

W  Raymond  A  Camprubi [Cr73 

Aymar  MiM"  Wm  H  (Maud  P  Christian) E  Orange  N  J 

Ayrault  M'  Ernest  F-Cal.Uv.R.As.Hob'82.Cr86 

P'»S476Mad..4i  W  27 



Fifth  Av 

E  54 


149  Lincoln  PI 

Ayres  Col  &  M"  Chas  G  (Elizabeth  Fairfax)  USA. 

Ayres  M^"  Emily  Dearborn [Mtw 

Ayres  M'  Hy  Fairfax-USA.  .at  P^gS 

BabbottM'  Frank  L-C.G.Ct.Uv.Ad.Ha.Aht'78. 

Babbott  tf"  Mary  R 

J]?«  IP"-  Helen  L  &  Lydia  P  &  M'  Frank  L  Jr. . . 

Babcock  IP"  Alice  B P*'^S3i83-38.  .6  E  43 

Babcock  Rev  D'  Chas  Hy-Na.Ats.Bg. 

P'^To2i86Plaza.  .644  Mad  Av 

Babcock  JP"  Cordelia  L P^^UoSoCol.  .Hotel  St  Andrew 

Babcock  M"  Courtlandt  G  (Mary  Woodruff)  Dar.. 

Babcock  M'  Harry  W-Ll.Cw.Na.Y'oo . 

Babcock  M'  Courtlandt  W-Y^o3.Mass'o5  at  KSfgh.  . 


New  York  1909 


Babcock  M'"-  Elizabeth,  Maria  &  Kate  S 

f?S4io4Plaza.  .  19  W  49 



E  S2 

see  D 


Babcock  MiM"Hy  D(Anna  M  Woodward) Un.Uv, 


BabcockM'  SamU  D  Jr-Uv.R.Rh.Y/97.  .[Cr68 

JIS.  M'  Richard  P 


H.'73.  .ab'd  Rom  Jly  3 
Babcock  IT  Philip  H .  atHarvard.  ab'd  Ced  Jly  16  av'd 

Babcock  MiM"  W  Irving  (Grace  W  Kemochan) 
Jl^jr  Kernochan [Eg.Ny.Chch.Rens'78 

Babcock  MiM"  Wm  (Beck-Julia  May)  Un.Pcusf 

aVd  Maur  Aug  27.  /* Edge  Hill"  San  Rafael Cal.  .see  Sfca 
Babcock  MiM"  Wm  E  (Mary  A  V  P  Knevels) 

P'»S309.  .Highland  Av  Nyack  N  Y 
Babcock  MiH"  Woodward  (Grace  Chauncey)  Uv.K.Rh.Dp. 

Cr97.  .P'^^S2397Plaza.  .158  E  70 


40  Franklin  PI 

Flushing  L  I 

Bache  MiJT  Jules  S(Florence  R  Scheftel) 


JSJ.  IP"-  Hazel  J  &  Kathryn  K 

Bache  MIM"  Wallace  P  (Carrie  Bingham)  Eg.Na.Dqpt. 

Bache  M*"  Emma  Kendall 

Backus  MiM"  J  Bayard  (Cornelia  N  Price)  Cw.Myf.U'74 

P^S8402Cort. .  171  W  73 . .  M"  at  Schenectady  N  Y 

fm'y  av'd  K  II  Oct  6 


8^E  67 


Bacon  Mill"  C  Graham  (Clara  Alsop  Casey) .  .  av'd 

Bacon  IT  C  Graham  Jr-Ul [K  II  Sep  8 

Bacon  M'  Cleveland  F-Wms'98.. .  .P^^Si347Broad.  .89  Wash  Sq 
Bacon  MIM"  Daniel  (Charlotte  Macy  Vantine) 

M"aVdNy  Jly  II  av'd  Ny  Oct  3  .  .P^"»SiooCol. .  153  W  57 
Bacon  M"  Daniel  Gorham  (Mary  D  Flint) 

Bacon  IP"  Elizabeth  H 

Bacon  M'  Daniel-Un.S.Ny.Rv.. . . . .  r 

Bacon  M'  Robert  Ogden-S.Rv. 

Bacon  M'  Edward  (late  Dan'l  G)..Died  at  Falmouth  Mass  Sep  i 
Bacon  IT  Ed  R~Un.M.Mt.Mid.Au.T.R.Dt.Ny.ab'dMaurJly22 
av'd  Camp  Sep  26.  .P'»Si2iMad.  .247  Fifth  Av 

25  W38 

7  W49 


Social  Register 

20  W  10 

P^^3 1 2  6-3  8 
135  E  39 

Bacon  MiM"  Francis  McNeil  (ELatherine  P  Storrow) 

Bacon  IT"  RogersH-Sa.Uv.R.Bg.Cl.'96&WentworthC- 

Bacon  M'  Tas  F-K.Sa.Bg.Cr87 [Sa. 

Bacon  MiM"  Francis  McN  Jr  (Pauline  Post)  K.W. 

J^«  tf"  Pauline  &  M'  Francis  McN  3d 

Bacon  MiM"  Geo  W  (CaroUne  T  Mitchell)  Uv.Cr.'92 

P^^S3667Col..23  W  67 
Bacon  DiM"  Gorham  (Elizabeth  Simpkins)  Uv.C.    P*^«S378Plaza 
JS.  If"  EHzabe  thG..[Rg.Au.Cw.Kg.Myf.Cly.H.'75.      47  W  54 
Bacon  M*M"Horace(Anna  Bankhead)H.'68      P*'^S4905Morn 

IP"  Elizabeth  F  Bankhead 54  Momingside  Av 

Bacon  MiM"  Marshal  C  (Frances  C  Lex)  N'99 

P^S95ooRiv.  .2205  Bway 
Bacon  MiM"  Rob't  (Martha  Cowdin)K.Uv.B.Ny. 
Bacon  M""  Rob't  L~R.H'o7  &  Gaspar  G-H'o8. . 

JSL  tf"  Martha  B  &  M'  Elliot  C-H*io 

Bacon  MiM"  Selden  (Josephine  Dodge  Daskam) 

P«S68Briarcliff  "  Beech  HilV*  Pleasantville  N  Y 
Bacon  MiM"  Walter  Rathbone  (Virginia  Purdy  Barker) Un.Ul. 
Mt.R.Na.Cly.  .ab'd  Maur  Jun  24  av'd 

P«S2534Mad. .  247  Fifth  Av 
Badgley  MiM"  Chas  (Florence  E  Lippincott)  Bd. 

P^«S2S9oCol..ii7  W  58 

Badgley  MiM"  Howard  G  (Adelaide  T  Lyon) 326 

M"  Charlotte  A  Lyon-Dar W  83 

Bagby  M'  Albert   Morris-Ats...P'''»S6 500-3 8.  .Waldorf-Astoria 
Bagg  DiM"  Clinton  L  (Henrietta  McCready)  Ul. 

P^2377Biy..26  W46 
Bailey  MiM"  Edmund  S  (Kirkland-Susannah  Gib-    |P^1?S33S2Col 

Ja  M'  Edmund  S  Jr [son)  Snc.Ll.j  118  W  74 

Bailey  M'  Edw  G-Uv.Rp.Dke.Dth'79 

P*'^67iJohn.  .University  Club 
Bailey  MiM"  Jas  H  (Caroline  Elmendorf)  M.Ll.An.Dar.Y/93 

30  Montgomery  PI  Brooklyn 



Bailey  M"  Jas  Muhlenberg  (AUetta  R  Lynch)  Bm. 
MiM"  Lewis  G  Morris  (Bailey) [Cda. 

77  Mad  Av 

137  W  85 

Hew  York  1909   .  23 

Bailey  DiM"  Pearce  (EdithX  Black)  Uv.C.Ht.    I    P^«s66Plaza 

M' James  D  Black [P/86|       52  W  53 

Bailey  MiM"  Theo  L  (GiUian  W  Barr)  Ad.Cr.'QQ 

P^«SS732-79..i53  E  74 
Bailey  KiM"Theodorus(Alice  Van  B  Foos)Zp.Cw.Snc.Cc.P*9S 

P^«S82SsRiv..i22  W  78 

Bailey  D'  Walter  Channing Married  at  Woodstock  Vt 

Perkins  IP"  Ruth Jun  30  to  B2« 

Bailey  IT  Wm  H-Ul.Ny.Dt.Eg P^«:3768Col.  .200  W  57 

Bainbridge-HofiE  Lt  Cdr  &  M"  Arthur  (Louise  D  Roosevelt) 

Mtw.USN'89.  .Navy  Yard  Portsmouth  N  H 

Baird  M'  Chas  0~Mt.Ul.N Metropolitan  Club 

Baird  O"  John  S(AhceMBenet)Uv.Bg.Na.P.'79 

Baird  IP"  Marjorie  S  &  JSs  tf "  Isabel  I 

MLM"  Max  Roesler  (Baird) 

Baker  IP"  Ella  F  (late  Geo) Died  at  57  W  48  Octi7 

Baker  W  Frank  LesUe-Cw |P^^387S-38 

Baker  IP"  Amy |   138  E  40 

Baker  Mill"  Fred'c  (Lake-Frances  E  Steers)  Mt.U v.C.  I       815 

DiM"  John  S  Thacher  (Lake) [Jkl.Pu.N's2lFifth  Av 

Baker  MlSf"GeoF(FlorenceTBaker)Ul.Mt.Mid.Au. 
Baker  M'  Geo  F  Jr-Ul.Rh.Ny.Uv.S.R.T.Au.Wp. 


Baker  Mir  Guy  E  (Louise  I  di  Cesnola).  .3  Park  PI  Albany  N  Y 
Baker  DIM"  Harold  W  (Stevenson-Caroline  Livingston)  Cyb. 

H.'o3 .  .P^^94-i  HydePk.  .Brush  Hill  Rd  Milton  Mass 

Baker  M"  Henry  M  (Susan  V  Barnes) P^^i3i7Pla2a 

Baker  M*""  Charlotte  S  &  Christine  V 8 

Baker  M'  Jas  Bames-Uv.C.Ny.Gg.Laf'83 W  57 

Baker  MLM"  John  Blake  (Kip-Annie  Spies)  Mt. 

av*d  K  II  Oct  6. . Hotel  Gotham 
Baker  Col  Robert  B-USA.An.N.As.  .P'^«S76oRector.  .62  W  88 

258  Mad  Av 

Baker  MiM"  Stephen(Mary  Dabney  Payson)Un.Ul.  P*«S4i96-79 
Ja.  tf-  Mary  F  &  M""  Chas  D  &  J  S. .  .[Ny.Dt.Ch.      8  E  75 
Baker  MiM"  Wendell  (Jeanne  J  Held)  Cly.H/86 

ab*d  Aug  4  &  20  av'd  Prov  Sep  26.P«S433iChel.  .54  W  12 
Baker  Rev  &  M"  Wm  Osbom  (Elizabeth  Jackson)  P.'93 

ab'd  Arab  Jly  23 . .  28  Mt  Vernon  Haverhill  Mass 


Social  R^;ister 


Bakewell  Lt  Col  Allan  C-Ul.Mt.An.Na.Rp.Ny.Ats.As.G.Pl. 

Eg.Dqpt.  .P''^i764Gram.  .34  Gramercy  Pk 
Bakewell  MiM"  Thos  W  (Anne  C  King)  Ul.Bg.Na.      Plainfield 

Bakewell  ff"  Euphemia ,[Rut'8i       N  J 

JS.  M'  Allan  C  Jr see 

Baldwin  M*"  Alice  M care  A  R  Baldwin  36  Front 

Baldwin  MiM"  Austin  R  (Mary  M  Williams)  Y'96 

P'iJSioioj.  .409  Franklin  Bloomfield  N  J 
Baldwin  MiM"  C  Columbus  (Mary  E  Pease)  Un.  .  .  .Union  Club 
Baldwin  M'  Carroll-Un.R.W.M.Mdbl.P/94 

P«S4ii5F'klin.  .Union  Club 
Baldwin  MiM"  Chas  A  (Virginia  Hobart)  K.H'82 see  3?« 

Baldwin  M"  Charles  H(Mary  Morgan) av'd  Adr 
If"  Edith  Deacon [Aug  6 

Baldwin  M'  Edwin--C.Uv.Pu.Ham'67 
Baldwin  MiM" 

/^Snug  Harbor'* 
Newport  R  I 

see    Jjomidiea 

.av'dLoriSep  12 
P^^S3i95Bry..2S3  W  42 
Elbert  F  (Mary  C  Washburn) Uv.C.Ct.Ats. 

Wms'84.  .Lakewood  N  J 
Baldwin  MiM"  Ernest  E  (Harriot  H  Davis)  Mt.Cy.'84 

av'd  St  P  Sep  26.  .P*^^Si746Col.  .261  W  70 

Baldwin  M'  Fred'k  Harrison-Un.Uv. ¥'72.^^24254-38.  .15  E  48 

Baldwin  M'  Geo  W-Uv.Smb.Unb.Y*53.  .  .Baring  Bros  London 

Baldwin  MiM"  Hy  de  Forest (JessiePinney)  M'  av'd  Etru  Jly  29 

Uv.Dt.C.Dke.Rv.Y'85  Brown  Shipley  &  Co 

J^  tf""  Dorothea  &  Marian London 

Baldwin  M'  J  Dixon  R-K.R.B.H.*9i P^^389iCol 

Baldwin  M'  Wm  H-K.Uv.Mc.M.  .see  Do^'S. 149 

MiM"  Wm  B  Bristow  (Baldwin) W  57 

Baldwin  V  Jared  G-U1.N'S3 P^^S4oS7-38 

Baldwin  M'  Alfred  F-Ul.Dke.Cr86 8  E  41 

Baldwin  MiM"  Jared  G  Jr  (Maud  Whitman))  Ul.Mt.Rv.Dke. 

Cl.'85 .  .P^'i?S2i67Col. .  165  W  58 
Baldwin  MiM"  Jos  C  Jr(Fanny  Taylor)  B.Ul.Dt.Ct.Kg.Mtw. 

Rtp.Unb.Cw.  .M'  av'd  Kp  Wm  Sep  2.  ^To^.  .Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Baldwin  MiM"  Le  Roy  W  (Ettie  L  Field)  Mt.Rg.Au.Tf. 

P«Sii62Plaza.  .8  E  70 
Baldwin  tf—  Lily  D  &  Florence  T.  .P^'»S3375Mom.  .417  W  tt8 

New  York  1909 


Baldwin  M'  Martin  S  (Wm  D) Married  at  B-klyn 

Smith  IP"  Hazel  T  (Warren  G) Nov  12 

Baldwin  M^"  Mary  E 20  Prospect 

IP"  Lucy  L  Nelden So  Orange  N  J 

Baldwin  MStM"  Roger  S  (Mary  C  Vail)  Uv.As.Y.'gs 

see  H  H  Vail.  .P«S339Col.  .322  W  75 


Lex  Av 

17s  W  58 

Baldwin  MiM"  Simeon(Mary  S  Marven)  Ul.Rv'55 

av'd  Ced  Oct  2 

Baldwin  M'  Chas  M-Uv.As.Rv.Wms'87 

Baldwin  M*M"Townsend  Bumet(Dillon)Un.Ny.av'dLorSep23 

P^^2Beverly  "Gable  Hall"  Edgewater  Park  N  J.  .see  P^fe 
Baldwin  MiM"Wm  Delavan(Helen  R  Sullivan) Ul.R. 

Baldwin  JP"  Louise. [Na.Ats.Eg. 

Baldwin  M'  Delavan  M 

l^rs  W"  Runyon  S  &  Roland  D 

Baldwin  MiM"  Martin  S  (Hazel  T  Smith) ¥.'05 

Baldwin  M"  Wm  H  Jr  (Ruth  S  Bowles) 

Baldwin  M^"  Louise  M 

Jffi.  JP"  Ruth  S  &  M'  Wm  H  3rd 

Baldwin  MIM"  Wm  M  (Lydia  P  Cowl)  Lt.Dt.Gg. 

Baldwin  M'"  Dorothy [Au.Cl.'84 

Jff»  tf"  Ruth  &  M'  John  C 


H.'86 .  P«S3  249Rector . "  TheElms  "BriarcUff  ManorNY 
Ball  DiM"  A  Brayton  (Helen  S  Stone)  C.Uv.Y'6o. .  P^'^S2364-38 

Ball  M'  Frank  P-Y^qo 42  W  36 

Ball  Lt  &  M"  Geo  E  (Marie  W  Struthers)  USA see  DomiSK. 

BaU  MiM"  Thos  R  (Mary  C  Goodsell)  M.Lt.Au.Na. 

P^1?S2S2  7Col..48  W  72 

144  E  65 

Garden  City 

P^^Sioii.  .43  Wash'n 
Newark  N  J 

Ballantine  M"  John  h  (Jeannette  Boyd) 

MiM"  Hy  Young  (Alice  I  Ballantine) 
Ballantine  MiM"  John  H  (Lois  Wilgus)  Ul.Ny.EJkl.Cr.'SQ 

P'^^Sio7i , .  18  Washington  PI  Newark  N  J 
Ballantine  MiM"  Percy  (Elizabeth  Parke)  Au.P.'o2 

ab'd  Penn  Jun  20. .  Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 

Ballantine  M"  Peter  H  (Isabella  Linen)  Mg 

Ballantine  tf"  Isabel  A-Mg.  .av'd  Lusi  Jun  1 1 

Ballantine  M*"  Rob't  F  (Anne  G  Brown)  Mg. 

P^'i?Si269.  .37  Wash'n  Newark  N  J 

3  W  Park 
Newark  N  J 


Social  Register 

Ballard  M"  Frank  W  (Anna  Judson  Marten) P«?J23oRiv 

Ballard  M^"  Amy  Hope 6i 

Ballard  M'  Sumner-Ul.As W  83 

Ballard  M*M"  Fred'k  E(Elizabeth  B  Keeler)Ny.Na.    H11S13C0I 
Ss.Au.  .av'd  Adri  Jun  10  21 

JlS.  M'  Fred'k  E  Jr-at  Pomfret  Ct W  73 

Ballou  MiM"  Maturin  (Ella  C  Gately)  Ny.Ap. 

P«S24o.  .33  Glen  Av  Portchester  N  Y 

Ballou  M'  Norris  P-Y/04 P*^^2oooBry.  .Yale  Club 

Baltazzi  MiM"  S  A  Warner  (Marion  Warner)  Mb. 

P^S76jRoslyn.  .  Westbury  Stn  L  I 

Baltazzi  HiM"  T  S-N New  York  Club 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co 

Baltazzi  M"  Xenophon  (Emma  E  Warner) 

Baltazzi  M*^  Emma  M 

Balthasar  MiM"  Arthur  (Ethel  Chaffin)  Ul.Bg. 

P^Si53J..Short  HillsN  J 
Bancroft  MiM"  Jos  (Bessie  Howard)  Uv.Uvp.Cywl.Mit'97 
M'  ab'd  Lusi  Oct  14.  .P^%2  26o.  .Bayard  Av 

Wilmington  Del.  .see  P*^K 
Bancroft  MiM"SamuelJr(MaryARichardson)N.G.C.Pl.Ats.Ulp. 
Mdbl.  M"ab'dVtldJly 1 1 .  av'dAkaSep23 .  M  ab^dLusiOct  14 

P*^«Sio2o  **Rockford"  Wilmington  Del.  .see  P^fe 
Baner  DiM"  Wm  L  (Elizabeth  Gignoux)  Ny.Swth'82.Cl'85 

PlffS3ooCol..40  W  68 

Bangs  M*  Charles  W-Ul.T.Ha.Cr62 11  Monroe  PI 

Bangs  M'  Chas  R Brooklyn 

Bangs  MiM"  Fletcher  H  (Emma  H  Wright)  Un.C.Cw.Ht.Snc. 

P^^Si445Plaza.  .  550  Park  Av 
Bangs  M"  Francis  N  (Mary  A) see  G  E  Batcheller 

Bangs  MiM"  Francis  Sedgwick  (Helen  C  Whitney) 

JlS.  M^  Mary  W  &  Helen  C  &  M'  Francis  N, 
Bangs  M'  Hy  McComb-R.Bm.Au.Pu.Cl.'o6 
M"  EL  Nassau 

Bangs  MiM"  John  Kendrick  (Mary  B  Gray)C.Lt.Ap. 
J&"»  M^"  John  K  Jr,Howard  R  &  Francis  H [Cr83 

Bangs  DiM"  Lemuel  Bolton(Isabel  Hoyt)  C.Uv. 
Bangs  JP—  Mary  E  &  Helen  A [Cl'72 

W  73 
35  E30 
Milton  Pt 
Rye  NY 
32  E  51 

Se^  York  1909 


Bangs  M*-  Lois  A-Bd.Dar |  I*^5s67Plaza 

JP-  Mary  B  Whiton |  735   Mad  Av 

Banks  MiM"  A  Bleecker  (Phoebe  WeUs)  Ny.C.Cw. 

P«Siii8Chapel.  .327  State  Albany  N  Y 

Banks  M'  Charles-Un.Ss.Snc 

Banks  If-  Zo^  E 

MiM"  Chas  W  Belt  (Annie  Banks) 

Banks  M'  David-Un.Mt.N.M.Ny.Rv.Cw.Fw.Wt.Lt.Snc. 

Banks  JP-  Lucetta  P-Cly 

Banks  M'David  Jr-Un.Na.Ny.Dp.Cw.Fw.Wt.Rv.Snc.Cl/92 

Banks  M"  Henry  w I         P«S337 

Banks  IfHy  W~Uv.Dt.Wms'85  &  Talcott  N. .  JEnglewood  N  J 
Banks  MIM"  J  Fisher  S(Alida  V  S  Oddie).New  Hamburgh  N  Y 

P'^27Wappingers  Falls 

**The  Cedars** 

New  Hamburgh  NY . .  seeDSiSSS. 

14  W  40 



Banks  M"jame8  Lenox  (Isabella 
Banks  IT  Lenox [Mozier) 

Banks  Mill"  Jas  Lenox  (Maud  Barnard)  Un.Snc.Cl'82. 
Jus.  M'  Jas  L  Jr.  .at  Yale 

Banks  M"  Rob't  Lenox 

Banks  IP"  Mary  de  Camp 

Banks  Major  Rob't  L 

Banks  MiM"  Theo  H  (Maude  A  Bowers)  Ul. 

P«S4i82Plaza..i7  E  61 
Bannard  M'  Otto  T-Un.Uv.C.Rp.Mid.Y/76 

Barber  Mill"  Amzi  Lorenzo  (JuliaLLangdon)Mt. 

Barber  M"  Le  Droict  Langdon(Leopoldine  FMK 

MiM"  Chas  St  C  Vance  (Bertha  L  Barber) .  . 

Barber  M"  Chas  Gibbs  (Georgiana  Williams) 

J]^  IP"  Georgiana 

Barber  MiM"  Donn  (Elsie  Yandell)  Un.Uv.Ay.Cy.Pl.Y*93 

P*'«S4i62-79.  .125  E  74 
Barber  Paym  &  M"  Stewart  E  (Alice  F  Wesson).  .  .  .po  62  E  73 

322  State 
N  Y 

.30  E  58 





Barber  M"  Thomas  H  (Harriet  Bayard  Townsend)  Cd 

Je.  IP-  Justine  V  R  &  M'  Thos  H-at  Harvard 

Barbey  M"  Henry  I  (Mary  Lorillard)  T.Cda 

Barbey  tf"  Rita [Sep  23 

Barbey  M'  Hy  G-K.Uv.Dt.Ny.T.H/94.  .av*d  Aka 




Social  Register 

Barbey  MiM"  Pierre  L  (Florence  Flower)  T.Bm.H'o4.see  Di^X 
Barbour  MiM"  J  Edwards  (Catherine  Stanton)  Ul.McNa. 

ab*d  Bait  Jly  9 . .  av'd  Celt  Oct  16 . .  Union  League  Club 

Barbour  M'  James  R-Cal.Y.'Qo P^'»S238.  .Stamford  Ct 

9  Fuller  Ter 

Barbour  MiM"  Norman  (Laura  B  Coming)  Ul. 
&  W  Gertrude  E 

Orange  N  J 

II  W  53 

Barbour  MiM"  Wm  (Adelaide  Sprague)  Ul.Rp. 
Barbour  M""  Robert  &  Wm  W.[Rg.Ht.Au.Mc.Na. 

Jg^M' Fritz  K 

Barbour  MiM"  Thos  (Rosamund  Pierce)  Ul 

Barbour  MiM"  Wm  D  (Katharine  L  Shedd)  Ul.Snc.Cw.Rv. 

Barclay  MiM"  Geo  H  (Beatrix  Chapman) .  .  British  Legation 

Teheran  Persia 
Barclay  DiM"  Harold  (Helen  F  Potter)  Un.H/97 

-     P*^^Si403Mad.  .120  E  34 

Barclay  M"  Henry  A  (Clara  O  Wright) Married  Sep  22 

Bayne  M'  Bushrod  Rust at  Short  Hills  N  J 

Barclay  MiM"  Hy  A  (Rosalie  XlP'^«2io4l  Mil. . "  Barclay  Brook" 

M'^^ChaBRPaul.  .  .[Paul)]  Short  Hills  N  J 

Barclay  MiM"  J  Searle  (Lilie  Oldfield)  Ny.Na.Rv.Snc..i9  Liberty 
Barclay  MiM"  J  Searle  Jr  (Harriman-Isabella  Hunnewell) 

K.R.Mb.Tf.Dp.Cr98.  .319  Fifth  Av.  .see  DiSSiX 
Barclay  MiM"  James  L  (Sloane-Priscilla  Dixon)  Un.As. 

Barclay  MiM"  Reginald  (Bertha  A  Fahys)  Dt.N.Na. 

P^^Si4i-79..5  E  78 
Barclay  MiM"  Sackett  M  (Cornelia  Barclay)  Un. 

Barclay  MiM"  Robert  C  (Anita  C  Goldsborough) 

H.'95 .  .at  "The  Plains"  Fauquier  Co  Va 

MiM"  Thornton  Chard  (Barclay) 

Barclay  M"  Wm  Orr  (Clara  S  Kepner). . . 
Barclay  M^"  Sylvia  H  &  Beatrice,  .av'd 

K II  Jly  19 

Barclay  M'  Wright-Cal.' Calumet  Club 

Bard  M'  Albert  S-Uv.Ct.H.'94.Aht'88.  .  ,P'*^S647Bry .  .  44  W  44 



fm'yav'dKIIOct  6 
43  E  SI 

New  York  1909 


237  E  17 

135  E  65 

Barger  MiM"  Milton  S  (Morgan-CamillaLeonard) 

&  If-  Camilla  &  M'  Harry  C  Morgan 

Barger  M'  Samuel  F-Un.Mt.K.Snc.Smb 

Barger  ff"  Edna  H 

M"  Barger  Wallach  (Maud  Barger) 

Jl^rs  IP"  Jeanie  B  Wallach 

Barhydt  M"  P  Hackley  (Emily  M  Baldwin)  .av'd  Teut  Sep  23 

P*'^S3755Plaza.  .40E  70 

Baring  M*M"  Alex  (King) av'd  Adri  Aug  6.  .absent 

Baring  MiM"  Cecil  (Tailer-Maude  Lorillard)  '87 

15  Wall.,  see  D?mffi. 
Baring  MiM"  Harold  H  J  (Marie  Churchill) 

High  Beech  Essex  Eng 
Baring  Hon  Hugo  &  Lady  (Lady  Magheramorne-  I         3  2 

Lady  Evelyn  Ashley)  T.jMontaguSq 

Hon  Norah  McGarel  Hogg |    London 

Barker  M'Benjamin-Uv.Ad.Ct.Br'8 1 19  W  31 

Barker  M"  Fordyce  D  (Emily  F  Babcock)..P^^S263Plaza,.36W5i 

Barker  M'  Frank-Cal.Bg P'*'^Si7oMad.  .135  Mad  Av 

Barker  M"  Geo  (Ellen  Schaefer) P^^Si83 2-^38 

Barker  If"  Adele 19  E  38 

Barker  W  Louis  H-Eg.Bg 34  E  32 

Barker  M'  Stephen  (Stephen  T) . .  Married  at  St  Bartholomew's 

Read  tf"  Helen  (late  Wm  G  Jr) Oct  21 

Barker  MiM"  Stephen  (Helen  Read) see  M"  W  G  Read  Jr 

Barkley  MiM"  Charles  B  (Marion  J  Mills)  Rg.Bd.Ct 14  E  60 

Barklie  M"  Hugh  McCalmont P''^o33333 

BarkUe  M'  Archibald  J-E.Bg 27  Saybrook  PI 

Barklie  MiM"  Francis  A  (Mary  A  Dodd) Newark  N  J 

Barlow  M'  Peter  Townsend-Un.Uv.Dt.Cw.Ay.      P^'S52754Gram 
&M' Samuel  LM [Ap.Dt.H.'79  55 

f"  Florence  H  Matthews E  21 

Barnard  M"  Horace  (Louise  A  Zerega) ab'd  Kroon  Aug  29 

Barnard  ff"  Louise  H-Bm. [av'd  Ced  Oct  2        P^S266sMad 
Barnard  M'  J  Aug-Uv.Dt.Cy.An.Rv.Cl.'92  26  E  35 

Barnard  MiM"  Horace  (Nanette  Widdleton)  Cal.Rv.Cr89 

see  DwX 


Social  Register 

P'S;  1 83 1  Plaza 


E  68 

P^2  265Plaza 



Barnard  MiM"  Wm  Howard  (Lillie  H  Cohu)Ul. 
Barnard  HP"  Lilybel.  [Pl.Ny.Lc.Na.Dt.Mc.As.Au 

IP-  Claire  Cohu 

Barnes  M'  Alfred  Victor-Mt.Sa.Ha.Cw.Y/92 

49  Remsen  Brooklyn 

Barnes  M'Davis-Un.ULR.B.Ny P^S647Bry.  .44  W  44 

Barnes  MiM"  Hy  Burr  (H  Elizabeth  Dixon)C.Uv. 

Barnes  IP"  Sarah  P-Cly [Rg.Rv.Y/66 

Barnes  M'  Hy  B  Jr-Uv.Rh.Y/93 

JlSsM'Thos  S-Y'io [Pl.R.Y.'o2 

Barnes  MiM"  Courtlandt  D  (Katharine  L  Barney) 

Barnes  M"  Henry  W  (Mary  C  Young) "  P'*«Si2  7oStuy 

Barnes  M'  Charles  Wheeler-Uv.Y/77 106 

Barnes  M'  Edward  Shippen.  .at  Yale E  17 

Barnes  W  Howell  H-N.Eg.Ny.Na 64  W  37 

Barnes M' James-Un.Cal.Cy.Pl.W P*^^S42S4-38. .  15  E  48 

Barnes  MiM"  John  S(Susan  B  Hayes)  K.Mt.G.Uv. 


Barnes  M*""  Charlotte  A  &  Cornelia  R 

Barnes  M'  James-Mt.Pl.P/91 

Barnes  M' J  SanfordJr-Uv.R.Ny.Dt.As.Y.'9i  .  . 
Barnes  M"  Joseph  (Harriette  B  Seymour).. .  .['93 
Barnes  MiM"  Herbert  Seymour(SybilWSmith)  CI. 

Barnes  tf-  Kora  F-Cly.Dar see  W  H  Bliss 

Barnes  MiM"  Oliver  Weldon  (Elizabeth  D  Harding)  Ul 
Barnes  M'"  Louise  Weldon-Ats 





Barnes  MiM"  Rich'd  S  (Hattie  Barbour) Mt.Dt. . 
Barnes  M'  Roderic  B-P.'o3 .  .ab'd  Dtld  Jun  25 . . 



316  W  75 

Barnes  M"  Theodore  M  (Josephine  Bulkley). 

Barnes  ff"  Katharine  M 

Barnes  M' Joseph  Bulkley-Uv.Y.'92 

Barnes  M'  Thurlow  Weed-Mt.H'76.P'^"SS6945Hanover.  236  W  55 
Barnes  MiM"  Winthrop  How'd  (S  Lizzie  Wales)  Cw. 

Barnes  M^"  Madeleine  Winthrop 

Barnes  M'  Richard  W  P 

Bamewall  MiM"  Alex  Van  R  (Olive  Warner) 

P^'»S885lFlushing.  .Bayside  L  I 
Bamewall  MiM"  M  Rutgers  (Louise  D  Eldridge)MamaroneckN  Y 

Madison  Av 


New  York  1909 


P*^»5S2o.  .102  Franklin  PI 
Flushing  L  I 

Irvington  N  Y 

67  Park  Av 

Bamewall  M"  Morris  (Hall) 


Barney  MiM"  Arthur  L  (Helen  L  Avery)  As 

MiM"  Reginald  H  Jaffray  (Barney), 
Barney  II"  Chas  Tracy  (Lilly  Whitney) 

ab'd  A  Vic  Jun  16 . .  av'd  Oct  8 

Barney  M'AshbelH-R.Un.Uv.Mb.Tf.Y/98 

Barney  M'TasW-R.Y/00 

Barney  MiM"  Danford  N  (Laura  B  Dunham)  Uv.C.Y.'8i 

Farmington  Ct 
Barney  MiM"  J  Stewart  (Maryalice  Van  Nest)  Un.S0.Cly.Cr90 


Barney  M'  Newcomb  C-Ul.Dt.Myf Union  League  Club 

Bamum  M*"  Laura  C see  M"  H  S  Clapp 

Bamum  MiM"  Wm  H  (A  Rosalind  Hazard)  Y.'o4..449  Park  Av 
Bamum  MiM"  Wm  M  (Anne  T  Phelps)  Uv.C.Ny.l         ¥^^76 

Ap.Au.Mid.Lc.Y/771  Mamaroneck 

J^»  M"  Walter-Y'io  &  Phelps |  NY 

Barnwell  M'  Arthur  Jr-Y/03 Yale  Club 

Barnwell  MiM"  Morgan  G  (Elizabeth  Mari6)  Un. 

Barnwell  M'  Clermont  L . .  7  Randolph  Hall  Camb' 

M"  S  S  Mari6  (Slosson) 

Barr  MiM"  Wm  R  (Rosalie  G  Ford)  Ct.Au.Cd. 

P^^S355oPlaza..i3  W  56 
Barreda  M"  &  tf " abroad 

Tuxedo  Park 
N  Y 

Barret  M"  Alexander  (Lily  Chinnock)-at  29 
Barret M'Cecil-R.Uv.H.'96. [Rutland  Ct  London 

70  W  55 

Barrett  M'  Hosmer  J-H.'o2 P'»S443oBroad ..  Hotel  Plaza 

Barrett  MiM"  John  D  (Nellie  Redington  Adams)  C.  ^^23 047 Col 

Barrett  tf"  Alice  T  &  r«  tf"  Helen  A [Dt.Ny.S.     24  W  7 1 

Barringer  V  Theo  B  Jr-Uv.N'94 P«S22iiRiv..34  W  84 

Barron  M'  A  EUis-As |P*^^S39ooMad 

Barron  M""  Thos-As.Cw.H.'9i  &  John  C-As.H.*99 .  |  37  Mad  Av 

Barron  tf  —  G  A  &  Blanche  M J  327 

Barron  M'"  Randall  P-Na.  &  Harry  M ,  (W  22 

Barrow  MiM"  Arch'd  C  (Elizabeth  L  Eraser) 

1**^265-79.  .1142  Mad  Av 
Barrow  M*  Charles  E-Uv.Kg.H.'87 Skaneateles  N  Y 

32  Social  Register 

Barrow  MiM"  Jas  T  (Virginia  Stagg)  Rv.Dar. 

av*d  Adri  Jun  lo .  .  165  W  58 
Barrows  DiM"Chas  Clifford  (Hettie  Curtis)  R.C.Cal.Tf .  8 

J^»  tf"  Hester  N  &  M'  David  N. [Rv.So.Va'79  W  36 

Barrows  MiM"  Ira(Howell-Cecilia  W  Fitler)Uv.Ul.As.Au.Gg. 
Rv.Cw.Rg.Fw.Ecb.Myb.Br'83.  P*^^S4i87Plaza.  540  Park  Av 

Barrows  tf"~  Louise-Bd.Cd.  &  Harriet-Cd 160  W  59 

Barry  MiM"  Herbert  (Ethel  M  Dawson)  Uv.Bm.Rv.Cw. 

Va'88..6o  W  10 

Barry  M'  Horace  M-Un P^^Si3SoCol. .  154  W  57 

Barry  MiM"  Robert  P  Jr  (H  Augusta  Robbins)  Sne. 

see  M"  H  W  Robbins 

Barry  M'  Samuel  F-Cal Calumet  Club 

Barry  MiM"  Thos  Glover(Glover-HarrietGDarrow)Uv.Ll.'68 

P^5i2  7Mom.  .439  Manhattan  Av 

B anymore  Lord  &  Lady  (Post-Wadsworth) It      j^_ 

r  Ellen  Post....... ^^^^^^ 

Barse  MiM"  Geo  R  Jr  (Rosa  Ferrara)  C .Katonah  N  Y 

Barstow  M'  Chas  L-Pl.Snc.Ll.Na.U'89 

P^^S43oStuy.  .34  Gramercy  Pk 
Barstow  M"  Donald  M  (Clara  A  Gerrish)  Cd. 

P^«2759.  .675  Congress  Portland  Me 
Barstow  MiM"  Geo  E  Jr  (Bertha  W  Kellogg)  ¥.'97 

P^^S584W.  .71  Brookfield  Rd  Upper  Montclair  N  J 
Barstow  DiM"  J  Whitney  (Flora  Macdonald)Rv.lP'^^Si984Gram 
Barstow  tf"  &  tf"  Frances  B [Dth*45|i  Gramercy  Pk 

82  E  55 

Bartholomew  M"  Geo  Ward  (Zelina  Ripley) . . . 

Bartholomew  tf"  Ada  Z [-Cro3 

Bartholomew  M""Jas  Ripley-Sa.Cl.'95  &  Rob't  B 

Bartlet  MiM"  Hy  Paine  (Dickson-Amelia  S  Allen )  Cal.Dt.Ch. 

Ny.T/72.  .P^'iJ5347i-38.  .17  E  41 
Bartlett  MiM"  Alexis  P  (Georga  H  Bassett)  ¥.'94 

P'^'^S9428-4.  .West  Haven  Ct 
Bartlett  M'  C  A  Hereshoff-Uv.Un.An.Cr74 

av'd  Teut  Sep  23 . .  i  W  54.  .absent 
Bartlett  MiM"  Ed  L  (Julia  A  Farland)  M.Mdbl.etc. .  .  .see  BSSU 

Bartlett  Judge  Edward  T-Ul.Ar Union  League  Club 

Bartlett  MiM"  Franklin(BerthaPost)  Un.K.Tf  .B. 


Bartlett  M'  Wm  0-Un [av*d  Lusi  Oct  8 

26  W  20 

Hew.  York  lobg  33 

Bartlett  MiM^John  P  (Eleanor  Fitch)  Uv.Ar.Y/78  F*^69ioRiv 

Bartlett  tf"  Margaret  K  &  &  M'"  Eleanor 257  W  86 

Bartlett  MiM"  John  R  (Jenny  Dickerson)  Ul.Cw.Lt. 

2  WalL.see  D2SX 

Bartlett  M*"  Lillian  Lefferts-Cda P'»S27i2Mad.  .62  Mad  Av 

Bartlett  MiM"  Philip  Golden  (Beatrice  Sttirgis)  C.  P^«S396oPlaza 

JS,  If"  Priscilla  A [Uv.Mid.Myf.Y.'Si   814  Mad  Av 

Bartlett  DiM"  W  Allen  (Alice  Hunt)  Ul.Na..F*'»S3948-38.43  E  41 

Bartlett  M'  Warren  S-Uv.Y'86 University  Club 

Bartlett  Judge*  M"Willard(MaryF  Buff  urn)  Uv.  P*'»53709Main 

C.Ha.Cw.Rv.Cl/69  21  Pierrepont 

Bartlett  If"  Maud  W-Cd.  &  Agnes  W Brooklyn 

Bartol  MiM"  Henry  G  (Hester  G  Hone)  Sn.Bm.Camb' 

M51235 . .  30  Summit  Flushing  L  I 
Barton  MiM"  C  Vanderbilt  (Jessie  Cluett)Ny.Au. 

"1*^23559001..  I  W  72 
Barton  MiM"  Chas  (Gertrude  Eccleston)  Re. 

P«S44J  T'pksvlle.  .  18  St  Marks  PI  New  Brighton  S  I 
Barton  MiM"  Geo  De  F  (Anna  Dudley) 

Ward)  Ul.Rv.Ll.An.Wt.Fw. 
Barton  M'  Oliver  Grant-Ul.Uv.Ch.Wt.Rv. 


Barton  DiM"  Joshua  L  (Maria  W  Collins) . ' see  R  S  Collins 

Bartow  MiM"  Francis  D  (Sabina  R  Martin) 

P«S436''Farm  House'*  Ridgewood  Rd  So  Orange  N  J 
Baruch  MiM"  Bernard  M  (Annie  Griff  en)  Au .  .  av*d  A  Vic  Sep  10 

P'»S363Plaza..6  W  52 
Baskerville  Prof  &  M"  Chas  (Mary  B  Snow)  C.Eg.Ch.So.Dke. 

Va'9o..P'»S665oCol.  .344  W  72 
Bass  Col  &  M"  Edgar  W  (Adhle  Smith)  Ul.C.Ll.USA'68 

P^S749-38 .  .  77  Park  Av 
Bassett  MiM"  Carroll  Phillips  (Margaret  C  Kinney)  Uv.Bg. 

Laf'83 .  .P^S5io.  .  1062  Broad  Newark  N  J 
Batcheller  MiM"  Adams  (Marian  Groves)  Cal.Gg.Cly. 

P^'»S3 83 Plaza.  .128  E  65 
Batcheller  MiM"  Franklin  A  (Helen  C  Leffingwell)  Lt.Dp. 

see  C  R  Leffingwell 
Batcheller  MiM"  Geo  E  (Cassatt-EmilyLPhillips)|P«56688Gram 
JS.  tf"  Lois  B  Cassatt [Uv.Cy.R.Y.'95|       50  W  9 

av'd  Maj  Sep 


122  W  74 


Social  Begister 

BatcheUer  IT  Hy-Cal.Cy I     ,  w   .  a 

M"  Francis  N  Baggs ^6  Mad  Av 

Bates  M"  Alfred  W(C^phise  C  Towar).P*^«S39ooMad.37  Mad  Av 

Bates  M"  Chas  K  (Mary  Hinman) |r«S2535Col 

Bates  tf"  Edith |  i6o  W  59 

"  P«S2096Plaza 


Bates  M"  Chas  S  (Agnes  V  Chandler) 
J^a  M' Chandler 

Bates  MiM"  Guy  (Anne  D  Greene) 49  W  68 

Bates  MiM"  Harry  O  (Caroline  L  Crane)Mg.Mo.         P«55i8 

Bates  M*"  Caroline  E-Mg Madison  Av 

Bates  M'  Harry  Ogden  Jr-Mg MorristownNJ 

Bates  MiM"  Hayden  (Louise  Crawford)  An IF*«S639Plaza 

Bates  M'  WmS-Ad.Cro4 ]     49  E  49 

Bates  MiM"  John  Grenville  (Anita  T  Boulton)Rh.Mg.Cl.'o3 

P«S637lMorrist'n.  .Convent  N  J 
Bates  MiM"  Lindon  W  (Josephine  White) Ul.Hl. 

Rp.Ulch.Atch.Y/79  P«S35ooPlaza 

Bates  M'  Lindon  W  Jr-Ct.Rp.Y.'o2 14  E  60 

JlS.  M'  Lindell  T.  .at  Yale I 

Bates  M^"  Mary I    r^47i7Chel 

Bates  M'  George  B-Dke.Cw.Rv.Cr87 I247  Waverly  PI 

Bates  MiM"  Putnam  A  (Emeline  G  Vemam)  Uv.Eg.Ad.Mg. 

CI. *97 .  V'ToOs 7wMors*tn .  Mad  Av  Convent  N  J 
Bates  MiM"  T  Towar  (Bertha  Schefer)  Mg.Cl.*9S 

aVd  K  II  Jly  14.  .P«S39ooMad.  .40  E  26 


Bay  Shore  L  I 

see  D2:SS2. 

Bates  MiM"  Wm  G  (Johnson-Amy  R  Scott)  Ul. 

J^«  tf"  Amy  B  Johnson 

Bateson  MiM"  Chas  Ed  (Mary  McL  Stamps)  W. 

Bateson  M'"  Lucinda  D P«S4933Col 

Bateson  M'  C  Wagstaff-So.Kg.Capso.Cl.*o2 ...    145  W  58 

Bateson  M'  E  Farrar-Fn.Y'09 

Bateson  MiM"  Richard  H  (Betty  Bayne  Jones)  Ad.Kg.S0.Cr02 

P''m33ooRiv.  ,320  W.  83 
Battelle  MiM"  Seavey  (Marion  C  Fisher)  Uv.Ap,H.'94 

I*^393..RyeN  Y 
Battelle  M'  Thos  P-H.'o4 P"SS3379Stuy.  .39  E  10.  .see  B2?a 

Batten  Rev  DiM"Loring  W(Clara  B  Ware)C.H.*85 
JSS.  tf"  Clare  W  &  M'"  Loring  W  Jr-at  AnnapoHs  Md 

&  Rich'd  W 

131  E  10 

New  York  1909 


Battershall  MiM"  Fred'c  S  (Nathalie  G  Almy)  Cal.Na. 

P'1K39ooMad.  .37  Mad  Av 
Battershall  Rev  D'  Walton  W-Uv.Y'64...  .1  P*«Si727m.  .105 
Battershall  MiM"FletcherW(Maude  G  Fiero)  [State  Albany  N  Y 
Battle  MiM"  Geo  Gordon  (Martha  Bagby)  Cal.M.So.Va'89 

I*^*3935Stuy. .  no  E  16 

Baur  M' Wilhehn-Dv.Na.Eg.Uv.Dresd'77 DeutcherVerein 

Baxter  MiM"  Geo  S  (Emmelin  C  Weeks)  Uv.Mid. 

Baxter  tf"  Emmelin  W .[Wms'65.Cr68  P«'o2946Riv 

Baxter  M""  Wyllys  Pomeroy-Ct.Na.Croo  &  Her-      333  W  86 

bert  W 
Baxter  MiM"  Geo  S  Jr  (Edith  G  Jones)  Na.PlK6860Riv.325  W  93 
Baxter  M'  Hugh  H  (late  Horace  H). .  .Married  at  Heavenly  Rest 

Eytinge  IP"  Mildred  Gate  Chas) Oct  18 

Baxter  MiM*  Hugh  H(Mildred  Eytinge)Ul.Ar.Cy.Na.T.Mt.As. 

ab'd  Lusi  Jun  17 .  .av'd  Maur  Aug  6.  .588  Fifth  Av 
Bayard  MiM"  Louis  Pintard  (Mildred  Lea)  Un.S.    |P«;64S9Riv 

Bayard  IP"  Eleanor [Cal.Bg.Mid.    259  W  85 

Bayard  MiM"  Louis  P  Jr  (Lucy  Forbes  Bullard)  Bg.P.'98 

Short  Hills  N  J 

Bayard  M*  Thomas  F Married  at  Rencourt  nr  Greenville  Del 

du  Pont  tf-  Elizabeth  B  (late  V  Alexis  I) Oct  3 

Bayard  MiM"  Thomas  F  (Elizabeth  B      P«S5 16.  .9  Red  Oak  Rd 
du  Pont)  Uv.Y'90       Wilmington  Del 
M"  Ellen  de  Lewenhaupt  (Bayard)  see  Pft 

Bayley  M'  Charles  Clive-Un.Camb'82.  .P'«;209-38.  .54  E  49 
Baylies  MiM"  Edmund  L  (Van  Rensselaer)  K.Uv.C.Rg.Dt.Ct. 

Ny.Cc.Ar.H.'79. .  10  E  62 

BayUes  M"  N  E  (Nathalie  E  Ray) 1*^^23074-79 

HP"  Sophie  Huguenin 1E71 

Baylis  M"  Chas  S  (Fanny  A  McCarter) 

Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
BayUs  MiM"  Wm  (Adelaide  E  Brooks)Un.Mt.Uv. 
Baylis  tf-  Adelaide  B-Fn.  .  .[Rg.Rh.Pl.Snc.P.'68 
Baylis  M*  Wm  Jr-Un.Snc.P.*o3 

Bayliss  MiM"  Chas  E  (Eunice  W  Brown) 

J&  tf"Arline&M"RaymondW4rKenneth  H 


II  E  66 

•Belle  Terre" 

Port  Jefferson  L  I 
see  XJomit^* 


Social  Register 

Bayne  M'  Bushrod  Rust Married  at  Short  Hills  N  J 

Barclay  M"  Henry  A  (Clara  O  Wright) Sep  22 

Bayne  MiM"  Bushrod  Rust  (Barclay-  P^«5i32 

Clara  O  Wright)  Cal.  Bg.    "  Montview ' ' 
MiM"  Jos6  V  Onativia  Jr(Clara  W  Barclay)  Short  Hills  N  J 

Bayne  M*M"  Chas  E (Johnson-Kate  Mitchell)  Cal.  p^.  q^^^ 

54  W 

128  E  34 

JSSs  M'"  Mildred  P  Johnson. 
JiSs  M""  Thos  L  Johnson  &  Albert  L. 
Bayne  M'  Daniel  K-Un.Mt.So.  .  .  .atP^S6764-38' 

Bayne  tf""  Maria  K  &  Virginia  L [17  E  38 

Bayne  M'  Lawrence  P-So 

Bayne  M'  Walter  L at  PiJS4o58Col . .  13 1  W  74 

Bayne  MiM"  E  Norman  (Bertha  D  Lockwood) 

P*^^S659rRiv..2ii  W  102 

Bayne  M"  Geo  H  (Alice  L  Crane) Highfield  La  Nutley  N  J 

Bayne  M'  George  M I  11  Tompkins  Av 

Bayne  M'"  Gertrude  L [New  Brighton  S  I 

Bayne  MiM"  Hugh  A  (Helen  Cheney)  Uv.Kg.Mt.Mid.Y.'92 

P^%i82-79.  .107  E  71 
Bayne  MiM"  Paul  (Edna  T  Brooks)  Ny.Kg. 

P^«S298.  .7  Maple  Bronxville  N  Y 
'     "  '  P^«Si333Riv 

108  & 



226  W  78 

Bayne  MiM"  Samuel  G  (Emily  Kelsey) 

Bayne  M'"  Emily 

Bayne M""  Howard  R-Uv.Kg.Pu.Rc.Cl.'oi. . . 
Bayne  M'  Jasper-Uv.Y.'oi  &  JlS.  M'  Donald  . 
Bayne  M"  Wm  Hy  (Lydia  H  Campbell) .... 

Bayne  M'"  Margaret  R 

Bayne  M'  Ross  Campbell-Cr*96 

MiM"  Hy  L  Underbill  (Bayne) 

Beach  MiM"  Chishohn  (Edwina  G  Tutt)  Y'07 

P^«S6o45Plaza. .  777  Mad  Av 
Beach  M"  Clifton  B  (Adelaide  Thaw) P^^S2oioMad 

M"  Chas  Thaw  (Elizabeth  B  Smith). . ....  80  Madison  Av 

Beach  MiM"  Edw  S  (Malvina  A  Peabody)Sn.Ty'83.  .181  W  87 

Beach  tf—  Ella  &  Violet P'^^Sii8.  .Peekskill  N  Y 

Beach  MiH"  Frederick  O  (Havemeyer-Camilla  Moss)  K.Rh. 

Tf.Mid.  .Hewlett  L  I.  .Jan  i  Aiken  S  C 

Beach  M'  Geo  OSn.Hob'98.Cr.'oi 225  W  End  Av 

Beach  M*"  Helen Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 

U^w  Ydtk  ^909 


25  W  51 

Beach  Mir  John  K  (Mafv  R  Sanford)  Uv.Cw.Y'77 

P«5i95i . .  450  Temple  New  Haven  Ct 
Beach  Capt  «b  M"  Warreto  C  (Norrie)  Un.Mt.Cy.Pl.Bm.Mtw. 

USA.  .of  585  Fifth  Av. .  1811  H  W^ 
;^Beach  Mill"  Wm  Nicholas  (Marie  A  Bonner)  Uv.Eg.Au. 

Y/92.  .P*^'»S52  2iPlaza.  .844  Lex  Av 

Beadel  M'  Ed-R ^^^  j^^, 

Beadel  MiM"  Fred'k  (Frances  I  Reese) ^^"^  ^'^^''^ 

Beadel  M»M"  Hy  (Sarah  M) 1123  B'way 

Beadleston  M'  Alfred  N-M.Ul.R.Ny.Au.Cy.Tf 36  W  35 

fieadleston  MiM"  Hy  Colwell  (Alice  Lee  Post)  Uv.R.Rh.  " 

Y'93..P«Si534-79..i5i  E  72 

Beadieston  M"  Wm  Hy  (Annie  Colwell) 

Beadleston  ff"  Edith 

B^adleston  M'"  Randolph-Ct.&C  Perry,  .abroad 

Beale  MiM"  John  E-Un Union  Club 

Beales  M"  Edith  A  (Edith  Agostini) 

ab'd  Adri  Jun  17 .  .see  J  Agostini 
Beales  MiM"  James  A  G  (Marjorie  Towle)  R.Ap. 

P«5243  •  •  Greenwich  Ct 

Beall  M'  Chas  W-Bg S5  W  33 

Beall  M' Jeremiah-Mt.Gg.Fn.Mc.So.Bg.Hppv. 

ra2233Bry.  .12  W  44 
Beall  MiM"  Jos  Bond(M  Lilly  Grubb)Ny .  av'd  Onic 

Beall  tf""  M  Lilly  &  Florence [Na.     Oct  14 

D'  Geo  T  Smith-USN.abordUSS  "Maryland" . 
Beam  MiM"  Hy  Milton(Parkin-LouisaFord)P.'97.. Flushing  L  I 
Beaman  M"  Chas  C  (Hettie  Sherman  Evarts). 

Beaman  M'"  Margaret-Cly [Seattle  Wash 

Beaman  M'  Wm  Evarts-H/04 .  .  at  Univ  Club 
Bean  M' Hy  W-Mt.Uv.Du.Ct.H'87 

P*'']^?342oPlaza.  .Metropolitan  Club 
Beard  MiM"  Anson  McC  (Ruth  HiH)  Uv.R.Rg.Dt.Rh.Clv. 

¥.'95.  .47  E  68.  .see  Skui 

109  W  55 

iS  E  10 

Beardmore  M'  Alfred  0-Mt. 
Beardmore  tf"  Dorothy  T.  . 
Beardmore  M'  Torrance  &  JS? 

M'  Gordon  T. 


136  Beverley 

Toronto  Can 

Boa^ton  M*"  Anne-Cly.Acp.Cd,D£tr. 40  W  45 


Social  Register 

Beatty  MiM"  A  Chester  (Grace  M  Rickard)  Mt.Uv.Eg.S.As. 

Rv.Cw.Cly.P/97.Cr98.  .P'*«S246-79.  .  i6  E  73 
Beatty  MiM"  Rob't  C  (Jean  Burlingame)  Cw.Rv.Zp.Cr94 

P«;93..SuffemN  Y 
Beatty  M'WGedney-Ats.Cw.Rv..P'SS79ioRiv.  .265  CentPkW 

Beaty  M'  T  Sandford ^^^4275-38. .  17  E  46 

Beaumont  MiM"  Edward  AJr  (Elizabeth  M  Whittemore) 

I*^;3ixLanghome.  .Woodboume  Pa 
Beaumont  MiM"  Hy  C  (Jessie  Fellows)  42  Bryanston  Sq  London 
Beaumont  MiM"  Hubert  (Elisa  M  Grace) 

6  Buckingham  Gate  London 

Beavor-Webb  MiM"  John  (Alice  May)  Ny 31  Park  Av 

fm'y  ab'd  Jly  7 
Beck  DiM"  Carl  (Hedwig  S  von  Loeser)  Dv.   *'"      -  -    -  - 
Beck  r  Eric  C  A-CT03  &  fe  M'  Ed  F  W. . . . 

D'  av*d  Cecil  Jly  28 



Beck  M'  Fanning  C  T-Snc.  .ab'd  Vtld  Jly  11 

see  C  Irving  122  E  62 

Beck  MiM"James  M(Lilla  Mitchell) 

Jffi.  tf-  Beatrice  M  &  M'  Jas  M. . . . . 
Beck  MiM"  Paul  (Frances  de  N  Tracy)  Pa*6s 

The  Chalfonte  Atlantic  City  N  J 

ab'dArab  Jun  25  . . av'd  Maj 

Sep  9.  .P*'^S4459Plaza 

47  E  64 

306  W  88 

Beckett  MiM"  Chas  Hy  (Estelle  J  Newman)  Uv. 

Beckett  ff"  Marion  H [Dke.Dth'8i 

Beckwith  MiM"  Carroll  (Bertha  Hall)  C.Cal.Ct.Lt.Fn.Cly. 

P^1?Si587Plaza..8E  58 
Beckwith  M'  Chas  B-Cal.Bg Calumet  Club 

Beckwith  M"LeonardF(MargarettaPierre 
Beckwith  M*"  Mary  Pierrepont ....  [pont) 


'Hurst  Pierrepoint" 
Garrison  N  Y 

Beckwith  tf"  Nannie 62  Mad  Av 

Walnut  St 
Englewood  N  J 

Beckwith  MiM"  S  Vilas  (Julia  R  Kellogg) 


D'  Brainerd  Kellogg 

Beddall  MiM"  E  Kirkpatrick  (Anna  M  Prouty)  R.Ap.Dt. 

Beddall  MiM"  Edw  F  (Ada  Furrell)  Dt.Lc 

P^Si22.  .Larchmont  Manor  N  Y 

New  York  1909 


Beebe  M'  Albert  0-Ul.As 66  W  47 

425  W  117 


Beebe  M"  Clarence  E  (Maria  Louise  White) . 
Beebe  IC"  Wm  J-abroad  &  Roderick-Y/08. 

Beebe  M"  Wm  H  H  (AUce  E  Daniels) 

Beebe  If"-  Elizabeth  &  Emeline 

Beebe  IT"  Katharine : at  425  W  117 

Beecher  MiM"  Hy  W  (Mary  F  Beecher)  Uv. Y'88 . .  Yonkers  N  Y 

Beeckman  M^"  Marthe 161  Madison  Av 

Beeckman  MiM"  R  Livingston  (Eleanor  N  Thomas)  K.Un. 

P^^3oS5Plaza.  .854  Fifth  Av 

Beekman  M*"  Cornelia  A-Cda 

Beekman  M'  Gerard-Uv.C.Ct.S.Dt.Hl.Snc.Ny.Dp.Cl.'64 
Beekman  M'  Hy  M  T-Uv.M.Au.Rut*77 

P«S3 240-38.  .545  Fifth  Av 


E  76 

E  10 

Beekman  M"  Henry  Rutgers  (Isabella  Lawrence) 
Beekman  M*""  Josephine  L-Cda.  &  Mary  E-Cda.  . 
Beekman  M""  Wm  F-Sa.Uv.Cr95  &  Hy  R-Sa.Cl'03 
Beekman  M'  James  Wm  (late  Jas  W) .  DiedatOysterBayLIAug7 
Beekman  DiM"  John  N  (Annie  L  Dawson)  Uv.Snc.Cr64 

P«S6727-38..ii9  E  40 

Beekman  M"  Wm  Bedlow  (Katharine  M  Parker)  Cd 

Beekman  If"  Gertrude  Van  Cortlandt [.Cr89 

Beekman M'  Chas  KeUer-tJn.Sa.Snc.M.Mid.Uv.Dt.R.BgSs 
Beekman  V  Fenwick-Sa.Pa'07 .  .at  St  Luke's  Hospital.  . 
Beekman  M'  Cortlandt-Wms'io  &  JS5.  M'"  Margreta  R 

Beers  M"  Edwin  (Mary  L  Husted) [London 

Beers  VU  Elisabeth-Cd .  .Prown  Shipley  &  Co 

Beers  M"  Hy  Newell  (Martha  A  Hart) 

Beers  MIM"  Lucius  H (Helen  H  Patton)C.Uv.Dt.Rv. 

JS.  tf"  Eleanor  N [Cl.'8i 

Beers  MIM"  Wm  H  (AUce  Macy)  Au. Ay. CI. '03 

P^S33oRye.."Sonnenschein*'  Harrison  N  Y.see  DSilSS. 

Behr  MiM"  Fred'c  H  (Alice  C  Vemam) Morristown  N  J 

Behr  M'  Herman-Dt.Ats.Dv.Mg.Mo 

Behr  tf"  Margaret  H-Mg 

Behr  M'  Herman  Jr 

Behr  M'  Kari  H-Y.'o6  &  JS^  ff"  Gertrude  H 

131  Remsen 




777  Mad  Av 

4^:  §ociai  Regisief 

Behr  MiM"  Max  H  (Evelyn  B  Schley)  Bg.Mg.Y/05 2  E  66 

Beigel  M'  Victor see 

M' John  Borie \D^^.. 

Belden  MiM"  Chas  A  (Fanny  Hubbard)  Ul.         |  I*«S432oPlaza 

Ja  iP"  Margaret  &  M'  Chas  J [Uvsf.Mass'7315  E  53 .  .see SRan 

Belden  M'  Wm~Ul.Au.Rv 55  St  Nicholas  PI 

Belding  MiM"  Milo  M  Jr  (Annie  L  Kirk)  Ul.N.Na.Au.Rv. 

853  Seventh  Av 
Belknap  MiM"  Francis  Wheelwright  (MilHcent  R  Grant) 

Uv.Ll.Mit'95 .  .  P*''»S866 .  .  224  Jamaica  Av.. Flushing  L  I 
Belknap  MiM"  Francis  Wyckoff  (Florence  Alden)Ny.Lc.  127E72 
Belknap  MiM"  Hy(IsabelGardiner)Un.Uv.Ny.Smb.H'45.  Miami 

JS^r,  M'  Henry  Jr Fla 

Belknap  M"Rob't  Lenox(Mary  Phoenix  Remsen) 

Belknap  tf-  Elizabeth.  . [Cd.Cda. 

Belknap  M'  Maitland-at  Princeton 

Belknap  M"  Thomas  (Catherine  H  Wyckoff).  . .  . 
Belknap  M'  Hy  Wyckoff-Pl.Ats 

M"  Geo  A  &  M'  Douglas  L  Fumiss 

Belknap  MiM"  Waldron  Phoenix  (Rey  S  Hutchings)  Rc.Rv. 
Cw.Ce.Cr'95..P"»Sii6NDorp..DonganHills  S  I. .Jan  i .  112E  80 

Belknap  M"  Wm  W  (AHce  Tomlinson) 22  E  31 .  .see  WBS 

B9II  MiM"  Bertrand  F  (Beatrice  S  Boggs)  Un.Ay.Ap.H.'oo 

P^^S6i .  . " Elmridge  Farm "  Scarsdale  N  Y 

Bell  f"  Catherine  ME see  Do^'S. 

Bell  M"  Christopher  M  (Mary  Norris) see  DSS. 

Bell  MiM"  Clark  (Taylor)  Ul )P^^S4765Col 

Bell  f "  Kate |  170  W  75 


31  Warren 
Salem  Mass 

Bell  M"  Edward  (Helen  A  Wilmerding) P^^S4489Plaza 

Bell  M'  Harold  W-Un.H.'o7 . . av'd  Teut  Aug  26  Hotel 

at  1737  Cambridge  Cambridge  Mass     Netherland 
Bell  MiM"  Edw  (Gertrude  M  Wood)  T.Un.Cly.H.*o4 

J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 
Bell  MiM"  Edw  Hamilton  (Cora  G  Sargent)  R.Pl.Cly. 

M"  ab*d  Fk  Wm  Jun  2  5 . .P^^S3 68oMad. .  1 9  W  3 1 

Bell  M"  Frederick  A 11  rue  Barbet  de  Jouy  Paris 

Bell  D' Geo  Huston-So.Va'96 P^3?S2468Mad.  .54  E  25 

Bell  MiM"  Gordon  Knox  (Marian  M  Crafts)  Un.Uv.T.Snc. 

Tf.Tvb.H.'93.  .P^'»S32i8-79.  .58  E  72. 

New  York  1909 



Bell  M"  Isaac  (Jeanette  Bennett).  .  .  .32  Av  Henri  Martin  Paris 
Bell  MiM"  Jas  Christy  (Eliza  Dennis)  Kg. As.,  .  . 

Bell  M'  Alfred  D [field  Sch  ^ 

ia  M""  Jas  C  Jr.  . at  Princeton&Sam'l  D .  . at  Ridge- 
Bell  MiM"  James  W  (Elise  Villard)  N Dresden 

Bell  M'  Jared  Weed-Cw.Rv.Cc.Myf .Fw  I         P^«S5563Mad 

Bell  tf"  Edith  Toms-Myf.Dar I248  Lex  Av..see  DotlS. 

Bell  M' John  A-Uv.Ny,An.USN'79 University  Club 

Bell  M' Marshall-Uv.Cr66 University  Club 

Bell  M'  Park  E-R.As P^«S4322-38 

Bell  M'  Algernon  S-R.As 360  LexAv 

BellM'WniH-Uv.Cc.Ll.H'77 P"9S398oCol..iog  W.S4 

Bellamy  DiM"  Russell  (Constance  Trenholm)  N'93 

f*1KS40o-"38.. Hotel  Belmont 
Belliilgef  Maj  k  M"  John  B  (Marie  C  Coudert)  Uv.Mtw.    . 

Anw.Bhmsf.USA'84.  .San  Francisco  Cal 

Belloni  M"  Louis  J  (Kate  B  Havemeyer).  . |P^«S24iPlaza 

Belloni  if"  Sadie H .|   14E66 

Belloni  M'  Robert Glen  Ridge  N  J 

Bellows  Rev  Russell  N-H*64 247  Fifth  Av 

Belmont  M'Aug-Un.M.K.Uv.Mid.Rv.Ny.B.Cy.Mb.R. 

Belmont  M'  Raymond-Na.  &  JS^  M'  Morgan 

Belmont  MIM"  Aug  Jr  (Alice  W  de  Goicouria)  Un.K.Lc.Na. 

Mb.R.Tf.Ny.H.'o4.  .P*^«S3026Mad.  .46  E  34 
Belmont  W  OUver  H  P  (Alva  E  Smith)Cly..ab'd 

Maur  Jun  24 
M'  Harold SVanderbilt. at  PorcellianClubCamb' 
Belmont  MIM"  Perry  (Jessie  Robbins)  Un.K.M.Uv.Mt.B.Na. 
An.Ats.Ny.Fn.Tf.Rv.Mtw.H.'72 .  .  av'd  A  Vic  Oct  8 

of  580  Fifth  Av.  .Scott  Circle  We8 

Belt  MiM"  Chas  W  (Annie  Banks) see  C  Banks 

Belt  DiM"Henry(Gray-AdaGwynn)Rv.Cly.lBrownShipley  &  Co 
j!«s  M*"  Ada  B  &  M'  Bryce  Gray .   •  ^  •  • .  |  London         i 





44  E  34 

E  57 

Beltzhoover  MiM"  Melchior  S  (Virginia  L 
JSL  tf "  Virginia  R  &  M'  Melchior  R ..... . 

Bement  M'  Ed-Un,Uv,C,Ss,G,R,Ny.Wk.Y.'7o 

13  Bird  Malesherbes  Paris 

Social  Register 


po  7  Wall 

Bend  M"  George  H  (Elizabeth  A  Townsend)Cly. 

Bend  IP"  Beatrice-Cly..ab'd  A  Vic  Jun  i6 

Benedict  M"  Chas  L  (Cromwell-Sarah  Sea- 1     P'1J;4oooPlaza 

M'  Geo  Cromwell [man)] Buckingham  Hotel 

Benedict  M"  ChasWilliston  (Jane  McAlpin) IP^'^SiSa  Col 

Benedict  IP"  Fanny  L (     i  W  72 

Benedict  M"  Coleman  (Mary  A  Cleland) 

Benedict  IP"  Jessie 

Benedict  M'  Lemuel  C-R.Cal.Ny 

Benedict  M'  E  Comelius-PLS.Ny |P^1?;2944Pla2a 

Mill"  CUfford  B  Harmon  (Benedict) j     loWsi 

Benedict  MLM"  Elliot  Stuart  (Catherine  V  R  Bissell)  Uv. 

H/96.  .P*'»S429o-79.  .51  E  78 
Benedict  M"  Fred'k  H(VirginieCoudert)  Cly.2025  Hillyer  PI  Wtt 

Benedict  M"  Geo  Stone  (Clara  Woolson).  .  .  **PomerovPl^e** 

Benedict  IP"  Clare  Rathbone CooperstownN  Y 

Benedict  Mill"  Hy  Harper  (Marie  Nellis)  Uv.Ul.       p^o™.     ^f. 

Bd.G.Rp.Dke.Ha.Ham'69.av'dMaurAug27  ^  ^3L5^-79 

MiM"  Arch'd  A  Forrest  (Benedict) 

Benedict  MiM"  James  (Sarah  H  Babcock)  Ul. . . 

Benedict  M'  Clyde  G~Ul.H.'os 

Benedict  M'  EliotG-H'08-at  25  Beck  Hall  Camb' 

Benedict  M'  James  A-Ul.Rg.Dt.T.Rv.Cw I 

Benedict  IP"  JulietteT j 

Benedict  MiM"  James  H  (Isabel  P  Robinson) . . . 


72  Irving  PI 

P^«Sio9  Plaza 

115  E  61 


M"  Elijah  W  Bliss  (Benedict) |     14  E  70 

av'd  Maj  Jun  7 
Cedarhurst  L I 

Benedict  MiM"  LeGrand  L  (Sarah  C  Blaine)  Un. 

Benedict  tf"  Margaret  D [Au.Rh.Tf. 

Benedict  MiM"  LeGrand  L  Jr  (Urling  Harper)  Sn.Rh. 

P*''»S2oooPlaza.  .567  Park  Av 
BenedictlP"MarjorieW . .  Married^atlncamation  Memorial  Chap 

Fry  M'  Charles  P / Sep  23 

Benedict  r'71. 
Benedict  IP"  Bertha 

M"  Henry  B  Beecher  (Benedict). . 
Benedict.  MiM    Walter  S  (Zprka  Slocovich)  Ha.Gg.Cw. 

P'1K^82Main.  .75  Columbia  Heights  Brooklyn 
Benedict  M'  Wm,de  I^Uv.Eg.Ul.Cw.Cr74. . .  .University  Club 

344  W  72 

New  York  1909 


Benedict  MiM"  Wm  L(Maud  Benson)Mt.Myf.Cw.|P«:276sPlaza 

Jffi.  M'  Edw  B [Unb.Mit'8o|  777  Mad  Av 

Benjamin  Mill"  Arthur  Bedell  (Jessamine  L  Stagg)  Un.Ny. 

Rv.Wt.  .P^Svia  Bridgpt  476-4.  .Stratford  Ct 

*' Furlough  Cottage" 
Cold  Spring  N  Y 

.  20  W  II 

140  W  69 

270  W  73 

Benjamin  IP"  Edith  M 

M*"  Ethel  R^n^  Winchester 
Benjamin  Milf'  Geo  Hillard  (Grace  Tremaine)Tf. 
Benjamin  IP"  Rosalie  De  V [U'72 

M"  Wm  Scott  Tremaine 

Benjamin  MiM"  Geo  Powell  (Elise  J  Cordier)  Ul.Mt. 

Benjamin  tf"  JuUe  De  F [Cw.Rv. 

Benjamin  M"  John  (Hannah  S  Parkinson) 

*'  Elmshade ''  Stratford  Ct 
Benjamin  MiM"  Park  (Ida  E  Crane)  Uv.An.Mtw. 

Benjamin  tf""  Gladys  T  &  Marjorie  P [USN'67 

Benjamin  M'  Park  Jr 

Benjamin  MiM"  Sam*l  G  W  (Fanny   Nichols)  Rv.        1 201 5-19 

Benjamin  tf"  Edith [Wms'591     Wtt 

Benjamin  M"  Samuel  Nicoll  (Julia  Fish) 

Benjamin  M'  Hamilton  Fish-Sa.Uv.Y.'gS 

Benjamin  Lt  Julian  A-Sa.Uv.An.Sn.USA'oo  at 

West  Pt 
Benjamin  MiM"  Walter  Romeyn  (Carina  de  Saint  Seigne)  Lt 

Ar.Rv.U*74.  .P*1JSii4SJ •  •  ^4  Morsemere  Av  Yonkers  NY 
Benjamin  MiM"WmEvarts(AnneRogers)Ul.As.Cly.U'8o 

Benjamin  tf"  Beatrice  W  &  JS,  M'  Henry  R 

Benjamin  M"  Wm  H  (Isabel  Rodgers) 

Benjamin  M'"  Isabel  Kearny 

Benjamin  MiM"  Wm  Massena  (Charlotte  H  Prime) 

Un.Sa.Cc.Dt.Mid.Ll..P»^38ColdSprg..Garrison  N  Y 
Benkard  MiM"  Harry  H  (Bertha  K  Bartlett)  Un..Cy,Fn.Wt. 

Cw.Rv.Myf.Cly.Dar.Cd.  .P»«53i4Bry . .  58  W  47 
Benkard  M'  Hy  R jRadford 

tf"  Ad&le  M  Gordon-Dar |       Va 

Benkard  MiM"  J  Philip(JuliaLOUn)K.T.Ll.Bm.Dp.Wt.Cl/94 

P»^o3oi3Mad..43  E  31 

Benkard  M"  James  (Fanny  G  Horton)  Cly |P«S256oMad 

Benkard  M'  J  Gerald-B (  103  E  29 

6s  E  77 

E  87 



44  Social  Register 

Benner  MIM"  Chas  (Gertrude  Whittemore)  Uv,Y',76 

Palis3>dje  Av  Engle'wood  1^  J 
Benner  MiM''  Willis  (Edith  Edson)  Uv.Kg.|        P»^^53.75nis 

I)l<e.Y*8o.  105  W  Montrose  Av 
JSi.  If-  Dorothy  &  IT"  Roger  ik  Hildreth. , .;     So  Orange  N  J 
BennetM*M"HaroldLaT(LiliaineRein-  JP*'^5783J . .  102  JamaicaAv 

M'  Chas  S  Reinhait, ,  ,i[hart)Na.|  Flushing  L  I 

Bemhetit  MiM"  Chas  Gibson  (Susanna  P  Hartshome) 

Uv.Au.Mt.Dt.Mich*72.  .University  Club 

Petersham  Mass 
see  JJomiSst 

Bennett  M'  Henry  S-Ad.Y's3 

Bennett  If"  Emily  Mary 

Bennett  M'"  Henry  M  &  Bainbridge  J 

Bennett  M'  Jas 


Bennett  M'  John  H-Ct.H/94 P*^'»S4296Mad.  .40  E  25: 

Bensel  MiM"  John  A  (Ella  L  Day)  Uv.Un.EgAu.Mid.Stv'84 

P^'»S83 . . "Queen  Anne  Farm "  BemardsvilleNJ 
""  P*^^2362Main 

Col  Hgts  Brooklyn 

Benson  M"  Arthur  W  (Jane  A  Marks) . 

Benson  tf" 

Benson  f"  Thyrza. 

Benson  M'  R  Lawrence-Un.Uv.Rtp.P/oi .  .ab*d  Lusi  Aug  6 

av'd  Adri  Sep  2 .  .P«Si48sMad. .  126  E  34. 

Benson  If'  Robert 30  E  53; 

Bent  MLM"  Newell  (Margaret  Stevenson)     |  P^^^Ssi 

Bent  tf"  Sarah  C [Nhb.H/QSp  Bentwood  Farm^' 

&rs  tf "  Margaret  S |    Southboro  Mass 

Bentinck  MiM"  W  Geo  Cavendish  (Elizabeth  Livingston) 

4  Richmond  Ter  London 

Lawrence  L  I 

Bentley  MiM"  Ed  M  (Mary  H  Merrill)C.Rh. 



B^rard  M"  J  Chas  (Frances  A  Smith) 

P^^2o6-4  '* Homestead'^  New  Hartford  Ct 
Beresford  MiM"  John  Geo  (Emilie  E  Iselin)  Un.Mb.Ny.K. 
of  *'WoodhouseV*  Stradbally  Ireland.  .P**^S2  79'*Torcora*' 

New  Rochelle  N  Y 
Beresford  LadyWm(Marlborough-Hamersley-LillyW  Price) 


New  York  1900  45 

Berg  MiM"  Chas  I(Ada  Van  Beil)G.Ats.Kg.Pl.)  P^S2i4Gram 

Berg  M'  Hunter  V  B-Pu.Cl'og I34  Gramercy  Pk 

Berg  M"  H  A  (Peterson-Hilma  A  Lindholm)  Bd..  .1672  Bway 
Berg  if  Marguerite  (late  Victor  A) .  .  Married  at  Ockley  Eng 

Litchfield  M'  Bayard  Sands  (EdwH) Aug  1 2 

Bergen  M"  Tas  C  (Jeannie  A  McCue) 170  W  59 

Bergen  MiM   Tunis  G  (Caroline  McPhail)  Ha.Dp.Rut'68  Heid*72 

of  10 1  Willow  Brooklyn.  .Lakewood  N  J 

Bergh  MiM"  Edwin  (Marie  F  Dewsnap).  .  .P%38o-79.  .42  E  76 

Bergh  tf"  Emily  H  (late  Edwin) Died  Oct  10 

Bergh  MIM^W  Christian(Ella  S  Wilkens)P**^S5244Mad.  .126  E  36 

Bergner  M"  Chas  W  (Ella  Annear) 40  W  45 

Berman  M"  Pemberton  (Patty  Pemberton) 

Berman  M'  Pemberton-Y/03 226  W  78 

W  Rowland  Baylor 

Beroldingen  Ct  &  Ctss  Alex  (Margot  Stone) 

abroad .  .  see  M"  J  F  Stone 
Berry  MiM"  Arthur  (Mary  Jenkins  Seaman)  Mg.  |P^'^S3 631  Gram 
Berry  MiM"Carroll(EmeleneLSeaman)M.Mg.Cr84|     105  E  18 

P^^8j.  .Great  Neck  LI 

see      JLyomi  cites 

Berry  Mir  Jacob  (Isabelle  D  Wysham) 

*B«rry  tf"  Gladys  C [Dar. 

Berry  MiM"  John  K  (Elizabeth  JDavis)|P^^S574.  .Old  Church  Rd 

JK.M'  John  K  Tr [Uv.As.ClyY.'96|        Greenwich  Ct 

Berryman  M'  Chas  H  (Harriette  Whitney)  Cda. 

P^^5637Plaza.  .  507  Mad  Av 

Benyman  M'  Henry  W  (late  Chas  H) 

Died  at  Succasunna  N  J  Jly  9 

r»  ^        uryr.  o      M  T>     J-      //^      1-      f'm'y  ab'd  Phila  Jun  27 
Bertron  MiM   Sam  1  Readmg  (Carolme    - --    - 


Bertron  M*"EUzabeth.[As.R.Cly.Y.^85 

M'  ab'd  Jly  15  av^d  Onic 

Sep  16.  .P^^S4i28  Plaza 

Bertschmann  MiM"  J  (Emily  Becker)M.N.P^S823Col.  .306  W  73 

Bertschmann  MiM"  Louis  (Maude  M  Smith)M.N.    P^1!?S6234Riv 

M"  Blanche  S  Morton  (Blanche  B  Smith) . .  346 

JS.  M'  Bowditch  Morton  Jr West  End  Av 

Berwind  MiM"  Edward  J  (Herminie  Torrey)  Mt.Un.Uv.Rg. 

Ny.R.An.Php.Unb.Mtw.Cly.Cda.USN'69.  .2  E  64 
Berwind  M'  John  E-Un.Mt.Ny.R 102  E  39 


Social  Register 

Best  M"  Clermont  Livingston  (Mary  Tooker) \P''^^7SS~79 

Best  M"  A  Livingston  (Annie  L  Best) .J    64  E  77 

Best  MiM"  Leigh  (Helen  E  Sweet)  Mid.Na.PlK6301C0l.260  W  76 
Best  Mill"  WilUs  J  (Sally  Robinson)  N. 

Best  IP"  Dorothy  C 

Beste  MIM"  Henry  (Mary  H  Cutting). 

Beste  IP"  Mary  Cutting 

Beste  M'  Harry  Cutting 

Bethune  MiM"  Faneuil  D  S  (Florence  C  Jenner)  CI. '95 

P»^3452Chel..i7  W  10 

Bettens  M'  Edward  D-Uv.H.'73 130  W  87 

Bettini  Lt  &  M"  Gianni  (Daisy  Abbot) absent 

ab'd  Bait  Nov  26 
Credit  Lyonnais  Paris 
Summit  N  J 

10  E  16 

Bettle  MiM"Samuel(HelenBiddleGriscom)Un.Ny.  P*^1?S6564Gram 
Mid.Dt.R.Tf.PLRitp.Cly.etc.Hav'Ss      141  E  21 

1^«  W  Griscom see  Pft 

Betton  MiM"  Jas  Mauran  (EUza  F  Weld)  H/71. 

Betton  if"  Elinor  Weld 

M"  J  Gardner  Weld  (Anna  J  Spalding) 

Betts  M"  Fred'c  Hy  (Louise  Holbrook)  Cd JP'iKioQoPlaza 

Betts  M'  Louis  F  Holbrook-K.Uv.R.Rv.Tf.Y'gi.f  771  Mad  Av 

Betts  MiM"  Geo  W  Jr  (Mary  H  Hall)  Uv.P.'92 see  D2SS. 

Betts  MiM"  Hobart  D  (Josephine  Gould)  Uv.Eg.P.*93 

P*^683iCol..264  W  S7 
Betts  M'  Samuel  R-Un.Uv.C.PLRv.Cw.Ll.Wt.Pw.Y.'7S 

P^S2938Mad 102  Mad  Av 

Betts  MiM"  Wyllys  Rosseter  (Ada  Godfrey)  Uv.R.T.Y'98 

P*''»S3769Plaza.  .449  Park  Av 
Beylard  MiM"  E  Duplessis  (Julia  Poett  Howard)  K. 

** Wayside'*  San  Mateo  Cal.  .see  SK^ 

Bibb  M"  Wilson  Cary  (Cordelia  E  Marsh) 

Bibb  M'  Wm  Garrett-Mt.Mg.So.Mo.  .ab'd  K II  Jly  21 

Bibby  M'  Andrew  A-K.Dp.Cw.Snc.Cr8s.P^^2565Mad.42  E  28 

Bibby  M'  Wm  H ii86 

Bibby  tf "  Julia  L . .  M"  Wm  Fisher  (Justine  V  Bibby) . .     Lex  Av 
Bickerton  DiM"  Thos  W  (Eva  N  Garretson)  Na.Cr8i 

P«S46iRiv.  .656  W  End  Av 
Bickley  M'  Lawrence  Wharton-M.Rv.Na.Cw. 

Manhattan  Club . .  see  Pift 

10  W  43 

New  York  1909 


Bickmore  Mill"  Albert  H  (Myrtle  L  French)  Ul.Ct.Sn.Du.'ps 

P^^io6Col..3oo  W  71 
Bickmore  Prof  &  M"  Albert  S  (Charlotte  A  Bruce)  C.Dth'6o 

65  &  Central  Pk  W 
Bicknell  MiM"  Eug  P  (Edith  Babcock) 

P^SioQylFar  Rock.  .Woodmere  L  I 
Bicknell  M'  Evelyn  Montague-Ats.  .  .  .^^6120-38.  .55  W  33 
Bicknell  MiM"  Geo  A  (Sadie  Leoboldti)  Dt.Na.Cw.     P^VS338oCol 

Bicknell  JP"  Theresa  P  &  Jffi.  IP"  Fannie  C [Rv.    239  W  75 

BiddleM;M"EdR(HarrietWWilmerding)Ct.  M'  ab'd  Maj  Jun  24 
BiddlelP""HarrietL,Christine&Edna[Mc.Ch.       P«S3344Chel 

Biddle  M'  H  Wilmerding 14  W  11 

Biddle  MiM"  Nicholas  (Elizabeth  LeR  Emmet)  Pl.H.'oo 

P^'SSiscRoslynL  I 

Bidwell  M;M"  Fred'c  H  (Madeleine  Oakley)  Bg x    w    .. 

Bidwell  IP"  Norma 03  w  45 

Bierstadt  M"  Albert  (Stewart-Mary  E  Hicks) 

av*d  Adri  Sep. 30.  .724  Fifth  Av 
Bigelow  Mill"  Bushnell  (Sophie  L  Himely).I*«S46r.Nutley  N  J 
Bigelow  M"  Chas  D  (Eunice  A  Howe) 

care  Wm  C  Beecher  Englewood  N  J 
Bigelow  MiM"  Chas  E  (Dean-Isabella  Lyall)  Uv. 

JS.  IP"  Dorothy [Ha.Y'83 

M'  Lyall  Dean-Y'09 

Bigelow  MiM"  Edw  Payson  (Mary  F  Ashley). 

Bigelow  IP-"  Ruth  &  Harriet  A 

Bigelow  M'  Ashley 

Bigelow  MiM"  Ernest  A  (Helen  Talman)  Un.D't.    |P^«S936Plaza 

Jffi.  M'  Ernest  A  Jr [H.'9o|    120  E  56 

Bigelow  M' John-C.U'3S 

Bigelow  tf-  Grace-Cly.  .av*d  Sav  Aug  2.  .  . 
M"  Butler  K  Harding  (Annie  Bigelow). 

M^  Charlotte  K  Harding 

Bigelow  Maj  &  M"  John  Jr  (Mary  B  Dallam) 

Bigelow  IP"  Jane  P  &  M'  Braxton [USA'77|  BS..  .see  BS- 

Bigelow  MiM*^  Lewis  S  (Mary  F  Russell  )Uv.Cyb.Tvb.Cly. 

Y.'87.  .P«S4683Plaza.  .74  E  54 
Bigelow  M*  Poultney-Cy.'79 . .  av'd  Kp  Wm  Jly  7 . .  Maiden 

on  Hudson 

251  W  72 

103  Waverly  PI 

21  Gramercy  Pk 

44  Brimmer 


Social  Register 

13  E  38 

Bigelow  M"  Poultney  (Edith  E  Jaffray) 

Bigelow  tf"  Dorothy 

Bigelow  Mill"  Richard  (IrmaF  Himely) 

care  Hy  A  Himely  Far  Rockaway  L  I 
Bigelow  M"  Walter  Pierpont  (Julie  H  Georger)         , 

P*^«;279Mad.'io2  E  26 

Bigelow  M'  Wesley-Cal.Ar P^'»S6oso-38.  .Calumet  Club 

Biggs  DiM"  Geo  P(L  Florence  Browning). P^«S92iCol.  .133  W  71 
Biggs  DiM"  Hermann  M  (Frances  M  Richardson) 

Uv.Au.C.Cr'82.  .P^'i?S2S2Col.  .113  W  57 
Bigley  MiM"  Jos  H  (Alice  K  Suydam) 

P^^S634W. .  148  De  Hart  PI  Elizabeth  N  J 
Biglow  MiM"  L  Horatio  (Anna  G  Graham)  Ul  .       P^^98Riv 

Biglow  M'  Ray  Graham-Y'o8 340  WEndAv 

Billings  SliM"CQmeliusKG(Blanche  MacLeish)R.Mt.Na.S.Au. 

Ny.Rg.Tf.Dt.Cy.Ulch.etc.  .FtWash'n  Rd&  196.  .see(JS 
Billings  MiM"David  L(Mary  R  Page)Uv.Cc.Rv. 

JlSa  HP"  Charlotte  L [Cw.Y'91 

Billings  MiM"FranklinS(BessieHVail)Rv:H.*8s. 

Billings  M"  Frederick  (Julia  Parmly). 

Billings  M^"  EUzabeth-Cly 

Billings  M'  Frederick-Ul.Rg.Uv.Rp.As.Vt*9o.  . 

MiM"  John  French  (Billings) 

Billings  MaM"  H  Mortimer  (Stevens-Black)  CaLR.Gg. 

Calumet  Club 
Billings  Lt  Col  8^  M"  John  Shaw  (Katharine  Stevens) 

Billings  M^"  Margaret  J [USA.C.Cosw.Miami'57 

Billings  DiM"  John  S  Jr  (Katharine  F  Hammond)  Un.As. 

JHop'89.  .D'av'd  Luc  Aug  15.  .P^SnaHaza.  .32  E  53 

Billings  M'  Luther  G  Jr-Y.^98 P^'»S553oRe€tor. .  12  W  44 

Billings  MiM"  Oliver  C  (Elizabeth  B  Evans)  Uv.Mg.Y' 93 

P^^S25 . .  **Edgewood''  MorristownN  J 
Billings  M"  Oliver  P  C  (Charlotte  Lane).  .  .  .... .  P^^S2339Mad 

Billings  M'  Charles  M-R.Ny.Dt,Cw.Y*96 9  Park  Av 

Billings  MiM"  Richard  (May  Merrill)  Ul.Aht'97 


Louisville    Ky 
.Woodstock  Vt 

P^^S4i  29-38 
279  Mad  Av 


Bingham  MiM"  Geo  F  (Annie  P  Carter). 
Bineham  M'"-  Mary  C  $  Alice  G,  .  . 

.255  W  72 
Central  Pk  W 


New  York  1909 


Bingham  MiM"  Hiram  (Alfreda  Mitchell)  Uv.G.Y/gS.H.'os 

-  ^  I*'i*S334S . .  367  Prospect  New  Haven  Ct 

Bingham  MiM"  Theo  A  (Lucille  Rutherfurd)  Mtw.Y'76         49 

Bingham  M'  Rutherfurd [USA'79  W  44 

Bininger  MiM^"  Charles  L  (Anzonetta  B  Dash) 

P«S44wKgsbdge.  .Van  Cortlandt  Pk.  .see  DSdSI. 
Bininger  IP"  E  D . ,  ab'd  Adri  Jly  1 5 . .  av'd  Sep  30 

:  l*«S24-2 .  .  Wappinger  Falls  **OakWood*'  NewHamburgh  NY 
Binney  MiM"  Harold  (Gertrude  A  Miles)  Gc.Pl.Dp.Bg. 

Myf.Rv.Mtw.Mass'88.  .P«S302oGram. .  114  E  22 
Binney  MiM"  Horace  (Marie  Sorchan)  Ny.H^83  ^ 

83  rue  de  Chaillot  Paris 
BinningtonRev&M"  Alfred  A(LauraL  Wallen). .  GloucesterMass 
Binsse  MiM"  Hy  Bancel  (Th ^baud-Elizabeth  H  Scudder)      45 

J^»  M'  Leo  H  Th^baud [Uv,Mg.Rens'75  W  11 

Birisse  M"  Louis  B  (Delia  Carpenter) |      109 

Birisse  T"  Louis  E-Uv.Cl' 66  st  Chas  W |    E  i7 

Birckhead  Rev  Hugh-Cl/99.    .    .    .    .P«S3486Stuy.. .  209  E  16 

Birckhead  M"  Wm  H  (Sarah  G  King) 

Birckhead  M'  Philip- G^Bm [Morristown  N  J  P*^«S3364Gram 

Birckhead  F  James-Bm.Ty*94.  .at  12  Elm  133  E  21 

Birckhead  Rev  Malbonie  H-H.'  207  E  16.  . 
BirdBiM"  Arthurs  (K  R  Prall)  Bd.H/72 

P^^3^43oMad.  .173  Madison  Av 

BJrd  M'  Edw  Dimon-Ul.Rp.Au.Na.Wms'97 

Bird  M'  Singleton  Hinman-R.Rp.P.'o6 

Bird  M"  George  (Mary  W  Cannon) [Dp.Cr8o 


M'  Prescott  Metcalf 

Bird  MiM"  Harrison  Kerr  (Grace  Gillette)  XJv.Ul.N 

;    !       .    .  As.Pu.Cl.'96 . .  see  W  W  R"  Gillette 
BirdM'J  Warren-Uv.Mc.Kg.P'90. ..  •  .r'»S398oCol.  .105  W  54 
Bird  ff"  May  K-Tf.  .......... .P^«S57Roslyn. .  Westbury  L  I 

Bird  MiM"  Oliver  Wm(ClaraSBGautier)K. 


JS.  tf^.  Claire  &  Marie  L  &  M""  Oliver  W  Jr 

&  Diidley  G 

202  MadAv 


P*^^S7  "Greenhedge" 

Fulton  Av 

Hempstead  L  I 

Birkbeck  Col  &  M"  Wm  H  (Meyers-Mabel  Shaw).  ...  .London 


Social  Register 

Bimey  M"  Wm  G  (Churchill-Josephine  Yoiang). 
M*  Richard  Churchill 


ab'd  PzAlice  Jlyie^aVd 
l*«S23r. /'The  Manse" 
Rye  NY 

Bimie  Rev  &  M"  Douglas  P  (Lucia 
Lasell  Meigs)  Ap.Y/78 

JlS.  IP"  Martha  N 

Bimie  M'  Rogers-C Governor's  Island 

Bisbee  MiM"  Eldon  (Blanche  S  Roberts)  Uv.Mt.      IP«47i6Riv 

JalP-LoiseR [H.'87|  203  W  79 

Bischoff  Mill"  Chas  E  (Alice  E  Colby)  Dv.  .......  .see  D2S2. 

180  W  59 

Bischoff  Justice  &  H"  Hy(Elizabeth  Masters)M.Lt 

IP"  Betty  Collamore. 
Bishop  MIM"  Cortlandt  Field  (Amy  Bend)  K.Mt.T.Ct.Cw. 

Snc.Au.G.Cr9i..P*«S4S93Plaza..  .IS  E  67 
Bishop  H'  David  Wolfe-Mt.R.Au.Cy.Un.Mb.Ny.  .  .341  Mad  Av 
Bishop  MiM"  Francis  C  (Gertrude  Pell)  K.R.Un.Ny.B.Mb. 

Cly.H.'94..77  E  55 
Bishop  lliM"  Heber  Reginald(Amory-Mabel  W  Sard)  B.K.R. 
G.Mid.Ny.Tf.Cly.H.'9i .  .I*«SiS3.."Southerleigh" 

Chappaqua  N  Y 
Bishop  Gen  &  M"  Hy  A  (Jessie  A  Trubee)Un.Ny.J      P'%274 

Rv.Cw.Ar.Y.'84  179  Wash  Av 

Bishop  IP"  MargueriteAft JIS.IP"  Henrietta |  Bridgep't  Ct 

Bishop  Dilf  ■  James  (Margaret  McG  Donald)  Dp.P.'9i .  CI95 

121  Madison  Av 
Bishop  MiM"  James  C  (Abigail  A  Hancock)  Un.Rg.  ...  I  «  .  ^ 
JSSs  ff"-  Marv  C  &  Augusta  H.  .[R.Kg.B.Dt.Tf.As.H.'9i|"  ^  ^S 
Bishop  Mill'  James  L  (Martha  M  Maitland)  Ul.       m^  q     \r  a 

BishoJ  tf"  Mary  C [Ad.Aht'65  '^Tl?  P^. 

BishopM~MaitlandI^Ad.Aht'oi&Merrill-Aht'o4. .      ^S^  i^  37 
Bishop  MiM"  Jos  B  (Harriet  Hartwell)  Uv.Mtw.  P«:i24oNorth 

Bishop  tf"  Alice [Br'70  The  Highlands 

JSSs  M'  Famham.  .at  Harvard Wtt 

Bishop  DiM"  Louis  Faugferes  (Charlotte  D  Gruner) 
Bishop  M'  Bennett- -Au.Dp.Rv.Rut'85Cl.*89  ab'd 
Adri  Jun  17 .  .av'd  Onic  Sep  16 

Bishop  tf"  Mary  C.  .ab'd  Cecil  Jun  9 I    9 

Bishop  M'  Ogden  Mills-R.B.K.Tf.Dp.Cl.'o3.  ^  .  .....  ....  |E  84 

I*^2  2Plaza 

Bishop  MiM"  Nathaniel  W(Annie  L  Warner)  Mt. 
JSS.  M~  Alfred  &  Warner [Au.Ny.Ul.Y.'9o 

P*Wi  200 
Bridgeport   Ct 

New  York  1909  51 

Bishop  MiM"  Wm  D  (Susan  A  Washbume)  Uv.Au.Ht.Y'8o 

P^^2  74.  .179  Wash  Av  Bridgeport  Ct 
"  ~  P*'»S3456Chel 


Bispham  MiM"  Wm  (Laura  Wistar)  C.G.Ch.Pl 

IP"  Katharine  B  Wood 

M"  H  M  Dewees  (Margaret  Bispham) 

Bissell  W  Arthur  F ph««.       p* 

Bissau  M"  Sanford  (Florence  Wolcott  Bissell)  1^%    T^ 

Bissell  JP"  Doris  W [Cd.Ht.  ^9  ^  So 

Bissell  DiM"  Jos  B  (Josephine  Hauck)  Uv.Y  '79. IP^^igiSPlaza 

JSk  M*-  Eugenie  H  &  M'  Kari  H |     46  W  55 

Bissell  Rev&iT'  Pelham  St  G  (Helen  Alsop  French)  The  Rectory 

JfeslTP  St  G  Jr [CrSi  Freeport  L  I 

Bissell  M' Rensselaer  H-R.M.Lc.Mdbl..P«S5344-38..  45  W  35 
Bissell  MiM"  Rich'd  M  (Marie  M  Truesdale)  Uv.Onch.Uvch. 

Y:'83  . .  P*"^! 984 .  .  3  s  I  Farmington  Av  Hartford  Ct 
Bisset  Mill"  Thos  B  (Frances  M  L  Thomas)  Un.Mc. 
^  P'*«Ss9oPlaza..3i  E  49 

Bitter  KM"  Kari  (Marie  A  Schevill)  C.Pl.Dv.Cly. 

P'«Si383Un .  .  Weehawken  N  J . .  Jan  i . .  44  W  77 
Bjorksten  MiM"  Theodor  (Martha  Strickland)  Cda.  .  see  D^*S2. 
Black  MiM"  Elmer  E  (Madeleine  Powell)  Wnch.av'd  Luc  Oct  3 

P«565i4-79.  .48  E  78 
Black  M'  Harry  S-Mt.M.Au.Cy.Mid.Tf Xc.Na.Chch. 

ab'd  Kp  Wm  Jun  i6..av'd  Cecil  Aug  25 

PIJ041 41  Plaza.  .667  Madison  Av 
Black  MIM"  Hy  Van  D  Qennie  M  Prince)  Ul.   |         P^^2  2 

As.N'86l  "Bide-A-Wee*' 

JiS.  IP"^  Dorothy  &  Katharine |Irvington   N   Y 

Black  M' James  Drake-Uv.P.'93 see  D'  P  BaUey 

Black  MiM"  John  A  (Aurie  Dell  Walker)  Ul.Mt.M.As.Cy.Au. 

P^«S402oCol..i  W73 
Black  M'  John  V-Uv.Ul:Au.Ny.Na.As.Lc/75 

P^«536soBeek..47  W43 
Black  M"  Rob'tjc  (Mary  G  Witherbee)  av*d  Maur  Oct  16 

aVdAdriAugi2.  P^«Si4 

BlackMTlClifford-Ad.Au.Ul.Kg.Na.Wms'oo  PelhamManor  NY 

Black  rWmH-Mt.So .P«J395Mad  . .  18  E  32 

Black  MiM"  Witherbee  (Marion  C  Clausen)  Ul.Au.Na.P'oi 

av'd  Lusi  Jly  30.^*542 . .  Pelham  Manor  N  Y 


Social  Register 

Blackintoft  If"-  S  E  Jk  M  Agnes . .  ab'd  St  P  Aug  8 .  .ab'd 

see  H  G  B  Fisher 
Blackwell  MiM"  Francis  O  (Anita  Searles)  Uv.Eg.P/87 

P^^24l..Englewood  N  J 

32  W7S 

18  E  36 

Blackwell  MiM"  Frank  E  (Alice  Bimey)  Ul.Dt.Bd. 

Blackwell  M*"  Jennet  D [Hob^67 

Blackwell  M'  Birney-Sn.Rv.Hob'95 

Blackwell  Mill"  Frank  E  Jr  (Rose  Crowley) 

* 'Arrowhead  Farm"  Huntington  L  I 
Blackwell  M'  Robert  W-Uv.P'79.Cr8i .  .av*d  Lusi  Aug  20 

I  W  54.  .absent 

Blackwell  Jf"  Ruthella  R-Ht P*^«5s9oPlaza.  .31  E  49 

Blackwell  MiM"  Wm  Bayard  (Beatrice  V  Bogert) 

Un.Uv.Mg.Mo.Ht.P/91.  .P^«56oo.  /'Ravenswood" 

New  Vernon  Rd  Morristown  N  J 
Blacque  MiM"  Valentine  A  (Kate  Read)Un.K.Uv.Dp.Cly.Cl'7i. 

3 1  Rue  Pierre  Charron  Paris 
Blagden  MiM" Arthur  C(Lydia  M  Jones)  R.H '06. Hyde  Park  Mass 

Blagden  M"  George  (Frances  M  Dexter) 

Blagden  M'  Geo-Un.C.Sn.Snc.Uv.Gg.H.'9o.  ...... 

Blagden  M'  Dexter-Un.B.Uv.H.'93 

Blagden  M'  Linzee-Uv.Snc.H.'96 

Blagden  M"  Samuei  p  (Julia  G  Clark) 

Blagden  Jf"  Margaret  W 

Blagden  M'  Wendell  P-R.H*o4 . .  at  44  rue 

Bellechasse  Paris,  .av'd  Maur  Jun  18 

Blagden  M'  Crawford-R.H.*o2 

Blagden  M'  F  Meredith.  . .  at  Dunster  Hall  Camb' 
Blagden  M'  Samuel  P-K.R.Wins^96 

P^^S69.  ."Hillside  Farm''  Williamstown  Mass 
Blagden  M"  Thomas  (Sarah  Sampson) 

Blagden  M'"  Miriam  P 

Blagden  M'  Thos-H.'o4 

Blagden  M'  Edw  S-at  H'o8 

Blaine  M'  James  G 46  W  34 

Blaine  M'  Tames  G  Jr see  M"  W  T  Bull 

Blair  MiMX  Ledyard (Florence  O  Jennings)Mt. 
•-  "*--»  Marjory  &  Florence [P-'9o 

16  E   10 

113  E  64 

Hotel  St  Regis 

New  York  1909 


Blair  Hir  Chas  H  (EmmaPComell)ULRp.Pu. 

Blair  M' John  H-Cr.'oi [Cr.'72 

Blair  MiM"  Chas  H  Jr  (Margaret  E  Bell)  Ul.Na.Cr/98 

P^'ffSSsQTompkinsville.  .'*  Olive  Crest"  GrymesHillS  I 

Blair  MiM"Dewitt  Clinton  (Mary  A  Kimball)  P/56       ""  ^^'^ 
Blair  H' John  Insley-R.Rh.Cy.Uv.B.Ky.Tf.Mb, 
Mid.Gg.Wp.Au.P.'98-at  Saranac  Lake  N  Y 

Blair  MilT '  Ezra  C  (Lilian  J  Mihie)Cr/96..P*^S38o6Stuy..207  E  15 
Blair  M;il"Janies  A  (Isab^Ue  B  Myers)  Mt.Cly.  . 
Blair  IT  James  A  Jrr-R.S.Ny.Lc.Mid.Mg.Au.Mt. 

Tf.Rg.Rh.P.'o3.  .ab'd  A  Vic  Aug  20.  .av'd 

Lusi  Oct  8 
Blair  MiM"  John  (Ida  C  Reid)  PI.  .  .P^1?Si6i8-79 
Blair  MiM"  Walter  Dabney  (Ethel  A  Gould)  Va'96 

I*«S404. .  **The  House  in  the  Woods''  Tarrytowji  N  Y 
Blair  MiM"  Watson  F  (AUce  R  Keep)  Un.Mt.B.Ny.Pl 

JS^  IT"  Watson  K  &  Walcott [ab'd  Kp  Wm  Oct  6 

Blake  Mill"  Alex  V  (KatarinalE  Suse)  Sn.As.  . . 

IP"  Marion  True .^  . . . ; 

Blake  MiM"  Arthur  M  (Edna  Meeks)  R.Pl.Ox'90 
Blake  MiM"  Clarence  M  (Ruth  Trimble)  Snc. 

117  Joralemon  Brooklyn  N  Y 
Blake  IP"*  Elizabeth  &  Margaret.  .  .see  M"  F  H  Weeks  102  E  31 
Blake  DiM"  Jos  A  (Catharine  Ketchum)Uv.Mt.Rg. 

JS5.  M'  Joseph  A  Jr *. [Y.'Ss 

Blake  M'  Francis  Hayes-Uv.Y'82 

Blake  iP".Kate  W 

Blake  M'  Henry-Ul.Na 

Blakeman  M"  Birdseye  (AnnaM  Tomlinson) .  ,9  E  44 

Blakiston  MiM"  Kenneth  M-Sa St  Anthony  Club 

Blanc  MiM"Edw  H(MarthaElliottKing).l*«S2744plaza.  .55  E  65 

Howard  Av 
Grymes  Hill  S  I 

Cecil  Jun  30 
6  E  61 

9  W  50 

.61   E  86 


126  E  34 
.230  W  59 

601  Mad  Av 


Blanchard  Justice  &  M"  Jas  A  (Sallie  Medbery) 

Ul.Dar.Rp.  .'71 
Blanchard  MiM"  Medbery  (Mabel  A  Marks) Ul.H'05 
Blandy  MiM"  Graham  F  (Georgette  H  Borland)  Ul.'Ss.Rv. 

ab'd  Dtld  Aug  27.  .^^54463-38:  .26  E  38 
Blaney  M'  Chas  P-Ct.Rp.As.Ul.H.'9o.  .P^«S647Bry.  .44  W  44 

II  E  92 

>1     : 


Social  Register 

Blashfield  MiM"  Edwin  H  (Evangeline  Wilbur)  C.Ats.Cly. 

ab*d  Cecil  Aug  4. . 48  W  59 
Blatchford  M"  Saml  Appleton  (Wilhelmina  B        II*«;49S7Col 
IP"  Helen  de  P  Conger.[Conger)  av'd  Fin  Oct  6|  165  W  58 

Blatchford  M"Sam'l  M (Swan-Henrietta  A  Tilden) 
MIM"  Hy  T  Swan  (Paine) [Myf.Cd. 

37  Riverside 

Blatchford  ff"  Sophia  E  (late  Rich'd  M).  .Died  at  Newport  Oct 
Bleecker  M*M"  Theophylact  Bache  (Caroline  L  Moore) 
Bleecker    IT    Chas    M-Rc.Cl/90&TBache-S.[Hl.Bm 

II  W81 

Elmhurst  Av  Elmhurst  L  I 

"Brae  Bum" 
Whippany  N  J 

Bleecker  MiM"  Wm  Hill  (Emma 
Jr»  IT"  Wm  H  Jr  &J  B.[White  Fish) 

Blenner  M'  Carle  J-Pl.Zp.Y'92.  .  . " P«;62oPlaza.  .58  W  57 

Bleything  D'  Geo  Dacre-Cr7i 

M"  J  Robert  Halsted  (Juliana  L  Bleything) 

Lt  St  M"  RalphPCraft(Brownell-Bleything) 

Lt  on  USS  "Idaho" 

Blight  M'  Atherton-Php.H'54 884  Park  Av 

Bliss  MiM"  ComeUus  N  (Plumer)  Mt.Ul.C.Ats.Rp.Au.  I      ^     ^ 

Bliss  If"  Lizzie  P [Jkl.Lt.Mtw,f  9  ^  ^7 

Bliss  MiM"  ComeHus  N  ]i  ^sXdJbe  C  Cobb)  Uv.Rp.Mc.Ul.T. 

*•       ••TH[/97.  .P^«;3S68Mad.  .14  E  36 
Bliss  M'  Ernest  C-Un.Dt.Cy.S.Ny.R.Bg. 

P^^i63Gram . . 30  Fifth  Av 
Bliss  M"  George  (Anais  Casey) 

Bliss  !P"  Ruth  A 

Bliss  M"  George  (Augusta  H). 

Bliss  tf"  Catherine  A-Cly. 

Bliss  M"  Geo  T  (Jeannette  A  Dwight)  Cly.  . 

Bliss  IP"  Susan  D-Cly 

Bliss  !f"  Ida  E PIK5823-38.  .301  Madison  Av 

BUss  MiM"  Robert  W  (Mildred  Barnes)  H.'oo 

Sec  American  Legation .  .  Brussels 
Bliss  MiM"  Walter  Phelps  (Katharine  Baldwin)  Un.Rg.R.Wp. 
Cly. Y'92 . .  P'Toso.  .Bemardsville  N  J.  Jan  i . .  73  Park  Av 

Bliss  MiM"  Wm-Mtw see  D^^X 

Bliss  M"  Wm  (Anna  Dallett) P»«J42W 

Bliss  IP"  Anita Short  Hills  N  J 

Bliss  MiM"WmH(Bames-AnnaBlaksley)Ul.Pl.     p»^  6i6Plaz 
Mt.G.Au.Sbb.Mtw.Dar.Cly,       *^  - 
'*"  Kora  F  Barnes 

2132  Bancroft  PlWBfc 

387  Fifth  Av 

ab'd  Adri  Jly  15 
9  E  68 

6  E  65 

New  York  1909 


Bliss  M"  Wm  Metcalf  (Lucie  A  Baker).  .P^HSsyooPlaza 

Hotel  Netherland.  .Jan  i  Morgan  Harjes  9t  Co  Paris 

Blodgett  M"  Daniel  C  (Emma  Stanbury) I        166 

M"  Jos  A  Gillet  (Blodgett) |Madison  Av 

Blodgett  tP-  Eleanor-Cly P«S869Plaza.  .46  E  65 

226  W  59 

Blodgett  MiM"  Tilden  (Grace  Pedley)  Ul.Ny..  .'73. 

Blodgett  IP"  Grace  L  T 

Blodgett  MiM"  Wm  T  (Hannah  E  L  Whitney)  Uv.Dt.Cly 

H.'8o.  .I*«55.  ."Brooklands"  Fishkill  N  Y 
Blood  KM"  Sam'l  S  (Kathryn  A  Utley)Ul.N.Na. 

Blood  MiM"  Sylvester  L  (Elizabeth  M  Squires)  Ny.Ha.Lt. 

P'»S3866Main.  .273  Henry  Brooklyn 
Bloodgood  Mill"  Ed  F  (Elisabeth  Talgmann).  .Los  Angeles  Cal 
Bloodgood  Mill"  Hildreth  K  (Juha  C  Casey) Un.Wk. 
Bloodgood  IP-  Gladys  A.  .  .[Mt.Au.Rg.R.Hl.Cly. 

J&  IP"  Vera  G 

Bloodgood  M"  John  (Emily  F  Lottimer) see 

Bloodgood  M'  Harry  L-Sa.R.Y'93 DSllS. 

Bloodgood  M*  John  H |P«S438Col 

tf"  Martha  Meeker. ---^ _. . . I  iS5  W  58 

E  60 

Union  Club 

see  \joBdmn 


Bloodgood  MiM"  Rob'tFanshawe(EloisePirsson)C 
JS.  IP-  Eloise  P  &  M'  John  Van  S.[Na.Rv.Ats.Cd 
Bloodgood  MiM"  Wilber  A  (Rosalie  Gunther)Sn.|P^«:  1007  Mad 

JlS.  IP"  Rosalie  G [Ul.Cy.Snc.Bg.|     49  E  34 

Bloodgood  MiM"  Wm  (Mary  E  Van  Boskerck)  Bg.  ^^54584-79 

Bloodgood  IP-  Helen  A 58  E  78 

Bloodgood  MiM"  Wm  D(Grace  W  Powers)Ap.|P'«Sii48  FarRock 

]!?»  M*  Elwyn  L [Ay.An.|  Woodmere  L  I 

BloorM' Alfred  J-C see  E  F  Darrell  38  E  57 

Btoss  M*  Tames  0-Mt.UI.  ....  .I*«S3S9S-79.  .912  Fifth  Av 

Blossom  MiM"  Benj  (Meyer-Minnie  P  Cole)Ul.Ny. 
Blossom  M"  Chas  W  (Mary  W  Cooke).  .[N.Rg.Ar. 

Hotel  Savoy 

Blydenburgh  M'  Benj  B-Uv.P'8i University  Club 

Blydenburgh  M"  Jesse  S  (Josephine  M  Vail) . 

Blydenburgh  tf""  Helen  it  Anna 

Blydenburgh  M'  Vail-Sn. 


Blyth  MiM"  Chas  Allen  (Anna  B  Davis)Rc.Dt.  .see  M"  J  M  Davis 


Social  Register 

Boardman  MiM"  Albert  B  (Gertrude  Bonner)  Ul. 
BoardmanM'  Philip  W-Y/07. .  [Uv.Dt.Gg.Y^74 

MiM"  Jas  H  McLean  (Boardman) 

Boardman  If""  Amy  W,  Annette  B  k  Clemeftce 

P*»Si499Bry.  .72  W  4g 
Boafdman  il"  Lansdaie  (Levantia  White  Cox)Cd» 
Boardmati  ff'**  Rosina  Cox-Bm.ft  Claritida  8. . . 

Boardman  M'  Kerlneth-S. Y ;  *a6 

Boardmati  M"  Sewall  (Madge  Niles) 18  E  74 

Boafdmaft  MLM"  Wm  H  (Henrietta  F  Hall)  C.As.  | 

Boardman  tf"  Clara  T. [Mich'68  ^^$4824 Mad 

Boardman  IT"  Francis-Rp.Y.'97  &  Dixon-Y'02. .      40  E  25 

Boardman  M'  Bradford-Y.  '05 ;.;..;;.] 

Boardman  Rev  &  M"  Wm  S  (Blanche  B  tiammill) 

Af.Cr«5^  ;BroWn  Bhipley  k  Cb  Lohdbfi 

40  Ws3 


4  W48 

M'  av*d  Aka  Sep  ^23 

128  W  74 

Boas  MiM"  Emil  L  (Hamet  B  Bternfeld)Ny. 

Na.Lt.Dv,-ab*d  Dtld  Jly  23 
Boa§  it*  Herbert  AUan-Na.  .at  Princeton.. 
Bbdman  MiM"  Ed  C  (Ida  M  Berdan)  Ul.Mt.Bd.  .|I*^3535Plaza 
Bodman  IT"  Herbert  L-Y/05  &  Geo  M-Y.'os.  ..  |  835  Mad  Av 

Bodstein  tf"  Emily  P P*»^S256oMad.  .  103  E29 

Bogart  MiM"  John  (Emma  C  Jefferis)  C.Snc.Uv.Eg.Dt.Dp. 

Hl.Rut'53.  .P^1?5557oPlaza.  .30  W  59 

Bogert  M*  Beverley-R. P^Ss395Mad.  .3  W  30 

Bogert  M'  Ed  Clark-Cr46 -p  ^^ 

Bogert  M*"  Anna  M 112  1^  39 

Bogert  M;M"  Eug  Thurston  (Anna  K)  M..P^^S202sStuy.iooE  17 

Bogert  MiM"  Geo  H  (Margaret  Merryman)  Lt see  D^iX 

Bogert  MiM"  Hy  L  (Caroline  L  Osgood) HI. Ct.Snc.      P^Si7o 

Bogert  tf"  Mary  L [Pu.Cr78  87  Maple  Av 

Bogert  M'  Henry  L  Jr-Dp.Cl.'o4  &  J^»  M'  Edw  O .  .  .  Flushing  L I 

Bogert  MiM"  Stephen  G  (Caroline  Jessup)  HI xu  ^t 

Bogert  tf—  Isabel  &  Anna 39  w  75 

Bdgert  MiM"  Theo  L  (Paulding-Susan  E  Reid)Un,Ny.Hl.Snc. 

Rh.Sn.Dp.Cl.'97.  .181  Bowne  Av  Flushing  L  I 
Bogert  M'  Walter  Lawrence-Ats.Dp.Cr88 

P*''»S543oPlaza.  .644  Mad  Av 

Boggs  MiM"J  Lawrence  (Christina  M  Newton) 

JS^  tf""  Cornelia  P  &  Christina  N 

Boggs  M"  J  Lawrence  (Comelia  B  Paterson) 



Perth  Amboy  N  J 

Hew  York  1009  ^7 

Boggs  Pay  Dir  &  M"  Lawrence  G  (Anne  G  Dodge)  USN.Un. 

Ny.Mtw. .  .ab'd  Lusi  Jly  15.. J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 
Boissevain  Mill"  Dan'l  G  (Thekla  E  Schiller)  Un.Rh.Mid. 

P«;ii3Riv..323  W  78 
Boissevain  MiM"  G  Louis  (Arabella  H  Magee)  B.K.Mt.Au.Ny. 
Mid.R.Tf.Cly..M'  ab*d  Cecil  Jly  7  av'd  A  Vic  Sep  10. .  M"av'd 
PhilaSep  i9..P'*«S2  **Mooiland''  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 

Boissevain  M'  Henri  F Married  at  Trinity 

Wilson  tf"  Caroline  R  (late  Wm  L) Oct  3 

Boissevain  MiM"  Henri  F  (Caroline  R  Wilson) see  Dil 



Boker  M'  Herman  D 

Ja  IP"  Rita  ft  M'  Cad  F  Jr, 

Boiler  MiM"AlfredP(KatherineNewbold)C.Pa'58 

Boiler  W  Alfred  P  Ji-Eg 

MiM"  Jos  M  Stanford  (Mary  N  Boiler) 

ab*d  Cecil  Sep  29 

Dec  i5P'*«S56i2Riv 

23  W  76 


35  Prospect 

E  Orange  N  J 

Boiler  MiM"  Richard  E  (Alice  E  Bliss) 

P«S597r.  .  II  Prospect  Ter  E  Orange  N  J 
Boiling  MiM"  Raynal  C  (Anna  T  Phillips)  H/00 

P^^S2646-79..38  E  74 
Bolton  M'  Ernest  (Edw) Married  at  Johnstown  N*  Y 

de  Peyster  M"  Beekman  (Ross-Anna  G  Campbell).. Sep  21 
Bolton  MiM"  Ernest  (de  Peyster-Ross-Anna  G  Campbell) 

2345  Broadway 

Boltwood  M'  Edward-Uv.Y'92 University  Club 

Bonbright  MiM"  Wm  P  (Jane  Nelson  Long)  |av'd  Adri 
Bonbright  tf"  Elisabeth  S. .  .[Mt.Mid.Ulp.|    Jun  10     175  W58 

Bonbright  M'  Howard. . ! 

Bond  MiM"  A  Huidekoper  (Louise  van  B  Davis)  IP'SS462iPlaza 

Jr»  M*"  Mary  L .[Cal.R.Mt.j       21  E  60 

Bond  M'  Frank  Stuart-Un.Ul.C.Mt.Jkl.Ll. 

of  1*^277.  .471  Pequot  Av  New  London  Ct.  .Union  Club 

Bond  M'  Henry  R-Uv.Y*53 \j,  •        ..     ^^  , 

Bond  M'  Henr^  R  Jr-Uv.R.Y.'96 |  University  Club 

Bond  M"  Wm  E  (Anna  B  Marsh) . 
Bond  tf—  Violet  H  &  Edith  M. . . 
Bond  tf"  Annie  W.  .at  42  E  11. . . 

Baring  Bros  London 


Social  Sogister 

Bonner  MiM"  David  (Marie  A  Clark). 

Bonner  M'-  Edith 

J^  M' David  Jr-P'09 

** Nutmeg  Cottage" 

Stamford  Ct 

see  DSL'S. 

Bonner  M'  Douglas  E  (Edw  H) Married  at  Iselin  N  J 

McMahan  IP"  Florence  L in  Sep 

Bonner  MiM"  Douglas  E(FlorenceLMcMahan)P/o2..  12  FifthAv 

Bonner  M' Edw  H-Rc -     ^^^'34l 

Bonner  IP"  Beatrice 

Bonner  M'  Gerald  E 


Bard  Av 
W  N  Brighton  S  I 
Bonner  MiM"  Fred*c  (Marie  L  CUfford)  Uv.Lt.P'78 

P«;4283Stuy.  .37  Fifth  Av 
Bonner  W"  G  SeweU  (Agnes  M  B  Foord) . .  187  W  79..see  DJSlX 

Bonner  Mill"  George  T  (Isabel  SeweU) Un.Rc.Rg 18  E  75 

Bonner  MiM"  Griffith  (Edwards-Helen  O  Williams)..  .Bath  Pa 
Bonner  Mill"  Paul  Russell  (Alexandre-NathaUe    I       Pl?S67 

tf"  L^onie  Alexandre [Edsall)  Cly.P.^Qil  "Nirvana'' 

MiM"  Jerome  Alexandre  (Oakley) [Stamford  Ct 

Bonner  MiM"  Reginald  E  (Effie  Caesar)  P. '94 

P«S222J . . Davis  Av  W  N  Brighton  S  I 

Bonner  MiM"Rob'tE(KateHGriffith)Uv.Lt.Kg.  P'**^_4?7Plaza 
l^m  IP"  Kate  d'A&M*"  Hampton  &  Kenneth..[P.'76 

Bonney  M'  Geo  B-Uv.Ch.Y'6i 

Bonney  M*""  Anna  &  Madeleine 

Bonney  M'  Holbrook-Aht*o8 

Bonsai  MiM"  Stephen  (Henrietta  F  Morris)  C.K.Mtw. 

"Whitefields"  Bedford  N  Y 
Bonsai  MiM"  W  Roscoe  (Mary  M  Potter)  Blbl.P.'89.seeM"CPotter 
Boocock  MiM"  Murray  (A  Miriam  Dike)  Zp.Y'94 

P«S6637Charlottesville.  /Xastalia"  Keswick  Va 

Boocock  M'  Samuel  W-Ha.T.Rh 

Boocock  MiM"  Howard-Uv.R.Y/oc.ab'dGrosse 

Boocock  M'"  MolHe Qly  28 

Bookstaver  M"HyW(MaryBaileyYoung)P«S3i6iPlaza..24  E  64 

Booraem  M"  h  toIct  (Antoinette  R  Van  Vorst) 16  Fulton 

Booraem  IP"*"  Antoinette  V  V  &  Alice  T Newark 

Booraem  M*"  H  Toler  &  Rolfe  R N  J 

33  M2 


Mad  Av 

120  W  122 

87  Joralemon 

New  York  1909  59 

Booraem  MiM"  J  Francis  (Alice  A  Robert)  Pu.Ar.Cr'91 

P*1Ki33J.  .251  Shore  Rd  Greenwich  Ct 
Booraem  MiM"  John  van  V(EUzabeth  Wreaks)  P'^'SSalProspect 
Booraem  M'  Alfred  W-Pu.Cl/97 [HI. 

204  Lincoln  PI 
Fells  Croft" 
Essex  Fells  N  J 

Booraem  MiM"  Louis  V  (Abigail  H  Van  Nos- 

trand)  Hl.P'73 

Booraem  tf"  Cornelia  V  V 

Booraem  M'  Rob't  Elmer-Un.Rv.Cw.Snc.Cr78 

Pl»J368oMad..i9  W31 

Booth  M"  Edgar  Hetfield  (Mary  E  Coppell) 55  W  48 

Booth  Rev  &  M"  Fisher  H  (Amot-EUzabethB  Thome)  Wms'93 

PiyS3 1 6lEng.  .Tenafly  N  J 
Booth  M"  Rob't  Russell  (Emma  L  Lathrop)  I      P'«S2855Col 
JSS.  If"  Emma  L  B  Hoffman I277  West  End  Av 

Englewood  N  J 

Booth  M'  Wm  T-Mc.C.Wms'50. 

MiM"  Malcolm  Campbell  (Booth) . 
Boothby  MiM"  John  Wm  (Lilla  McDougall)  Ch.Cr.'73 

Buckingham  Hotel 
Borcherling  MiM"  Fred'k  A  (Frances  H  Gimimere)  P.'93 

19  James  Newark  N  J 
Borden  MiM"  Alfred  (Mary  E  TuthiU)  Uv.H.'96 

PTKI38** Hillside"  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Borden  MiM"  Bertram  H  (Mary  L  Owen)  Ul.Au.Mc. 

P«Si68Plaza..27  W  56 
Borden  MiM"  Gerald  M  (Lucille  Papin)  U1.Y.'93 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris.  .Jan  i.  .35  E  51 
Borden  MiM"  Howard  S  (Edith  C  Curtis)  Pl.Mc.Dke.Y.'98 

P«S36i3Col..28  W  73 
Borden  MiM"  Jos  C  (Ruth  W  Steele)  Ct..I*«S281.  .S  Orange  N  J 
Borden  M'  Matthew  C  D-Ul.Uv.Dt.Mc.Rg.S.Ss.Pl.Mt.Rp.Ny. 

Na.Ay.Lc.Jkl.Lt.Y.'64.  .25  W  56 
Boreham  M"  Walter  L(MaryOADabney)see  J  W  Alsop  Avon  Ct 
Borglum  M'  Gutzon~PlCt.Fn.Mtw.. .  .I*1?J4567~38. .  166  E  1% 

Borie  M'  John  J-Pl.Pa'90 see  V  Beigel 

T3     •    ur.  /o  T»  TT  1      \         av'd  Sav  Aug  2.  .1*^112 

Bone  M    John  j  (Susan  PHalsey) p^^  r^^^  Willow  Lane 

Bone  M  Adolphe  E-Pl.Eg.Mtw Woodmere  L  I . .  see  PS 

Boring  MiM"  Wm  A  (Florence  Kimball)  C.C1.'88 

Morgan  Harjes  Jb  Co  Paris  M*  at  Century  Club 


Social  Register 

ii6  E  37 
av*d  Adri  Jly  8 
"The  Lea" 
New  Hamburgh  N  Y 

652  Mad  Av 


Borrowe  M'M" 

Borland  Mi  M"J  Nelson  (Alice  Haven)  Un.T.Na. 

Borland  If"~  Alice  &  Madeline 

Borland  M"  John  (Constance  E  Rives) .... 

Borland  lP-~  Maud  Rives-Cly.  &  Ella 

Borland  M'  John-USN.  .at  Naval  Acad- 
emy Annapolis  Md 
Borland  MiM"  Wm  Gibson  (Lucy  Sturgis  Codman)  Un.Uv. 

Smb.H.'86,  .P'«S2639Mad. .  142  E  36 

Borman  M'  Adolph  H-Ul 9  E  39 

Born  DiM"  Rudolph  O  Qosephine  Houghtaling) 

M^  Josephine  Houghtaling [N.Dv.Cr77 

JJS.  M'  Harold  Houghtaling 

Borne  M'M"  John  E  (Nellie  M  Lawrence)  Un.Mt.T.i 

Gg.Ha.  .P*^«S4956Plaza .  .  540  Park  Av 
Hallett  Alsop  (Anna  W  Corbin)  Cy.Dp.Na.Cly. 
Cr86.  .P^S864Plaza.  .751  Fifth  Av 
Borrowe  M"  Samuel  (Euphemia  Campbell)  Cda.  I  r^S34ooMad 

Borrowe  IP**  Effie  Beekman-Cda.  ..." \      17  W  32 

Borup  Lt  Col  Henry  D— Uv.Cvcw.USA*76 . 

Borup  M'  Geo-Y.*o7 .  .absent 


Bossange  M'  E  Ra5anond-Uv.Cr93 Asheville  N  C 

Bostwick  MiM"  Albert  C  (Marie  L  Stokes)  Mt.Ul.Ny.Ay.Lc. 

Dt.Rg.Au.Cy.Ap.Kg.  .P^5382Plaza.  .801  Fifth  Av 
Bostwick  Rev  &  M"  Alex  W  (Mabel  E  Huntington) 

Trinity  Rectory  Vincentown  N  J 
Bostwick  MiM"  Arthur  E  (Lucy  Sawyer) 
Bostwick  tf"  Esther.  .  .  .[A.Dke.Y'81 

Bostwick  M'  Andrew  L-Y'o8. 

Ja  M'  Elmore  M . .  at  Gunnery  Sch 

Washington  Ct 
Bostwick  M"  Jabez  A  (Helen  C  Ford) .  .  av'd  Cecil  Sep  2  2 

Plaza  Hotel 
Bosworth  DiM"  Francke  H  (MaryHPutnam)  Uv.Pl.  P«Ji69Mad 

Bosworth  M*"  Mary  Douglas .[Cd.Y'62  4iParkAv 

Bosworth  MiM"  Francke  H  Jr  (Fanny  H  Foote)  Uv.  Y*97 

P'%3979Plaza.  .  560  Park  Av 
Bosworth  M"  Jos  S  (Mary  A  Wray) M  W  53^ 

Rome  Italy 


Llewellyn  Pk 

W  Orange  N  J 

New  York  1909  61 

Bosworth  MiM"  Wm  G  (Emma  M  Le  Breton)  Ul.Uv.Dke.Kg. 

Dt.  Rv.Wms'89.  .P«Si9o6Riv.  .472  W  End  Av 
Bosworth  MiM"  Wm  W  (Elizabeth  Newton)  C.Pl.Mass'89 

P^^S4632Mad.  .142  E  3;^ 

Botassi  M'  Demetrius  N-N New  York  Club 

Bottome  Rev  &  M"  Geo  H  (Anna  G  Tyng)  ¥.'83 

P^S4i6Gram..4i7E  13 
Bottome  MirHarry  H(MaryMMorgan)Uv;Bg.Na.Dke.Y.'93 

P^^Si84oCol..269  W71 

Boudinot  ff"  Jane  J-Cda 136  E  16 

Boudinot  M'  W  B  S-Sa.Cc.Ll Paterson  N  J 

Boulton  MiM"  Wm  B  (Louisa  K  Kelly) Un.Uv.Dt.  P'»J3889Chel 
Boulton  JP"  Pauline  E  [Ch.Rg.Rh.Uvp.Cda.Pa*79  40 

Boulton  IT"  Wm  B  Jr-Rh.  Y/04  &  Howard-Y/07       Fifth  Av 
Bound  M*M"  Chas  Fiske  (Josephine  Richards)  Un.Mt.Dt. As. 

P'*^i7i7Gram.  .15  E  9 

Bound  M'  Louis  Fiske ^^3 15.31  Main . .  Hackensack  N  J 

Boum  M'  Aug  O  Jr-Hppv.H/9o.Br'89 . .  Harvard  Club  .see  PSS. 

Bourne  MiM"Alfred  S  (H  Louise  Barnes)  Ny Oakdale  L  I 

Bourne  MIM"  Arthur  K  (Ethel  L  HoUins)  Ny.Na.Au. 

P^^SioiSayville.  .Oakdale  L  I 
Bourne  MIM"  C  Griswold  (Louise  A  Merriam)  Ul. 

P*^S4703-79.  .784  Park  Av 
Bourne  MiM"  Fred'k  G  (Emma  Keeler)R.Rg.Mt.Jkl. 

Bourne  JP"-  May  &  Marion  C [Au.Ny.S.Na.Lc.Ss 

JS.llP-Marjorie  &  M'Geo  G 

Bourne  M"  Geo  T  (Ellen  Baker) 

Bourne  HP"  Elisabeth  E 

Bourne  MiM"  Jos  Baker  (Du  Villard- Julia  Chapin)  Ny.Cal. 

Myf.Rv.  .Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 

Boury  M'  Louis  J-Ny.Cal.Rg.Cr83 NY  Yacht  Qub 

Bouvier  MiM"  John  Vernon  (Caroline  Ewing) 48  E  26 

Bouvier  MiM"  John  Vernon  Jr  (Maude  F  Sargent)  |''  Woodcroft " 
JS^-M' John  V  3d [Un.Uv.Cl.'86  |  Nutley  N  J 


40  W  59 

Bouvier  M'  Michel  C-R.M.Cy . 

Bouvier  tf""  Zenaide  S,  Alexine  E  &  Mary  H . 

14  W46 
Bovee  tf"~  Belle,  Kate  &  Eleanor P^^Ss867-38.  .4  E  49 

Bowden  M"  Jas  J  (Alexa  C  Stevens)  Cda. 

M"  Wm  Herbert  Washington  (Bowden) . 
JiS.  M'  Bowden  Washington, ,  ...,,,.... 

134  E  80 

see  DSiS. 


Social  Register 


39  Park  Av 

1672  Broadway 

see    ±Joau«ai»§ 

Bowden  M"  Jos  B  (Alice  M.  Jaggar) . .  124  Pierrepont  Brooklyn 

Bowditch  MIM"  Edwin  (Rathbone) Albany 

Bowditch  JP—  Alice  R  &  Ulysie  (see  DSX) 

Bowdoin  MiM"  Geo  S  (Julia  Irving  Grinnell)  Un.K. 

Bowdoin  HP"  Edith  Grinnell 

Bowdoin  MlM"Temple(HelenPKingsford)|ab'd  Bait  Jun  11  av'd 
Uv.Un.Sa.Mt.R.As.Bg.Snc.  Ny.Ar.Gg.l         I*«Siii3Mad 

M'"  Viola  Belgrave [Au.Cl'SsI  104   E   37 

Bowen  M"  Augusta  F  (Augusta  Floyd  Vingut) 

P*«S434oPlaza.  .515  Madison  Av 
Bowen  MiM"  Clarence  Winthrop(RoxanaA  Went  worth)  Ul.Dt. 

Mt.Rg.Ct.Rv.Cw.Cd.Dc.Y'73 .  TlK3449Plaza. .  S  E  63 

Bowen  MiM"  Harry  S  (Elizabeth  B  Cochran) 4  E  89 

Bowers  M"  Henry  (Louise  G  Willard) 

Bowers  tf"  Eleanor  S-Rc 

Bowers  M"  Henry  Eckford-Bd 

Bowers  MiM"  John  M  (Susan  Dandridge)  Un.Mt. 

Bowers  IP"  MarthaD 

Bowers  M' Wm  C  2d . .  at  Harvard 

Bowers  MiM"  Wm  C  (Jennie  Foster)  Un 

JS"™  M~  Stewart  W  &  J  F 

Bowie  M'  Augustus  J-Un Union  Club 

Bowler  MiM"  Robt  B  (Charlotte  E  Miller)  H/02 

1436  Pearl  Denver  Col 
Bowler  M'  Robt  Pendleton-Un.Uv.K.Mtw.Trb.H.'93 

MS2357Rect..i5  E  48 
Bowman  MiM"  Border  (Mary  C  Proudfit)  H'91 . .  .Springfield  O 

Bowman  tf"  Elsa 100  E  76 

Bowne  MiM"  Francis  Draper  (Gertrude  Travers) 

JS.  tf"  Harriet  V  C [Wesso. 

Bowne  MiM"  Fred'c  (Alice  Holbrook)  Mt 

Bowne  M*"  Marjorie 

Bowne  M'Fred'cJr 

Bowne  M"  Robert  Southgate  (Jessie  Draper) 

?''To2  2s  •  •  47  Franklin  PI  Flushing  L  I 
Bowne  MiM"  Samuel  W-Ul.Au.Rp.Ct.Na.Kg.Cl/oi.  .35  W  57 

7  W21 


200  W  5S 

2  7oSanford  Av 
Flushing  L I 

New  York  1909 


Bowne  MllT  Walter  (Ida  Sutton)  Un.Mt.R.Ss ....  IP«S629Plaza 

JSS.M' Walter  Jr-Y'ii ]688  Park  Av 

Bowring  MiM'^  Chas  W  (Amy  Bonner)  R.Ny.Dt.Rc. 

P«S4i74Chel..38  W  11 
Bowron  M"  Job  C  (Clara  A  Peck) : o  t?  /:. 

r AnnieGPeck 18  E  65 

Boyd  W  Allan  Stuart •  •  55  W  33 

Boyd  IP"  Beatrice  S  (Wm  A) .  Married  at  Larchmont  Manor  N  Y 

Peters  M'  William  J Sep  2 

Boyd  Mill"  Chas  S  (Smith-Sessa  Moran).Cr77.Calumet  Club 

Boyd  M"  Francis  O  (Mary  I  Bonner). 
Boyd  M'  Carlile-Cal.Ny.  .at  267  Fifth  Av.  . . 
Boyd  IT*  Francis  Trevor  &  Geo  Noyes-Y'oo. 

Brighton  S I 
45  Rynda  Rd 
S  Orange  N  J 

Boyd  MiM"  John  J  (Lillie  D  Campbell)  M. .  . 
Boyd  tf-  E  B 

Boyd  MIM"  John  Scott  (Mary  S  Boyd). see "D. 

Boyd  If"  Margaret Married  at  Holland  House 

White  M'  Leonard  D  (late  Leonard  D) .  .Jun  17 

Boyd  MiM"  Rob't  H  (Henrietta  L  Sprague) 

P«57S8 . .  260  Barclay  Flushing  L  I 

Boyd  Mill"  Rob*t  L  (Harriot  Delafield) P«S  5252  Riv 

Boyd  tf-  Marion  S loi  W  85 

Boyd  r  Wm  A-Ch.Snc.Cr6i 

Boyd  tf""  Natalie  G,Leontine  A  &  Constance  C 

JS5.  M'  Gansevoort  M-at  St  Paul's  Sch  Concord  N  H 

Boyer  r*M"  Arthur  A  (Kate  F  Celle)  Uv.'83. 
Jffi.  M'  Arthur  L 

24  E  78 

54  Harrison 
E  Orange  N  J 
Boyer  MiM"  Philip  (Josephine  Flagg).Un.  H/08' 

1*^53662^38.  .358  Lex  Av.  .see  P'k 
Boyesen  MiM"  Algernon  K  (Adelaide  Mott  Barclay)  Cro3 

**  Villa  Favorita"  Deauville  France 

Boyesen  M"  Hjaimar  H  (Elizabeth  M  Keen) I    see 

Boyesen  M""  Hjaimar  H~Ad.Cl.*oo  &  Bayard  H-Cro4. .  [B^S. 

Boylston  M'  Samuel  S see  S  M  Roosevelt 

Boynton  MiM"  Chester  C  (Marie  de  T  Lentilhon)  P^347iNorth 

JS.  IT"  Marie  de  T  L  &  Zella  D. [Ct.       437  Elm 

ir  L^onie  Lentilhon CJjS 


Social  Register 

see  P  P  Lahens 

\\>s\  ^U»s\\  ^\T  Oeo  R  (Mary  E  Junius) 5^  W  57 

Mo\»^hM\  r  Isabel  1) 

MnvMinh  r  Fred^k  C-Cal.Cw 

Mnvuhm  r  Theodore  V-Sa.Ch.Cr77 

\\\f\yv  N"  chaa  Loring  (Letitia  Neill) PlK694Mad 

linut^  W  Rob't  N-Uv.Y'85 27  W  26 

liruce  Mil*"  Chas  Loring  (Louise  Warner)  C.       ^Xhesknoll" 
Mrare  M*--Dorothy  &  Eleanor. .  .[Ats.Ct.Y'76  Dobbs  Ferry  N  Y 

Hrackenridge  M'  Geo  W-Un.Mt.Mtw San  Antonio  Tex 

Bradford  MiM"  Ed  A  (Susan  Coit  Packer)  Y'73 

PlJSioooBry . .  175  Col  Hgts  B'k'n 

Bradford  M"  John  Hy  (Elizabeth  C  Phipps) P*«;227oMad 

M'""  S  M  &  Ada  Phipps 279 

JKJ.  M'"  Alice  G  Kortright Lex  Av 

Bradford  MiM"  J  Hy  (Margaret  E  Brown) Un.Smb.  .see  DSS. 

Bradford  M"  M  K  (Mary  K  Jones) see  M"  H  L  Jones  6  E  12 

Bradford  M'  Sidney-Uv.Cy.Camb'84.   .   .   .Avery's  Island  La 


IS  W4& 

Bradford  M"  Theo  Dwight  (Matilda  R  Leverich) 

Bradford  M*"  Marian  G 

Bradford  M"  ^riiuam  h  (Anna  A  Dexter)  Cda. .    . 

Bradford  M'  Wm  H-Au.'94 . .  abroad 

Bradhurst  MiM"  Hy  Maunsell  (Jean  E  Bonham) 

P*«Si253Mad..48  E  26 
Bradish  MiM"  G  Johnston  (Bertha  Z  Gerhard)  Na.Rv.Cw. 

P*^^S592 .  .  ** Locust  Grange "  Charlottesville  Va 
Bradlee  MiM"  Fred'k  J  (EHzabeth  WThomas)Smb.Exb.H'88 

1*^0693-79. .  104  E  73 .  .see  BSJ. 

Bradley  M'"  Alice  (O  L) Married  at  Lexington  Ky 

Burrill  M'  Percy  Morris Jun  24 

Bradley  MiM"Charles(JulieEBallantine)Uv.Dt.|M"  ab'd'A  Vic 
Bradley  tf"  Anne  B.  .  .[E.Mg.Mo.Wp.Rut'76  Jly  16.  .P^'15S484 
Bradley  M'ChasB-Mg.E.H.'o4-4sDunster  Hall        18  James 

Camb'        Newark 
DradlevM^Rob'tB-Mg.  .45  Randolph  HallCamb'  N  J 

Bradley  Mir  Edson  (Julia  W  Williams)  Rg.T.Ct.Ny.An.Mtw. 
Pvcw.  .av'd  Adri  Jly  8.  .of  Plaza  Hotel.  .1328  Conn  Av  Wfft 
'ey  MiM"  Sam'l  S  (Gen6vi^ve  Comwell)  N.Mich'91 

P^756Spring. .  27  Wash  Sq  N 

New  York  1909 


Bradley  IT  W  Wainwright.  .at  Richmond  Fla ^^54068-3 8 

Bradley  If-  Helen  W 136  E  39 

Bradley  M"  William  H  (Eliza  Cameron) -. . .  407  N  Front 

Bradley  IT  J  D  Cameron-H'o6 [Trb.H/02   Harrisburg 

Bradley  MiM"Jos  Gardner(MabelB  Warren)  T.Uv.  Pa 

Brady  MiM"  Anthony  N  (Marcia  A  |  M'  ab'd  A  Vic  Jun  16 

Myers)  Dt.Au.M.Na.|         P«S763Main 

Brady  IP*  Mabel I411  State  Albany  N  Y 

Brady  Mill"  Jas  Cox  (Elizabeth  J  Hamilton)  Na.Rh.Au.M. 

Y.'o4.  .Woodmere  L  I 
Brady  M"  John  R(Kate  M  Lydig).  .205  F'kUn  PI  Flushing  L  I 
Brady  MiM "  Nicholas  F  (Gendvi^ve  F  Garvan)  Na.Ny.Eg.Au. 

Y/99.  .P«S39i5-79.  .989  Fifth  Av 
Braem  M"  Henri  M  (Emily  Bridge).  .Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
Brainard  M"  Henry  H  (Cynthia  V).  .Died  at  Haddam  Ct  Aug  29 

Brainard  M'  Owen^t.Eg.Ap P^S328oBry.  .66  W  46 

Braine  MiM"  Theo  (Mills)  Un.Mt Union  Club 

Brainerd  MIM"  Cephas  (Eveline  Hutchinson)  Ul. 

Brainerd  M'-  Eveline  W [Rp.G.C.Cw. 

Brainerd  IT  Ira  H-Ul.G.Rp. 

30  W46 

Braker.M'  Henry  J^ .  ._ .Died  at  Plymouth  Eng  Sep  i 

~     '     '  '  ab*d  Grosse  Aug  25 



Fifth  Av 

Braker  M"  Henry  J  (Gelshenen-Katharine 

T  Dunne) 

M^"^  Madeleine  &  R  Corinne  Gelshenen 

M'  \V  alter  Gelshenen . 
Braman  MiM"  Dwight  (Helen  S  Dudley)  Cy.Ny.Ch.Cd. 

P«S3488Plaza..56  W  57 
Bramhall  Mill"  Jacques  (Edwina  L  Keasbey).see  H  M  Keasbey 
BramwellM'  E  Percy-Un.Cal.Ny.Bm. .  .P^'iJSisiCort.  .120  BVay 
Bramwell  MIM"  George  W  (Cora  Moffat)  T.Eg.'74. 

JlS.  If"  Geo  M-Crii  ft  Wm  M 

Bramwell  MIM"  J  Arthur  (Wood-Anna  H  Lea- 

vitt)  Un.  Ny. 

JIS.  r  Jas  R  Wood--at  St  Paul's  Concord  N  H 
Bramwell  IP*  Marie,  .av'd  Caro  Oct  7 

Bramwell  M'  Gerald  A-Bm.H.'o4 

Branch  Mill"  Jas  R  (Mary  L  Hubball)Na;So.Ar.  |  P*^56927Col 

Branch  IP*  Mary  C ['83I     31  W  61 

Brand  M'  O  James-Un.R.T 47  W  a^ 

see  JJomiSi 

Park  Av 
B'way  Flushing  L  I 


II    W    12 


66  Sodal  Register 

Brandegee  M"  Wm  p  (Caroline  Morris) 1*1^489 j 

Brandegee  If  "Ruth  M&JSS,  JP"  Morris  M&Wm  P .  .  Plainfield  N  J 
Brannan  DiJTjohn  W(Eunice  Dana)C.Uv.H.'74. . 

Brannan  If"  Eleanor  D [Camb* 

Brannan  M'  Dana-H.'o5.  .at  42  Randolph  Hall 
Brathwaite  DiM"  F  Gretton  (Marguerite  Force)  Snc 

CI.90.  .Sydney  N  S  Wales 
Breck  MiM"Duer  du  Pont(Sydney  S  Manley)Gg.Garden  City  L  I 
Breckinridge  MIM"  John  C  (Isabella  Goodrich)  Un.Kg.Au.So. 

Cd.B.Dke.H.'9S.  .P«S347o-79.  .24  E  94 
Breed  Mill"  Wm  Constable  (Emma  Wise  Ryder)  Lt.Rp.Dt. 

Kg.Aht'93.  .PlK74oRiv.  .341  W  77 
Breese  M'Tacob  B-Mt.M . . av'dLusi  Oct8..P«S903 Plaza . .  30  E58 


Havre  de  Grace 


Breese  M^M^Jas  Lawrence  (Frances  Tileston 

Potter)  R.B.Ny.Au.Cly.Rens'75 
Breese  IT  James  L  Jr-R.P*  Princeton  N  J 
Breese  M'  Rob't  P-at  37  E  22&JS^  M*"Frances  T. 
Breese  MiM"Sydney  S(EHzabeth  A  Morton) Au.H. '05. see  D2S2:. 
Breese  MiM"  Wm  Lawrence  (Julia  Kean  Fish) . .  see  H  V  Higgins 
Bremner  DIM"  Samuel  K  (Laura  Jackson)  Uv.Y*86 

PIK3160C0I..163  W  73 

Brennan  M*  Albert  A-'96 see  W  L  Washington 

Brent  M'  Henry   K-H.'98 P*«S49 5 6Cort.  .Harvard  Club 

Brett  tf"  Cornelia  G see  M"  J  W  Embury 

Brett  MiM"  Geo  P  (Marie  L  Tostevin)C.Pl.G.Bd.l    rW5233Col 

JIS.  M*"  Clare  L [Na.|267  W  End  Av 

Brett  MiM"  Philip  M  (A  Margaret  S  Strong)  Uv.Dp.Rut'92 

P«56o77Plaza.  .901  Lex  Av 
Brevoort  M'  Henry W-Un. .  Cercle  de  Mediterran6e  Nice  France 

Brevoort  M'  James  R-C.Hl 390  No  BVay  Yonkers  N  Y 

Brewer  MiM"  Calvert  (Mary  M  Minott)  Uv.H.'93 

M"  aVd  Prov  Sep  26.  .P«S2449-38.  .347  Lex  Av 

D'  ab'd  Kp  Wm  Sep  8 


61  W48 

Brewer  DiM"  Geo  Emerson  (Effie  Leigh- 
ton  Brown)  Uv.C.Na.Ham'8i.H.'8s 

J&?.  M'  Leighton. 

Brewster  M"  Benj  (Elmina  Dows) I      695 

tf"  A  M  Dows (Fifth  Av 

Brewster  MiM"Charles  0(Elizabeth  Hathaway)  Uv.C.Dt.H.'79 

P«S873Plaza..i33  E  6$ 

Hew  York  1909  67 

Brewster  M'  Fred*k  Poster(late  Benj) .  Married  at  New  HavenCt 

Fitch  IP*  Margaret  (John) Jun  1 1 

Brewster  MIM"  Fred'k  Foster  (Margaret  Fitch)  Ny.Mt.S.Lc. 

New  Haven  Ct 
Brewster  MiM"  Geo  S  (Eleanor  G  Bosher)  Mt.Uv.Rg.R.Au. 

Mid.As.Y*9i.  .14  E  S3 
Brewster  IKM"  John  H  Jr  (Helena  von  Lubbert)  Ny.Wms'88 

^1^2281001.  .851  Seventh  Av 
Brewster  MiH"  Rob't  S  (Mabel  M  Tremain)  Mt.Ct.Uv.As.T. 

Y'97.  .100  E  70 
Brewster  MiM"  Saml  Dwight  (Isabel  E  Parks)  Ul.Mc.Ny.Ht. 

Myf.Na.Au.Cw.Dar.  .P«S3478Plaza.  .45  W  49 

Brewster  MIM"  Walter  S  (Cecilia  Rice)Uv.Ha 

JS.  IP"  Cecilia .[Mc.Myf.Y'89 

JlS.  IP-Edith  M  Dougherty 

139   Joralemon 

Brice  IP"*  Helen  0-Cly.  &  Kate-Cly P«S5476Plaza 

Brice  M'  W  Kirkpatrick-Uv.R.H/95 693 

Brice  W  John  F-R.Au.H.'99 Fifth  Av 

Bridge  IfiM"  Wm  F  (Lane)  C 309  Lexington  Av 

Bridges  H'  Robert-'Uv.C.P/79.  ..  .  .  .P'^«S368oMad. .  19  W  31 

Bridges  Rev  D'  &  M"Thos  Reed  (Adelina  Tower) Myf.Han'87 

P*^«S8i9-38 . .  241  Mad  Av 
Bridgham  MiM"  Samuel  W  (Fanny  Schermerhom)  K.T.Na. 

Rv.Cl'67 . .  954  Fifth  Av 
Bridgham  MIM"  Wm  Haliburton(Vail-HonorineGarguilo) 

_Un.K.RX:r 7 1 . .  1 5  Av  d'lena  Paris 
P*^«S46o8   Mom 
157  W  123 

Bridgman  M"  Chas  DeW  (Edwyna  Benedict) . . 

Bridgman  IP"  Anne  Townsend. 

Bridgman  Mill"  Hy  H  (Alice  B  Eldridge)  Ul.G. 

ab'd  Aka  Jly  2 .  . av*d  Aug  27 . . Norfolk  Ct 
BridgmanM;M"01iverB(JeanneKirk)An.Cal.Lc.Ar.  JP^S3072Bry 
JS-IP-AnnaK (  217  W  45 

Briggs  MiH"  Jas  H  (Lucy  E  Bennett)  Wms;s8.  .     Sf^^^^yi 

Briggs  IP"*  Caroline  de  M  &  Annie  B £  Orange  N  J 

Bright  IP*"  Leslie  &  Cecile 9  E  17 

Bright  Mill"  Louis  V  (Bertha  Ralston)  Uv.Rv.      |P^«Ss767Plaza 
fc  IP- Mildred [Cw.H/84     136  E  65 


68  Sodal  RegistBr 

Bright  MiM"  Osbom  Wyckoff  (Joanna  H  Shepard) 

Un.Rh.Au.Tf.Mid.  .PiKiysPlaza.  .39  W  49 

Brightman  H'  Horace  (late  Sam*l) Died  at  3  E  63  Aug  10 

Brightman  M"  Horace  (Julie  Wilson) 

Brightman  M'  Horace  I-Ul.Cl/92 

Brinckerhoff  MIM"  Elbert  A  (Emily  Vermilye)  Dt.Snc. 

Hl.Rh.  .Palisade  AvEnglewood  N  J 
Brinckerhoff  If-  Henrietta  C 

P«S4ijBriarCliff  '*Highlawn"  Ossining  N  Y 
Brinckerhoff  M"  Van  Wyck  (Mary  E  Hoople)  As.  .  IP'^349-79 

M'"  Amelia  M  Clarke |   19  E  80 

Brinley  M"  Edward  (Andrewetta  S  Rowlett) xxr 

Brinley  M'  Francis  M 4o  w  93 

Brinley  MiM"  Ed  (Anna  E  Cornell)  M.N see  DISSS. 

Brinley  Rev  &  M"  Godfrey  M  (Elizabeth  M  Miller)  Uv.Mg. 

Ty'88 . .  P»S287  •  •  St  Paul's  School  Concord  N  H 

Brinley  MiM"  John  R-Mo 77  Maple  Av  Morristown  N  J 

Brinsmade  tf"  Alice 

Brinsmade  D'  Wm  Barrett-Uv.Rv.Ha.Y.'88. 

Cr92.   ab'd  Adri  Jun  i7..av*dOnic  Aug  19 
Brinsmade  M'  Chas  L-Sa.Y*95 .  .at  Big HomWyo 
Brinsmade  MiM"  Hy  Newman  (Frances  N  Stil- 
Brinsmade  M' Jas  Beebee-Y.'o6..[well)Rens*79 

Brinsmade  M'  Paul  S-at  Yale 

Bristed  MiM"  Chas  Astor  (Mary  R  Donnelly)  K.Uv.Cth. 

Camb*93.  .P*^iio.  .** Lakeside"  Lenox  Mass 
Bristol  M'  Louis  H-Uv.G.Y'59 

P'iJSi  1 5 7 . .  2 7   Hillhouse  Av . .  New  Haven  Ct 

Bristow  M"  Benj  H  (Abigail  Briscoe) 449  Park  A v 

Bristow  MiM" Wm  B(Louise  R  Baldwin)  Un.Mt.Uv.As.Dt.Y.*84 

see  J  D  R  Baldwin 
Brite  MiM"James(Aim^e  K  Douglas)C.Bd..P'^^S36.  .ScarsdaleNY 
Britt  MiM"  Philip  J  (Marie  R  Duffy)M.Na.Cth.'85.1Pl?S4549-79 

Britt  M'"  Nellie  J 59  E  74 

Brittan  MiM"  Geo  F  T  (Jeannette  de  Mauriac) 

P*^^Sii7.  175  Scotland  Rd  So  Orange  N  J 
Britton  MiM"  Hy  Berry  (Marion  G  Ely)Cw.Cl.*oi ....  I255  W  75 

166  Col  Hgts 

31  W  49 

New  York  1909 

37  E  64 

Broadwell  M"  Samuel  J  (Marie  H  Nixon)  Dar. . 

IP-  Maria  E  Nixon 

ir  John  M  &  Wm  H  Nixon 

Brockie  MiM"  Wm  (Agnes  Morgan)  Un.R.Rh.Tf  .Dt.Php.Gcp. 

Rcp.Cly.Pa'85.  .P'*«S3955Chel.  .42  Fifth  Av.seePft 
Brodhead  DiM"  Geo  L  (Frances  L  Clark)  Cr/90  CrQi 

P«S44Col..i44  W  58 
Brodhead  M"  John  Rome)m  (Eugenia  Bloodgood)  Cd.  .8  W  21 
Brokaw  M*M"  Clifford  V  (Nannie  Inman)  Ul.Ny.S.Rh.Ap.Lc. 

As.Au.Cy..  .P^1?S2  509Plaza.  .825  Fifth  Av 
Brokaw  MiM"  Howard  C  (Edna  G  Loew)  Ul.Uv.R.Rg.Rh.Cy. 

Mb.Bm.Ht.Tf.Rv.P/97.  .P«S5456-79.  .984  Fifth  Av 

Brokaw  MiM"  Irving  (Lucile  Nave)R.Ul.Ht.Rg.Tf.Au.Rv.P/93 

J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris.  .Jan  1..PIR2221-79.  .985  Fifth  Av 

Brokaw  MiM"  Isaac  V  (Elvira  Gould)  Ul. 

Brokaw  M'  Geo  T-Uv.Snc.R.Au.Gg.Rh. 

Brokaw  MiM"  W  Gould  (Mary  M  Blair)  Cy.Tf.Ny.Lc.Au.Na.S 

M"  absent.  .Hotel  Plaza  see  I>^^.m 
BrolemannMiM"  Auguste  (Ellie  V 

Brolemann  JP"  Ellen ^Stewart) 

Bromley  M"MStandish(MargaretKissam)P''»Si2'i6Plaza.  .9W53 

Bronson  V  Edward  B-C.Uv.Y'6s P*«S63Bry.  .10  W  49 

Bronson  M"  Frederic(Sarah  Gracie  King)  ab'd  Kp  Wm  Jly  14 

care  E  L  Winthrop  Jr«32  Liberty 

Bronson  M' Henry  T .Diedat  Rye  N  Y  Sep  i 

Bronson  M"  Henry  T  (Ellen  Philips) 

Bronson  M*"*  Helen  C-Ap.Cd.  &  Harriet  P. . 
Bronson  Rev  Oliver  H-Y'92-at  244  Spring 

Bronson  M'  Mayhew  W-Na.Lc.Rp .162  W  79 

Bronson  M"  Melvin  A  (Florence  Cook)  Dar. ......  |P^1Sh6s8-38 

JS.  M"  Tyler  C  &  Fred'c  D j    26  E  83 

Bronson  MiM"Robert  D  (Isabel  Donaldson) Un. I        P**^Si82l 

Bronson  V"  Marianne ['66    **By-the-way'' 

M^  Mary  G  &  M'  M  W  Gaston  Hawks Summit  N  J 

Bronson  M'  Thomas  Ash-Ny.Lc. Y'63 . .  P'^343 5 John 

N  Y  Yacht  Club 
Bronson  M'  Willett-Un .Unioto  Club 

av'd  A  Vic  Aug  12 

P*^«Si  26-79 

I  E  79 

Vaugeois  Neuilly  le  Ven- 
din  Mayenne  France 

Rye  NY 


Sodal  Register 

Brooker  MiM"  Chas  F  (Farrel-JuHa  E  Clark)  I  P^«S204.  .37  State 

ir  Alton  Farrel [Ul.Ny.Au.Cw.|       Ansonia  Ct 

Brookes  M'  Horace  J-Cal.Ny.Mt.Rv Calumet  Club 

Brookfield  Mir  Hy  M  (Louise  Lord)  Ul.Uv.Ad.Rv.Cw.H/93 

132  E  78 
Brookfield  M'  Jas  H-Ny.Ap.Cw.Y*96 

P^^Sqo.  /*Thirlesmere  Farm*'  White  Plains  N  Y 

Sep  18 

P«52  2  54Plaza 


Mad  Av 

51  W  52 

Brookfield  M"Wm  (Kate  Morgan)  Cd.Bd. 

Brookfield  MTrank~Ul.Uv.Rp.Myf.Y'97.. 

Brookfield  M'  Edwin  Morgan-Wms'99 

Brookman  M"  Hy  D  (Marion  Prentice)  Myf.Cd 

J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 

Brooks  M'  Byron-Rp.Ct.Aht'oo Plaza  Hotel 

Brooks  Mill"  Fred'k  (Lucy  S  HoUey)  Mt.Uv.Pl. 

Brooks  M'  Harold-Y*09.  .ab'd  Cecil  Jly  7 . .  av*d. 

r«  tf-  Mary  H  &  M'  Winthrop  H 

Brooks  MiM"  Hy  Mortimer  (Josephine  Higgins)  R.Mt.Mb.Gg. 

M"av'd  Cecil  Jun  30. .  826  Fifth  Av 
Brooks  M"  Hy  Sands  (Louisa  A  Brooks) 

P^4oooPlaza.  .Buckingham  Hotel 
Brooks  MiM"  Hy  S  (Margaret  A  Gibson)  A.C.As. . .  '49 

1*^S54.  .** Sunny  Knoll'*  Dobbs  Ferry  NY 
Brooks  MiM"  Hy  Stanford  Jr  (Clara  W  Vail)  Uv.R.As.Dke. 

Y.'85.P^«Sio2lrv."Grey  House'*  Ardsley-on-Hudson  N  Y 

BrooksM'JWilton-Un.Y'7S Union  Club 

Brooks  M'  John  E-Mt.Uv.Un.Y'6s abroad 


H.'96.  .P'^^Sisi .  /'Meadow  Brook  Pk"  Westbury  L  I 
Brooks  M'  Thomas 57  rue  Lille  Paris 

Brooks  MiM"  Walter  (Louise  L  Squire) 

Brooks  tf"  Edith  A  , 
Broughton  MiM"  Urban  H  (Duff-Cara  L  Rogers)  Mid.Ny.R. 

Chch.Cly.  .av'd  Maur  Sep  i7..P'^S3776-79. .  15  E  78 
Broun  MiM"  Heyivood  C  (Henriette  Brose)  R.Kg. 

Broun  M'  Irving  S-H*o8 [Gg.M.Dt. 

J&  IP-  Virginia  &  M'  Heywood  C  Jr-H'io 

fih'y  ab'd  Celt  Jly  30 

av'd  Oct  16 

140  W  87 

New  York  1909 


Brower  MiM"  Chas  de  H  (MaryHBailey)Ct.Hl.Bd.    P^Js i22Riv 

Brower  ff"  Fanny  &  J^»  M'  Bailey [CFyp      314  W  91 

Brower  MiM"  Chas  de  H  Jr  (Marion  G  Childs)  P'04 

•  Schenectady  N  Y 
Brower  MIM"  Harry  Van  A  (Caroline  O'Connor)  Sn.Mc. 

P^«Si957 . .  W  Orange  N  J.  .see  DS^S. 

Brower  ir  Wm  Leverich-Ct.Snc.Hl P«Si2i5Beek. .  17  E  77 

Brown  MiM"  Addison  (Helen  C  Gaskin)  C.Rv.H'52. . . . 

JS»  M'  Addison  Jr 45  W  89 

M"  Hannah  C  Gaskin 

Brown  M"  Albert  H  (Kate  S  Willard) f 

Brown  M'  Lewis  Howland PlK3588Riv 

MiM"  Thos  J  Stead  (EHzabeth  W  Brown).  ...    316  W  94 

JSS.  tf"  Elizabeth  Stead 

Brown  If"  Anne 

I*^Sii77  .**Highcliffe  Hair'  Park  Hill  Yonkers  N  Y 

R  A  Pryor 

Brown  M"  Arthur  Page  (Lucy  A  Pryor)  Dar 

JS.  if"  Katrina  P 

Brown  MiM"  August  C-Uv.Ll.Wms'6i University  Club 

Brown  M'  B  H  Inness-H.*o4 1 13  W  40 

Brown  M'  Benj  West  Bonney~Snc.Rp.Wt.Rv.Cw.Y.'9i 

Brown  MiM"  Chas  Ferguson-Uv.C.Dt.Myf.Y.'66 

P*^«Sio28Riv..i  W94 
Brown  MiM"  Chas  S  (Lucy  Nevins  Barnes)  Un  Uv 

Brown  M^"  Lucy  C [Dt.R.Cda.Cd.Cly.'7o 

Brown  M'  Lathrop-Un.R.Dt.H.*o4 

Brown  M'  Chas  S  Jr-Un.H.'o8.ab'd  A  Vicjlyi6av'd 
Brown  MiM"  Arch'd  M  (C  Helen  Parrish)  R.Un. 

H'03.  .at  44  rue  de  Bellechasse  Paris 
Brown  MiM"  Clarence  S(Alma  M  Mitchell) Uv.Ul.Rv. Mich' 7 6 

Pm599SoNorwalk  **Sohenehe*'  Rowayton  Ct 

Brown  M*"  Dorothy  (Chas  F) Married  at  525  W  148 

Fonda  M'  Douw  H Oct  i 

Brown  MiM"  Ed  F  (Eleanor  Bonney)  Ul.Rv.Y'63 

Brown  M*—  Edna  F  &  Gladys  M 


247  Lex  Av 

H9  E  62 

Brown  M"Edward  J  (Elizabeth  C  Alvord)..P«S2  5 1  iPlaza..  1 5  E  65 


Social  Register 

Brown  M"  Edward  Marsh(Adelaide  E  Mayher) 

ab*d  Bait  Jly  9.  .av'd  AkaOct  25 

Brown  M'  Clarence  E-Ny 

Brown  MiM"  Ed  Willard  (Leonora  C  Lathrop)  Rg.Ul.S.Rc. 

Au.Myf.Cr83 .  .P^22NDorp.  .Dongan  Hills  S  I 

Brown  Mill"  Egerton  (Caroline  C  Coulter) P'^«Si763Riv 

Brown  M*""  Jeannette  E  &  Gertrude  E 205  W  loi 

Brown  MiM"  Elon  R-Uv.Rv.Br'78 jUniversity    Club 

Brown  M*" absent 


P''^S52S..33  Colden  Av 
Flushing  L  I 

18  E  32 

Brown  M"  Frands  Gordon  (Julia  N  Tracy) 

Ja  M'  Princeton 

Brown  MiM"  Francis  Gordon  (Caroline  L  Bogert)  R.Y.'oi 

P^«Si8o7-79..i66  E  71 

Brown  M"  Frank  Gould  (Georgie  Ray) 

Brown  M'  Frank  H-H* . .  at  Bingham  Utah 

Brown  MiM"  Franklin  Q  (Ida  P  B  Eldredge) 


P*«S63 . . "  Springhurst "  Dobbs  Ferry  N  Y 
Brown  DiM"  Fred'k  Tilden  (Mary  C  Renwick) 

Brown  M*"  Margaret  Renwick  &  iZ.  M'  Fred'k  R. 
Brown  M"  Fred'k  Turner  (Caroline  V  Emmons) . 

Brown  M'  Philip  Turner-R.Cy.B.H.'93 

Brown  M'  Malcohn  E  Tumer-H.'oi 

Brown  MiM"  G  Hunter  (Cornelia  E  Moss) 

Brown  M*"  Ursula  W-Jani  JMunroe&CoParis 

M'  Jay  O  Moss.  . 

Brown  MiM"  Gardner  W  (Mary  E  Russell)  Ny.Rg.Rh. 

P^^S3475Mad.  .48E31 




Mad  Av 

M' av'd  Lusi  Sep  10 

P*^2  563  Plaza 

54  E  52 

Brown  M"  Geo  Alex  (Mary  I  P 
&  M'"  M  Anne. .  .  [Whitmore) 

Harbor  Hill  New  Brighton  S  I 

Brown  M'  Geo  McKesson-Ny.Lc.Kg.Au. 

P^S2o87Col .  .  859  Seventh  Av 
Brown  M"  Harold  (Georgette  Wetmore  Sherman) 

P^^S2 1.. Newport  R  I 

Brown  «ir  Harold  P  (Martha  S 

Taylor)  Ny. 
Brown  M'  Clarence  F 


"Woodhaven''  6  WaldenPl 

Montclair  N  J 

New  York  1909 


Brown  Nf"  Helen  Dawes-Bd 17  E  26 

Brown  M' W  Harold     ^,'^^^Il  \o 

Brown  M'*"  Sarah  AM 

Henderson  Av 
Livingston    S    I 

Riverside  Dv 

P^'i^SyBry.  .61  W46 
Brown  MiM"  Herbert  Padelford  (Eva  I  Farrell)  Ul.Uv.W. 

Cl'77.  .P^^S368oMad.  .21  W  31 
Brown  MiM"  Herbert  Pomeroy  (Evelyn  Harris)  Ul. 

P^^S3io7Plaza.  .67  E  54 

TD  M"    T  U   T         TD  /TVyT'  '       ID  ^N  P*'^S249wWBrtn 

Brown  M    Jacob  Le  Roy  (Mmnie  Bogert).  . .     —      - 
Brown  M'"  Isabel  Le  Roy 

Brown  MiM"  Isaac  W  (Helen  Goodwin) 

Brown  f "  Helen  F 

Brown  M'  Paul  G-Eg.Cr.'gs 

Brown  M"  JAppleton(Agnes  A  Bartlett) .  .  253  W  42.  .seeDJmiciZ. 

Brown  M'  James  G-C av'd  Cecil  Jly  28 . .  5 1  W  10. . ab*d 

Brown  MiM"  J  Wright  (Kathleen  T  Massey)  Rg. 

P^^S3i82Mad.  .152  E  35 
Brown  MiM"  James  (AdMe  Quartley)  Un.Dt.       fm'y  av'dAdri 
Rh.R.T.Au.Tf.Rg.Gg.Cl.'83  Jun  10 

Brown  M*"  Angelica  S ' ^'^"9SZ-19 

JSJs  tf"  Evelyn 789  Park  Av 

Brown  M'"  Jean  R  A  (Rev  D'  Philip  AH) Married  Sep  2 

McCook  M'  Philip  J  (Rev  J  J) at  Cooperstown  N  Y 

Brown  MiM"  Jas  M  (Reba  P  Cooper)  Ct.Bg. 

?'To6ow.  . "The  Knoll"  Short  Hills  N  J 
Brown  MiM"  John  Barker  (Alice  Faxon)  Dt.Lt.Myf.Cw.Rv. 

P^'SfSiQooCol.  .2  W  72 
Brown  Mill'*  John  Crosby  (Mary  E  Adams)  Uv.C.     |P^«S892Mad 

Brown  M^  M  M [Mid.Mt.Dt.Myf.Bd.Cd.Cl.'sQl  z^  E  37 

Brown  M'  John  Hartness-Mt.Au. 

P^'5?S3 42oPlaza .  .  Metropolitan  Club 
Brown  M"  John  Nicholas  (NataHe  B  Dresser)  Agapv. 

P*^^S2o7.  .** Harbour  Court''  Newport  R  I.  .see  P52S« 

Brown  M"  Brookes  (Ellen  D  Brookes) 

Brown  M*""  146  E  39  &  Elsie 
Brown  M'  Elliot  C-P/04 


Brown  M'  Kensett-Cal.Mdbl.Cybl.  ,  r,HQlland  House  .  .see  Bl 


Social  Register 

Brown  MiM"  Lewis  B  (Susie  C  Valentine)  Un.Au.H.'oo 

P«SSSoiPlaza..i3i  E  66 

Brown  MiM"  Lewis  M-Un. 

Brown  !f"  Gertrude  M 

Brown  M'  McEvers  Bayard-Un.K.T.Ss.RgJkl. 

Brown  If"  M  Bergh 

M"  Wm  Courtlandt  NicoU  (Large) 

Brown  tf"  Mary  A  Stewart 
Brown  tf"  Edith  S  D 
Brown  MiM' 

"Old   Brick" 
Paris  Me 
.  .32  Nassau 
P'«S42  78Plaza 
59  E  65 
ab'd  Caro  Jly  11.  ..P«S7i4T*kville 
64  Prospect  Av  New  Brighton  S  I 
Melville  (Gertrude  I  James)  Cr63 

P''»Si944rRiv.  .330  W  77 
Brown  Rev  &  M"  Philip  A  H  Qane  R  A  Carter) 

Brown  M""  Edmund  L  &  Philip  C [So. 

Brown  M*  Wm  A-at  24  Hampden  Hall  Camb\. . 
iSU  !f--Grace  EftMary  AftM''*John  T  LftGeo  L  S 

M***  A  S  Carter 

Brown  DiM'"R  Ewell  (Marion  B  Lee)  So.P'«S2S49Col.  .111  W  55 
Brown  MiM"  Roscoe  C  E  (Bertha  Backus)  Ul.Ad.Ct.Ha. 

Roch'Sg.  .I*«S3689Main. .  164  Hicks  B'klyn 
Brown  MiM"  Samuel  Queen  (Nancy  Lamb)  Ul.Au. 
Brown  !f"*  Florence  K  &  Margery.[Bd.Ats.Alleg'53 

Brown  M'  Dickson  Q-Uv.Ap.P.'gs 

Brown  MiM"Sam4W-Uv.Ap.Aht'66..Belle  Haven  GreenwichCt 
Brown  MiM"  Stephen  H  (Grace  V  Quartley)Un.Tf .  I*«S789Plaza 

Jffi.  !f"  Caro  Q [Au.R.Ny.Rg.T.Rh.     154  E  70 

Brown  MiM"  Stewart  (Susan  T  Tompkins)  P/87 

P«S2i9l.  .  77  Comstock  PI  S  Orange  N  J 
Brown  MiM"  Thatcher  M  (Caro  L  Noyes)  Uv.S.Y*97 

P^«S223.  .1024  Park  Av  Plainfield  N  J 

N  Y 

160  W  59 

Brown  M"  Thos  eius  (Adeline  Clinton) 

Brown  ff"*  Caroline  H,  Mary  C  &  Annie  W.  .  .  . 

Brown  MiM"  Thos  Ellis  (Florence  Bleecker)  Un. 

Brown  M'  Clinton  B"Cro8 [CEg. 

JS.  M""  Thos  E  Jr  ft  Bache  H 

Brown  M"  Th<»  McKee  (Mary  E  Scott) 

Brown  M'  T  McKee  ft  JJ?«  M'  Harold  McC 

Brown  MiM"  Vernon  C  (Katherine  F  Brundige) 


M"  Rufus  Mead  Brundige 

IF"  Elisabeth  Banks  Brundige 

P^^S45 14-38 
337  W  34 

301  W  loS 


17  W  S3 

New  York  1909 


Brown  MiM"  Vernon  H  (Emma  S 
Willard)  Un.Ny.Rc. 

Brown  IP"  Marie  Vernon 

Brown  IP"  Violet  Gratz 

MilP"  ab'd  Maur  Aug  12  av'd 
165  W  58 
.  .  .P*«S74J..Lakewood  N  J 
'  '      "'      P«S2347Mad 
32  E  35- 
R  G  IngersoU 
117  E  21 

401  W  148 

ab'd  Maur  Aug  12 
av'd  Camp  Sep  26 
P*«S2098Mad..ios  E  35 
114  E  30 
see  Sited 

Brown  MiM"  Waldron  P  (IsabeUa  M  Wright)'Mt 

JS.  tf-  Ellen  G [Rg.Eg.Ch.Dt. 

Brown  MiM"Walston  Hill(Eva  R  IngersoU)  Isee  M" 
JSSstf-  EvaR  IftM'  Rob*tGI..[Ul.Dt.Lt.Cr64| 
Brown  MIM"  Willard  (Stella  Drake)  M.H/7S.. .  • 

Brown  M""  Willard  Hey  wood  &  Hamilton 

JSS.  M'-"  Stella  B  &  Agatha 

Brown  MiM"  Willard  S  (Gertrude 

WilUams)  R.CaLT 

JSk  M' Vernon  H  2d 

Brown  Prof  &  M"  Wm  Adams  (Helen  Gilman 
r»  M*"  John  C  2d&Wm  AJr.[Noyes)Uv.C.Cd.Y/86 

M'  D  Raymond  Noyes 

Brown  M"  Wm  Harmaa  (Lucretia  Titus) 

Brown  tf""  Edith  H  &  Lydia  R  H 

Brown  tf"  Helen  T  H . .  P'To2 1-3  "  Echo  Lodge  " 

New  Canaan  Ct 
Brown  MiM"  W  Harman  (Joan  N  Howe)  P/93 

r«Si244W.  .62  S  Parsons  Av  Flushing  L  I 
Brown  MiM"WmReynolds(Ellen  W  Babcock) 
Brown  M'  Warren  D-Uv.Ad.Kg.Aht'94  . . . 
Brown  MiM"  Donald  W  (Charlotte  Post)  Kg 

Browne  MiM"  G  Morgan  (BerthaVanderbilt  La  Bau)  Un.Uv. 

Rg.Rp.Dt.Cly.H.'87.  .P«S2343Plaza.  .64  E  54 
Browne  M'  T  Quincy  Jr>Uv.H/88.  .  .  PIK156.  .Morristown  N  J 

Brownell  MiM"  Atherton  (Beatrix  D  Lloyd)  Br'89 65  W  45 

Brownell  M"  E  B  (Edith  Bleything) Married 

Craft  Lt  Ralph  P-USN Oct  25  '07 

Brownell  MiM"  Silas  B  (Sarah  S  Sheffield)  C.Uv.Dt. 

Brownell  IP""  Matilda  A,Eleanor  O-Bd.ftGrace  S.  . . . 
Brownell  M"  T  Frank  (Eva  Palmer) .abroad 

109  W  45 



79  Park  Av 

322  W  56 


Social  Register 

Brownell  MiM"  Wm  Crary  (Virginia  Swinburne)  C.Na.Bd. 

Aht*7i.  .58  W  59.  .absent 
Browning  M"F(FannieCoddington)  Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Browning  MiM"  Hy  K  (Mary  S  Simmons)  Ul.Mc.  |         768 
JSS.  M'""  Adelaide  S  &  Marjorie  G.  .  .[Bg.Na.Au.As.j  Madison  Av 
Browning  MiM"  John  A  (Adele  L  Faile)  C.Ct.Cl/ys.  . . . 

IBrowning  IP*"  Linda  F i  W  72 

&  M*"'-  Edna  F  &  Adele  F  &  M'  Wilfred  F 

Browning  MiM"  John  Scott  (Lizzie  Hayes)  Ul.Mc.Uv.Ay.Cl'Ss 

^^242-79.  .22  E  75 
Browning  M"WmC (Adelaide  Scott) .P«S8 73 Bry.  .552  Fifth  Av 

Browning  MiM"  Wm  Hull(Th6r^se  F  Dimick)Ul 
JlSsC  Wm  C.  .  .  [Uv.Mc.Na.Sa.Au.Ay.Ap.Cr87 

18  W  54 

Brownlee  M'  Arthur  A-P.'89.  .  .P^S52Gram.  .Princeton  Club 

201  W  55 

Bruce  Rev  &  M"  Jas  M  (Mary  Bright)  C.C1.'66.. 

Bruce  M'   Edward  B-C.Sn.Ad.Cl.'oi 

Bruce  IP"  Matilda  W  (late  Geo) Died  Jly  V7 

Bruce  MiM"Osbom  F  R  (Madeleine  Parrott) Arden  N  Y 

Bruce-Brown  M"  Geo  (Ruth  A  Loney) . .  |     ab'd  Onic  Jly  i 

Bruce-Brown  M'  Wm I    av'd  Adri  Sep  30 

&  M'  David  L. .  .^ |P^^S3966Col..i8oW  59 

Bruce- Webster  MiM"  Geo  B  (Coppenhagan-Lou 

Belle  Embry)  Mt.Dt 

M"  James  H  Embry  (Pearce) . .  . .  : 

Bruen  MIM"  Alex  Jay  (Constance  L  Fiedler)  Mt. Y' 

P^^22265-79.  .19  E  83 

I  W  70 

Pomfret  Centre 

Bruen  M'"  Emily  H  F.  .. 
Bruen  M'  Herman-H.*94 
Bruen  MLM"  W  Livingston  (Elizabeth  Archer)"  Y' 7 9 

ab'd  Camp  Aug  29.  .Plaza  Hotel 

Noroton  Ct 

Briiggerhof  MiM"  Ed  Everett  (Lucy  F  Otis) 

J^  M*"-  Lucy  O  &  Helen  B [Myf. 

Brugi^re  M'  Thomas  Morgan see  Alphonse  Montant 

Brugui^re  M"  Emiie  a  (Josephine  I  Sather). 

Brugui^re  M'  Louis  S 

Briilatour  MiM"  Jules  E  (Farrish-M  Grier) 

34  Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris,  .see  D2SJS. 
Brumby  Lt  Frank  Hardeman-USN.Cal.Ny.  .  ,  .Calumet  Club 

see  S&n 

New  York  1909  77 

Brundage  MiM"  Percy  H  (Hattie  Bishop)  N.Hppv. 

P^yoSyHanover . .  see  DiSSSJ. 

Brundige  M"  Rtifus  Mead Isee  V  C  Brown 

Brundige  ff"  Elisabeth  Banks |     17    W  .  53 

Brune  MiM"  Percy  J  (De  Medeuil-Leonor  de  B  Himely) 

Cedarhurst  L  I.  .see  DSSlX 
Brunner  MiM"  Arnold  W  (Emma  B  Kaufman)  C.Pl.Cosw. 

Mass'79.  .P«Sio8iCol. .  1748  B*way 
Brush  M'  Graham-Uv.Y.'o2.  .P^SQSoPlaza.  .University  Club 
Brush  M"JoshuaS (Isabel  E  Hendricks) .  see  E  Hendricks  10  E  44 

Brush  M'  Louis  S-R.N.Ny P*«Si274Bry.  .1425  BVay 

Brush  JP--  Virginia  &  Adele PIK71-38.  .489  Fifth  Av 

Brush  M'  W  Franklin-Uv.Ct.C.Rg.As.H.*88 

see  Wm  N  Crane  16  E  37 
Bryan  MllT"  Chas  A  (Nannette  Empey)  Ul.Na.Ss. 

r«S4736Col. .  282  W  End  Av 
Bryan  MiM"  Chas  S  (Annie  A  MacWhorter)  Uv.M.Ny.So.Na. 

P.'87..P^«2i67o  Mad.. 1 2  E  31 

Bryan  MiM"  Edgar  A  (Helen  Burgess) 507  Madison  Av 

Bryant  Mill"  Geo  Clarke  (Ad^e  Parrel)  ¥.'95 

P«S3 72.  ."Tower  Hair'AnsoniaCt 

Bryant  DiM"  Wm  S  (Martha  L  Cox)  H.'84 .  -  ^^*''  '"-^- 

Bryant  tf"-  Mary  C  &  Elisabeth  S 

JSS.  IP"-  Alice  de  V,  Julia  C  &  Gladys  de  B. 
JfiS.  M'  Wm  S  Jr 

Bryceir  Carroll  C-R.M. 

Cohasset  Mass 

Jan  I 
P'^»S2  586Plaza 
57  W  53..seeBS. 
.  Racquet  Club 
Bryce  If""  Ellen  L-Mg.  &  Marie  G-Mg see  Hy  E  Fanshawe 

Bryce  MIM"  Lloyd  Stevens  (Edith  Cooper)  C.K 

J1S.M' Peter  C 

Bryce  M"  wiiuam  (Clara  Tileston) 

Bryce  M*""  Edith  &  Mary  T 

Bryce  M'Wm 

Brydges  Rev  *  M"  Ralph  L  (Florence  C  Jarvis)  C.Cl/97 

P«S57S4-79. .  780  Park  Av 

Buchanan  M'  Charles  P-Ny.Lt.Dt NY  Yacht  Club 

Buchanan  Rev  D'  Walter  D [P*«S32  59Plaza 

Buchanan  tf"  Grace  D  &  JS.  tf"  Mary  D |      54  E  50 


av'dLusi  Sep  10 

1025  Fifth  Av 

ftM'ab'd  Juni8 

av'd  Ced  Oct  2 

20  W  54 

78  Sodai  Registw 

Buchanan  M'  Wm>Ul.Ny.Na.Cth 14  E  69 

Buchanan  M"  Walter  D  (Grace  Mortimer) Died  Sep  8 

Buchanan  M"  William  (Mary  Josephine  Pise) 

Died  at  14  E  69  Jim  24 

Buchanan  M'  Wm  C-Ul/77 UoS  Westchester  Av 

JSS.  JP"  Adele  &  M'  Wm  Howard [    Portchester  N  Y 

Buck  DiM"  Albert  H  (Laura  Abbot)  Y'64 po  115  E  65 

Buck  M"  Elisha  A  (Elizabeth  Fries) I    see 

Buck  M'  Hy  A-Uv.H.'  P«S682o-38. .  i  W  54.  .  .  IDJSai. 
Buck  BiM"  Francis  D  (Anna  Tillou)  Rp.Y' 69 

r«S273iBry..i58  W  48 
Buck  MiM"  Gordon  M  (Carrie  P  Wheeler)  Uv.So.Va'94 

PW9lMtV..PelhamN  Y 

Buck  IT  Gurdon  S-C Century  Club 

Buck  MiM"Harold  Winthrop  (Charlotte  R  Porter) Uv.Eg.Y'94 

49  Wall.. see  82 
Buck  MiM"  Leffert  Lefferts  (Mira  R  Gould)  C.Eg. 

BVay  Hastings  N  Y 
Buckham  M"  George  (Harriette  C  Sterling) 

Died  at  Stockbridge  Mass  Aug  a 

Buckingham  M'  Chas  L-Uv.Mtw,Mich'75 tj,  o 

&  M'  Hy  H.  .at  Cornell 104  H.  81 

Buckingham  IP"  Eva-Bd.Cd PIK4102-79.  .59   E   78 

Buckler  M'^^"  Ellin  &  Mattie P'«S3482Gram.  .3  W  8 

Buckler  M"  Riggin  (Alice  L  Riggs) 

Buckler  IT  Anne  H 

Buckler  M'  Riggin 

Buckley  M"  KatharineL(KatharineLee Young) 
Buckley  MiM"  Julian  Gerard  (Josephine  L  Gil- 
bert) Un.Na.H'87 

Buckley  iP^MaryT 49  W  45 

Buckley  M"  Wm  T  (Frederika  R  Fowler) I  I*«Sa783  John 

Buckley  M'  T  Townsend-P.'98  Bg (Princeton  Club 

Bucklin  M'  R  P  G-Dt.Rc.Staten  Island  Club  New  Brighton  S  I 
Bucknall  MiM"  Henry  W  J  (Clara  Legg)  R.LcDt. 

I^ro6797Col..3os  W7S 
Bucknam  MiM"  Clifford  (AdMe  G  Amer)  Mt.As.Ay.S. 

P»«Ss542Plaza.  .449  Park  Av 

see  DH  Cox 

** Bleak  House' 


Hew  York  1909 


Bucknam  M"  Qifford  M  (Helen  M  Lewis) I      ^7. 

Bucknam  M'  Barton  H-As |2i  W  52 

Buckner  MIM"  Mortimer  N  (Paula  Kellermann)  Bg.Y.'ps  • 

30  Broad 
Buckwalter  M'  Brinton-Y/oa.Pl.Dp.Rcp.Pa'03 

P^«S2oooBry.. Yale  Club . .  see  P* 

Budd  IP-  Katharine  C-Ats P*»S745Biy . .  19  E  41 

Budd  M"  Underhm  A  (Harriet  L  Cutts) |1^^2934-79 

Budd  M'  Kenneth  P-H/02 |  151  E  81 

Buel  MiM"  Clarence  C  (Maria  V  Torrilhon)C.Pl. 

Buel  IP"  Beatrix. 

JS.  IP"  Constance  C  &  M'  Thos 

Buel  BiM"  John  L  (Elizabeth  C  Barney)  Uv.Cw.Dar.Myf.Cda. 
Y/85.  .P«S42.  .**East  Meadows"  Litchfield  Ct 

130  E  67 


2  Berkeley 

Rochester  N  Y 

Buell  Mill"  Geo  C  (Gertrude  McK  Ackerman) 
Uv.H.'82  aVd  A  Vic  Aug  20 

JUS.  M' Geo  C 

Buell  M"  Henry  T  (Bulkeley) Died  at  40  E  26  Oct  17 

Buffum  Bill"  Charles  T  (Elizabeth  N  Bradley)  Uv.  ^^    o 

JSS,  IP- Helen ". .  .[H/7S  ^^^^  ^* 

Bugbee  IP-  Marcia  S see  DSi'X 

BulkleyMiM"  EdwinM-Mt.Mid.Pu.Dt.Ats.I*«S46..Englewood  N  J 
Bulkley  MiM"  Jonathan  (Sarah  L  Tod)  Uv.Dt.Ha.Y/79 

av'd  A  Vic  Jun  ii..P^682Main. .  130  Hicks  Brooklyn 
Bulkley  MiM"  Justus  L  (Laura  E  Caldwell) Mt.Rg..  I 

Bulkley  tf-  Josephine-Fn..see  DSlSJ. PlRi97Plaza 

Bulkley  M'  Jos  E-Uv.Y.'99 787  Mad  Av 

M"^  Helen  B  Holt  (Bulkley) I 

Bulkley  KM"  L  Duncan  (Kate  L  Mellick)Uv 

Bulkley  M"HDuncan-Cl.*oi&Kenneth-Cro6. 
Bulkley  D'  Lucius  C . .  at  Amer  Pres  Mission 

Bangkok  Siam 

BiM"  Hy  H  Janeway  (Bulkley) 

Bull  M'  Chas  C-Cal.Un.Dp.Bg.Snc.Dt.Bm.NV 
Bull  M"  Richard  H 

M"  Chas  B  Tobker  (Lizzie  Bull) 

Bull  V  Chas  Stedman-Uv.C.Rv.Cw.Ht.Cr64 

Bull  M»-  Dorothy 

Bull  M"  P  Kingsbury-Ul.Y.'o6  &  Ludlow  S.-Y.'o7 

531  Mad  Av 

PIK2128  Gram 
34  Gram  Park 

47  W36 


Social  Register 

Bull  MiM"  Fred'c  (Helen  Robinson)  Un.K.As.R.B.Rg. 

Wk.Tf.Ny.Mid.Dar.Cly.  .31  E  65 
Bull  MiM"  Hy  Worthington  (Maud  Livingston)  K.Un.Mb.R. 

Wk.Ny.Tf.As.Sa.Mtw.Cly.Cr96..P*«S39ooMad..37  Mad  Av 
Bull  MiM"  J  Edgar  (Sarah  Adams  Williams) 

Bull  M*"  Marion  F-Bm 

JS-  IP-  Priscilla 

Bull  MiM"  Rob't  Maclay  (Alice  Brevoort  Potts) Un, 
Bull  tf"  Dorothy  M. ..  .[C.R.B.Tf.Sa.Snc.Cly.CrSo 

Bull  M'  Geo  H-Un 

Bull  MiM'"  Wm  Lanman  (Worthington)  C.  Uv.Ad.Un.G. 


P«Si37oPlaza.  .805  Fifth  Av 
Bull  DiM"Wm  T  (Blaine-Mary  Nevins) 



M'  Jas  G  Blaine  Jr.  .at  Harvard 

BuUard  M"  L  C  (Laura  Curtis) 

34  Gramercy  Park 

40  E  40 

I*«Si54S-38&  76-38 
35  W3S 


BuUard  M'  Harold  Curtis-Na.Ul.Uv.Dth'84 |      2  W  88 

BuUard  M"  Wm  Duff  (Anna  M  Riker) see  DSSX 

Bullock  MiM"  Geo  (Janet  Eckstein) Un.G.S.Rg.Lc.Ny. 

JlSa  tf"  Harriet  E 
Bumpus  Prof  &  M' 


40  WaU 

M"  ab^d 


RocheUe  Pk 

New  RocheUe 


Hermon  C  (L  Ella  Night- 
ingale) C.Br*84 

Jej,  M'  Hermon  C  Jr 

Jto^  Prince  Jaisingrao  Gaekwar 

Bunker  tf"  Caroline IP^IB  4809  Plaza 

M"  Sidney  H  Treat  (Bunker) |  571  Park  Av 

Bunker  MiM"  Wm  (Stevens-Margaret  E)  R.G.Snc.Pl.Dt.Rv. 

Cw.Au.  .I*«Si37.  .Ridgefield  Ct 

Burbank  MiM"  Alonzo  N-Mt.Mid 30  Broad 

"  ~     '      ~    ~         I*«S685Col 

2025  B'way 

BurbankMiM"WChanning  (Louise  Roche)  Bg.Rv. 

Jx^„  M'  Channing  R [Cal.Rc.H*87 

Burchard  M'  Anson  W-Mt.Uv.Mid.Au.Eg.Cy.Ap.Stv*8s 

P^«S3268Plaza..i25  E  57 
BurcheU  MiM"  Hy  J  (Candida  di  M  Paleari)Uv.Cr92. 1      ^  ^^ 

JIS.  tf"  Mary  &  W  James |49  w  57 

Burckhardt  M' Edward 12  Av  de  TAlma  Paris 

Hew  York  1909 


Burden  MiM"  HenryQuUa  R  Hart)Uv.Ny.Un.As.Gg.Cd.Cly. 

Wms'87.Cr92..iS5  W  58 

Burden  M'  Howard  H-Cy Country  Club  Throgg's  Neck 

Burden  MiM"  I  Townsend(Evelyn  Byrd  Moale)  Un. 
Burden  IP"*  Evelyn  Byrd* Gwendolyn. .  .[Bg.Cda.  Pl»Si426-79 
Burden  M'  I  Townsend  Jr-K.R.Rh.Bg.H/p;.  ab'd      2  E  92 

Lusi  Aug  5 

Burden  M"  James  AbercromHe  (Mary  Irvin)  Cda 

Burden M'WimamsP-K.R.B.Tf.Mb.H'99.  .ab'd       P«S262-79 

Prov  Jly  23        908 
Burden  MIM"  Arthur  Scott  (Cynthia  Roche)  R.Mb.      Fifth  Av 

Burden  MiM"  James  A(F  AdMe  Sloane)K.R.Un.Tf  .Mid.Ny.Ct. 
Qv.Uv.Au.Mb.Cly.H/93.  .ab'd  A  Vic  Jly  i6.av'dOct8 

P^^S6i3-7o..7  E  91 

Burden  M"  Joseph  Warren  (Harrictte  H  Griswold) 1 

Burden  IT  Jos  Warren-R.H.'o6 163  E  64 

Burden  W  Chester  G-at  Beck  Hall  Camb' 

Burden  MiM"  Wm  A  M  (Florence  V  Twombly)  R.K.Ad.H.'oo' 

ab'd  Aka  Jly  2.  .av'd  Lusi  Oct  8.  .^1^1336-79.  .5  E  73 
Burdett  M"  Chas  Phelps  (Mary  Roe)  Cda.Myf. 

P^S2i57Plaza..36  W  59 
Burdett  MiM"  Daniel  H  (Ann  P  Holder)  Ny.  . . .      281  Amity 

JSS,  HP"  Frances Flushing  L  I 

Burdick  MIM"  Francis  M  (Sarah  U  Kellogg)  C.Bd.  p^,^     ^ 

633  W  115 
,  .  .  Married 

Burdick  tf—  Anna  V  E  ft  Flora  M.  .[Du.Ham'69 

Burdick  M'  Charles  K-P/04 

Burdick  IP"  Katharine  P  (Francis  M). 

Townsend  D'  Theo  I Oct  14 

Burger  MiM"  Clarence  Livingston  KnoUwood  Country  Club 

(Edith  P  Carter)  R.Kg.P.'85     White  Plains  N  Y 

Ja  M'  Fairfax  C see  Do^lS. 

Burgess  M'  E  Phillips-Uv.P/90 P^SsooRect.  .66  W  46 

Burgess  MiM"  Ed  G  Jr  (Elizabeth  W  Goffe)  Uv.Bg.H/98 

P'«S7o9-i2 . .  Shippan  Pt  Stamford  Ct . .  see  D^^. 

Burgess  Rt  Rev  Frederick~Ha.Gg.Br' 73 I  1*^44 

Burgess  M^  Julian  H,  Edgar  B-Y*o9  &  Geo-  I     See  House 
Jg.  M'  Fred'k  Jr [Y' iilGarden  City  L I 


Social  Register 

323  W  57 

37  W  49 

Burgess  Prof  &  M"  JohnW(Ruth  P  Jewett)  Bd.Aht'67 

Burgess  M'  E  Payne  J-CFoq 

Burgess  M'  Thos~Uv.W.H'6o Pau  France 

Burgess  Mill"  Wm  H  (Cora  E  Larrabee)  Mc.S.    |P'«S3542Plaza 

Burgess  IP"  Elsa [Na.|  507  Mad  Av 

Burke  MiM"  Bernard  J  (Florence  Waller)  Mt.Dt.As.R. 

P«Jio8.  /*Fair  Mead"  Dobbs  Ferry 
Burke  M"  John  (Elizabeth  W  Watson) I    f^'Togej*'  Woodlands " 

Burke  If"  Edith  Lee JLleweUyn  Pk  Orange  N  J 

Burkham  If"  Mary  Sinclair-Cd.Dar 

Burkham  If"  Caroline  Tousey 

Burkham  M'  Scott 

Burleigh  MiM"  Geo  Wm  (Isis  Y  Potter  Stockton)  Dt.Ny.P.'Qa 

ab'd  Maur  Tly  22.  .  av'd  Adri  Sep  30.  .PlRiGram.  .42  W  9 
Burlingame  MiM*^  Edw  L  (Ella  F  Badger)  C.H.'..  .|P«S354i-79 

Jffi.  M'  Wm  R-at  Morristown  Sch |     47  E  83 

Burlingame  MiM"  Fred'c  Anson  (Charlotte  S  Gannett) 

Burlingham  MiM"  Chas  C  (Louisa  W  Lawrence)  C. 

Burlingham  tf"  Anne  Hoe [H/79 

Burlingham  M"*  Charles-H*o6  &  Robert-H'io 

Bum  Capt  &  M"  Chas  Rosden  (Ethel  Forbe&-Leith) 

48  Cadogan  Pi  London 

Burnet  M'  James  Robison Died  at  Ma  Jly  11 

Burnett  MiM"  Edward  (Burnett-Ethel  R  Mason)  Uv.  I  Forest  Av 

JS.  tf"  Mary [R.Unb.H.'7i|  Rye  N  Y 

Burnett  MiM"Hy  Lawrence  (Agnes  Suffem  Tailer)' 
Burnett  M'  Hy  L  Jr-Cl/05.  .  .[Un.C.Mt.W.Rp.Ll. 
Burnett  M'  Edw  N  T-at  22College  NewHaven  Ct . . 
Bumham  MiM"  Chas  L  (Anna  W  Elliott)  As.Cw.Rp.Ty*98 

Y/oi .  .see  M"  G  Elliott  47  E  57 
Bumham  M"  Douglas  W  (EHzabeth  Blodgett) 

M"  Daniel  Le  R  Dresser  (Bumham) 

M'"  Susan  F  *  &  M'  Daniel  Le  R  Jr  Dresser 
Bumham  MiM"  Fred'k  A  (Catharine  M  Knebel)  M.IP«S3S37-79 
Bumham  MiM"  Fred'k  K  (Lillian  Baldwin).. [Lt. Ay. |    66  E  78 
Bumham  MiM"  Gordon  W  (Isabel  J  Oswald)  Cal.S. 

P^«S2948Plaza..S2  W  50 
Bumham  MiM"  Thos  B  (Edith  Crosland)  Un.Ny Union  Club 

140  E  38 



44  E  so 

New  York  1909 


Bums  Mill"  Walter  (Evelyn  C  Bentinck) London 

Burr  MiM"  Calvin  (Mabel  L  Hayden)  Un.Uv.Y*94 

Catskill  N  Y.  .see  D^'SS. 
Burr  MiM"  Nelson  B  (Helen  V  C  Morris)  Un.Uv.R.Mb.Sa.Tf. 

Gg.Fw.Y/93..i7  W32 
Burr  M'  WilHam  F  (Prof  Wm  H). .  .Died  at  Lake  View  Ore  Jly  1 5 
Burr  HiM"Wm  H(Gertrude  G  Shipman)Uv.C.Ch. . .  |P»S4698Col 
^»M'GeoL^at45Gray*sHallCamb'[Mtw.Rens*72.|  151  W  74 
Burr  MiM"  Winthrop (Frances  Page)Un.Uv.Tf.Rh. 

Burr  tf"  Rosamond [Rg.R.Cd.Cly.H.'84    ^^4723-38 

JSL  IP-  Frances  &  W  Winthrop  Jr . .  at  St  Marks  3  8  E  3  8 

Burrell  Rev  DiM"  David  Jas  (Clara  S  DeForest)  Y'67  P'^«Si3Col 

Burrell  tf"-  Elizabeth  S  &  Eleanor  L 248  W  75 

Burrell  MiM"  Norman  M  (NataHe  Colfax)  Y.'gQ.see  A  E  Colfax 

ab'dCedJly  16 
E  70 


Burrill  MiM"  Drayton  (Elizabeth  Steward)  Un. 

J^«tf"  Elizabeth  S  MftM'  Drayton  Jr[Rg.Cw.Cr82 

Burrill  MiM"EdLivingston(HortenseBartlett)Un.Dt.|P^^372Bry— EleanorL&Beatrice.[Rg.Rh.Au.Tf.Rv.Cl'85   I   8  W  48 

Burrill  MiM"MiddletonS(EmilieNeilson)Un.K.Rh.[  N25625-38"  Leonie [Dt.Rv.Mb.Rg.Au.Tf.H/791     36  E  38 

Burrill  M'  Percy  Morris.  . Married  at  Lexington  Ky 

Bradley  IP"  AKce  (O  L) Jun  24 

-"  M'M'*^  Percy  Morris  (Alice  Bradley)  Un.Dp.Cr95 

Union  Club 

Burrill  MiM'^ 

29  E  29 

see  idenoe 

Burrough  M"  Frank  M  (Harriet  E  Fairbrother) 
Burrough  tf"  May-Cd [Cd.Dar. 

Burrough  MiM"  Lewis  F  (Margaret  M  Kemochan)  Ar.Cw. 

Hastings-on-Hudson  N  Y.  .see  PJ22. 

Burrowes  M"  Wm  A  (Virginia  R  Prickett) jP«Si68Riv 

Burrowes  tf"  Virginia  C |  272  W  77 

Burrows  MiM"  Eustace  H  (Anna  B  Phelps)  Ats. 

P*^i635Gerrard. .  16  Bolton  London 

Burrows  MiM"  O  Hoffman-Ul .Union  League  Club 

'Burt  M"  Alvin  C  (Louise  Ralph) see  J  P  Kirlin 

Burt  M"  James  (Euretta  Guion) 

Burt  V^  Abigail  &  EUsabeth  B 

IF*^  Elisabeth  &  Almira  Guion 

14  Fifth  Av 

84  Social  Register 

Burt  D'  Stephen  Smith-Rv.Cw.Cr*72.  .P*«S2iooBry.  .207  W  44 
Burtis  Pay  Dir  &  M"  Arthur  (Ida  Thomas) USN.Un.Sn.LLHl. 

Ny.Ar.Snc.Mtw.Php.  .Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Burton  MiJT'Frank  V(Katharine  S  VanDtizer)Mt.Ul. 

Burton  IP""  Lucia  C  &  Catharine  S [R.Tf.Mc.Rg.  23  E  56 

JS.  r"  Frank  V  Jr  *  Van  Duzer 

Burton  MiM"  John  Howes  (Marie  D  Brooks)  R.Ul.Rh.Mc.Tf. 

Rg.H/90.  .P»«Sii34FarRock.  .Woodmere  L  I 
Burton  MiM"  Rob't  L  (FlorenceSouthwick)  I  av'd  Maur  Jun  18 
Burton  If  "Florence  S .  .  .  .[R.Tf.Rg.Rh.Mc.|of  P'«Sio2iFarRock 

Burton  M'  Crawford-R.Rh.H/08 Cedarhurst  L  I 

J&^  NP"  Louise Hotel   Gotham 

Bury  MiM"  Lindsay  (Georgiana  Davis) 

**Wilcot  Manor**  Wiltshire  Eng 
Busch  MiM"  Briton  Niven  (Christine  M  Fairchild)  R. 

P^«Si2i..0ysterBay  LI 
Bush  IP"  Anna  Raynor 

P«Si95TVt*n.  ."Daffodil  Farm".  .Valhalla  N  Y 
Bush  MiM"  D  Fairfax  (Edith  W  Low)  Mt.Dt.R.Rg.Cly. 

P«S462  Plaza.. 55  E  67 

Bush  M'  E  Renshaw-Ul.CrSi Union  League  Club 

Bush  MiM"  Rob't  Wilder  (CaroHne  C  Cooke)  Cyb.H.'Sg 

P**'»Si986Main.  .10  Monroe  PI  Brooklyn 

Bushnell  M' ^Chas  E P«S42  2sCol.  .33  W  67..  see  Tft 

Bushnell  MiM"  Douglas  Stewart  (Helen  M  Applegate)  Mg.Mo. 

Stv*o6.  .P'^S72.  .11  James  Morristown  N  J 
Bushnell  M'  Jos-Ul.Mt.Dt.Un.Ny.Snc.Mo.Mg. 

Mad  Av  Morristown  N  J 
Bushnell  M"  Robert  G  (Ella  J  Stewart).  . . .  IP'%407 . .  9  Franklin 

Bushnell  IP"  Eleanor  G-Mg |    Morristown  N  J 

Bushnell  M''  Thos  C  (Mary  Groves)  Mg VP'Togg.  .21  Ehn 

MiM"  Alex  Torrance  (Bushnell) |  Morristown  N  J 

Busk  MiM"  Fred'k  T  (Margaret  K  Shope)  Dt ..  j. 

JSi.  tf "  Mary  L  ft  M'  F  W 1 6 6  b  7  4 

Busk  MiM"  John  Laird  (Eleanor  Joy)  M'  av*d  Luc  Oct  3 

I*^S2i74Victoria.  .97  Ashley  Gardens  London 

Busk  M"  Jos  R  (Mary  H  Laird) p  Indian  Spring" 

Busk  tf"  Margaret  Hamilton |    Newport  R  I 

New  York  1909 


Busk  MiM"  Wm  Hamilton  (May  Taintor)  R.Ny. 

P'^«Si5SWB'ght'n..Port  Richmond  S  I 

Bussing  M"  Abram  (Emma  Frost) see  H  T  Kingsbury 

Butler  MiM"  Arthur  Pierce  (Lydia  R  Famham)  H/88 

P*«5i56'.  .Morristown  N  J 

Butler  M'  Arthur  W-As.Ny.R.U.v.Au.P*92 120  E  55 

Butler  M"Benj  FrankUn(EUen  G  Parker) I P^56 14 . .  76Macculloch  Av 
Butler  M"  Howard  (MaryHButler) .  \        Morristown   N  J 

P'^'»2 1 792-38 
142  E  40 


Butler  M'  Charles-Uv.Cl/91. 
Butler  M'  Franklin  Crosby-Ct. 
Butler  MiM"Chas  Hy  (Marcia  Flagg)  Ny.Snc.  Rp. 

Butler  M'  Ethan  F-P.'o6.  .at  Johns  Hopkins. 

Butler  M'  Chas  M-P*io 

&  W  Hy  F-at  Tome  Sch  Pt  Deposit  Md 

Butler  Rev  &  M"  EdwinE(Anna  H  Fuller)  P»^'S2592Bry 

'  Butler  M'  Dudley-Ad.  Wms'oo.  .[Mg.ab'd  Alpha  Delta  Phi  Club 

Butler  HP"  Emily  Qgden-ab'd  Jly  i4.av'd  Kp  Wm  P*^4492-38 

IP-  Mathilda  K  Wallin [Sep  29  78  Park  Av 

Butler  M"  Geo  H  (Henrietta  L  Lawrence) 964  Fifth  Av 

Butler  MLM"  Geo  P  (Ellen  Mudge)  C.Uv.P.'84 

M'  ab'd  Cecil  Jun  9 .  .  ^^0915. .  288PalisadeAvYonkers  NY 

Butler  M'  Geo  Pierce-Ny.Au.Na 

Butler  M'Wm  H-Lc.Pl.Ny.Au.Na 

JP"  Vivian  Butler  Burke 

Butler  Nf"  Helen  C 550  Park  Av 

Butler  W^  Henry  L  (Mary  J  Murray) . 

Butler  M'"  Eliza  Rhees 

ButlerlP"Mary Murray . .  at42AvGabriel  Paris 

IP"  Rosa  Murray.  . 
Butler  MiM"  Hy  Weil  (Grace  E  Fairchild)  Cr.'oi 

P^S682rTremont.  .Morris  Heights 
Butler  M'  Howard  CrQsby-Uv.Pl.P.'92 

P^1?Sr8i.  /*Merwick"  Princeton  N  J 
ButlerM'HowardG(lateBenjF) .  .  Died  at  White  Plains  N  Y  Aug  4 
Butler  MiM"  Howard  Russell  (Virginia  Hays)  C.Uv.Lt.P.' 7 6 

P^^55oi  Plaza.  .135  E  66 



175  Hamilton  Av 

Paterson  N  J 

P%S298..**  Fox  Hurst'' 
Westchester  N  Y 
Butlei-  r-  Matilda  W 104  E  3*: 

Butler  MiM"JMorri^Jr(IsabelPTiffany).. 
Ja  M'  John  M  3d 


Social  Register 

Butler  Mill"  Nicholas  Murray  (Kate  La  Mon-  a^T't^JCr^WtrAIt^o^ 
tagne)  C.Mt.Uv.Bd.As.Ct.Ch.Gg.Cl.'82    ^^;,o2M7d  Schuyler 119  E  3o 

Butler  M"PrescottHall(Comelia  Stewart  Smith)  Cd.|P^i 25-38 
Butler  M'  Lawrence  S-S.Uv.Gg.Un.R.H/98..[Jkl.Cly.|       125 

Butler M'  Chas  S-S.Gg.Uv.H/99 |      E  38 

Butler  M"  Rob't  Gordon  (Mary  L  Thorp) 

Jus.  IP"-  Marjorie  M,  Elsie  H  &  Eleanor  G 

Butler  MiM"  Saml  S  (Sara  B  Douglas) 

Butler  iP-  Maie  S  S 

Butler  M'  D  Douglas 

Butler  If"  Virginia "The  Nunnery"  Stockbridge  Mass 

Butler  M'  Willard  Parker-C.Uv.Dt.Mtw.Cr78 

P»^8i7Mad..i43  E  36 


P'W3  429  j  Pros 



RoundOak"  Yonkers 


Butler  M"  wm  Alien  (Mary  R  Marshall) . . 
Butler  lP""Mary  Marshall  &  Harriet  A. . 
Butler  MIM"  Wm  Allen  (Louise  T  Comns)Uv.Myf .Cd. 

Butler  M""  Wm  A  Jr-P'09,  Lyman  C-P*io  &  Chas  T 

JlS.  tf""  Lydia  C  ft  Louise  T [P'12 

Butt  M"  McCoskry  (Minnie  Havemeyer  Elder)!  I*«si582Plaza 

Butt  M'  Rob't  McCoskry-Un.Au.Na 8Ws2 

Butt  M'  L  Havemeyer-Un |M  av'd  Ny  Oct3 

Butt  M'  McCoskry-Un.  Cy.  Ny.  Rg.  Na.  Rens'  82 i  £51 

Butterfield  M"  Dan'l  (James-Julia  Lorillard  Saiford) 

P^^Ssi6Plaza.  .616  Fifth  Av 

Butterfield  MiM"  F  W  Louis  (Ridgeway)M see  DSiSJ. 

Butterfield  M"  Fred'k  (Caroline  M  Falconer)  Cd 17  E  48 

Butterworth  MiM"  Frank  S  (Esther  A  Stoddard)  R.Y.'9S 

P«S487.  .682  Whitney  Av  New  Haven  Ct 
Butterworth  MiM"  Geo  Forrest  (Alice  Crawford)   P'«5204iMad 

JS5.  M'  G  Forrest  Jr [C.Uv.Dt.Cl.'74     104  E  30 

Butterworth  M'  William  H-Uv.C.Dt.Cr64 P«Ss48Mad 

Butterworth  IP"  Helen  A 38  E  35 

Butts  MiM"Hayden  H(Julia  Jackson)S.  .PlK3SooPlaza.  .14  E  60 
Byrd  MiM"  George  H  (Harrison) .... 

Byrd  IP"  Anne  Harrison-Cda 

Byrd  M'  Francis  Otway-R.H.'oo. . . 

RyrdMiM"  Wm  (Rita  Fox)  Uv.Bg.H.'97 Short  Hills  N  J 

69  Park  Av 

New  York    1909  87 

Byrne  iP"  Elizabeth  M 145  W  58 

Byrne  MiM"  James  (Helen  MacGregor)  Un.Uv.Mid. JOyster  Bay 

Rg.Ct.Fn.Ctli.Cly.H/77         L  I 
M'  Lewis  B  Robinson I  see  DSSJ. 



South  Orange  N  J 

Byron  M"  Geo  Gordon  (Anna  C  Olwell) 
Byron  IT"  Gordon  M,  Harold  B,  Ed  B  & 

Byron  MiM"  Percy  A  (Th^rfese  Pugh)  N'qs 

P«SiS6j.  .157  S  Orange  Av  S  Orange  N  J 
Cabell  MiM"  J  Alston  (Ethel  Hoyt  Scott)|P^497S . .  410  E  Grace 
Rv.Cc.Fw.Cw.Wesso.Cd.l         Richmond  Va 

JS.  JP"  Ethel  A I  see  |ffiS«, 

Cabell  MiM"  Walter  Coles  (Charlotte  Schott)   |Pl?J6936Hanover 

M"  C  Ridgely  Schott [Va'96|        37  Wall 

Cabot  DiM"FollenJr(EdithT  Blake)H/94..P«Ss42Mad..i29  E  31 
Cabot  MiM"FrancisH(MaudBonner)Un.Cly..P^i  142-79..37 E7S 

Cachard  M"  Edward  (Caroline  Chazoumes) [6  rue  Chalgrin 

Cachard  M'  Edward  B |        Paris 

Cachard  M'  Henry,  .av'd  Prov  Oct  23 .  .ab'd  Nov 

'J  T  iTue  La  P^rouse  Paris 
Cadwalader  M'  John  Lambert-Un.K.Uv.Ul.C.Mt.Au.Ny.Dt. 

Cady  M"  Chauncey  M  (Harriett  M  Havens) [P*1?S3i9sBry 

Cady  IP"*  Harriette,  Charlotte  H  &  Sara  D |   253  W  42 

Cady  MiM"J  Cleveland  (Emma  M  Bulkley)C.Ty*6o 

Cady  tf"  JuUa  B  &  M'  Cleveland 

JSL  M*"  Lydia  &  M'  Lyndon . .  at  Wms  College 

C»sar  MiM"  Henry  A  (Laura  F  Unger)  Ul.Mt. 
Caesar  M'  Paul  N . .  .at  Princeton.  [Dv.Mc.Na 
Caesar  M'  Harry  I-at  Hill  Sch  Pottstown  Pa 

Caffey  M'  Francis  G-M.Kg.So.H.'9i P«S647Bry.  .44  W  44 

Caldwell  M'  James  H-Uv.Ny.Eg.Na.Rens'86. 

av*d  Adri  Sep  3 . .  100  B'way 

Caldwell  V"  Louise  T P*«S27i8Mad. .  120  E  34 

Caldwell  tf"  Rebecca  A-Cly P'*'»S5i99Plaza. .  131  E  66 

Calef  MiM"  Amos  H  (Stacy)  Ul.Lt.Cw.Ar 512  FifthAv 


19  W  76 


Calhoun  tf"  Julia  J 

Calhoun  M""  Jas  E-So.  &  John  C  Jr 

Calhoun  MiM   D  Adams  (Tuck-Olga  Diminny)  Cr'oa 



148  Claremont  Av 
Mt  Vernon  N  Y 

88  Social  Register 

Calkins  MiM"  Leighton  (Nella  B  Whiton)  H/90 

P'«S49oj . .  821  Central  Av  PlainfieldN  J 
Callahan  MiM"  Hy  W  (Sarah  S  Frazee)  Uv. 


Callahan  ff"  Ola  S  &  J^  M'  Edw  C 

Callaway  M'  Trowbridge  (late  Sam'l  R).  .Married  at  All  Angels 

Kellogg  ir-  Elsie  McI  (Luther  L) Oct  20 

Callaway  M"Saml  Rodger  (Elizabeth  J  Ecclestone)  p,^     « 

Callaway  M'  Sam'l  T-'H.'o4 °^i,  ^'^ 

M"  J  Frailey  Smith  (Callaway) 21  ii.  70 

Callaway  MiM"Trowbridge(ElsieMKellogg)Rh.H/os.  .161  E  71 

Callender  If^  Mary  R-Cly ^^25404-79. .  27  E  72 

Callender  M"  Wm  Stanhope  (Theresa  Anthon) 

see  M"  Wm  H  Anthon. .  135  E  35 

Callisen  MiM"  Adolph  W  (Dora  H  Sterling)  S.C Clifton  S  I 

Calvert  Rev  DiM"  John  B  (Mary  D  Mairs)  As.Dke.Roch'76 

P^i8.  .Irvington  N  Y..see  DSSS. 

Calvocoressi  M'  Pandia  J-Ct.N Ralli  Bros  Bombay  India 

Camac  DiM"  Chas  N  Bancker  (Julia  A  Metcalfe)  Ct.Sa.Pa'92 

see   J^omi^a 

Camblos  M'  Henry  S-Un Union  Club 

Cameron  M"  A  Scott  (Julia  Sewell) P^«S96o-38 . .  31  E  38 

Cameron  M'  Alex-Ha.Uv.Y.'69 P^^5957Col. .  103  W  54 


''Clifton  Berley'' 

Grasmere  S  I 

Cameron  M*"~Margaret  &  CatharineN-Rc.Tf. 

Cameron  M'Rod'kMacLeod-Un.K.R.  .  .[Cly. 

Cameron  W  Duncan  E 

Cameron  MiM"  W  Scott  (Rosalie  W  de  Goicouria)R.Uv.Mb 

Tf .Y.'97 .  . ab'd  Celt  Oct  22 .  . Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Cammann  MiM"ChasL(ComeliaBde  Lancey) .  .Hotel  St  Andrew 
Cammann  MiM"  Chas  L  Jr  (Estelle  Wright)  Lc.        |P^«2i303Col 

JSS.  M^  Cornelia  de  L [av'd  A  Vic  Sep  io|  234  W  74 

Cammann  DiM"  Donald  M  (Sophie  E  Spencer)  Uv.Snc.Ox'76 

University  Club 
Cammann  MiM"  Geo  P  (Jean  B  Gallatin)  Un.Dt.Snc.T.Na. 

Cw.  .P^«S97.  .Tuxedo  Park  N  Y 
Cammann  MiM"  Hy  Lorillard(Grace  H  Churchill) Un.Uv.Mc. 

Cw.Cly. H' 86. .1*^80. .* The  Maples' '.. Putnam AvGreenwichCt 
Cammann  MiM"  HermannH(EllaCCrary)Dt.Snc.G. 

Cammann  M'EdwC-Un.Snc.Ny.Cw [Ch.Ct 

Cammann  M'  H  Schuyler 

165  W  58 

New  York  1909 


Cammann  IP"  Isabella  Mali *.  .  .P*1?Si88iMad. .  123  E  30 

Cammann  M*"  Katharine  L P«S4244Mad. .  155  E  36 

Cammann  M*M"  Louis  de  L  (Emma  Baker) 45  B'way 

Cammann  M^"*  Susan  G  &  M  Mathilda Hotel  St  Andrew 

Cammann M'WmC-Uv.Cal.Cl/9 1 P^1»55395Mad.  .3  W  30 

Camp  M"  Elisha  E  (Louisa  Keller) see  Di^iffil. 


Morris  Heights 

.  Cairo  Egypt 

Camp  M"  Hugh  N  (Elizabeth  D  McKesson) 

Camp  tf"  Elsie 

Camp  MLM"  John  McK  (Marjorie  C  Nott)  Ch.  . 

if"  Daisy  P  Dunn 

Camp  MiM"  Hugh  N  (Candace  E  Quinby)  R.Ul 

av*d  Onic  Sep  16.  .I*^377iCol.i5o  W  59 

Campbell  M"  Alexander  (Emma  L  Field) P**«;  1191 

Campbell  If"  Mary  F-Mg [USN'05    34  James 

CampbellM""Ward~E.Mo.Mg.&Malcolm-An.Pl.        Newark  N  J 
Campbell M'  Benj  H-Uv.Cw.Rv.Cr68. ..  P*^«S732J.  .333  NBroad 

Campbell  W  Shiras-Cw.Y/00 Elizabeth  N  J 

Campbell  DiM"  Clarence  G  (Helen  Fahnestock) . 
Campbell  M'  Douglas-Un.Mb.Lc.Ll.U'94.H.'97 

^^  of  Cherry  VaUey  NY..  P^«Si348Plaza.  .  65  W  54 
Campbell  Mill"  Douglas  (Eleanor  Goodrich)  Ny.Na. 

P^^53 138-79.. 75  E82 
Campbell  MiM"DouglasW(Aim^eLawrence).64  S  AudleyLondon 
Campbell  Mill"  Duncan  of  Ross  (Ethel  H  Waterbury) 

1 1  Chesham  London 

Campbell  MiM"  E  J  Fraser  (Edna  Arnold) 

Campbell  M'"  E  J  Fraser  Jr,  Arnold  F  &  W  B  F. . 

M'"  Frances  Arnold 

Campbell  M"  Fred'k  H  (Emily  Barber) 

Campbell  M""  Fred'k  B-Pu.Un.H.'94 

ab'd  Ced  Jly  16  &  Chas  M 
CampbellM'01iverS-Un.R.Uv.Au.Rh.Pu.Cr9i. . . 

Campbell  M"  George  w  (Watson) Rome  Italy 

Campbell  MiM"  George  W  (Anna  Grier)  Un Milburn  N  J 

Campbell  MiM"  Gordon  (Gertrude  Kemble)  Stv*88 York  Pa 

'    "" ^  '~  '  '"  P^^Si87i-79 

68  E  77 

414  w 


112  E  70 

Campbell  MiM"  Grant  (Ethel  M  Lea)  Stv'99 
Campbell  M'  Duncan 

Campbell  ff"  Harriet  Kip-Cda MorristownN  J 

Campbell  M*"  Helen  M see  J  B  Ireland 

go  Social  Register 

Campbell  MiM"  Henry  G  Jr  ^Ada  L  Thompson)  Cal.Ny.Na. 

Campbell  MiM"  Henry  G(MargaretAPrall)Un.Ny.  529  Park  Av 

Campbell  If "  Jane  G [Ht.Au.Rv.Ss.      Paterson 

Campbell  M'  Edwin  P-Uv.Y'qS N  J 

Campbell  M'  J  H  Mayne-Mt . .  av'd  Ced  Jun  12..  ab'd  Nov  7 

Oriental  Club  London 

Y^Toyr  **Roroyare" 
Cold  Spring  N  Y 

Campbell  M"  John  (Mary  Price)  Cly 

DiM"Coryell  Clark  (Campbell) 

Campbell  MiM"  Malcolm  (Sarah  H  Booth)  Uv.Pl.P/82 

see  W  T  Booth 

Campbell  ff"  Martha  H.  / . P«SiS2iMad.i2i  E  30 

Campbell  M"  Moses  Taylor  (Louise  de  Ruyter) 

P*«S5742Plaza.  .25  E  62 
Campbell  MIM"  Nathaniel  A  (Elizabeth  W  Detwiller)  As. 

I*«J2864-79..i26  E  74 
Campbell  MiM"  Rob't  J  (Estelle  E  Arnold)  Hob'66 

P«Si5i9Gram..42  W  9 
Campbell  M"  Samuel  (Fannie  Mott) .  .P«J2  2i 

**The  Lindens"  South  Orange  N  J 
Campbell  MiM"  Samuel  S  (Fannie  Saunders)  Ul. 

P«S522 . .  28  Dwight  PI  Englewood  N  J 

Campbell  M*"  Selena  Maycock |rlK827Plaza 

Campbell  M'  WiUiam  M-N'98 |     56  E  69 

Campbell  MiM"  Wm  A  (Marian  H  Dunbar)  Un.Uv.Ll.Y/88 

H.'9o . .  Union  Club . . seeDSSSK. 

Canda  MiM"  Chas  A  (Ida  H  Holmes) Roselle  N  J 

Canda  MiM"  Chas  J  (Catherine  E  Abeel)M P*«S275 

Canda  M*"**  Emeline  A  &  Angeline "Nuthurst" 

Canda  MiM"  Abeel  (Mabel  A  Bage) Summit  N  J 

Canda  MiM"  FerdinandE (Jackson-Louise  S  Hub-   P«S25iPlaza 

M'  R  C  Jackson [bard)M.Eg. 

Candee  M"  Churchill  (HelenC  Hungerford)Cvcw. 

Candee  M'  Harold  C [av'd  Carm  Aug  26 

Candler  MiM"  Duncan  W  (Beatrice  de  T  Post)Sa.Rv.Cl.'95 

P^S3949Mad..4S  E  25 
Candler  MiM"  Flamen  Ball  (M  LilHan  Welch)  Ul.Ha.T.Dt.Rp. 

Rv..  .P«5ii63Gram. . 20  Fifth  Av 

665  Mad  Av 

288  Mad  Av 

New  York  igog  91 

Candler  Mill"  Rob't  Welch  (Ethel  B  Hosmer)Bg.Rv.Ha. 

P'^^S2  7l..ShortHillsN  J 
Canfield  MLM"  Geo  D  (AUda  C  Marshall)  Na. 

P«Si66  ** Farmlands"  Peekskill  N  Y 
Canfield  MiM"  Geo  F  (Frances  M  Marshall)  Uv.Ct.Dt.H/75 

P^665oCol..344  W  72 
CanfieldM"Hobart(EmilyHFord).2ioMorrisAvMomstown  N  J 
Canfield  Mill"  James  Hulme  (Flavia  A  Camp)  C.A.Wms'68 

P«S6o6Col..244  W  73 

Canfield  M'  John  D-Uv.Mo.Wms'66 (150  Madison  Av 

M"  Wm  Silliman |Morristown  N  J 

Cannon  MiM"  Hy  Brevoort  (Julia  T  E  Cox)  R.Ar. 

P«S8o3J . .  Cedar  La  Teaneck.  .po  Hackensack  N  J 
Cannon  MiM"  HyWhite(JennyOCurtis)Ul.C.Pl.Mt. 


JUS.  M'  Henry  W  Jr-av*d  Adri  Jun  10 

Cannon  M'  Geo  C 

M"  Gold  T  Curtis 

Cantacuzene-Speranskey  Pr&  PcssMichael  ( JuliaGrant)  Bm.  Cd. 
Vosresienskaia  Nabreznaia  30  St  Petersburg 

Capen  M'"  Edna Married  at  Noroton  Ct 

Lapham  M'  John  H  (Lewis  H) Oct  7 

Cardozo  MiM"  Ernest  A  (Emily  R  WolflE)  Ar.Cl/99 

I*«o*6968Col..236  W  71 

Cardozo  M*"**  Rachel  &  Addie .  .  ttt.  ^ 

Cardozo  W  Michael  H-Croi i7S  W72 

Carey  MiM"  Fred'c  Foster  (A  Madeleine  Lewis)  T.Snc.R.Cly. 

P"ms,  .Tuxedo  Park  NY 

Carey  M'  Henry  T-Mt.Ul.Ss.Snc see  DSliSK. 

Carey  tf"  Mary  de  Peyster see  DSSlX 

Carey  MiM"  Samuel  (Laura  Silliman  Taylor)  Rg.Cr6o 

P«S3i78Bry..38  W46 
Carey  M"  Samuel  T  (Mary  de  Peyster) 

Died  at  Wave  Crest  Far  Rockaway  L  I  Aug  12 
Carhart  MiM"  Alfred  B  (Mabel  R  Millett)  P'92 

P**^245 . .  22  Parker  Maiden  Mass 
Carhart  MiM"  Amory  Sibley  (Marion  Brookman)Un.K.Ha.Au. 
Bm.Fw.Ny.Myf  .T.Cw.Rv.SncCly.  M'  ab'd  Prov  Jun  25 
fm'y  av'd  Adri  Sep  30 . .  P«S6o  **  Villa  Blanca  "  Tuxedo  NY 


Social  Register 

Carle  M'  John  J-Na IP«S37oPlaza 

Carle  M'  Edward  H-Rg ]     55  E  54 

Carle  MiM"  Robert  W  (Adele  W  Skiddy)  Uv.Y'gS 

see  W  W  Skiddy 

27  W37 

1*^5793  Gram 
IS  W8 

*Ridgewood  Cottage'* 
White  Plains  N  Y 

Carleton  M"  Geo  W  (Elizabeth  H  Baldwin) . 

Carleton  tf"  Ida  B 

Carleton  MiM"  R  High  (Juliet  C  Buck)  R.H/98 

P^«Si893Far  Rock.  .Cedarhurst  L  I 

Carleton  MiM"  Wm  E  (Bertha  J  Leavitt) 

Carleton  tf"  Ruth  I 

Carleton  W"  W  Dudley-H/oi  &  Guy  E-H.'o2. . 
Carley  MiM"  Francis  D  (Grace  Chess) Ul. 
CarleyMiM"Frank  C  (Irene  King)  R.Ay. 

Carlisle  MiM"  Jay  F  (Mary  Pinkerton)R.Rh.Au.Tf  .Racquet  Club 

Carlisle  M'John  G-So.M WBfe 

Carlisle  M"  Wm  K  (MoUie  Noonan) see 

JSS.  M'  John  G  Jr Dot?X 

Carlisle  tf "  Laura  R  (late  Wm  K) Married  at  WS6 

Pitkin  M'  Lewis  S Jly  n 

Carll  MiM"  Jas  H  (Mary  A  Bond) P^oigl 

&  M""  Wm  B  &  Jas  H  Jr Garden  City  L  I 

Carlton  Gen  Caleb  H-Mtw.Uv.An.Ap.Anw.Cvcw.         phwe/- ^^ 
.USA'59.  .at  Metropolitan  Club  WS£  ^      -^^r 

Carlton  tf"  Mabel  Percy-Ap ^^^  ^^  ^ 

Carlton  M'  Schuyler  C  (Caleb  H) . .  .Married  at  Grace  Chantry 

Couse  M'"  Florence Jun  10 

Carlton  MiM"  Schuyler  C (Florence  Couse)  Uv.Ap.Y' 87 

P'*Sy5i58oStuy..2o6  E  17 
Carmalt  MiM"  Laurance  J  (Helen  F  Clay)  Y.'88 

P'^^S3482Gram..3  W  8 
Carmalt  DiM"  Wm  H  (Laura  W  Johnson)C.Cr6i.       87  Elm 

Carmalt  M'***  Ethel  &  Geraldine • New  Haven 

Carmalt  M'  Woolsey-Y.'83 |P^^S6i2  Broad 

Carmalt  M*-  Katharine  W-Cda |     142  E  18 

Carman  MiM"  Nelson  G-Uv.Ul.Gg.Y'69. University  Club 

Carman  MiM"  Richard  P  (Bessie*  Niles  Leech)  Un.  I  Union  Club 
JiSs  M'  Richard  F  Jr [Na.Tf .Crj     absent 

New  York  igop 



see  D2^X 

Cannichael  M"  John  Richard  (Adelaide  A  Forbes) absent 

Carnegie  MiM"Andrew(LouiseWhitfield)Ul.A.Eg.Ct.Lt.R, 

JS.  tf"  Margaret 

Jf"  Estelle  Whitfield 

Carnegie  Mill"  Thos  Morrison  (Virginia  D  Beggs)  R.Ppt. 
of*  Dungeness*'FemandinaFla.  r^o538iPlaza.  io9E64.seeK2lh 

Cames  M'""  K  &  G see  D2^X 

Cames  M'  Mason-Un.Pl.N'88.of  4  rue  Piccini  Paris  Union  Club 
Camochan  M"  John  Murray  (Estelle  Morris) 
Camochan  M'  Gouv  Morris~-Cal.Dp.Cw.H'86. 

J^»  IT"  Fred'c  G  &  Gouv  M  Jr 

Carpender  Mill"  Chas  J  (Alice  Robinson) 

Carpender  M'  Charles  J  Jr [Rv.Snc 

&  IT"  Ed  R,  Moncure  C  &  Sydney  B 

Carpender  MiM"JohnN(AnnieNKemp)Uv.Dp. 
Snc.Rv.Rut'66..ab*d  Vtld  Jly  11  aVd 

Carpender  tf"  Anna  K 

Carpender  M""  J  Neilson  Jr-Rut'97  &  Hy  le  B 

Carpender  M'  Arthur  S-USN 

J^  M'  Wm  2d 

Carpender  MiM"  Noel  L  (Isabel  T  Gourlie)  So.Na 

P'^i2ir.  .Massapequa  L  I 

Carpender  M'  WilUam-Ul.Snc.Ny.Rv |P^«Si967Bry 

Carpender  tf"  Jean  P  J-Bm.& JlS,  tf"  Ella  F  J |     33  W  46 

New  Brunswick  N  J 



New   Brunswick 


420  N  Cascade  Av 

Colorado  Spgs 


Carpenter  M"  Alfred  F'  (Mary  L  Dunbar) 

Carpenter  M'  Dunbar  F-H'oo 

Carpenter  M""  Leonard  &  Alfred  S  V 
Carpenter  MiM"  Chas  Whitney  (Caroline  Bowne 

Smith) Ul.Mt.G.Rv.Cda..  P*'^S3oiRiv 

Carpenter  M^"**  Lilian,  Adele  &  Beatrice 526 

Carpenter  M'  Geo  W--Ul.Cw.Rv.Y/o3 W  End  Av 

Carpenter  M'  Chas  W  Jr->Ul.Cw.Rv 

Carpenter  Prof&M"GeoR(MarySeymour)C.Pl.H*86.IP*^«S6592  Col 

JlSa  M*^  Margaret  S |   207  W  56 

Carpenter  MiM"  Hy  Cannon  (Mary  J  Stuart)  Ad.Snc.Cl/99 

P^«S8638Riv..2  W86 
Carpenter  MiM"  Herbert  Sanford  (Cora  Anderson) Mt.Ul.Na. 

As.Au..aVd.  .A  Vic  Sep  io..P*^«22iioPlaza.  .56  W  55 


Social  Register 

av'd  Cecil  Jtin  30 



253  Wioo 

68  W  SI 

1*«S  303  s  Plaza 
471  Park  Av 

Carpenter  M"  Miles  B  (Josephine  E  James) 
Carpenter  IP"  Agnes 

Carpenter  MiM"  Philip  (Fanny  Hallock  Rouse)  Ul.Ats.Rp. 

Dar.Dke.Dth*77.  .P«S3 903 Mom.  .2880  B'way 
Carpenter  MiM"  Wm  H  (Anna  M  Douglass)  C.Cr'78. 

Carpenter  M'  Wm  M 

JlS.  r"  Rhys,  .at  Balliol  College  Oxford  &  John  T  . . 
Carpenter  MiM"  Wm  Hy  (Ruby  GRushmore)Ul.Snc.lP^«2338oCol 

Catpenter  M^  Wm  Hy  Jr-at  Princeton I  235  W  75 

Carr  DiM"  Walter  Lester  (Elmendorf-Grace  El- 
mendorf)  C.Hl.Rv.Cd.Dar.Ht.N'82 

M"  Katharine  Elmendorf  (Elmendorf) 

Carr^re  MiM"  John  M  (Marion  Dell)  C.Ay.Ap.Ct. 

Carr^re  IP"*  Anna  M  &  Marion  D 

Carr^re  M"  A  L  M  (Anna  L  Maxwell)ab'd  Kp 

Wm  Jun  16.  .av*d  Maur  Sep  17 
Carr^re  Mill"  L  Sidney  (Gertrude  Cochran)  M.l    ^To  4757  Gram 

fc  M^"  Gertrude [Rc.Cr86|  57  W  9     '■ 

Carrillo  deAlbomozM"Isaac(DoloresdeAldama)  |P*1K5099wAud 
Carrillo  de  Albomoz  MIM'"  Ren^  (Alice  B  Pmkus)|    469  W  144 
Carrington  MiM"  Wm  T  (Dora  Allen)  Mt.Ay.Ap.Au.Cr'77 

P^'il?Si62Mad.  .121  Mad  Av 
Carroll  MiM"  Bradish  Johnson  (Marion  Bowers)  Un.Rc.N'89 

P^^2264Riv..22i  W  79 
Carroll  M;M"  Chas  (Suzanne  Bancroft)  K.Mb.H'87 

av'd  Lusi  Aug  20. .  18  rue  Vaneau  Paris 
Carroll  MiM"  Chas  Gordon  (EHzabeth  S  Swann)  Un.Mdbl. 

P«S83 . ,  '*The  Ehns'*  Greenwich  Ct 
Carroll  MiM"  Howard  (Caroline  Starin)  Kg.Ny. 

Carroll  IP"  Arthur-As.Cl.'o4  &  Lauren-H.'o6. . . 

JJS.  IP"  Caramai 

Carroll  IP"  Julia  W  C P^^S3i4Bry.  .58  W  47 

Carroll  If  Lucy  A  (Johnson) Bay  Shore  L  I.  .see  DSSla^i 

Carroll  M'  Philip  A-K.H.'o2 P'^'»2897Mad. .  152  MadisonAv 

Carroll  l&M"  Royal  Phelps  (Marion  Langdon) 

}^  JP"  Dorothea 

441  Mad  Av 

41  E  49 

New  York  1909 


129  E  30 

M9  E  37 

Carroll  MiM"  Wm  (Grace  Curtis)  Ul.Kg.Na P«S29iRiv 

Carroll  M'  Ralph  C-Kg.Y/04 86  Riverside 

MIM"  Hy  Rowland  (Elsa  Carroll) Drive 

Carryl  M'  Charles  E-Un.C P^SiyooPlaza.  .718  FifthAv 

Carse  H*  M"  David  B  (Marguerite  Switzer)  Ny. 

Atch.Iir84.  ..Sharon  Ct 

Carse  M"  John  (Marian  Bisland) 

Carse  M'"-  Harriet  &  Elizabeth 

Carse  ff"  Hy  R-Ul.Ap.Cr'9S  &  John  B-Ap.Na. 

Carse  ItM"  John  Bradley  (Anna  R  Williams)  Uv.Dke.Atch 

Wnch.Wms'86.  .I*'i?Sio46lYonkers.  .RiVerdale  N  Y 
Carson  MiM"  J  Henry  (Helen  Willets) . .  .P«S4i3Gram. .  12  W  10 
Carson  MiM"  Joseph  (Elizabeth  J  Osbom)  Sa.Uv.Cr90 

P«S2593Plaza.  .121  E  55 
Carson  MiM"  Wm  Moore  (Jean  Maclay  Williams)  Un 

JlS.  }t^  Elizabeth  &  Rosetta [Dt 

JiS.  M'  Wm  M  Jr-at  Pomfret  Ct 

Carson  M"  Joseph  (Matilda  G  Moore) 

Carstensen  MiM"  John  (Ad^le  Thacher  Robin)  Ul.Lc 

P*1Jo4oooPlaza . .  Buckingham  Hotel 

Carter  M"  Aaron  (Sarah  S  Trow) P*^«24079Col. .  170W59 

Carter  D'Chas  Edgerton-H.*98. P»S528iPlaza.  .54  W  52 

Carter  DiM"  Curtis  Braxton  (Elizabeth  S  Miller)  So.Dar. 

P'*«S25o7Col..io2  W  71 
Carter  M'  Edward  C Married  at  Dark  Harbor  Me 

Draper  M'"  Alice  O  (late  D'  Wm  H) Aug  5 

Carter  MiM"  Edw  C  (Alice  O  Draper) 71  E  82 

Carter  MiM"  Ernest  (Daniell-Josephine  L  Foote)  Uv.Un.Ny. 

An.Chch.Y.*79.  .University  Club 
Carter  MiM"  Ernest  Trow  (Laura  Hoe)Uv.Ats.Cd.P.'88 

P3JS2499C0I..150  W  58 

Carter  M'  Fidelio  S-USN.Un.Mt.An.Anw Union  Club 

Carter  M"  Franklin  H  (Adelaide  H  Dickinson),  .see  G  H  Church 

Carter  M"  Henry  L  (JuHa  Phillips) 

Carter  ff"^  Julia  L  &  Maud 

JK.  ff"  Hester  &  M'  Carroll  C 

Carter  DiM"Herbert  Swit(Mabel  S  Pettit)Uv.P'92 . 
JS.  M'  J  Stewart  Pettit [av'd  Bluch  Aug  6 

see  DSlffi. 

66  W55 


Social  Register 

American  Embassy 

^33  E  56 

Carter  MiM"  J  Ridgely  (AUce  Morgan)  K 
Mtw.Mdbl.  av'd  Jly  30  ab'd  Lusi  Sep  16 

Carter  tf"  Mildred 

JSS,M'  Bernards 

Carter  Gen  &  M"  Jas  Lowell(Louise  H  Frost) Cal, 

Carter  tf"  Anna  Gray [USN'70 

Carter  MiM"  Jarvis  P  (Harriet  C  Delafield)  Ad.Cl/02 

P**^S72J  K'gsb'dge.  .Riverdale  N  Y 

Carter  M'  John  Alanson-Cal.Sn 66  W  46 

Carter  MiM"  L  Averell  (Maura  M  McMurray)  R.Ad.Ty'93 

P«S6oi6Riv. .  270  W  89 
Carter  MiM"  Morland  (Marjorie  B  Allen) 

Point  Breeze  Matthews  Co  Va 
Carter  MiM"  Russell  S  (Florence  Bates) 

P«S799Plaza.  .449  Park  Av 

Carter  MiM"  Wm  S  (Alice  Parkman) P^«Si594Riv 

Carter  M'  Theo  P. 472  W  End  Av 

Carter  MiM"  Wm  T  (Sophia  Condict)  E.P'71 

2  Stratford  PI. .  Newark  N  J 
Carter  DiM"  Wm  W  (Elena  Hartshome)  N'9S 

P«5i92oPlaza..69  W  50 

ab'd  A  Vic  Jun  16 
54  Park  Av 
see  DimiX 

204  S  Oxford  Bklyn 

Cary  MiM"  Clarence  (Elisabeth  M  Potter) 
Cary  M'Guy  Fairfax-^K.Uv.R.Ct.H.'o2 

ab'd  A  Vic  Jun  16 

Cary  M'  Edward-C.Ct 

Cary  tf"  Elizabeth  L-Bd 

Cary  M'  Hamilton  Wilkes-K.Rg.R.B.Au.Tf.Un. 

Knickerbocker  Club 
Cary  MiM"  John  Watson  (Mae  A  Stone)Uv.Cw.     I*^S2293Plaza 

JSSs  tf"  Margaret  S [P'86        69  E  54 

Cary  tf"Kate-Cly.  .P'^^Sioi  ^'Butternut  Cottage"  Lenox  Mass 
Cary  MiM"  Melbert  B  (Julia  Metcalf)  Uv.Rg.  (P^SiSiPlaza 

JS^»  M'  Melbert  B  Jr-at  Groton . .  .[Cw.Bd.Cd.P'72|    33  W  51 
Cary  M"  Roscoe  G  (Lily  Van  Hamm) 

P«Si3 1 . .  Country  Club  Grounds  WestchesterNY 

Case  MiM"  AlbertC(Anna  L  Ayers)Mt.Ul.Mid.Dqpt. 
M"  Sarah  M  Thomas 


New  York  1Q09  97 

Case  Mill"  Chas  L(Lois  A Teague)Dt.Ct.G.Eg.Bd. 

Case  tf-  Clara  C-Bd [Ch.  P«S4i48Riv 

Case  tf"-  Mary  C  &  Adelaide  T 309  W  91 

Case  M'  Fred'k  T-H.'98  &  fe  M'  Lyman  G 

Case  Mill"  Geo  B  (Mary  Clarke)  Uv.Mt.Y.'94 

P«S92..Englewood  N  J 

Case  M'  Hy  Phelps-Un.Ul.Tf.Rh.Rg.R.Cl.'83 66  W  51 

Case  M"  Theodore  B 55  Ch  Elys^es  Paris 

Case  MiM"  Willard  E  (Eva  Caldwell)  Mt IMetropolitan 

JS,  tf-  Dorothy  &  M'  Theo  W j        Club 

Casey  M'  Ed  Pearce-C.Uv.Pu.Rv.Cr86 SS  W  33 

Cass  M'  C  Wyllys I  S9W  44 

JSL  M'  J  D |see  Do^^SK. 

Cassard  M"  Andres  (Emilia  C  Santo) 151  W  70  see  DSllSL 

Cassard  MiM"  Wm  J  (Aurelia  P  Piatt)  Lt.Na. 

P^'}?S3927Col..i39  W  70 

Cassard  MiM"  Wm  J  Jr  (Jessie  L  Allen)  Croo 329  W  82 

Castle  M"  Fred  A  (Felicia  Van  Norman) S1W58 

Castles  MiM"  John  W  (EHzabeth  Eshleman)Mt.  |P^^S3328Plaza 

Un.Mo.Dt.Au.Mg.         540 
]S.  tf "  Frances  &  M'  John  W  Jr-at  Hill  School.  . .      Park  Av 

Caswell  M'  Ed  A-C.Y/66 114  E  31 

Caswell  M'  John  H-Un.C.G.Cy.Ch.Au.B.Cl'65. ..  .Union  Club 
Caswell  MiM"  Wm  Watson  (Pauline  Starr)  Un.Ay.Au.B.H.'9S 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
Cater  MiM"  Arthur  Aymar  (Louise  Bowers)  Re. ...  |      1672 

J^  M'  Aymar |  Broadway 

Cathcart  tf"  Jane 108  Cent  Pk  W 

Catlin  M"  Chas  Mortimer  (Katharine  Montague) 1 2  E  2  2 

CatHn  M"  JuUus  (Frances  W  Hunt)  Mg.  .|MSiS3**Fairholme*' 

MiM"  Stowe  Phelps  (CatHn) |    Morristown  N  J 

Catlin  MiM"  Wm  H  (Wainwright-Margaret  L  Stuyvesant) 

Ap.Ay. . .  Rye  N  Y 

Cauldwell  M"  Thbs  G  (Mary  Britton) 

Cauldwell  M'  John  B-C.Uv.Mt.Ul.Wt.Cr 77 

Cauldwell  MiM"  Thomas  W-Mg.Uv.Mo.Wp.P.'8i 

Morristown  N  J 
Caylus  M'""  Th^rfese P^^S4579Plaza. .  163  E  63 


Social  Register 

r'ab'd  St  L  Aug  22 
fm V  av'd  N  Y  Oct  3 
Madison  Av  &  49 

Ceballos  MiM"Juan  M  (Lulu  Washington) 

te.  IP"  Louisa  A  &  M'  Juan  M  Jr 

M"  Allan  C  Washington 

Center  Mill"  Edw  C(Beebe~Janet  I  Hogg)Un.  .**LesFontaines" 

St  Georges  Rochecorbon  Indre  et  Loire  France 

Center  M'  H  Livingston .  .  410  N  Cascade  Av  Colorado  Sprgs  Col 

Chace  tf"  Helen  F 105  E  18 

Chadboume  D'  Edwin  R-Cryg |Pasadena 

Chadboume  tf"  Addie  M |      Cal 

Chadboume  Mill"  Thos  L  Jr  (Wassail-Grace  RunnionJMt.Cy. 

Na.Ay.Ap..i45  W  58 

Chadwick  Rr  Adm  &  M"  French  E  (Cornelia  J  Miller) 

C.Uv.Ny.Ll.Cd.Whw.USN'64.P^^S973/*Twin  Oaks'' 

Oakwood  Ter  Newport  R  I 

Chadwick  tf"  Margaret I*«Sii26Plaza 

Chadwick  W  Elbridge  Gerry-H.'o4 571  Park  Av 

Chalmers  M'"  Julia  H 170  W  59 

Chalmers  D'  Matthew-Ul.Ll 24  W  16 

Chalmers  DIM"  Thos  C  (Inez  L  Kieman)Bg.Rv. 

Chalmers  M"  Virginia  H [N'97 

JSS.ff"  Louise 

ChamberlainMiM"BurrClark(GraceWKnowlton)  87RemsenBkln 
Chamberlain  M"  J  Chester  ( Anna  M  Irwin).  .P^1?S2  2S3Riv. .  1W81 
Chamberlain  MiM"  John  P  (Elizabeth  J  Webster)  ¥.'94 

av'd  Adri  Jly  8.  .131  E  55 
Chamberlain  Rev  D'  Leander  T-C.A.Dke.Y'63 

P^??S27ooChel. .  222  W  23 
Chamberlain  MiM"  Wm  Hunt  (Katharine  Leonard) .  .see  D^*;K. 
Chamberlaine  MiM"  Chas  F  (Emma  S  Cogswell)  Rg. 

ab'd  PLinc  Jly  18.  .P*'^S2  504Riv.  .322  Riverside  Dv 

29  W  9 

Chamberlaine  M"  Richard  H  (Maria  E  Loney) . 
Chamberlaine  M*"  Mary  B 

M"  B  H  Fabens 

Chamberlin  MiM"  Geo  F  (Josephine  L  Macy) 


&  M^"  Josephine  L 

Chambers  MiM"  Hilary  R  (Maria  S  Jameson)  Rv, 
.fcM'  Ranald [Ad.Cr86 

M'  Edwin  C  Jameson-Na 


W  End  Av 
P^^  1 63  Rye 
Harrison  N  Y 

35  W  71 

New  York  1909 


.  Died  at  Morristown  N  J  Sep  1 1 


Morristown  N  J 

47  W  57 

201  W  78 

The  Perry 
Seattle  Wash 

Chambers  M'  John  A  (late  Jas) 

Chambers  M^"  Jeannette 

Chambers  If"  Katherine 

Chambers  DiM"  P  Flewellen  (AHce  Ely)  C.Mt.Rg. 

JS.M'WmE [So 

Chambers  Mill"  Rob't  W  (Elsie  V  Moler)  Mt.C.A.Cly'83 

Chambers  Mill"  Walter  B  (Elizabeth  M  Ferguson)C.Rc.Y.'87 

M"  av'd  P  Line  Sep  26..P'^^296sPlaza..i6i  E  64 
Chambers  MiM"  Wm  P  (Caroline  E  Boughton)  C.U'48 

Broadalbin  N  Y 
Champlin  MiM"  John  Denison  (Franka  E  Colvo- 

coresses)  A.C.Bd.Y's6 

Champlin  M'  John  Denison  Jr-Y'97 

Champney  M"  J  Wells  (Elizabeth  Williams) 

Champney  M'  E  Frere-H.'96 

ChampoUion  M'-Andr^  Ch^ronnet Married  at  Galilee  N  J 

Knox  If"  Adelaide  S  (late  John  J) Sep  5 

ChampoUion  MiM"  Andr^  C  (Adelaide  S  Knox)  Na.H.'o2 

T  Cook  &  Son  Bombay  India 
Chance  MiM"  Wade  (Cruger-Julie  G  Storrow)  Ats. 

42  St  James  PI  London 
Chandler  M'  Barrett  L-Cal.Mo.Mg.Mass'84.  .  .  .Morristown  N  J 
Chandler  Prof  &  M"  Chas  F  (Augusta  P  B6rard)  Uv.G.Cl. 

Got'56.  .P^«Siio8Plaza.  .51  E  54 
Chandler  MiM"  Porter  R  (Mary  W  Wadsworth).  .  .Geneseo  N  Y 
Chandon  de  Briailles  Ct  &  Ctss  Gaston  M  (Garrison)  N. 

81  Av  Marceau  Paris 
Chanler  M'  John  Armstrong-M.Cr83 . .  '* The  Merry  Mills '' 

Cobham  Va 
Chanler  MiM"  Lewis  S  (Alice  Chamberlain)  K.M.Un. 


&  M""  Astor  Marion  &  Lewis  S  Jr 

Chanler  MiM"  Rob't  Winthrop  (Julia  R  Chamberlain)  K.Un 

R.B . .  50  Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris 
Chanler  MiM"  Wm  Astor-Un.K.Ny.B.Tf.Snc.Mtw. 

**Rokeby''  Barrytown  N  Y 

Tuxedo  Pk 


Chanler  MiM"  Winthrop(MargaretTerry)K 
Chanler  M'"Laura[Un.R.Rg.B.Ct.Mtw.H'oi 
&  M'"*"  Beatrice  &  Hester 

M' av'd  Phila  Oct  17 

of  Red  Hook  N  Y 

Hotel  Gotham 


Social  Register 

Chapin  MiM"Alf red (GraceStebbins) Un. Mt. Ny . Ad. W. Wms' 69 

P^S4i84Plaza...24  E  56...Mch  1...83  Av  Henri  Martin  Paris 
Chapin  MiM"  Barton  (Eugenia  Wiener) .  .P«Si84oRiv.  317  W  81 


45  W37.   Jan  i 

Thomasville  Ga 

Chapin  MiM"  Chas  Merrill  (Esther  M  Lewis) 

JgSs  JP"  Mary  S 

Chapin  MiM"  Chester  W  (Elizabeth  Jenison)Ny.S.Rg.Mt.Cy. 

Na.Lc.Ay.  ."Elk  Lodge"  Lebanon  Lake  N  Y 
Chapin  D'  Fred'k  W-H*76 . .  av'd  Teut  Jun  29  ab*d  Lutz  I     see 

Chapin  tf"  Anna  AHce [Jly  9|DJSiSJ. 

Chapin  Rev  DiM"  Hy  Barton  (Harriet  A  Smith)       P'^^S  1152-79 

Chapin  M'  Louis  W [Cc.Rv.P.Y.'47  780  Park  Av 

Chapin  DiM"  Hy  Dwight  (Alice  Delafield)  C.Rv.Cw.P.'77 

P^^  W  51 
Chapin  M"  Josiah  L  (Augusta  Cock) absent 


ChapinM"LindleyHoffman(Cornelia  G 

Chapin  M'  LindleyHP.  .[VanAuken)Cly. 

Jx^^ra  tf "-  Katherine  G  &  ComeliaVan  A 

Chapin  M*"  MargueriteGibert..ab'dLusiJlyis..av'd  Lor  Sep  23 

44  Av  d'lena  Paris 
Chapin  tf"  Maria  Bowen 48  E  58 

av'd  Kp  Wm  Jun  9 
5  W37 

Chapin  MiM"  Robert  W  (Adele  Le  Bour- 

Chapin  tf-  Julia  S [geois)  Uv.Y'78 

Chapin  M'  Louis  Le  B-Y.'o5  at  Yale  Club 
Chapin  M'  Sam'l  Austin-Uv.Cw. Aht'80 . 
Chapin  MiM"  Simeon  B  (Elizabeth  Mattocks) Mt. 


JSJ,  M*"-  Marietta  L  &  Elizabeth  M 

Chapin  M"  Walter  Sanford  (Virginia  S  Ransom) 

Chapin  M'  Walter  S 

Chapin  MiM"  Wm  Viall  (Mary  W  White)  K.Ty'78 

of  "Dun worth  Lodge'*  Pomfret  Ct.  .Florence  Italy 

Chapman  M'  Carlton  T-C.Lt.Na P^^S3i5Plaza. .  58  W  57 

Chapman  M'  Chas  D-Mo.Mg.Mid ^^23  3  4..  Morris  town  N  J 

Chapman  MiM"  Clarence  C  (Evelyn  Gumee  Scott 

Hotel  Gotham . .  see  (SJS 

ChapmanMiM"ElvertonR(Nelson-Lucille  F ^)  I  Great  Neck  LI 

Ul.As.Au.Na.N.Mtw.  see 

M'  av'd  Camp  Aug  19 
34  Kensington  Sq 
P^^S545oMad..37  E  27 
""  ^01433-79 
930  Fifth  Av 
223  E  17 

Chapman  M"**"  Amabel  M  &  Virginia  M. 


New  York  1909  101 

Chapman  Mill"  Franklin  A  (Dater)  Uv.Mo.Rut'80 

P^^S69Mad..i25  E31 
Chapman  MiM"  Geo  (Beatrice  O  Wright)  Uv.Ch.H.'92 

see  M"  E  K  Wright..  172  W  58 
Chapman  M"  Henry  G  (Eleanor  Jay) . . P'^«Si67oMad . .  12  E  31 
Chapman  MiM"HyGrafton(FrancesPerkins)Uv.l  see  Grafton [H'83-M'at  135  Mad  Av|  M"  C  L  Perkns 

Chapman  MiM"  Hy  Otis  (Harriet  Mnrphey)  |P'^^Si353l  Far  Rock 

JS?.lf  Coolidge  O [Rh.Cr.'9o|  Woodmere  L  I 

Chapman  M"  John  Hartwell  (Lucy  F  Barrett) 

see  S  B  Chittenden  Jr 
Chapman  Rev  &  M"  John  Hy  (Rosamond  C  Low)  Va'98 

P!J2ioo .  .  The  Rectory  Ridgefield  Ct 
Chapman  MiM"  John  J  (Elizabeth  W  Chanler)  C.Ct.Tvb.H'84 

av*d  Kron  Jun  23. .3 28  W  82 
Chapman  M"  John  W  (Mary  C  Dimon) . . .  |        P'^^S  2  5  7  3  Main 

MiM"  Lewis  W  Francis  (Chapman).  .  |8i  Remsen  Brooklyn 
Chapman  MiM"  Lucian  T  (Katherine  L  Foord)  N.Y'86 

P'^«S478oBry..2o  W40 
Chapman  MiM"  Melville  D-Ny.N.An.Au.Mtw. 

P^^S54JGtNeck . .  Lakeville  L I 

Chapman  M"  S  Hartwell  (Helen  Baldwin) see  DJSS. 

Chapman  MiM"  Wilfred  (Ethel  Morgan) abroad 

Chappell  MiM"  Henry  W(Mary  R  Rand)Dt.      ^'^'AJ^P^^J^y  9 

Chappell  tf "  Helen, 


av*d  Dtld  Sep  17 
117  E  64 
7  Ess 

Chappell  DiM"  Walter  F  (Mary  L  Graves)  Ul.Rg. 

Ji^  If"-  Louise  R  &  Constance  L [Cda.Kg.'79 

Chard  MiM"  Thornton  (Ethel  N  Barclay)  Un.H.'97 

see  S  M  Barclay 
Chard  MiM"  Walter  Goodman (KathleenB Stevens) Cybf.Uvbf. 

Tcbf.Gbf.H.'o4.  .P^«S2202Riv..i39  Riverside  Dv.;see  Bffi 
Charles  MiM"  James  M  (Mary  de  P  Bailey)  Cal.Dc. 

P^i*5i  1 6 1 j . .  103 1  Mad  Av  Plainfield  N  J 
CharretierMiM"AbelA(BlancheTuckerman) .  .  4 JeanGoujonParis 
Chartrand  M"  J  L  (Louisa  J  Macomb) see  W  M  Little 

Chase  M"  Francis  (Mary  C  Olmstead). 
Ghase  M*"  Mary  Livingston-Cd, 

44  E  49 


Social  Register 

Chase  MiM"  Geo  (Eva  R  Hawley)  Uv.Dke.Cly.Y/70.  .309  W  74 
Chase  MiM"  Henry  S  (Alice  Morton)  Uv.M.Ct.Y.'y; 

P«;842 . .  Waterbury  Ct 

Chase  M'  John-Cal.S J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 

Chase  MIM"  Wm  M-Cal.Lt 234  E  15 

Chauncey  M' Clarence  M-Un.Ay P«52052--38. .  10  E  47 





Chaunceylf""Madelaine&CarolR [Ss.Rh.Gg 

JIS.  M'  Raymond. . at  Pomfret  Ct 

Chauncey  MiM"  Daniel  Jr  (Grace  L  Fargo)  Rh.Rg. 

P'^^Si84iFarRock. .  Cedarhurst  L I 
Chauncey  Rev  &  M"  Egisto  F  (Edith  L  Taft)  H/99 

P^!ySi47J •  -St  Mark's  Rectory  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Chauncey  MiM"  Elihu  (Mary  J  Potter)         M'  ab'd  Ced  Aug  13 
Uv.C.G.Ch.Cw.Uvb.Cly.Cd.H/6i      av'd  Adri  Nov  18 

Chauncey  If"  Nathalie  E [P'«24096-38 . .  11  W  38 

Chauncey  M"  Pred'k  (Esther  W  Cryder) m.^,.  ^  q  ^ 

Chauncey  tf- Emily  H , ^  ll^^^"^ 

Chauncey  M""  Fred'k  &  Duncan  C ^SS  ^  72 

Chauncey  MiM"  Geo  Sheldon  (Marion  W  Heyl)  Bg.Y.'98 

2  Sidney  PI  Brooklyn 
Chauncey  MiM"Geo  W(Adelaide  Sheldon)     ab'd  Arab  Jly  23 

Chauncey  tf"  Adelaide [Ha.        P''^Si697Main 

JS^  M'  A  W-at  Pomfret  Ct 257  Henry  Brooklyn 

Chauncey  M'  Henry-C.H'44 P'^^Si 653 Plaza 

Chauncey  If"  Lucy 

Cheesman  DiM"  Timothy  M  (Clara  Livingston) 

Cheesman  M*"  Clara  L-Cda.  &  Sara  A 

Cheever  MiM"  H  Durant  (Zora  Horlocker)  Un.R.Ny.Ay.Au. 

H.'88.  .P^^S6996Col.  .150  W  59 

Cheever  M"  John  H  (Anna  Dow) 

Cheever  tf""  Elizabeth  S  &  Gertrude  G-Cly . . 

Cheever  M'  John  D-Un.Ny.B.Tf.Rh.Ty'82 

Cheney  MiM"  Austin  (Ruth  S  Bacon)  Sa.Y.'98 

P^«S3259. .  142  Woodland  Hartford  Ct 
Cheney  DiM"  Benj  A  (LiUian  C  Farrel)  Y'88 

P^^S2437. .  225  St  Ronan  New  Haven  Ct 
Cheney  M'  Benjamin  P-Uv.Lt.Pl.H.'9o University  Club 

125  E  57 

P^^S2  2 

**The    Briars*' 
Garrison   N   Y 

P'^^S2  788Mad 
40  E  35 

New  York  1909 


30  W86 

So  Manchester 

15  E,ii 

56  E  49 

Cheney  MiM"  Geo  L  (Harriet  Cames)  Ul.H.'yS 

Cheney  If"*"  Florence  K  &  Sarah 

JS.  IP—  Barbara  &  Julia  de  F 

Cheney  M'  Harry  G-R.M.Sa.Ny.Y'75 

Cheney  iP—  Anne  W-Cly.  &  Louise-Cly 

Cheney  M'  Robert-Un.Ny.R.  .  . 

Cheney  M"  Knight  Dexter  (Ednah  D  Smith) 

Cheney  If'  Ednah  Parker 

Cheney  IT"  Philip-Y.'oi,  Thos  L&Russell-Y/o4 

Cheney  MiM"  Knight  Dexter  (Ruth  Lambert)  Uv.Kg.Y'92 

P«S3S76Plaza..i3i  E  67 
Chenoweth  MIM"  Alex  Crawford  (Catharine  R  Wood) 
Chenoweth  M'  Alex  F  W.  .  .  .[Ar.Zp.Cw.Wt.Dick'68 
Chesebrough  MiM"  Fred'k  WoodhuU  (Sidney  Mathews) 

CI/91.  .P«S24SoPlaza.  .57  W  s» 

Chesebrough  M'  Rob't  A~U1 

Chesebrough  M'  Wm  H-R.Ct.Na.Dt.M 

MiM"  G  Howard  Davison  (Chesebrough) . . 
Chetwood  DiM"  Chas  H  (Jeannette  C  Mecke)  C.Rh.P/86 

I*^4647Mad. .  120  E  34 
Chetwynd  Capt  &  M"  Wentworth  (Augusta  J  Robinson) 

"Coombe  Nevile'*  Kingston  Hill  Surrey  Eng 
Chew  r  Beverly-C.Uv.Pl.G.Ch.Cw.Rv.Hob'69 

Chew  M*  Alex  Duer-Ct.Sn.Ch 

Cheylesmore  Maj  Gen  Lord  &  Lady  ** Villa  St  Priest" 

(Elisabeth  R  French)  Cannes 

Hon  Francis  O  H  &  Herbert  E  Eaton  France 

Chichester  M'  Egerton-Sa.Na.Uv.Wms'97.  .  .St  Anthony  Club 

Chickering  M"  Chas  F  (Garafelia  Oakes)  Cd 5  Fifth  Av 

Chickering  MiM"  John  J  (Anne  E  Russell)  Cly.Aht'79 

P*'»S2oioMad.  .80  Madison  Av 
Child  D;M"Chas  G  Jr(Helen  Francis) Y/9sP*'«S4099-79.  .112E71 

Child  M"  Lewis  P  ( Auchincloss) . rWsigaunonta*' 

Child  M'"  Ruth  Auchincloss JNew  Canaan  Ct 

Childs  tf"  Augusta  D-Cly.  .av'd  Onic  Oct  14.  .Colony  Club 
Childs  MiM"  Chas  A  (Jennie  P  Clark)  Un.Ny.  .  .  P^3909Plaza 

M""  Clark  &  Paulding  Fosdick 26  E  56 

Childs  MiM"  Edwards  Herrick  (Frances  A  La  Farge)  Uv.Dt.Rh. 
Rv.Cw.Wms'9i.H'94.  .M'  ab'd  Celt  Jly  30 

P'*^Si353JFar  Rock. .  Woodmere  L  I 



Social  Register 

Childs  M"  Fred*k  R  (Constance  Crimmins).  .see  J  D  Crimmins 

P^«Si  2I"  Brier  Knoir' 
Gt  Neck  L  I 

M'  ab'd  Dtld  Jun  25 

Fifth  Av 

24  W  50 

29  E  39 

CHlds  M'  Harris  C-Ul. 

Childs  W^  Emily  R  &  Caroline  A. 

Childs  MiM"  Harris  R  (Eleanor  S  Patterson)  Uv.Cl/92 

^^2580-38.  .331  Lex  Av 

Childs  M'  Herbert  H-H/98 P3yS2  72oRector.  .67  Madison  Av 

Childs  ItM"  Starling  W  Qenny  Coffin)  Uv.Ct.Rg.Y'91 

P^S2is7Col..i7s  W  58 
Chipley  MiM"  Hunt  (Sally  W  Walke)  Va'90 

P«S4283Stuy.  .37  Fifth  Av 
Cbishohn  MiM"  Ed  de  CUfford  (Edith  S  Johnson)  R.Sa.Cal.Rc. 

Tf.Au.Rg.Rh.Cly.Wms'9S.  .P«S39i3Plaza.  .34  E  63 
Chisholm  MiM"Hugh  J(Henrietta  Mason) 

Chishohn  M'  Hugh  J  Jr-Au.Rg.Y'o8.H'o9| 

av'd  Maj  Aug  12 

Chisolm  Col  Alex  Rob't-Un.CV P^^S44ooPlaza. 

Chisolm  IKM"  B  Ogden  (Bessie  Rhoades)  Rg.Ct.Dt. 

Chisolm  tf"  Nina  R [Mo.Mg.Wp.Cly. 

JS!.  ff—  Winifred  W  &  Dorothy  R. 

Chisolm  MiM"  Geo  E  (Edith  Lawrence)  Un.Mo.Ny.S.Ats. 

Mg.Dt.  .P^i33 . .  290  South  St  Morristown  N  J 
Chisolm  MiM"  Richard  SchieflEelin  (Mary  L  Boardman)  Un. 

Chittenden  MiM"Horace  H  (Bertha  B  Peters)  Uv.  58 

Y/74  SWiUard 
Chittenden  M'  Geo  Peters-Y'oi-at  Puerto  Barrios     Burlington 
ChittendenM'Gerald-Y.'o4,.ab'd  Nov  14  [Guatemala        Vt 
Chittenden  MiM"  J  Brace  (Evelyn  L  Betts)  Rv.H/89 

P^1SS6295Main. .  162  Montague  Bklyn 
Chittenden  MlM^'Simeon  B  (Mary  W  Hill)  U v.  Ha.'  P'^^S4oooPlaza 
Chittenden  tf"  AUce  H-Myf.  .  .  .[Myf.Cd.Y/65    Buckingham 

M"  Aug  F  jHoliy  Jr  (Chittenden) Hotel 

Chittenden  M*M"  Simeon  B  Jr  (Grace  C  Chapman)  I  1902  E  70 
W  John  Hartwell  Chapman  (Barrett).  .[ Y'02 [Cleveland  O 

Choate  M"  Geo  C  S  (Susan  Kittridge) 

Choate  ir"-MargaretM.av'd  GrosseJlyii&MaryK  P^'SS4033Plaza 
Choate  MiM"  Arthur  Osgood  (Anne  H  Clarke)  114  E  64 


New  York  1909 


8  E  63 

Choate  MIM"  Joseph  H  (Caroline  D  Sterling) 


Choate  IP"  Mabel-Cly 

Choate  MiM"  Joseph  H  Jr  (Cora  L  Oliver)  Uv.Gg.H/97 

Choate  MiM"  Jos  K  (Alice  Mxiller)  Mt.W. . .  188  Main 

Choate  M^  Allen  C  &  Jos  K  Jr Cooperstown  N  Y 

Choate  MiM"WmG(Mary  Lyman  Atwater)C.Uv.    ph««.         pio^o 

tf"  Helen  Choate  Pitman [Ct.Dt.H/52  ^^<'4322riaza 

M'  Huntington  C  Atwater 40  w  59 

Choiseul  Mq  &  Mchss  de  (Claire  Coudert).  .7  rue  Bayard  Paris 
Christ  MIM"J  Rudolf  (MadeleineMdeNeufville)  BasleSwitzerland 
Christian  M  'Chas  H (Louise  Aymar).  .30  Prospect.. E  OrangeNJ 
Chrystie  MiM"T  Ludlow  (Sallie  H  Morrow)  Uv.Dt.  I  I*^Si928Col 
Chrystie  D'  T  M  Ludlow-Cc.Ty'63...[Snc.Cw.Cl/92|  1748  Bway 
Chrystie  M"  Wm  Pew  (Emily  H  Thomas)     P'_^-74lDobbs_Ferry 

Chrystie  M'  Wm  Few-K.Au.R.As 

Chrystie  M'  Frank  Few-K.R.Ny.As 

Chubb  MiM"  Hendon  (Alice  Lee)  R.Dt.Y.'9S 

P^^5s5ir.  .161  Harrison  E  Orange  N  J 
Chubb  MiM"  Percy  (Helen  Low)  Mt.Mb.Ct.Dt.Au.T.Gg.Mid. 
Tf.Ny.S.Un.R.  .aVd  Adri  Aug  i2...P^"i?S278.  .GlenCoveLI 

Chubb  M'  Sidney  Coldecott-Ny.'97 NY  Yacht  Club 

Church MiM"BenjS(MaryVanWyck)C.Cd.Dar.  I  P^^S32i6Gram 
Church  tf"AngeHcaSchuyler-Bm.[Ht.Dth*S6    I34  Gramercy  Pk 
Church  M"  Francis  P (Elizabeth  Wickham) . .  46  E  30  see  DSSS. 


Feb  I  Sand  Hills 
Augusta  Ga.  .see  /SP* 

Mad  Av 


Church  MiM"  George  H(Myra  Carter) Ul.Lc.Ny.. 
M"  Franklin  H  Carter  (Adelaide  Dickinson). 
Church  MiM"JasE(GertrudeLee)'82 . .  6so5HoughAvClevelandO 
Church  Prof  &  M"  John  A  (Jessie  A  Peel)C.  P^«Sii34Riv 

3IS.  M*  John  A  Jr [Cr67  697  W  End  Av 

Church  M'  Richard-Un.Rv.Cw see  Rev  Ed  Hart 

Church  MiM"  Theo  W  (Am^lie  A  vander  Kieft)  Uv.Bg. 

Rh.P/91.  .P^458oPlaza.  -ss  W  70 
Church  MiM"  Willard  (Agnes  M  Donaldson)  Y.'97 

P^2046Riv..i  W83 
<Church  MiM"  Wm  Conant  (Mary  E  MetcaH)  C.Ul.Pl.A.Bd.Ll. 

Cw.An.Amv.  .^^4467  Stuy.  .51  Irving  PI 


Social  Register 

Church  MiM"  Wm  Howell  (Edith  Gray)  Uv.Ham'92 

5730  Woodmont  KSih 
Churchill  MiM"  Geo  A  Heyl  (Mary  F  King)  Ny.  .  .  .         P'^S 

JlS.  M'  Geo  K 283iPlaza 

Churchill  M"  John  A  (Hattie  S  Heyl)  ab'd  Akajly2    164  E  64 
Churchill  MIM^'  Lawrence  W  (Ida  Lilly)  Uv.Y.'86 

P'^^S97..Scarsdale  N  Y 
Churchill  MiM"  Lester  Butler  (Sophia  A  Kellogg)  Un.As. 

P^^S4559Plaza..i3i  E  66 
Churchill  M'"-  Marguerite  L  &  Carola  L..P^^S3833Stuy..i42  E  18 
Churchill  M'  Richard-As--ab'd  St  P  Aug  8  .  .  .see  M"  W  G  Bimey 
Cilley  DiM''  Arthur  H  (Anne  R  Hollis)  Ul.Ll.Pu.P/93 

P^^;2207Mad..i38  E  37 
Cilley  M' John  K-Ul.Ll.Lt P^S5755-38..Union  League  Club 

Hyerwood    Hall" 

IS  Wash  Sq  N 

Claflin  MiM"  Arthur  B  (Minnie  Anderson) 

NyJkl.Au.  .av'd  Cecil  Jly  28 
J1S.M*"  A  Beatrice.. ... 
tf "  Jane  Anderson 
Claflin  MiM"  John  (Elizabeth  Stewart)  Mt.tjkl. 

JiS.  tf"-  Bessie  S  &  Agnes  S 

Claflin  MiM"  Wm  B  (Evelyn  M  A  Dalley)  Ha.Cw;Mass'9S 

P'^«Si752-79..84  E  77 
Claiborne  DiM"  J  Herbert  (Marie  L  Claiborne)  Un.Uv.Fn.So. 

Va'83.  .P'^^S36o7Gram.  .46  W  9 
Claiborne  Rev& M"Rob*tR(JaneWGoss) Vmi' 7  7 

Claiborne  tf"  Elizabeth-Fn 

Claiborne  M'  Robert 

Clan  M'  Julius-Cal.Rc. .  .  .  • '.267  Fifth  Av 

Jan  8  Plaza  Hotel 

226  E  60 

Clapp  M"Devereux(AdfeleB  Wolfe) 
If"  Sarah  C  Wolfe 

Clapp  M"  Howard  S  (Lucy  B 
Clapp  tf"  Marjorie . . .  .[Bamum) 
tf "  Laura  C  Bamum 


av'd  Luc 

Jly  3 

.142  Rue  de  Grenelle 


Mamaroneck  N  Y 

see  JDomicS* 

Clapp  MiM"  Parmly  S  (Sallie  H  Rennell)Cr92 see  J)^VL. 

-Clark  D' A  Schuyler-Uv.Dp.Rut'95  Cl.'99.P^^S2672-38..26  E  48 
Clark  MiM"  Appleton  L  (Grace  W  Roosevelt)  Snc.Cr86 

-    ™5  2  SJT'ksville.  .Henderson  AvN  Brighton  SI 

New  York  1909 


Tarrytown  N  Y 

Clark  M"  Bainbridge  S  (Snyder) 

Clark  W  B  Percy-Cl'Sa 

Clark  MiM"  Walter  &-Chouteau  Montana 

Clark  MiM"  Bernard  S  (Montrose  C  Elliott)  Ul.Dke.'66 

ab'd  K II  Jun  23  .av'd  KpWm  Sep2..MS35ooPlaiza . .  14  E  60 

Clark  M'  C  Stacy,  .ab'd  Vtld  Jun  18 P^«S47Mad..7  W  26 

Clark  M"  Chas  F  (Ellen  M  Fogg)  Mg.  I  av'd  Adri  Sep  3 

Clark  tf"  Ella  Mabel-Mg |  P^^5o6Plaza..83i  Mad  Av 

Clark  MiM"  Charles  Hopkins-C.Snc.Au.Uv.Y.'7i... Hartford  Ct 

Clark  Mill"  Chas  S  (Katherine  Beakey)  M 

Clark  tf"  Edith  A 

Clark  M'  Chas  Waterbury-As.Sn.R.Cal 

Clark  M'  Hy  A-Cal.Ap.As..av'd  Luc  Sep  6 

Clark  DlM^Coryell  (Katharine  Campbell)  .see  M" 

Clark  M'  Cyrus-Ul.Rv 

Clark  if"  Alice  Requa 

MiM"  Francis  S  Marden  (Fannie  L  Clark) . . 
Clark  MiM"  David  Crawford  (Zelina  Keyser)Un. 
Clark  Jf"ZelinaT.. .  .[Uv.R.Rg.Au.Dt.Ss.Rv.H.'86 


'.  Buckingham 

.  P'^2869Riv 

.     218  W  78 

ohn  Campbell 

^31383  Riv 
327  W76 

P^^To  5132-79 
991  FifthAv 

Clark M"EdithDraper(EdithDraper) . . P^^'S3848Mad ..i75LexAv 

Clark  M'  Edward  Severin-Ct.Rp 

Clark  M'  Rob't  Sterling-Mtw.Y.'99 

Clark  M'  Stephen  C-Rg.Y.'o3  . . .  .[R.Rg.Tf.Mb. 
Clark  MiM"  Fred'k  Ambrose  (Florence  L  Stokes) 


M"  H  C  Potter 

347  W  89 

ClarkMiM"GabrielDQosephineAGodien)M.P'S3.H'55.  .41  W  72 

ab*d  K  II  Jun  23 
av'd  Cecil  Aug  25 

nt  4786-79 

1027  Fifth  Av 

Clark  MiM"  Geo  Crawford  (Harriet  S  Averell) 
Clark  tf-"-  Edith  G-Cly.-seeDJ^S£.  &  MarianA 

JlS»  M'  James  A 

Clark  MiM"  Geo  C  Jr  (Gertrude  Sard)  Un.R.H.'oi 

Clark  MiM"HySchieffelin(MaryDouglas)Cw.Snc.  I**  WoC)dyCx:est" 
Clark  MiM"Wm  Newton  (H  Matilda  Anderson)  I    Jerome  Av   . 

Clark  JP"  Maud  Schuyler [Snc.Cw.Ct.Cd.]         &  165      '  ^ 

Clark  D'  J  Bayard-Un.Na.Cw.Cr98. . . . .P^^2672-38.  .26  E  48 
Clark  MiM"  J  Francis  A  (Evelyn  Bigelow)  Mt.Rg. 
Ay.Cy.Kg.Ny.Ap.Au.Cly.Cyb..av*d  Lusi  Sepio 
M'"  Dorothy  Bigelow ,  . . . 

13  E  38 


Social  Register 

Clark  MIM"  J  Mitchell  (Bodine-Sarah  Wood)Un 

M"  E  W  Roy  (Elizabeth  T  Wood) .  .[Dt.Br'6s 
Clark  M"  J  S  Henry  (Mary  E  Davenport) 

Clark  tf"  Sarah  H 

Clark  r*  Henry  G  &  A  Bayard-Cr*o4. . . . 
Clark  MiM"JWm(Margaretta  B  Cameron)  E. 

JiS.  M'-  &  IP"  E  W.  .  .[Un.Mc.ab'dCaro  Jly  ii 

IOS3  Fifth  Av 


363  Union 

Elizabeth  N  J 

346  Mt  Prospect 

Newark  N  J 

60  W  75 



Clark  Mill"  James  Wilson  (Sibyl  C  Fay)  Un.Mc. 

see  O  C  Hering  123  E  56 
Clark  M"  Jane  M  Qane  Maguire) .  .  Married  at  3  20  Riverside  Dv 

McMillin  M'  Marion  (Emerson) Jun  10 

Clark  MiM"  Jefferson  (Cynthia  H  Bennett)  Uv.Ul.Ch.Cd. 

Aht'67.. 36  W  38 
Clark  Mill"  John  B  (Myra  A  Smith)  C.Bd.Aht'72. . 

Clark  r*  Fred'k  H  &  John  M 

JSS.  tf"  Helen  C 

Clark  MiM"  AldenHyde  (Mary  S  Whitcomb)  absent. 
Clark  MiM"  John  C  (Addie  P   Burr)  Mt.Wes'86 

P^S2323Riv.  .120  Riverside  Drive 
Clark  MiM"  Le  Roy  (Edna  F  Ames)  Ny.Au.Cl/94 

MS762oCort.  .56  W  71 
Clark  MiM"  Lester  W  (Irene  M  de  Ma  Carty) 

Clark  tf"  Dorothy [Rc.H/75 

Clark  M'  Lester  W  Jr-H'o6 

teM' Frank  E 

tf""  Minette  &  Jeanne  de  Ma  Carty. . . 

Clark  Lt  Cdr  Lewis  J-K.Ny.An Knickerbocker  Club 

Clark  MiM"  Louis  Crawford  (MariandeFCannon) 
Clark  M*"  Mary  de  F.  [Un.Uv.R.Ny.Ss.Gg.H.'74 
Clark  M'  Louis  C  Jr-Un.R.H.'o2..ab'dLusiAug  5 
Clark  M'  Grenville-R.Un.H'o3.[av'd  Adri  Sep  3 

Clark  M'  Hy  C  &  &  M'  Julian  B 

Clark  tf"  Naomi  W  B 

Remsen  M'  Phoenix Sep  4 

Clark  MiM"  Philip  Allen  (Greta  Pomeroy)  R.Tf.Cly.Ox' 

P^S7372Riv.  .365  W  End  Av 
Clark  M"  S  Bradhurst  (Eliza  R  Tracy) 33  W  82 


New  Brighton 


fm*y  av'd  KII 

P^90  Bry 
21  W  47 


New  York  1909  109 

Clark  MiM"  Sam'.!  Adams  (Gertrude  J  Alexandre)  Un.R.Cw. 

ab'd  AVic  Aug2o.  .av'dProvSep26..P^^S2963Plaza..35E  67 
Clark  M'Thos  F--C.Pl.Na.As 195  B'way 

ab'd  Lusi  Aug  26 

av'd  Carm  Sep  23 

10 10  Broad 

Newark  N  J 

Clark  MiM"  W  Campbell  (Mai  Kinney) E.Ny. 

Clark  JP—  Estelle  Campbell  &  Felicity. 

Tun      Ifiw  p   p 

cTark  MiM"  W  Irving  (Campbeli-Isabei  R)  C;Dp.Cr53 

P«54246Mad.  •  127  E  30 
Clark  DiM"  W  Irving  Jr  (Elizabeth  H  Pratt)  Cl/00 

P^^§694-3 . .  67  West  St  Worcester  Mass 
Clark  MiM"  Walter  D  (Alice  M  Westervelt)  Uv.H/89 

P^^S7  si..  Great  Neck  LI 

364  Mt  Prospect  Av 
Newark  N  J 

Clark  M"  Wm  (Jennie  Waters).,  ab'd  Bait 

Clark  M'  Geo [Sep  3 

Clark  MiM"  Wm  Andrews  (Anna  E  La  Chappelle)  M.Ny.Dt.R. 
Ll.As.Ats.Cl.'77 .  .M"  ab'd  Grosse  Jun  30..M'  av'd  Prov Sep  26 
56  Av  Victor  Hugo  Paris..Jan  i..P^«S2  7s8Col.i75  W  58 
Clark  D;M"  Wm  Brewster(Fanny  HCox)Uv.Ct.Ad.lP*^  298  Mad 
Clark  M'  Wm   E-at  Amherst  College.. [Ar.Aht'76  \     50  E  31 

Clark  Rev  Wm  W-Uv.Wms'66 University  Club 

Clarke  IP"-AllettaL-Cd.Bm.  &  Florence-Bm. 

Princeton  Inn  Princeton  N  J 
Clarke  DiM"  Alex  S  (Burden-Daisy  McCoy)Mt.Ul.An.Ny.Ll. 

USA'64.  .32  Av  Henri  Martin  Paris 

Clarke  JP"  Anna  M-Cly P*'^i894Mad.  .121  Madison  Av 

Clarke  Sir  &  Lady  Caspar  Purdon  (Sussanah  Collins)  C.Ct. 

Ch.Lt..M'  ab'd  Maj  Jun  24. .  Metropolitan  Museum  of  Art 
Clarke  M'  Courtlandt  C-Uv.R.A6.Rh.P.'78 

P'^^S98oPlaza.  .University  Club 
Clarke  MIM"  E  Arthur  Stanley  (Louisa  H  Ward)      |P^^S433iCol 

J£J.  tf— Marion  M  &  Louise [Mt.Rg.C.H.'84|  235  W  72 

Clarke  MiM"  Fred'k  H  (Isabelle  Dives)  Ny.Ar.H.'95 

P'ToisyS].. J24  Webster  PI  E  Orange  N  J 
Clarke  MiM"  Edward  H(Fanny  Marcy)G.Mo.  P^^;i64.  .Miller  Rd 

Clarke  tf"  Katharine  C [Mg.Cd.    Morristown  N  J 

Clarke  M'  George  C-Eg.Ss.M.Mc P^^*7  7ioCol 

Clarke  M'  George  H. 

MiM"  Hy  G  Gennert  (Clarke) . 

150  W  73 


Social  Register 

M"  av'd  Lusi  Jly  9 


Cooperstown  N  Y 

114  W  80 

I  W81 

Clarke  MiM"  Geo  Hyde  (Mary  G  Carter) K. 


&  M'  Geo  H  Jr-at  Harvard 

Clarke  MiM"Geo  M(Annie  T  L  Atterbury)JHop'98 

Clarke  M"  Wm  E 

Clarke  ff"  Helen  F 

Clarke  MiM"  John  Proetor  (Parker)  Uv.Ul.Lc.M.Rp, 

&  M'  Robert  P [Y/78 

Clarke  if"  Louise  Wats0n-At3.Bd.Cd.  .P'*^S5046Chel.  .27  W  11 
Clarke  MiM"  Marshall  B(BlancheTAustin)Ct.Uv.Kg.Cc.H'88 

P«Si98oAud.  .3605  B'way 
Clarke  MiM"  Orme  (Elfrida  Roosevelt) 

4  Chester  Belgrave  Sq  S  W  London 
Clarke  M'  R  Floyd-Uv.So.Dt.Lc.Ny.Ap.  .'80 

P'*^S4952Col.  .1748  B'way 

Clarke  M'  Richard  H-Geo'46 

Clarke  M*"  Ada 

Clarke  M'  Richard  H  Jr-Cth.Bg.Rv. 

Clarke  W  Samuel  B~Uv.Ul.Rp.H.'74 

Clarke  JP"  Edith  C 

Clarke  M'  Roger  H 

Clarke  MiM"  Thomas  B  (Fanny  E  Morris)  B.Mt.C 


Clarke  M'  Thos  B  Jr-Uv.B.R.Y.'oo 

MiM"  Rich'd  Newton  Jr  (Bates-Clarke) 

Clarke  M"  Thos  Curtis  (Susau  H  Smithe) 

Clarke  M^" [Mass'93 

Clarke  MiM"  Thos  Curtis  (Elisabeth  I  Knox)  Sa. 
Clarke  M"  Thomas  L  (Elizabeth  D  Mc Williams) 

P^^S27i2Mad.  .62  Mad  Av 
Clarke  MiM"  Thos  Ludlow  (Winifred  Ives)  Uv.Y/97 

1*^53399-38.. 33 1  LexAv 

340  W  71 

I  W81 

22  E  35 

see  DS;13K. 

Clarke  MiM"  Thos  Shields  (Adelaide  Knox)  C. 

Clarke  tf"  Alma [Uv.P.'82 

fe  M'  Jack .  .  at  Geneva  Switz 

Clarkson  M*"  Annie-Cda.Dc I 


Riverside  Drive 

tf"  Josephine  S  Kirby^Cda.Dc |    784  W  End  Av 

Clarkson  MiM"Ashton  C  (Ida  E  Provost) Ny.Mg.Lc. 
Clarkson  ff"-  Gladys  E--Mg.  &  Harriet  A-Mg.  .[Rv. 
'UPr,  tf"  Helen  P 

208  W  79 

New  York  1909 



317  W  88 

58  W  37 

Clarkson  MiM"  Banyer  (Helen  S  Smith)  Rv.Cw.Snc.Bm.Ht. 

see    JJomioiU* 

Clarkson  tf"  Catharine  G 

Clarkson  M'  Augustus  L 

Clarkson  MiM"  Clermont  L  (Adelaide  L  Clarkson) 

Cal.Cw.  .P^^S43i5Gram. .  13  W  8 
Clarkson  MIM"  David  Aug(Maria  M  Reese) Uv.Na.   |  ^^24474-79 
Clarkson  Jf"  Edith  E  &  HelenaV  K . .  [Sa.Cw.  Cl'S  1 1    146  E  7 1 
Clarkson  M'  Edward  L-Ht.  .  .  "Southwood"  Tivoli-on-Hudson 

Clarkson  tf"*  Fanny  M  st  Adelaide  L I        t^--    ,.         . 

Clarkson  M' Montgomery  H |i75  Madison  Av 

Clarkson  M"  Floyd  (Harriet  A  Van  Boskerck) . .  . 

Clarkson  tf"  Grace 

Clarkson  M'  Jay  H 

Clarkson  MiM"  Frank  J  (Fannie  Egbert) 

Clarkson  MiM"  Howard  (Alice  Delafield)  As.Cr6o. 

Clarkson  tf"  Cornelia  L 

Clarkson  M*"  Julia  L 35  S  Parsons  Av  Flushing  L  I 

Clarkson  MiM'^Matthew  (Jay)Cc.Ht.  .P^m6345Col.  .160  Cent  Pk  S 
Clarkson  MiM"  Rob't  Goodhue  (Emily  H  Wright). . . .  P^«S27w 

Clarkson  M'  Wm  Bayard Sewaren 

i^«  M"'"  Dorothy  D  &  M"'  Rob't  L  &  Wm  B  Jr N  J 

Clarkson  MiM"  Robert  R  L  (Mary  L  Otis) "Midwood" 

Jx^r.  tf—  Mary  A  &  Pauline  L  &  M'  Jas  O Tivoli-on- 

If"  K  de  V  Taylor Hudson 

Clarkson  M"  Thomas  Streatfeild  (Mary  Whitmarsh) 

Died  at  Tivoli-on-Hudson  N  Y  Aug  24 

Clarkson  M'  W  Richmond Tivoli  N  Y 

Clarkson  M*  Walter  L-Cr6o Oyster  Bay  L  I 

Clay  M'  Thomas  Savage-Cc.Rv.Cw.Fw.P^«SS395Broad.S3  W  52 
Clearwater  Judge  &  M"  Alphonso  T  (Anna  H  Farrand)  Ul.Mt. 
G. Au.Snc.Hl.Rv.Ht.Dar.P^^Ss36.  .3 i6AlbanyAvKingstonNY 

Cleaveland  M"  Jas  O  (Louise  M  Robbins) 1295  Mad  Av 

Cleland  MiM'*  Frank  B  (Elizabeth  Shepard)  Ny.Y/97 

P^Ssor.  .Mt  Kisco  N  Y.  .see  D2L^X 

Cleland  M"  Jas  W  S  (Dorothy  Hoffman) Died  Apr  30 

Cleland  M'  James  W  S-Ny.R.Ct.Fn.Cr86.New  York  Yacht  Club 
Cleland  MiM"  Thos  Maitland  (Elinor  L  Woodruff) 

P^1?S3037Gram..3i3  E  18 


Social  Register 

Brown  Shipley 
&  Co  London 

143  W71 
27  W  67 

Clemens  M'  Samuel  Langhorne-A.Lt.Pl 21  Fifth  Av 

Clement  MIM'*  Percival  W  (Maria  H  Goodwin) 

Clement  IP"-  Elizabeth  W,  Caroline  H  &  Mar- 
Clement  M'  Rob't-Y'io [garet  G 

Clement  MiM"Waldo  Park  (Hannah  A  Thomas)  Uv.Ul. 

Clement  M' Allen  T-Ad. ¥.'03 [Ny.Dt.Norwh'yS 

JIS.  M'  Waldo  P  Jr 

Clements  MiM"  Geo  H  (Caroline  Dixwell)  Fn.Ats. 

J^  tf"  Anna  D  &  M'  Brent  D 

demons  Dili"  Carl  A  (Constance  M  Gunther)  Rg. 

see  M"  W  H  Gunther 
Clendenin  Rev  DiM"  Frank  M  (Gabrielle  Greeley)  Ct.P'79 

MS22 .  .The  Rectory  Westchester  Av  N  Y  C 
Clephane  M'Malcolm  W-Uv.Cr'93  .  P^S3  i88Rec.University  Club 
Cleveland  MiM"  Chas  D  (Frances  E  Romans)  Uv.Cw.Wms*92 

av'd  Adri  Jun  10.  .P^^S2042W.  .Llewellyn  Pk  W  Orange  N  J 
Cleveland  DiM"  Clement  (A  W  Davenport)  C.Uv.  P^Sioi9-38 

Cleveland  M'  Hy  D-Wms'97 [Ny.H.'67  925  Park  Av 

Cleveland  MiM"  Clement  Jr  (Louisa  W  Lee) 

P^^S  1 83 w . .  Park  Place  Greenwich  Ct 
Cleveland  MiM"  De  Lancey  (Fannie  M  Gulager) . 

Cleveland  tf ""  Alice,  Elisabeth  S  &  Hilda  G [at  (Jg 

Cleveland  M'"  de  Courcey ,  Whittingham  &  Karrick  O . . 

Cleveland  M'  Grover Died  at  Princeton  N 

Cleveland  M"  Grover  (Frances  Folsom).  .  .. 
Jx^s  M'""  Esther  &  Marion 

M"  Henry  E  Perrine  (Emma  Harmon). 
Cleveland  MiM"  Treadwell  (Evel3nnL  S  Mcintosh) 


Cleveland  M'  Reginald  McI-Y'o8 

Cleveland  MiM"  Treadwell  Jr  (Margaret  Boulger) 
Clews  MiM"  Henry  (Worthington)  Un.Ul.Au.Tf .Cly. 

M"  ab'd  Prov  Sep  10.  .P^^Sii97Plaza.  .630  Fifth  Av 
Clews  MiM"  Henry  Jr  (Gebhard-Louise  H  Morris)  Ad.  Ats. 

Aht'98. .  2  bis  Villa  Said  Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris 


J  Jtin  24 

Princeton  N  J 

118  E  25 

Clews  M"  John  (Sabina  Dayman) , 
Clews  M'  James  Blanchard-Ul.Au. 

36  W  59 

New  York  1909 


Clews  M"  John  Hy  (Jessie 
J^  tf-Natalie [Bradley) 

ab'd  Maur  Jun24 .  .  av'd  Lusi  Sep5 
P^'3§Si74oPlaza.  .Plaza  Hotel 
CHfford  MiM"  Hy  W(Susette  A  GHdden)"Wayside"NewcastleMe 
Clinedinst  MIM"  Benj  West  (Emily  G  Waters)  C. 

JlSs  tf"  Josephine  H [Fn.Vm'83 

Clinton  M*M"  Chas  W  (Emily  de  S  Gorsuch)  C.T. 

CUnton  IP"  Margery  H [Rg.Mid. 

Clinton  M'  C  Kenneth-Fn.  .at  62  Ridgely  Hall 


Clinton  M"  Henry  L  (Clinton) Buckingham  Hotel 

Clover  Rev  &  M"  Geo  Fred'k  (Laura  Brand)  C.Hob'89 

P^SySoMom.  .30  Momingside  Av  W 

1000  Mad  Av 

39  E  57 

N  Hamp  Av 

Clover  Rr  Adm  &  M"  Richardson  (Endora  Miller) 

JIS.  M*"**  Endora  M  &  Beatrice 

Clowry  ir  Rob't  C-Mt.Lt.Ll P^S675Riv...3oi  W  76 

Clutterbuck  W  Richard  W  B Married  at  London 

Lough  IP"  Alice  F Jun  10 

Clutterbuck  MiM"  Richd  W  B  (Alice  F  Lough) 

*'Sidbury  Hair*  Bridgnorth  Salop  Eng 

Clyde  IP"  Ethel  (Wm  P) Married 

Vollmer  Capt  Ernst  G Oct  14  '07 

Clyde  MiM"  Marshall  H  (Margery  L  BuckKn)  Uv.Kg.Tf. 

Rh.M.R.Myf.H.'88.  .P^S274iMad. .  124  E  37 

Clyde  MiM"  Wm  P(Emeline  F  Hill)Ul.Mt.Ny. 

Clyde  tf""  Emeline  &  Mabel 

Clyde  M'  Thomas-Uv.Un.Ul.Mid.H.'88.   .[Mt. 


Clymer  M"  Meredith  (Lillie  SneUing) Paris 

Fifth  Av 


ab'd  Lusi  Jly  15 


I  Wsi 


Coan  D'  Titus  Munson-C.A.Ll.Wms'59. 

Coan  M'  Philip  M-Croo.  .at  170  Nassau. 

Coats  MiM"  Alfred  M  (Elizabeth  Bamewall)  K.B.Uv.R.Y'pi 

ab*d  Lusi  Jun  17. av'd  Jly  9  see  KSJU 
Coats  Sir  &  Lady  Jas  M-Mt.  .  26  Upper  Brook  Pk  Lane 

London,  .see  RgS. 

Coats  MiM"  Stuart  A  (Jane  Muir  Greenless)Un.Cth.  '°  Charles 
Jffis  M^  Margaret  M  J  &  M'"  Jas  S  &  Muir  D. 

Berkley  Sq 


Social  Register 

Cobb  M'  A  Ward-Uv.P.'Qo 

Cobb  DiM"  Geo  H  (Laura  D  Sprague)  Uv.Aht'85 
Jfo-J.  M"*  Saml  H  &  Edw  S 

Cobb  Rev  &  M' 

University  Club 

117  Irv'tn  Av 

So  Orange  N  J 

Hy  Evertson  (Elizabeth  C  Penrose) 

C.Snc.Ct.RuV84.  .P^«S42ioRiv.  .370  West  End  Av 
Cobb  MiM"  Hy  Ives  (Emma  M  Smith)  Ap.Ay.Mtw. 

Cobb  tf "  Leonore-Ap [Atch.H.'So  MS3622C0I 

Cobb  r*  Cleveland-H'o6  &  Candler-H'o8 128  W  59 

JS. M'  Elliot,  .see  DoidS. 

Cobb  MiM"  Hy  Ives  Jr  (Carolyn  S  Postlethwaite)  H.'o4 

P^Si33iPlaza.  .901  Lex  Av 

Cobden  Rev  &  M"-  Richard  (Isabel  Morrison) 

J^»  IT"  Richard  Jr  &  Philip  E 

Cochran  MiM"  Gifford  A  (Mabel  H  Taylor)  R;As.Rg.Y;o3 

P^«S473Plaza..i2  E  55 

St  John's  Rectory 
Larchmont  N  Y 

ab'dStLJun2o.  .av'dMaurSepi9 
P'^^S9i5Riv.  .32oCentPkWseeSk«i 


I  W  30 

Cochran  M^"  Louise 

Cochran  M'  Thos-Uv.Ul.Y.'94. 

Cochran  M"  Wm  f  (Eva  Smith) 

Cochran  M'  Alex  S-Un.Rg.R.Tf.Uv.Kg.Ny.Lc.B.As. 

Mtw.Y.'96.  .ab'd  Grosse  Jly  28 
Cochrane  M'  Adam  W  S-Un.Cal.R.Cy.Ny.B.Cw. 


Cochrane  M'  John  W-Ul.Mc.Ss.R.W 

Cochrane  MiM"  Arthur  De  W  (Maisie  K  Chrystie)  R.Rh.Au 
Ny.As. Y'96 . . P^^S74JDobbsFy . /'  Elmington ''  Hastings- 
on- Hudson.  .Tan   15   Summerville  Augusta  Ga..seeAtf" 
Cochrane  Capt  &  M"  James  K  (Edith  Poor) .  .  Cox  &  Co 

16  Charing  Cross  London 
Cockcroft  MiM"  Edw  T  (tilden-Viola  A  Baker)  Ats.Cly. 

Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Cockcroft  M^""  Mary  T  &  Elisabeth  V-Cly.Ht.Hl.  I  P^^S42Mad 

tf"  Elizabeth  C  Schettler (147  Mad  Av 

Cockran  MIM"  W  Bourke  (Annie  L  Ide)  Mt.Mb.M.Lc.Au. 

B.Cth.Rg.Ats.Lt.Cly.Cyw.Cvcw.Mtw.  .1333-16  Ws6 
Cocks  DiM"  Gerhard  H  (Maud  E  Knapp)  Uv.Y.'99 

P^^i237Plaza..i37  E  54 
Cocks  M"  John  J  (Florence  Hutchison)  .P*^^S2  798Plaza..75  E  54 
Cocks  M'  W  Burling-Mb.Rg.Tf Buckingham  Hotel 

New  York  1909 


Coddington  M"  Jefferson  (Julia  S)  S.  .  |         av'd  Lusi  Jly  9 

Coddington  M^  Emily  M-Bin |P^3i29Plaza. .  24  W  58 

Coddington  ff"  Marie  F .  .  P'^«Sio9 .  .  **  Hilfield  House '' 

Princeton  N  J 

Codman  MiM"  Ogden  (Webb-Leila  H  Gris- 

M'HWalterWebb  [wold)K.G.Smb.Cly. 

JSS,  M'  J  Griswold  Webb; 

Coe  M'  Chas  A-Un.Na.Rv.Snc.  .see  M"  J  R  Townsend  117  E  57 
Coe  MiM"  E  Holloway  (Elizabeth  W  Davie)  Ul.Au. 

P^Si 599-79.  .105  E  71 
Coe  Rev  &  M"  Edward  B-  (Storrs)  C.Bd.Snc.Rv.Y.'62 . 
Coe  M'"~  Margaret  E,  Miriam  S  &  Edith  M 

M'  av*d  Cecil  Jly  28 



42W  52 



wood  Cliffs  N  J 

8  W  76 

Coe  MiM"Hy  E  (Eva  Johnston)  Uv.Un.As.Rg.Dt. 

Coe  tf"  Emily [Rv,Snc.Gg.Y'78 

JSS,  M'"  Rosalie  &  M'"  CoUes  J  &  Hy  E Jr. .  atGroton 

Coe  MiM"  Wm  R  (Mai  H  Rogers)  Cal.Ny.Mid.Au 

Coe  MiM"  Ed  Prime  (Cowles-Grace)  Uv. 
Coe  tf""  AHce  S  &  Margaret  D.  .  .[Wms'72 
Coe  DiM"  Hy  Clarke  (Sara  L  Werden)  Uv.Dke.Cw. 
JSSa  M""  Fordyce  B  &  Hy  C  Jr. 

Coe  M"  Mary  E 

Mi'tf"  av'd 

Fin  Jun  30 

•P^222ii  Stuy 

5  E  10 
P'^^S2 288-79.. 6  E  83 

Coerr  Jf  Pred'c  D  H-Cw.Cl.'oo P^«S2  7Col. .  221  W  57 

Coffin  MiM"  Chas  A  (CaroHne  L  Russell)  Mt.Ul.Ats.|P^^4046Col 

Coffin  tf"  Alice  S [Au.Cy.Mid.Sbb.Alb.|  145  W  58 

Coffin  M'DanlMorison-Mt.Cal.Tf.Rp.P.'o5.P*^^S2233Bry..i2W44 
Coffin  MiM"  Edmund (Euphemia  Sloane)Mt.Uv.  T        av'd 

Y.'66 . .  ab'd  Adri  Jun  17  P^'»S204'4Plaza 
CoffinM'WmSloane-Uv.Dke.Y.'oo.ab'dCedJlyi6        13  W  57 

Coffin  MiM"  F  T  Haskell  (Louise  D  Adams) see  B^Sb 

Coffin  Rev  &  M"  Hy  Sloane  (Dorothy  P  Eells)Uv.Y'97..36  E  62 

Coffin  MiM"  Herbert  Lawton  (Elizabeth  S  Cook)Na. 

Coffin  r  Caleb .[Cl.'98 

ff"  Elizabeth  Lawton 

Coffin  MiM"  I  Sherwood  (Ida  E  Willets) 

Coffin  tf-  Adele [Ha.Dt 

Coffin  M™  Sherwood-at  S^an  &  Willets.  .  . . 
Coffin  M'"  Fred  L  &  Mitchell 




P^«S2  766Main 
30  Remsen  Brooklyn 


Social  Register 

CoffinMiM"JohnRoberts(MaryBHudson)jP^«5620..Greenwich  Ct 
M' Ernest  R  Hudson [Y.'o2|  see  Do^iX 

119  E  19 

156  W  58 

Coffin  M"  Julian  R  (Alice  Church). 

Coffin  IP"  Marian  Cruger-Ats 

Coffin  DiM"  Lewis  A  (Grace  Geer)  Uv.Du.U'82. 

JlS.  tf"  Grace  &  M'  Lewis  A  Jr 

If"  Gertrude  E  Geer 

Coffin  M"  Sturgis  (Elisabeth  W  Shipman) .  .f^'Toje 

"Portledge"  New  Canaan  Ct.see  DotlSi 

Coffin  M'  William  A~Fn.Lt.Y'74 *p.  ^  o     •„„  -p,^  „ 

Coffin  M"  T  G : PmeSpnngFarm 

Coffin  If-  F  E Jennerstown  Pa 

Coggeshall  M'  Edwin  W-C.G IP^^S423oStuy 

Coggeshall  tf"  Sazie  W |      3  E  10 

Coggeshall  DiM"  Henry  (Pidcock-NelUe  Osbom)       P«S99Plaza 

If"  Frances  Osbom [P1.H.'83     4©  E  58 

Coggeshall  MIM"  Murray  H  (Janie  Magor)  Uv.Ty'96 

M'  ab'd  Celt  Sep  24.  .P*^S73Wi . .  Pt  Washington  L  I 
""""'"  P^^S2932Mad 

140  E  37 

Coggill  M"  Frederick  W  (Julia  Mitchell) 


Coggill  MiM"  Geo  (Helen  C  Hickox)  Uv.Kg.Dt.Gg.Y/89 

P^m54i3-79 . .  1033  Lex  Av 
CoghiU  MiM"  Howard  (Edith  Dunbar)  Mo.Mg.Cl'So 

P^«S303l. .  **The  Red  House"  Morristown  N  J 

Normandie  Park 
Morristown  N  J 

CoghiU  M' J  Henry. 

CoghiU  M^"  S  A.  . . 

Coghlan  Rr  Adm  &  M"  Jos  B  (JuUa  Barbour)  Ul.Ny.USN'63 

59  W45 
Cogswell  MiM"  CuUen  Van  Rensselaer  (A  Eugenie  Nickerson) 

Un.Cal.Rv.Cw.Cd.Bm.  .P^^S2865Gram. .  12  E  11 
CogsweU  MiM"  Wm  B  (Cora)  Uv.Ats.Eg.Rp.Rens'52 

Syracuse  N  Y 

Cohu  MiM"  Hy  M  (AnnabeU  E  Turck) see  M"  S  Turck 

^ P^^S  2000  Plaza 

567  Park  Av 

Coit  MiM"  Jos  Howland  (Adeline  Balch)  An. . . . 

JS.  M'  Henry  A 

Colbum  M"  Geo  C  (Helen  H  Sherman) see  F.  S  Thompson 

Colby  MiM"  Bainbridge  (Nathalie  Sedgwick)  Uv.Mt.So.Ap. 

Rp.Rh.Ad.Wms'90.  .P^^S3584Plaza.  .49  E  66 
ColbyMiM"Everett(EdithHyde)Un.Uv.R.E.Ad.Cly.Br'97 .  1E86 

New  York  1909 


Colby  MiM"  Howard  A  (Ruth  M  Tenney)  Uv.R.Cal.Mkp. 

P.'9S.  .P'*^Sio48.  .  1405  Evergreen  Av  Plainfield  N  J 

Colby  M^"*  Jessie  &  Mary  C 

Colby  M'  Wm  Colgate-As P^SsospGram 

M"  James  B  Colgate  (Colby) 22  E  23 

If"  Mary  Colgate 

Colby  Mill"  L  St  Clair  (Grace  B  Merwin)  Ad.Br'89 

P*"^S3243  . .  174  Harrison  E  Orange  N  J 

122  W  73 

P^^Si36..  14  Franklin 
Morristown  N  J 


Cole  D'  Carter  S-M.W.Va'87 . 
Cole  llf "  Fannie  M . .  IP"  Elisa  C  Thompson . 
Cole  MiM"  Chas  Buckingham  (Bertha  W  Dwight)Dke.Ham'87' 
Cr89 . . P«S8i iw. . 37iUpperMtAvUpper Montclair  N  J 
Cole  MiM"  €has  D  M  (Emma  L  Steams) 

Cole  M' Chas  L-H.'oi  &  Ja  M'  Hugh  L  M . . . 
Cole  M"  Eugene  M  (Field-Anna  T  Townsend) . 

Cole  M'  Wilmot  L 

Cole  MiM"  John  H  Qosephine  Mcllvaine  Hewson)IP^«536iiGram 

Cole  M*"  Lucy  May [Uv.C.Ch.H.'7o|      6  E  10 

Cole  MiM"  Newcomb  B  (Mary  F  Debevoise)  Cal.Y/94 

P^«S4078Stuy..i3i  E  15 

Coleman  M*"  Annie  B |Hs367Plaza 

Coleman  M'  Bernard  P (     38  E  69 

Coleman  MiM"  John  C  Jr  (Howes-H  Augusta  Schieffelin) 

P^S645-79.  .56  E  92 

Coleman  M"  John  Scott  (Hetty  K  McEwen) |P«S2oPlaza 

Coleman  D'  Warren-So.Ky  '88 |  58  W  55 

Coleman  M'  Michael I       ^jrr    ^ 

Coleman  tf""  Emma  G,  Florence  F  &  Fannie |  54  w  35 

Coleman  M'  Robert  H-Ty'77 see  Arch'd  Rogers.  .35  W  53 

Coles  MiM"  Edward  Oliver  (Helen  B  Brown) 73  W  55 

Wilson  Pk 
Tanytown  N  Y 

Coles  MiM"  Francis  W  (Grace  W  Wilson) . 

Coles  tf""  Sophie  T  &  Christina  W 

Coles  M""  Edw,  Archibald  K  &  Francis  W  Jr. 
Coles  MiM"Hy  R  Remsen(MargaretMDavidson)Un.Lc.Ht.Rv. 
Cw.Cd . .  PIK348 . .  **  NestledownFarm  ''Mamaroneck  N  Y 

Coles  Hf"  Julia  W see  D  C  Halsted 

Coles  M*  Wm  B-Cal.Va'88 Calumet  Club 


Social  Register 


Coley  DiM"  Wm  B(Alice  Lancaster)  Uv.Kg. ¥.'84      P'*1Jr54ioMad 

Ja  M' Bradley  L [H.'88      sParkAv 

Colfax  MiM"  Albert  E(Emma  M  Knapp)Ul.Na.Cw.    ?''To4o6s-7g 

MiM"  Norman  M  Burrell  (Colfax) Rv.      9  E  7  7 

Colfelt  MiM"  Jas  H  (Heckscher-Marion  F  Wiltbank) 

Mtw.Cvcw.P.'97. /*L'Encloitre'*  Dinard  France 
Colford  MiM"  Sidney  Jones  (Laura  F  Chartrand)|29  Hunter  Av 

Colford  ff"  Edith [Ny.|  Newport  RI 

Colford  MiM"  Sidney  J  Jr  (Clara  W  Knight) seeDi^lJK. 

Colgate  M"  Abner  W  (Margaret  Garr)  Mg. 

P^^5i88 . . "  La  Maisonnette  "  Morristown  N  J 

Colgate  M"  Bowles  (Annie  A  Shields) 

Colgate  IP"  Florence-Ats 

Colgate  MiM"  Lathrop  (Edith  C  Leonard) . . . 

Colgate  M*"  Cora see  M"  M  T  Kennard 

Colgate  MiM"  Gilbert  (FloranceHall)Uv.Dt.Bd.As.|P^^3752Col 

JiSa  M^"-  Elizabeth  M  &  Florance  H [Y/83I  306  W  76 

Colgate  M*"  Hannah I     H51298-79 

Colgate  M'  William-Mt j         S  E  82 

Colgate  M"  James  B  (Susan  F  Colby) see 

Colgate  M'"  Mary tf—  Colby 

Colgate  MiM"  James  Colby  (Hope  H  Conkling)  Uv.  nh««e       tji 

Rg.Dt.Au.Gg.'84.av'd  Adrijly  8  ^  'PU 
JS,  M^""  Susan  E . .  at  Farmington  Ct  &  Margaret  W     40  w  5  7 

Colgate  M"  Joseph  (Sallie  Colgate) see  DJ^*S. 

Colgate  MiM    Richard  M(MargaretCAuchincloss)Dt.Uv.Y'76 

P^^S2 29 . .  Llewellyn  Pk  W  Orange  N  J 

Colgate  M'  Robert-Un.Dt.Y'72 

Colgate  IP"*  Annette  F  &  Roberta 

Colgate  M'  Craig-Un.Sa. ¥.'97 .  .  at  33 1  Lex  Av. . 

Colgate  MiM"  Romulus  R  (Susan  Prince)  K.Dt.  '.  .  .  .Sharon  Ct 

Colgate  MiM"  Russell  Qosephine  B  Kirtland)  Dt.Y.'96 

P*^'3?S567.  /*Oakbrook"  Llewellyn  Pk  Orange  N  J 
Colgate  MiM"  Sidney  M  (Caroline  Bayard  Dod)  Dt. 

Y.'86..ab'd  Prov  Sep  10 

Colgate  M' Austen-Uv.Bg.Au.Y/86 

CoUamore  tf"  Betty-Fn see 

Colles  DiM"  Christopher  J  (Emilie  K  Elmendorf)  Un.C.Rv.Wt. 

Heid'82..P^^§859Mad..i5  E  29 

i2oBowne  Av 
Flushing  L  I 

363  Centre 
Orange  N  J 

H  BischofI 

New  York  1909 


Baring  Bros 

CoUes  tf"  Elizabeth  B see  D«iX 

Collier  M"  Maurice  D  wight  (Clarissa  T  Adee)P'^^589-38.  .8  E  48 
Collier  MiM"  Peter  F  (Dennie)  B.Au.Mb.Cth.Rg.Rh.Tf 

M"  av'd  Caro  Oct  7 . .  29  Fifth  Av 
Collier  MiM"  Price  (Robbins-Katharine  R  Delano) 

M'  Warren  Delano  Robbins 

Collier  MiM"  RobertJ(SarahSVanAlen)R.Ct.Cy.Au.Rp.Ny.B. 

Cth.Pl.Rg.Tf.Mb.Rh.Cly.H.'98.  .752  Park  Av 

Collins  M"  Alfred  Q  (Mary  H  Watson) Deutsch  Bk  Berlin 

Collins  M'  Clarence  Lyman-Mc.Ar.Cw.Myf.Ny. 

203  Faubourg  St  Honor^  Paris 
Collins  MiM"  Edwin  Pinckney  (Katharine  Montague) 


Collins  MiM"  Francis  H  (Anna  Bushnell)  Mt 

Collins  tf"S Adele 

Collins  M""  C  Harold-Dke.Y'o2  &  F  Howard-Ct. 

Collins  MiM"  Fred'k  P  (Louise  T  E  Vedder) 

Jx^°r,  M*"  Elsie  L  Livingston 

Collins  DiM"  HowardD(HelenGawtry)Un.Rg.Uv. 


Collins  D"  Chas  Famham-Un.Uv.Rv.Y'83 

Collins  DiM"  Jos  (Maud  C  Da  vies)  C.R.Mo.Gg.Mg.N'88 

P«Si779Plaza..37  W  54 
Collins  M'  Jos  F-Mt.Blbl.Rcp.Geo'97.  .P«S636o-38.  .36  W  35 
Collins  MiM"  Mintum  Post(FloraIsham)Rg.As.Cy.Rp.Ay.Ap. 

Hav'92.  .P«S302Plaza.  .131  E  65 
Collins  M"  Natalie  S  (Nathalie  P  Schenck) 

see  M"  Spotswood  D  Schenck 
Collins  MiM'*  Richard  S  (Sarah  Willets)  Ap. . . 

Collins  M*"  Hannah-Ap 

Collins  M'  Stephen  W-Ul.Ap.Bm.Hav'83. . . . 

DiM"  Joshua  L  Barton  (Collins) 

Collis  M"  Chas  H  T  (Septima  M  Levy)  Dar. 

Collis  M'  Lloyd-Ll.Cl.'92 [at  Columbia 

Collis  M'  Charles--Cl/o3 ]  Univ  Club 

CoUyer  Rev  Robert-C 

CoUyer  MiM"  Robert  S 


572  Mad  Av 

Caldwell  N  J 

SO  W  55 

117  E  61 

201 W  55 


Social  Register 


910  Salem  Rd 

Elizabeth  N  J 

148  E  61 

Colonna  di  Stigliano  Pcss  (Evlyne  Bryant  Mackay) 

199  Av  Victor  Hugo  Paris 

Colt  W  C  Craig-Uv.Un.T.Lc.Wk.P'83 University  Club 

Colt  M"  E  Boudinot  (Jane  Borrowe) 

Colt  M'""  Elsie  Pintard  &  Ethel  Van  Cortlandt. . 

Colt  M'  Boudinot [Cr88 

Colt  Mill"  Stockton  B  (Beatrice  W  Barclay)  Sa,. 

Colt  M"  Harris  (Catherine  Dunscomb) .... 

Colt  Mill"  Francis  Seon  (Marie  L  Foster) . . 

Colt  MiM"  Harris  Dunscomb  (Elizabeth  H  Bowne)  Uv.Mt.Dt. 

Y.'84.  .P«S35ooPlaza.  .14  E  60 
Colt  MiM"  Hy  Van  S  (Wadsworth-Julia  K  Whittaker) 

P^^Si42 .  ."Temple  Hill"  Geneseo  N  Y 

Colt  M'  Lyman  R-Sa.Cl'91 **  Willow  Point*'  Lakeside  Wash 

Colt  MiM"  Morgan  (Jane  B  Keith)  Sa.Cda.Croi . .  New  Hope  Pa 
Colt  MiM"  Richard  C  (Mary  A  Sloan)  Uv.Dt.Au.Cd.lP^'3?S424o-38 
JlSs  M'"  Catherine  D  &  M'  Sam'l  S-at  Groton . .  . [Y.'Ssl    1 1 7  ^  39 

Colt  M^  Robert  O  (late  Rob't  O) Died  at  Chariotte  N  C 

Colt  M'  Roswell  Lyman-Snc 

Colt  M' Samuel  Pomeroy-Mt.Rp.Hppv.Cr 74. . .  I    P'^^5626-38 

Colt  M'  Russell  G-Bg.Y.'o6 [ly  E  44  see  P5S2i. 

Colt  M*"*  Sarah  Beekman  &Jane  Borrowe. .  Y^24$2-'jg . .  44E79 

Colton  M' Arthur  W-Uv.A.Y.'9o University  Club 

Combs  MiM"  Harry  B  (Florence  McCaulley)  As. 

P**^S499Plaza.  .47  W49 

Comstock  M"  Clarence  A  (Harriett  Gross) P*''ffS472J 

Comstock  M'  C  Arthur-R.Dt.Ny.Pu.Cl.'98 Wyckoff  N  J 

Comstock  Gen  Cyrus  B-Un.C.Ll.USA'55 j. 

Comstpck  M"  N  D  &  tf"  Elisabeth 124  H.  27 

Comstock  MiM"  Fred'k  H(EmilyCole)Uv.'72.i2sRiverside  Drive 
Conant  MiM"  Ernest  Lee  (Blanche  M  Allison)  Uv.Cw.H.'84 

P^«S55oiPlaza..i3S  E  66 
Conant  MiM"  Osmyn  P  (Mary  L  Royce)  Uv.Bd.As.Dth'79 

P^^S685oRiv..3io  W  89 

Condon  MiM"  Thomas  G  (Emily  B  Beach)  ^^  "Hacienda" 

Jl?»  IP"  Gwendolin  B 

Tuxedo  Park 


851  Seventh  A V 

New  York  1909 


Irvington  N  Y 

Congdon  MiM"  Horace  L  (Helen  R  Cooper)  Br*67 

ab*d  K  II  Jun  23 .  .av'd  Maur  Oct  16 

r^iSo.  ."Crest  Cot " . . Englewood  N  J 
Conger  MiM"  Clarence  Rapelje-Ch.Ct.Dt.Pu.Cr71   P^SSsSMain 

Conger  M*"*  Margaret  L  &  Mary  R  McC 196  Coliunbia 

JlS.  IP-  Wilhelmina  de  P  &  M""  C  R  Jr&Fred'c  P  M     Hgts  Bklyn 

Conger  tf"  Helen  de  P see  M"  S  A  Blatchford 

Conger  MiM"  Hy  Rutgers  (Harriet  D  Duyckinck)  Ct.Cro2. 

Wms'99.  .P^^2i36.  .58  Arthur  Yonkers  N  Y 
Conger  MiM"  Kenyon  B  (Anna  S  Ganter)Ll.H.'9o 

M"  RL  Ganter  (Sanford) 

M'Chas  R  Ganter 

Conklin  MiM"Roland  R(Mary  Macfadden)Sn.S.Au.Ats.Ill'8o 

851  Seventh  A V 
Conkling  MiM"  Alfred  Ronalds  (Ethel  E  Johnson)  Mt.Rp.T. 

Y.'yo.  .P^^3305john.  .Morris  Plains  N  J 

Conkling  M'Howard-Un.Mt.Rp P^«S6s  10-79.  •  iS7  E  70 

Conkling  MiM"  Paul  B  (Mabel  Harris)  P1.P.'94 

P^«Si226Chel..66  W  11 
Conner  DiM"  Lewis  A  (Emma  W  Harris)  Uv.C.Y'87 

P'^^Sio4iPlaza..S3  E  49 
Connfelt  MiM"  Chas  M  (Una  F  Soley)  H.'96 

P^«S29i3Plaza.  .635  Park  Av 

Connfelt  MiM"OscarG(AnneM  Mears) .  .P*^^49oAud..375o  B'way 

Connor  MiM" Washington  E (Simmons-Louise 

Hynard)  Ul.Lt.Dt.Lc.Rp.Ay.Na.Ats. 

Connor  M'  Wayne  E.  .at  Princeton 

If"  Louise  Simmons 

Conover  MiM"  Rich'd  S  Jr  (Mary  C  Clement).  .  .Bedford  N  Y 

Constable  IP"  Anna 

Constable  M'"  Howard  &  Stevenson-N.  . . 

Constable  M'  Wm  Jr-24  Nassau 

Constable  M"  Casimir  (Jennie  Constable).  .Constableville  N  Y 

Constable  M"  Fred'k  A  (Louise  Bolmer) -p^ 

Constable  tf""  Marie  L-Ap.  &  Edith-Ap 9  ^  ^3 

Constable  MiM"Wm(FannieMBarclay)Un.  T^52485Bry.i7  W  48 
Constantinovich  Pc  &  Pcss  Vladimir  (de  Vri^re-Anne  Cutting) 


**Ronnoc  Grove" 
New  Smyrna  Fla 

IIS  E  23 


Social  Register 



"  Conyers  Manor  " 

Greenwich  Ct 

see  jJomic^* 

Converse  MiM"Edmund  C  (Jessie  M  Green) 
MLM"  Benj  Strong  Jr  (Converse) 

Converse  MiM"  Edmund  C  Jr  (Judith  C  Adams)  Na.Rp.Y'04 

Santa  Barbara  Cal 
Converse  M"  Jas  B  (Louise  K  Dunshee) . 

M*"  Mary  E  Dunshee 

Conway  MiM"  Eustace  (Maud  Allis)  C.  .  .P^ToigygUsid,  .127  E  35 

Conyngham  M'  Herbert-Sa.Uv.Y'95 St  Anthony  Club- 

Conyngham  MiM"  John  Nesbitt  (Bertha  N  Robinson) Mt.Ul.Ny. 
Y'88.  .see  M"  J  H  Wright.  .715  Fifth  Av 

Conyngham  M"  Wm  L  (Olivia  B  Hillard) Wilkesbarre 

Conyngham  M'  Wm  H-Uv.Y' 89 Pa 

Coogan  MiM"  W  Gordon  (Dorothea  H  Potter) 

av'd  Teut  Sep  23 .  .Westchester  N  Y 
Cook  M"  Chas  T  (Bird-Sarah  E  Hinman) 

M'  Edw  Dimon  Bird 41  E  38 

M'  S  Hinman  Bird 

Cook  M"  Ed  Mitchell  (Mary  A  Sprague)  Bd 

Cook  M*-  Louise  A P^S2928Mad 

Cook  M'  Thomas  F-Cl'04  &  J^™  M'  John  A iS4  E  37 

MiM"  Hy  K  Murphy  (Cook) 

Cook  MiM"  Ferd  H  (Mary  W  Aldrich)  Rv.Cw.Dar. 
&  W"  Mary  E 

59  Reynolds  Ter 
Orange  N  J 

E  82 


Cook  MiM"  Geo  D  (Stella  V  Sturges)  N.Mid. 
if^  M^"  Elizabeth  A  &  M'  Sturges  D.  .[Ulch.'6i 

Cook  MiM"  Henry  F  (Lena  M  Fahys)  Ul.Dt.Cw.Rv. 

Cook  tf"  Edith  E 

Cook  M'  J  Fahys 

&  tf"  Madeleine  H  &  M'  Harry 

Cook  MiM"  Howard  M  (Rebecca  D  Haigh)  Uv.Sa.Cl.'93 

P^^S44lCaldwell.  .Essex  Fells  N  J 

Cook  M"  Ida  O  (Ida  Olmstead) Clinton  N  Y 

Cook  MiM"  Walter  (Louise  Sprague)  C.H.'69 P^^4379-38 

Cook  D'  Edw-H.'oo i35  E  37 

Cook  MiM"  Walter  Jr  (Margaret  C  Roper)  H.'o2 

P*'^S7o5Stuy..i42  E  18 

New  York  1909  123 

Cooke  MiM"  Carleton  S  (Miriam  W  Goodwin)  H.'qq 

P^To454o^79..i55  E  72 

Cooke  M'  Robert  Grier-Rv.Rp P^^S2233Bry.  .12  W  44 

Cooke  MLM"WalterE (Rebecca  E  Barbour)Uv.Y'95.Wyckoff  N  J 

Cooksey  M***  Dorothy  (Geo  B) Married  at  Irvington  N  Y 

Marcus  M'  Wm  Elder  Jr  (Wm  E) Jun  6 

Cooley  MiM"  Alford  W  (Susan  D  Dalton)  Mtw.Cvcw.H*9S 

Silver  City  N  M 
Cooley  MiM"  Francis  R-Uv.Y'86 University  Club 

Old  Mamaroneck  Rd 
White  Plains  N  Y 

Cooley  M"  James  c  (Agnes  Medlicott) 

Cooley  W"  Agnes 

Cooley  M'" Jas  C-Cy.Tf .  &  Arthur  D  M-  Cy .       

CooUdge  MiM"  Howard  K  (Edna  M  Wemple)  Cal. 

P^"»S276iCol..i  W  72 
Coolidge  MiM"  Palmer  (Tina  Loretta  Hall)  H/83.  .  .  .62  E  77 
Coombs  MiM"  Wm  H  (Robinson-Leonard) 

Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Cooper  M"  Chas  W  (Mary  Rhoads  Walter)  T.Cly. 

of  P^"»S8i8Gram. .  113  E  21 .  .ab'd  Caro  Nov  28 

Cooper  M"  Ferguson  L  (Emnia  M  Bibby) . .  |P'^^S286j . .  6  James 

Cooper  M'  Ferguson  Livingston-Na. |  Montclair  N  J 

Cooper M'HyDodge-Uv.Mc.Lc.  .'72.  .av'd  Adri  Aug  6 

Cooper  M'"  Marion  D P'^^SiqqCoI 

Cooper  M'  Dudley  M-Y.'o6 29  W  70 

M*"  Anne  P  Shedden 

Cooper  M'  Hy  Elliott-Uv.As.Br'95, University  Club 

Cooper  MiM"  Hy  Woodward  (Emily  E  Erving)  Ap.Rp. 

P^^Si58.  ."The  Hazard".  .Rye  N  Y 

Cooper  M'"  Katharine  Maria P^^S4o82Gram.  .13  W  9 

Cooper  MiM"  M  LeBrun  (Ella  A  Sedgwick)  Cal.N. 

see  M"  J  W  Sedgwick. .  55  E  66 
Cooper  Rr  Adm  &  M"  Philip  H  (Katharine  J  f^'To^es 

Foote)   Uv.Mg.Mo.Ny.Ll.Dar.Dc.USN'6o       283   South 

&  M'"  Dorothy  B [Morristown  N  J 

Cooper  M'  Theodore-C.Ll.Rus'58 353  W  57 

Copeland  MiM"  Chas  (Louisa  d'A  du  Pont)  Uv.Myf .H.'89 

Wilmington  Del 

Copp  M"  Wm  Amasa  (Emily  M  Maltby)  Cd. , . 
Copp  M'  Wm  Maltby-An.Cw.Y.'95 

340  W  72 

124  Social  Register 

Coppell  MiM"  Arthur  (Mary  S  Bowers)  Un.R.Mid.Rg.Bm.Cly. 

P.'94.  .m^Sii62Bry..22  W  48 
Coppell  IF""  Elizabeth  C  &  Helen  G 55  W  48 


"Birchknoll  House" 

Tenafiy  N  J 

Coppell  MaM"  Herbert  (Church- Georgie 

Myers)  R.Mid.Cly.H.'ga 

&  M'  Geo  M  Church 

Corbett  MiM"  Henry  L  (Gretchen  Hoyt) 

West  Park  &  Madison  Portland  Ore 
Corbin  M"  Austin  (Hannah  M  Wheeler) 

Died  at  Newport  N  H  Sep  20 

Corbin  M' Austin-Uv.Na.Smb.H.*96 119  W  45 

Corbin  MiM"  John  (Amy  Foster)  Uv.Cly.H.'92 

P'^^S4528Stuy..i3i  E  15 

Corbin  MiM"  Richard  W  (Bessie  Rhoades) [4  Marceau 

Corbin  M""  Ralph  B  &  L  G-at  Metuchen  N  J |     Paris 

Corlies  MiM"  Arthur  (Maude  I  Robinson)  Sa.Rg.Y'97 

P^^S2262Riv. .  2345  B'way 
Corlies  MiM"  Benj  F  (Susan  Meigs)  Ats.  .  .Pelham  Manor  N  Y 


Corlies  M"  Edmund  W  (Mary  A  Thomson) 

Corlies  M'  Howard-Sa.Y.'os . 

Corliss  M'  Chas  A-Uv.Wms'9o.P^^S522oF'kiin.University  Club 

Cormack  M'  Geo  A-Ny NY  Yacht  Club 

Cornell  MiM"  Irwin  Hewlett  (Ruth  A  Jones)  Ad.Cl.'o3 

P^«S636Col..2oo  W  55 
Cornell  MiM"  J  N  Hay  ward  (Elizabeth  Phyfe  Whit-IP^«S3494Riv 
tf"  Elizabeth  L  Phyfe [lock)  Na.Cal.j  256  W  97 

Cornell  MiM"  John  Milton  (Sarah  A  Keen) r'»rs9i 

Cornell  M'  Milton  L-Cl.'o5.  .at  Cold  Spring  N  Y     *'Llenroc*' 

Cornell  M'  John  B-Y.'o6 Seabright  N  J 

Cornell  MiM"  Peter  G  (Emma  V  Schiers)  Sa.Cr93.  .  .see  DSSiaJ. 
Cornell  Judge  &  M"  Rob't  Clifford  (Malvina  H  Lamson)  Uv.C. 

CI. '74.  .901  Lex  Av 

Cornell  M"  Wm  T  (Lucinda  V  Rushmore) Hotel  St  Andrew 

Coming  MiM"  Arthur  Wellesley  (Isabelle  R  Mathews)  Ap. Ay. 

P^^SioS.  .Milton  Rd  Rye  N  Y 
Corning  M'  Christopher  R-Ul.Mt.Dt.Uv.Pcusf  .Hdg'86 

Geneva  Switz 
Corning  MiM"Erastus(EdithHChild)Y'o3..28iStateAlbany  N  Y 

New  York  1909 


Corning  MiM"  Fred'k  G  (M  Adeline  Vernon)Mt.Eg.Ny.Ha.S. 

Fribg'79 .  .  P*'«S4099Col . .  I  W  72 
Coming  MiM"  Geo  Maybin  (Luqueer-Matilda  P  Corning) 

Ul.Na.Ay.Rp.  .P^^Sioi.  .Rye  N  Y 

Corning  M'  Henry  W-K Knickerbocker  Club 

Coming  DiM"  Jas  Leonard  (Julia  Crane)'78.P*"i^Sioo6-38.53W  38 

Corning  M'  John  J-Ul.Na.Rc.As Hotel  Savoy 

Corning  M'  Parker-Uv.Y.'ps |P^^S287ilMain 

Coming  M'  Edwin-R.Y.'o6 |  Albany  N  Y 

Comwell  D'  Herbert  C  de  V-Sn.H.'g?  .P^"»S343oMad.  .173  Mad  Av 
Corrigan  MiM"  Jos  E  (Margaret  H  Stone)  Ct.Cal.'.  .95 

P^^5i975Col..3oi  W  57 

Corthell  MiM"  Elmer  L-Uv.Br'67 i  Nassau 

Cory  M"  David  M  (Ellen  S  Munroe) 

P«S3463-79.  .  75  E  81 .  .see  Do^^S. 
Cosby  MiM"  Arthur  F  (Virginia  R  Dousman)  Ct.H.*94. 

P'^S7o5FarRock. .  Woodmere  L  I.  .see  Skui 

Cossitt  M"  Fred'k  H  (Antonia  Dugro) see  P  Hy  Dugro 

Coster  M"  Chas  (Helen  L  Anthon) P^^495Plaza. .  17  E  55 

Coster  M"  Chas  Henry  (Emily  Pell)  T )P^^i3 74-38 

Coster  M'"  Helen  &  &  tf"  Maud |    37  E  37 

Beech  Lawn" 
Irvington-on- Hudson 



E  81 


Coster  MiM"  Ed  Livingston  (Frances  L 
Stewart)  Eg.  As.  Au 

Ji'o«  M'""  Josephine  L  &  Margaret  L 

Coster  MiM"  Henry  A  (Mary  L  Coles)  Cy 

Coster  M*"  Martha  Ellery-Bm 

Coster  M'  Oliver  De  Lancey~Cy.Sn.Bm 

Coster  M"  John  Hy  (Emily  G  011iffe.P"i^Sii32Mad 
Coster  MiM"  Wm  B  (Maria  G  Gray)  Un.Na.Cy.Tf . 

M'  av'd  Teut  Jly  i . .  ab'd  Teut  Aug  5 . .  Union  Club 

Cottenet  M"  Edward  L  (Marie  Lowndes) 

Cottenet  if""  Fanny  M-Cly 

Cottenet  M'  Rawlins  Lowndes-K.Mb 

ab'd  Ny  Jly  11 .  .av'd  Onic  Oct  14 
Cottier  MiM"  Alonzo  E  (Blanche  V  Busey)  Cal...58'  Cent  Pk  W 

CottingM' Jameson-Mt.Sa.K.Ny.Au.T.Lc.N'96 23  E  79 

Cotton  Capt  Gilbert  P-Un.Anw.USA'67 Hotel  Gotham 

Cotton  MiM"  J  Leslie  (Mariette  Benedict)  Un.Fn.       |  139  E  33 
&  M'  Hugh [Mit'78(  M"  absent 

no  E  25 


social  Ke^fer 

Cotton  MiM"  Jos  P  Jr  (Jessie  I  Child)  Uv.Ct.Rc.H/96.  .  .isE  10 
Coudert  M"  Prcdcnc  R  (Elizabeth  McCredy)     |av'd  Prov  Sep  26 

Coudert  tf"  R^n^e  M [Cvcw.|2025  Hillyer  PI  WsS 

Coudert  MiM"  Fred'c  R  (AUce  T  Wilmerding)  C.Uv.Fn. 

M.Na.S.Fw.Mtw.Cl'go.  .P«S2946Plaza. .  124  E56 

Coudert  M*"  Grace  Margarite abroad 

Coulter  M"  Charles  J  (Elizabeth  McKeever)  T. 

P^2i23 . . "Wee  Wah"  Tuxedo  Park  N  Y 

Coursen  M'  Robert  L-Na IP'«S4i69Plaza 

Coursen  IP"  Charlotte  H ]  672  Lex  Av 

Couse  M*"  Florence Married  at  Grace  Chantry 

Carlton  M'  Schuyler  C Jun  10 

Coventry  Hon  &  M"  Henry  F  (McCreery-Edith  Kip) 

**Stonas  Park"  Henley  England 

Coward  M"  Edward  (Ellen  S  Fales) see  DimiSJ. 

Coward  MiM"  Ed  Fales  (Mabel  Ridgway)  Pu.Cr83 

P'^^Si30 . .  Huntmgton  L  I 
CowdinM'ElliotC-Un.B.Tf.H.'96. .  Kirklevington  Lexington  Ky 
Cowdin  M'  John  E-K.Un.R.Rh.Pl.Mb.Tf .H/79 . .  P*^«Sio65Gram 

Cowdin  W"  Ethel-Cly 13 

Cowdin  M'  Elliot  C  2d-H'o9  &  JlS,  M'  J  Cheever. . .     Gram  Park 
Cowdin  MiM"  Winthrop  (Leha  B  Harrison)  Un.Uv.Rg.Kg. 

An.H.'Ss.  .P^^S22.  ."New  Castle  House"  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Cowing  Judge&M"Rufus  B(Harral-Marie  A  Ling) 

Ul.Mc .  .  av'd  Camp  Aug  29  P«S2o88-79 

Cowing  ff"  Edw  K-Ul.  &  Percy  F 138  E  78 

JlS.  tf"  Dorothy  F  Hodson 

Cowing  MiM"  Rufus  B  Jr  (Benedict-Marguerite  Lloyd)  Ad. 

Cro2.  .P^^Sii99lBloom.  .Woodland  Av  Glen  Ridge  N  J 

Cowles  MiM^'  Alfred  A  (Frances  A  Bailey)  Ul.Lc 2205 

M"  Fannie  B  Peck B'way 

Cowles  M'  Chas  P-Ul.Ap.Ay P^^Sso.  .  "Locust  Farm" 

Cowles  M'  Justus  A  B-Ul.Ay.Ap.Cl.'83  Rye  N  Y     * 

Cowles  MiM"  David  S  (Matilda  Parsons)  Ul.  mj6 

Cowles  M""  Elsie  P [Ap.Ay.Mid.Dt.  "Longmeadow" 

Cowles  M'  Edw  B  &  JlS.  M'  David  S  Jr Rye  N  Y 

Cowles  MiM"  Russel  A  (Louise  M  Pfarrius)  Au. 

P^«S56i4Riv. .  285  Cent  Pk  W 
Cowles  M"  Wm  N  (Marie  I  Zane) .  .P^'i952  55Plaza.  .515  Mad  Av 

New  York  1909 





Cowles  Rr  Adm  &  M"  Wm  Sheffield  (Anna  Roosevelt)  Uv. 

Ny.S.Mtw.USN'67 . .  1733  N  W^ 
Cowperthwaite  M&M"  Morgan  (Nathalie  W  Vanderhoef)  As. 

Mt.  .P^S237.  .ChappaquaNY.  .see  DSiS;. 

Cox  IT  Abraham  B-Y.'gs 135  Mad  Av 

Cox  MiM"  Alex  (Coralie  L  Gardiner)  Cda .  .  Dolgelly  North  Wales 
Cox  MiM"  Chas  Finney  (Helen  Middlebrook)  Ul.C.Uv.Ats. 
Ober'69 .  .  ab*d  Maur  Jun  24..av'd  Adri  Sep  3 

P*'^S4oooPlaza .  .  Buckingham  Hotel 
Cox  M*M"Daniel  Hargate  (Frances  L  Buckler) 


M"  Riggin  Buckler  (Alice  L  Riggs) 

tf "  Annie  H  Buclker 

M'  Riggin  Buckler 

Cox  MiM"  Douglas  Farley  (Dora  A  Harris)  Un.Sa.Na.Dt 

CI'Sq.  .av'd  Luc  Jly  3.  .P^^S7o32Riv.  .330  W  85 
Cox  MiM"  Edw  Vermilye  (Julia  Bulkley)  Y'94.Cr95 

MS281W.  .967  Mad  Av  Plainfield  N  J 

Cox  MiM"  Irving  (Jane  Eckstein)  Ny.Mid Mill  Neck  L  I 

Cox  M"  JamesFarley(Maria  Mcintosh) .  .P'^^S388iRiv.  .330W85 

Cox  M'  Jennings  S-C.An.Ny.Na P*^«53547Col 

Cox  M'  Jennings  S  Jr-Uv.Cr87 170  W  73 

Cox  MiM"  John  Watson  (Mabel  M  Metcalf)  Mt.M.As.Au.Ny. 

Lc.Lt.Miss'77..P^^S629o-38..ii  E  38 

Cox  MiM"  Kenyon  (Louise  H  King)  Lt 134  E  67 

Cox  M"  Rowland  (Fanny  Cummins  Hill)  Dar.Cd.  IV'ToS^  .  .  310  W  7 

Cox  M'"Archibald-H;96  &Rob'tH-H.'o5 |  Plainfield  N  J 

Cox  r  Rowland P'^^Si9oiBry.  .47  W  44 

Cox  MiM"  Stephen  P  (Harris-Jane  Stoppani).  .. .  P^«S795Plaza 

M"  May  S  H  Hamersley  (Harris) 26  W  52 

Cox  M"Towiisend  (Annie  H  Townsend) see  DSSSS. 

Cox  M"  Whittingham  (Harriet  Le  Roy  Ludlow) .  .  P*''»S2892  Col 

Cox  M'"  Mary  C  Ludlow 1700  B'way 

Cox  MiM"  Wilmot  T  (Maria  D  B  Miller)  Cd.H'79.  IP4si922john 
Cox  M'  Townsend |      58  W  9 

Coxe  Judge  &  M"  Alfred  Conkling  (Maryette  A 

Coxe  tf"  Isabel  E [Doolittle)Uv.Ham'68 

Coxe  M'  Alfred  C  Jr-Uv.Y.loi 


Chancellor  Sq 
Utica  N  Y 

I2S  Social  Register 

Coxe  DiM"  Davies  (AUce  McComb)  So.Pl.Na.Va'84 

P*'^S557Col. .  155  W  58.  Jan  i  Morgan  Harjes  ScCo  Paris 


"Sterling  Manor" 



Coxe  Mill"  Macgrane  (Lena  Townsend  Craw- 


M'  ab*d  Bait  Jly  9 .  .fm'y  av'd  OnicSepi6 

JtonM*"*Caroline  Townsend*  Eleanor  Crawford 

Coxe  M"  Rob't  E  (Eliza  Davies) 

care  R  R  Benedict  2224  DeLancey  PI  ?*"& 
Coykendall  MiM"Rob'tB(KatharineGSahler)  Jkl.Kingston  N  Y 
CoykendallM'  Samuel  D-Mt.Ul.Rp.Eg.Hl.Snc.  .Rondout  N  Y 

Cozzens  M'  Ed  Carey-Cal Calumet  Club 

Craft  Lt  Ralph  P Married 

Brownell  M"  E  B  (Edith  Bleything) Oct  25  '07 

Craft  Lt  &  M"  Ralph  P  (Brownell-Edith  Bleything) 

see  G  D  Bleything 


ID  W  50 

Cragin  DiM"  Edwin  B  (Mary  R  Willard)Uv.Y;82. 

J^»  M'"-  Miriam  W  &  Alice  G 

Craig  M"  Samuel  D  (Ellen  McD  Baylis) '.  .see  DJ! 

Craig  M' Wm  R-Mt.Au.N..'89.PǤi6i8Broad..MetropoUtanClub 

Cram  M'  Harward  W-Uv.H/97 P*'^^S647Bry . .  44  W  44 

Cram  M"  Henry  A  (Katharine  Sargent) -p     ^ 

Cram  tf"  Charlotte  A 5  ^  3» 

Cram  MiM"  J  Sergeant  (Clare  Bryce)  B.K.Mt.Cly.H.'72 

ab'd  Maur  Aug  12. .av'd  Lusi  Oct  8..P^^S45si-38.  .3  E  38 
Cram  M"  Jacob  (Martha  T  Wiman).Died  at  EUenville  NY  Sep6 
Crane  MiM"  Alex  M(RuthE  Walker)Ul.H/94...seeM"AF  Walker 

Crane  W  Albert-Un Stamford  Ct 

Crane  MiM"  C  Austin  (F  Edna  Montgomery)  Eg.Rv.Cl/9s 

P^«S2  726Aud..S3S  W  141 
Crane  MiM"  Clinton  Hoadley  (Rebecca  Riggs)  Uv.C.Au.Dt. 

S.Ny.H.'94.  .P^^S46oiPlaza.  .120  E  70 

Crane  M'"  Elsie  Schuyler-Myf I     324 

Crane  M'  Theodore~Cl.'o5 |  Lex  Av 

" "        P^«S3948Chel 

16  W  12 

Crane  MiM"GeoF (Katharine  P  Oliver)  Rg.Ch.Ul. 

J&%  tf"  Katharine  A  &  M'  Wm  D [Gg. 

Crane  M'  Henry  M-Uv.S.Sa.Bg.Au.Mit'95 

P*'^i837Bry . .  532  Fifth  Av 
Crane  MiM"  Jonathan  H  (Elizabeth  A  Durkee)  Ul.Rp. 

P*'«2674Plaza. .  500  Mad  Av 

New  York  1909 


Crane  MiM"  Percy  W  (Elizabeth  P  Gillespie)  ¥.'95 

P^S44o6-38..9  E  39 
Crane  MiM"  Warren  S  (Violet  L  Wallace)  Cal.Rh.Ny. 

P^^Sio55Far  Rock.  .Cedarhurst  L  I 

Crane  MiM"  Wm  H  Qulia  D  Gibson)  PI P"^S3865Morn 

Crane  M'  Walter  B 529  W  m 

Crane  MiM"Wm  N  (Maria  H  Merriam)  Ul.Rg.As..    mSsi  Mad 

M'  Walter  F  Brush i6  E  37 

Crary  DiM"  Geo  Waldo  Qulia  T  Ogden)  C. .  .^see  R  C  Ogden 
Crary  Rev  DiM"  Rob't  Fulton  (Agnes 
B  Van  Kleeck)  Cd. 

Crary  M*"-  Amy  &  Cornelia  F 

Crary  M'  R  Fulton  Jr NY 

Cravath  MiM"PaulD  (AgnesHuntington)  Mt.  Rg. Au 

JS.  tf"  Vera  AH [Cr86 

M"  F  E  Huntington 

M"  Chas  Devello  Lathrop  (Huntington) 

Craven  Earl  &  Ctss  (Cornelia  Martin) 

4  Chesterfield  Gardens  London 
Crawford  MiM"  Everett  L  (Edna  P  Gregory)  Ap.Uv.Rg.P.'oi 

P*^«S368.  /'Shanarock  Farm"  Portchester  N  Y 
Crawford  MiM"  F  Marion  (Elizabeth  Berdan)Ny.Na.Pl.C. 

Sorrento  Italy 

F'^^'SiSoFishkill  Landing 

'^Teller  Homestead" 


107  E  39 


24  Ridge  Rd 

Summit  N  J 

254  W  99 

Crawford  MiM"  Francis  L  (Genevieve  Buckland) 

Crawford  M'""  Lesley  B,  Constance  &  Dorothy. . 
Crawford  MiM"  John  Jay  (Fanny  Lyles)  N.Dar.. 
Crawford  M'  Lamar 

IP"  Courtenay  Collins 

Crawford  W"  Mary  K Married  at  New  Orleans 

Duel D' Arthur B Dec  ii'o7 

Crawford  M'  Robert  L-N.Ny.So  .  .[Rg.Ap.P.'95lP^'»S239iPlaza 
Crawford  MiM"  Harden  L  (Annie  C  Clay)  N.Au.  I     41  W  57 

?:^^Z^  MiM"  Robt  L  Jr  (Mabel  Earle) .  qm  Mam^Jr'oneck  Rd 
J8S.  tf    Maude  E ^^^^^  pi^i^^s  N  Y 

Crawford  M"  Wm  H  (Marie  H  Duhain) see  DSSlSJ. 

Creevey  DIM"  Geo  M  (Lucy  M  Ellsworth)Na,Y'93 40  E  63 


Social  Register 

Crimmins  M'  John  D-Mt.M.Ny.Cth.Tf.Rg.Lt.G. ... 

Crimmins  JP""  Mary  C,  Mercedes  &  Evelyn 

Crimmins  M'  Thos-Uv.Cth.M.Eg.R.Na.H.'oo 

Crimmins  M'"  Cyril  &  Clarence 

Crimmins  Capt  &  M"Martin  L (Margaret  Cole) USA. 

M"  Fred'k  R  Childs (Crimmins) [at  Ft  Crook  Neb 
Crimmins  MiM"  John  D  Jr  (Lillian  S  Holmes)  Mt.R.f  f.Ny.Rg. 

Cth.Eg.Mtw...P'^'i^2io53-4  Stamford.  .NorotonCt.  .see  DJSSSJ. 
Criss  MiM"  Hugh  F  (Helen  Gellatly) see  DJlSX 

40  E  68 

Critten  M"  De  Frees  (Olive  K 
Critten  M^"  Marjorie . .  .  .[Stilwell) 


ab'd  Kroon  Jun  27 
Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Milf*  Walter'H  (Lilian  M  Haines)  Uv.Ad.Aht'Si 

P^^S669Main.  .95  Willow  Bklyn 
Crocker  M'"""  E  AB,Louise  M  &  MaryA.  .P*'^S2304Riv.  .331W89 

Crocker  M"  Eben  B ,    ^ 

Crocker  tf"~  Mary,  Alicia  D  &  Caroline 09  is  52 

Crocker  M'  Francis  B-Un.Uv.Gg.R.Cl.'82..P^S332Bry..i4  W  45 
Crocker  WA"  Frank  L  (Katharine  Wood)  R.Bm.H.'gS 

P^^Si962Chel.  .35  W  10 
Crocker  M"^  Geo-Ul.Mt.Mid.Ny.Na.Au.B.T.An. 

P^^^S2643Plaza..i  E  64 

Crocker  M"  Geo  a  (Leah  Reese) 

Crocker  MiM"  Geo  A  (Elizabeth  M  Masten)  Mt. 

Cl'o3..see  DJ^^lcS 

Crocker  W"^  Jennie  Adeline 

Crocker  M'  Chas  Templeton-Au.Un.R.Rg.T.Y'07. . 
Crocker  MIM"  Robert  S  (Delight  Dickinson)  P. '04 

P^^S57oRiv.  .110  Riverside  Drive 

Crocker  MiM"  Saml  E  M  (Gladys  E  Thomas) see  DJSliX 

Crocker  Rev  Wm  T-Uv.H.'84 P^^i676  Mad.  .143  E  35 

Croes  r'  Helen  R P^^SiiiS.  .  205  NB'way  Yonkers  N  Y 

Croes  M^"  Mary  R ; Died 

Crombie  If"  Maude  E  (Wm  A) .  .  Married  at  Heavenly  Rest 

Ladue  M'  George  F ; Oct  2 1 

Crombie  HiM"  Wm  Murray  (Harriet  A  Slade)  Uv.Ar.Vt'93 

P^^'S39ooRiv.  .2350  B'way 
Cromwell  Mi M"  Frederic  (Esther  W  Husted)C.Mt. 
Uv.Dt.H.'63..ab'd  Grosse  Jun  3o..av'd  A  Vic 
Cromwell  M*"  May. .  46  Rue  Spontini  Paris  .[Sep  10 
Cromwell  M*"-  Gladys  L  H  &  Dorothea  K. 



5  Ws6 

New  York  1909 





Cromwell  M'  Geo-Uv.Ul.Rp.Dt.C.Rc.Y.'83..see    M"CLBenedict 
Cromwell  MiM"  Jas  W  (Elizabeth  S  Render-  P'^^S  1 1 9 

son)  C.Ul.Mc.Bg.Hav'59  "Llynnwyllann" 

Cromwell  IP"  Anna  C Summit  N  J 

Cromwell  MiM"  J  Wm  Jr  (Paula  Bronson)  CI'Sq 

P*^«Sii3l.  .605  Springfield  Av  Summit  N  J 
Cromwell  MiM"  Lincoln  (Mabel  W  Smith)  Ct.Mc.Cr86 

P'^'SS2762-79..3  E  84 
Cromwell  MiM"  Oliver  Eaton  (Lucretia  Roberts)  Ny.S.. 


Cromwell  M'"  Louise,  .at  38  rue  Raynouard  Paris 

iZs  W  Oliver  E  Jr 

Cromwell  MiM"  Seymour  L  (Agnes  Whitney)  Un.Uv.R.Cly. 

H.' 9 2. Plaza  Hotel 
Cromwell  MiM"  Wm  Nelson  Qennie  Osgood)  Ul.Mt.Au. 

P**^N^Si286Bry.  .12  W  49 

Crook  M"  J  D  Kurtz  (Ida  H  Porter) 

Crook  M'  Ed  Kurtz-Sn 

Crook  MiM"  Montgomery  P  (Minna  Lentilhon)  Sn. 

P^^Sio5.   Lawrence  Pk  Bronxville  N  Y 
Crooke  MiM"  Rob't  Livingston  (Elizabeth  AKis- 

sam)  Eg.Y'73 

Crooke  M'"*  Cornelia  L-Cda.  &  Hannah  K 

Crooks  MiM"  Rob't  Fleming  (Playfair-Edith  Russell)  G. 

'The  Grange"  Noctorum  Cheshire  Eng 


P  Q 

144  E  30 

61  E  56 

Crosby  M"  Allen  H  (Josepha  M  Young) 

Crosby  tf—  Ethel  J  H  &  Josefa  M  N 

Crosby  tf"  Mary  F 

Crosby  M"  Ernest  H  (Fanny  Schieffelin) 

Crosby  IP"  Eleanor-Cly..ab'd  Onic  Jly  29 

Crosby  MiM"  Maunsell  S  (Elizabeth  Coolidge) 

av'd  Grosse  Sep  15 
Crosby  MiM"  Frederic  V  S  (Julia  Floyd  Delafield)  Mt.T.Cr8o 

P'^^SMCort.  .Tuxedo  Park  N  Y 
Crosby  M*"  Grace  A 1 1 1  Inverness  Terrace  London 

Rhinebeck  N  Y 

Crosby  MiM"  Hy  Ashton  (Mary  Leavitt)  Rv.'63 . 
Crosby  M*"*  Beatrice  W  &  Josephine  MA.  ... 
Crosby  ff"  John  P  &  Sheldon  L. .  .at  19  W  35 
Crosby  f  Hy  A  Jr,  ,at  Randolph  Hall  Camb',  . 






Social  ^tpBter 

ii8  E  24 

Crosby  M"  Howard  (Margaret  Givan) Died  in  Aug  '07 

Crosby  Col  &  M"  John  Schuyler  (Harriet  Van  Rensselaer) 

Un.Ny.Rv.Ll.An.Mtw.Snc.  .Union  Club 
Crosby  MiM"  Livingston  (Lilian  Camochan)  Un.     I  see  A  D  Pell 

Crosby  tf"  Estelle  M [Rv.Cw.l929  Fifth  Av 

Crosby  M"  Louise  G  (Louise  G  Sutton) see  J  B  Eustis 

Crosby  M"  Rob't  Ralston  (Jane  Murray  Livingston) 
Crosby  M'  Edw  Nicoll-Gg.Rv.Bm.Snc.Cw.As. 

f"  H  U  Livingston [Cl'87 

Crosby  MiM"  Rob't  Ralston  (Emily  M  Petit)  Rh.Cda. 

P^^S44oi-79.-S7E  78 
Crosby  MiM"  Walter  Floyd  (Ellen  I  Whittemore)  Dp.Cr77 

see  R  B  Whittemore 
Cross  M"  C  Vanderbilt  (Emma  M  Elderd)  Dar. 

avM  Adri  Oct  28.  .P^^S2i33Plaza.  .  24  W  56 
Cross  MiM"  Geo  Dillwyn  (L^onie  de  Bary)  R.Cal.Ny.Mc.Ct. 

Rp.Bg.Rv.Ct.Pl.Mg.So.  .P^^^S46ioPlaza.  .5  W  52 
Cross  MiM"  Horatio  R  Odo  (Florence  Griswold) 

96  Eaton  Sq  London 

Cross  M'  John  W  (R  Jas) Married  at  Geneva  Switz 

Page  M*"  Lily  Lee  (Howard) Aug  1 7 

Cross  MiM"  John  W  (Lily  Lee  Page)  R.Y.'oo 12  W  10 

Cross  M"  Marguerite  M  (Marguerite  Moore)  see  M"  V  M  Moore 

412  W  End  Av 
Cross  MiM"RJames(AnnieRedmond)    av*d  Adri 
Cross  M*""  Mary  R  &  Emily  R.  .[C.R.    Sep  3 

Cross  M'  W  Redmond-R.Dt.Uv.Y.'96 

Cross  M'  Eliot  B-H.'o6 

M^"  Emily  Redmond 

Croswell  MiM"  James  G  (Leta  Brace)  C.Ch.H.'73 

P'i?S27i8Mad.  .120  E  34 

Crouch  M"  Robert  B  (Mary  F  Burrowes) |P^"»S28s4Mad 

M'"  Helen  B  Johnston |    35  E  30 

Crowell  M"  Jas  Hedges  (Sara  Beers) 

Crowell  M'  Wm  B-Ad.Rv.Cr96 

M^"  Emma  V  Beers 

Crowell  M'  James  Hedges  .  .  .Died  at  Far  Rockaway  L  I  Aug  12 

P*^^S2  758Spring 
6  Wash  Sq  N 

1044  Fifth  Av 

Crowninshield  M'  Ed  Aug-K.B.Tf 


20I  Wss 

New  Tork  1909  133 

Crowninshield  IIIF  Fred'c  (Helen  S  Fairbanks)  C.H'66 

P^^SisoiCol.  .314  West  End  Av 

Cruger  JP"  Violet  D jsee  J  Fred'c 

Cruger  JT  Bertram  de  N-K.R.H/o4&Fred'c-Un.T.|      Tarns 

Cryder  MIM"  Duncan  (Elizabeth  Ogden)  Un Union    Club 

Cryder  tf"  Ethel  F.  .see  D'^tW. see  Di':iX 

Cryder  MiM"  H  Chauncey  (Louise  E  Hollins)  Un.Sa.Bm.Au. 

Ay.Crga.  .M'  aVd  Maj  Aug  19.  .P^^S3788Plaza. .  145  E62 

Cryder  MIM"  Wm  W  Jr  (Alma  Anderson) see  Di^!22. 

Culbert  HIM"  Francis  R  (Emilie  Baker)  Ul.  . . 

CulbertIP- JuUaH 

M'  David  Porter  Hughes 

Culbert  DiM"  Wm  Ledlie  (Katharine  F  Merrill)Uv.lP*^^S4268Mad 

JS.  IP-  Katharine  F [Rv.Y.'SsI     54  E  34 

Culbertson  MiM"  Wm  Linn  Jr  (Lisa  W  Heighe)  USN. 

care  M"  Edw  W  Sandford  Albany  N  Y 

Cullen  W  Edgar  M-Uv.Ha.Ll.Cr6o University  Club 

Culver  D'  Everett  M-R 202  W  86 

Culver  M;M"Fred*c  F(Anna  P  Osgood)Uv.Snc.Dt.P'8o:i35  E.  66 
Culver  Mir  Hy  B  (Irma  C  Asch)  Cl/93.  .P^^S7i3Col.  .264  W  57 

Culver  M"  I  Clark  (Isabel  Clark) 

Culver  IP-  Mildred 

Culver  M'  Rudolph  C 

Cuming  M"  James  R  (Letitia) 204  W  43 

Cuming  JP"  Mary  E P^*»S3247Bry.  .109  W  45 

Cumings  MiM"  J  Bradley  (Florence  B  Thayer)  R.Rg.Kg. 

P'^^S3596  Plaza.. so  E  64 
Cumming  MIM"  Allan  Percy  (Laura  Livingston).  .  .  2021  Bway 
Cumming  MiM"  Geo  M  (Lucy  Kittredge)  Rh.Mid.      Ilrvington 

JS.  tf-  Emily  D [As.H*76|     N  Y 

Cumming  MiM"  Jas  Millar  (Julia  S  Lewis)  Cda. 

P'«f5o22Branch  b'k. .  257  Mt  Prospect  Av  Newark  N  J 
Cumming  M  Rob't  S  (Elizabeth  A  Millar)    [317  Mt  Prospect  Av 
Cumming  MiM"JohnClark(Isabelle  C  Miller)]       Newark  N  J 
Cumming  MiM"  Rob't  Wm  (Mary  C  Ballantine)  E.Mg. 

av*d  Lusi  Jun  11 .  .368  Mt  Prospect  Av  NewarkNJ 
Cummins  M'  Alex  Griswold-Ul.Ats.Cr89.  .av*d  Grosse  Jly  1 1 

f^Supya.  .The  Rectory  Poughkeepsie  N  Y 

P*^^S52  7o-79 
863  Park  Av 


Social  Register 

24  E  74 

S66     Cl'raii 

332  W  77 

109  E  36 

Cummins  MiM"  Stephen  S  (Woodhouse  Emma  D  Arrowsmith) 

540  Park  Av..  see  DimS. 
Cumnock  MiM"  Arthur  J  (Mary  P  Cutting) Un.Ap.  |P^^S2667-38 

JlS.  tf"  Mary  C [Ay.H.'gil    145  E  39 

Cumnock  MiM"  Victor  I  (Grace  Talbot)  S.N.Pb. 

P^^S7o87Hanover.  .43  Ex  PI.  J"  at  Nassau  N  P 

Cunard  Sir  Bache  &  Lady  (Maud  Alice  Burke) abroad 

Cunard  MiM"  Ernest  (Padelford-Florence  McPheeters).  .London 

Cunningham  M"  James  (Mary  Hale) 

Cunningham  Jf  "**  Sara  M  &  Mary  H 

Cunningham  M' James- Y.*o 7.  .at  HarvardLawSchool 

JS^r,  tf"  Elizabeth  T 

Cunningham  M"  James  W  (L  de  Lancey)  Bd. 

Cunningham  M*" 

Cunningham  M'  W  de  Lancey-Un.H.'82 

Cunningham  Jf"  Mary  M 

Cunningham  M'  Frank-Uv.R. ¥.'83 

JS?s  M'  Fred'c  G 

Curley  M'  Edmund  J-Un.Mt.Au.Rg.Rh.M.Gg.Mtw.Chch.H/04 

Union  Club 
Curran  MiM"  Guernsey  (Marie  B  Harmon)  Na.P/02 

P^^  1 46..  Babylon  L  I 
Curran  MiM"  Jas  Ross  (M  Emily  Ambler)  Na.     IP''SSi795Plaza 

Curran  M'  Arthur-Cro8 [Cth.Dar.j     42  E  57 

Curran  MiM"  Ross  Ambler  (Elise  Postley)  Na.Ad.Dar.P.'oi 

ab'd  Cecil  Jly  7.  .46  Rue  de  Bassano  Paris 
Currier  DiM"  Charles  G  (Caroline  M  Sterling)  Uv.Rv.Bd.H'77 

50  bis  Bureau  P  R  Paris 

Curtis  M""*  Anne  Aspinwall 571  Park  Av 

Curtis  MiM"  Atherton  (Louise  C  Burleigh) 239W139 

Curtis  DiM"  B  Farquhar  (Annabella  Gierke)  C.Ny.Cr78 

P^^S336oPlaza..2  7  E  63 
Curtis  M"  Chas  B (Isabel  Douglass) Cd.  .av'd  Kp  Wm 

Curtis  M'Ellicott  Douglass-Ct.H.'98 [Sep  29 

Curtis  M'  Chas  B-H.'oo.  .at  Amer  Emb  St  Peters- 

M"  Andrew  E  Douglass  (Cornell) [burg 

Curtis  DiM"  Edw  (Augusta  Lawler  Stacey)C.Ll. 

Curtis  M'"**  Constance  &  Natalie [Rv.CdaH*59 

Curtis  M"'  Geo  DeClyver-H.'93&Bridgham-H.'99.  . 

35  E  30 

33  W  69 

New  York  1909 


Curtis  M"  Edwin  S  (Emma  G  French) 

Curtis  If""  Marion  H  &  Helen  I MS3394Mad 

Curtis  M'  Harold  P-at  Sacramento  Cal 115E27 

J^»  M'  Le  Grand  B-at  West  Point 

Curtis  MiM"  F  Kingsbury  (Cornelia  D  McLanahan)  Un.Mt.Uv. 

G.Lt.Rh.Mid.Gg.Y'84.  .P^^S2i68Plaza.  .126  E  62 
Curtis  MiM"  Frank  Grenville  (Martha  Herrick) 

Uv.Rh.Na.R.P/97.  .P*^«S4046-79.  .34  E  81 
Curtis  Rev  &  M"  Geo  L  (Genevieve  P  Robbins)  Y'78 

P^Sio23l. .  23  Park  PI  Bloomfield  N  J 

Curtis  M"  Geo  Ticknor  (Louise  A  Nystrorh) 

Curtis  M'""  Emilie  C,  Caroline  A  &  Afedle  H 25  W  68 

Curtis  M'  Chas  Gordon-Uv.C.Au.Cr8i 

Curtis  MiM"  G  Warrington  (Mary  L  Jenkins)  R.Ats. 

av'd  Luc  Aug  15.  .P^S352.  ."Holme  Lea"  Southampton  L  I 
Curtis  M"  Geo  Wm  (Anna  Shaw) ....  P^^S45WB'rtn.  .Bard  Av 

Curtis  M'"  EUzabeth  Burrill West  New  Brighton  S  I 

Curtis  MiM"  Gerald  S  (Lila  C  Morse)  R.P.'97.  .  .  303  Forest  Av 

M"  Lyman  D  Morse  (Clara  Meacham) Lakewood  N  J 

Curtis  M"  Gold  T • see  H  W  Cannon 

Curtis  MiM"  Greely  S(Fanny  Hooper)  H.'92.  .P^^J346.  .Rye  N  Y 

Curtis  DiM"  H  Holbrook  (Josephine  Allen)  Un.Uv 

Curtis  tf"  Marjorie  A [Cal.Ar.Ch.Gg.Y.'77 

Curtis  M'  Harry  Appleton-R.Trb.H.'96.see  M"  J  F  Gray..see  B?Sn 
Curtis  MiM"  Jas  Breckinridge  (Jennette  C  Cutler) 
JlS.  M'  Brian  C [M.Rg.Fw.  .'81 

M"  Chas  F  Cutler  (Poole) 

to  M'  Earle  N  Cutler 

Curtis  M'  Jeremiah  W-Ul.Na. 

Curtis  M'  Carleton-Uv.R.P.'9S 

Curtis  F*M"  John  G  (Netta  E  Blackwood)  Uv.H'66 

P^^S6676Col..327  W  58 

Curtis  M'  Lewis  A-Un Union  Club 

Curtis  MiM"LewisB(AliceMBeardsley)Ny.Dp.Cda.Southport  Ct 

Curtis  M*""  Mary  A  &  Elizabeth-Fn ph„ne         r> 

Curtis  M'  Wm  Edmond-Un.C.T.Sa.Dt.Mid.M.Uv.   ^  ^°2i32hJry 

Ch.Ct.Gg.Mtw.Ty'75     ^7   w  47 
Curtis  M"  Mary  0(Emmet-Mary  L  Olyphant). . .  |    P*^^S238y3 

JlS.  tf"  Mary  O  Emmet |  Melrose  N  Y 

118  Mad  Av 

116  E  62 

70  W  55 


Social  Register 

986  Fifth  Av 

49  £  60 

Curtis  M'  Philip-Un.H/95, Union  Club 

Curtis  JliM"  Roderick  P  (Louisa  Wells)  Ny.Au.Ch. 

P'^iySi34-3 . .  Bridgeport  Ct 
Curtis  MiM"  Ronald  EUot  (Madeleine  Cary) 

r'«fS5i97Plaza..iS2  E  65 
Curtis  M"  William  Edmond  (Mary  A  Scovill) 

Died  at  York  Harbor  Me  Aug  7 
Curtis  Mir  Wm  J  (Lena  S  Riley)  Uv.Ct.Dt.Ny. 


Curtis  M'""  Helen  V,  Lena  R  &  Mildred 

i^^  W  Wm  J  Jr.  .at  Munich  Ger 

Curtis  M'"  L  Augusta 

Curtiss  M"  Henry  W  (Addie  Beers) 

Curtiss  «'"  Maude  H 

Curtiss  M'  Alfred  Loomis-Uv.Y'96 

Curtiss  M'  John  W-Uv.Y/79 : University  Club 

Curtiss  MiM"  Julian  W  (Mary  L  Case)  Uv.Y/79.        P^«S6o3 

Curtiss  M**"-  Jean  B  &  Mary  L "Oak  Farm" 

Curtiss  M'  Henry  T Greenwich 

i^ls  M'"  Margaret  B • Ct 

Cusack  Bishop  Thos  F St  Stephen's  Rectory 

Gushing  M;M"EdwT(MabelAJRoby)Ul.Mb.Na...EWilliston  L  I 
Gushing  MiM"  Harry  A  (Elizabeth  Newton)  Rp.Ct.Aht*9i 

P^^Sio9iCol..i27  W  58 
Gushing  MiM"  Harry  C  Jr  (Adelaide  B  Gonnfelt)    IP'^«Si93oPlaza 

JSTrsM'  Harry  C  3d [Gy.Gw.Cc.As.Gr/91l  635  Park  Av 

Gushing  MiM"  Howard  G  (Ethel  Cochrane)  Tvb.Pl.H'91 

P'^3roi999-38..i43  t)  37 
Cushing  MiM"  Sam'l  Tileston  (Elizabeth  M  Barnes)  Un.Ny. 

Islip  L  I 

Cushing  MiM"  Wm  Lee  (Mary  L  Strong)C. Y'72 P^«58o 

Cushing  M'  C  G  g-Y'02 Simsbury 

Cushing  M'WmS-Y'o8..atMertonCollegeOxfordEng.  Ct 

Cushman  MiM"  Jas  Stewart  (Vera  Scott)Cal. 

P'^1946-79.  .26  E  95 
Cushman  MiM"  Jos  Wood  (Frances  J  Rathborne)Uv.  |P«;8Chel 

Jg>"r.  M"'  Mary  A  &  M'  J  R [Ad.Ch.Cl.'84|432  W  23 

Cushman  M'  Victor  N-H.'93 P^«Sio7Bry.  .Harvard  Club 

New  York  1909  137 

Cutcheon  HllT  Franklin  W  M  (Sarah  G  Flandrau)|P^4678Mad 
C.Uv.Dt.Mid.Mich*85..ab'd  Adri  Aug  i2..av*dl    147  E  36 
M"  Tilden  R  Selmes  (Flandrau).  .[Cecil  vSep  22)    see  S^aul 
Cutler  M;M"ArthurH(ElizabethJones)C.Uv.H/7o|  P^"i?55QQPlaza 

Cutler  M'  Fred'k  H  W-H'05 |      20  E  50 

Cutler  M"  Augustus  W  (Julia  R  Walker) 

Died  at  Morristown  N  J  Oct  13 

Cutler  IT  Chas  F  (Ella  S  Poole)  Mg I       see 

JSk  W  Earle  N |j  B  Curtis 

Cutler  WfcW  Coleman  Ward  (Lohmann)  Uv.Y'85 8  E  54 

Cutler  DaM"  Condict  W  (Cora  Carpenter)  Na I     ,  tt^  ,, 

Cutler  M'  Condict  W  Jr '^^        ^ 

Cutler  HIM"  John  L  (Helen  Vamey)Nv.Mid.Au.  ..  P'»S356oRiv 
JS,  IP*"  Mary,  Margaret  V,  Elinor  &  Constance. . .     338  W  89 

Cutler  M'  Marshall-Uv.N.H*77 Florence  Italy 

Cutter  M"  Bertha  K  (Bertha  KaufTmann) 

^^51832-38.  .254  Madison  Av 

Cutter  W  Eliot-Sa.Y.'oT 210  Clinton  Bklyn 

Cutting  M"  Brockholst  (Marion  Ramsav) | Hotel  Vendome 

Cutting  M'  Wm-K.Un.R.B.Mt.Ny.Pl.Tf.Mtw..  I         Paris 
Cutting  M"  Heyvard  (Lydia  Mason).  ...  73  Champs  Elys^es  Paris 

Cutting  M'  Heyward..ab'd  T.usi  Aug  1^ see  J  L  Worden 

Cutting  M'  James  D*W-Un.K.R.Na.Y*o<..av'd  Kp  Wm  Jly  7 

P^'SoJ^^iPlaza.  .135  E  57 
Cutting  MiM"  Rob't  Fulton  (Helen  Suvdam)  C. 

Ct.Au.Dp.Ad.Ht.T.Ch.Cr7i  fm'y  aVd  Adri 

Cutting  !f-  Elizabeth  M fH.'97         Jlv  1 5 

Cutting  W  Robert  Bavard-T.Uv.Ct.R.Ct.Snc.     av'd  Sep  30 
Cutting MTulton-Un.H*oo.ab'dPhilaTun27av*d   P'*^2304Plaza 

at  Dunster  Hall  Camb'        24  E  67 
JSI.  M'  Chas  S-H'  Claverly  Hall  Camb'. . .  . 

Cutting  M"  Robert  L  (Judith  Moale) Paris 

Cutting  M'  Robert  L-Un.M.Dn.Cr8o..PH^«4897Riv.  .  241  W  too 

Cutting  W*  Walter  (Maria  C  Pomeroy)Cda |P^*k^S3  566  Bry 

Cutting  If"  Tuliana-Cly.  ..:•... I     y^.W  A9 

Cutting  H"  Walter  Livingston' (Maria  D  Mavo)  • 

care  W  R  Mayo  Norfolk  Va 

imy  av'd  Celt 
Sep  1 8 
24  E  72 

138  Social  Register 

Cutting  MiM"  Wm  Bayard  (Olivia  Murray) Un. 

Cutting  M'  Bronson  M.  .av'd  St  P  Aug  29.  .at 

&  W"  Olivia [Randolph  Hall  Camb* 

Cutting  MiM"  W  Bayard  Jr  (Lady  Sybil  Cuffe)  K.Uv.H.'oo 

"Villa  Guardamiint'^  St  Moritz  Switz 
Cuyler  MiM"  Cornelius  C  (Lord-Mary       I       ab'd  Adri  Jly 1 1 
T  Nicoll)  Uv.Un.Dt.Hl.C.Cly.P.'79  aVd  Sep  30 

M'  Jas  Couper  Lord |M§967Plaza. .  34  E  52 

Cuyler  M^"  Eleanor  de  Graff-Cly..av'd  Adri  Sep  3.-777  Mad  Av 
Cuyler  MiM"  Telamon  S  (Grace  T  Barton)  So.Cw.Ht.Ar.Ga'93 

P^'SS 5^298-79.  .61  K  72 
Cuyler  M"  Wayne  (Holton) . .  av'd  Cecil  Jun  30.. 8  rue  Picot  Paris 
Czaykowski  Ctss  Rechid  (Edith  L  Collins)  Myf.Dar. 

9  Av  La  Bourdonnais  Paris 

Dade  D'  Chas  Townshend-Cl'91 P"SS2i43Plaza.  .  25  W  50 

Dadmun  MiM"  Geo  E  (Emma  M  Boyles)  Mo.Mg.Wp.H.'9o 

P''^S2  5ioRect.  .30  Mad  Av  Morristown  N  J 
Dahlgr^n  MiM"  Eric  B(Lucy  Drexel)Uv.Ll.Ny. 


JlSs  tf "*■  Lucy,  Madeleine  &  Katherine 

Dahlgr^n  M"  Paul  (Annie  Rutherford  Morgan) . . 

Dahlgr^n  tf"  Romola 

Dahr  MiM"Haakor  E  (Woodward-Carolyn  A  God- 

M"  Calvin  Goddard  (Caroline  Atwater).  .[dard) 
Daingerfield  MiM"  Algernon  (Margaret  Duncan) 

P'^S39ooMad.  .37  Madison  Av 

Daingerfield  M'  Reverdy  Johnson 14  E  28 

Dale  M""  Charles  H Died  at  Larchmont  Ny  Jly  18 

Dale  MiM"  Chalmers  (Sadie  L  Peters)  S.Y'04 

P^"55§33o6Bed.  .992  Park  PI  Bklyn 

Dale  M'  Francis  C abroad 

Dale  MiM"  Hy  (Elizabeth  R  Le  Roy)  Ulp.Cda. 

P^"i§Si63r.  ."The  Hemlocks"  South  Rd  Poughkeepsie  N  Y 

Dale  M"  John  G  (Eugenie  E  Lentilhon) IP^^S364Gram 

Dale  M'  Eug  Lentilhon-at' Phila I34  Gram  Pk 

Dale  MiM"  John'G  (Alice  Knight) P^^267ij.  .E  Orange  N  J 

Dale  WkW'  Orton  Godwin  (Amy  Slade)  Eg Plaihfield  N  J 

V'To^^SS  Plaza 
812  Mad  Av 


New  York  1909 


Dallam  Lt  &  M"  Wm  A  (Bessie  M  McLean)  USA. .  186  LenoxAv 
Dalley  MIM"  Edw  Maynard  (Jessie  L  Murray) Lc.Y. '05 .  .40  W  45 

Dalley  MllT  Henry  (Evelyn  MAllen)Ul.Au.Dt.Ha 

Dalley  M'  Lawrence  C [Ch..av'dLusi  Jly  30 

Dalley  MiM''  H  Allen  (Florence  Register) 

9  E  69 

Dalton  IP-  Silvie  de  Pau-Bm. .  .  .  7.  . Park  Av  Hotel 

P^3?S756.. "Roanoke'' 

Hudson  Terrace 

Yonkers  N  Y 

Daly  MiM"  Jos  F(Mary  L  Smith)  [ab'd  Dtld 
Daly  IP"  Elizabeth  T.[Cth.Pl.So.  I   Jly  23 
Daly  IT"  Edw  H-Cth.Cl/96&Wilfrid  A.  . 
Daly  M"  Marcus  (Margaret  Evans). .av'd  Maur 

Daly  tf"  Harriot-Cly Qly  16  P^^Si939Plaza 

Daly  M'  Marcus-Y.'o4.  .ab'd  Phila  Jun  27. .av'd  725  Fifth  Av- 
MiM"JasWGerard(MaryADaly). [Cecil  Jly  28 

Daly  M"  Wm  H  (Myrtilla  H  Noe) see 

Daly  M'  Chas  N-Ats.Rh F  H  Hatch 

Dalziel  Mill"  Fred'k  Y  (Emily  K  Hoffman)  Cly.Ox'93 

P'^^ssyss-TQ-ioa  E  79 

Damon  tf"  Teresa P'^'»S45o6Mad.  .11  Park  Av 

JgS.IP-  HelenT  &  M  Frankjr.  .[C.Uvp.Cly.  p^^s2283Riv.  .181W7S 
Damrosch  Mill"  Walter  (Margaret  Blaine)  C.Cly. 

P^'59S3i84Plaza..i46  E  61 

Dana  M"  A  Carroll  (Elizabeth  Jarvis  Wyeth) I     ^  ^.    ^ 

Dana  tf-  Carolyn  A-Cda |M5  W  58 

Dana  M"  Charles  (Laura  Parkin) JP'^^'S492oPlaza 

Dana  M'  Charles  A-Uv.Rp.Pu.As.Cl.'o2 |      55  W  51 

Dana  D'  Chas  Loomis-Uv.C.Ct.R^Rg^Na  As        ^^,^  ^^^.  j.    ^ 

Rv.Cw.Dth  72         rf    W 

JSk  tf—  Elsie  &  Marjorie  F  &  M'  Chas  L  Jr 53  w  53 

Dana  tf"  Mary  A r^-^Sio6.  .  221  South  Morristown  N  J 

Dana  MiM"  Paul  (Mary  D  Butler  Duncan)  Uv. 

R.Ar.Cda.H.'74.  .av'd  Maur  Jun  18  P^^S46ioSpring 

Dana  tf"  Janet  Percy la 

Dana  M'  Anderson,  .at  Beck  Hall  Camb' Fifth  Av 

JlS-M' W  B  D.  .at  Groton 

Dana  M"  Richard  S  (Florine  Turner) 

Dana  MiM"  David  T  (Georgette  T  A  Collier)  R.Na. 

P'oL.see  D2^X 

Fifth  Av 

I40  Social  Register 

Dana  MiM"  Richard  T  (Mary  R  Meredith)  Eg. ¥.'96 

P^^787-79..54E  81 

Dana  MiM"  Rob't  (Anna  Kane) Pau  France 

Dana  W  Wm  B-Uv.Y'51 University  Club 

D'Andign^  Vet  &  Vctss  Louis  (May  Coleman).  .  .6  Bern  Paris 
D'Andign^  Mqs  &  Mqss  Ren6  (Madeleine  I  Goddard) .  .see  fS?S. 
Danforth  M"  Elliot  (Laimbeer-Katharine  Black)  Ht. 

ab'd  Caro  Nov  28.  .American  Express  Co  Paris 

Danforth  MiM"  Henry  Gold-Uv.H.'y; Rochester  N  Y 

Danforth  DkM"  Loomis  L  (Emma  A  Hamlin)  Ul. 

MSiiPlaza..49  W52 
D'AnglemontV'tsse  Christian  (Thomas).  .  .  .58  Kl^ber  Paris 
Daniell  MIM"  John  F  (Isabelle  S  Kunkel)  Snc.Cw.Rv.Wt. 

see  M"  J  J  Kunkel 
Daniels  MiM"  Geo  E  (Tressa  Holmes)  As.Mg.H.'oi 

P«S  1 5  2..  Madison  N  J 

Daniels  M'  George  S-Ul.Bg 113  W  40 

Daniels  M'  Wm  P-Uv.Kg.H.'88 P'SS3548Bry . .  24  W  45 

Danner  MiM"  Henry  R  (Caroline  E  Burford)  Bm.Dke.Rut*9i 

P^^S38oo-79 . .  784  Park  Av 
I  Tour 
Maubourg    Paris 


D'Aramon  Ct  &  Ctss  Jacques  (Mary  Fisher) 
D'Aramon  Ct  &  Ctss  Raoul  (Rita  Bell).  ... 
DarHngton  MiM"  Chas  F  (Letitia  Craig  O'Neill)  Snc.Rv.Cw. 

Ht.P.'82.Cr84.  .P^Si87Col.  .143  W  57 
Darlington  Rt  Rev  &  M"  Jas  Hy  (Ella  L  Beams)  Snc.Cw. 

Rv.N'77 . .  17  N  Front  Harrisburg  Pa 
Darlington  D'  Thos-Lt.Na.Cw.Rv.Ht.N'77. 

Darlington  M*"  Dorothea  &  M'  Clinton  P 

Darrach  MiM"  Jas  M  Aertsen  (Lilian  Millard)  Un.Sa.Cl.'96 

P'^^S3349-38..33i  Lex  Av 

Darrach  M"  Wm  (Edith  R  Aertsen) IP*^^6493Col 

Darrach  D&M"  Wm  (Florence  Borden)  ¥.'97 |  i672B'way 

Darragh  M'  John  Greenleaf-Ct.Y.'o6. . .  .P^24i54~38. .  135  E  40 
Darrell  MiM"EdFairbaim(SarahStoneMcEckron)  |P*^'»S3484Plaza 

M'  Alfred  J  Bloor [Cal.Ny.Rc.|      38  E  57 

D'Arschot  Countess  Gaston  (Wilhelmina  Detmold)  „r 

M-  H  E  Crary [Cda.p^  W  10 

Dash  M"  Bowie  (Louisa  Scott) I     P«S44lK'gbdge 

MiM"  T  M  R  Meikleham  (Dash) jVan  Cortlandt  Pk 

New  York  1909  141 

Dash  lliir  John  Bowie  (Amy  D  Babcock)  Ct.Cl'Qd 

P'^^544JK'gbdge.  .Van  Cortlandt  Park 

Da  Silva  M"  Olea  (Da  Silva) 71  E  54 

Dater  MiM"  Alfred  W  (Grace  C  Ferguson)  Sa.Y' 9 5. Stamford  Ct 

Dater  M"  Henry  (Hannah  A  Bates) P''^§3i6Plaza 

Dater  MLM"  Henry  (MoUie  L  Hays) 61  W  52 

Davenport  If^  Anna  W. P^^26646-79. .  155  E  72 

Davenport  M"  Ira  (Katharine  Lawrence  Sharpe)  Cda.Cly. 

P^^S5874-38..3i  ^  39 

Davenport  M"  J  Alfred  (Mary  Fairfax  Morris)   ^  Ovmeton  So 
Davenport  M*"''  Beatrix  Gary  &  Hetty  Gouv.  .  London 

Davenport  MiM"  Wm  B  (Charlotte  C  Shephard)  Uv.Ha.M. 
Ny.Lc.Mid.Cw.Rv.Mdbl.Y/67 .  .M'  av'd  Onic  Aug  19 

P*^'SS2399Pros. .  201  Wash  Pk  BkFn 

Davey  M*M"  Murray  M  (Elizabeth  H  Crawford) abroad 

Davidge  M"  Mason  C  (Clara  S  Potter) 

P*^^Si239Spring.  .62  Wash  Sq  S 

Davidge  M"  Wm  h  (Virginia  Mason)  Cd IP^^S2999Stuy 

Davidge  M^"  Joanna  Stewart |     100  E  17 

Davidge  M'  Wm  Hathom-Un.Dt. Au .  .  av'd  Maur  Jly  1 7 

P«S2828Bry.  .524  Fifth  Av 
Davies  MiM"  Fred'k  Martin  (Emily  O'Neill)  K.Un.Dt.Ny.Tf. 

•  T.Uv.Cly.Y/99.  .P'^^S49-79.  .20  E  82 

Davies  M"  Henry  E  (Julia  Rich) Fishkill 

Davies  M'  J  Mansfield  (late  Prof  Chas) 

Died  at  Burlington  Vt  Oct  1 1 

Davies  M"  J  Mansfield  (Martha  M  Brookes) Burlington  Vt 

Davies  M'  Julien  Tappan-Uv.Ul.Mt.Ay.Ny.Rg. 

T.Rp.Pl.Ct.Ss.Ch.Snc.Tf.Cl.'66  P^^Si242Plaza 
ab'd  A  Vic  Aug  20.  .av'd  Lusi  Oct  8       49  E  51 

Davies  M*"  Cornelia  Sherman 

Davies  MiM"  Julien  Townsend  (Marie  R  de  Garmendia)  Un. 

Ny.Uv.Dt.Ar.Cw.Rv.Pu.Cl/91.  .P^'SSi 2 iBab.  .W  Islip  L  I 
Davies  Rev  Thos  F  Jr-Y.'94 

P*^539i-i  2 . .  13  Ashland .  .  Worcester  Mass 
Davies  MiM"  Wm  Gilbert  (Lucie  C  Rice)  Un.Uv.M.C.Sn. 

Rv.T.Ats.G.Cw.Ch.Ty'6o .  .  Hotel  Victoria 


142  Social  Regi^er 

Davis  V  Asa  B-C.Xy |P^«Si7iMad 

JSS.  M'"  Annette •. . . |   42    E  35 

Davis  M'  Chandler-Uv.Cw.Mtw.H.'88 499  Fifth  Av 

Davis  M' Chas  Belmont P'1?S545Mad.  .30  W  30 

Davis  Rr  Adm  &  M"  Chas  Hy  (L  Quackenbush)K.Ny.      1705 

Davis  W  Elizabeth [Uv.USN'64.H/77  R  I  Av 

Davis  SP"  Chas  H  Jr-USN.  &  Daniel-at  Harvard WSf 

Davis  MiM"  Chas  Hy  (Grace  Bigelow)  Ul.N.Ny.S.Lc.Eyb. 

Ulp.CrSy.  .P^'S49Hyannis.  .South  Yarmouth  Mass 
Davis  MiM"  Chas  Herbert  (Elizabeth  I  Brown)  Ul.Ap.Bg. 

71  BVay..see  D^*S2. 

Davis  M'  Daniel  A-Mc.As P'^«S240oPlaza..52  W  57 

Davis  M'  Dudley  (Fellowes) Married  at  Newport. 

Grosvenor  M'"  Alice  M  (late  Wm) Aug  31 

Davis  MiM"  Dudley  (Alice  MGrosvenor)  Un.K.H/05. ...  67  E  77; 

Davis  M'  Edward  W-T.Cy Racquet  Club 

Davis  MiM"  Fellowes. (Marie  A  Baker)Un.Na.Rv.    |P^'S242iBry 

Davis  M' Pierpont-Un.K.H.'99 [Cw.Fw.Cly.|    57  W  48 

Davis  DiM"  Fellowes  Jr  (Gertrude  Agostini)  Un.K.H.'gsCrQg 
r  av'd  Prov  Sep  5 .  .  M"'  ab'd  Adri  Jun  1 7 

see  J  Agostini.  .17  W  47 
Davis  M;M"  F  Marion  (Elizabeth  R  McComb) 

P^^S466Col..i45  W  58 
Davis  M;M"  F  Rutledge  (Dorothy  Read)  Pu.P.  .  . .  |P*^^S3ii7Riv 

M'  Newbury  F  Read |  220  W  107 

Davis  M;M"  Frank  H  (Elizabeth  W  Clark)  Mid.Au.H.*o7 

P^^'S23i-4Stam .  .  Noroton  Ct 
Davis  MiM"  Gherardi  (Alice  King)  Uv.Ul.Dt.Ss.*79 

ab'd  Cecil  Jly  7 .  .34  E  39 

Davis  M'"  H  Anna see  W  P  Robins 

Davis  MiM"  H  Townsend  (Henrietta  Poole)  Cal.Cy.Stbf.H/90 

P^^Si7f .  .  14  Ramsey  ** Tower  Hair*  Mahwah  N  J.  .see  Bj£ 
Davis  MiM"  Henry  B  (Grace  S  Parsons) 

P^'»Si35 .  . Milton  Rd  Rye  N  Y 
Davis  MiM"  Henry  J  (Amy  E  West)  Eg.  .P*^«S7i3Col.  .264  W  57 
Davis  M"  Herbert  Jerome  (Sarah  M  Stranahan) 

P^'»S4882Col..255  W  71 
Davis  MiM"  Horace  A  (Hallowell)  Ct.Rc.H/91 

P*1?Si23NDorp.  .Dongan  Hills  S  I 

New  York  1909 


Davis  Mill"  Rowland  (Anna  Shippen)  Un.Ul.C. 

Davis M*"~HesterL&RuthG.  [Dt.Pl.Myf.Cda.Cly.  P^2i8o7Mad 

Davis  M'  Rowland  S-R'o8 204  Mad  Av 

JSS»  If"  Sybil  &  M'  Wm  S.  .at  Pomfret  Ct 

Davis  M"  J  C  Bancroft  (Frederica  Gore  King) see  WSS 

Davis  M'  J  C  Bancroft  2d.  .see  Maj  C  L  McCawley 

1610  N  H  Av  WSS 
Davis  MiM"  Jas  Ed  (Elizabeth  T  King)  Un.Mt.R.T.Na. 

Rh.Au.C1.^93..iii  E  71 

Davis  M"  James  Morgan  (Mary  D  Razard) 

Davis  M'  Morgan-Un.Uv.R.Rc.Sa.Y'96  Grymes  Hill 

Davis  If-  Mary  E [at  135  Mad  Av  SI 

MiM"  C  Allen  Blyth  (Davis) 

Davis  M"  John  Anderson  (Mary  A  Trowbridge) Summit 

JSS,  M'  Edw  Willis  Jr-at  Pomfret  Ct N  J 

Davis  MiM"  John  H  (Th^r^se  Sievwright)  Un.Mt.Ny.Na. 

Mid.T.Ul.Rg.  .ab'd  Bait  Jly  9.  .  24  Wash  Sq  N 

Davis  M' John  W  A-Cal.Un.Mo.Snc.Mg 21  E  53 

Davis  MiM"  Joseph  E  (Mary  C  Maxwell)  Uv.Ap.Y.'oo 

P^1?S3446Bry.  .512  Fifth  Av 
Davis  M'  Joseph  P-C.Uvb.Reris'56 

~  SS220.  .332  Palisade  Av  Yonkers  N  Y 

26  W  51 

Davis  M"  Joshua  Williams  (Fannie  L  Barton) . . . 

Davis  M*"  M  Elouise.  . 

Davis  lir*Lewis  Johnson  (Margaret  Jane  Keller) ..  141  iMassAvWoc 

Davis  MiM"  Richard  Harding  (Cecil  Clark)  B.Cly.JHop'86 

PH'S2iirPtChest.  .Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Davis  MiM"  Sam'l  Todd  (Lorena  L  Barber)  Uv.Ny.As.Au. 

Rens'95  .  .P^'^S2io.  .  no  Waldemere  Av  Bridgeport  Ct 
Davis  Mill"  TheoM-Dt.Ats.Ul.W... "The  Reef"  Newport  R  I 

Davis  M'Thos  E-Un.M Raleigh  Club  London 

Davis  HiM"Thos  J  (Mary  A  Oakley)  Ul.av'd  Carm 

Davis  M'  T  Monroe-Uv.Ul.Cr78 [Sep  23 

Davis  If""  Minnie,  Lilla  &  Floy  VanH 

Davis  Justice  &  M"  Vernon  Mansfield  (Harriet 
Lobdell)  Mt.M.Ch.Gg.Dke.Dar.Cd.Cr79 

Davis  Mill"  Rob^t  Vemon-M 

Davis  JP"  Genevieve  M.  . 

If*  Francis  &  W  Leighton  Lobdell. 

424  W  144 

P^^U93  Harlem 
194  Lenox  Av 

144  Social  Register 

Davis  W  Wm  G-Ul.Lc.P'8i P«S23Cort.  .58  W  47 

Davison  MiM"  Chas  (Marion  Chapin)  Ul.  .  .  .see  R  Frothingham 

Davison  M"  Charles  A  (Mary  A  Vermilye) |Englewood 

Davison  tf"  Alice  M |       N  J 

Davison  M'  Chas  Stewart-Uv.C.W.Ct.Sa.Dt.H.7S 

P'^^SiyygPlaza.  .37  W  54 
Davison  MiM"  Clarence  B  (Helen  Bayne)  Sa.Rg.Y'go 

P*'^262oPlaza. .  550  Park  Av 

Davison  W  E  Mora-C.H/74 JM2347Mad 

Davison  If"  Mabel (  148  E  36 

Davison  MIM"  G  Howard  (Marion  M  Chesebrough)  Un.Sa.Cal. 

Ul.Cd.  Y.'88 .  av'dMaurJlyi6 .  seeRAChesebrough .  56E49 

Davison  M"  Henry  J  (Marietta  W  Bayne) [P'SS  2 3 83 Mad 

Davison  IP"*"  Evelina  B,  C  Theresa  &  Ella  H J121  Mad  Av 

Davison  MLM"  Hy  J  (Maria  W  Alden) 228  W  44 

Davison  MIM"  Louis  V-Uv.  Wms'  74 [33  Dwight  PI 

Davison  M'  Henry  P-Mt.Ul.Mid.Na [Englewood  N  J 

Dawes  MIM"  Lewis  C  (Abby  O  Nichols)  Uv.Stv*83 

Chestnut  St  Englewood  N  J 


Day  MiM"  Arthur  H  (Delia  Bailey)  Uv.Y/89 

P^2i26.  .4o6Prospect  New  Haven  Ct 
Day  MiM"  Arthur  Mortimer  (Annie  P  Thomas)  Ul.Na.Au. 

H/92..P'^'S^428Chel..^3  W  12 
Dav  M;H"  Belden  S  (Florence  Osgood)  UV.IHS804. .  soMapleAv 
&  M'"  Charlotte  S&M'  Howard  O^Roch*8o(     Morristown  N  J 



Day  MiM"  Clarence  S  (Lavinia  E  Stockwell)  Mt. 
Dt.Ul.Rg.Ay.Ap.Ny.  ab*d  Prov  Jun  25.  av'd 
Day  M'  Clarence  S  Jr-Uv.Y.'Q6. 
Day  MLM"  Clive  (Elizabeth  D  Lewis)  Y'92.  .P^'i?S886-4 

44  Highland  New  Haven  Ct 
Day  MiM"  Dwight  H  (Clara  R  Bradford)  Rc.Y/99 

"*  SS3lNew  Dorp.  .Dongan  Hills  S  I 

Day  MiM"  Edw  Aug  (Elizabeth  H  Hoyt)  Uv.E.Mg 

M"Albert  S  Swords -.  .  .  .[Mo.Wp..Wms'.73 

tf "••  Tane  H  &  Marion  Swords 

'fc  r*  Hy  H  &  Albert  D  Swords 




New  York  1909 


Day  Miil"  Geo  Parmly  (Wilhelmine  O  Johnson)  Uv.Y/97 

P**«S43ooGram.  .14  Fifth  Av 


28  Fifth  Av 

Day  Mill"  Hy  Mason  (Emily  Gamett) 

Day  IP^  Georgie  W,  Emmie  S  &  Lucile  B 

Day  M'  Hy  M  Jr  &  J.^„  M'  Lee  G-Y'ii 

Day  M"  Henry  Mills  (Sarah  Vallette) 

Day  M^"  Laura  V-Cly.Cd 

Day  M' Harry  V-R.Cy.Rh.Uv.Tf.Y.'95 

Day  M'Sherman-R.Rh.B.Un.Tf.Uv.Y.'96 

Day  M"  John  Calvin  (Alice  B  Hooker)  Dar 

Day  ^""Katharine  S-Cd.Dar.Ats.&AliceH-Bd . 

Day  Mill"  Julian  (Isabella  W  Curtis)  Uv.Ap.Rg.Cd. Y/oi 

P^«S3 7 2P'tchst..** Overly  House'*  Rye  N  Y 

Day  tf"  Lydia HSi88Bry.  .31  W  46 

Day  M'  Melville  C-N.Uv.Y'62 J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 

Day  M"  Murray  S  (Anna  M  Greene) mSy 

Day  ff"  Alice  Lavinia-Mg "Simplicity  Lodge*' 

Day  M'  Murray  G-P'97 New  Canaan  Ct 

Day  W  Nicholas  Wyckoff-Rp.Ll.An P*^1*557or 

M" Josephine  D  Shedd  (Josephine  N  Day) 

J^n.  JP"  Constance  &  M'  Kenneth  W  Shedd 
Day  MiM"  Stephen  D  (Dorothy  M  Keasbey) 

194  Tremont  Av  Orange  N  J 

30  State 
E  Orange  N  J 

Day  M"  Walter  De  Forest  (Sarah  E  Wheeler). 
Day  MiM"  S  Sherwood  (Gunther)  Dp. Y/98.  . 
Day  M'  Wm  A-Cal.B.Rg.Mtw.Cvcw.  .  .^^ 
Day  MiM"  Wm  S  (Emily  Hoe  Lawrence)  Ct.Cl.'84 

P^«S368 . .  2  2oHobart  Av  Summit  N  J 

269  Canner 
New  Haven  Ct 
34ooMad.  .17  W  32 


13  Mt 

Morris  Pk 

Dayton  MiM"  Chas  W  (Laura  A  Newman)  M 

Dayton  M*"  Laura  A [Rv.Pl.Dar.Cr68 

Dayton  H""Chas  W  Jr-M.Rv.H.*99  &  John  N. 

Dayton'M"  Wm  Berrian  (Cornelia  H  Hughes)Cda. .  |P*^«S3075Col 

Dayton  D'  Hughes-Uv.Cc.Y'94.Cl'98 |    200  W  57 

Dayton  M"  Wm  L  (Harriet  M  Stockton) 

P^«S5Q2.,i8o  W  State  Trenton  N  J 

d'Azevedo  Ct  &  Ctss  de  Silva  (Ostrom) ....  47  Copemic  Paris 

Deacon  tf"  Edith. see  M"  C  H  Baldwin 

Deacon  MiM"  Harleston  (Susanne  Knox)  T.H'69 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 

146  Social  Register 

Deacon  M*"  Marie  Gladys abroad 

de  Acosta  M*"  Ada  (late  Ricardo) Married  at  777  Mad  Av 

Root  M'  Oren  (late  D'  Oren) Nov  5 

deAcosta  M"  Ricardo  (Micaela  H 

de  Acosta  M'"  Maria [Hernandez  y  de  Alba. 

deAcosta  M'  RicardoM-R.Rh.H,'o4.[av'dStPAug29 

deAcosta  M'  Hy  J .  .  ab'd  Grosse  Jly  28. . . 

JSS.  M'"-  Angela  &  Mercedes,  .av'd  St  P  Aug  29. .  . . 
deAguero  MlM"JoaquinW(IsabelEWells)Na.P'^^Si832-38. 17E38 
deAguilar  M"  F  Beauregarde  (Elizabeth  P       P^^Si335FarRock 

Jll,"r,  M'  F  Paul [Slattery     Lawrence  L  I 

Dean  M'  Clarence  R-Uv.N.H'82 91  Maple  Av  Flushing  L  I 

DeanMiM"HerbertH(MarionBrush)Ul.Ap.P^^^S3772Col.  .  264W73 
Dean  M"  Jas  Edw  (Isabelle  L  Sanderson) 

M"  M  D  Kalbfleisch  (Mabel  Dean) 

&  M'  Dean  Kalbfleisch 


Mad  Av 

P^^'S36o6  Main 
47  Pierrepont 
Dean  MiM"  Philip  S  (Edith  Delafield)  Ct !  .  .611  W  112 

Deane  MiM"  John  H  (Bertha  A  Fanning)  Ul.  P^IJSi  288-79 

Deane  M'""''  Bertha  L  &  Edith  D [Roch'64  62 

Deane  M'  Stimner  &  fc  M'  Alphonse E  78 

Deane  M&M"  Jos  Griswold  (Rachel  Shevelson)  Uv.Kg. 

Ct.Bd.Aht'90.  .P^^^S5339Riv.  .  200  W  79 

Deans  M'  Chas  H-Uv.  Lehigh  '89 Montrose  Pa 

Dearborn  MiM"  Geo  S  (Bessie  R  Douglas) R.Ap.Kg.Dt. Ay.)    8 

if^sW Henry |E  53 

DearthMiM"HyGolden(CorneliaVRVail)C.Lt.Fn.  .seeM"DOVail 
deBalincourt  Ct  &  Ctss  Guillaume  (Lilian  Holbrook) 

23  rue  St  James  Neuilly-sur-Seine  France 
deBarril  Capt  &  M"  John  J  (Eleanor  E  Knight)  USA. 

San  Juan  PR..  M"  at  Murray  Hill  Hotel 
deBarril  M""  Maria,  .ab'd  Carp  Sep  3  av'd  Oct  10 

P^^S44o6-38..9  E  39 
deBary  MiM"  Adolphe  (Augusta  Rawson  Cecil)  Ul.Na. 

Mg.Au.Wp.Cy.Rg.Dv.T.Bg.  .P%^S46ioPlaza.  .  5  W  52 
deBermingham  MiM"  Jos^  M  (Emily  McElroy)  N'96 

ab'd  A  Vic  Aug  20.  .P^^'S2  6i4Bry.  .  106  W  45 
deBertier  de  Sauvigny  Ct  &  Ctss  Christian  (Florence  van  D 

Reed)  ..14  rue  de  Legendre  Paris 

&  Co  Paris 

New  York  1909  147 

Debevoise  MiM"  Geo  (Jessie  Lord)  Ct.Hl.Ad.Ll.  .'85 

P*"»526i9-38..i62  E  38 
Debevoise  MiM"  Thos  M  (Anne  F  Whitney)  Uv.Dt.Ad.Rp. 

H1.Y.'95.  .P^^'S2o.  .Summit  N  J 

deBillier  M"  Frederic  (Ogden) I   The  Aldermoor 

deBillier  M***"  Amelie  &  Caroline Holmburg  St  Mary 

deBillier  M'  Wm  B-R.  H'88 |       Surrey  Eng 

deBillier  MIM"  Fred'c  Ogden  ( Mac Veagh- Mary 

M*"  Virginia  Mac  Veagh.  .[Hammond)  Uv.H'78 

&M' John  H  MacVeagh 

deBonvouloir  Ct  &  Ctss  Jules  (Bianca  Colonna) 

6  Yvon-Villarceau  Paris 

deBoulemont  Brn  &  Brnss  (Virginia  Withers) Paris 

deBressonBrn&BrnssEdgard(AnnaHegeman)  3  MatignonParis 
deBreteuil  Mq&Mchss(LitaGamer)  loAvBois  de  Boulogne  Paris 
deBreteuil  Visct  &  Viscts  Gaston  (Padelford-Edith  Grant) 

71  rue  Monceau  Paris 
deCamp  MiM"  Lyon  (Beatrice  Sprague)  Ul.Stv'go. 

320  Central  PkW 
deCasa-Argudin  Mqs  &  Mqss  (Maria  C  Del  Valle).  . 

&  Jf"  Maria 

deCast^ja  Ct  &  Ctss  Francis  (Katherine  E  Garrison) 

45  Av  Marceau  Paris 

deCastro  M'  Hector-Ul American  Consul  General  Rome 

deCastro  M'""  Nathalie see  M'"  N  Godwin 

deCaumont  M"  Le  Couteulx  (Morgan-Laura  Malard) . 

M'  Wm  H  Morgan 

deChaulnes  Duchess  Emmanuel  (Theodora  Shonts).  ..  .abroad 
deChezelles  Vic  &  Victss  Pierre  (Gertrude  van  D  Reed) 

Chateau  du  Boulleaume  Oise  France 
deCoppet  MiiM"  Edw  J-Ct 
deCoppet  M'"  Juliette.  .  .  . 

deCoppet  M'  Andre 

de  Coppet  MiM"  Ernest  H  (Wilhelmine  H  Zegers-Veeckens) 

av'd  Sav  Jun  13 .  .  i  W  72 
deCoppet  MiM"  Frederick  (Jane  A  Howell) 

M"  ab'd  Cecil  Sep  29.  .Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 


35  W  26 


deCoppet  MiM"  Hy(Laura  Fawcett)Un.K.R.Tf.W. 

deCoppet  M'""  Beatrice-Cly.  &  Gertrude-Cly 

-deCoppet  M'  Theakston-Un.R.Uv.Ss.Dp.Cl.'g;.. . . 

P'^S3693-  79 


Park  Av 

24^  Social  Registdr 

de  Coppet  Mill"  L  Casimir  (Greene-Adfele  T  I        ph«.  .  _,, 

142  W  69 

deCordova  M"  Alfred  (Loweree-H^lfene  L  von  W 

deCordova  M*"  Ethela [Schroeder) 

deDino  Dcss  (Stevens- Adele  Sampson).  13  rue  Reynuard  Paris 
deDominguez  MIM"  Vincente  J  (Helen  Murphy) 

Argentine  Legation  London 
Deering  MiM"  JasA (May Rogers)  M.Cl'dg.  .H"ab*dCecilAug  4 

P^S763Riv.  .309  Riverside  Drive 
Deering  MIM"  Jas  R  (Violet  Pierce)  R.M.Pu.Y/02 

P*^«Sio65Plaza..5  E  58 

Deering  M*"  May  (Jas  A) Married 

Pierce  M'  Theron  F  (Hy  Clay) Jly  28 

deEstevez  M"  Ramon  (Ynes  Morales) see  DJlSlS;. 

deFlorez  Mill"  Pedro  R(Katharine  Lamson)K.  51  Av  Malakoff 

de  Florez  M*""  Mercedes  &  Marie  L [Ny.  Paris 

deForas  Ct  &  Ctss  Max  (Marie  M  Read) 

**  Chateau  de  Thiuset"  Thuon  les  Bains  France 

deForest  M"  Albert  Hy  (Jane  A  Douglas) I    see 

deForest  tf"  Edith  B  &  M'  Howard-Hl.Rv.P/95 |D2SS. 

deForest  tf*  Caroline-Cly IP**^S749-79 

M"  N  Newlin  Hooper  (Holt) )   27  E  72 

deForest  MiM"  Ed  Layton  (Margie  D  Bliven)  Un.Sa.R.Y.'oo 

Garden  City  L  I 
deForest  MiM"  Geo  B  (Anita  Hargous)  Un.K.C.R.Ul.Mt.G.Pl. 

Ny.Ar.Dar.Cr .  .P^^Ss4Plaza. .  14  E  50 
deForest  MiM"  Hy  L  (Amy  B  Brown)  ¥.'97 

P^'SS638r. .  1038  Park  Av  Plainfield  N  J 
deForest  MiM"  Hy  W(JuliaGNoyes)Un.Uv.Mt.Rg.Dt.S.Y'76 

deForest  MiM"  J  Douglas  (Esther  Evans) 

P'^S47ooPlaza.  .Hotel  Gotham 

deForest  IP"  Julia  B .  .av'd  Adri  Sep  3 Plff5894Mad 

IP"  Eleanor  B  Kilham 121  E  35 

de  Forest  MiM"  Lockwood  (Meta  Kemble)  C.Cd.. .  .    20  W  12 

Jffi.  M'  Alfred  V see  DS^lS. 

deForest  M"  Othniel  (Emily  Early) L         ..  jj  j 

deForest  tf"  Rosalie  &  M'  Ed  E bummit  N  J 

New  York  1909 


deForest  Mill"  Rob't  W(Einily  Johnston) 



deForest  M'  Johnston-Uv.S.Ny.Dt. ¥.'96. 

deForest  M'  Shepherd  K 

M'  ab'd  Kroon  Jun  27 

f 'm*y  av*dAVicAugi3 


7  Wash  Sq  N 

....  Married  at  NS* 

Newell  M"  K  R  (Kate  Rogers) in  Oct 

deForest  MiM"Shepherd  K(Newell~Kate  Rogers) 
J^r.  f "  Josephine  L.  .  .  .  ^  .[Un.R.B.Mid.Mb.Wk 

Lakewood  N  J 

deForest  MiM"  Stephen  H  (Leila  B  Dean) Babylon  L  I 

1 1  Crescent  Av 
Summit  N  J 

deForest  M"  Wm  H  (Harriet  J  Smith). 

M'  Clarence  Clark  Martin 

M'  DeForest  Lyon 

deGalliffet  Ctss  (Frances  G  Stevens)  Cda.  .  .94  Av  d'l^na  Paris 
deGarmendia  MiM"  B  Spalding  (Mary  H  Jenness)  R. 

8  L^once  Reynaud  Paris 
deGarmendia  M"Carlos  G(Corinne 
Baughman)  Cda. 

de  Garmendia  tf"  Pepilla 

deGarmendia  M'  Gonzalo  de  C. 

deGarmendia  MiM"Carlos  M(EvaGMyers) . . 

deGamier  des  Garets  Ct  &  Ctss  Gabriel  (Helen  de  M  Lutkins)  Cth. 

P^^S3 240-38.. 2  E  45 
Degener  MiM"  Geo  L  (Adelaide  Schmidt)  Cal.Mc.Dv.Aht'92 

19  W  69 



**  Tuscarora  Farm  " 

Tuscarora  Md 

P^S52  2  7Col 

44  W  74 

Degener  MiM"  John  F  (S  E  Ellen  Rimpan)  Mc.Dv. 

ab*d  A  Vic  Aug  20  av'd 
Degener  M'  Paul  A-Uvpt.  .at  University  Club  KSih 
Degener  MiM"  John  F  Jr  (AHce  C  G  Priestley)  Mc.Dv.Lt.P'90 

P'Toyjs .  .94  Field  Pt  Rd  Greenwich  Ct 
Degener  MiM"  Rudolph  (Caroline  B  de  SauUes)  Cly.Lehigh*99 

P'»3?Ss2l.  .Bernardsville  N  J 
deGersdorff  MiM"  Carl  A  (Helen  S  Crowninshield)  Uv.Un.Dt. 

Rg.Rh.H.'87.  .P^3046Plaza.  .39  E  64 
deGersdorff  MiM"  Geo  B  (Isabel  C  Lawrence)  Uv.H.'88 

P^'»S862-79..ioi  E  79 
deGoicouriaM'  Albert  V-Un.Uv.R.Ss.Na.Ny.Rens*7i 

P^1JJ3i4Bry..58  W47 
de  Gontaut-Biron  Ct  &  Ctss  Louis  (Martha  Leishman) 

abroad,  .see  KSih 


Social  Register 

413  W  23 

DeGrove  Mill"  E  Ritzema  (Henrietta  Cardoze)  Ul.Uv.Y.'69 

P^Si878Plaza..72  E  55 
deGuerville  M"  A  B  (Laura  B  Spraker)  Dar.  .see  M"  J  D  Spraker 
deHaas  M"  Maurits  F  H  (Alice  Preble  Tucker)  Cd. 

•   P**«S4i6oChel..45  W  11 

de  Hasberg  M'  Gustave resides  ab'd 

deHeredia  MiM"  Carlos  M  (Georgie  B  Cook)  Mt.Tf.Cly. 

P'^«S844-79.  -973  Fifth  Av 

Dehon  M'"  M  H P*'^S229Mad.  .310  Fifth  Av 

deKay  MiM"Chas(EdwalynCoffey)  C.Ats.Fn.Y'68. .  . 

JS,"«  M'"-  Phyllis  D  &  Helena  V 

deKay  M'  James 

deKay  M'  James  E-Un.Lc.R.  .at  Union  Club 

deK^y  M'  Wm  Wright-Un.Cl'oi .  .at  7  W  28 

deKay  M^"  Julia po  122  W  11 

deKay  M"  Sidney  (Minna  Craven)  Cd 

deKay  M*"  Janet  Craven-Bm 

deKay  M'  Eckford  C-Cw.Lehigh'94 

deKay  M'  Sidney  G-Bm.Cl.'o2 

deKergolay  Comtesse |    see 

deKergolay  M*'*  Claude |DSu3J. 

de  Koven  M'  Louis  B-H.*o4 see  N  A  Prentiss 


208  W  59 

deKoven  MiM"  Reginald  (Anna  Farwell)  K.Un 

deKoven  M^"  Ethel  Le  Roy 

Delafield  MiM"  Albert  (Julia  D  Floyd)  Ad.Ll.Rv. 

Delafield  tf"  Grace  Floyd [Cda.'7o 

M'"  Cornelia  D  Janin 

Delafield  M"  Aug  Floyd  (Mary  A  Baker) 

42  E  66 
see  CIS 

135  E  38 

Noroton  Ct 

Plainfield  Av 
Plainfield  NJ 

Delafield  M"  Edw  (Elizabeth  R  Schuchardt) . . . 
Delafield  MiM"  Rufus  (Elizabeth  B  Morse)  Cda. 

Delafield  MiM"  Edw  C  (Margaretta  S  Beasley)  Dt.Cw.P.'99 

P^^Si87Kgbdge  '^Fieldston  Hill'*.  .Riverdale  N  Y 
Delafield  MiM"  Ed  Hy  (Winifred  Folsom)  Fm.Un.Y.'o2 

P*^«S323-4  Stam.  .Noroton  Ct 
Delafield  M'""  Elizabeth  B-Bm.  &  Nina  M-Bm.see  M"  D  EMoran 
Delafield  M""  Emma  H..P*'«S3 23-3Stam . /'  Felsenhof  "  Darien  Ct 

New  York  1909 


292  Ridge  wood  Av 

Glen  Ridge  N  J 

5  W50 

Delafield  Mill"  Eug  L  (Margarett  N  Wood- 
hull)  Stv'05. 

M' John  T  Woodhull 

Delafield  D'  Francis-C.Rg.Snc.S.Mg.Y/60.  . 

Prov  Jun  25.  .av'd  Grosse  Sep  15 
Delafield  M^""  Elisabeth  Ray  (av'd  Prov  Sep  26) 

&  Cornelia  Van  R 
Delafield  MIM"  Fred'k  Prime  (Elsie  Barber)  Ad.Dt.Dp.Rv.Ct 

P'^^S2863-79..i2i  E  74 
Delafield  MiM"  Fred'k  Schuchardt  (Anne  O  Brooks)  Dp.Cy.Rv. 
Cr .  .  P^^Si8-2.  ."White  Cottage"  Lenox  Mass 
Delafield  MiM"John  Ross(Violetta  S  White)Uv.Bm.Rg.P.'96 

H.'99..i7  E  79 
Delafield  MiM"  Jos  L  (Mary  R  Sloane)  Na.Rv.Cw.Wt.Cl.'93 

F'^^  W  12 

Delafield  M*"  Julia  L-Cda 

Delafield  MiM    Maturin  L(Mary  C  Livingston) Un. 

Delafield  tf"  Mazie  L [Mt.Cda.Cr56 

Delafield  MiM"  Lewis  L  (Charlotte  H  Wyeth)  Un.C. 

Delafield  M*"  Charlotte-Bm [Dp.Ct. 

Delafield  M'  Lewis  L  Jr. 

Delafield  M"  Lewis  Livingston  (Emily  Prime)  Cda. 

P'^^S37Kgbdge.  .Riverdale  N  Y 
Delafield  MiM"  Maturin  L  Jr  (Lettice  Lee  Sands)  Un.Ul.Dt. 

Snc.Rv.Cw.Wt.Fw,Cr93 .  .  .St  Moritz-Dorf  Engadine  Switz 
Delafield  MiM"  Richard  (Carey-Clara  Foster)  Ul.T.Ch.Snc.Mt. 

Rg.An.R.Rv..P^'i?S2394Bry.  .40  W  46 

Delafield  M"  Robert  Hare  (Nannie  S  Lloyd) |   The  Perry 

&  tf"  Mary  R  &  M'  Rob't  H jSeattle  Wash 

de  Lagercrantz  M*"  Ava P'*'WSi35oCol .  .  SS^  SeventhAv 

DeLancey  M'  Wm  H-Snc.Hob'56 Murray  Hill  Hotel 

Delano  M*"  Caroline P*^^i5i3Gram.  .20  Fifth  Av 

Delano  M'  Eug-C.Dt.Rg.Uv.Mid.Wms'66 

Delano  M*"*  Caroline 

Delano  W"  Moreau-S.Uv.Y'98&EugeneJr-Y'o8 

Delano  M'  Lyman  (Warren  Jr).  .  .Married  at  Southboro  Mass 

Burnett  M*"  Leila  (Rob't  M) Jun  6 

Delano  MiM"  Lyman  (Leila  Burnett) Un.Au.R.H'o6. see  DKSS?. 

P'^23 107-79 
82  E  79 

123  W  55 

12  Wash  Sq  N 

152  Social  Register 

Delano  MIM"  Warren  Jr  (Jennie  Walters) Uv.Dt.    ab*d  Jun  ii 

Rg.Eg.Cly.H.'74  av'dLorSep23 

Delano  if""  Laura  F-Cly.  &  Jean  W P^^^SiSpoMad 

JlSn  M'"  Sara 39  E  36 

Delano  HiM"  Wm  Adams  (Sheffield^Louisa  R  Potter)  Uv.C. 

Y.'95..ab*d  Adri  Aug  12.  .av'd  A  Vic  Oct  10.. 143  E  39 
DeLanoy  MiM"  Wm  C  (Annie  W  Corlies)  Ul.Bg.G. 

P^^S88./*Madestone'*   Del  wick  Lane  Short  Hills  N  J 


Fifth  Av 

fm'y  ab'd  Grosse  Jun  30 


I  E  33 

de  Laugier-Villars  Ctss  Henri  (Carola  Livingston) 
Cda.Cly.  .av'd  K  II  Jun  16 

M'  Rob't  L  Livingston 

Delavan  D&M"  D  Bryson  (Marion 


Delavan  M*-^Elna 

del  Calvo  W  Francis  B-Rh.R Prado  10  Havana  Cuba 

Delcambre  MiM"  Alfred  P  Jr  (Gabrielle  di  Cesnola) 

P'»S5o6l.  /^Villa  Cesnola"  Bayside  L  I 
Delehanty  Capt&M"Daniel  H-Ny.Uv. Re.  [Sailor's  Snug  Harbor 
Jl?„  tf"  Bertha  &  M'  Thornton ....  [USN'67 1  S  I 

del  Garcia  MiM"  Lester  M  (Helen  M  S  Graham)  Cal. 

'  *  Glenwood ' '  New  Hartford  Ct 
de  Lima  MLM"  Ed  (Ruby  Gumey)  Lt.Lc.Rp.Na.Dar.  H' 

P^'»S366sChel..33  W  12 
de  Lima  MiM"EliasA(EstelaAdeLima)Ats.Na.Cr.'86|P'^'iyS445Riv 

JSTr.  tf""  Beatrice  A-at  Vassar  &  Edith  A |  58W87 

Delia  Gherardesca  Ct  &  Ctss  Giuseppi  (Harriet  Taylor) 

Ct  ab'd  Maurjun  24. Ctss  ab'd  LusiAug  5.. abroad. see DS^S. 
Dellenbaugh  MiM"Fred'kS(HarrietROtis)C.Bd.A.  .  |P^'»S2i5iCol 

ifSU  W  Fred'k   S  Jr |  224  W  52 

Del  Monte  tf"  Diane av'd  K  II  Oct  6.  .see  DSl^ 

de  Lubersac  Ct  &  Ctss  Odon  (Constance  F  Livermore) 

2 1  Rue  Constantine  Paris 


•Pelham  Road 

New  RochelleN  Y 

de  Luze  M'""  Grace  Schuyler  &  Sarah  F.  . 

de  Luze  M'  Louis  P-Cr79 

de  Luze  M'  Philip  Schuyler-Cw.Ht. 

de  Mauriac  MiM'*  Eugene  A  (Laura  White)  W.Bd.  .  .30  W  68 

de  Mauriac  MiM"  Norman  P  (Alice  H  Bergen^  W.Cy. 

34  Grace  Court  Bklyn 
de  Meli  M'  Henry  A 54  Prager  Dresden  Germany 

New  York    1909 


dc  Meli  MiM"  Henry  G  D  (Carol  H  Obcrteuffer) 

MS^2iwTp*ksvlle.  .23  Townsend  Av  Clifton  S  I 
Deming  MiM"Charles  C(Mabel  F  Wilson)Un.Uv.R.Ny.Gg.As. 

Mtw.Mdbl.Y'72.  .P^«22i84Col.  .135  Central  Pk  W 
Deming  M'  Henry  C-Uv.Un,Ny.Y/72 .  .av*d  A  Vic  Jly  9 

P^258Mad..ii4  E  27 
Deming  MJiM"HoraceE(CarolineSpringsteed)Dt.Bd 

Deming  M""*  Eleanor  &  Agathe [Ct.H/71        853 

Deming  M^"  Constance-at  Bryn  Mawr W  End  Av 

Deming  M'  Harold  S-H'o8 


Deming  M'^^Laurent  Clerc-Uv.Ny.Gg. Y/83 .  . 

Deming  Jl"  William  (Mary  A  Benton) 

Deming  M*""  Adelaide  &  Charlotte 

Deming  DiM"  Wm  Champion  (Imogen  Haw- 
thorne) Cy.Ty'84 
deMora  MiM'*  Eduardo  Mariano  (LillianlM"  ab*d  Prov  Sep 

P  Martin)  Ul.i  104  Champs  Elys^s 

JS.  JP"  Consuelo |  Paris 

De  Mores  Mchss  (Medora  Von  Hoffman) . . . 

De  Mores  IP"  Athenais 

De  Mores  de  Vallambrosa  Due  Louis 

Demorest  MiM"  Wm  Curtis  (Alice  Gilbert) Mt. Kg. 

Au.Pu.Hl.Snc.Cw.Ar.Dar.CrSi  P'*^'S2904Plaza 

Demorest  IP"  Alice  L 68  E  66 

JSk  W  Gilbert  C 

Denby  M'  Edwin  H-M.  ..'98.  .  .P^S4472Mad.  .333  Fourth  Av 

ab*d  Grosse  Jun  30 
Dench  DIM"  Edw  B  (Marie  A  Hunt)  Un. 
JS.  M*"  M  Catherine. . .  [Mt.Ny.Na.Au.Y.'83 

. 114  E  27 

Westchester  N  Y 


Suchet  Paris 



av'd  K  II  Sep  8 


17  W46 

2343  Pr5rtania 
New  Orleans  La 

Denfegre  MiM"  Walter  D  (Armour-Bertha  C 
Cobb)  Uv.Cal.B.R.Au.Myb.Ecb.Mtw.H/79 

JSJ.  If "  Elaine 

de  Neuflize  Bm  &  Bmss  Andr6  (Eva  Barbey) 

II  bis  Rue  Dumont  d*Urville  Paris 
de  Neufville  MiM"  F  Aug  (H^l&n  A  Funke).  .  .  .  |       P^^^oS 
de  Neufville  M*"  Emily  A  Cat  Morristown  N  J.  .|6q  Franklin  PI 
de  Neufville  M'  Rob't  H |  Flushing  L  I 


Social  Register 

Armstrong  &  Co 

de  Neufville  MiM"  Jules  J  (Maria  V  Parker) . . 

de  Neufville  M*"  Stephanie 

de  Neufville  MiM"  Rob't  G  (Lillian  L  Waite). abroad 

Denison  M'  Winfred  T-Ct.Rc.H.'96.  .  .^^56208-38.  .42  E  41 
Dennett  DiM"Wm  S(Beck)C.Ct.Ad.Bow'7i.P^^Si584-38.  .8  E  49 

Denning  M'  Stewart-Ul.As 41  E  64 

Dennis  M"  A  L  (Jenkins) Rockaway  Av 

M*"  M  B  &  W  Frank  Jenkins Boonton  N  J 

Dennis  M'  Alfred  L-Uv.E.P.'yg P*^^S6o4BranchBr'k 

Dennis  M"  Martin  R  (Josephine  Rose).  ...  25  James 

Dennis  M'  Joseph  R Newark  N  J 

Dennis  DiM"  Fred'c  S  (Fannie  Rockwell)  C.Bd.Uv.As.L    -^ 

M'  J  S  R  Carhart [Cly.Y'72|^^  ^  55 

Dennis  M'  Henry  Ray-Mt.Fn.Y.'pQ 

ab'd  Maur  Jly  22.  .av'd  Lusi  Oct  8.  .  15  W  67 
Dennis  Rev  &  M"  Jas  S  (Mary  E  Pinneo)  Myf.Cw.Rv.P.'63 

Llewellyn  Rd  Montclair  N  J 
Dennis  M'  John  B-Mt.R.S.Mid.Ny.Cy.Bg.Dke.Ats.Mg.Cr.'87 

P*^^'S46o8Plaza..9  W  50 


P'^^^S53oMiller  Rd 

Morristown  N  J 

no  E  57 

7  W32 

Dennis  M;M"Samuel  S(Eliza  Thomas) Un 
Dennis  M'''^  Helen  E.  .  .  [C.E.Mo.Mg.Dt.Cc 

Dennis  M'**"  Dorothy  &  M'  Jas  S  2d 

Dennis  M&M"  Warren  E  (Mary  E  James)  Rg.Ct. 

fc  M'"  Mildred  &  M"'  Fred'c  J.  .at  Randolph  Hall 

i^^s  W  Warren  E  Jr.  .  at  Pomfret  Ct [Camb' 

DennoD'WillardJ-Y.'o3.Cro6.  .  .P^^S5898Col.  .14  Central  PkW 

Denny  M' Herbert  L-Ul.Cal.R.Ny.Ap.Ha 

Denny  tf"  Helen  P  &  M'  Geo  K-P1.H.'99 

Denny  M"  Chas  A 

Denny  MiM"  John  T  (Sophie  Brown  Dunnell)Ul..  P^^S486Plaza 

Denny  M^"  Maude  Dunnell 7  W  52 

Denny  M"  Thomas  (Lucy  W  Wright) P^^S2075Plaza 

Denny  M*"  Adeline  L 574  Mad  Av 

Denny  Col  &  M"  Thomas  (Louise  Jenkins)  Uv.Sa.R.Rg. 

Dt.Rv.Rh.Y.'92.  .P'^^S2i73Plaza.  .32  E  62 

Denton  M"  Huntington  (Ellen  Trowbridge) see  DotiaS. 

Denton  D'  Myron  P-Uv.H,'84 P'^^S45ooMad.  .33  E  33 

dePereyra  Sefior  Don  &  Sefiora  Dona  Joaquin  (Grinnell- 

Jennie  S  Catherwood)  Spanish  Consulate  Buenos  Aires  S  A 

New  York  1909 


of  P'^*i?249oPlaza 

27  W  54 

1775   N  WkS 

de  Pdrigny  Vicomte  Roger-Ny ^^53967-38.  .21  E  44 

Depew  Mi  M"Chauncey  Mitchell  ( May  Palmer)  U 1 . 
Ar.Ht.Pu.Mtw.etc.Y/56.ab'd  F  Wm  Jun  25 

av'd  St  L  Sep  12 

Depew  M'  Chauncey  M  Jr-Sncd'oi 

De  Peyster  M^"  Ajigusta-Ht 112  E  36 

de  Peyster  M"Beekman(Ross-AnnaG Campbell). Married  Sep 21 

Bolton  M'  Ernest  (Edw) at  Johnstown  N  Y 

de  Peyster  M"  Fred'c  J  (Augusta  Morris)  Cda 

de  Peyster  M*"  Frances  G-Bm.Ht 

de  Peyster  M*" Augusta  M-Bm...see  M"W  B  Shoemaker 

de  Peyster  MiM"  Frederic  A(Alice  Abercrombie-Miller) 

Un.Cw.Snc.Rg.Ht.Pu.Bm.Cl.'99.  .av'd  Maur  Aug  6 

de  Peyster  W  Henry-Snc 

de  Peyster  tf"  Emily  M-Cd.Ht 

de  Peyster  M'  Wilson-Sn.Snc.Rv 

M"  Bayard  Clarkson  (de  Peyster)  Cd.  . 

II  E  86 

80  E  79 

Park  Av  Hotel 

de  Peyster  M"  Johnston  L  (Annie  Toler) 
M"  Howard  T  Martin  (de  Peyster). 
de  Peyster  M'  Wm  Moore  Dongan-Bg.Un.Sn.Snc.Cw.Na. 

P^S39ooMad.  .37  Mad  Av 
de  Pontoi-Pontcarre  Mq  &  Mchss  (Charlotte  N  Hegeman).ab'd 

de  Pourtales  Ctss  Hermann  (H^l^ne  Barbey) abroad 

de  Raasloff  MiM"  Harald  (Louise  Griswold)  C. 

P^'»5i679Plaza.  .471  Park  Av 
de  Raimbouville  MiM"  Eug  (Toucey-Carrie  T  Husted)  Cal. 

M"  av'd  Lor  Sep  12.  .107  rue  Pompe  Paris 
de  Raismes  MiM"  Francis  J  J  (Nina  L  Embree) 

de  Raismes  M*"  Aline 

de  Raismes  M""  Francis  E.Robt  E  &  W  Embree 

Derby  D'  Richard-H.'o3 

Derby  M'  Roger  A-H'05 

Derby  M'  Jas  L.  .at  Beck  Hall  Camb' 

Derby  MiM"RichardC(MaryByrdTucker)Uv.lP^S3 1 7-4...28Kay 
Derby  M'"Richard  T&John  G. .  .[An.USN'68|     Newport  R  I 

Derby  M'  Robert  M-Sa.Mit'oi P^'^S2237Mad.  .29  F  28 

de  Rham  M'  Charles 

de  Rham  MiM"  Chas  Jr  (Emily  H  Foster)  K.Dt.  .. 
de  Rham  M'"  Fred'c  F-T.H.'o5&Chas3d  atHarvard 

1 1   Beech 
Flushing  L  I 

Harvard  Club 

24  Fifth  Av 


Socifd  Reg^stor 

de  Rham  Mill"  H  Casimir  (Georgiana  L  Benyman)  K.T. 

Tuxedo  Park  N  Y 
de  Rham  MIM"  Hy  C  2d  (Frances  A  Dana)  T.H.'o4 

P^S4639Chel..i33  W  11 
de  Rivera  Mill"  HyT  (Ethel  Munsell).  .P^«S3345Mom..52o  W  122 
de  Rodellac  du  Porzic  Ct  &  Ctss  (de  Keredem~de  Trobriand) 

2  Av  Montaigne  Paris 

De  Rong^  M"  Louis  (Josephine  Chazoumes) Short  Hills 

De  Rong^  tf"  Josephine N  J 

de  Rose  MiM"  Edward  (Susan  G  Varnum)  Un.Cw.Snc.Cd. 

P^^S2i9Mad.  .117  Madison  Av 
de  Rougemont  Ct  &  Ctss  Ren6  du  Temple  (Edith  D  Clapp) 

"Chateau  de  M^millon"  par  Bonneval,  Eure  &  Loir  France 
Derr  MiM"  Andrew  F  (Harriet  Lowrie)  Uv.  P'^*io2-4K'gston 
Derr  M'  Chester  B-P/97 [Laf'75 

de  Russy  M'  Ren^  A-Cal.An.Fw.Cw 

de  Russy  M'"  Edith  Winthrop 

"  •  I  Winthrop  Parkin  &  M'  T  Winthrop  Parkin. 

55  N  River 
Wilkesbarre  Pa 
P»^'8Si2  53Col 
16  Central 
Pk  W 
de  Ruyter  MiM"  J  E  (Leslie  Van  Ness)  Cr83 .'  .see  D^mlX 

deSabia  MiM"Theo  deJoly(MargueriteMildeberger) 

deSabla  M'  Theo  de  J  Jr [Un.  Union  Club 

M'  Victor  R  Mildeberger 

de  Sagan  Prince  H^lie Married  at  London 

Gould  M"  Anna  (Anna  Gould) Jly  7 

de  Sagan  Pc  &  Pcss  H^lie  (de  Castellane-Anna  Gould) 

50  Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris 
de  SauUes  MiM"  Arthur  B  (Catherine  M  Heckscher)  Rens'59 

of  P''^2354j.  .507  Del  Av  So  Bethlehem  Pa.  .9  E  10 
de  Saulles  MiM"  ChasAH(Louise  M  Hoch)Y'99.P'»S2i2.Iola  Kas 
de  Saulles  M'  John  Gerard  L-Un.B.Y.*oi.P^^S36ooMad.i4  E  28 
de  Schweinitz  M*"  Agnes  (Paul  B).  .  .  .Married  at  Bethlehem  Pa 

Zalinski  M'  Edw  Robbins  (Edmund  L) Jun  24 

de  Sibour  Vic  &  Victss  Jules  Henri  (Margaret  M  Clagett)  R.Rh. 
Mtw.Abiw.Cvcw.Y'96.Victss  av*d  Adri  Jly  8.f'm*y  ab'd  Arab 
Jly  23.  .av'd  Lor  Sep  23.  .P*^^S3996North.  .1215-19  Wd8 

De  Silver  MiM"  Carll  H  (Mary  H  De  Silver)  Mt.     P'^L2375Mam 

De  Silver  M'Albert-Y'iQ. 


43  Pierrepont 
Brooklyn  N  Y 

New  York    1909 


49  W  57 

241  W  70 

Despard  MiM"  Clement  L  (Caroline  R  Bates)  N. 

Despard  W"  Margaret  D [Dt.'74 

Despard  M'  Clement  L  Jr-H'o8 

JS^r.  tf"  Gwendolen  R 

Despard  MiM"  Walter  D  (Nellie  C  White) Dt.N.Dv. 

Despard  M*"  Marie  C 

Despard  M'  Douglas  C-Ct 

Desprey  MtM"  Paul  (May  McClellan).  .  .25  rue  Marignan  Paris 

de  Stuers  MiM"  Hubert  (Cornelia  Livingston) abroad 

de  Suzannet  Vic  &  Victss  Alan  (Margaret  C  Knower) 

Vic  av'd  Caro  Oct  7 .  .32  Av  Henri  Martin  Paris 
de  Talleyrand  P^rigord  Mqss  (Elizabeth  Curtis)  Cda. 

Chatsworth  Club  Chatsworth  N  J 
Detmold  Mill"  Wm  L  (Emma  Schnabel)  Un.Mc.Na.Rg.Rc.Lc. 

Dv.Ulp.  .P^«;3483Chel.  .60  W  11 
Detrell  M'  Claude  B Married  at  Paris 

Ingraham  M*"  Natalie  (Judge  Geo  L) Oct  20 

Detrell  M&M"  Claude  B  (Natalie  Ingraham) abroad 

de  Valencia  MiM"  Milton  L  (Kathryne  S  Schuchardt) 

P'*'S57o5oMom.  .617  W  113 
de  Veau  MiM"  Fred'c  Clinton  (Sarah  H  Putnam)  Uv.T.  Tuxedo 

Rh.R.Fn.Kg.H;87    Park 

JiSs  IP"  Anstiss  &  IT"  George  P  &  Fred'c  J-at  Groton NY 

Devereux  M'  Horace  K-K.Uv.P'8o [Colorado  Springs 

Devereux  M^"  Ailein |  Col 

Devereux  MiM"WalterB-Mt.Dt.Uv.Cd.Bd.P/73.  .246WEndAv 
de  Villaforeste  Marquis  Farace Married  at  London 

Fachiri  M'"  Caterina  P  (late  Pandelli  Y) Oct  22 

de  Viti  de  Marco  Mq  &  Mchss  (Etta  L  Dunham) abroad 

Dew  DiM"  J  Harvie  (Bessie  Martin)  So.Va'67 P*^Si826Col 

Dew  M^"  Caroline  W 65  W  68 

de  Wardener  Bmss  Rudolph  (Gabrielle  Saportas) 

JlS.  If"  Rudolph  &  Edouard [av'd  Teut  Sep  23  see  DotlSK. 

Mme  Saportas 

Dewey  MIM"  Chas  Melville  (Julia  Henshaw)  Lt.Fn. 

P^S27ooChel..222  W  23 

Dewey  M"  Ed  W  (Myrtle  A  Cruzan)  Cd 24  E  56 

Dewing  MiM"  Hiram  E  (Susan  L  Franklin)  Bg.Na.Y/98 

P'»^3867Plaza..i3o  E  67 


Social  Register 

Dewing  MiM"  Thomas  W  (Maria  Oakay)  PI jP^'»;3399Plaza 

Dewing  M*"  Elizabeth (     82  E  55 

DeWitt  M'  Charles  H-M.Au.Na 32  E  26 

DeWittMiM"Clarence(EleanorVKinsey)Uv.Na.Y/96.   .isBroad 

DeWitt  M'  Edmund  F-Uv.N.Cl.'86 Englewood  N  J 

DeWitt  HiM"  Geo  G  (Ella  R  Flagg)Un.Uv.Ul.Mt.Ss.Au.Ny.Dt. 

Snc.Hl.Cr67.  .P'^'i?S333 Plaza.  .39W51 

DeWitt  M'  Peter-Snc.Hl see  DSSSX 

DeWitt  M"  Wm  A  (Elisabeth  D  Neilson) see  A  Neilson 

DeWitt  MiM"  Wm  C  (Langley-Mara  B  Shepard)|P'^'is'Si772Main 
Ha..ab'd  Cecil  Jun  9..av'dSep  22!         127 

jjiwea  Marjorie  S  &  Edith  M  Langley,  .at  Ber-[      Remsen 

lin  Ger|       Bklyn 

De  Witt  M'  William  G-Mt.M.Snc.Hl.G.Ss i  W  30 

deWolfe  M'*'  Elsie see  tf "  E  Marbury 

Dexter  M'"  Annie  Breese-Ats.Cd 471  Park  Av 

Dexter  M'  Henry 42  W  56 

Dexter  tf"  Rose  L 6  E  58.  .absent 

Dexter  MiM"  Stanley  W  (Gabriella  M  McAllister) 
Dexter  tf "  Gabriella  M 

M"  HyWm  Smith  (Walker) 

Deyo  MiM"  Robert  E  (Jane  C  Denniston)  M.Ht. 
Deyo  M'""  Cornelia  D,  Juliana  D  &  ^Margaret .[P. '64 

&«  M**'  Evelina " 

de  Zaldo  MiM"  Fred'c  (Marie  L  van  der  Kief t)  Lt. 

de  Zaldo  M'"'"  Marie  &  Mercedes [Dt. 

de  Zaldo  M' John  &  tes  M*"  Alice 

d'Hauteville  MiM"  F  Grand   (Macomb)   K.Un.Mt.Ny. 

d'Hauteville  W'^  R6nee  E .[Smb.H' 

d'Hauteville  M'  Paul  Grand-Un.K.Smb.  .at  Amer  Leg 

The  Hague 

d'Hauteville  W  Fred  V  Grand-K.Uv.Smb.Camb'9S.  .at 

Knickerbocker  Club 
di  Brazza  Savorgnan  Ct  &  Ctss  Detalmo  (Cora  A  Slocomb) 

Castillo  di  Brazza  via  Udine  Italy 
Dick  MiM"  Evans  R  (Elizabeth  Tatham)  R.Ny. 

Dick  M'"  Mildred  I-Fn 

Dick  M""  Fairman  R-R.  &  Evans  R  Jr 

48  W  55 




P'To  2346  Bry 
7  W47 



51    E  49 


New  York  1909 



P^^S796  Plaza 
E   53 


Dick  MiM"  Frank  M  (Minette  G  Mills) R.Cy.Ny.Au.Sa. 

Dick  M'  J  Julian,  .at  Princeton [  Pa'8i 

W""  Minnie  Mills 

Dick  M'  Harris  B-Ul.Ch.Pl.G P'i?S252Cort.  .Park  Av  Hotel 

Dick  MiM"  J  Hy  (Julia  T  Mollenhauer)  Ny.Na.Rg. 

Dick  M'  Wm  K [Mid.Mt.Au. 

&  tf""  Doris  A  &  Julia  A  &  Adolph  M 

DickermanM'Geo  W-U  V.  Na .  Du .  H .  *  8  2 . 9  7  Queen  Victoria  London 
Dickerman  MiM"  Watson  B  (Martha  E  Swift)  C.Un.Ul.Rg. 

B.Lc.Mt.Cy.Cly .  .P'SSio65Plaza.  .  763  Fifth  Av 

Dickerman  MiM"  Wm  C  (Alice  Carter)  Uv.Ct.Eg.Ap.Au.Cw.Rc. 

Lehigh'96.  .P^^S257iPlaza.  .8o9Mad  Av 

Dickerson  MiM"  Ed  Nicoll  (Charlotte  S  Ogden)M.Sn.T.Lc.Rh. 

Ny.Rg.Au.Na.Rv.Snc.Cc.Bg.Mtw.'74.  .M"  ab'd  Adri  Jun  17 

av'd  Teut  Sep  23.  .P'^^Si776Mad.  .64  E  34 

Dickerson  MiM"  John  S  (Amelia  Wagner) M.S. Na. 

P'^"SS5564-79.  .55    E    73 
Dickey  MiM"  Chas  D  (Dickey-Louise  L  Whit- 
ney) Un.K.Rg.Uv.Dt.Ss.R.Ny.Cy.H.*82 

Dickey  M*"  Frances  de  K 

Dickey  MiM"  Wm  C  (Elsie  G  Bennett) 

M"  Madeline  Schiller 

Dickie  MiM"EdwardP(EmmaPDickerman).P'^^i8.  .Guilford  Ct 
Dickinson  M'  Andrew  G-Ct.Y.'9o. .  PH^Si88o-^38.  .853Seventh  Av 
Dickinson  MiM"  Chas  C  (Georgette  Kidd)  M.N.Lt.Myf.Bm.Au. 
Ht.Rv.Cr.'9i.  .see  M"  G  W  Kidd.  .853  Fifth  Av 
Dickinson  MiM"  Edwin  E  (Frances  Boynton)  Ul.|P^^'S3i43Riv 

Dickinson  M'  Wells  S.  .ab'd  Onic  Jly  i [Vt'72|  312  W  77 

Dickinson  M'  Geo  E--M.As.Ny Ns^ 

Dickinson  M'"  Lina 

i^»  M""  Geo  S  &  Herbert  C 

Dickinson  MiM"  Geo  Fox  (Jane  A  Parrott)  ........122  E  34 

Dickinson  MiM"  Horace  E  (Nellie  Poulet)Cw.Rv.Myf.seeDoS;id?e. 

Dickinson  M"  Howard  c  (Agnes  Wagstaff) P'SS4ii9Mad 

Dickinson  MiM"  Howard  C  (Mary  W  Soley)Un.  R.  47 

Dp.Myf.H/02         E  30 
Dickinson  M'  Lynford  M-tJv.Bm.P.*oi .  .see  M"  D  S  Moore 

853  Seventh  Av 

37  E  51 

Great  Neck  L  I 


Irvington  N  Y 


Social  Register 

47  9  W  State 
Trenton  N  J 

Dickinson  M"  S  Meredith  (Garetta  Moore)Cd.  . , 

Dickinson  M*"  Frances  M 

Dickinson  M'  John  M-Uv.P.'94 

Dickinson  M'  Sackett  M-P.'os 

Dickinson  M'  Philemon-Rtp.Cyp.Mep.P.'98. . . 

at  Rittenhouse  Club  P'k 
Dickinson  Mill"  W  Meredith  (Roxalene  0  Howell)  P*9 7 

P^Sii3.  .84iEdgewood  Av  Trenton  N  J 
Dickson  M'  Fred'k  S  2d-Sa. ¥.'03 . .  P^'SS697-38 . .  St  AnthonyClub 
Dickson  MiM"  James  B  (Harriet  L  WilHams)  Mt.Dt.Rg.Au.Ny. 

As.  .P^^Si52  2Plaza.  .15W  54 
Dickson  MIM"  Jos  B  (Mary  AYoung)Ul.Dt.Mg.Wp. 
Au.Mo.Laf 83.  .av'd  K  II  Oct  6 

Dickson  IP"  Alice-Mg 

Dickson  M'  Thos-Mg 

JlS.  M*"  Margaret 

Didrichsen  Mill"  Wm  G  (Marie  L  Van  Zandt) . 

Didrichsen  tf "  Kathleen  M 

Didrichsen  M'"FerdVZ&ChasVZ"JL 

Diebitsch M'Emil-Uv. Eg. Lehigh' 89.  .P'^^S6777Riv..39iWEndAv 
Diefendorf  M"  Menzo  (Jtilia  Betts)Bd.  .Sebasti  &  Reali  Rome 
Dielman  MiM"  Frederick  (Marion  L  Benham)  C. 

Dielman  tf"  Lilla  E 

Dielman  M'  F  McNeil 

Dieter  M'  Frederic  Jewett-Mt.T.H' . .  ab'd  Cecil  Jly  7 . 

Adri  Oct  21 .  .P*'^S7247  Hanover. .  Metropolitan  Club 

Dieterich  MiM"  Chas  F  (Sarah  Hill)  Mt.M.Mid P^'i?S8o8-79 

Dieterich  M'  Alfred  E-Cal.Mid.Mt.Cl.*99 963FifthAv 

Digges  M"  James  Mac  C  (Emily  Scrymser) P*'^S2  5il 

Digges  M"*  Munro  &  Dudley Elizabeth  N  J 

Dike  M"  Camden  Crosby (Jeannie  D  Scott) Dar.     P^«Sis6Main 
Dike  M'  Norman  S-Uv.Ha.Pu.Rv.Br'85  194 

ab*d  A  Vic  Aug  20 . .  av'd  Adri  Sep  30  Col  Hgts  Bklyn 
Dill  MiM"  James  B  (Mary  W  Hansell)  E.Ct.Au.Y.'76 

83  Harrison  E  Orange  N  J 

38  E  39 

Short  Hills 
N  J 

see    Domi^a 


Dillingham  MiM"  Chas  T  (Frances  C  Pease) . 

Dillingham  tf"  Alice  Coffin 

Dillingham  M'  Shepard 

322  W  88 

New  York    1909 


Dillingham  DiM"  Fred'k  H (Ferguson-Susy  Ganson))P«5i9iRiv 

Dillingham  M'  Edwin  L-Y/82 [Pu.Bow'771  148  W  85 

Dillingham  W"*  Lucy  (late  Geo  W). Married  at  Warehouse  Pt  Ct 

Simonds  M'  Rob't  Hale Sep  17 

Dillingham  DiM"  Thos  M  (Harriet  A  Carlton)  Ct.     P^^S2838Bry 

V  Reuel  A  Benson [Dth'73        8  W  49 

Dillon  MIM"  J  Milton  (Lucy  S  Downing)  Na.As.Ul.   M53610C0I 
JS.  if"  Dorothy  D  &  M'  Milton  S...[Mg.Dke.Au.Cr89 
Dillon  M'  John  Forest-Ul.Uv.Bd.'so 

M'  Gerard  Warriner 

Dillon  MiM"  Wm  B  (Alice  H  Dickinson)  Ul.Ny.Na.Ch. 

P^^S2i88Plaza..4o  W  59 

I  W  72 
I  W72 

Dilworth  MiM"  Jos  R  (Annie  H  Wood)  B.Tf.Cly. 


JSSs  If"  Dewees  W  &  Richardson 

Dimock  M;M"  Hy  F(Susan  C  Whitney)  Uv.M.Mt. 

M"  Cary  T  Hutchinson  (Dimock) 

Dinsmore  M"  Clarence  Gray(Kate  Jerome). 70  Av 
Dinsmore  M"wm  b  (HelenFAdams)lav'd  Cecil 
Dinsmore  if"  Madeleine  I |  Aug  25 

MiM"  Rob't  P  Huntington  (Dinsmore).  .. 

JlS.  IP"  Helen  D  Huntington. 


SO  W47 
see  K^^h 

E  60 
Marceau  Paris 
"The  Locusts** 
av'd  Adri  Jun  10 
Tuxedo  Pk 
Jam.  .23oMadAv 
~  '  abroad 

Dinsmore  M*M"  Wm  B  (Marion  de  Peyster 

Carey)  Uv.R.T.H.'93 
JIS,  IP"-  Marion  C  &  Clara  F  &  M'  Wm  B  Jr.  . 

di  Sorbello  Mqs  &  Mqss  Bourbon  (Romeyne  Robert) 
Ditman  D'  Norman  E-Y.'96.  .av'd  Kp  Wm  Aug  4 

P^«S2672-38..26  E  48 
Ditson  MiM"  Chas  Healy  (Alice  M  Tappin)  Pl.Myf . 

P'^«S6i78-38..i9  E  37 
Divonne  Ct&Ctss  Ludovic  de  la  Forest  (Florence!       7  Rue 

Audenreid)  StDominique 
Ji^r.  IP""  Marguerite  &  Florence  &  If  "Andre  &  Ren^]        Paris 
Dix  MiM"  Alfred  Perkins  (Emily  F  Carruth)  Bd. 

P^^Si838Plaza.  .822  Mad  Av 

Dix  M"  Morgan  (Emily  W  Soutter). 

Dix  IP"  Margaret  G 

Dix  W  John  A-Un.Rg.Rv.Au.Wt.H.'o2 . 

MiT  av'd  Adri  Jly  8 


15  E66 


Social  Register 


Dixon  Mill"  Courtl'dt  P  (M  Louise  Polhemus)  Un. 

Dixon  M'  Theo  P-R.Y.'o; [R.Ha.Rg.Rh. 

JJS.  tf"-  Augusta  P  &  M  Louise 

Dixon  M'  Ephraim  W-Uv.Un.Ny.Pl.R.Y.'8i. .  .University  Club 
Dixon  Dili"  Geo  A(Sarah  P  Dunton)  K.Au.Un.    IP^^^SiyySPlaza 

JiT»  M'  Geo  A  Jr.  .at  Groton [C.Ny.f     15  W  49 

Dixon  Mill"  Geo  T  (Emily  Martin)  Ul.  .43  E  Park  E  Orange  N  J 

Dixon  M' John  Watson-Y.'95 P^^S2oooBry.  .Yale  Club 

Dixon  M"  Wm  H  Qosephine  T  Williams)       P'*^S2375 . .  16  Pine 

M'"  E  E  Pearce [Mg.Rh.       Portland  Me 

Dixon  M'  Wm  P-Uv.Un.Mt.C.Dt.Rh.Y.'68 P^^§388Plaza 

Dixon  M'  Wm  H-S.Dp.Ny.R.Tf.Rh.Cl'oo 29 

Dixon  M'  Courtlandt  P  2d-Rh.R. Y'o8 


Doane  M' J  Wesley-Uv.R.M.Y'91 University  Club 

"  '     ~     '         ~        P^S3 1  Putnam 

Primrose  Farm'* 
Thompson  Ct 

Doane  MiM"  John  E  (Anna  P  Schramm)  R. 

Jr»  M*"-  Julianne  &  Marianne [Y'86 

Jx^r.  M*"  Olivia  P&M' John  W  2d 

Doane  Bishop  Wm  C-Uv.Sa.Cw.Cd.Bur'50 .  av'd  Adri  Sep  30 

Y'^Togjs  •  •  29  Elk  Albany  N  Y 

Dodd  MiM"  Frank  H  (Martha  B  Parker)  C.Ct 
Dodd  IP"-  Jennie  S,  Harriet  P  &  Katharine  R 

333  W  77 

Dodd  M*"  Gertrude P^^S4535Col. .  150  W  59 

Dodd  MiM"  John  M  Jr  (Emily  M  Jones)  G P^^28iiCol 

Dodd  M'  Howard  Marshall-P'04 127  W  73 

Dodd  MiM"  Lee  Wilson  (Marion  R  Canby)  Y.'99 

P^^I69ioRiv..2S7  W86 

Dodd  M*"  Marjorie see  E  Menocal 

Dodd  IP"  Sara  B 42  E  64 

Dodd  MiM"  Wm  Silliman  (Mary  A  Johnson)  Ad.P.'86 

P^^S44o6-38..9  E  39 

Dodge  M"  Arthur  M  (Josephine  M  Jewell)  Cly 

Dodge  M'  Arthur  Douglas-R.Y.^  Simsbury  Ct . .  P^«S665-38 

Dodge  M'  Geoffrey,  .at  Yale 125  E  39 

J"on  M'  Percival .  .  at  Westminster  Sch 

Dodge  MiM"  Chas  C  (Schieffelin)  Un.Uv.Ny.  Y'6o i  W  83 

Dodge  M'  Chas  Stuart-Un.Y^Ss Union  Club 

Dodge  MiM"  Clarence  Phelps  (Regina  Lunt)  Y.'99 

av'd  A  Vic  Jun  11. J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 

New  York  1909 


Dodge  MiM"  Cleveland  H  (Grace  Parish)  Uv.Cy.        ab'dMinha 
Dt.Lc.C.S.Ct.Ny.Ats.As.P/79      Jun  27 

Dodge  M^-^  Elizabeth  W  &  Julia  P P'^^U? 57-38 

Dodge  IT"  Cleveland  E  &  Bayard-at  Princeton. ...  90  Park  Av 

Dodge  Rev  D  Stuart-Y's; 6  E  49 

Dodge  MiM"  Francis  E  (Magdalen  Talmage)Un.Dt. 

Dodge  tf"  Helen [Ht.Ha.  P*^S72-38 

Dodge  M'  Francis  Talmage-Dke.  Y.'o4 41  W  37 

Dodge  M'  Philip  L-Y.'o7 at  192  Lark  Albany  N  Y 

Dodge  M'  Francis  Phelps-Un.  .av'd  K  II  Jun  16. .  .Union  Club 
Dodge  M"  Geo  Egleston  (May  Cossitt)  T.  .ab'd  Lusi  Jun  17 

av'd  Maur  Sep  17 .  .P*'^i864Plaza. .  27  W  57 
Dodge  M"  Geo  P  (Harriette  E)  Hotel  del  CoronadoCoronadoCal 
Dodge  M'GrenvilleM-Ul.Ll.Rp.An.Nor' so..  Council  Bluffs  la 

Dodge  M"  Grenville  M 

Dodge  tf"  Anne.  .  .  •. 

Dodge  MiM"  Guy  Phelps  (Mary  A  Rhodes)  Un.R.Ad.T 

Dodge  MiM"  Marcellus  Hartley  (Ethel  G  Rockefeller)  Rg.Ct. 

Cly.Mg.Mc.Wp.Cl.'o3.  .9  E  54 
Dodge  MiM"  Marshall  J  (Priscilla  D  Barnes)  Un.R.Rh.Uv. 
Au.Cly.Y'98..P^io23FarRock  *'Brightside"   Lawrence  L  I 
Dodge  MiM"  Murray  Witherbee  (Elsie  C  F  Barker)  R.Uv.Un. 

Tf.Rh.Y.'99.  .P^«2i935Plaza.  .57  E  49 

Dodge  M"  Norman  W  (Grace  Vernon) Nyack  N  Y 





av'd  Aka  Oct  24 

'* Pebble  Ledge'' 



Dodge  M*  Walter  Phelps-R.Pl.A.Rv.Ox'89 

Dodge  tf"  Ada [.Y'91 

Dodge  M'  Stuart 

1&  tf -  Rosemary. . 

&  M'  Adlard  Coles 

Dodge  MiM"  Wm  de  L  (Fanny  Pryor)  Pl.Dar.Cd. 

**  Villa  Francesca"  Setauket  L  I 

Dodge  M"wm  B  (Sarah  J  Hoadley) 

Dodge  IP"  Grace  H-Cd .  .  av'd  Maur  Sep  9 1*^^3593-38 

Dodge  IP"  Mary  Hoadley-at  Warwick  House      262Madison  Av 

St  James  London 
Dodge  MiM"  Wm  Earl  (Jessie  Sloane)  B.S.K.R.Rh.As.Cly. 

P^S666s-79..ii3  E  71 


'Social  Register 

Dodson  MiM"  Rob't  B  (Mary  Wells)  G.Rg.Ch.  .  . 

M*-  Helen  T  Wells 

D'Oench  MiM"  Albert  F  (Holloway-Alice  Grace) 

128  W  59 

M'  Wm  G  HoUoway ['72)1130  Mad  Av 

"       -    -       -  **NazdarHair' 

Branksome  Pk 
Bournemouth    Eng 



Dolby  MiM"  Geo  A  (Edythe  W  Wakeman) 


M"  C  A  &  M'  Ross  W  Wakeman 

Dominick  MiM"  Bayard(Ella  M  Babcock)Ul.Au. 


Dominick  M' Bayard  Jr-Uv.Ul.Mid.Y/94 

Dominick  M'  Gayer  G-Y'09.  .[atColoradoSpgsCol 

MiM"  Howard  A  Smith  (Helen  Dominick) 
Dominick  MiM"  Geo  F  (Emma  L  Sparks)  Mt.Ny. 
Dominick  M'Lamont-Rg.Cw.Y.'95.  .  .[Cd.Ul.Rv 

Dominick  M'  Everett-Y.'o4. 

Dominick  MIM"  Geo  F  Jr  (Lucy  W  Pierson)  Uv.Cw.Y.'94 

M;636Col..2oo  W  56 
Dominick  MiM"  H  Blanchard(Mary  Sampson)  C. 

Pl.Ap.Cw.Rv.Ht.Tf.G.Snc .  .  ab'd  Bait  Jly  9 

Dominick  M'  Hy  B  Jr-Pl.Snc 

Dominick  MiM"  Wm  F  (Mary  S  Weston)  Y.'98.Croi 

P'*^S2  75Plaza.  .156E  62 
Dominick  M"  Wm  Gayer  (Anne  deWitt  Marshall)  |P^^S2  87  4Plaza 
Dominick  tf"*  Elsie,  Alice  &  Anita  M |      35  E  57 

37  E  57 

14  W  49 

fm'y  ab'd  Kp  Wm  Jun  t6 

av'd  Cecil  Sep  22 

3M  W  75 

Dommerich  M'  Louis  F-Ul.Mc.Dv. 
Dommerich  M""  Louis  W-Y.'o6 

&  Alex  L-Na. 

Donald  MiM"  James-Cal.Gg ^  .  .Calumet  Club 

Donald  MiM"  Jas  M  (Mary  R  Burger)  Mt.M.Mid.N'72 

P'»S4566Col..27  W74 

Donald  M'  Peter )P^^535i6Bry 

Donald  tf"  Anna  Edgar (    39  W  46 

_  ....       ....  P'^^S7i5T'kville 

Fourth  St 
New  Brighton 

3310  Race 

Donald  M'  Wm  Milne-M.Rc 

Donald  tf""  Edith  M  &  Louisa  R 

Donald  M""  Wm  Henderson-P.'o3  &  Norman 

Donald  tf"  Linda  A [H--P.'o3 

Donaldson  DIM"  Hy  H(Emma  Brace)C.Uvp.Y'79. 

Donaldson  M'  J  C . .  at  Yale 

JM'  N  V.  ,at  Hotchkiss  School 

Hew  York  1909 


300  Genesee 
Utica  N  Y 

55  W  S3 

Donaldson  MiM"  Keith  (Evelyn  Hunter)  Un.Rh.Rtp.P.'99 

P*^«S59oPlaza..3i  E  49 

Donner  M'  Arthur-Un.Ay.Ap.Smb I" TheCedars '' 

Donner  IP"  Maria-Ap [  Jly  30         Rye 

Donner  M'  OscarW-Un. Wk.Ap.Ay.Smb.av'd  Aka|         N  Y 
Donnet  MiM"  James  J  C  (Mary  E  Whitehouse).  ......  .abroad 

Donoughmore  Earl  &  Ctss  of  (Elena  Grace) 

9  Wilton  Crescent  London 
Doolittle  M'  Julius  T  A-Uv.Y'84.  .absent. ...  I  tt^;,...o;+..  ri,,-K 

Doolittle  M'  Hiram  I^Wms^69. (  University  Club 

Doolittle  MiM"WmS(EstherAWarwick) Uv.Cly. 

Doolittle  M'  Wm  PS [Y'76 

JSk  IP-  Mary  I-Cly.  &  M""  Lytton  W  &  JuHus  T  A 
d'Or^mieulx  M"  Theophilus  (Laura  Wolcott  Gibbs)  Cda 

37  Mad  Av 
Doremus  DIM"  Ch  Avery  (Elizabeth  J  Ward)Uv.Dke. 

Doremus  IP"  Katherine  W [Cd.Dar.Dc.*7o 

IP-  Helen  J  Ward 

Doremus  tf"  Estelle  E-Dar , jI*^2o82Cpl. 

Doremus  M'  Arthur  Lispenard-Na.Ad.'9o. 1 167 4  BVay 

Dorman  DiM"  Harry  G  (Mary  B  Dale) Beyrout  Syria 

Dorman  M"  Richard  A  (Mary  A  Aitken)  Bd 

Dorman  If"  Anne  A 

Dorman  M'  Roderick  A-P.'o6 

Dorsett  M'  Robt  Clarence-Ul.Dke.Cr72.  .MsaijCoJ.  .53  W  70 
Dorsey  MiM"  Grafton  D  (Isabel  Lovell)  Myf.Cd. 

P»:3ir'Shunpike  Farm"  The  Shunpik^  Madison  N  J 

Dorsey  MiM*^  Stephen  Wallace  (Laura  Bigelow) see  DS^iSS. 

Dortic  M"  Hy  Theo  (Brevoort-Elizabeth  Schemierhom) 

34  bis  Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris 
d'Osmoy  Vic  &  Vctss  Romain  (Susan  Le  Roy  Dresser) 

14  ru^  MarignaH  Paris 
Dos  Passos  MiM"  John  R  (Mary  D  Hays)  M.Ay 

Dos  Passos  MiM"  Louis  Hays  (Constance  F 

Beardsley)  Snc.  Wt.Cw.  Ar. 

Doty  DiM"AlvahH (Blanche  I  Rees)Cal.Rp.Rc.  |P«S452T'ksville 

MiM"  Eug  W  Scheffer  (Doty) IQuarantine  8  I 

28  !W  69 

18  E  56 


Social  Register 


III  E  i6 

P**^S42  2  7Plaza 
41  W  49 

see  DSa^. 

Doubleday  MiM"  Frank  N  (Neltje  De  Graff)C. 

Doubleday  M'   Felix  D [Ats. 

JSSs  M'"  Dorothy  &  M'  Nelson 

Doudge  M"  James  R  (Sevilla  B  Hayden)  . . . 

Doudge  JP"  Edith [R.Y.'oi 

Doudge  MiM"BartonT(Skidmore-GraceRichards) 

Dougherty  MIM"  Wm  H  (Julia  Keresey)  Ha.. 

Dougherty  M*"  Nanno 

Dougherty  M'Nelson-H*o9.. at  25  RussellHallCamb' 
Doughty  MiM"WmH (Alice  C  Crosby)  Rens'58. . 
Doughty  M*"*  Harriette  H .  .ab'd  in  Nov,  Alice  C 

ft  Marion  R 
Doughty  M'  Ed  Crosby-Uv.Wms'99.  . 
Doughty  M'  Richard  H-Uv. Wnis'03 .  . 

Doughty  M'  Ralston-Cal '[Wms'98 

Doughty  Mi«"  Wm  H  Jr  (Lydia  S  Vail)  Uv.Cl'oi 
Douglas  MiM"  Archibald  (Edith  Douglas)  Ul.Ct.As.Cl.'94 

P^534lKgbdge.  .Hudson  Park  Spuyten  Duyvil  N  Y 

Douglas  IP"  Clara see  J  Stewart 

Douglas  MiM"  Curtis  N-Cal.Sa Albany  N  Y 

Douglas  Rev  BiM"  Geo  Wm  (Cornelia  de  K  Dickey)  C.G.T. 

Uv.Au.Ul.Chch.Cd.Ty'71.  .5  E  88 
Douglas  MiM"  H  Percy  (Katharine  R  Chrystie)  Cr'94 

P'^Si  7  2Up  ..124  Cedar  Av  Montreal 
Douglas  MiM"  J  Gordon  (Annie  W  Kountze)  Un.R.B.Au. 

see  L  Kountze 

at  13  s 
Mad  Av 

'* The  Knolls" 



Douglas  MiM"  James  (Naomi  Douglas) C. 


Douglas  ff-  &  JP"  Naomi  E 

Douglas  M"JohnF (MinnieECooley)  Cd. Dar 
Douglas  M'  Walter  Colony  New 

JlSJs  M  Kenneth [Haven  Ct 

Douglas  MiM"  John  Sheafe  (Honor  E  Barr)  Pu.Cd.Cl.'9o 

P^^S34ol.  .34  Rockview  Av  Plainfield  N  J 
Douglas  M*"  Marion  (Harry).  ..Married  at  Gt  Barrington  MasS 
Kendall  M' W  Floyd  (W  Beals) Sep  19 

fm'y  ab'd  Lusi  Jun  17 

Spuyten  Duyvil  N  Y 

Sherman  Sq  Hotel 

Douglas  M"  M  Sheafe  (Mary  Sheafe) P*'^437Col 

Douglas  M'  Fred'k  W-Pu.Cl.'94 1748  B' way 

Douglas  M"  Wm  P  (Adelaide  L  Townsend)  Cly [P*^^S5o-38 

Douglas  tf"  E  S-Cly 4  E  46 

New  York  1909 



Llewellyn  Pk 

W  Orange  N  J 

.  Married  Oct  i 

Douglas  M'  Wm  P-Un.Ny.Wk.Snc 12  W  76 

Douglass  M"  Andrew  E  (Sarah  C  Cornell).  .  .see  M"  c  b  Curtis 
Douglass  W  R  Graham  Dun  (Rob't  D) .  . .  Married  at  So  Orange 

Gordon  M^"  Dorothy  (John  W) Jun  4 

Douglass  MiM"  Rob't  D  (Eva  B  Day)Uv.M.Mc. 


Douglass  M'  Benj  Jr-M.Mc.Ny.Uv.Laf.'yi 

Douglass  MiM"  R  Graham  Dun  (Dorothy  Gor- 
don) Rh.Y.'pS 
Douw  M*"  Helen  L  (late  Col  John  de  P) . .  . . 

Mynderse  9'  Herman  V at  Poughkeepsie  N  Y 

Dove  MiM"  John  (Marie  W  Trimble)  Mass'QS 

*•  Butternut  Brook  Farm''  Litchfield  Ct 
Dow  MiM"  Abbot  Low  (H^l^ne  C  N  Sanford)  Ha. 

146  Remsen  Brooklyn 
Dow  !>'  Edmund  LeR0y-Mt.Fn.Uv.Ny.Cr95 

I*'»S496Plaza.  .49  W  57 

Dow  M"  Frederic  G  (Emily  Schlesinger) 13  Central  Pk  W 

Dow  Prof  &  M"  Louis  H  (Rebecca  Rumrill) see  J  A  Rumrill 

Dowd  W  Chas  North-C.Ad.Wms.'79 |P»^^;3i2  Col 

JSS.  M*-  Constance  E |  127  W  72 

Dowd  MiM"  Jos  (Estelle  De  Bost)  Ad.Myf.N'77 

I^o95ooRiv.  .2205  B'way 

Dowd  M'  Wm  Babcock-Ul.Kg.Myf Union  League  Club 

Dowd   MiM"  Wyllys  E  (Isabel  Chesebrough) I*1?S26iCol 

Dowd  M'  Wyllys  E  Jr-Uv.Y. '00 i  W  68 

Downey  MiM"  John  I  (Sarah  F  Read)  Uv.Rg.Dt.Au.Ay.Ap. 


Downey  V  Mary  A-Ap 

Downey  M'  Edward  A-Ap.Rg.Y/03 

Downing  MiM"AugC(FloraHWork)Mo.Mg.Ct.Cw.Cd. 
Downing  ff*"  Alys  M,HelenH&VeradeR..[Mtw.Cvcw. 

Downing  M'  Aug  C  Jr-Mo.Y'07 .  .at  130  W  70. 

JlS.  M^-  Elsie^B I 

Downing  M"  Forrest  S  (Mabel  A  Downing) 


M"  Florence  B  Allen  (Florence  B  Downing) 
Dows  M"  David  (Margaret  E  Worcester) P*'^  103 5 Plaza.. i  E  69 

446  Mad  av 


Mass  Av 




Social  Register 

City  ft 

Midland  Bk 



Dows  M"  David  (Jane  G  Strahan)..ab*d  Lusi  Aug  5 

Dows  M'  David-Rg.Ny.Y'o8. 

JlS.  M'  Kenneth [Oct  7 

M"  John  H  Strahan(ElizabethGourlay)ab'dAdri 
Dows  MiM"  Tracy  (Alice  T  Olin)  Un.Ny.Ct.Mid.R.K.Uv.G.As 

Dt.Rg.H/93..P'^«:58**Foxhollow  Farm*'  Rhinebeck  N  Y 

Doyle  M*  Louis  P-Mt.M.Na, P«:2762Plaza. .  48  W  59 

Drake  MiM"  Alex  W  (Edith  True)  Pl.C.G.Ats 

Drake  IP^  Hilah  T  &  Alice  L 

Drake  MiM"  Benjamin  (Mary  E  Wilson) . . .  .[Oct  7 
Drake  IP"  SuSan  E  G..ab*d  Carm  Jan  16  av*d  Caron 
Drake  MiM"  W  Wilson  (Edith  S  Mills)  Cw.P/97.  . 
Drake  MiM"  Clifford  (Ethel  Fetherston)  R.Snc. 

P»S3983Mad,.iS2  E  35 
Drake  MiM"  Craig  F  R  (Mary  F  de  la  Vergne)  Snc.Wt. 

PlWis9sMad..i26  E  34 
Drake  M"  Fred'k  (Katharine  E  Fyfe) 
Drake  M^  Mabel,  .av'd  Phila  Sep  19. 
Drake  M'  B  De  Lancey.  .tf"  Fyfe 

137  W  80 


Drake  M'  Lawrence-Sn.Snc 330  W  57 

Hotel  Savoy 

Drake  M'  Simeon  J-Rg.Snc 

Drake  M'  S  Jos  Jr-Snc.R.^at  9  E  32 

Draper  tf*  Alice  O  (late  V  Wm  H) .  .Married  at  Dark  Harbor  Me 

Carter  M'  Edward  C Aug  5 

Draper  M"  G  A  (Gertrude  Vandervoort) 

**The  Homestead*'  Fishkill  N  Y 

Draper  M'  George  H-Ny 39  rue  Galilee  Paris 

Draper  M"  Henry  (Anna  Palmer)  As 271  Madison  Av 

Draper  M^"-  M  H  &  F. P3R494S-79. . 49  E  92 

Draper  M"  Wm  H  (Ruth  Dana)  Cly 

Draper  M*"-  Martha  L,  Dorothea  ft  Ruth 

Draper  M'  Charles  Dana-R.H.'oo 

Draper  D'  Geo-H.'o3 .  .abroad 

Draper  M'  Paul-see  D^^SZ.. 

18  W  8 

Draper  DiM"  Wm  Kinnicutt  (Helen  P  Hoffman)  C.Uv. As. 

H.'8s..P^«Si78sMad..i2i  E  36 
^'^^Z  t  Wm  Perkins(Cushman-^AUce  C  I  jj^^^j  q^^^^^^ 

K"  Violet  Cusnman [Muller)| 

Draper  MiM"  Wm  V  (Helen  S  Hurry) Fishkill  N  Y 

New  York  1909 


56  E  79 

Drayton  M"  Constance  K  (Constance  Knower) see  DSSiK. 

Drayton M'X;Coleman-Un.Na.T.Fn.P.'73.  .av'd 

Drayton  IP"  Caroline  A [Tour  Jly  25 

Drayton  M'HyColeman-Un.Fn.T.H.'o4.. . 


Dresser  r  Daniel  Le  Roy-Ny.Sa.Mc.Cr89 N  Y' Yacht  Club 

Dresser  M"  E  Bumham  (Emma  L  Bum- 
Dresser  IF*  Susan  F [ham) 

&  W  Dan'l  Le  R  Jr.  .at  Simsbury  Ct. . . 
Drexel  KM"  John  R  (Alice  Gordon  Troth) 

f  Wm  Hude  Neilson 

Driggs  KM"  Lawrence  La  T  (Mary  Ogden)  Rp.    |P^WS623  6Spring 

IP-  Helen  Ogden [Rv.Ct.Du.Mich*99|27  Wash  Sq  N 

Driggs  KM"  Theo  Ives  (Louise  G  Thacher)  Y.'o?. .  .Tenafly  N  J 

Driscoll  r  Robert  Jr-Uv.R.P.'93 Bauquete  Tex 

Drisler  M'  F  Kennett  (late  Frank).  .  .  .Married  at  138  W  70 

Field  IP-  Emily  B  Osgood  (Maunsell  B) Nov  4 

see  M"DW  Bumham 
44  E  so 



I  E  62 


loi  W  78 

Drisler  M"  Frank  (Mary  L  Childs). 

M"  Henry  Hudson  Childs 

Drisler  KM"  F  Kennett  (Emily  B  O  Field)P^«S3948C'ol. .  202W74 
Drisler  KM"  Herman  (Kate  W  Barhydt)  Bd.Dar.Cr76 

132  Cottage  Av  Mt  Vemon  N  Y 
Drisler  f*  Mary-Dar.  .  .av'd  Lusi  Oct  9.  .P'1K3ioRiv.  .1  W  97 
Drummond  KM"  Edmund  J  (Jessie  S  Olmsted)  Y.'98 

Pelham  Manor  N  Y 
Drummond  M'  I  Wyman-Un.C.G.W.Ats.Cl.*78 

I*!K677Chel..436  W  22 
Drury  KM"  Fred'k  Wead  (Josephine  S  Sands)  Dp.    P»S674oRiv 

•  '    r  Hy  Hayden  Sands [Bg.Y*9s    268  W  84 

Dryden  KM" John  F(Cynthia J  Fairchild)Ul.E.         P'^^S  438 
•  Au.Wp.Ny.Uvw.Mtw.Y'65 

Dryden  M'  Forest  F-E.Ul.Lt.Wp V 

Col  ft  M"  Anthony  R  Kuser (Susie  F  Diyden) 

Duane  DiM"  Alex  (Susan  W  Gait)  Uv.U*78. ]P^727Mad 

J&.  M"  Alex  G  ft  Rob't  L ^ .«  .- (    49  E  30 

Duane'^lP*  Anne  Deas-Cd .-. .  I  P'1R3675Plaza 

Puwe M^m  John-Uv.P.'87.  .av'd  Carm  Sep23l .     lo  E  58 

1020  Broad 
Newark  NT 
Jan  1539-18  WBi 


Social  Register 

see  DSaJ. 

109  E  65 

M'  ab'd  St  P  Jly  4  av'd 
47  W  76 

Duane  HiM"  Arthur  (Julia  R  Drake) Sharon  Ct 

Duane  M*"  Virginia  R 

Duane  MlM^Jas  May  (Katharine  E  P  Higginson) 

Duane  M'"~  Eleanor  F  &  Katharine 

Duane  M'  Richard  B.  .at  n-'79  Hall  Princeton 
Duane  MIM"  Wm  North  (Ethel  Phelps)Uv.k.Mg.Cw.Wp. 

H.'92.  .P'*^S453Morrist'n.  .Madison  Av  Convent  N  J 
Du  Bois  MiM"  Arthur  (Helen  Sturges)  H.'98 

P''^S<3o8 .  .  Greenwich  Ct 
Du  Bois  MiM"  Cornelius  (Katharine  B 

Reading)  Dt.Hl.Snc 
Du  Bois  M'^-Mildred, Eleanor* Katharine 
Du  BoisM'Delafield-H'03  .atSchenectady 

tf-  Comdia  Du  B  Floyd 

Du  Bois  M&M"  Cornelius  D  (Clara  Reading)  Dt. 

P'^«S9. .  14  Walden  PI  Montclair  N  J 

Du  Bois  M"  Eugene  (Anna  G  Brooks) 

Du  Bois  M'"  Margaret 

Du  Bois  D'  Eug  F-H.'03-at  Presbyterian  Hosp.  . 

tf"  Bertha  G  Brooks 

Du  Bois  MiM"  Floyd  R  (Rose  Marshall)  Snc.H'oi 

P''^S294J . .  Linden  Av  Englewood  N  J 
Du  Bois  DiM"  Francis  E  (Gertrude  V  C  Parker) R.P.'99 

D'  av'd  Lor  Sep  12.  .P'^«S93q,  .28  Washn  Av  Plainfield  N  J 
Du  Bois  M"  Geo  W  (Susan  Rathbone  Porter).  ...«,«..  o  q 
Du  Bois  tf-  Susie  Porter ^^^S9S2-s^ 

M^-  Porter 13^3  Lex  Av 

Du  Bois  DiM"  Matthew  B  (Helen  M  Rae)C.Cr64.  N;329Plaza 
Du  Bois  M'"  Ethel ; 7  W  56 

Du  Bois  r  Wm  A-C.Dt.Snc.Ht.  ^^'^  ^^^iS.^a^'"^  ^''  ^ 

Du  Bois  M-  Katharine 6^7  mS  Iv 

Ducat  M'  Reginald-Ty'07 see  T  C  Chalmers 

Ducey  Monsignor  Thomas  J 16  E  29 

Dudley  M' Hy  Stuyvesant-Un.Na.Ny.B.Cal.Snc.H.'98 


Dudley  r  J»Hn  L--ULMc. P^WQxMad 

Dudley  W  Johp  L  Jr-UlRp. ...  . ; » xx<E  af 

901  Lex  Av 

New  Yor)(  196O  1^1 

Dudley  M^*-  Laura  F  &  Fannie  G. . .  .r^3488Plaza.   56  W  57 

Dudley  M'^  Percy  S-Uv.Mid.Cr86 26  Liberty 

Dudley  M"  William  Mayo  (Margaret  NicoU) Married 

Cadwalader  W  John  Jr  Qohn) Aug  22 

Duel  D'  Arthur  B Married  at  New  Orleans 

Crawford  If"  Mary  K Dec  11*07 

Duel  DiM"  Arthur  B.(M2tryK  Crawford)  Cal.R.As.Kg.H*94 

P*^2767  Plaza.. 27  E  57 

127  E  78 

Duer  M"Beveri6y  Chew(Sophie  Lawrencc  Pool)Cda. 

te  M'  Beverley  C.  .ab'd  Prov  Jun  25 

M'WmHy  Duer 

Duer  IP"  CaroUne  King P^55537Plaza.  .53  E  56 

Duer  MiM"  Denning  (Louise  Suydam)  CI' 71 

691  Whitney  Av  New  Haven  Ct 

Weehawken  N  J 

Duer  M"  Edw  a  (Anna  Van  Buren) 

Duer  IT"  Ed  A  &  John  V  B 

Duer  MiM"  Edw  Rush  (Anna  C  Whitehead)  Bm.Ct 

P^^2096-79.  .29  E  74 
Duer  M"  George  Rush  (Helen  Wight).  ..Saratoga  Springs.  N  Y 
Duer  MiM"  John  Beverly  (Mary  A  Hamilton)  Un.Ny. 

av'd  Maj  Jun  17.  .M"  ab'd  K  IIAug  18.  .P«;945Plaza.io7  E  64 

Duer  M'  John  King P^4ioPlaza.  .644  Mad  Av 

Duer  IP-  Theodora 

Duer  MiM"  Alexander  (Th6r^se  Hammond) 

MiM"  C  Vincent  Smith  (Duer) 

du  Pais  M'  John  (late  Ferd'd  F) Married  at  Newport 

Ives  M"  Charles  A  (Elizabeth  Hunt) Oct  6 

du  Pais  MiM"  John(Ives-Elizabeth  Hunt)Un.Uv.Rv.Wt.H.'77 

P«52405Spring . .  27  Wash  Sq  N 
Duff  MiM"  Wm  H  (Grace  Shaw)  R.Lc.Ny.N.M. 

PlJ5202iRiv.  .87  Riverside  Drive 

Dufferin  Mq  &  Mchnss  of  (Flora  Davis) abroad 

Duffie  M'  Arch'd  Bleecker-Sn.Ap see  DSSSffl;. 

38  W91 

see    XJatai^t 

89  Av  de  Neuilly 

Duffie  M"  Antoinette  (Antoinette  L  Roe) 

JUS.  M' Roe  C 

Duffield  Rev  DiM"  Howard  (Katharine  N  Greenleaf)  C.Cw. 

Rv.P'73 . .  P'^^54o88Chel . .  1 2  W  1 2 
Duffield  MiM"  Pitts  (Isabel  McKenna)  Uv.Pl.H.'92 

J*1KSSoiPlaza..i3S  E  66 


Social  Register 

Dugan  M"  Thos  Clay(Laura Amory)...P*'»S277oMad... i6i  Mad Av 
Duggin  MiM"  Charles  (Emilie  Bailey)  Ul.M.Na.     ^ 
ab'd  Adri  Jun  17 .  .av*d  Sep  30 

M**  Marie  Louise  Harrison 

Dugro  MiM"  Francis  A-M. 
.  M'  Randolph 

1073  Fifth  Av 



Englewood  N  J 


25  E38 

^ab'd  K£I  Jly2i..iP"av'd  Grosse  Octis 


764  Madison  Av 

Dugro  Judge  &  M"  P  Henry  (Goeller)  M I„      .  g 

M"  Fred'k  H  Cossitt  (Dugro) T^*^^  ^^^^^ 

Duhain  MiM"  Louis  (Mary  Faye) 2  W  72 

Dula  MiM"  Rob't  Byron  (Josephine  Carr)  Au. 

Dula  tf"  Belva [Na.Slsl.Cmsl. 

Dula  M'  Rob't  L 

Dulles  M'  Wm~Uv.Ats.Uvp.Dqpt.P/78. . . . 

JSTr,  M*"^  Dorothy  W  &  Edith  R. : 

M"  Sarah  J  Rhea 

Dumont  MiM"  John  B  (Mason-Annie  Wright)  Ht. 

504  Stelle  Av  Plainfield  N  J 
Dun-M"  Robert  G  (Mary  D  Bradford)  Cly. 

av'd  Cecil  Jun  30.  .P**^33 19-38. .  261  Mad  Av 

Dunbar  M"  James  M  (Moore) 

Dunbar  M*"  Elizabeth  K 

Duncan  Mi M"  A  Butler  (Kemochan-Eloise Stevenson)  Un.Rh. 

Tf.Dt.  .Union  Club  .  .see  DSuS. 
Duncan  MiM"  A  Lauderdale  (Hunt)  K. 

Knossington  Oakham  England 
Duncan  MiM"  Henry  E  (Agnes  E  PuUen)  Pl.Ap. 

"  Brookdale  '*  Milton  Rd . .  Rye  N  Y 

Duncan  M*""  Jeanie  &  Effie P^24424JPlaza.  .50  E  58 

Duncan  M"  John  Paterson  (Susan  W  Stuart). 

Duncan  M*"*  Susan  S  &  Amy  L 

Duncan  M'Louis'-Eg.Uv.USN'8o.ProspectAvPelhamManorN  Y 

Duncan  M'  Stephen-Un Union  Club 

Duncan  MiM'*  Stuart  (Jermain  Stoddard)  Mt.Ul.Au.Ny.T. 

P^J276i'-79..i  E  75 
Duncan  M'  W  Butler-Un.M.R.Ny.Pl.W.Br'so 

av'd  Maur  Jun  18.  .PlK664Spring. .  i  Fifth  Av 
Duncan  MiM"  Wm  B  Jr  (Blanche  Havemeyer)Un.K.Lc.Ny.Mb.   - 
Cly.USN'82.  .M"ab'dTeutSep  2."ParkhiirTtWashingtonLI 

South  Orange 

9  E  64 

New  York  1909 


W  ab'd  Carm  Jun  27 
142  E  33 

Mch  I 



12  W18 

53  W55 

Dunham  DiM"  Carroll  (Margaret  W  Dows) 
Dunham  If"  Ethel.  .[As.G.Tvb.Cly.H/87 

Dunham  M'  Carroll  3d-H'io 

J^  M'  Dows.  .ab*d  Carm  Jun  27 

i^rs  Hr Arthur  L . .  at  Berkshire  Sch  Sheffield 

If"  Ellen  C  Emerson [Mass 

Dunham  DiM"  Ed  Kellogg  (Mary  Dows)  Uv.C.Rg.Tvb.Eyb. 

Cly.Cr8i.H.^86.  .P^S2648Plaza.  .35  E  68 

Dunham  If"  Katherine P'^^SiiaSpring.  .29  Wash  Sq  W 

Dunham  M*"  Lilian 

Dunham  M^"  Helen-Cly.  .at  129  E  70 

Dunham  DiM"  Theo  Qosephine  Balestier)  Uv.H'85 

P'^3?S424Plaza.  .48  E  63 
Dunham  MiM"  Thomas  C  (Adeline  M  Joseph)  M . 

Dunham  tf"  Isabelle  M [Rh. 

Dunham  ff"  Hy  P,  Thos  C  Jr-R.Ny.  &  Wm  H. . .  . 

Dunn  tf-  Daisy  Prall see  M"  H  N  Camp  Morris  Heights 

Dunn  M'  Gano-Uv.Fn.Na.Rv.Dke.Cl.'9i.PǤ2889Col..ii7  W  58 
Dunn  MiM"  Harris  Ashton  (Ella  S  Turner)  Rv.Na. 

P«S8466Riv.. 2 S3  W  91 

Dunn  Mill"  Lanier  (Harriet  H  Heard)  Mtw P«S378oRiv 

J^»  tf "  Lanier  &  M'  Wm  McK.  .av'd  Pz  Irene  Jun  8 .        i  W  8 1 

Dunn  M"  N  Gano  (Amelia  Sillick) 

Dunn  tf"  Charlotte 

tf-  Esther  H  SilUck 

Dunn  MiM"  Thomas  (Kate  Hunter) 

Dunn  tf"  Anna  C  R 20  Kay 

Dunn  D'  Chas  Hunter-H'96.  .at  220  Marlboro  BtSn.  . .  Newport 
Dunn  M'  Rob't  Steed-S.H.'98.  .at  12  W  44  N^ R  I 

M""  A  F  Hunter 

Dunn  MiM"  Wilson  S  (Grace  A  Dobson)  M.Bm. 

P'^«S6i72Col..i27  W  58 
Dunne  MiM"  Finley  P  (Margaret  I  Abbott)  R.Mt.C.B.Cly. 

114  E  78 
Dunnell  MiM"  Frank  L  (Susette  B  Barnes) Ha.Bg..  P*^^S27i8Col 
Ja^a  M'  Frank  L  Jr 65  Central 

tf-  Clara  B  Danforth Pk  W 

Dunnell  M"  Jacob  Jr  (Jeannie  Blodget) I     ^rtr  ^^ 

Dunnell  tf"  Amey  D pS  w  70 

lis  W  71 


Social  Register 

Dunning  M'  Frank-Uv.P'76 ^7  W  38 

Dunning  M'"  Harold  W-Y'03  &  Ralph  C.  .  .  .see  J  S  Meredith 
Dunning  Prof&M"Wm  A(Charlotte  E  Loomis)C.Cr8i.2s6  W  57 

**  Locust  Grove 

Warwick  N  Y 



60  W  71 

Dunning  M"  Wm  F  (Clara  D  Frost) 
Dunning  M^""  Ruth  S  &  Marceline  R.  .ab'd  Adri 
JS5.  M*"-Clara  FJsabelle  F& Elizabeth  B..[Jly  15 
Dunscombe  MiM"  Geo  E  (Elizabeth  W  Duncan)  Au.Wt.Rv. 

P'^«S35ooPlaza..i4  E  60 
Dunscombe  M*M"  Godfrey  (Edwards-Marion  Collins)  Cda. 

324  Prospect  Hill  New  Haven  Ct 

Dunscombe  MiM"  Roger  (Clarissa  Evans) Englewood  N  J 

Duntze  Lady  George  (Harriette  E  I  Thomas) 

Died  at  Dinard  France  Aug  i 
Dupignac  MiM''  Dudley  (Sarah  P  Smith)  Bm.Cl'pS 

^'Welboume  Farm'*  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Dupignac  MIM"  Frank  J  (Eleanor  Van  A 
Gwyer)  M.Ny.Lc.Au.Cl'69 

Dupignac  M^"  Eleanor  F-Ap 

M"  Mortimer  K  Flagg  (Dupignac) . . . 

du  Pont  M'  Alexis  I-H.'92 [Wilmington 

du  Pont  M'  Eugene-Uv.H.'97 |         Del 

du  Pont  Col  Hy  A-K.Uv.C.Mt.Dt.Ll.Snc.Ht. 

du  Pont  M'  Hy  F-K.Uv.Mt.Cw.Php.Trb.Mtw. 

du  Pont  M'  Pierre  S-Mt. Wilp.Cywlp. 

P'^^iooS.  .Penn  Av  &  Rising  Sun  Wilmington  Del.  .see  P^fc 
du  Pont  MiM"  T  Coleman  (Alice  du  Pont)IP^^44o.  .808  Broome 

Mt.M.Ny.Mtw.Rtp.Sop.Cywlp.Wilp.^841   Wilmington  Del 
JlS,  M'"-  Ellen  C  &  Alice  H  &  M'  Francis  V.|  see  P^fe 

du  Pont  MiM"  Wm  (Annie  Rogers)K.Mt.Dt.Ny.  |**Montpelier*' 

fc  tf"  Marion  &  M'  Wm  Jr [Tf.|  Orange  Va 

Durand  M'  Halsey-Bg.P.'gi.  .  .P'^^S634oSpring.  .80  Wash  Sq  E 
Durand  MiM"  Harvey  (H  A  Van  Embergh)Ul.Cw.Mtw.  .5  W  47 
Durand  MiM"  John  Stewart  (Emma  L  Weber) Rp.  "' 

&M'  Henry  S [Uv.Au.Y.*8i 

Durand  M"  M  H 

Durand  M^"*  Katherine  &  Mabel  Evelyn 
Durand  M'  Hamilton  Hill-Uv.Y.^Qo.  .  . . 
Durant  tf-  Heloise-Fn ' 128  E  34 

1711  Mass  Av 

126  W  79 

441  Park  Av 

New  York  1909 


see  JJomiSiJ* 

Durant  M"  J  L  (Janet  L  Stott) |P^«S987Ma(i 

JSS.  M*"  Leila  T  &  JT"  Lawrence  T  &  Basil  N |  128  E  34 

Durant  M'  W  West-Ny.Eyb see  Domlai;. 

Durkee  MiM"  Aug  W  (Madge  W  Acton)  Mt.C.Wms*68 

P'^'iffSi  6ooRect . .  Metropolitan  Club 

Durkee  M'  Eugene  W-Ul.Dt.Na.Ha.Ats ^    ^ 

Durkee  tf"-  Emma  W  &  Helen  W 5©  vv  45 

Durkee  MiM"  Richard  P  H  (Harriette  A  Cady)  Un.B.Ll.Cr58 

37  Fifth  Av 
Duryea  M"  Chester  B  (Nina  Larr6  Smith)  Pu 

MiM"  Franklin  W  Smith  (Bevan) 

Duryea  MiM"  Francis  W  (Grace  C  Wolcott)  Ny.Cal.Zp.USA'96 

see  DSilSii;. 

Duryea  MiM"  Harry  H  (Minga  Pope)  Hl.Cly 137  E  39 

Duryea  MiM"  Herman  B  (Weld-EllenHWinchester)Un.Ny. 

Lc.B.Au.Ha.R.Wk.Cy.Mb.Tf.Cly. .  Westbury  L  I 

Duryea  M"  Hiram 125  E  24 

Duryea  Gen  Hiram-Hl.An.Ll.  .of  BlueMtLakeNY.8o  Mad  Av 
Duryea  M"  Saml  Bowne  (Kate  Flanders)  Cd.Dar.Ats. 

P^S364Main.  .46  Remsen  Bklyn 

Duryee  tf"  Amy 30  Wash  PI  Newark  N  J 

Duryee  MiM"  Geo  Van  Wagenen  (Margaret  Van  N  Smith) 

C.G.Rut'89.  .Saranac  Lake  N  Y 

Duryee  Rev  D'  Jos  R-C.Hl.Zp.Ht.Rut*74 

Duryee  tf"**  Margaret  E,  Maria  L  &  Elisabeth  S. 

Ji^»  M'  Sam'l  S.  .at  Groton 

Dutcher  MiM"  John  Gerow  (Helen  T  Willets)Ul. 

Dutcher  MiM"  John  B  (Christina  Dodge) Ul.Snc. 

Dutton  M'  Geo  Damon-As.H.'99 

Dutton  M'  Wm  Dalliba-Mt.Fn.Rv.Ht.Myf.Atsp. 

Dutton  M'  Louis 

M'  Edw  Appleton  Skinner 

Duval  M'  George  L-Mt.Dt.Cth.Gg.Ny. 

av^d  A  Vic  Aug  13 .  .  P^^S647Bry., .  44  W  44 
Duval  MiM"  H  Rieman (Nannie  GThomas)Un.Mt. 
Duval  tf"  Nannie  G.  .[Rg.Ss.Mid.Ht.Cc.Cly.Cda. 

Duval  M'  Rieman  G-Un.Dp.Mdbl 

Duval  MiM"  Hanson  Rawlings  (Elizabeth  C  Hoff- 
man) Un.  R.T.Dp. 

139  E  36 


lot  E  62 

30  W  48 

41  E  50 


Social  Register 

709  Mad  Av 

Du  Val  Mill"  Horace  Clark  (Ida  L  Frost) Ul.Cal. 


Du  Val  M'  Clive  Livingston-Ha.Cw.Y.'o3 

Du  Val  tf"  Julia I       P*^^8i3Main 

IP"  Julia  A  N  Clark.  .  .  .  |8  MonroePl  Bklyn 
du  VivierM"ChasA(AliceVFrith).  .  J  Munroe  &  Co 
du  Vivier  if*"*  Louise  &  Nathalie.  Paris  850  Lex  Av 

du  Vivier  If"  Chas  L-Un.Na.  &  Ernest  H 

du  Vivier  MiM"  Edward  Frith  (Marie  Delmonico) 

P^§4635Plaza..ii4  E  61 
duVivier  MIM"  George  R  (Edwina  V  Elder) 

P*^^S461Millbum.  .Short  Hills  N  J 
DuVivier  M;M"Jos(EleanorKeyes)Cl.'o2.P'^^S26o2Mad. .  120  E  31 
Dwight  MiM"  Edmund  (Carolyn  Allen)  Na.Ad.Au. 

P*^'»S6o7iRiv..2ii  W  79 
Dwight  M"  Edw  Foote  (May  E  Parsons)  As. 

P^^S8iIrv . .  Ardsley-on- Hudson 
Dwight  MiM"  Ellsworth  E  (Margaret  D  Brush)  Na. 

Franklin  St  Morristown  N  J 
~  "'  '  P^^S738Mor'tn 

"The  Holt" 
Convent  Stn  N  J 


51  Remsen 


134  W71 

Dwight  Rev  &  M"  Franklin  B  (Eliza  L  Mait- 

land)  P'78 
Dwight  M'  Maitland.  .ab*d  Carm  Jly  25  ... . 

Dwight  tf"  Antoinette 

Dwight  W"  HyR-Uv.Ha.Y.*93  &  Fred'k-Ct.Dke. 


Dwight  M'  Amos  T-Y'oo 

Dwight  MiM"  Jonathan  (Julia  L  Hasbrouck)  Eg. 

Dwight  D'  Jonathan  Jr-H'8o 

Dwight  M'  Stanley-Uv.Cy.Y*76..P''^S2774Cort.  .University  Club 
Dwight  MiM"  Theodore  (Linda  Kirchhoff)  Eg.Dt.Rc. 

P'^'i?Si94Riv..3i5  W  79 

Dwight  M'  Winthrop  E-Uv.R.Y.'93 50  E  53 

Dyer  MiM"  E  Tiffany  (Edith  La  Bau)  Un.Cy.Rv.Mtw.Cvcw. 

Cly.  .P"^S4769North.  .  1722  Mass  Av  WSS 

Dyer  M"  Eiisha  (Nancy  A  Viall) ^^    pro^i 

Dyer  Col  &  r  H  Anthony  (Charlotte  O  Tilden).  ^^^  ^'^"^ 

Dyer  MiM"  EUsha  (Swan-SidneyTurner)K.M.Un. 
tf"  Laura  P  Swan.[B.Ny.Cy.Au.Tf.Mdbl.Br' 

m^jie  Plaza 
37  Ws6 

New  York  1909 


62  Prospect 
E  Orange  N  J 

25  Mad  Av 

Dyer  MiM"  Geo  Rathbone  (Grace  G  Scott) K.Un.Mb.Fw.Bm.S. 

Buckingham  Hotel 
Dyer  MiM"  Henry  L  (Mary  Jones)  Ul.Mt.Rv.. . .  P'ToisoyPlazR 

Dyer  M'^  Geo  J-Uv.H/99 16  W  50 

Dyer  MiM"  Leonard  H  (Josephine  Duncan)  N.  Ar.Cw.Cosw. 

P*^«S2iiw.  .643  Steamboat  Rd  Greenwich  Ct 

Dyer  MiM"  Leonard  S  (Lucy  Schroeder) absent 

Dyer  MiM"  Lyman  Tiffany  (Mary  H  Drake)  Uv.H.'96 

P«S6i83-79.  .1022  ParkAv 

Dyer  MiM"  Richard  N  (Taylor)  Un 

Dyer  M'  Rich'd  T.  .at  Princeton 

M"  Harry  B  Mingle 

Dykman  M'  Wm  N-Uv.Au.Mid.USA'7S University  Club 

Eagle  MiM"  Clarence  H  (Lizzie  M  Ketcham)  Ny.Ll. 


Eagle   IP-  Mildred  K 

Eagle  M'  Henry-at  Princeton 

Eagle  M'  J  Fred'k-Uv.As.Dke.Y/96 see  C  H  Simmons 

Eames  M*"  Elizabeth see  M*"  M  C  Royce 

Eames  M'  Stewart  Woodford-Ha.Ct.Cw.Bm.  Ar.Myf  .AS..44  W  44 
Earle  MiM"Hy  Montague(Mary  L  Coe)Ct.Au.Rg.Mb.Cw.Mtw. 

ab'd  Grosse  Jun  30.  .Plaza  Hotel 
Earle  M"  Mortimer  Lamson  (Ethel  D  Woodward) 

see  M"  G  E  Woodward. .  462  W  22 

East  M' John  P-M.So.Va'91 ^'^56360-38.  .36  W  35 

Eastman  M'  Joseph-Na.As.Kg.Dke.'74 

Eastman  tf""  Lucy  P  &  Annie  K-atFarmington .  P**«S4oi6Plaza 

Eastman  M'  Thos  C.  .at  Yale '.  . .        4  E  70 

JSk  M'  Norman  F 

Eaton  Rev  D'  Arthur  Wentworth  Hamilton-Rp.H'80 

Beacon  Chambers  BSn 
Easton  MiM"  Chas  P  (Elliot-Pauline  Blake)Pl.  P^«Sioi8 

As.Cr89  **Eastholme" 

M'  Arthur  D  Elliot,  .at  Yale Yonkers  N  Y 

Easton  M"  Fred'k  J  (Isabel  J  Williams) P«S26ioPlaza 

Easton  tf"  Isabel  W 59  E  65 

Eastwick  MiM"  Edw  P  Jr  (Helen  A  Klemm)  Uv.Y'83 

P«SS36.  ."Knole''  Greenwich  Ct 
Eastwick'MiM"  Geo  Spencer  (Marie  Stauffer)  Uv.Dt.Cr70 


Social  Register 

Eastwood  M'  John  H-M.E.Ny.Ul.Lc.Lt. . . . : 36  W  35 

Eaton  M"  Chas  H  (Emily  M  Stuart)  Bd )P*'«S33ooRiv 

Eaton  M'"  Annie  T |  324  W  83 

Eaton  MiM"  D  Cady  (Alice  Young)  Un.Uv.Y'6o 

218  Prospect  New  Haven  Ct 

Eaton  M'"  Elizabeth  Kittredge 

M*"  Louise  Wilson 

Eaton  Mill"  Hy  W  (Mima  F  Griffith)  S.Ay 150  W  74 

Eaton  M'  Sherburne  Blake-Un.Uv.Mt.Y'62 Union  Club 

12  W  47 

P*^^'S2632w..89  Prospect 
E  Orange  N  J 

Eaton  M"  Wilfred  E  (Flora  L  Clarke).. 

M"  WE  Clarke 

Ecclesine  MiM"JosB  (CarolinaGrinnellMoon)  Ny 

Ecclesine  JP"  Beatrice  G 

Ecclesine  MiM"  Jos  J  (Harriette  L  Snyder) 
Echeverria  M"  Pio  (Harriet  A  Dykers) . .  P^'»S23 31  Plaza. 
Eckerson  If""  S  Katherine,  Maria  E  &  Harriet  A 

Eckerson  W  J  Esler-Cr64 

Eckert  M'  Thomas  T-Ul 

Eckert  M'  Thomas  T  Jr-Na 

Eddy  M' Chas  B-Ul.M.Lt P'^«S5755-38..UnionLeagueClub 

Eddy  Rev  &  M"  D  Brewer  (Josephine  Russell)  Y.'98 

P'^^S72  2W.  .516  William  E  Orange  N  J 

Eddy  M'  James  A-Un Union  Club 

EddyM;M"JesseL(SarahFMase)Ul.Dt.Rg.Mg.Au.  P^^'UsooPlaza 

if^  W"  Mildred  E  B Hotel 

Eddy  MiM" 'Jesse  M  (Elizabeth  Woodruff) St  Regis 

Eddy  MiM"  Titus  E  (Mary  Louise  Seymour)  ULRg 13  E  47 

Mad  Av 


72  W  45 

Fifth   Av 

P*'^S3 18 ./'  Breevoort'Farm'* 
39  Stuart  Av 
Mamaroneck  N  Y 

Eddy  M'  Ulysses  D-Dt.Ap 
Eddy  M'  Hy  Brevoort-Ap.H'94 

at  501  Fifth  Av 
Eden  DiM"  John  H  (Mary  Daggett  Chidsey)  Y'74. 
fcM'JohnH  Jr 

M*"  Harriet  L  Chidsey. 

JS5,  M*"  Winifred  L  Dana 

Edey  M"  Albert  Rivington  (Rqsine  Weidenfeld) 

Edey  IP"  Louise 

Edey  M'  Alfred  W 

Edey  MiM"  Chas  L  (Mary  Walter)  Cal.Na. Au. 
M"  Harriet  A  Walter  &  M'  T  Hy  Walter. 

Gt  Neck 

210  W  57 


New  York  1909 


.10  W  56 

Edey  MiM"  Fred'k  (Sarah  Birdsall  Otis)  B.R. 
i^rs  W"  Julia  H [Un.Mt.Rg.Tf. 

If"  DC  Taylor 

Edgar  MiM"  Herman  Le  Roy  (Alice  B  |P*1SS29..*'The  Redoubt" 
JUS.  M'  Wm.  .[King)Uv.Snc.As.Dt.H.'87|     Dobbs  Ferry  N  Y 
Edgar  DiM"  J  Clifton  (Ellen  M  B  Soutter)  C.Uv.T. 

M"  Jas  T  Soutter  (Brown) [Cly.Laf'82 

28  W  56 

28  Ej9 

w>66    JL^oinielws 

Edgar  MiM"  Newbold  (Agnes  Strachan)  Un.Ny. 
Edgar  tf"  Agnes  L  R 

Edgar  MiM"Newbold  Le  Roy(Marie  J  Manice)Un.R.T.Dp.Cly. 

Tuxedo  Pk  N  Y.  Jan  i  P«S4i7i-38. .  125  E  40 

Edgar  M"  Wm  (Eliza  L  Rhinelander) Pasadena 

Edgar  M*"  Lucile  R Cal 

Edgar  MiM"  WmS (Katharine JComstock)Wms' 88    P«S3 165-79 

JlS.  M*"  Mary  C 127  E  70 



Park  Av 

Edgell  MiM^'  Geo  S  (Isabella  Corbin)  Ul.Kg.Dth' 

EdgellM'  Corbin-H.'o2 [70 

Edgell  M""  Stephen  M  &  Geo  H . .  at  Harvard 

Edgerton  M"WrightPrescott (Fannie  I  Helmuth)  J  see  M"win  Todd 

JS.  ff-  Gladys,  .at  Bryn  Mawr 1    Helmuth 


Llewellyn  P'k 

Orange  N  J 


Edison  MiM"  Thos  A(Mina  M  Miller) Eg. 
Edison  M'"  Madeline.  &  &  M'  Chas.  .  .[Au. 

M' John  V  Miller 

Edmonds  M*"**  Grace  &  Alice.  .  .  . 

Edmonds  M'  Joseph  N  Lord-Rv E  44 

Edmonds  MiM"  John  Worth  (Jeannette  L  Mourraille)  C.Dt. 

Kg.Rv.Fw.  .P«S2476Chel. .  133  W  11 
Edmonds  MiM"  SamuelO(LillianColes)Cal..I*«S457o-79..i55E79 
Edmonds  MiM"  Walter  D  (Sarah  May)  Uv.Dt.Wms'74 

P*^»54255Chel..i8  W  11 

Edson  DiM"  David  O  (Grace  W  Wells) 138  W  72 

Edson  M'"  Edith. I       .,. 

Edson  M'  Rob't  S |  42  W  71 

Edson  MiM"  Franklin  (Elsie  M  Squier)  As.Ct. 

Field  Pt  Rd  Greenwich  Ct 

Edson  M"  Tracy  (Winona  Charlier). 
Edson  M*'"  Constance  de  Clyver.  .  .  . 
Edson  M'  Elie  C . .  at  Harvard 

Gramercy  Pk 


Social  Register 

Edwards  M"  Alfred  L  (Arabella  S  Magee) 

Died  at  Lenox  Mass  Jun  1 1 

Edwards  W  Alfred  L-Y'57 . . .  .ab*d  Onic  Jly  i see  D'^'^, 

Edwards  M"  Chas  A  (Sara  C  Hiller)  Myf.Dar.  ILanesboro  Mass 

Edwards  tf"  Katherine  H [       see  DSlSS. 

Edwards  MiM"  Duncan  (Susan  W  Carle)  Uv.Ap.Ha  I  Greenwich 

Edwards  M'  Duncan  L-Un.P/00 [P/8«;|        Ct 

Edwards  MiM"  Elisha  Jay  (Anna  S  Jones) 


Edwards  M'  Walter  S-Ats 

Edwards  M""  EUsha  J  Jr  &  Chas  H 

Edwards  MiM"  Geo  Wharton  (Anne  J  Cox)  A.Ats.G.Pl 

P*^«S304r.  .345  Franklin  PI  Plainfield  N  J 

85I        " 

'Brush   Cottage" 

44  North 

Greenwich  Ct 

Bedford  Stn  N  Y 

Edwards  MiM"  J  Pierrepont(Waterbury)Un. 
Edwards  M*"  Dorothy  P-Cly.  .  .[Cy.Rg.Cly. 
Edwards  MiM"  James  M  (Elizabeth  E  Scudder) 

Uv.Mo.Mg.So.Ga'69  I*«S2773Col 

Edwards  tf"  Marian-Mg 155  W  58 

Edwards  M'  James  A~Mg.Cl.'oo 

Edwards  Rev  DiM"  John  H  (Anna  V  V  Starr)  C'sS 

122  Willow  Bklyn 

Edwards  tf"  Laura  Jay-Cd |P^2662Bry 

M^"  Eugenia  B  Stein |    n  W  47 

av*d  Maur  Jun 



Edwards  MiM"  Lewis  (Helen  Gansevoort 

Magee)  Un.Cr67 

Edwards  M^"  Mary  Gansevoort-Cda.  . .  . 

Edwards  tf"  Mary  L '.P'^«S5824-38..i9  W  46 

Edwards  M"  Walter  (Camilla  Leonard) P*'^S3  630 John 

Edwards  MiM"  Wm  H  Leonard  (Susan  S  White)  109 

Ad.Cd.Wms'93         E31 
Eggleston  MiM"  Richard  Hy  (Packer-Emilie  Piol-  jP'^^SsiodRiv 

let)  Ul.Rg.l        335 

r«  M*"  Helen  I  &  M'  Rich'd  H  Jr-H'09. |      W  76 

Egleston  M"  David  S  (Hawley) 8  E  36 

Egleston  MiM"  Melville  (Dunbar)  C.Uv.Sa.Ll.An.  707  N  Broad 

Egleston  M*""  Jean  D  &  Lilian [Cd.Wms'70    Elizabeth 

EglestonM' Hillyer-Wms'o6 N  J 

Egleston  M"  Wm  C  (Ella  L  Bates) 19  W  56 

EidUtz  MiM"  Cyrus  L  W  (Jennie  T  Dudley)  Un.R.C.  |P«S7iRiv 
Eidlitz  tf"  Marion  D [Dar.Cd.l347  W  86 

New  York  1909  181 

EidUtz  JP—  EUzabeth  W-Bd.  &  Julia  T I        ^  « 

EidUtz  M'  Leopold-Eg.W.Cr/77 (^^9  ^  ^9 

Eidlitz  MiM"  Emest  F  (Carrie  Seaman)  Du.Cr/90 

220  Hiland  Av  Orange  N  J 
Eidlitz  MiM"  Rob't  J  (Sadie  S  Boulton)  As.Du.Cr'8s 

P^«S872-79.  .995  Mad  Av 

P*^^S32  28Plaza 



Eilshemius  M"  Henry  G  (C^cile  E  Robert) 

Eilshemius  M'  Henry  G-Eg.Dv 

Eilshemitis  M*"  Louis  M-Cr*85  &  Theodore  R  P 

Elder  M"  Ellen  T  (Ellen  T  CadwiU) 

Elder  tf-CE 

Elder  M'  George  W^Un.Sa.Wk Bay  Shore  LI 

Elderkin  M'  John-Lt P*^^S33iiBry.  .58  W  57 

Eldred  M'  Nelson  B~Un Union  Club 

Eldridge  MiM"  Fred'k  L  (Bettie  T  Barret)  Un.As.R.Gg.Dt. 

Ay.Cly.H.'82.  .seeDiiSlX 
Eldridge  M'  Hy  F-K.Un.Rv.P«S449oMad. .  Knickerbocker  Club 
Eldridge  M'  John  S~H/72 absent 

Eldridge  MiM"  Lewis  A  (Elizabeth  M  Huyck)  Un. 

Eldridge  M"  Rosweii [Wk.Mid.R 

Eldridge  M'"  Marion |P^^Siss..22oB'way 

Eldridge  M'  Howard  St  G . . at  Duluth  Minn..|      Flushing  L  I 
Eldridge  MiM"  Roswell  (Louise  U  Skidmore)  R.Mid.Ny.Wk. 

Tf.Ay .  .av'd  Lusi  Aug  2o.P^«S7.. Great  Neck  L  I 
Eldridge  M"  Thos  P  QuUa  H  Ostrom),  . 

Eldridge  M'"  Grace 

Eldridge  M'". Dudley  G  &  Douglass  B.  . . 
Eldridge  M"  Walter  N  (Anna  de  L  Neill) 

P«S3oo.  .**Longacre"  NewportR  I 
Eldridge  M'  WmT-K.Un.Dt.P^Si845Mad. .  KnickerbockerClub 




Hertford  Herts  Eng 

Elin  MiM"  Geo  H  A  (Jacob) 

JSk  tf  —  W  L  &  M  E  &  M'  G  D 

Eliot  DiM"  Ellsworth  Jr  (Lucy  C  Byrd)  Uv.Y'84 

P«S2i29-38..iioE  40 

Eliot  M'  Geo  E  Jr-Uv.Y*86 University  Club,  .absent 

Eliot  MiM"  John  Visscher  (Ellen  R  M  Blossom) 

of  P''iSS2 1 2Home . .  505  Arbor  Pasadena  Cal . .  Hotel  Savoy 
Eliot  DiM"  Walter  Graeme  (Maud  Stouten- 

burgh)  Uv.Cr78  UniversityClub 
Ja  tf"  EUnor  V  &  M"  AmoryV&VanCortland  S. 


Social  Register 

1626K  WKfe 

167  E  71 

Elkins  .\ir  SteT)hcn  B  (Hallie  L  Davis)  Ul.Mt.. 

Elkins  )i'^  Katherine  H [Rp.Cly.etc. 

Elkins  M'  Davis-Na.Mtw.H.'gg 

Elkins  W  Stephen  B  Jr-Mtw.R.Rp.B.Cy.Y.'oo.. . 

Elkins  M'  Rich'd-Mtw.P.'oi.^ 

Elkins  ifiM"  Blaine  (Mary  Kenna)  Cvcw.P.'o4. 

tf"  Emily  L  Bird 

Elliman  TA'"  Douglas  L  (Theodora  P  Trowbridge) 

Elliman  M""  Rosalie  S [S.Sn.Snc.Cly. 


P'^'is'Siooo-38.  .309  Mad  Av.  .see  DiiSlS. 

Elliman  M'  Wm Flushing 

JlSsM'  Roland  F LI 

Elliot  tf"  Alice  May see  G  J  G  Nicholson 

Elliot  Lt  Duncan-USA.K.Cl'84 Ft  Robinson  Neb 

Elliot  Dir  Geo  T  (Eva  M  Briggs)  Uv.C.Ht.Dke.Y'77 

P«S2i7oMad..36  E  35 
Elliot  M'  John  Love-Mt.Dv.As.Ct.Na.Mid.Sbb. 

P«S2 133-38..  76  Park  Av 
Elliott  MiM"  Fred'c  B  (Susan  Scott)  Ul.C.Rv. 

1*^*5755-38.  .Union  League  Club 




Elliott  M"  George  (Anna  S  Wallace) 

Elliott  IP"  Mary  C 

MiM"  Chas  L  Bumham  (Elliott) 

Elliott  M'  Geo  L ,P^«Si3ioPlaza. .  67''E  56 

Elliott  M"  James  (Martha  L  Armstrong) | 

ElHott  M'  Percy  D j  Hotel 

Elliott  M'  Richard  Aston-Ct.Pu.Cl.'98  St  Regis 

at  ** Rising  Brook  Farm"  Greenwich  Ct 
Elliott  MiM"  John  G  (Aline  Dickerson)  Ny.Mc. 

P^^^SSS . . "Wee-House'"  Tuxedo  Pk  N  Y 
Elliott  M"^  Norman  C  (late  James) 

Died  at  Central  Valley  N  Y  Jan  20  '07 

Elliott  M'RoVtWB-Uv.So.'94 P«Si9oiBry.  .49  W  44 

Elliott  M'  Samuel-Mt.Pl.Kg I*1?523iJohn.  .  264  Fifth  Av 

Elliott  MiM"  Wm  (Minnie  Fowler)  Uv.Mt.Pu.         P'*«Si933Riv 

teM^John: [T.CrSo  522  W  End  Av 

Ellis  MiM"  Aug  Van  Home  (Anne  M  Hunter)  Ny.Cy.CrsS 

P^ro23.  .'^EUislea"  Westchester  N  Y 

New  York  1909 


Ellis  H'  Chas  T-Ul.Cr.'99 P^i»S2979  Plaza.  .85  E  56 

Ellis  KiM"  George  A  (Jennie  M  Burgess)      P*'«S3o8Prospect 

Ellis  tf"  Grace .  .[N.Ul.Na.  832  President  Bklyn 

Ellis  M'  Geo  W-Uv.Dke.Na.Cl'yo P''«5i74oPlaza.  .2  W  59 

M'  av*d  Luc  Oct  3 

179  Mad  Av 

Ellis  MiM"  Herman  (Susan  F  Bennett)  M. 

Ellis  IP"*  Amy,  Susan  B  &  Edith  M 

Ellis  !l"John  Stoneacre(JuliaLWaterbury)P'^;ii78Mad.25  E  30 

Ellis  M'  John  W-^Ul.Ats P*^*; 

Ellis  MiSf"  Ralph  N(Elizabeth  Warder) K.U v. Ny.        2i9oPlaza 

Ct.Mb.Rp.Tf.Dke.Eyb.Cly.H'8o.  .aVd  MajSep  9    22  W  57 

Ellis  MiM"  Wm  Dixon-Ul.Rp.Lc.Na.Ny.Au.As 136  W  72 

Ellsworth  MiM"  Bradford  (Juliet  Inness)  Ct.Na.Y.'o3.i45  W  58 
Ellsworth  MiM"  Duncan  Stewart  (Jane  A  Hutchinson)  R.Uv. 

Ny.Lc.Jkl.Cly.Y'92.  .Racquet  Club,  .see  D2i-X 
Ellsworth  MiM"  J  Magee  (Elisabeth  Van  Rensselaer)  Un.Ny.R. 
Au.Cly.Y.'95.  .P*^«S249oPlaza. .  116  E  55 
Ellsworth  MiM"  James  W  (Fincke-Julia  M  Qarke) 

C.G.M.B.Mid.Mt.Pl.Ul.Ats.Cly.  .av'd  Cecil  Jly 28 

Ellsworth  W^  Clare-Cly 

Ellsworth  M'  Lincoln-Na.Sa 

Ellsworth  MiM"  Wm  Webster  (Helen  Yale  Smith)C.Pl. 

JS^  tf-  Elizabeth [Bd.Myf. 

Elmendorf  M'  Dwight  Lathrop-Uv.Pl.Ap.Rv.Fw.Hl.P.'82 

P''«S353oPlaza..2oi  E  68 
Elmendorf  MiM"  John  B  (Augusta  K  Lyon)  Ct.Ap.Hl.Rv.Ay. 

Snc.Fw.Cw.Wt.  .P*^«S47i~38.  •  164  E  38 
Elmendorf  M"  Katharine  (Elmendorf).  .......  .see  W  L  Carr 

Elmendorf  tf"  Mary  C~Cd I  P^^i559Spring 

M*"  Henrietta  Wynkoop (27  Wash'n  Sq  N 

Elmer  M"  Richard  Allison  (Sara  Foster  France) ....    P**1l?S42rMom 
Elnier  M""  Rob't  F,  Richard  A  &  Chas  H-C1.'99.  .  189  Lneox  Av 

Elsworth  MiM"  Ed  (Ada  Sloane)  Ul.Na.R.Rv.Hl ^^^ 

Ja  M'  Edw  Jr ^^^^-^ 

Elton  M'  John  P-Ul.Ny.Uv.Ty'88 Waterbury  Ct 

ElweU  MiM"  J  B -(Helen  Derby) W.P*^^Sii9sPlaza.  .640  Mad  Av 
Ely  MiM"  A  Graves  (Grace  T  Valentine)  Uv.Sa.Wms'96 

P'VSsSj . .  '* Claremont ^'  Cranford  N  J 




Fifth  A  V 


Social  Register 

Ely  DiM"  Albert  H(Maude  L  Merchant)  Uv.Y.'Ss . 

JS.  M'  Albert  H  Jr.  .at  Hill  Sch 

Ely  MiM"  Alfred  (Helena  Rutherfurd)  Uv.Myf . 

Ely  M'  Alfred  Jr-P.'os 

Ely  MiM"  Cheever  N  (Madeleine  Wright).. 
J85.M*"  Grace 

Ely  M*"-  Elizabeth  L  &  Mary  Boies. 
Ely  M'  Arthur  H-Uv.Ct.Ll.Y.'76. .  . 
Ely  MiM"  GeoW(Frances  A  Wheeler)  Ny.N.Na. 
Ch.Bd..  .ab'd  Dtld  Sep  24 

Ely  D'  Leonard  W-Na.CrSp 

Ely  M'  Henry  B-Na.Cr88 

47  Ws6 

37  Mad  Av 


av'd  Mavr  Oct  16 
P«S7iiCol..i4oW  58 
P*1»S77S..**Ely  Court*' 
Greenwich  Ct 

527  WEnd  Av 

University  Club 


Ely  M"  Horace  S  (Fanny  R  Griswold)  av'd  Adri 

Ely  tf"  Fanny  G Jly  8 

Ely  M'  Horace  G  &  JlSa  M'  Matthew  G 

Ely  MiM"  James  R  (Emma  Stotsenburg)S.M.Na.tJv.    I   .  ,. 

JSi.  tf"  Alice  A  &  M'  David  J [Y'82|S^-^  SS 

Ely  M"  John  Slade  (Grace  G  Taylor). 51  Trumbull  New  HavenCt 

av'dLusiOct  24 

P«S  1 09 1  North 

1719  NWBfe 

17  W  10 

Ely  M"  Richard  S  (Caroline  Ingersoll)  Dar. 
Ely  M'  Richard  F-Mtw.Cvcw.Rv.Y.'97. 

M"  Geo  E  Wilder  (Ingersoll) 

Ely  M"  Smith  (Gertrude  Hardy) 

Ely  IP-  Gertude 

Ely  M~  Moses-H.'96  &  Smith  3d 

Ely  MiM"  Wm  H  Qosephine  Rogers).  .  . 

Ely  M'  Smith-C.M.Rv.Cw.Wt 

Ely-Goddard  M"A  V  (Adelaide  V  Ely) |  22  nie  de'Toufouse 

Press  Maud  Poniatowska  (Maud  Ely-  J  Brussels 

Goddard)  |          Belgium 
Ely-Goddard  M'  Ely~Un Union  Club 

P'«5i2  53Plaza 
47  W  57 

^^5507 . .  Jaihaica  Av 
Flushing  LI 

Embree  IP"  Edith  Franklin. 

Embree  M'Lawrence  E-Un.Snc.Ny.Cr78 

Embree  MiM"  Frank  L  (Marie  L  Ogden) 

PlR6or.  .314  Chestnut  Roselle  N  J 
Embury  MiM"  Aymar  2d  (Dorothy  Coe)Snc.Ht.*P.'oo 

Englewood  N  J 

New  York  190$ 


Embury  H"  James  W  (Phila  D  Brett) 1  . 

Embury  H*"  Emma  C 43  W  49 

If"  Cornelia  G  Brett 

Emerson  DiM"  Haven  (Grace  Parrish)  H/pb.Cl'QQ 

P*'«Si424Plaza. .  120  E  62 

Emerson  DiM"  John  Haven  (Tompkins)  C.Cr6o 131  E  66 

Emerson  MiM"  Nathl  W  (Susan  K  Bond)Ul.Cc.Pl.   I      293    . 

M*"*  Georgie  E  Calhoun JLenox  Av 

Emerson  MiM"  W  K  Bond  (Maria  H  Furman)        P^^Si  7.6Rye 

Un.R.Ap.Ay.Cly.  ''The  Hermitage" 

JSS.  M' W  K  B  Jr Harrison  N  Y 

Emery  M'  Chas  G-M.Mt.Ny.Ul.Ats |P»'«S347iPlaza 

Emery  tf"  Francena |     44  W  57 

Emery  M"  John  J  (Lelia  Alexander)..  .  .P^^Si2  28Plaza.  .5  E  68 
Emery  M'  John  J Died  at  Bar  Harbor  Me  Sep  5 


27  Elm 

Morristown  N  J 

Emery  MiM"  John  R  (Alia  MacKie)  Mg.Mo.E 

Emery  M'"  Allita [P'6i 

Emery  M'  John  M 

JS^  M""  Steuart  M  &  Theo  2d 

Emery  MiM"  Wm  E  (Elizabeth  S  Crater) Ul.Au.  |P»^«Sisi3Gram 
M"Florence  E  Georger  (FlorenceEmery)[Mc.|  20  Fifth  Av 

Emilio  Capt  Luis  F"U,Ll,An, 29  W  47 

Emmet  9iM"  Bache  McE  (Anne  F  Monson)  C 18  E  30 

Emmet  MiM".C  Temple  (Alida  Chanler)  K.Sa.R.Cly. 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 

Emmet  M'  Charles ab'd  St  L  Jly  18. .  13  William 

Emmet  MiM"  Devereux  (Ella  B  Smith)Uv.R.Cd.     Baring  Bros 

&  M'  Richard  S.  .  .  . [Gg.Bm.Cly.Cr83.     London 

Emmet  M'  Edward  Fitz  Gerald-Pl.Ct P^S377oMad.  .1  W  30 

Emmet  IP"-  Ellen  G,  Rosina  H  &  Edith  L 

of  Salisbury  Ct . .  62  Wash  Sq 
Emmet  MiM"  Grenville  T  (Pauline  A  Ferguson)  Uv.H.'98 

ab'd  Maur  Jun  24.  .av'd  Celt  Sep  t8.  .43  E  75.  .see  Sl^i 

Emmet  MiM"Henry  C(Marie  L  Case)Mt.Rg.T 

Emmet  If"  Laura 

Emmet  M'  Hy  C  Jr-H'io.  .ab'd  Phila  Jun  27 

Ji^  IP***  Jeannie  &  Marie  L 

JS.  M'  Watson  C.  .ab'd  A  Vic  Jun  16 ..  at  St  Mairk's 

Emmet  MiM"  Herman  LeRoy  (Alice  W  Johnson) Un.T. .  102  E36 

av'd  Phila 
Sep  19 

39  .E  72 



Emmet  DiH"  John  Duncan  (Josephine  W  Drexel)  Sa.Gly. 

P''St2SggMad. .  103  Mad  Av 

Emmet  M*"  Lydia  Field iPWjdSl.  .398  Pelham  Rd 

Emmet  M'  Rich'd  Stockton-R j      New  Rochelle  N  Y 

Emmet  MIH"  Rob't  (Louise  Garland)  K.Uv.T.H/93 

ab'd  Lusi  Jly  15.  .**Moreton  Paddox"  Warwick  Eng 

New  Rochelle 


Emmet  MIM"  Robert  Temple(Helena  V  C  Phelps) 
JBS.  M*"  Anna  H-at  St  Timothys  SchCatonsvilleMd 
JSS.  M'  Rob't  R  M-on  USS  ''Connecticut ". 

JSS»  H'  Herman  R  L at  242  York  New  Haven 

Emmet  W  Thomas  Addis-Cth Ip^       iMad 

Emmet  M*"  Kathleen.  .24  Knightsbridge  London.  I  q  *  w?j  a,, 

Emmet  M'Thos  A  J. .......    |  89  Mad  Av 

Emmet  M"  William  J  (Julia  C  Pierson) 

Died  at  398  Pelham  Rd  New  Rochelle  N  Y  Sep  26 
Emmet  Mill"  Wm  Temple  (Cornelia  B  Zabriskie)  Mt.Pl.Dt. 

Cd.Cr9i..soE  76 
Emmons  MiM"Arthur  B(JuliaW  Parish) Uv.C 74.  •  PasadenaCal 
Emmons  JliM"  Kintzing  P  (Beatrice  H  BlythJRc.Pl. 

Prospect  Av  New  Brighton  S  I 

av*d  Lor  Sep23 
1721  H  WKfe 

Emmons  Mill"  Samuel  F  (Jones-Suzanne  F 

]&"«  W"  Caroline  O  Jones 

Emory  D*M"  Geo  B  (May  Mercer) ." .  .see  T  F  Mercer 

Emory  Rr  Adm  &  M"  Wm  H  (Blanche  Willis) 

Emory  M'-  Blanche  W 

Emory  M'  Wm  H  Jr-Cvcw 

Emott  MiM"  Chas  C(Leila  C  Tuckerman)H*7o 
Emott  MiM"  James  T  (Dorothea  Walsh)  Mg. 



1301  ConnAv 



Headley  Rd 

Morristown  N  J 

Emott  M"  James(Mary  H  Crooke) .  .Died  at  MorristownNJJly 2 1 

av'd  Maur  Jly  i6 

Franco- Americaine 

Bk  Paris 

Endicott  MiM"  Rob't  (Seward)  Un.Rv.Cw. 


Endicott  M'"  Gladys  &  JSJ,  tf"  Lilian 

Englis  M'  Chas  M-Ul.Eg.Ha.Ny 176  Clinton  Av  Bklyn 

Eno  M'Amos  F-<C.M.Ul.Dt.Tf.Jkl..P^^Si533Broad.  .32  Fifth  Av 


'^  -o  MiM"Hy  Lane(Edith  M  Labouisse)  Uv.Ny.Lc.Mtw. 

8  E  61 

New  York  1909 


Eno  MiM"  John  Chester  (Harriet  A  Christmas)      I*«S4292Plaza 

Eno  M*"  Mary  Pinchot-Cly [Y'69       56  E  57 

Eno  MIM"  Wm  Phelps  (Alice  Rathbone)Uv.S.Ny.Ct.Mtw. 

Cvcw.Y.'82.  .P^^S32North. .  1771.  N  WSfe 
EnosStM"  Alanson  Trask  (Jennie  L  Taylor)  Uv.Ats. 

JSSs  IP*  Janet-at  Farmington  Ct [Rv.Cw.P.'78  120  E  79 

JS.  H'  Alanson  T  Jr-H'io.  .ab^d  F  Wm  Jly  30 

Enos  M*""  Bessie  &  Natalie. ..P''^S47iiMayfair..  44  MountLondon 
Enos  Mill"  Frank  (Elsa  Alexander)  Uv.Rv.Fw.Cw.P.'87 

P*'^59.  Z'Elscroft"  Englewood  N  J 

Eppley  MiM"  Francis  M  (Alice  Oakes) P'^^S34i3r 

Eppley  Lt  Kurtz-USA.. at  Ft  St  Michael  Alaska. . .   W  Orange 
Eppley  M'  Marion-P.'o6..P'*^S5225Rector..8oB'way..        N  J 

Erben  M'  Herman  F  T-Uv.Stv'87 i  W  54  .  .absent 

Erbsldh  MiM"Rudolf  A  (Fannie  Erhart)  Mc.Dv. . .  [P^'ffSsioPlaza 

JR.  tf—  Gertrude,  Olga  &  Ruth |    42  W  58 

Erhardt  MiM"  Joel  Benedict  (Belle  Jewett)  Ul.Ll.Snc.Vt'6i 

120  W  57 
Erhart  MiM"  Wm  H(Faye-E  Henriette  Graves)   |P*^^S3iosPlaza 
JSJ.  M'JamesJFaye.  .[Cal.Rh.R.Dv.Mid.Gg.Ha.|      43  E  53 

Ernst  IT  J  Eugene-Un.An.Ll 38  Union  Sq 

Erving  M*M"  J  Langdon  (Alice  H  Rutherford)  Ny.Fn.Snc. 

P*^53i4o-79..62  E  80 
Erving  MiM"  John  (Cornelia  Van  Rensselaer)  Ul. 

Erving,  tf"  &  tf—  Katharine  V  R,  Eleanor  C  &.  .  P^'»S3562Plaza 

Justine  B-Bm.       17  W  50 
Erving  M'WmVR-Cw.R.Rp.  .at37i  State  Albany 

Erving  M'  Shirley-Dp 

Esler  M"  Rebecca  L  (Rebecca  H  Lemist) I         T-^u»tory 

Esler  M'  Lemist.  Uomicii.. 

Essig  M'  Erskine  B- So.Pa*97,H.'oo  .P'iyS6i86Spring.  .3WashSqN 
Estabrook  MiM"  Hy  D  (Clara  M  Campbell)  Ul.Lt.Mt.Au.Rp. 

P^^675Riv..30i  W  76 
Ethridge  MiM"  George  (Julia  D  Flandrau)  M.As.Fn. 

P**«S682Gram.  .54  W  9 

Eustis  tf"  C^lestine see  Wtt 

Eustis  M' George  Peabody  (late  Geo). .  .Married  at  SeabrightNJ 
Street  IP"  Rosamond  K  (Wm  A) Aug  20 

x88  Social  Register 

Eustis  MiM"  Geo  Peabody  (Rosamond  Street)  K.Un.Pl.R.Mtw. 
Sbb.Myb . .  Palazzo  Polignac  San  Vi  o  Venice 

Eustis  MiM"  Jas  B  (Nina  F  Crosby)K.H'94 P*'«Si676Pliaza 

M"  Louise  G  Crosby  (Louise  G  Sutton) ....    689  Lex  Av 

Eustis  IP"  Lydia .see  DJSSZ. 

Eustis  MiM"  Wm  Corcoran  (Edith  L Morton)  K.R.Mb.Tf.Mtw. 

Abiw.H'87 .  .'* Corcoran  House '*  Lafayette  Sq  WSS 

Evans  tf"  Anna  B P^S42i4Mad. .  102  E  26 

Evans  Rev  Anthony  Harrison-C.Ham' 82 27E31 

Evans  MiM"  Benj  Franklin  (Harriet  C       |P'^«Si39 . .  Madison  Av 

Bonbright)  Ul.Wp.)        Morrist'n  N  J 
Evans  tf"  Harriet  B-Mg |  see  DS**"^ 

19  W  12 


Evans  M"  Cadwalader  (Lena  B  Corse)  Cly.Cda. 

Evans  M^""  Lena  C  &  Edith  C 

Evans  MiM"  Daniel  W  (Anabel  Green)  Uv.Rh.Rg! 

M*-  Caroline  W  Green [Cly.P.'S; 

IP- Winifred  Mitchell. 
Evans  M'  Evan  Gwynne Married  at  Nice  France 

Andrews  tf"  Ada  (Walter  S) Mch  13 

Evans  MiM"  Evan  G  (Ada  Andrews) 

** Oakland  Park"  Newnhami  England 

Evans  M"  Frank  G  (Alice  Maud  Chapin) see  DSSiS;. 

EvansM'Fred'k-Uv.E.Mtw.P.'86.  .P^3?S52Gram.  .Princeton  Club 
Evans  MiM"  Hartman  Kuhn  (Mabel  E  Curtis)  Un.R.K.Au.Cy. 

W.Rh.Gg.Uv.'79..25  E  67 
Evans  MiM"  Hy  (Mary  R  Lopez)  Pl.Au.Myf,Cr8i 

P^^SiSi3Gram.  .  20  Fifth  Av 

Evans  MiM"  Jocelyn  Herle  (Blanche  Rumsey). 
M"  Wm  Rumsey  (Moore) . 

250  W  S7 

Evans  D' Samuel  M.' ._ ._ ^P**«S2io6~38..ii5  E  39 

39  Central  A V 

New  Brighton 


Evans  M"Thos  Grier(Van  Hoevenberg-Elida 

r  Jos  M  WoodhuU 

Evarts  M'  Allen  W-Un.Uv.C.G.Na.Dt.Tf.W.M.Gg.Dke.Mtw 

Y.'69..P*'^S29i5Mad..i24  E  29 

Evarts  tf"  Mary Windsor  Vt 

Evarts  MiM"  Maxwell  (Margaret  A  Stetson)  Uv.Y.'84..2'38  E  13 
Evarts  Re v&  M"  Prescott  (Emily  C  P  Cono ver)  |       P'To  1859-2 

Evarts  M'  Wm  M [H'8i         19  Folleil 

'"■  IP"  Sarah  P  &  M'^Rich'd  C |  Cambridge  Mass 

New  York  1909 


Evarts  MLM"  Sherman  (Alice  H  Cock)  Uv.Y.'Si 

P**^S33~3  Windsor  Vt 
Everdell  MiM"  Hy  Chapman  (Alice  Auerbach) 

P^'^'SioSijFarRock.  .Hewletts  L  I 
Everett  MiM"  A  Leo  (Caroline  Kane  Mills)  Uv.Camb'92H.'95 

P«S2538Plaza.  .  134  E  70 

Everett  W  Ed-K.Un.Pb.Exb.Ecb.Cr.'92 see  BS^ 

Everett  MiM"  Hy  W  (Ella  Waite  Truman)  Ul.Dt.Rv.Cd. 

Evins  MiM"  Sam'l  H  (Anne  C  Johnson)  B.So.H/92 

New  Brighton  S  I 
Ewart  MiM"  Richard  H(Fanny  M  Talbot)  Un.C.Mt.  ^    , 

Ewart  M'  Talbot-Un.As.H.'oi [av'd  Bait  Jun  11  ^  ^  50 

Ewart  M"  Walter  D  (Effie  L  Moller) abroad 

Ewell  M"  John  Newton  (Jennie  K  Stout)  ab'd 

K  II  Jun  23.   av'd  Oct  6 

MiM"  De  Witt  Parshall  (Carrie  Ewell) 

Ewing  MiM"  Bernard  M  (Louise  Dixon)  Cal. 

P«S4592Stuy.  .43  Fifth  Av 
Ewing  tf"  Elisabeth  (Bernard  M) . .  .  .  Married  at  St.  Anne's 

McAnemey  M'  Francis  B  Qohn) Nov  18 

Ewing  D'  Tames-Uvc.Du.Aht'88 256  W  57 

Ewing  MiM"  Jos  (Alice  F  du  Vivier)Ct/o3T^S5464Gram..44  W  9 

5?S2 139-79 
47  E  74 

P'^^Si46.    ."Kinross'' 

616  Palisade  Av 

Yonkers  N  Y 


Ewing  MiM"  Thos  Jr  (Anna  P  Cochran) 


JS!,  tf*  Alexandra 

Ewing  DiM"Wm  A  (Maud  Mills)  Bd.Na.Mich'64 

Ewing  tf"  Marion  M 

Ewingr  S  A 

JlSIn  IP-  Alice  M  &  M'  Edw  Jr 

M"  M  Ainsworth 

Eytinge  tf"  Mildred  (late  Chas) .  .  Married  at  Heavenly  Rest 

Baxter  M'  Hugh  H(late  Horace  H) Oct  18 

FabbriM'Alessandro-Un.Mt.Ny.Au.R.. Morgan  Harjes&CoParis 
Fabbri  MiM"  Ernesto  G  (Edith  Shepard)  K.Mt.R.G.Au.Cly. 

av'd  Kp  Wm  Jun  9.  .  11  E  62 

Fabbricotti  M"  Ottavian  (Addle  A) see  M"  H  S  Kingsley 

Fabbricotti  Ct  &  Ctss  Ricardo  (Cornelia  R  Scovel).  .  .  .abroad 

134  W  58 

Hyde  Park 




Social  Register 

Fachiri  M*"  Caterina  P  (late  Pandelli  Y).  . .  .Married  at  London 

de  Villaforeste  Marquis  Farace Oct  22 

Fachiri  M'  Pandelli  A-N |    19 

Fachiri  M'  Eustatius  A~N |  W  3 1 

Fachiri  M"  Pandelli  Y  (Haricl^e  Ralh) |  Ralli  Bros 

Fachiri  M""  Antonio  P-N  &  Alexander  P |    London 

Fagnani  Rev  D'  Chas  P-Ul.C.Ats.Na .  .  '73 

P^%'S268o-79.  .772  Park  Av 
Fahnestock  DiM"  Clarence  (Marguerite  Sawyer)  Un.Rg.Cy. 

Ny.Rh.H.'98.  .P'^^S 401  Plaza.  .30  £55 
Fahnestock  DiM"  Ernest  (Perry-Georgette  H  De  Grove)  Un. 

Rg.Ny.Cy.  .P^1?S933Bry.  .54  W  49 
Fahnestock  M'  Gates  D-Ct.Ats.Dt.Ha. 

P'^^'2298iMain.  .214  Hicks  Bklyn 
Fahnestock  MiM"  Gibson  (Carolyn  S  Andrews)        M'  ab'd  Phila 

Un.Mt.Rg.Ny.S.Mtw.Cda.Cly.  Jun  27 
Fahnestock  M'  Snowden  A-Un.H'o8.at457MadAv  181 2  I 
FahnestockM'GibsonJr-H'  lo.atioBeckHallCamb'  W^ 

Fahnestock  MiM"  Harris  (Mabel  Metcalf)  Un.Mt.T.Rg.H.'92 

P*^^'Si528Plaza..37  W  52 
Fahnestock  M'  Harris  C-Un.Ul.Mt.C.Ch 457  Mad  Av 

Fahnestock  MiM"  Jas  F  Jr(Mary  E  McClure)  ''Ivd  St^L  Ail^/<^ 

Myf.Cw.Ulp.  .'79       Y^ToA26     «;i2 
Jfo«  M**"*  Charlotte. .at  RosemaryHall&Mary      ■Rr.cfnti  Pncf  "RH 
&  M'  St  Paul's  Concord  N  H . . .       Snwich  Ct 
Fahnestock  MiM"  Wm  (Julia  Goetchius)  Un.Mt.R.Ul.C.T. 

Ct.Cly.  .P^^S3378Plaza.  .22  E  51 

Fahys  MiM"  Geo  E  (Antoinette  G  van  ^""'^  ^^^^  ^^P-  ^^ 

Hodenpyl)  Uv.Dt.Rv.Rg.Cw.Cl'84 
if^sW  G  Ernest  Jr.... 

Fahys  MiM"  Joseph  (Maria  L  Payne)  Ul.Dt.Au. 

P*^^S282  4Plaza.  .787  Fifth  Av 
Faile  MiM"  Chas  V  (Sarah  Chester  Crane)  Ul.Myf. 

Faile  M'"  Jane  Rutherford 

Faile  M'  Kenneth  C-Cl.'o2 .  .av'd  Cecil  Jly  i . 

M*"  Anne  Faile  Crane 

Faile  MiM"  Malcolm  B  (C  Marguerite  Henckel)  Ct. 

"OakHiir*  Marshall  Va 

of  Glen  Cove  L  I 
Hotel  Gotham 

53  W  49 

New  York  1909 


Fairbanks  M'  Henry  P-Uv.R.Ny  H.'94.P'*^54i6iMad. .  120  E34 

Fairbanks  M' Leland-Wms'42 P'*^'55793Cort.  .  257  B'way 

Fairchild  M'  Benjamin  T Married  at  Greenwich  Ct 

Freeman  M*"  Julia  (late  Frank  M) Oct  10 

Fairchild  MiM"  Benj  T  (Julia  Freeman)  Ul.Ct.Lc.Ap.Au. 

Rg.Rv.Ats.Cal.  .P'*H?Si3i6Mad.  .247  Fifth  Av 
Fairchild  MiM"  Blair  (Edith  Gushing)  K.H.'qq 

P**^2997Mad. .  120  E  36 




Fairchild  MiM"  Gharles  (Nelson)  G.H.'sS. 

Fairchild  M*"  Sally 

Fairchild  M"*  Nelson-H.'oi  &  Gordon,  .at  Harvard 
Fairchild  MiM"  Ghas  S  (Helen  Lincklaen)  Uv.C.Ad.Gg.As. 

Gd.Mtw.Gly.H.'63 .  .P'^«  W  8 

Fairchild  M*"  Edith  H Brown  Shipley  &  Co 

Fairchild  M'  Arthur  Stiles-Ny London 

Fairchild  M"  Le'^Roy  G  (Julia  L  Moore) see 

Fairchild  tf"  Adelaide  &  &  M*"  Lila WHH  Moore 

Fairchild  MIM"  Samuel  W(EmilyJTappen) 

Fairchild  M*"  E  Gonstance 

Fairchild  M'  B  Tappen-Y.'o4  &  JlS.  M'  Wm  S 
Fairfax  of  Gameron  Lord  Albert-Un. 

P«S3388London  Wall.  .  22  Upper  George  London 

M'  av'd  Gecil  Jun  30 


65  E  56 

Fairfax  MiM"  Hamilton  R(Eleanor  G  Van  Rens 
Fairfax  tf"  Katharine  V  R-Bm.Gda.  .  [selaer)  Gd. 

JlS.  M'  Hamilton  V  R 

Fairfax  MiM"  Lindsay(Grace  Bradford)  Un.Mdbl. 

Blbl.Gd..aVdAdriOct  7 

JlSk  M'  B  L-at  Mark's  Southboro  Mass 

Fairfax  tf**  Mary  Gecelia 

Fairfax  M'  Gharles  Edmund-Mt 

M'  Edmund  Kirby 

Falconer  MiM"  Wm  H  (Margaret  G  McLean) 
Falconer  M*"  Sara  Louise-Dar.  .[Ul.Ar.Snc.Ht. 
Falconer  M'  Bruce  McLean-As.Snc.Ad.Gr.02.  . 

Fales  W  Haliburton-Un.Yv.B.Gr72 

Fales  M'  Haliburton  Jr-Un.Bm.  Y'o8 

JiS,  M'  De  Goursey-H'ii 

Fales  MiM"  LeRoy-Ny . .  at  Pawtucket  R  I I    New  York 

Fales  M'  Gustavus  Jr (  Yacht  Glub 

Mad  Av 

162  E  46 

av'd  Adri  Sep  3 


701  Mad  Av 

105  E  72 


^Social  Register 

FallowsMiM -'Edw  Huntington (JuliaHKittredge) 

Uv.Eg.As.Ll.Na.Au.Rp.Aht*86Y.'9o.Cl/92    Dobbs  Ferry 

JSS.  M^"  Annette  R NY 

Falls  MiM"  DeWitt  Clinton  (Mary  A  Lahens)  Un.Rg.Rv. 

Fw.Cw.  .av'd  Ced  Oct  2.  .P^^Si346Bry.5o  W  45 
Fanning  MiM"  Geo  W  (Mary  L  Salter)  P'^^S4283Stuy..37FifthAv 
Fanshawe  M'""  E  A  &  Lena.  .  .  .16  Cheyne  Gardens  London 
Fanshawe  M"  Hy  A  (M  Louise  Davies) 

P'^%459. .  17  Elm  St  Morristown  N  J 
Fanshawe  MiM"  Hy  E  (Bryce-Ellen  Hopkins)  P*^«S374 

&  M'""  Edith  M  &  Alice  G [Mg.    22  Colles  Av 

M'"-  Ellen  L  &  Marie  G  Bryce Morristown  NJ 

Fanshawe  MiM"  Wm  S  (Jessie  Jerome)Tf .Ny.Dp.Au.Cly.  Plaza 

Fanshawe  M'"  Jessie  J-Cly Hotel 

Fargis  M'  AmM6e  C 342  W  57 

fm'y  av'd  Caro 
Oct  7 
120  E  37 

56  ParkAv 

Fargo  MiM"  James  F(Jane  Lindley  King)  Uv. 
Fargo  M^"  Clara.  .  .  .[Rg.Sa.Ch.Rv.As.Wms'79 
Fargo  M*"  Stanley-H'o8.  .ab'd  Carm  Jun  27 

&  Jas  C  2d 
Fargo  MiM"  Wm  Congdell  (Mary  S  Preston) Uv, 

Fargo  M' Jas  C-Ct.Ch [Ch.Na.Rv.Wms'78 

Fargo  M""  W  Preston-H'o6 

M'  Stuart  D  Preston-H'o6 

Farlee  MiM"  J  Scudder  (Marabel  Hart)  Ul.Dar I  213 

Farlee  M'  Hart  S |  W  86 

Farlee  M'  Rob't  D-Ul.Na.Bg.As 11  Wall 

Farley  M"  Gustavus  Jr(Katharine  S  Cheney).  .|  So  Manchester 
FarleyMTrankCheney-H.'o2.JMunroe&CoParis|  Ct 

Farley  Most  Rev  Archbishop  John  M.  .ab'd  K  Albt  Jly  18 

av'd  Pz  Irene  Oct  6.452Madison  Av 
Farley  MiM"  Rob't  E  (Grace  H  Colvin)  Uv.Na.Rut'92 

P^^Si58j..White  Plains  N  Y 
Famam  M'  Chas  H-C.Uv.Pl.Myf.Cw.Rv.Fw.Y.'68.Cl'7i 

av'd  Ced  Jun  1 2 . .  2  E  45 
Farnam  MiM"  Chas  H  Jr  (Ruth  Stanley)  Uv.Y.*9S 

Rownhams  Hants  Eng 
Farnam  MiM"  Hy  W  (Elizabeth  U  Kingsley)  C.Uv.Cd.Y.'74 

av'd  Cecil  Jly  28. .43  Hillhouse  Av  New  Haven  Ct 

New  York  1909 


1 6  Lex  A  V 

Famam  MiH"  Wm  Whitman  (Susan  F  Strong)  C.Uv. 
Cw.Cd.Dar.Y*66.  .MS1017.  /*Windycott'' 

335  Prospect  New  Haven  Ct 

Famham  M"  Horace  P  (Eliza  P  Cary) 165  W  58 

Famham  Mill"  Paulding  (Sally  James)  Ul.Ny.Cw. 

P*"^©^?!.  .Great  Neck  LI 

Farnsworth  M'  Fred'k-Uv.Rp.Y'64 i  W  S4..absent 

Farquhar  Mill"  Herbert  G  (Antoinette  V  Vincent)  H'99 

P*'«54i2oPlaza..54E  59 

Farquhar  M'  Percival~Mtw.Y.'84 P''^53693-38.  .40  W  39 

Farquhar  MiM"  Wm  J  (Cora  A  Brightson)  Uv.Cly.H/91 

P^«S2847  •  •  607  James  Syracuse  N  Y 
Farr  MiM"  Daniel  H  (Adelaide  L  Jordan)  R.Mkp.Pcp.H/99 

PISS5932-79 . .  983  Park  Av 

Farr  M"  james  M  (Annie  M  G  Dunton) 

Farr  MiM"  John  (Frances  Bartow)  Uv.Dt.Bg. 
Farr  M""  John  Jr  &  HBartow-at  Princeton  [P. '7 9 

JS-^  IP"  Edith  S  &  M'  F  S 

Farr  Rev  &  M"James  M  (Lucy  C  Bartol)  P/90. 
Farr  MiM"  T  H  Powers(Maria  Harding) Uv. 

FarrM'T  H  P  Jr-Dp.P.'07-at  612  W  116. 

Farr  M'  Barclay  H-at  Princeton 

Farragut  M'  Loyall-Uv.C.Ll.Wt.USA*68 

av'd  Adri  Jun  10. .  113  E  36 
Farrand  MiM"  Livingston  (Margaret  K  Carleton)  Uv.Ct.P/88 

P^S  1 43  8 . .  Meadow  Lane  New  Rochelle  N  Y 
Farrand  MiM"  Wilson  (Margaret  W  Walker)  Uv.P/86 

P^«S242 . .  157  Ralston  Av  So  Orange  N  J 

Farrel  M'  Alton-Ul.Na.Y*o2 see  C  F  Brooker 

Farrel  MiM"Franklm(LillianClarke) 

Ji^m  IP*  Lillian  E 

Farrel  MiM"  Franklin  Jr  (Marian  V  Brown)  Ul. 

Parrell  MiM"  Clinton  P  (Sue  M  Parker) see  M"RGIngerson 

Englewood  N  J 
P^«SS56j    . 
*' The  Homestead'* 
W  Orange 

av*d  Arab 
Aug  14 


"Tower  Hall" 
Ansonia  Ct 


Social  Register 

Farrelly  MLM"  Stephen  (Rose  D  Slevin)  M.Cth. 

Farrelly  M*"  Elizabeth 

Farrelly  W"  Theo  S-H*o6  &  Tas  T-H'oy 

J&lk  If""  Catherine  &  Marie  &  m'  Stephen  L-at 

Andover  Sch 

Farrelly  MiM'T  Chas(Giovannina  deSaintSeigne)Cth.Bm 
Baroness  de  Saint  Seigne  (Arezzana) 

578  W  End  Av 



485  N  Broadway 
Yonkers  N  Y 

1739    N    WB» 

Farrington  MiM"  Harvey  (Lucy  E  Griggs)  Ul. 

M"  Stephen  Griggs [Sa.Y'86 

IP"  Griggs 

Farson  Mill*  John  Jr  (Pearl  I  Laverty)  Y'04 

P«S6i68Col.  .55  Central  Pk  W 

Fassett  Mill"  J  Sloat  (Jennie  L  Crocker)  Uv.Rp. 


JSSs  tf"  Jennie  &  M'"  Newton  C,  Truman  &  J  S  Jr 

Fassitt  M"  John  B  (Scranton-Amelia  A  Ely) ....  Married  at  Ma 

Purdy  M'  Thomas  C Oct  17*07 

Faulkner  MiM"  Edw  Daniels  (Marianne  Gaillard)  Ul.Pl.As. 

P'*«23i62Col..305  W  74 

Faure  M*"  Jeanne P*^^2748Riv.  .  201  W  79 


Faust  M'  Jas  M-As.Sn.So.Y'o6 

Faust  M'  Edw  S-Y'o8  at  Christ  Ch  Oxford 

JSS.  M'  Preston  S 

Faustino  Pr  &  Pcss  Ch  Bourbon  del  M  (Jane  A  Campbell) 

Palazzo  Barberini  Rome 

Fay  ff"  Amy 70  W  91 

Fay  M'  Chas  J-Uv.Ct.Rc.Y.'93 P**'»5296Plaza..59  W  49 

Fay  MiM"  Francis  B  (Adelia  G  McNamee)  H'83 

P'^'»S55i4Plaza..23  E  60 

Fay  M'  James  H-K.H.'59 Brookline  Mass 

Fay  M"  Richard  (Nash-Clara  L  Ryder) .  .  .  .P*"»S733-79 .  .  50  E  96 

Fay  M"  Sigourney  W  (Delia  Fay) 35  W  50 

Fayeweather  MiM"  Fred'k  O  (Margaret  R  Ryle) 

627  E  27  Paterson  N  J 
Fearey  MiM"  Morton  L  (Julia  Lawrence)  Y.'98 

P*'^S2  528Chel.  .133  W  II 
Fearing  M'  Dan'l  B-Un.Mt.Ny.G.Pl.M.Rv.Smb.Tvb.H*82 
ab*d  Adri  Aug  12.  .**  Palazzo  Falconieri**  i  via  Giulia  Rome 



Lex  Av 

Ni9W  York  iQog 


Fearing  Mill"  Geo  R(Harriet  Travers)K.Un.R. 

Fearing  Mill"  Geo  R  Jr  (Hester  S  Cochrane)  K. 


Fearing  M"  Wm  h  (Gertrude  Lea)  abroad 

Fearing  M'  Wm  H-Un.Cl.'98 

Fearing  M'  Fred'k  C-at  ii  Byers  Hall  New  Haven 

Feam  MiM"  Percy  Le  Roy(Eva  Onderdonk)Mt.S.CL'89..36  Wall 

Fearon  M'  Frank  Low-Mt.S. Metropolitan  Club 

Fearon  M'  James  S-Mt.Rc.Dt Metropolitan  Club 

Fedden  MiM"  Arthur  R  (Hunter- Katharine  W  Douglas).. abroad 



lo  E  96 

Corn  wall-on- Hudson 

N  Y 

Feitner  MiM"  Thos  L  (Mary  C  Moore)  Cth 
Feitner  M'  Quentin  Field-Y.'o6 

Fellowes  MiM"  Cornelius  (Griswold-Caroline  Whitney)  Uu.  Cy. 

1*^25479-79.. 4  E  81 
Fellowes  M"  Frank  Wayland  (Margarette  S  McCoun) 

Dc.Cd.Dar.  .250  W  91 

Fellowes  M^;;^  Harriet  D 

Fellowes  M"Birncy(Henrietta  Lonsdale) 

Fellowes  M*"  Alice  &  JlSs  M'  Bimey 

Fellowes  tf"  Harriet  Davis  2d '.  .see  M"  D  P  Morgan 

Fellows  M'  Gordon-K.Uv.T.B.Un.Au.Cy.Ny.R.Tf.W.H.'82 

ab'd  Adri  Jun  17.  .av*d  Sep  30.  .Knickerbocker  Club 
Fellows  M"  Jas  Waite  (Coddington-Alma  L  Morgan).. 3 44  W  88 

Fenn  MiM"  Paul  (Caroline  Emmons)  Y.*8i |PiyS7i59Riv 

if^  M*"~  Dorothy  &  Caroline  E |  316  W  90 

Ferdon  MiM"  Wm  (Agnes  M  Beach)  Mtw.Cr77 

J  S  Morgan  &  Co  London 
Ferguson  tf**  Frances 328  W  57 

The  Rectory 

St   Paurs   School 


N  H 

Ferguson  Rev  &  M"Hy(EmmaJ Gardiner) 


Ferguson  M'"  Eleanor  M 

Ferguson  M'  Hy  G-H'04.  .at  US  Bureau  of 
Ferguson  M'  Chas  V . . .  .  [Science  Manila  P  I 

Ferguson  M'  John  S-Un.Rh.Y.'oo P**«S2233Bry. .  12  W  44 

Ferguson  MiM"  R  H  Munro  (Isabella  D  Selmes)  Un.Cal.R. 

P*^*»233iPlaza.  .  135  E  69.  .see  Skui 
Ferguson  MiM"  Saml  (Margaret  Price)  Uv.Ty'96 

Lenox  Rd  Schenectady  N  Y 


Social  Register 

Ferguson  Mill"  WaltonQuliaL White) Un.Ul.R.W.   '*  HiUcrest " 
Ny.Ss.S.Mid.Dt.Ats.Jkl.Rg.Snc.Ty*63   Strawberry 

Ferguson  IP"  Helen  G  &  M'Hy  L-Sa.Y/04 Hill 

Ferguson  M'  Alfred  L-R.Un.Y.'o2. .  .see  DSlSS..      Stamford 

IP"  S  Grace  White Ct 

FergusonMiM"WaltonJr(EmilieFCarstairs)  B  .Un.       ^^3  2  5 
Nv.Ul.S.Dt.Mid.R.Tf.AuJkl.Wk.Ss.Mb.Ty'93  '^Pinehurst" 

fe  fr"  Frances. . Stamford  Ct 

Ferrer  D'Jos^  M-Uv.Na.Cth.  .^76.  .  .P^^S23Plaza.  .441  Park  Av 
Perriday  MiM"  Hy  McKeen  (Elsie  Mitchell)  Cal.Mc.Bm. 

P^^Si435Plaza.  .  102  E  6$ 
Ferris  DiM"  Albert  Warren  (Juliet  A  Gavette)  Du.N'78 

ab'd  Ams  Jly  av'd  Rot  Sep  9.  .P^S3S76eol.  .342  W  71 
Ferris  MiM"  Clarence  Clark  (Bertha  V  Odell)  Ats.Du.Y'87. 

Cr92 . .  P^^^SivoKgbdge . .  Spuyten  Duyvil  N  Y 
FerrisM"Floyd(BerthaAllen). . ™i34  **  Hilhome*'  ScarsdaleNY 
Ferris  MiM"MorrisPatterson(MaryLDouw)  Rv. 

Ferris  M'  Morris  D-Dp.Rv.CPos. . . 

J?o°r.  M'  Van  Wyck 

Ferry  MiM"  Chas  H  (Emily  D  Mansfield)  Uv.Ulch. 

Ferry  M'Mansfield~Chch.Uvch.Scch.0nch.H.Y*03  atiS  ' 

J^»  M^  Ronald  M-at  Harvard [Dunster  Hall  Camb* 

Ferry  MiM"  E  Hay  ward  (Amelia  Parsons)  H.'86  " 

Ferry  M*"  Harriet [Dt.Mt.Ul.Au. 

Fessenden  MiM"  James  Deering  (Rose  L  Nunez) 

676  W  End  Av 



70  W  55 
P^S52ii-79..i24  E  79 

P^S82  2rWht  Plains 


Fesser  M"  Edward  (Antonia  E  Lentilhon) 
Fesser  IP""  Emilie  L  &  Edith  P 

Feseei-  M*^  Edw  &  Francis 

Festetics  Ctss  Rudolph  (Ella  Haggin) see  L  T  Haggin 

Ffoulkes  MiM"  EdC(Georgi  Anna  Alley) 

M"  av'd  OnicAug  19.  .P'^Si274Bry.  .1425  B'way 


Ficken  tf""  Margery  &  Dorothy 

Fiedler  M"  Edw  c  (Eliza  Winthrop  Carville) . 
Fiedler  M'  Edw  C-Un.Sa.Cl.'oi 

MiM"  Hy  M  Robertson  (Fiedler) 

Ja  tf"  Lily  F  Roberston 

7  E8 



New  Yof  k  1909  197 

Field  MiM"  Aug  Bradhurst  (LiUie  Graham)  Mt.Dp.T.Rv.Cl'Ss 

ab*d  Adri  Oct  7 . .  Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
Field  MiM"  Gortlandt  de  Peyster  (Virginia  Hamersley)  Snc. 

01*59.  .21  E  26 

Field  DiM"  Cyrus  W  (Edith  M  Joy)  Y'oo 14  W  12 

Field  M"  Ed  Morse  (Clara  L  Lindley) see  J  B  Lindley 

Field  MiM"  Ed  Pearsall  (Gertrude  M  Baiter)  '00 

P«S4s6oRiv.  .422  W  End  Av 

Field  IP-  Emily  B  O  (Maunsell  B) Married  at  138  W  70 

Drisler  W  P  Kennett  (late  Frank) .Nov  4 

Field  MiM"  Francis  L  (Katharine  E  Morgan)  Ny.Lc. 

P«S3699Col..35o  W  71 
Field  M"  Franklin  CHnton  (Elizabeth  Fitch).. . . |P*«J2oooPlaza 

Field  tf"  Louise  Clinton (565  Park  Av 

Field  MiM"  Maunsell  B (Louise  Moore  S^gee)US]sP66lP^«84S49Col 

Field  IP-  Louise  M 138  W  70 

Field  MiM'^  Thomas  G  (CarHe  W  Weil)  Rh.Ny.Cw 41  E  57 

Field  MiM"  Th  Pearsall  (Emma  Beadleston)  Un.R.Crpo 

P'^^2444oPlaza.  .52  E  67 
Field  MiM"  Wm  B  Osgood  (Lila  V  Sloane)  Un.Uv.K.Gg.Rg.R. 
Rv.G.Pl.Au.Stv'94.  .P^i28Plaza.  .645  Fifth  Av 
--     "  1*^594-38 


Field  M"  Wm  Hazard  (Augusta  C  Bradhurst). 

Field  tf-  Mary  Pearsall 

Field  M"  Wm  Hildreth  (Charlotte  E  Miller) I  22  Linden  Av 

Field  tf-  Frances  Hildreth  &  te.  M^  Pauline  H. . .  Lansdowne  Pa 

av'd  AdriAugs  •  •  1*^243  2r 
976  Broad.  .Newark  N  J 

Field  MiM"WmP(Josephine  D  Smith) 

JS.  M'  Wm  T [Uv.Bg.Cd.P'83 

Finch  M*  Ed  Ridley-Ct.Snc.Bg.Ar.Rp.'Y.'95.Cr98 

1*^4283 Stuy.  .37  Fifth  Av 
Finch  MiM"  Jas  W  (Jessica  B  Garretson)  Bd.Ad.Cly.Cr.'73 

P^^73S-"79-  .61  E  77 
Fincke  MiM"  Benj  C  (Julia  P' Brown)  Ct.Bg. 

l*1?Si38Millbum . . Short  Hills  N  J 

Fincke  M'  Reginald-R.H.'oi see  L  Hand 

Findley  M'  Wm  L-Ul.As.Rv.  .  '63 

Findley  tf- Ethel  A 

Findley  M'  Wm  Van  B~H'o8.  . . . 

Pinlay  MiM"Edw  H (Alice  Querry).349  Montrose  Av  S  OrangeNJ 

Finlay  MiM"  Henry  J  (Louise  Beaufort) 330  W  86 

14  E  60 


Social  Itegisler 

Finlay  M"  Hy  P  (Josephine  Murphy) —  lav*d   Prov 

Finlay  tf""  May  &  AUce 1     Sep  s 

Finlay  V"  Sidney  J  fr  Cecil  J 

Finley  M"  Henry  H  (Charlotte  A  Reynolds) 

Finley  tf-  Elisabeth  R 

Finley  O"  John  H  (Martha  FBoyden)C.Pl.    I    P^Wi28oAud 

JSS.  W  Ellen  B [Knox'Syj^So  Convent  Av 

Firth  MIM"  Edward  (JuUa  Morgan) ab'd 

332  W  86 
325  W  57 


**  Heaton  Grange '  * 

S  Orange  N  J 

Firth  M"  John  (Emilie  S  Lesher) 

Firth  M*""  Marion  L  &  Beatrice.  .. 

Firth  M'  J  Malcohn  &  JSS.  M'  Stuart  M 

Fish  M'  Hamilton-Un.Mt.Ul.Rp.Snc.Cc.Cr69 

Fish  M*"-  Janet  &  Emily  Rosalind 

Fish  M'  Hamilton  Jr-H'  Randolph  Hall  Camb'. 

JiS.  Jf "  Helena  L.  .at  St  Timothy's  SchCatonsville  Md 

Fish  Mill"  Henry  Van  Cortlandt  (L^ontine  Mari^  Suse)  Sn 

see  F  E  Suse  745  Mad  Av 
Fish  M'  Latham  A-Ny.Dt.LlJkl.Eyb.  . 

Fish  tf "  Julia  Avery. . 

Fish  M'  Albert  R-R.Gg.Tf.Ny 

Fish  M"  Nicholas  (Cl^mence  S  Bryce)  Cd. 

ab'd  Minha  Jun  27 .  .av'd  St  L  Oct  10.  .1723  N  W»fe 
Fish  MiM"Stuyvesant  (MarianGAnthon)  Un.Sa.  Mt. 
Ct.Dt.Au.Snc.So.Chch.Cly.Cr  71 
Fish  M'  Stuyvesant  Jr-Un.T.Snc.Y.'o6~atChicago 

Fish  M'  Sidney  W-Un.R.Snc 

Fisher  M"  Clark  (Harriet  White) 

P*''9S96w. .  125  E  Hanover  Trenton  N  J 

Fisher  M'  Edward  H-Cy.Y.'oi P^'»S647Bry.  .44  W  44 

Fisher  M*"  Elizabeth  R 

Fisher  D'  Edward  D-Uv.Ul.Dke.'75 

Fisher  M'  Nathaniel  C-Uv.Ul.Alb.Cw.Y/8i. 

Fisher  Prof  Geo  P--C.  .P*^^4S9-2.  .27  Hillhouse  Av  N  Haven  Ct 

Fisher  M'  Hy  Greene  Bronson-Rg.Rp.Unb 

M'"-  S  E  &  M  Agnes  Blackinton.  .23  Av  Bois 

de  Boulogne  Paris 
Fisher  MiM"  Hy  Johnson  (Alice  G  Agnew)  Uv.Ap.Ay.Rg.Cly 

Y.*96.  .P«;747  Plaza.  .9  W  56 

55  E77 

121  Joralemon 

av'd  Sept 

19  W  52 

Riding  Club 

New  York  1909 


T^-  i_      u«  /xr-         ri    ^  •  J     \  ab*d  Maur  Tun  24 

Fisher  M    joei  eius  (Vieva  Partndge)..  .  ov'H  ^Pn  t^t 

JS5.  r  Vieva  M*M'  Joel  E-at  Yale P^^.9694Riv     34  W  76 

Fisher  MiM"  John  R  (Dorothea  F  Canfield) see  DJSiSi;. 

Fisher  If"  Mary  A~Myf 315  N  Fourth  Av  Mt  Vernon  N  Y 

Fisher  MiM"  Thos  R  (Mary  R  Shreve)  Dp.Y/99 

P*«Si5i..Scarsdale  N  Y 
Fisher  M"  WilUam  (Justine  V  D  H  Bibby) 

Died  at  Montclair  N  J  Sep  14.  .see  Bibby 
Fisher  MiM"  Wm  B  (Katherine  Johnson) 

av*d  Onic  Jun  24.  .Hotel  Gotham 
Fisk  DiM"  Arthur  Lyman  (Alice  B  Carter)  Uv.C.Tvb.Y/83 

H/88.  .P^1?;2ii9Plaza.  .41  W  50 

Fisk  MiM"  Aug  Richey  (Collings)  Bg Atlanta  Ga 

Fisk  MIM"  Chas  J  (Lizzie  R  Richey)Ul.M.Rp.N.Bg. .    211  W  7 
Fisk  IT"  Chas  W-Cal.Y/05  &  Harvey  Edward-Ct.. .  Plainfield 

JlS.  tf "  Annie  G.  .  .  : N  J 

Fisk  M"  Omton  B  (Jenette  A  Crippen) 

M"  Edgar  Park  (Fisk) 

Fisk  M'  CUnton  B-Du :  see  DSS;. 

Fisk  Mill"  Pliny  (Eleanor  H  Small)  Uv.Mt.Ul.Ny. 

Fisk  r-  Annie,  .see  DSSJJZ 


Fiske  M'  Amos  Kidder-C.H*66 Century  Club 

Fiske  M"  Arthur  D  (Caroline  W  Whitney).  .  .  . 

Fiske  ff"  PauHne 

Fiske  M"'  Geo  W  &  Endicott 

Fiske  Cdr  &  M"  Bradley  A  (Josephine  Harper)      [1*^5  4975  Col 

Fiske  IP"  CaroHnc  H [Uv.USN'74l   160  W  59 

Fiske  MiM"Haley(Marione  C  Cushman)Dp.M.G.     NS2218  Col 

Fiske  M'"  Helen [Ch.Uvb.Rut*7i  39  Riverside 

Fiske  M'  Archibald  F  C  ft  JJS.  M^  Marione  V Drive 

Fiske  DiM"  Jas  Porter  (Amy  Treadwell)  Cl.*9i ....  P'»S9845Riv 

Fiske  Prof  Thos  Scott-Cl/85.  - 76  W  86 

Fiske  Mir  Josiah  M  (Charlott-e  Marshall)  Ny.Dt.Au.M.Na. 

P*^«Sio47Col..205  W70 
Fiske  M"  Rob't  T  P  (Miriam  Miller) 

P^«5i7oT'ksville.  .Prospect  Av  NewBrightonSL  .see  DSSffi. 


II  E  45 

139  W  73 

aoo  Social  Register 

Fiske  M'  Stephen-Lt.Rut'62 47  W  93 

Fiske  M'  Sydney  Gay I*W443john.  .201  W  106 



Fitch  Dili"  AUen  (Adelaide  A  Brown)  M 

J&  Jf^  Marion  LaG  B.Diantha  A  ft  Katharine  R, 

Fitch  M"  A.hbei  P  (Elizabeth  A  Cross)  Myf  .Dar.j    I*«S6923Riv 

Fitch  M'  Littleton  H-As.Y/06 1759  W  End  Av 

Fitch  Mill"  AshbelP  Qosephine  H  Smith)  Uv.Na.M.Ad.Myf. 

Rv.Y/98.  .P«5279S-79.  .1296  Mad  Av 
Fitch  Mill"  Morton  C  (Florence  E  Foster)  Y/03 

P^SyoyoMom.  .49  Claremont  Av 

Fitch  M*"  Margaret  (John) Married  at  New  Haven  Ct 

Brewster  M'  Fred'c  Foster  (late  Benj) Jun  ii 

Fitch  MiM"  Winchester  (Florence  Hopper)  Ats.Myf.Bd.Dke. 

Cw.Cr^88..3oo  W81 

Fitz  M'  Harold  G-Mass'9S P'«S33 18-38-  -4  E  43 

Fitzgerald  M"  Prank  t  (Lina  Way  Kelly)  Dar. 

Fitzgerald  M*"*Irene  fr  Eleanor  E |       at 

Fitzgerald  tf"  Edith |Smith  Col 

Fitzgerald  M'  Frank  T-Ad.Cl/05 

Fitzgerald  MiM"  Harold  (Eleanor  Fitzgerald)  Un.Dt.H/00 

P»S2i2Plaza.  .127  E  56 
Fitzgerald  M"  Louis  (Gelyna  Verplanck)Cw.Cd.  .  .  .253  Lex  Av 

Fitzgerald  Gen  Louis Died  at  Garrisons  N  Y  Oct  6 

Fitz  Gibbon  MiM"  Francis  Dillon  (Georgette  W  Folsom) 

P^5iiiMad..i36  Mad  Av 

Fitz-Simon  Rev  William Married  at  Tuxedo  Pk  N  Y 

Morgan  tf"  Ursula  (late  John  B) Jun  23 

Flagg  Rev  DiM"  Ed  O  (Mary  L  Ferris)  Rv.Ad.Ht. 

Flagg  tf"  Sally  Peters [Ty'48 

Flagg  MiM"  Ernest  (Margaret  E  Bonnell).Rc.Au.S. 

ab'd  cSimp  Jly  i  av*d  Caro  Oct  7 . .  109  E  40 
Flagg  M"  Jared  B  (Josephine  Bond).  .P^«Sii67Bry.  .253  W  42 
Flagg  MiM*^  John  Hy  (Lucy  Peachy  Jones)Ul. 

P^^S407Col..ii4  W  58 
Flagg  M"  Mortimer  Kennedy  (Edith  S  Dupignac) 

see  F  J  Dupignac 
Flagg  M"  Thos  J  (Helen  Kennedy)  Bd. 

P»S536oSpring. .  53  Wash  Sq  S 
Flagler  MiM"  Harry  Harkness  (Anne  L  Lamont)  Ul.Cal.Cl.'94 

P'^3 1 59Mad  ..32  Park  Av 

152  E  35 

Hew  Toik  1909  2ai 

87  Park  Av 

Flagler  KM"  Henry  M  (Mary  L  Kenan)  Ul.  Ay. 

"Whitehall"  Pahn  Beach  Fla 
Flanagan  Mil"  DeWitt  Clinton  (Mary  R  Wood- 
ward) R.Dke.S.Cr96  1 
te  r  James  F  Dechert.  .at  St.  Paul's  Sch 

IT  Elijah  Woodward [Concord  N  H 

Flanagan  Mill"  W  Livingston  (Gertrude  S  Allien) 

P«Sii8iBry..57  W  45 

Flanders  MiM"  Walter  C  (Sarah  T  Dominick) 61  W  87 

Fleischman  IP*  Am^lie 10  rue  Adelaide  Nice  France 

Fleitmann  M"  Ewald  (Katie  J  Caesar) nh«,,      t>  • 

Pleitmann  tf—  Paula  &  Clara r'fifo4SSKiv 

Fleitmann  M'HvT-at  Yale 42  W  77 

Fleitmann  MiM'^^Fred'k  T  (AmeUeCLindgens)Dv.    PIK6732C0I 

JS^  M'  Herman  F '. [Au.McNa.       150  W  59 

Fleitmann  MiM"  Hermann  C  (Marie  J  de  la  Blanchetais) 

R.Ny.Mc.Dv.  .PiKgdsChel.  .56  W  11 
Fleitmann  MiM"  Wm  Medlicott  (Lida  M  Heihze)  D v.  Na.  I    see 

J^  IP-  Lida  Louise  &  M'  Fred'k  H [Ny.Mc.Rg.Au.|  D^S. 

Fleming  MiM'*  Hy  Stuart  (Caroline  M  Pelgram)Ny.Pa'83 

r«S62s8-79.  .23  E  77 
Flfeming  MIM"  James  E  (Isabella  Penn  Smith)  E.An.Ll. 

P*1K2592r. .  28  James  Newark  N  J 
Fleming  MiM'"  Matthew  C  (Angeline  Wilson)  Uv.As.Dt.P/86 

M'  ab'd  A  Vic  Aug  20..av'd.  .P«S225oPlaza. .  44iParkAv 

Fleming  M"  Wm  E  (Mary  A  Rabnott) |P«S3672Riv 

Fleming  M'  Robert  B-Ul.Mt.Y.'76 1  58  W  85 

Fleming  M"  Wm  G  (Florence  Bartlett)..P«Si83sPlaza..43  E  67 
Fletcher  MiM"  Andrew  (Jean  L  Drummond)  Eg.Au.Rg.Ay. 

P'«S3o62Plaza.  .52  W  52 
Fletcher  M'  Austin  B-Mt.Ul.Na.  .'76.  ....  .Metropolitan  Club 

Fletcher  M'  Henry-Y.*98.Na.Cw.Rv.H/oi. 

P^2oooBry . .  Yale  Club 
Fletcher  MiM"  Isaac  D  (Mary  E  Pickering) Mt.ULW.R.Lt. 

PIK1229-79.  .2  E  79 
Fletcher  MiM"  Jefferson  B  (Agnes  P  Herrick)C.H'87 

I*^io27Gram.  .112  E  22 
Flick  M"  Liddon  (Henrietta  M  Ridgely) .  .ab'd  Maur  Jun  24 

av'd  A  Vic  Oct  10 . .  48  S  River  Wilkes  Barre  Pa 

202  Social  Register 

Flick  M'  R  Jay-Cal.Ct.P*94 P*^«S85ob . .  WUkes  Barre  Pa 

Fliess  Mill"  WmM(CaroHneSGillender)Na.  .765  St  Nicholas  Av 
Flinsch  MiM"  Rudolf  E  F  (Olga  von  NeufviUe)C.Mb.Dt/88 

** Target  Rock  Farm"  Huntington  L  I.  .see  DotS. 
Flint  DiM"  Austin  (Elizabeth  McMaster)C.Na.Cw.  P^^63iGram 

Flint  tf"  Annie  &  JlS.  tf"  Louise  E 118  E   19 

Flint  DIM"  Austin  Jr  (Marion  Wing)Un.Au.C. 

P'»S5Plaza..34  E  54 
Flint  MiM"  Chas  Ranlett  (E  Kate  Sinimons)C.Un.Mt.Rg. 

Ss.Na.Mid.Ny.Cy.As.'68.  .P^iQOoMad.  .4  E  36 
Flint  MiM"  Fred'k  W  (Alexandre-Lizzie  S  de  Visser) Ap.N.Lc.M. 

Beach  Av  Larchmont  Manor  N  Y 
Flint  MiM"  Sherman  (M  Olivia  Slocum) .  .P**'»Si502Plaza 

see  J  J  Slocum 
Flood  tf-  Cora  Jane-Cly .  .  P'KS  1 089 W . .  2 1 20  B 'way  S?« . .  seeSS^. 
Flower  MiM"  Anson  R  (Ida  M  Babcock)Mt.M.Rg.Au.Ch. 

Mid.  As..  60 1  Fifth  Av 
Flower  MiM"  Fred'k  S  (Hilda  K  Clark)Mt.Ny.M.Cy.Rg.R.Au. 

Ay.Na.Lt.As.  .P^«Si987Plaza.  .612  Fifth  Av 

Flower  M"  Tames  de  Laval  (Clara  A  Howard) .  •   pii«»^Q^-pioA 

Flower  tf"  Estelle  H-Bm.  .' ^l'l\}l'Z 

Flower  tf"  Mary  A see  DotlS. 

Flower  M"  Roswell  P  (Sarah  M  Woodruff) 597  Fifth  Av 

Floyd  MiM"  Aug  (Emma  R  Cooper) Rv.Snc.Rut'6s 

P*^S566iCol..36  W68 

Floyd  tf-  Cornelia  DuB-Bm ^  j.   3  . 

Floyd  tf "  Rosalie  D-at  Mastic  LI ^^^  ^  Uul5ois 

FloydM"John  Gelston(Janet  T  Montgomery) Cda.  I  P''«S4S32-79 
M*"  Adelaide  H  Montgomery I780  Park  Av 


Floyd  M"  Nicoii  (Cornelia  DuBois) 

Garden  City  LI 

Floyd  MiM"  Nicoll  (Margaret  Otis  Pott)Snc.Gg. 

Floyd  M'  Nicoll  Jr  &  JS.  tf "  Helen  LeR ....  [Rv. 

Floyd  DiM"Rolfe(EmilyDelafield)H.'95..P^^S2i44Plaza..i29E6o 

Floyd  MiM"  Wm  (Elizabeth  S  Wells)  Snc.Rv.Cw.P.'94 

P'»S2792  Mad.  .126  E  27 
Floyd  MiM"  Wm  T  (Olga  L  Gossler)  Uv.W. .  '86 

P«S2926Stuy.  .15  E  10 

New  York  1909  203 

Floyd-Jones  M'  Arthur-Un P^«S42S4-38. .  15  E  48 

Floyd-Jones  liiM"  Edw  Hy  (Edith  Carpender)  Uv.Au.Y/92 

ab'd  Adri  Jly   15.  .P'*o44r.  .Massapequa  L  I 

Floyd-Jones  Rev  Elbert-^Dp.Cl'89 |   The  Rectory 

Floyd-Jones  tf"  Elizabeth  N |Cold  Spring  NY 

Floyd-Jones  MIM"  Fred'c  (Leavitt-Rachel  English) 

1**^7 73 w I  Flushing.  .Bayside  L  I 
Floyd-Jones  MiM"  G  Stanton  (Anita  Owen)  Un.Cth.Au.Rv. 

P«S552Col.  .207  W  70 

Floyd-Jones  If"  M  Louisa Sandhurst  Eng 

Floyd- Jones  M'  Robert  B Massapequa  L  I 

Floyd- Jones  M'  Thos-Snc Nutley  N  J 

Floyd-Jones  M*  M" WChiauncey (Peppina Avezzana)  Un .  R .  I  2109 

JSs  r  Roy  A .[Wk.Cy.f  B'way 

Floyd-Jones  M"  Wm  (Lillian  T  Ferris)Cd..see  T  K  Wilmerding 

PoUansbee  M'  John  G-Un.M.B.Tf Union  Club 

Folsom  MiM"  Geo  Winthrop  (Frances  E  H  13  Astor  PI.  .Feb  i 
Fuller) Uv.C.Ch.Mtw.Cl.'67  Brown  Shipley  &Co 
Folsom  If""  Etheldred  F  &  Constance ....  London 

Folsom  \r  Henry Llewellyn  Pk 

Folsom  If"  &  M'  Henry  T-Pl.Uv. Y'83 W  Orange  NJ 

Folsom  JF"  Isabel  E P^^S5459Stuy 

Folsom  M'  Samuel  D-Ul 1 15  E  34 

Folsom  Mill"  Thos  Webster  (Jessie  Mulligan) Ul. 

av'dFin  Sep  8.  .P*^1?SiioMad. .  127  E  34 
Folsom  Mill"  Wm  Hy  (Lydia  F  Swords) Snc.Cw. An.  . 

see  M"  c  r  Swords 

Fonda  M'  Douw  H. Married  at  525  W  148 

Brown  M*"  Dorothy  (Chas  F) .Oct   i 

Fonda  MiM"  Douw  H  (Dorothy  Brown)Cal.  .Calumet  Club 

see  DoinilEi 

Foos  M*"  Elsa  V  K |     P^i4ooPlaza 

M*"  Kathleen  MacKinnon |        55  W  54 

Foos  MiM"  Ferguson  W  (Rosalie  Fellows) Ul.Na.  P'^2209Plaza 

J1S.M' Clifford  Van  B 57  W  54 

Foos  M*"  Helen  L  (late  Lamar) Married  at  Christ  Church ' 

Grossmann  M'  Edwin  B   (Ignatius  R) Oct  15 

Foot  MiM"  Sandford  D  (Carrie  K  Von  Bemuth)  Na 

ab*d  Carm  Jun  27..  231  W  70 


Spcial  Register 

see  Rev 
T  S  Hastings 

Foote  M"  Charles  B  (Mary  de  Groot  Hastings). 

Foote  IP-  Isabel 

Foote  M'  Hastings 

Foote  M"  Emwson  (Margaret  L  Allen) !  jP*»S3i lyRiv 

Foote  M'  Emerson-Ul.Cl'98 I  220  W  107 

Foote  M"  Pred'k  Wm  (Sara  Randolph  de  Puy)  Cd. 
Foote  H'  Nathaniel-Ch.  &  JIIS.M'  Fred'k  W  [Dar. 


M"  Isabelle  dePAgnew(IsabelledePFoote) 
Foote  MiM"  Hy  Allen  (Ada  Cowan)  Ul. 

P^«S569iPlaza.  .480  Park  Av 


"White  Lodge  *' 

Englewood  N  J 


James  St 

Morristown  N  J 

567  Park  Av 

204  W  86 

Foote  MiM"   Rob't  Dumont   (Marie  Gihnour 
Hopkins)  Un.Mo.M,Wk.Snc.Mg.Wp.H.'86 

J&  If""  Alice  D  &  Marianne  L 

Foote  MiM"  Sterling  T  (Anna  Jenner)  Y/02 


Foote  MiM"  Thomas  M  (Julia  Jerome)  Un 

Foote  M*"  Frances  Jerome 

Foote  M'Thos  M  Jr « 

Foote  M'  Wallace  T-Un.Uv.Ny.Rp.Lc.Mtw.U'85.Cl.'89 

Port  Henry  NY 
Foote  MiM"  Wm  H  (Helen  K  Freeman).  .  .  .  see  M"W  Freeman 
Forbes  MiM"  A  Holland  (Jessie  Livmgston  ?*^^"?7""SBdgpt 
&  M*"  Natalie  L [Wetmore)  Ny. 

Forbes  MiM"  Allen  B  (Laura  W  Hately)  Mt.Ct 

P^S67i8Col..i  W  70 
Forbes  MiM"  Archibald  (Gertrude  R  Vemam)  Mo.Mg. 

MS6i6. .  18  Madison  Av  Morristown  N  J 

Forbes  M"  Francis  (Emma  J  Bonner) 

Forbes  tf"  Adfele 

Forbes  M'  Francis  Bonner-Cro4  &  JSS.M'  Gilbert. . 

Forbes  M"  Frank  Herbert  (Marie  H  J  Cox) 

Forbes  DiM"  Henry  H  Qean  Mack)  Rv D'  ab^d 

Grosse  Jly  28.  .av'd  Luc  Sep  6 
Forbes  M'  Guy-Sn St  Nicholas  Club 

** Garden  Court'' 

Fairfield  Ct 

8  Ws6 

96  Park  Av  - 

Forbes  M"  John  Murray  (Emily  Anthony). 

Forbes  tf"  Edith  Stuart 

IP"  ^iargaretta  C  Anthony 

147  South 



New  York  1909 



105  Mad  Av 

Morristown  N  J 

Forbes  Mill"  John  Murray  (Minnie  E  Griswold) 

Forbes  M' Gordon [Mt.Ul.Mo.Mg.Dt.Wp. 

JlS.  IT  Howell  &  John  M  Jr 

Forbes  liiM"  Jos  D  (Madeleine  C  McGuire)  Uv.R.Rh.Tf.H'99 

Forbes  MiM"Paul  R(Forbes-Dora  Delano) 
Forbes  M*^  Pauline  &  Florence.   .  .  .  .[Un. 

Forbes  M'  Charles  Stuart-K 

Forbes  M'H  de  Coursey-K.B.ab'd  St  L  Jun2o 
Forbes  MiM"  Wm  J  (Rebecca  T  Rowland)  I 

Forbes  M^  Reba^E [C.Dt.Y'77|ii3 

Forbes-Leith  MiM"  Alex  J  (Mary  L  January) 

I  Grosvenor  Crescent  London 



37  Av  de  TAlma 


Willow  Brooklyn 

31  E  49 

Force  MiM"Wni  H  (Katherine  A  Talmage)  Ha.Ny. 

JS't.  tf"~  Katherine  E  &  Madeleine  T.  .  .  .  .  .  .[Dt. 

Ford  M*"  Anne  Rowland.  .  .Died  at  Spring  Lake  N  J  Jly  4 

see  Rowland 

Ford  MiM"  Fred'k  Ward  (Mary  K  Howell)  P'oo 

P^5357l. .  15  James  .  .Morristown  N  J 

Ford  MiM"  H  Ward  (Rosette  Suckley)  R.Mg.Mo.Cdal    I 


JS^  M*"*-Rosette  S&Emilie  W&M'  Hy W  Jr.  .at  StPaulSeh] 

Ford  MiM"  J  Howard  (H  E  Bertha  Norlin)  Un.Ul.Ny.R^. 

U^ion  Club 

Ford  r  Tames  B-Ats.Cal.Na.Ny.Lc.Rp .4  E  43 

Ford  MiM"  John  (May  Bentinck) abroad 

Fordyce  DiM"  John  A(Alice  Dean  Smith)  XJv.Lc. ' 78 

.  Fordyce  JP"  Emma  D 

Fordyce  M^  Addison 

T>             MM               /r»    X     J     A  Tr         X  ab'dMaurSep  17 

Forman  M    Geo  Lisle  (Gertrude  A  Young) -  _  *-    ' 

Jffi.  ff"  Geo  L.  .at  Cheshire  Sch  &  Chas  E  Y. 


8  W  77 


512  Fifth  A V 

.see  H  H  Benedict 

Forrest  MiM"Arch'd  Alex  (Helen  E  Benedict). 

Forrest  M"  Louise  H  (Louise  HoUister).  ...  see  H  H  HoUister 

Forrest  M'°Richard  E.-Un.R.Rh.Y.'99. Union  Club. 

Forster  MiM"  Fred^k  P  (Edith  Allen)  Uv.Dt.H.*73 

Forster  JP"  Dorothy. P^^674oRiv. 

Forster  M"  Fred'k  A  &  Henry 270  W  84 

Ja  tf "  Margaret 1 

ao6  Social  Register 

1).  .  . . 

Morristown  N  J 

Forsyth  M"  George  w  (Kate  L  Brookfield). 

Forsyth  IP"  Marian  I 

Forsyth  M' Alfred  B 

Forsyth  MiM"  Geo  W  (Emily  V  BurriU)  Un.T.Rg.Dt.P/77 

av'dCedOct  2..6  W  51 

Fors)rth  M'  Robert-Un.Eg.Uv.Rens'69 see  CJS 

Forsyth  Mill"  Russell  (Helena  A  Craig) p^^^^  4.  r^ 

Forsyth  IP"  Beatrice-at  93  Madison  Av i-omiret  K.I 

Fort  M*"  Natalie 231  W  45 

Fortescue  Capt  Granville  R-Ul.An.Mtw.Cvcw.Anw.Pa*98 

The  Palace  Havana  Cuba 

Fortescue  M'  Kenyon ab'd  Maur  Aug  1 2 . .  see  DSJS^. 

Forwood  MiM"  Harold  S  (Kate  C  Wynkoop)  Lc.       Holyoke 

Forwood  IP""  Galdys  F  &  Marjorie  K Cheshire  Eng 

Fosdick  M"  C  Baldwin  (Alice  G  Wolfe).  J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 
Fosdick  r'Clark'-Un.H.*os  &  Paulding-Un.Kg.H/05 

see  C  A  Childs 
Foster  MiM"  A  Lentilhon  (Victorine  E  du  Pont)  K.Mt.Uv.Snc. 
Cw.Dt.Cl'67.  .P^io64d.  /*Virieux"Montchanin  Del.  .see  P* 

Foster  M'  Abbott-C.Snc Litchfield  Ct 

Foster  M'  Albert  E-Cal P^^S4457-38.  .36  E  49 

Foster  M"  Albert  E  (Chase).  .  .  .Tuexdo  Pk  N  Y.  .see  DSiJZ. 

P^1K344.  .Mendham  Rd 
Morristown  N  J 

Foster  M'  Chas  G-Mg 

Foster  tf"  Caroline  R-Mg 

Foster  MiM"  Ernest  H  (Margaret  W  Martin)  Uv.Rc.Stv'84 

P^SiiiNDorp.  ."Two  Views"  Dongan  Hills  S  I 
Foster  MiM"  Eug  Gray  (Florence  J  Southerland)  Ul.As. 

P'1Kii44Col.  .172  W  73 
Foster  M"  Frank  (Frances  Frick) 

ab'd  Adri  Jxm  17.  .Stoneleigh  Court  W^ 
Foster  MiM"Fted*c  de  Peyster(Talbot-Julia  Marshall) 
K.Un.Uv.Dt.T.Snc.S.Rv.Cw.Cr68.  .av'd  Kroon 

M'  Richmond  Talbot [Sep  22  ab'd  Fin  Jly  4 

Foster  M'  Geo  F-Uv.Dke.Y'79 University  Club 

Foster  DiM"  Geo  V  (Annie  C  Browning)  Dth'8i 

P'*^246i-38..26  E  41 
Foster  MiM"  Giraud  (Jean  Van  Nest)  K.T.Rg.Rv. 

av'd  K  II  Jun  16.  .'*  Belief ontaine"  Lenox  Mass.  .see  DSilS. 

Foster  M'  H  Elisha-Ct 2  W  55 

Foster  MiM"HowardC(EthelEPratt)P.'98.Piro48o9Riv.3o6  W  80 

Fifth  Av 

New  York  1909 


J  Munroe  &  Co 

332  W  72 


14  Neptune  PI 

New  Rochelle  N  Y 

Foster  MiM"  Jas  Peers  (Haight)  Cl'73 1    see 

Foster  M'  Geo  H-H/99 [DJiSS. 

Foster  MiM"  John  Hone  (Humbert)  T.Un.Mt. 
Cl/74..av'dCed  Juni2 

Foster  M'  Fred'c  G-H'o8 

Foster  MIM"  Macomb  G  (Annie  Garnett)  Ul.S.Na.Ct 

av'd  Irene  Nov  1 1 . .  P!K3766  Plaza. 540  Park  Av 
Foster  M'  Philip  Lawrence-Uv.Ny.R.Eg.Tf .Gg/82 

P'1K2233Bry.  .  12  W  44 

Foster  M'  Roger-M.Na.Mtw.Unb.Y/78 69  W  55 

Foster  M'  Scott-Ul 

Foster  M*"  Jennie  G 

Foster  M'  J  Hegeman-Ul.R.As 

Foulke  Jf"  Amelia  R 

Foulke  M'  Bayard  Fish-S.Ch.Snc.Rv.Cw. . 

Foulke  ir  Wm-Un.S.Ch.Snc.Cw 

Fowle  MiM"  Alfred  L  (Isabel  Proctor  Miller) 

P«5346wG'wich.  .Cos  Cob  Ct.  .see  DSiffi!. 

Fowler  M"  Anderson  (Emily  Arthur) 

Fowler  IP"  Emily  A 

Fowler  M'  Arthur  A-Uv.S.Cl.'99 

Fowler  IT"  Rob't  H-Cl'o6  &  Harold 

i^W^  Dorothy  &  Agnes 

Fowler  M"  Chas  Anthony  (M  Virginia  Northrup) 

Died  at  Briarcliff  N  Y  Jun  21 

Fowler  M'  Chas  Anthony-Ul Union  League 

Fowler  M'  Chas  A  Jr-Ay.Snc.  .at  31  E  49.     •  •  Club 

Fowler  MiM"  D  Ogden  (Edwina  Gardiner  Thompson)  Re. 

Davis  Av  Livingston  S  I 
Fowler  DIM"  Edmund  P  (Mabel  Denman)  Dke.N*93.Cl'oo 

P^«Si784Riv.  .57  W  76 
Fowler  MiM"  Edw  M  (Beulah  F  Hull)  Y'96. . .  I      i5i6Chapala 
Jffi.  Jf"  Helen  F Santa  Barbara  Cal 

60  E  68 

.Fowler  DiM"  Edw  Payson  (Mildred  Russell) Ul.. . 

M"  Louise  F  Gignoux  (Louise  M  Fowler) .... 

Fowler  M'  Frank-C.Lt PIR4243C0I.  rio6  W  55 

Fowler  M"  Geo  B  (Anna  Prince) 

Fowler  M'  Charles  W-Y'o6 

M"  Chas  A  Coombs 

M'  Benj  Prince 


18  E  58 


Social  Register 

26  W  10 

39  E  68 

Fowler  MiM"  Rob't  Ludlow(JuliaGroesbeck)Mt. 
Fowler  IP^Mary  Ludlow& Elizabeth  B  G.  .[Cd. 

Fowler  M'  Wm  S  Groesbeck-Un.P.'oo 

Fowler  M'  Rob^t  L  Jr 

Fowler  M^^SilviedeGrasse-Cda.MorganHarjes&Co  Paris.see  Wift 
Fowler  MiM"  Thos  Powell  (Isabelle  Dunning)  Mt.Rv. 


Fowler  W'^  Ruth  D.  .ab'd  Celt  Jly  2  av^d,  Katharine  S 

&  Eleanor  R.  .ab'd  Celt  Jly  2  av*d 

Ji^™  r*  Dunning  &  Powell 

Fowler  M'  Willis-Uv.P/8i. P^1?S6oPlaza.  .540 'Mad  Av 

Fox  DiM"  Andrew  J  (Mary  McC  Patteson) 

&  tf"  Dorothy 

Fox  MiM"  Austen  G  (Alice  Hoppin)  C.Uv.Ct.Dt. 

Fox  M*"  Alice-Cly [Pl.Snc.Cly.H/69 

Fox  M'  Austen  Hoppin-Snc.Ct.H.'o3 

Fox  MiM"  Chas  S  (Bertha  K  Sprague) .116  W  75 

Fox  M"  Edward  C  (Mary  Eddy) '.P^^259oCol. .  117W  58 

Fox  DIM"  Geo  Hy  (Harriet  Gibbs)  Uv.Bd.Pu. 

Fox  tf"  Helen [Roch'67  \ 

Fox  D'  Geo  Howard-Pu.Y/94 

Fox  M'  Alanson  G-Pu.Y.'oo 

Fox  MiM"  Hugh  Corby  (Marguerite  Hitt)  Cal.  Kg:Mid.H.'94 

120  W  57 
Fox  MiM"  Lyttleton  (Gen^vifeve  M  O'Brien) Y/02 

P'^«S499o-79..i 63  E  80 
Fox  MiM"  Rector  K  (Hilda  C  Seccomb)  B.Uv.Pl.So.H/96 

P^S2i2y3./*Seven  Springs  Farm''  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 

Fox  MiM"  Samuel  M  (Amy  N  Ellis) 

JlSs  M*-  Silvie  de  Pau : 



18  E  31 

Sheffield  Mass 
Fraley  MiM"  John  U  (Laura  V  Kinzer)  Ul.Ar.Ny . .  962  Mad  Av 


M'  J  Seaver  Page [Na.  Ad.  Wms'90 

Francis  S'  Claude  de  La  Roche 

4  Park  PI  St  James  London  see  P'fe 
Francis  RevDiM"Lewis (Elizabeth  V  Witherbee)Vt's6.         t^. 

MiM"  Ralph  E  Rogers  (Francis) 10  Is  73 

Francis  MiM"  Lewis  W  (Sarah  D  Chapman)  Uv.Ad.Wms*88^^ 

see  M"  J  W  Chapman 

119  E  56 

550  Park  Av 

48  E  26 

New  York  1909  209 

Francis  MIM"  Richard  S  (Louise  B  Congdon)  Mg.H.'o2 

P''»S448oMad.  .  142  E  27 

Francis  M'  Robert  Talcott-Ul Hotel  Gotham 

Francke  Mili"Albert  (Marian  Doane  Rand)Uv.Sa.R.Rh.Y/9i 

P*^Sio37FarRock..Lawrence  L  I 
Francke  M"  Caroline  K  N  (Caroline  K  Neilson)   . 

P^^578w.  .43  N  Fullerton  Av  Montclair  N  J 
Francke  M"  Pedro  F  (E  Estelle  Martinez)  Uv.Sa.Y'87 

P'»S53  ..21  Mott  Av  Far  Rockaway  L  I 

Francke  M'"  R6salie 

Francke  M'  Richard  t-Rh.Y'86 

Francke  M'  Ed  J-Uv.Rh.Y' 76.  .  .[at  Union  Club 
Francke  IT  Luis  J-Un.Rh.R..ab'd  Lusi  Oct  14 
Francklyn  MiM"  Chas  G(Susan  S  Hoyt)K.Ny.Tf. 

Francklyn  IP"  Doris [Cly.Cda. 

Francklyn  M'  Gilbert-K.Tf.R.-at  319  Fifth  Av. 

Francklyn  M"  Reginald  (Agnes  Binsse) [Morgan  Harjes 

JSS.  IP"-  Delia  &  Agnes  &  IT  Reginald  G |     &  Co  Paris 

Frankenstein  Ct  &  Ctss  Henri  de  (Anne  S  Brewster) 

Via  Abbrizzi  Rome  Italy 
Franklin  MiM"  Benj  W  (Mary  Vanderpoel)  Ad.Cd.Hob'71 

P^«52  528Gram..38  W  9 
Franklin' MiM"  Emlen  P-Ats.Na.Mg.Mo. 

P^382 . .  24  Franklin  Morristown  N  J 

Franklin  M'  Geo  Small-H.'o2 P'*^S32ii-38,.i38  E  40.  .see  Bffii. 

FrankHn  MiM''  Philip  A  S  (Laura  Merryman)  Un.Bg.Blbl. 

I*^35SsPlaza..42  E  61 
FrankUn  MiM"  Wm  B  (LiUius  Grace)  Uv.USN'88..ab'dOnic 

Jly  I  aVd  St  P  Aug  i..PǤ3855Plaza..i4o  E  62 
Fraser  MiM"  Geo  C  (Jane  G  Tutt)  Uv.Mg.Mo.Mtw.Cly.P.'93 

P^^634 .  .  I  Mad  Av  Morristown  N  J 
Fraser  M"  Geo  S(Anna  MComing)..P''^S409oPlaza. .  667  Mad  Av 

Fraser  M"  James  (Eleanor  Kevan) )P^1JS64l.  .**Braeside'' 

Eraser  tf"  Sarah  G |  Dobbs  Ferry  N  Y 

Fraser  tf""  Jane  K-As.  &  S  Grace P^^S628sPlaza..ii4  E  65 

Fraser  MiM"  Wm  A  (Lina  Appleton)  Ats.P'^^S4379Plaza..36  E  64 
Frayer  MiM"  Eug  (Fanny  Wilson)  Dt.Du.Cr.'76 

P^'»2929Cort.  .323  W  104 
Frazar  M"  Everett  (Annie  Lindley) 81  High  Orange  N  J 

2IO  Social  RegistM: 

Frazer  Pay  Dir  &  M"  Reah  (Sallie  M  Waterman)  USN. 


P*^S3i32Main.  .Navy  Yard  Brooklyn.. see  P**?: 
Frazier  M'  Arthur  Hugh-Uv.R.Lehigh'SQ 

American  Legation  San  Salvador 

Frazier  JP"  Isabel 11*^5172-79 

FrazierMili"Herbert(JulietRawle)Un.R.Trb.H.'95.|   151  E  74 
FrazierMiM"Kenneth(JuliaFishRogers)C.Fn.  I**  WindwayFarm ' ' 

J^«  tf"  Veronica |    Garrison  N  Y 

Freeborn  DiM"  Geo  Cornell  (Adelaide  Yates)  C.Cd. 

Pyo636Col..20o  W  56 
Freeland  MiM"  Henry  Rankin  (Caroline  S  Walker)P'62 

Freeland  M*"-  Louise  G  &  Mary  B 

Freeland  If"  Arthur  G-Dp.Y.'94  &  Edw  L-Y'98 

Freeland  M'  Kenneth  G 

Freeland  D'  John-R.Rh.M Racquet  Club 

Freeman  M"  B  W  (Blanche  Wheelock) 

Freeman  tf"  Dorothy 

J^ra  M'  Edw  W . .  at  PhilUps  Acad  Andover  Mass . 

Freeman  MiM"ChasD  (Eloise  W  Telfair)  Mt.Ny.R.Bg..S.Fn. 

Au.As.N.Rc.Dar.  .P^S375iCol. .  170  W  59 
Freeman  M"  FrankMorgan(JuliaBerghMuller)     Morgan  Harjes 

&  M*"  Louise [ab'd  Cecil  Jun  9       &  Co  Paris 

FreemanMTrankWetmore-Cw.  H.  'o  5 .  .P''^S3  5  5 1  Bry . .  5  4  2  Fif  th  Av 
Freeman  M"  George  a  (Harriet  F  Kendrick) 

Died  at  44  E  79  Aug  28 
Freeman  M'  Geo  Albr^e-Ny.Lc.Mass'77 37  W  44 


70  W  49 

Freeman  MiM"  Joel  Francis  (Frances  M  Abbey)  P*'^S3 1 1 3 

Freeman  If"  Gertrude  A-Cly [Ul.Snc.Cw.Ar.  loi  Munn  Av 

Freeman  M'  Alden-Mt.Uv.Pl.Ny.Ch.Ct.Snc.Ar.         E  Orange 

Ats.Bg.Pu.Rv.Cw.Cc.Ht.Wt.Myf.N'82  N  J 

Freeman  M*"  Julia  (late  Frank  M).  .  .  .Married  at  Greenwich  Ct 

Fairchild  M'  Benjamin  T Oct  10 

Freeman  If"  Louise  (Sam*l) .' Married  at  Morristown  N  J 

McCormick  M'  Walter  Brooks Jly  7 

Freeman  tf "  M |P^«S234Plaza 

Freeman  M'  Edgar-R..av'd  Onic  Sep  16 |     63  E  53 

Freeman  If"  Mabel  (Sam'l) Married  at  Morristown  N  J 

Tuttle  M'  Geo  Coolidge Jun  20 

New  York  1909 


Freeman  DiM"  RowlandGodfrey(HenriettaTaylor)C.Bd.Cr83 

av'd  Adri  Sep  30.  .  205  W  57 

M'  ab'd  Lusi  Aug  26 
Morristown  N  J 

see    JjJmiSSa 

Freeman  Mill"  Samuel  (Frances  Smith)Ul. 
Freeman  ir"SHarold&SouthgateB.[Mg.Mo. 

JlS.  M'  Leonard  C 

Freeman  M"  Wilberforce  (Katherine  M  Kirkland) 
Freeman  IP"  Ginevra 

MiM"  Wm  H  Foote  (Helen  K  Freeman) 

MiM"  John  H  U  Condict 

Frelinghuysen  MiM"  Fred'k  (Estelle  B  Kinney)  E.Un.Cc 

Rut'68.  .P«S684.  .  18  Park  Place  Newark  N  J 


437  Main 

Orange  N  J 

Frelinghuysen  MiM"GeoG(Ballantine)Un.Mg.Rg 

Frelinghuysen  M*"  Matilda  E-Mg 

Frelinghuysen  Mill"  Jos  S  (Emily  M  Brewster)  Ul 

P*^^S2  2i2Bry 
27  W  48 


ab'd  Maur  Jly  22. .av'd  Lusi  Aug  2o..P'^772Col.  .35  W68 


Frelinghuysen  M*"  Lucy 

Frelinghuysen  M'  Fred'k  T-Un.H'08-at  Westmorly  Camb' 

Frelinghuysen  MiM"  Peter  H  B  (Adaline  Havemeyer)  Un.Mo 

Mg.Dp.P.*o4..i49  Mad  Av  Morristown  N  J 
Frelinghuysen  MiM"  Theo  (Cannon-Elizabeth 

Thompson)  Un.K.T.Rg.Mc. 
JS^  M*"*  Adelaide  &  Marian  &  M'  Le  Grand  Cannon 
FremontCapt&M"JohnC  (Sally  Anderson)  U v. 
Na.An.Cvcw.USN'72  Naval  Attache 
Amer  Emb  Paris 
Fremont  M^"-  Jessie  B  &  Juliette  VanWyck. . 
French  MiM*  Amos  Tuck  (Pauline  Le  Roy)  Mt.Tf.Dt.K. 
French  M'  Francis  O&JlSstf "  JuliaS.[Un.G.T.Ny.Mid.H/8s 
French  MiM"  Daniel  C  (Mary  A  French)C. Ats.Tvb.  " 

French  ff"  Margaret 

French  M"  Francis  Ormond  (Ellen  Tuck)  ab'd  Kp  Wm  Jly  14 
av'd  Ced  Oct  2..**  Villa  St  Priest''  Cannes  France 

French  M"  Jas  W  (Elizabeth  B  Bomford) |       Abroad 

French  Capt  John  W-USA.  E.Ll.Rv |po  Fifth  Av  Bk 

French  MiM"  John  (Mary  M  Billings)  Uv. As  Ats.Cly.Dth'86 

see  M"  F  Billings 

IS  W47 

2119  R  WBB 

Capt  on 



125  W  II 


Social  Regisfter 

French  DiM"  John  Herndon  (Sadie  Cochrane)  Un.|P*1»S  29  23  Plaza 
J^„  W"  Hilah  C  &  M'  Seth  B  2d.   .   .  [Mt.Tf.Na.So.|     43  W  51 

French  M'"  Lillie  Hamilton 53  E  30, 

French  MiM"  S  Barton(MaryWalkerFeam)  M"ab*d  AVic  Aug  20 
Un.R.Mt.T.Mid.Tf  .Gg.Au.Ny.Mtw.Cly.       P^«523  iSPla^a 

ifL  W"  Clarice  M  &  M'  Wm  B 15  W  51 

Frewen  MIM"  Moreton  W  (Clara  Jerome)    37  Gt  OumberlandPl 
Frewen  IP"  Claire  M. 

Frick  Mill"  Hy  Clay  (Adelaide  H  Childs)  Mt.Eg. 

Frick  tf"  Helen  Clay [etc. 

Frick  M'  Childs-Au.Mt.Rg.P.'o5 

Frick  MiM"  John  A  (Ruth  E  Linderman)  Eg.Lehigh'03 

to  Savanjiah  Ga 
Fries  DiM"  Harold  H  (L  Catharine  Cahill)Uv.   I     P^^2932Plaza 

JS.  M*"  Gladys  C  C [Na.CrSsI         40  W  59 

Frissell  M'  Algernon  S-C.Ct.Rv.Bd 530  Fifth  Av 

Frissell  DiM"  Lewis  F  (AntoinetteWMontgomery)|P^S3688Plaza 
Frissell  tf"LaviniaB. see  DSuX.    .    .    .[Ct.Y.'9s| .    113  E  56 
Frith  MiM"  Arthur  J  (Mimika  L  Parish)  Eg.Rens'73 

Armour  Institute  Chicago 
Frith  tf-  Clara  M see  DiiilSS^. 


640  Fifth  Av 
see  iDurgh 

Frith  W  L  Edward-Un , .  P'^«Si826-38 

Frith  tf""  Louise  S-Bm.  &  Helen  M. j   35  W  37 

Fritsch  M"  Hugo  de  (Marie  Gibert) I    see  tf "  C  Gibert 

Fritsch  M'  Hugo  G-at  Harvard |  16W8 


Frost  MiM"  Arthur  B  (Phillips)  Mg.Mo. 

&  M'  Arthur  B  Jr 

Frost  MiM"  Elihu  B  (Marie  Emery  Dow)  Uv,M.Anw.Cvcw.Cc. 

Dar.Y'83.  .P*^^Si36Plaza.'.5i  W  55 
Frost  MiM"  Francis  W  (Alice  B  Blackwell) 

f^'Tojo'jw. .  loiiMadison  Av  Plainfield  N  J 
Frothingham  Prof  &  M"  Arthur  L  (Helen  B  Post)  Uv.P'83 

Princeton  N  J 
Frothingham  MiM"  C  Fred'k  (Mary  M  Macdonald) 
Frothingham  tf""Mary  K  &  Isabella  M .  .[Ul.Rv.H' 
Frothingham  M'  C  Fred'k  Jr-at  Dunster  Hall 

JlS.  tf"  Dorothy  W [Camb' 

Frothingham  M'  Channing-Ha [H.'o2 

Frothingham  Mi  M"LawrenceP( Alice WLarrabee) 

Babylon  >L  I 


New  York  1909 


344  W  72 

Frothingham  MIM"  Edgar  V(Genevieve  Lord)  H/96 

P«Si3-4.New  Canaan  Ct 

Frothingham  M^  Elisabeth  W 267  State  Pasadena  Cal 

Frothingham  M'  John  W-H/99 9  E  10 

Frothingham  DiM"  Richard(Gwendolyii  Davison) 

JSL  If-  Gwendolyn [H'92 

MiM"  Chas  Davison  (Chapin). 
Frothingham  MiM"  Sam'l  (Elinor  G  Meyer)  K.Gg.B.Rv.R. 

T  tf*T10Tr     IVl  JJ  QQ 

Frothingham  MiM"  Theo  L  (Elizabeth  F  Mason)  Uv.Ha.H/84 

P«Si856Main..55  Pineapple  Bklyn 
Frothingham  MiM"  Wm  I  (Florence  B  Marvin) Uv.Ha.H. '94 

see  JjomioKa 

Fry  M'  Charles  P Married  at  Incarnation  Memorial  Chap 

Benedict  M*"  Marjorie  W Sep  23 

Fry  MiM"  Chas  P  (Marjorie  Benedict)  Sn.So.Ala'89 

P^S2223Col..34i  W  70 
Fry  MiM"  Geo  Gardiner(AliceS  Ingraham)Ay.|M'av*dStaatSep29 

Ap.Snc.Cr85   P^«Si29l** Sound 
JlS.  H^  Elizabeth  P  &  M""  Geo  G  Jr  &  Olney  M       Cliff  Cottage" 

M"  SidneyPIngraham(VictoriaLMalard)|Mamaroneck  NY 
Fuge  Capt  &  M"  T  W  M(Ewart--KateKTalbot).. Belfast  Ireland 
Fuller  MiM"  Chas  (Fairfax  Loving)  Sa.Mtw. 

P«S6378Mad..i6o  E  36' 
Fuller  MiM"  Chas  D(Anna  Pendleton  Rogers) 

Fuller  f—  Frances  P  &  Sarah [Ch.Cd.Cr62 

Fuller  M'  Pendleton  R-P.'oo. 

Fuller  M"  Edward  (Mary  A  Easton) .  .DiedatOssiningNYJlyia 

Fuller  M'  Edward  L~Ul.Mid Scranton  Pa 

D'  ab'd  Bait 
Aug  6  av'd 
252  Lex  Av 

25  W  9 

Fuller  DiM"  Eugene  (Margaret  E  MacTavish)Uv. 

Jfiklf  Eugenia  M  &  M'  Duncan  MacT-at  Hill 

Sch  Pottstown 
FuMer  MiM"  Geo  (Vincent)  C see  C  W  Parker 

Fuller  MiM"  Henry  B  (Lucia  Fairchild) P^«Ss8iPlaza 

JlS*  M^  Clara  B 78  E  55 

Puller  MiM"  Horace  W  (Mary  S  Hone)  Un.Ul. 

P^^S 1 680C0I  ..71  Central  Pk  W 
Fuller  MiM"  L^once  C  (Katherine  Lyon)  Croi 

P^^6o8Spring..i3  W8 

214  Social  Register 

Fuller  MiM"  Paul  (L^onie  Coudert)  C.M.Ats.Dt.Cth.Ct. 

P*''»S39ooMad..37  Mad  Av 
Fuller  MiM"  Paul  Jr  (Marie  A  de  Florez)  Sa.S.Cl/oi 

P^«S47if  2  2..Wyckoif  N  J 
Fuller  Mill"  Samuel  L  (Constance  Greenough)  Uv.H'98 

P^1?S2986Plaza. .  160  E  70 
Fuller  MiM"  Wm  (Mary  S  Sheldon)  Mt.R.Cy.CVSS 

P^^S864Plaza.  .751  Fifth  Av 
Fullerton  MiM"  Alan  (Alice  O  Marquand)..33  Hans  Rd  London 
Fulton  Mill"  Elisha  M  (Sarah  C  Macfarren) 

** Hedgerow"  Southern  Pines  N  C 
Fulton  M"  Elisha  M  Jr  (Mary  Butler  Green)  Cly. 

P^^S2  57.  /'Under  Crest  Farm"  Portchester  N  Y..see  DSSSSK. 
Fulton  MiM"  Louis  M  (Margaret  J  Young)  Uv.Ct.Cr.'74.Ci'77 

17  W  32 
Furber  MiM"  Percy  N  (Cornelia  C  Chapman)  N.Au. 

P^5466Col..i5o  W  59 

Furman  MiM"  J  Rockfield-Eg abroad 

Furman  M"  Silas  H  (Marcia  P  Shackford) 

Pl?§73l.  .  209  Union  Av  Cranford  N  J 

Furman  M'  Silas  H Died  at  Milven  Village  N  H  Sep  5 

Furman  MiM"  Stuart  S  (Arlie  Farrington)  R.H*96 

P^^2i786Chel.  .15  Wii 

Furman  tf"  Virginia  D  H Ft  Salonga  L  I 

Fumald  M"  Francis  P  (I  Ella  Merrill) 

M"  Elizabeth  G  Merrill 

Fumiss  tf"  Sophia  R  C 

Fumiss  M'"  Clementina-Cly .  .  ab*d  Cecil  Jly  7 

av'd  A  Vic  Sep  10 

M"  John  E  Zimmerman  (Fumiss) 

Gade  MiM"  John  A  (Ruth  Sibley)  Uv.Cly.H.'96 

P^^25488Piaza..5oo  Mad  Av 
Gage  Maj  &  M"  Moreton  F  (Anne  Massie  Strong) 

Diamond  Hill  Camberley  Sussex  Eng 

Gail  M*"  Florence  E Married  at  Niagara  Ont 

Mayer  M'  Laurence  J  (Jos  B) Jly  2^ 

Gaillard  MiM"  C  B  Gibson  (AdMe  Erben) 

P**^Sii27Plaza..67o  Lex  Av 

34  W72 

Madison  Av 

New  York  1909  215 

Gaillard  IT  E  Prioleau-As.So/98 

P'1K6ooo  Cort  Ardsley  Club  on  Hudson 

GaUlard  M"  Edwin  S  (Mary  E  Gibson) P'»Si369Col 

Gaillard  M'  Marion  H-Ct.So 225  W  End  Av 

Gaillard  M'  Gourdin  Y  (late  Wm) . . .  Married  at  800  Whitney  A  v 

Whitney  M'"  Louise  H  (Eli) New  Haven  Ct  Jly  9 

Gaillard  MiM'^  Gourdin  Y  (Louise  H  Whitney) 

800  Whitney  Av  New  Haven  Ct 
Gaillard  MiM"  Wm  E  G  (Mary  S  Bateson)  So.Mid.Na.Fn. 

P'^«S6o97Col..i25  W58 
Gaines  Mill"  John  S  (Clark- Cornelia  L  Ludlow) 

**Lorretto"  Warrenton  Va 
Gaines  W  Richard  H-S.Lt.Cc.So.Ar.Va'83 

Galatti  MiM"  Paul  S(Ang61ique  Kessisoglou)  M.N.  P*^«Si3i6Mad 

Galatti  M'  John  P [av'd  K  II  Oct  6         247 

JiS»  M'  Stephen-at  Harvard I    Fifth  Av 

Gale  MiM'*  Edward  C  (Marie  W  Thompson)  P«Si23 

J,^»  M'  Alfred  W [G,Fw.Rens*83  59  First  Troy  N  Y 

Gale  M"  Noel  (Louise  E  Hinds) see  Do^'S. 

Gale  M'  No6l-Uv.Mid.Kg.Dke.Rv.Ober'82 

JlS.  M'  Geo-at  King's  Sch  Stamford  Ct 

Gales  M'  Weston  Spies-Cc.Pl.Y.'98 

P**^S2  297oHay.  .3  Brimmer  Boston,  .see  BtS- 
Gallatin  MiM"  Albert  (Margaret  H  Hackstaflf)  Un.Bm.R.Fn. 

Kg.Snc.Au.T.  .P'ToseoSPlsiza.  .448  Mad  Av 

Gallatin  M"  Albert  H  (Louise  B  Ewing) [Cornelia  L 

Gallatin  ^"••Louise .  .  ab*d  Lusi  Sep  i6av*d  AdriOct29  &        31 
Gallatin  M'  Albert  Eug-Un.G.Fn.Bm.Tf.Au.Snc.T.Cw.       E  49 

ab'd  Aka  Jly  2 . .  av'd  Lusi  Aug  20 
Gallatin  MiM"  Francis  D  (Harriet  L  Bogert)  Dp.Cr 

Valavran  Geneva  Switz 
GaUatin  MiM"  Fred'c  (Amy  G  Gerry)  Uv.CUn.Bm.T.An.Ny. 

Rv.Snc.Cw.Wt.Ch.N'6i Hotel  St  Regis 


Gallatin  MiM"  Fred'c  Jr  (Emily  C  Trowbridge)  Un.     P^«Sio4-38 
tf"  Louise  A  Trowbridge.  .[Ny.Sa.Snc.Cly.Cl.'oi    123  E  39 
Gallatin  MiM"  Goelet  (Edith  C  Post)  Un.K.T.Bm.G.Snc.Ny. 

Dt.Rp.Uv.Cl.'oo.  .P'*»S4984Plaza.  .444  Mad  Av 


Social  Register 

\m  U'    T   M" 

Gallatin  M"  James  (Elisabeth  Dawson) ahMAVio«5AT^T*t 

Gallatinff"AlbertR-Uv.Snc.Dp.Cr9i&JasNich  ^^  ifg  E  38 
Gallatin  MiM"  R  Horace  (Emily  L  Morris)  Un.T.Snc.Au.G. 

R.Ny.Cw.  av'dKpWmNov.2 .  P«S2  i94Plaza . .  438MadAv 
Gallaudet  DiM"  Bern  B  (Elise  G  Elderkin)  Uv.Ty^So 

P^^3643Stuy..ii5E  16 
Gallaudet  If""  Y^^^i^^^  ^_*  Elizabeth  F.  .P'^SsaybMad. .  14  E  33 


av'd  Maur 
Aug  28 
68  Ess 

170  HopeP5J2. 

see   laenM 

Gallaway  MiM"  Rob't  M(Elizabeth  A  William's) 

Gallaway  M' Merrill  W-Un.Ul.Y/92 [Ul.An. 

Gallaway  MilT' John  Macy(ABeatrice Wright) Un.       ^^ 

Gallup  M'  Charies  Van  E Died  at  Ifek  Apr  9 

Gambrill  M"  Richard  (Anna  Van  Nest)  Cly.  IP«S2  2i9Mad 

JSSs  M'  Richard-at  Groton [av*d  Cecil  Jun  30]  30  Park  Av 

Gammell  MiM"  Rob't  Ives(Eliza  Anthony  Hoppin)Mt.Uv.Mc. 

Gammell  MiM"  Wm  (Bessie  G  Bowen)Uv.Hppv. 

JlS,  M""  Wm  Jr-Y*o8,Arthur  A-Y*ii  &  Rob*t  H  I 

at  Groton 

Ganay  Mqss  de  (Ridgway) S  ^^^  Francois  I  Paris 

Gandy  tf"  Katharine.. ab'd  OnicJly29..P*^^277oMad..i6iMadAv 

Gans  M"  Arthur  (Elizabeh  M  Hazlehurst) IP^^S39ooRiv 

Gans  MiM"  Pred'k  H  (Maude  Beardsley) I2350  B'way 

Ganter  M"  R  L  (Henrietta  D  Sanford) I         see 

Ganter  M'  Chas  R-Ad.Ct |K  B  Conger 

Gardiner  M'  Asa  Bird-USA.Un.Nt.M.Dke.Ch.Cc.'S9 

P^43Broad ..  Union  Club 
Gardiner  MiM"  Chas  A  (Alice  M  Driggs)  Mt.Rg.As.Ham*8o 

P«S6238Plaza .  .  83 s  Fifth  Av 
Gardiner  M"  David  L(Sarah  G  Thompson)Cda, 

Gardiner  if"  Sarah  D-Cda 

Gardiner  M'  David-Un.Mt.Cw 

Gardiner  M'  Rob't  A^Un.Cw.Y'87 

Gardiner  MiM**  Geo  N  (Elsie  Crane)  Rv.Wt. 
Gardiner  M*  Bentley-Wt.As 

M"  Edith  Gardiner  Miller  (Gardiner) . 

Brown  Shipley 
&  Co  London 


"The  Crossroads" 

Ardsley-on- Hudson 

New  York  1909 


Gardiner  lliM"  Geo  N  Jr  (Alice  B  Mitton)  Rv.Wt. 

P^«S9233Riv.  .343  W  End  Av 

av'd  Adri 

Sep  30 


41  E68 

3  de  Luynes 

Blvd  St  Germain 


Gardiner  MiM"  Jas  Terry  (Eliza  G  Doane)  C.Rg 

Gardiner  IP""  Margaret  D-Bm.Cd.&Anne  T-Bm. 
Gardiner  M'  Doane-H'07  &  JS.  IP"  Elizabeth  G.  . . 
Gardiner  MiM"  John  Lyon(Livingston-Eliz 
Gardiner  M*"  Adfele  Griswold.  .[C  Jones)  Cda. 
Gardiner  M'  Winthrop-at  Corpus  Christi  Col 

Cambridge  Eng 
Gardiner  M'  Lion-Un.R.Mt.Ny.Na.P/02 .  .av'd  Prov  Jun  20 

Union  Club 
Gardiner  M"  Nelly  H  (Nelly  Harjes) .  Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
Gardiner  MiM"  Norman  B  (Minnie  Lawrence) . . . .  Garden  City 

Gardiner  M'  Philip  P-Gg.Cl'oo LI 

Gardiner  M'  Thos  A-Uv.R.B.Mid.As.Gg.Ha.  Y'93 

Mamaroneck  N  Y 

Gardner  MiM"  Edmund  LeB(H  Louise  ^^'"^  °^'^  °^*  '"^ 

Sprague)  Uv.Au.Ha.Rg.Cr/75 
Gardner  tf"  Adelaide  B 

Gardner  M."  John  a  (Gertrude  Bowen) 
Gardner  M' John  Arthur-Y.*oi 

Gardner  MiM"  John  C  F  Qane  S  Hatch) Un.Myf 

r»  IP"  Louise [Cr79 

Gardner  MiM"  Wm  (Julia  Palmer)  Ny.Lc.Cr'8i.  . 

Ridge  wood  N;J 
Jan  I  Hotel  Gotham 
137  WatermanPSSSU 
see  hrxL 
117  WsS 

.     .see    J^omiciles 

Mass  • 

Garfield  MiM"HarryA(Belle  H  Mason)C.Uv.Mtw. 

JJS.  M*"  Lucretia  &  IT"  Jas  &  Mason [Wms'Ss 

M"  James  Mason  (Caroline  Robinson) 

Garland  MiM"  Chas  Tuller(Margaret  Williams)  Ny.Pb.Myb. 

Cr98 . .  **  Moreton  HaU  "  Moreton  Morrell  Warwick  Eng 
Garland  M"  James  a  (Anna  Louise  TuUer) . ,  30  W  83 . .  see  D^IZ, 

Garmany  D*M"  Jasper  J  (Mary  C  Mackenzie) 

JUS.  tf"  C  Jean  &  M""  Mackenzie  &  Bissett 

Gameau  MiM"  Jos  (Elizabeth  C  Carr)  M.Chch 

40  W  40 

449  Park  Av 


Social  Register 

**Sunnymede  " 

Morristown  N  J 


Bard  Av 




68  W48 
251  W  76 

Gamsey  MiM"  Elmer  E  (Laurada  Davis)  C . .  I       P»*«Si3 1 
Jr«  tf"-  Helen  L  &  Laura  &  r*  Julian-H'09      "White  House'' 

ft  Arlo  E|  White  Plains  N  Y 
Garr  MiM"  Geo  F  (Agnes  M  Rutter)  Un.CrSs 

P«Si74oPlaza.. Plaza  Hotel 
Garrard  tf-  Margaret  H-Cly.Mg. 

P^23./*The  Midway"  Bellport  L  I 

Garretson  tf"  Josephine  B  L-Mg 

Garretson  tf"  E  Helen 

Garretson  M'  Leland  B~Mg.P.'o3 

Garrett  MiM"  Thos  (Mary  Graaff) 

Garrett  M*-  Alice  B 

Garrett  M'  Victor-Rc 

Garrett  MiM"  Thos  Jr(EDorotheaKobb6)H.'99 
Garrettson  MiM"  Francis  T  (Helen  Jay  Prime)  C. 

Garrettson  If"  Helen  Jay [Uv.Wes'46 

Garrettson  MiM"  Fred'k  P  (Marie  A  Frith) Un.        I 

Garrettson  tf"  Emily  B [Dth'79| 

Garrettson  M'  Rutland  M P^S3S46Riv.  .  507  W  End  Av 

Garrison  M"  Cornelius  K  (Letitia  Randell)    I   25  Grosvenor  Sq 

tf"  Randell |  London 

Garrison  MiM"  Elisha  Ely  (Helen  S  Hotchkiss)  Uv.Y'97 

see  H  L  Hotchkiss 
Garrison  MiM"  Philip  McKim  (Marian  Knight)  Bg.H/90 

P^S5oiw.  .Llewellyn  Pk  Orange  N  J 
Garrison  MiM"  Rob't  T  (Mary  R  Rodgers)  Y'98 

**The  Oleanders"  Jensen  Fla 

Garrison  M"  Wiiuam  r  (Mary  E  Estill) 54  rue  Bassano  Paris 

Garrison  MiM"  Wm  R  (Constance  C  Coudert)  Un.Ny.T. 

M"  ab'd  Prov  Sep  10  Paris.  .M'absent 
Garver  MiM"JohnA(RebeccaCBrewster) U v.  Y. ' 7 5  [P^^'Ss 98oPlaza 
Garver  M'  Chauncey  B-Y'o8-atHarvardLawSch|  515  Mad  Av 
Gary  MiM"  Elbert  H  (Scott-Emma  T  Townsend)  Mt.Au.Ny. 
Wp.As.Ulch.Chch.Unpt. .  .av'd  Cecil  Sep  16 

P^«2223i-38.  .Waldorf  Astoria,  .see  CJ£ 
Gasper  M"  M  Cossitt  (Jennie  H  Beach)..PiffJi567Plaza.3o  W  53 
Gasquet  M'JRMarshall  de-Mt.Mtw.H'88  Died  at  Asheville  NC 

Oct  24.  . Boston  Club  New  Orleans  La 
Gates  MiM"  Merrill  E  Jr  (Mary  U  Wood)  Ad . Aht'96 

_  P*'«S545oMad.  .39  E  27 

Hew  York  1909 


260  W  91 

Gaunt  M'  James-Mt.Rgg i  E  60 

Gaunt  DiM"  Thomas  T  (Fannie  R  Dickinson)  G.Cr'8o..53  W  50 

Gause  M'  H  Victor-P.'86 abroad 

Gause  M"  H  Victor  (Emily  K  Cammack) |    see 

M"  L  E  Cammack IDSJiSK. 

Gautier  M"  Chas  e  (Mary  E  McNamara) 

fcM'Chas  E 

M"  Lavinia  Schmidt  (Lavinia  C  McNamara). 

Gautier  M'  Dudley  G-Un.Dt.Ht Union  Club 

Gavin  MiM"  Michael  (Gertrude  Hill)  Mt. ¥.'95 

P*»S26s7Plaza.  .117  E  65.  .see  Skui 
Gavit  Mill"  Erastus  P  (Flora  M  Brady)  Rp. 

P^57iMain. .  54  Willett  Albany  N  Y 

Gavit  IP"-  Helen  E  &  Julia  N see  T  Keese  81  E  55 

Gawtry  Mill"  Harrison  E  (E  Louise  Brown)  XJn.Ul.T. 

Mid.Rv.  .P^4S85Plaza.  .33  E  57 
Gawtry  MiM"  Lewis  Brown  (Olive  Van  Rensselaer)  Un. 

Uv.Rg.Rv.Y.'89.  .P*^«235S9Plaza.  .70  E  55 

Gay  M'  Chas  Merrick-Un.H.'93 |P^«S44ooPlaza 

Gay  M"  C  M  (Susan  M  Shaw) |  Union  Club 

Gay  M'  Joseph  E-Ul.Mt.Eg Union  League   Club 

Gay  MiM"  Martin  (Julia  De  W  Stone)  Mass'79. . .  |  P«S6443-79 

&  W"  Martha  S I781  Park  Av 

Gay  M'  Rob't  H-Y.*98.Uv P«S2oooBry.  .  Yale  Club 

Gay  MiM"  Walter  (Matilda  Travers)  Cda ab'd..see  D, 

Gayley  M"  James  (Julia  T  Gardiner)  Cly 

Gayley  M*"  Agnes  M 

Jl?»  tf"  Florence 

Gayley  M'James-Uv.Rg.Mt.As.Eg.Cd.Myfp.AcpLaf'76. .  5  E  58 

Geary  M'  H  Seymour-Un Union  Club 

Gebhard  M"  William  H  (Cora) 
Gebhard  M*"  Eva  Buckingham 


8  E  69 

Geer  MiM"  Danforth  (Amy  Gay)Uv.Sa. 

Geer  M*"-  Mary  E  &  Augusta  D [Wms'79 

Geer  M'  Danforth  Jr 

Geer  MiM"  Geo  Jarvis  (Louise  Goodman)  U v. 


"The  Maples'* 
Hoosick  Falls  NY 

...                        _  23  E  64 

Geer  tf"  Gertrude  E see  L  A  Coffin 

Geer  M'  Geo  J  Jr-R.Rcp.P'97  ■ 



Social  Register 

246  W  72 

Geer  Mill"  Langdon  (Dorothy  Q  Roosevelt)  Sn.Cly. 

I*«S904Stuy..ioo  E  17 
Geer  MiM"  Marshall  (Mabel  B  Schultz)  P/qq- 

P^«S3iw.  .47  Hillcrest  Av  Summit  N  J 
Geer  MiM"  Walter  (Mary  Potter)  Uv.M.Ats.Rv.Pb. 

Geer  M'  Olin  P-Wms'07 [Wms'78 

J8S.  W  Helen  D  &  M'"  Walter  Jr  &  Jos  W. 
Geer  Rev  Wm  Montague-C.S.Cr69 .  .... 

Geer  M*"  Isabel  M. 

Geer  M""  E  Throop-Dp.Cl'03  &  W  Montague  Jr 

Geer  M'  Garrow  T [Cro6 

JgJ.  M^"  Cornelia  T  &  M'  Francis  H 

Geissenhainer  M'  Jacob  A-Mt.Sn.M 

Geissenhainer  M'  Chas  B [Lyons)  Cal. Kg. 

Geissenhainer  MiM"  Fred'k  W  Jr  (Katharine  M 
Gellatly  MiM"  John  (Edith  Rogers)  Ats.Pl.Rg. 


60  W84 

231  W  14 

see  M"  H  J  Braker 
1006  Fifth  Av 

Gelshenen  M*"**  Madeleine  &  R  Corinne 

JlSsff  Walter  D 

Gelshenen  MiM"  Wm  H  (Florence  Carpenter)  Mt.Rg.Y.'o3 

P*'1K63  •  •  Hackensack  N  J 
Genet  M"  Geo  C(Augusta  G  Kirtland).  .^^^23713-79.  .95oMadAv 
GennertMiM"HyG(ElizabethPClarke)Mc..seeGCClarke  150W  73 
GeoffroyMiM"Nicholas(Delafield-MargueriteM)U1.0ssining  N  Y 

Georger  M*  P  Frederic-Uv.Y' 87 University  Club 

Georger  M"  Florence  E  (Florence  B  Emery) .  .  .see  W  E  Emery 
Gerard  MiM"  Jas  Watson  (Mary  A  Daly)  Un.Uv.B.Ny.Au.Fn. 
Na.Rg.Mb,Rv.Cy.Tf.T.Ar.Cly.Cr8o.  .ab*d  Phila  Jun  27 

M'av'd  Ny  Sep  5. .  M"  av^d  Phila  Sep  19 

see  M"  M  Daly  725  Fifth  Av 
Gerard  M'  Sumner  K--Un.R.Au.Y.'97H.'oo.  .|     P%3269Gram 
Gerard  M' Julian  M-Uv.Un.Sa.S.R.Rg.Y.'97 1 17   Gramercy  Pk 
Gerrish  MiM"  Frank  Scott  (Emma  SuUivant)  Uv.Ul.Lt.Na. 

Ch.Au.H.'75..P^^366i~79..i7  E  76 
Gerrish  M'john  B-Uv.Ul.Ats.H.*7o. . of NewCanaanCt .  .abroad 

Ha..ab'd  Minha  Jun  27..av'd  St  P  Aug  29 

Gerrish  tf"  Florence 

Gerrish  M~WmC-H.'99  &  Thomton-Ha.H.'oi. . . 

165  Mad  Av 

New  Vork  1909 





Gerry  MiM"  Elbridge  T  (Louisa  M  Livingston)  Ny. 


Gerry  If""  Angelica  L-Cly.  &  Mabel 

Gerry  W  Peter  G-K.R.Au.Tf.Mt.Rg.H.'oi 

Gerry  MiM"  Rob't  Livingston  (Cornelia  Harriman)  K.Ny.R. 

Rg.Mt.Tf.H.'oo.  .P^^S5978Plaza.  .816  Fifth  Av 
Gerster  DIM"  Arpad  G  (Anna  B  Wynne)  C.Dv.'72     P«Si 280-79 

Gerslier  D'  John  C  A-Na.Cl.'o2 34  E  75 

Gherardi  MiM"  Bancroft  (Mary  H  Butler)  Uv.Cr'93 

P^S2i34Chel..3i  W  10 
Gibb  M'Arthtir-Ul.Ny.Au..P^Si884Main.  .161  Henry  Brooklyn 

Gibb  MiM"  Hy  E  (Grace  Dwight) see  DSJlSK. 

Gibb  M"  John  R(Emily  Mathews) .  .  I  ab'd  Adri  Jun  i7av'd  Onic 
^  M'""  Dorothy  k  Ruth  &  M'  John. .  j         Sep  16 ..  58  E  50 
Gibbens  MiM"  Fred'k  H-C.Dt.  .77  Upper  Mt  Av  Montclair  N  J 
Gibboney  MiM"  Stuart  G  (Constance  F  Whitehead)  So.Va'oi 

P^2884Mom.  .622  W  114 
Gibbons  MiM"  JohnF(ENoraHayward)M.Mdbl. 

Gibbons  M*"  ENora [Douglas-Y.'o6 

Gibbons  ff"  L  Wallis-Y/02-at  Cincinnati  & 

Gibbs  M"  Edward  N  (Sarah  C  Barker) .  .av'd  Prov  Oct  23 

P'^^2383Plaza..2o  E  65 

Gibbs  M'  Geo-C.Uv.Dt.Ss.Rtp,Stv'82 P»«S42 54-38..  15  E  48 

Gibbs  MiM"  Lucius  *T  (Angelica  S  Duer)  Cr'91 

P^Sii2.  .Hempstead  L  I 
Gibbs  MiM"Theo  Kane. (Virginia  Barret)C.Mt.G.Ch.Ll.As.An. 

Newport  R  I 

Hotel  Gotham 

Newport   R   I 

Gibbs  ir  Wolcott-C.Ul.Cr41 

M*"  Elizabeth  L  Betton 

Gibert  MiM"  Audinet  (Margaret  Maclaren)  Cal.An. 

75  Av  Niel  Paris 

Gibert  tf"  Clara 

Gibert  tf"  Gertrude-Cly 

M"Hugo  de  Fritsch  (Marie  Gibert) 

M'  Hugo  G  de  Fritsch .  .  at  Harvard 

Gibert  MiM"  FredericE(AliceReed) . .  *'  Zurbiac  "  Biarritz  France 

Gibert  M'  Fred'c  E,  Jr-Cl.'o6 P*^%836Mad.  .35*E  30 

Gibney  D'  Homer-As.S P^1?S6457-38.  . 31  W  36 

16  W  8 


Social  Register 



2  7  Waverley  PI 

Gibney  DIM"  Virgil  P  (Julia  A  Trubee)C.Uv.Gg.So.  r^^        ^. 

[jvy  09  ,  porV  Av 
JSTrstf"-  Manon(av'dCampJun27)&Susan&H'Rob'tA  ^^  ^arK  av 
Gibson  MiM"  Chas  Dana  (Irene  Langhome)R. . .  Racquet  Club 

see  xjottumt* 
Gibson  W  Chas  Langdon-Uv.C.Rv.Cw.H.'86 

P'i?23i86Plaza..8  E  58 
Gibson  M"  Edwin  Post  (Eliza  Pollock  Dodge)  ab'd.  .  . 
Gibson  Mill"  John  Trevor  (Mary  H  Wilson) . . . , 
Gibson  MiM"  Hanson  C  (Mary  B  Wharton) Pu. 

Gibson  M'  Kenneth  M-Aht*o8 [Ll.An.N's4 

Gibson  M'  Rob't  Jr  (Rob't) .  .   .  '. Married  at  a?« 

Jones  M*"  Grace  L  (Llewellyn) Aug  1 5 

Gibson  MiM"  Rob't  Jr  (Grace  L  Jones)As.Na.Cr92 

P*'^S353iPlaza..io8  E  52 
Gibson  MiM"  Rob't  Wms  (Caroline  J  Hammond)  |P«S  17 99-3 8 

fc  M*"  Lydia  &  M'  Rob't  H [C.S.Ats.|  see  DimlX 

Gibson  M'  William  H  (late  Wm  H) .  .  Married  at  Princeton  N  J 

Van  D^ke  M^"  Brooke  (Rev  D'  Hy) Jun  30 

Gibson  MiM'  Wm  Hamilton  (Brooke  van  Dyke)  H/06 

P^'SSiys.    GtBar'tn  Berkshire  School  Sheffield  Mass 
Gibson  M"  wm  Hamilton  (EmmaLBlanchard)Bd .  .  |         P^'^Sss 
Jl{>"„  M'  Dana  B [Washington  Ct 

150  W  79 

Giddings  MiM"  Franklin  H  (Elizabeth  P  Hawes)C. 
Giddings  M^"  Elizabeth  R&Jll5J^"LorindaM.[A.U'77 
Giddings  MiM"  H  Starr  (Lenore  Victor)Ct.Cl.'oo.  . 
Gifford  MiM"  James  M  (Harriet  R  Brangan)Ul.|P^^S  1065 Rector 
M*"  Helena  M  Fulton.  .  .  [Dt.Rp.Bd.Du. ,  '77I    319  W  103 

Gifford  MiM"  John  A-E |  60  Park  PI 

Gifford  M*" [Newark  N  J 


569  Bergen  A V 

Jersey  C'y 


Gifford  MiM"  Livingston  (MarieLDavis)Bg.Y'75 
ab'd  Pz  Irene  Jun  20.  .av'd 

&M*'^  Evelyn 

Gifford  MiM"  Stanley  P  (Georgie  H  Foxwell)  CaL 

JSSs  M'"  Elizabeth [Ap.Dt.M.Na.Cl'89  71 

&  M*"  Charlotte  Werner Central  Pk  W 

Gignoux  MiM"  Chas  C'(Emma  M  Messenger)Cal |  P'^"»S22r 

Gignoux  M|"  Elise  M |Gt  Neck 

Gignoux  M'  Gerard  C-at  Randolph  Hall  Camb' |     LI 

New  York  1909 


Gignoux  M"  Louise  F  (Louise  M  Fowler) see  E  P  Fowler 

Gihon  MiM"  John  (Mary  Cryder)Dp.)  P«S322l 

Gihon  M*"  Mary [127  Maple  Av  Flushing  L  I 

Gihon  M'  Wm-Un P«237o.  .98  N  B'way  Tarrytown  N  Y 

Gilbert  MiM"  Benj  T  (Sue  R  Biggar)Uv.Rc.Ats. ¥'96.01*97 

ClayviUe  N  Y..see  DSffi 
Gilbert  MiM"  Bradford  Lee  (Marie  Fahy)Rg.Mid. 

P«Si274Bry.  .1425  B'way 
Gilbert  MiM"  Cass  Qulia  T  Finch)  C.Un.Mt.Cosw.  1^^1416-79 
GilbertlP-EmilyF&'CassJr.[Mnssp.Cd.|  45  E  78 

IP-  Emily  S  Finch |     see  Sk«i 

Gilbert  MiM"  Chas  PierrepontH  (Florence  C  Moss)Mt.  P^^i2  2Col 

Gilbert  }f  Vera  P [R.Rg.Ul.Rv.Cw.  33  RivDv 

Gilbert  M;M"Clinton(MargaretGBacon)R.Ny.As.Cd.Cly.. 48  E  50 

Gilbert  M'  David  B-M.Ny.An Manhattan  Club 

Gilbert  M"  Ed  Granger  (Sarah  W  Plum) 

tf"  Mercy  M  Plum 

Gilbert  tf"  Ellen  G-Cd P^«S65ioCol. 

Gilbert  MiM"  H  Bramhall  (LiUa  Brokaw)Ul.R.Cy.Mc. 

JSS.  M*—  Lilla  B  &  Florence  W 

Gilbert  MiM"  James  S  (Grace  Hodson) 

P^^7627Spring.  .  27  Wash  Sq  N 
Gilbert  MiM"  Riley  M  (Annie  R  Williams) Mt.Rp.  P^1Ki865Plaza 

JIS.  tf-  Annie [Na.Ny.       i8  W  53 

Gilbert  M"  Wm  Edmonds  (Mary  A  Giles) 512  Fifth  Av 

Gilbert  M'  William  T  (late  Jasper  W) Died  at  London  Jly  2 

Gilchrist  M"  Robert  (Fredericka  R  Beardsley) 

P^«Si294JBranchBk.  .  695Clifton  Av  NewarkNJ 
Gilchrist  MiM"  Robert  (Edith  K  Vezin)  P'87 

P»^'»S3309Spring.  .36  Wash  Sq  W 

146  Ws8 
.205  W  57 

Gilder  tf "  Jeannette  L-Cly 

M*"  Jeannette  &  M'  Rich'd  G  Cholmeley-Jones 
Gilder  MiM"  Jos  B  (Gwendolen  Jackson)Ats.Cly.USN*76 

126  E 
Gilder  MiM"  Rich^d  Watson(Helena  de  Kay)C.A.Ats. 

Gilder  M*""  Dorothea  &  Francesca [Pl.Ct. 

Gilder  M""  Rodman  de  Kay-H/99  &  Geo  de  K. .  H'o8 
JlS.  tf-  Rosamond 

E  17 


13  E  8 


Social  Register 

av'd  Onic 
Sep  i6 



W  48 

Gilder  MiM"  W  Howard  (Louise  B  Stafford) M.|P*^^2697Pla;ia 

Gilder  M*"-  Marion  H  &  Louise  S [Rh.Cd.l70s  Park  Ay 

GHdersleeve  MiM"  Hy  Alger  (Virginia 
Crocheron)  M.Na.Gg. 

Gildersleeve  M*"  Virginia  C 

Gildersleeve  M'  Alger  C-Na.Cl.'go 

Gildersleeve  M'  Raleigh  C-UvJHop'88 

P^^S3799Chel.  .27  W  30.  .see  BSSU 
Gilfillan  DiM"  W  Whitehead  (Hayes-Mary  L  Allen)Ny.Na. 

Rv.Cw.Cl'90.  .P^«Si423Plaza.  .44  W  50 
Gilford  H;M"John  Parkin (EmilyLLentilhon) |  P^mi34 

Un.Mt.Na.Cl'88|Ruremont  Terrace 

JSJ,  IP"-  Emily  L  &  Almy |    LakQWood  N  J 

Gilford  M'Thos  Buchanan-Cl'35 1^^23000-38 

Gilford  M'  Samuel  T-Uv.R.Cr 86 (473  Lex  Av 

Gilford  M'  Thomas  B  Jr  (Thos  B) .  .Married  at  West  Cheste:  Pa 

Robinson  M"  D.T  Lanman  (Mary  P  Hooton) Oct  5 

Gilford  MiM"  Thos  B  Jr  (Robinson-Mary  P  Hooton)  M.Mt. 

Na.Cr  85..  Hotel  Gotham 

Gilkison  M"  Anthony  (Fanny  Edwards) P^^S88sCol 

Gilkison  M^'"  Rosalie i  W  69 

Gillespie  Maj  Gen  &  M"  Geo  Lewis  (Rhobie  McMaster)Ul.C.Ll. 

Fw.Cd.Dar.USA'62.  .P^^S5i3iNorth.  .  1533  N  Hamp  Av  WSfe 
Gillespie  M'  Lawrence  Lewis-Un.R.Tf.B.An,Na.Fw.H/98 

P^^S2233Bry.  .12  W  44 
Gillespie  MiM"  Robert  McM  (Lillian  M  Stokes) Uv.T.Ll.H.'92 
ab'd  Cecil  Jun  9 .  . av'd  Prov in  Nov . .  P^^Sio7Plaza .  .  8  W  53 

Gillespie  M'  J  Waldron-Cal Calumet  Club 

Gillespy  M'  Howard-Uv.Rut'75 University  Club 

Gillet  MiM"  Elmslie  M  (Susan  VMilnor)  Cl'68. . . 

GilletM'Langdon— atBSi^re 

i^»  tf"  MUdred 

Gillet  tf- Gertrude M •. . 

Gillet  ff"  Lorenzo  M-M.Dt.&  Sully-Ul.Dt 

M'O  H  P  &  tf"  Adele  Noyes 

Gillet  M"  Jos  Allston  (Josephine  W  Blodgett) 

see  M"  D  C  Blodgett.  .166  Madison  Av 
Gillet  MiM"  Louis  A  (Helen  Van  C  Kent) 
M"  James  Kent  (Stewart) . .  .[Y*99.Cl'oi 

158  E  38 

32  W  10 

Fishkill-on- Hudson 



Gillette  KMXurtemus  (Annie  P  Sampson)  Ul.Uv.Y'97 

449  Park  Av 
Gillette  MiM"  Daniel  G  (Annie  Shepard)Uv.Pl.Ats.lCoutts&Co 
Gillette  M*"  Virginia-Fn.Ats.   .    .(An.Anw.Cln/66|    London 

Gillette  V  Walter  R-Ul.Uv.U'6i 

Gillette  M'  Abram  D-Pl.Wms'99 P'^SyibBry 

M*"  Helen  Curtenius 24  W  40 

Mil"  Harrison  K  Bird  (Gillette) 

Gilley  ir  Franklin  Wm-UlUvJ  5.9. P^1»Sio26Plaza 

If"  Alice  S  Howe 500  Mad  Av 

Gilliat  M'  John  R  V I  of  "Southover" 

M"  Geo  Naylor  (Sarah  D  Gilliat) Pomfret  Ct 

.lP"MaryG  Naylor |  abroad 

Gillis  MiM". John  P  (Harriette  TiHinghast):  Un.Hav'65 

P'^^^S296  ..113  Highland  Av  Orange  N  J 
Gillmore  Col  &.M"  Quincy  O'M  (MargaretVan 
Gillmore  tf"  Margaret  H.  .  .[Kleeck)Cd.USA'73 
Gillmore  Mir  Hy  Van  Kleeck  (MariaMcIlvaine) 
Gilman  MiM"  Geo  H(CharlotteAPerkins)Uv.Na.Cl'87 
Gilman  Mi M"Theo (Elizabeth  D  Paxson)Ul.Ar. 
Gilman  M*""  Frances  P  &  Helen  I.  .  .[Wms'62 

Gilman  M'  Robbins  G-Wms'99 

Gilman  MiM"  Theo  Jr  (Eleanor  Silkman)  Uv.Ar. Wms*96 

P^^S559.  .Belmont  Ter  &  Park  Av  Yonkers  N  Y 
Gilmor  MiM"Rob't(M01inaMaxwell)R.Rgr^S3405-79.  .124E74 

Gilmore  M" 

Gilmore  M*" 

Gilmore  M'  Clinton  G-Cal Calumet  Cltib 

Gilsey  M'  Henry  (late  Peter) Died  at  10  E  36  Oct  13 

Gilsey  M"  Henry  (Lucy  Varian) 

Gilsey  M'"  Margaret 10  E  36 

Gilsey  M'  Henry-R.S.Ny.H/95 

Gilsey  M"  Peter  (Caroline  L  Ladd) P^^S39ooMad 

Gilsey  M'  Gardner  L-Sa.Cl.'oi 37  Mad  Av 

GimbematM"  juies  R(ClaraLambert) .  .Pl?S6826Morn . .  526  W  1 1 2 

Giskra  Bm  &  Brnss  Carl  (Helen  King) abroad 

Githens  MiM"  Alfred  M  (Charlotte  S  F  Sands)  Pa'96 

P^^S828-38..ii  W35 

Glaenzer  MiM"Eug  W  (Souise  Chaper)  N 560  Fifth  Av 

Princeton  N  J 



311  Palisade  Av 





Social  Reg^er 

Hotel    Gotham 

35©  W  71 

Glaenzer  KM"  Frank  (L6onie  Coudert) 5  Gen  Foy  Paris 

Glaenzer  MiM"  Geo  A  (Alice  Cary  Butler)  PLC.  .  .   phon.         p. 

Glaenzer  M' Jules,  .at  13  Rue  de  la  Paix  Paris ^      wo 

Glaenzer  M'  G  Brette-Y.'oy 5  w  82 

Glaenzer  MiM"  Rich'd  B  (Anita  Gibson)  Pl.Y.'pS 

P^m6368-^9.'.7i  E  87 
Glass  MiM"  Chester  (Kingsmill)  Cal.S.  .. 

Glass  M'"  Dorothy  B 

Glass  M'  Gordon  G-H.'o8 

Gleason  MiM"  John  Blanchard  (Annie  E  White) 

Gleason  tf"  Mildred  B [Uv.W.Myf.Y'76 

Gleason  MiM"  Wm  W  (Marguerite  Snow)  ¥.'03 

P^^S7o5oMom.  .617  W  113 

Glidden  M^  Amy  G  (late  John  M) Married 

Richards  M'  James  G  K 

Glidden  M"  John  m  (Anna  Warren) 

Glidden  tf"  Anna  W 

Glidden  M""  John  M-Un.Atb.H.'oo  &  Arthur  B. 
Glidden  Capt  Jos  Warren-USA.Un.Rv.Fw.Ar. 


Glover  MiM"  Hy  S  (Harriet  D  Coleman)  Cy 

Glover  tf"  Helen  Le  Roy-Bm 

Glover  Harriet  C.  .see  DilSiX 

Glover  M'  Dawson  C~at  Randolph  Hall  Camb'. . . 
Jr«  M*-  Charlotte  L  R  &  M'  John  L  R-at  Hill  Sch.  .  . 
Glover  MiM"  James  A  (Frances  Livingston) Cd. 

Glover  tf"  Susanna  L-Cd [Dc.'7i 

JlS,  M*"  Anne  W  &  Ernestine  F 

Glover  M"  John  H  (Helen  Le  Roy).  .  . . 

Glover  tf" 

JlSs  M*"GladysP&M'Edmund  P-at  Hamilton  Col. 

Glover  M"  Patten  (Augusta  Patten) 

Glover  M"  Samuel  (Emily  H  Brown) 

Glover  M*-  Deborah  A |  Fairfield  Ct 

Glover  M"  Wm  b  (Helen  Wardwell) [Y'09 

JlS.  M*— Katherine  S&Deborah  N&M'"Sam*l&Wm  B- 

Newcastle.  Me 

61  W  38 

36  E  76 

Buckingham  Hotel 

P^S  4595  Plaza 
.r  Ambleside" 

Glyn  MiM"  Wm  Ed  (Kane-Mary  R  Hunter) Un. 
M'"  Helen  Dorothea  Kane.  .  .  .[R.Mid.Gg. 

Fairfield  Ct 

42  E  67 

New  York  1909 


21  W  35 

273  Lex  Av 

33  E  so 

Goadby  M"  Thomas  (Amelia  A  Wood)  Dar.  , 
Goadby  M'  Arthur-Ct.Rg.Bm.Ch.Cw.H'89.  .  , 

Goadby  M'  Clarence-Sn.Fn 

Goadby  M'  Eugene  S-R.Rh 

Goadby  M'  William  H-Un.R.B.M.Mid.Ct.Ss.  .  .  .247  Fifth  Av 

Gbddard  M"  Calvin  (Caroline  Atwater) see  H  E  Dahr 

Goddard  M"  F  Norton  (Alice  G  Winthrop).. .  . 

Goddard  M*"  Annie  C 

Goddard  Mill"  Frederic  N  (Minna  Godwin)  C. 

Goddard  M'  Conrad  G-H*o8 

Goddard  IT  Hy  Warren-Cal.Rp.  .  .  .P^SggRector.'  .18  Wall 
Gaddard  M"  J  Warren  (Geraldine  A  Winslow)  Cd. 

av'd  Aka  Nov  20.  .P^«Si69Plaza.  .52  E  57 
Goddard  M"  Moses  B  Ives  (Elizabeth  A  Swann) Apv.Agapv. 

see  M"  L  H  Mills. .  78  Madison  AvMorristown  N  J.. see  PSSU 
Goddard  M'Robert  H  I  Jr(Rob'tHI). Married  at  Peace  Dale  R  I 

V     llazard  IP"  Margaret  (Rowland  G) Jly  15 

Goddard  MilT'Rob'tH  I(RebekahBGroesbeck)Mt.G.|'*  Hopeton 

Hppv.Uvb.Mtw.etc.Br's8.  .M"aVdK II  Juni6l  House" 
Goddard  Mill"  Rob'tH  I  Jr(MargaretHazard)Mt.Uv.  160  Hope 

Hppv. Y/02.  .ab'd  Maur  Jly  22 . . av'd  Lusi  Oct  8|RKSUseeP5S£. 
Goddard  M"Wm(MaryEJenckes).Armstrong&CoParis.see  P5SSU 
Godfrey  MiM"  Chas  H(Emma  L  Bennett)Mt.Ul.  .  .  JP^^S7o8Plaza 

jr«  tf"  Dorothy  Hyde [611  Fifth  Av 

Godfrey  MiM"  Edwin  Drexel  (Fanny  M  Hoagland)  Mt.R. 

P*^«S422  5Plaza.  .21  E  66 
Godfrey  MiM"  Hy  Fletcher  (Tiffany-Marie        ™,„«       j.. 

Havemeyer)K.Un.Tf.Ct.Uv.Mb.H/96ni^  wLtw^^  t 
JSi^tf--  Marion  &  Theodora  Tiffany.    .  ^^^  Westbury  L  I 

Godfrey  MiM"  Jonathan  (Mary  E  Giles)  ^1^2733 . .  486  Wash'n  Av 

Godfrey  tf"  Alice  E [Mt.Cd.Y/79  Bridgeport^Ct 

Godfrey  M"  Wilson  (Louise  M  Hawkins) 

Lt  Cdr  &  M"  Orton  P  Jackson  (Godfrey) USN. 

Gddkin  M*  Lawrence-K.C.Dt.Un.Uv.H.'8i 

ab'd  Maur  Jun  24  aVd.  .P^^S234Gram.  .36  W  10 

Godwin  MiM"  Harold  (Elisabeth  L  Marquand)    I        P^^S66 

Uv.Gg.P'79r  Cedar  Mere" 

feB—  Elizabeth  L  &  Frances  B  &  M'  Fred'k  M.  . .  |  Roslyn  L  I 

31  E  49 


Social  Register 

Godwin  MiM"  Harold  P  (Abigail  Van  N  Booraem) 

570  Mountain  Av  Afontclair  N  J 
Godwin  M'  John  D-Ul Union  League  Club 

82  Es5 

Godwin  M*"  Nora-Cly. 

M*"  Nathalie  de  Castro. 

Goelet  M"  Ogden  (Mary  R  Wilson)  Cly .608  Fifth'Av 

Goelet  M"  Robert  (Hatriette  Warren)  Ny.  .av'd 

Prov  Jly  18.  .ab'd  Oct  i  ^^^  ^....     *^^ 
Goelet  M'  Rob't  Walton-K.Uv.Ny.Ss.R.B.Mt.      S9i  ^ntn  av 

Goelet  MiM"  Rob't  (Elsie  Whelen)Ny.Uv.K.Tf.T.Mt.Snc.Hl. 

Un.Au.H/02 . . P^^i732Plaza. . 647  Fifth  Av 

Goetchius  H"  j  Milton  (Sarah  G  Kellogg) m,^  ^^tPIo^q 

Goetchius  M'  Henry  K-Uv.Un.Sa.S.Y'88 ^  V  w  /« 

Goetchius  M'  J  Milton-Ny.Sa.Ht. Y^94 1     ^2  w  55 

Goetchius  MiM"  Morgan  (Marie  L  Gibson)  T.Dke.  Y'04 

P'^«S4263Stuy.  .100  E  17 


Dana  PI 


45  W35 

Goffe  M"  Charles  c  (Florence  L  Wheelwright). 

Goffe  M*"  Natalie 

Goffe  W"  Chas  C  &  G  Graham.  .  . 
Goffe  D' J  Riddle-Uv.Mich'73 

ab*d  Minto  Jly  11 .  .P^^^33i6Plaza.  .  550  Park  Av 
Gold  MiM"  Cornelius  B  (Margaret  Shedd)Ul.Ll.Dt. 

Gold  tf"  Katharine 

Gold  M"  Lincoln  S 

Goldsborough  M'ChasCarroll-Cal.Bg.P^'»242oBeek.Calumet  Club 
Goldsborough  MiM"  Rich'd  F  (Anna  G  Fararr)M.Rv.So.P'9i 

Netherwood  Av  &  E  Front  Plainfield  N  J 
Goldschmidt  MiM"  Sam'l  A  (EllenCChesebrough)Ul.Ap.G.Dt. 

Dar.Cr7i.  .P^«Si68oCol.  .71  Cent  Pk  W 
Goldthwaite  M'  G  Tarleton-Uv.Na.H/9i.P^^S683ojRiv.26  W  91 

Gollan  Judge  Henry  Cowper  (Sir  Alex) Married 

Norris  W  Marie  L  (Jas  N) Oct  7 

Gollan  Judge  &  M"  Henry  (Marie  L  Norris) Bermuda 

Gooch  MiM"  Wm  W^allace  (Carolyn  Herrick)M.Cy.H'8i 

Hotel  St  Regis 
Goodhue  MiM"  Bertram  G  (Lydia  T  Bryant)  Cal.Tvb. 

P'*«;2489-79. .  106  E  74 

New  York  1909 


Goodhue  M"  Chas  C  (Sarah  C  Parker) . . 
Mill"  Chas  Goodhue  King  (Brinley) 
Goodman  M*"*  Rosalie  C  &  Lilian. .  , 

Goodman  M'  Richard-Aht'69 

Goodnow  M"  Abel  F  (Jane  M  Root) 

Goodnow  MiM"  Hy  R  (Sara  H  Whitney)Bd.Aht'78. . 

JSS.  M""  Elinor  R  &  M'  Weston  W 

189  Madison  Av 

P^Sii2-2.    ."Yok^n" 
Lenox  Mass.  .see  Di^'S. 

.  95 

Goodnow  MiM"  Frank  J(Elizabeth  Lyall)C.Ct. 
Goodnow  IP"  Isabel  L.[Uv.Bd.As.Aht'78.Cr79 

Goodnow  IT  David  F .  .  at  Amherst  Col 

Jl?»  IP"  Lois  R 

Goodrich  IP"  &  M'"  Katharine  C 

Brown  Shipley 
&  Co  London 


Goodrich  IT  SamU  G I27  Wash  Sq  N 

Goodrich  Rr  Adm  Caspar  F-Mt.C.Pl.Anw.Uvp.    P«S3o83Main 
Pcusf  .Uvsf  .USN'68 . .  ab'd  Maur  Sep  23     Navy  Yard 

Goodrich  IP"  Gladys '. '. Brooklyn 

Goodrich  MiM"  Chas  C  (Mary  A  Gellatly)  Uv.Au.Bg.H.'93 

P^1?S2  728.  .Llewellyn  Pk  Orange  N  J 
Goodrich  MiM"David  Marvin(RuthW  Pruyn)Mt.B.Pl.Au.Unb. 

Trb.H.'98..i23  E  56 

Nutley  N  J 

Goodrich  MiM"Hy  Wickes  (MadeleineCLloyd)  Pl.Myf . 
JlS»  lP""Constance  &  Frances  &  M'  Wm  W.[Aht'8o  : 
Goodridge  DIM"  Fred*c  Grosvenor  (Ethel  M  Iselin)  Uv,As.Ct. 
Un.S.Cly.H.'97.  .P^^S6i3 1-79.  .123  E  73 

Goodridge  IP^  Mary  Le  Roy ..abroad 

Goodwin  M"  Almon  (Maud  Wilder)  Bd. 
Goodwin  IP"  Hilda  H  &  M'  Wilder-H'07. 
Goodwin  M'  Elliot  H-Ct.Rc.H.'95 

P^Si26N  Dorp.  .Dongan  Hills  S  I 

128  W59 


Goodwin  Rev  DiM"  Francis  (Mary  A  Jackson)Ats 
Goodwin M*" Jeannette.  ..[C.Cw.Rv.  .ab'd Bait Jly9[io3Wood'd 
Goodwin  W"  Chas  A-Uv. Y.'98&Francis  S-Y.'o3 . . .  Hartford Ct 
Goodwin  Mill"  Hy  Leavitt  (Thorpe-Cornelia  Fox)    P**^S769oRiv 

IT  Howard  S  &  Stanley  B  Thorpe .  .[Ct. 

Goodwin  Ml  M"J  as  J  (Josephine  S  Lippincott) 


Goodwin  M'Jas  Lr-Y.'  CambridgeMass 

Goodwin  M'  Philip  L-Y.'o7 . .  abroad 

318  W  84 

av'd  Maj  Sep  9  ^J 

230  Social  Register 

Goodwin  MiM"  Walter  L  (Elizabeth  M  Sage)  Uv.R.Rh. 

Cly.Y'97.  .P^^S882.  /•  Woodside'*  Hartford  Ct 
Goodwin  Mill"  Wm  B  (Mary  Hills)  Bd.Y/86 

P«S56o2Riv..329  W  83 
Gordon  M"  Charles  (Mamie  Smythe).  .  .P^^S2964Bry.  .132  W  47 
Gordon  MiM"  Clarence  (Frances  G  Fessenden)  H'55 

P^«;4ij.  ."Vine  Lea"  Newburgh  N  Y 
Gordon  M"  Geo  Ogden  (Alice  Bradford). .P^Si278Mad.. 11  2  E  30 
Gordon  Mill"  Geo  Wadsworth  (Janet  S  Sheldon)  Ct 

care  Geo  P  Sheldon  Greenwich 
Gordon  MiM"  Gordon  (Lucy  H  BuUard)  Ny.Cln^g; 

P*^^S676. .  24  Colden  Av  Flushing  L  I 


279  Scotland  Rd 

South  Orange  N  J 

Gordon  Mill"  John  W  (Holland)  M. 
Gordon  M'  Kenneth  B . 


Gordon  MiM"  Malcolm  (Blanche  Fayerweather) .  .  .Paterson  N  J 

Gordon  M'  Robert-C J  S  Morgan  &  Co  London 

Gordon  M"  Robinson  (Maud  de  L  Robinson) 

Bard  Av  New  Brighton  S  I 

Newburgh  N  Y 

**Stoney  Wood" 

Gordon  tf"*  Theodora  &  Louise  M 
Gordon  MiM"  Reginald  (Ida  Rowe  Worth) 


Gordon  MiM"  Wm  J  (Gordon-Edith  R  Edwards)  Un.'Rc 

R.Ny.  ** Lighthouse  Farm"  Popes  Creek  Md 
Gorham  MiM"  Francis  G  (Emily  Carrington)  Ul.H.'6s 

P^^S2637Mad..i32  E  36 
Goss  MiM"  Geo  A  (Elise  M  Farrel)  Y/03 

P^^S34i . .  117  Pine  Waterbury  Ct 
Gossler  M'  Gustav  Hy-Un.Dv.Dt.As.  .  .P4S4493-79.  -31  E  77 
Gotthold  MiM"  Fred'k  (Florence  A  Wolf) N.Bd.  . 

Gotthold  M'  Arthur  F-Rp.H/00 

}f  May  V  Wolf 

Gould  M"  Anna  (Anna  Gould) Married  at  London 

de  Sagan  Prince  H^lie Jly  7. 

Gould  M'  Benj  Apthorp-Cal.H'91. Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Gould  MiM"  Chas  A  (Adelaide  Stocking)  Ul.Ap.Ny.Ay.Lt.Rp. 

Cw.Au.Ar.Rv.H/91.  .P^^5687o-38.  .66  Park  Av 

165  W  58 

New  York  1909 


Gould  M;M"Chas  Judson  (Annie  W  Westbrook) 

Gould  M^  Muriel  E [Ul.Rg.Bd.As.Ats.Cw. 

Gould  M'  Carl  F-Fn.H/98 

Gould  M'  Aubrey  V  W-H'o8 

Gould  MiM"  Chas  M  (LiUie  Bell)  Ul.Ay.Eg.Ny: 

Gould  M'  Chas  W-Uv.Dt.T.Pl.Y.'yo 5 

Gould  M"  E  Sherman  (Arabella  D  Ludlow) 

Gould  M^  Susan  ML [N'05 

Gould  IT"  J  W  Du  B-Pu.N'o2&Francis  Lewis.  .Pu. 

Gould  MiM"  Edwin(Sarah  C  Shrady)Ul.Ay.Na.Kg;Lc.CwJkl. 

Au.An.Fw.Rv.Cy.Ny.As.S.Dke.Chch.Dar.Cl.'88.  .18  E  77 
Gould  HiM"  Elgin  R  L(Mary  H  Pumell)C.Bd.Ats.    P*^m364Plaza 
&  W  Lyttleton  B  P.  .  .  .[Ch.Ct.CyblJ.Hop'86     57  W  52 
Gould  M' Frank  Jay~Ul.Ay.Ny.Lc.Fw.Na.S.Kg,As.Pu.N'99 

P^«Si967Plaza.  .834  Fifth  Av 
Gould  M"Frank  Jay  (Helen  M  Kelly)  .P*^«S402  iPlaza.540  Park  Av 
Gould  M'  Frederick  M-Na.Ap Plaza  Hotel 

av'd  AmsSep  14 


150  W  59 


Wash  Sq  N 

122  E  34 

Gould  DiM"  Frederic  S  (Clara  Hinton)H'75.. 
Gould  M'  George  H~H'72, 

Santa  Barbara 

3'dBalt  Jun  11 
av'd  Sep 
of  P^^o305 
*  *  Georgiancourt'  * 
Lakewood  N  J 
The  Plaza 
.579  Fifth  Av 

201  W  55 

Gould  MiM"GeoJay(EdithM  Kingdon)Ny.Ay. 

Gould  If"  Marjorie  G [FwJkl.Cy.Cly. 

Gould  M'  Kingdon.  .av'd  Dtld  Jly  i6 

JiS,  IP-  Vivien  &  M'  Jay 

M"  Chas  D  Kingdon 

Gould  IP-  Helen  Miller P^Si907-38 

Gotdd  M"  James  H  (Mary  Pierrepont  Perry) 

Gould  IP^-  Mary  Silsby  &  Emily  P 

Gould  MiM"Wm  S(Ethel  Sanders)Ul.Ny.Ay.Eg.Ap.Au.  .55  E  75 
Gould  MiM"  Wm  Saltonstall  (Jeannie  L  Bache)  Uv. 
Gould  M*-  Elizabeth  B [Wms'70 

M"  Newton  L  Bates 

Gouley  D'  John  W  S 

Gouley  IP"  Fannie  C 

Gourd  MiM"  Hy  Eug  (Emilie  Noel).. 

Gourd  M*-  Ren^e  &r  Marcel 

i^  tf—  Yvonne,  Helen  &  Gabrielle.. 

Gourlie  tf"  Eliza  C 

Gourlie  JP-  Edith  C 

Gourlie  M'  Lawrence-Ap.H.'o4.  .ab'd  St  L  Jun  20 

149  W  75 

106  CentPkW 

M'  ab'd  Lor  Jun  11 



122  E  37 


Social  Register 

Gourlie  M"  John  Hamilton  (Mary  C  Dumont) 

Hot  Springs  Va  until  Dec  15 .  .see  DSlSS. 
Govin  MiM"  Rafael  R  (May  I  Medina)Mt.Un.Dt.Ny.Mid.Cly. 

Cr 86 .  .  ms . .  Highland  Falls  N  Y 

^Gow  MiM"  Leonard  Jr  (Mabel  A  Harper) Glasgow 

Grace  M'  Joseph  P  (late  Wm  R) Married  at  Westbury  L  I 

r  .  i    Macdonald  SP"  Janet  (Chas  B) Aug  i 

Battle  Abbey" 
Battle  Sussex  Eng 

Grace  MiM"  Michl.  P  (Margarita  Mason) 

Grace  IP"  Gladys 

Grace  MiM"  Morgan  H  (Ruth  Eden). . .  *'  Lismore"  Gt  Neck  L  I 

Grace  M"  wmam  r  (Lillias  Gilchrest) 

Gr^ce  M*"  Louise  Nathalie-Tf 

Grace  M'  Wm  Russell-R.Mt.Mb.Eg.Rh.Cl.'oo 

Grace  MiM"  Jos  P  (Janet  Macdonald)  Ad. U v. Cy.R. . 
-      Tf .Cth.Mb.Cl.'94 .  .  ab'd  AVic  Aug4 . .  av'd  Grosse 
M*"  Gilchrest [Oct  13 




1527-16  WSfi 

see  DS 

'Gracie  MiM"  Archibald  (Constance  E  Schack)Un 

3§5.^tf"  Edith  T  A  ; ..[Cvcw. 

Graef  MiM"  Harry  Campbell  (Emily  Lewis  Caldwell)  Cal.Dt 
•**'     .  Na. As. Dar.  .Hotel  Netherland 

Graeme  M"  Joseph  W  (Ethel  Robinson) I  P*^^'S6624-79 

tf"  Margaret  F  Tomes I987  Mad  Av 

Graesse  M"  Verrier  (Helen  Verrier*  y  Gar^sch^) 

Gr&esse  M'  Teodor  F  V. 

■■■W*  Ysatel  Verrier  y  Gar^ch^. 

Graham  MiM"  Benj-Un.Dt P"SSi8 .  .  Montclair  N  J 

Graham  MiM"  Geo  S  (Paula  M  Clarke)  Mt.Au.Tf.  l[*^S958Plaza 

GrahamiM'"  Marion  H [As.]    35  W  52 

Graham  M"  jas  Vamum  (Kate  Acosta) 49  Jaggar  Av 

Graham  M'  Malcolm  Montrose-Ny Flushing  L  I 

Graham  MiM"  Jas  Vamum  (Edith  V      ?''Toioj.  .25  Franklin  PI 

M'  Theo  T  Lane [Lane)  Flushing  L  I 

Graham  f'"  Louise  B ab'd  Bluch  Jun  10.  ..see  DimlSK. 

Graham  M"  Malcolm  (Whitlock-Am^lie  Wilson) ....  |P^^Ss  168-38 

Graham  tf"  Mary  Douglass |    37  W  37 

Graham  MiM"  Malcolm  (Maud  L  Brightman)  P^'SSa  2 

Uv.Ny.R.P.'90        "Cedarcrest" 

.  &  M'  Douglass New  Canaan  Ct 

New  York  1909 


Graham  MiM"  Robert  Dun  (Edith  Sands)  Un.Rg.R.Au.Mg.S^;. 
Cly.Cl.'96.  .ab'd  Onic  Nov  18.  .po  24  Broad 
Granbery  MiM"  Wm  H  (Imogene  Bishop)  Mid.Na. 

Granbery  IP"  AUce  L .[Ny/62  P^«Ss397eol 

Granbery  M'  Eug  T .  .  absent 10  W-7 1 

Granbery  MiM"  E  Carleton  (Julia  K  Barr)  Y/02  "    , 

Grandin  DiM"  Egbert  H  (Fannie  Throckmorton)  Na.H'76      / , 

P^^Si3Riv..ii6  W  76 

Granger  V  Wm  D-Uv.Wms'69 see  DSSSJ* 

Grannis  MiM"  Arthur  E  (Annie  W  lasi^)  Cal. 

r«S367oPlaza.:.49  E  63 

Scarborough  N  Y 
I*W74Morristown  .. 
'Overlook  Terrace'* 
Morris  Plains  N  J 

Grannis  MiM"  Horace  G  (Anne  C  A  Smith) 
Granniss  MIM"  Rob't  A  (Florence  Peters) 


Granniss  M*"*  R-Mg.  &  Mary  W-Mg 

Granniss  MiM"  Rob't  A  Jr  (Mary  L  De  Bary)  Mg.Rv.Y/03 

P«t39oMor'st'n.  /^Lodgenuff"  Morris  Plains  N  J 
Grant  M"  David  Beach  (Stewart)  ...21  Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris 
Grant  Maj  Gen  &  M"  Fred'k  D  (Ida  H  Honor^)  Ul.Cw.LliSn. . 
Bm.Rv.Ar.Fw.Ht.USA'71. . .  .see  DSSiX.  .to  (JS 
Grant  DiM"  G  (Caroline  A  Manice)  C.Ll.Du.Wms'. 

Grant  tf "  Kathrin  Manice-Cly 

Grant  W  Madison-Un.Uv.T.Dt.Cw.Ll.Y'87 .  .ab'd 
Bait  Jly  9.  .av'd  Maur  Aug  27 
Grant  M'  DeForest-Un.Cal.Ct.Rg.R.Cw.Wt;Y'9i 

ab'd  Bait  Jly  9..av'd  Oct 
Grant  MiM"  Hugh  J  (Julie  M  Murphy)Au.Dt.Gg.M.Na.Ny,Rg: 

Tf.Cy. 01*76 .  . P^«;i903-79 . .  20.E  7-2 

Grant  MiM"  Jesse  R  (Chapman)  M San  Diego 

Grant  W*  Nellie CaL-r 

Grant  MiM"  Norman  (Sophia  F  Cole)  Un.Cal. . . Dongan  Hills  SI 
Grant  Rev  Percy  Stickney-C.Na.Ct.Uvb.H/83 
Rev  k  M"  Walter  E  C  Smith  (Grace  Snell) 

tf-  Caroline  S  Barry 

Grant  M'  R  Suydam-Un.Mt.R.Ny.Dt.Mid. 

ab'd  Maur  Aug  12.  .av'd  Oct  16..  11  GramercyPafe 
Grant  M"  Scott  (Isabelle  I  Scott)  Cly... .jee  G  S  ScqtJ 

22  E  49  . 

7  W  16  "'• 


Social  Register 

Grant  Mir  Ulysses  S  (Chaffee)  Ul.Cly.H' San  Diego 

Grant  M'  Chaffee Cal 

Grant  Lt  &  M"  Ulysses  S  3d  (Edith  Root)  Dp.Anw.Cr02 

USA'03.  .P'^J236o.  .42  Brington  Rd  Brookline  Mass. .see  BSn 
Grant  MiM"  Wm  W  (Katharine  Hall) .  .P*^'9S463J..EnglewoodNJ 

Graves  If  Andrew  B-Sa.Ny.Gg.Y*92 abroad 

Graves  MiM"  Franklin  W  (Field-Susan  Andrews) 

P«Sii2.  ."Fort  Hill"  Scarsdale  N  Y 
Graves  MIM"  Harmon  S  (Elizabeth  K  Hart)  Uv.Ap.Rp.Ty*92 

Ay.Y/94.  .Pro388.  .Rye  N  Y 
Graves  MIM"  Henry  Jr  (Florence  I  Preston)  R.As. 

P^Syo.  .**Shadowbrook"  Irvington  N  Y 

79  E  55 

Graves  IP"  Lavinia  Riker-  Cda 

Graves  M'  Rufus  R-Uv.Bm.As.Ad.Cw.Wms'91. . 

Graves  Mill"  Rob't  (Plant-Marguerite  J)  Ul.Ny.Au.As. 

ab*d  K  II  Jun  23 .  .av*d  Aug  11 . .  9  W  51 
Graves  MIM"  Wm  L^n  (Florence  C  Eno)  Cal.Sa.As.Cly.Y'97 

P«S4838Plaza..2i  W  53 
Gray  MiM"  Albert  Z  (Marian  A  Fish)  R.K.Mb.H.'o3 

P^;244.  .Hempstead  L  I 
Gray  Rev  &  M"  Arthur  R  (Laura  Ferguson).  .  .  .Sewanee  Tenn 
Gray  MIM"  Austen  (Alice  M  Bumham)  K.R.Tf.H.'o3 

P«S4344Plaza.  .43  E  50 

Gray  M"  Bryoe  (A  Josephine  Mount) South  Orange  N  J 

Gray  M' Geo  M-Cal.Uv.Dp.Mc.Bg.Cr85..P'»S465oF'klin..4i  W27 
Gray  MiM"  Gerald  Hull  (Louise  Wells)  Un  PI. 
Snc.Cc.Dt.M.Tf.Smb.H.*89..av'd  K  II  Sep  8 

JS5.  IP-  Geraldine 

M"CB  Wells 

Gray  M"  Griswold  (Susan  Irvin) 16  Av  de  I'Alma  Paris 

Gray  M"  Hy  Winthrop  (Matilda  G  Frelinghuysen)IP^'»S3636Bry 

IP"  Dora  L  Ashmore f     4  W  49 

Gray  Judge  &  M"  John  Clinton  (Grace  Townsend)  C.M.Ul.Mt. 
Cly.H/66 . .  ab'd  Bait  Jun  11..  av'd  Ced  Oct  2  &  Bait  Nov  19 

P*^«S4586Plaza..5  E  56 

Gray  M'  John  C  Jr-Uv.K.R.H.'97 

Gray  W  Hy  G-K.Uv.R.H/97.  .aVd  Prov  Jly  23 

av'd  St  P  Aug  29 

119  E  61 

161  Mad  Av 

New  York  1909 


see  DomiSZ* 


36  First 

Troy  N  Y 

Gray  M"  John  F  (Evelyn  Welsh) .  .abroad Dhw---  \m  a 

V  Julian  PWelsh"^ '!!l^"i^l^ 

ir  Harry  A  Curtis i  S9  Lex  Av 

Gray  Mill"  Wm  S  (Georgia  Kinney)  Ul.Na.Au.     ri»Si796Plaza 

JS5.  yr  Harold  R-P'ii  &  Wm  S  Jr [Lt.        39  W  53 

Graydon  M"Clendenen(FannieAmold)..see  M*"-Amold  148  W  12 

Greacen  M'  Ed  J-Ny.Lc.Na New  York  Yacht  Club 

Greeflf  M'  Bemhard  Jr-As.Dv.Na.Lt.Cr96 I*«S665oCol 

Greeff  IT  G  E  Hugh-Cl.'os .  .see  DJi^X 342  W  72 

Green  MiM"  Ashbel  (Agnes  W  Layng)  Uv.Rv.Y/91 

P^S45.  .^'Overlook"  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 

Green  IP"  Caroline  W see  D  W  Evans 

Green  M"  Edward  H  (Harriet  Rowland) 

Green  IP"  Sylvia  H-Bm 

Green  M'  E  Rowland  R— Un.Au.  .  absent 

Green  MiM"  Ed  Murray  (Elizabeth  H  Griswold)Un.' 

Green  MLM"  Griswold  (Anna  K  Sheldon)  .see  Di^X- 
Green  M'  Francis  Cushing-Uv.Sa.Ny.Sbb.Mass'95 

P^'^5825Gram. ,  129  E  19 
Green  M"  Geo  Walton  (Harriet  B  Atwater)Bd.Cd.lP^1?J6o83-38 

Green  M'  Horace -Bg.H.*o8 |   127  E  39 

Green  MiM"  Hy  WoodhuU  (Helen  W  Watts)  Uv.Lt.P.'9i 

P"»5403 . .  155  W  State  Trenton  N  J 
Green  DIM"  Jas  O  (Amy  B  Hewitt)  Un.K.T.Rg.Cly, 

JlS.  tf-  Eleanor  M  &  M'  Norvin  H 

Greentf""JuliaE,LucyM&MaryR .  .*'  Green  Hiir'WorcesterMass 
Green  M"  Laura  Riddle  (Tewksbury).  of  P«S36w.  .GardenCity 

Green  tf"  Laura  T P^1K3346Col 

Green  M'  C  Douglass-Uv.Y.'o3 125  W  58 

Green  M"  Robert  Stockton  (Mary  E  Mulligan).       P*«5547w 
Green  tf""  Katharine-Dar.Cd.  &  IsabeUe  W-         76  Cherry 

Dar.Cd.  Elizabeth  N  J 
Green  MiM"  Wm  Lawrence  (Harriet  L  Banks)  K.R.Ny.T.Smb. 
Cly.H'84.  .P«S882.  .329StateAlbanyNY 
Green  MiM"  Wm  Walker  (Jessica  R  Thayer)  Uv.Na.M.Chch. 

Y.*78 . . P^^72 . ,  Dana  PI  Englewood  N  J 
Greene  M' Alister-Un.Mt.Na.Bm P**«52664-79.  .65   E   72 

13  Lex  Av 

of  303  North 

Buffalo  N  Y 

22  E  2C 


236  Social  Register 

Greene  Capt  &  M"  B  Dwight  (Elizabeth  McClelland)        ,        , 

Greene  tf"  Elizabeth [Bow' 63  ^^^^^^ 

Greene  MiM"  Carleton  (Anna  B  Lathrop)  C.H'Sg.Cr'gi 
'  ;  ^^  I*^S2ol.  .117  Vose  Av  So  Orange  N  J 

Greene  M"  Chas  Burrows  (Jennie  H  Button) 
,;.,  P^«Sii3oPlaza..6o  W  58 

Greene  MiM"  Ernest  (Margaret  Herriman  Dow)  Ats.Ha.Myf. 

Greene  Gen  &  M"  Francis  Vinton  (Belle  Chevalli^) 

Greene  IP""  A  Gertrude  &  Eleanor  N [USA' 70 

Greene  M' Warwick-H . ' o  i . . at 463 CalleRealManila 
JSS.  IP"  Katharine-at  571  Park  Av 

•  Greene  MIM"  Geo  de  Boketon  (Harriet  M  Campbell)  Uv.Cd. 

Cr'93 . .  5  Gloucester  BSSa 

Greene  M'^Geo  S  Jr-C.Ll.Cw.H.'6o 534  Fifth  Av 

yGreene  M"  Martin  E  (Mary  H  Robinson) 125E26 

'  Greene  DiM"  Rob't  Hohnes  (Mabel  A  V  Chubb)  Uv.Rc.Bow'81 

P'^^S289Plaza..78  E  56 

Greeine  M"  Thos  Lyman  (Elizabeth  D  Hoff) 

Greene  MiM"  Van  Rensselaer  H  (Agnes  Benedict) 
^''     M"  Ann  E  V  R  &  tf"  Harriet  L  Hoff. . . .  [Cro4 
r  Greene  M'  W  C-Uv.N.M.Au.Br'75 University  Club 

•  Greenleaf  Mi,M"  John  C  (Marion  C  Bacon)  Uv.Sa.Y/99 

V'L  ".  -  ^  ^^  P^^Si339-38.  .331  Lex  Av 

^  Greenleaf  MiM"  Lewis  S  (Margaret  Adams)  Mass*94 

;;  •    .  P^^S54ooMain. .  164  Chestnut  Albany  N  Y 

Greenleaf  DiM"  Richard  C  (Adeline  E  Stone)  U v.     of  Windyside 

H.'66   Lenox  Mass  " 

Jiin  M'  Richard  C  Jr. .  Perier  &  Co  Paris 17  E  60 

Grreenl^es  MiM"  Thos  Jr  (Elizabeth  C  Cummings) 
I       '  \     ,  V  ab*d  Carm  Jun  27 . .  Newark  N  J 

'  Greenley  MiM"  Howard  (Elizabeth  Inness)  Na.Ty'94 
^        '  .  P^S6672Col.  .165  W  58 

Gxe^iipugh  M'  Chas  E-Ny.Na.Bg.Dp.Rv.  Y.'o2 
f  -rr'  r,  P^^22233Bry..i2  W44 

'  Greenough  MiM"  John  (Carolina  H  Storey)  Uv.C.Dt.T.Ar.     , 

Ecb.Unb.Eyb.Cly.H.*6s .  . P^^S4438Plai2a.  .38  E  63 

49  W68 

Greenough  IP"  Marion  M. 
Greenough  M'  Carroll-  H*o3. 

14  Rue  de  I'Abbaye 

New  York  1909 


271  W  End  Av 

Aug  12.  .P^^SiQSGram 
7  Gramercy  Pk 

Greenough  MiM"  Wm  (Charlotte  Warren)  Uv.B.Rp.Dt.H/96 

Hotel  Gotham 
Greenwood  M'  Isaac  J~Uv.Rv.Cr53. 
Greenwood  If^  Eliza  R  &  Mary  M. 
Greenwood  M'  Jos  R-P/05 

Greer  Bishop  &  M"  David  H  (Caroline  A 

Greer  MiM"  Lawrence  (Georgiana  Oakes)  Mt.'Uv.Tf.Rh'Y.'93 

P^«S5i8Plaza..i26  E  56 
Greer  M'  Louis  M-Uv.  R.  Dt.  Rg. Dp.As.H.'pil         P^«S364 

Greer  IP"  Dessie [Dobbs  Ferry  N  Y 

Greer  MiM"  Wm  Armstrong  (Louise  No^l)  Cal.Mt. 

P^S6259Gram..s6  W  9 
Greg^  MiM"  James  E  (Pauline  Pumpelly)  H'97 

P*^«Ss99-i  2 . .  Pittsfield  Mass 

Gregory  H'  Charles  E-Ul P«?S5245Spring 

Gregory  ff"*  F  Marion,  Alice  &  Frances 2  Wash  Sq  N 

Gregory  MiM"  Edtvard  C  (Mary  Elsworth)  Ul.Ny. 

Ch.Na.As.  P^«;i372Bry 
Gregory  HP""  Bertha.  Fanny  K  &  Isabel  M~Bm.  ...      54  W  47 

Gregory  M'  Henry  Elsworth-Uv.C.Snc.Cr78 

Gregory  M'  Eliot-K.Y'So.  . P^lfSniSMad.  .1122  B'way 

GregoryH'FranklinU-Mt.Rv.Y.'9i.  .P^^Ss43oPlaza.  .6soMadAv 

Gregory  M"  Geo  F  (Frances  A  Dexter) Hotel 

'.   M"  Geo  &  M*"  M  Georgette  Dexter Netherland 

Gregory  M'  Lewis~R. Racquet  Club 

Greppo  MiM"  Theo  (Eleanor  Sedley)  Re 147  W  82 

Grier  M' John  P-Mt.B.Ati.R 30  W  59 

Grierson  MiM"  John  (Edith  J  Cairns)  R.  N. 

P^447m.  .137  Crescent  Av  Plainfield  N  J 
Griffin  MiM"  Benj  (Smylie-Julia  Ely)  Mt.M.Uv.    |P'^34i3Plaza 
Jrf"MarjorieE&rChas  A  Smylie..[Dke.'65|     41  W  58 

Griffin  M"  Chas  F  (Elizabeth  R  Lockwood) P^«S3553Plaza 

M"  Wm  M  Leeds.  ; 40  W  50 

Griffin  M"  Eugene  (AUie  Hancock) :.....  P«Uoss-*79 

JIS,  tf-  Priscilla  A 17  E  86 

Griffin  MiM"  Francis  Butler  (Annie  M  Earle)  Mt.Ul.T.Rv.Cw. 

^  P^1K3SodPlaza.  .14  E  60 

238  Social  Register 

Griffin  MiM"  Francis  H  (Clara  E  Holland)  ¥.'92.  .  .29  Wash  Sq 
Griffin  D'  Henry  A-Uv.Rv.Cw.H.'86. .  ..P'«S56ooPlaza.  .8  E  54 
Griffin  MiM"  John  W  (Emily  B  Brune)  JHop'oo.H/03 

P^^^SyiooMom.  .417  W114 
Griffin  MiM"  Percy  (Clark-Mary  E)  R.Un.Ct. 

P«;2oioMad . .  80  Mad  Av 
Griffin  MiM"  Russell  Agnew  (Anna  D  Battershall)  Bg. 

P^^Siyi .  .  140  Tremont  Av  Orange  N  J 

Griffin  M"  Wm  Preston  (Christine  Kean) 208  E  15 

Griffith  M'Chas  G-Uv.Ap.Rv.Rens'77 University  Club 

Griffith  MiM"  Lawrence  (Kate  H  Belloni)  So.Na. 

7  Lincoln  Ter  Yonkers  N  Y 
Griffitts  M"  Rob't  S  (Rodgers) .see  R  Rodgers 

M'ab'd  Maj  Aug  19 
av'd  Ny  Oct  .3  . . 
Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
** Sussex  House*' 

son)  Mt.Na.Dt.Rg.As. 
JSSs  M'  Arthur  K. 

Griggs  M'  Daniel . 
J£*»  tf"  Elizabeth. 
Griggs  MiM"  Maitland  F  (Carolyn  C  Lee)  Uv.'As.Y:'96 

P'^'Ȥi2oIrv.  .Ardsley-on-Hudson  N  Y 
Grimes  M'  Rob't  H-H.'99jHop'o2 

P^«t647Bry.  .44  W  44.  .see  D^lffii;. 
Grimk^  MiM"  Thos  S  (Louise  F  Gawtry). . .  .  I       P^S7i6-79 

J^»  M'  Fred'c  D (132  E  79.  J' absent 

Grinnell  M'"  Dorothy  Q  (E  Morgan) Married  at  36  E  50 

Noyes  M'  Charles  R  (Chas  P) Oct  3 

Grinnell  MiM"  E  Morgan  (Sarah  J  Stone)  Ct.Ats.Snc.  . 

Grinnell  M^"  Charlotte  I :  36  E  50 

Grinnell  M""  Lawrence  I  &  Rob't  S 

Grinnell  DLM"  Geo  Bird  (Williams-ElisabethKCurtis)  Un.Uv. 
C.Myf.Cw.Y'70.  .P^^389Audubon..is6  &  Broadway 

Grinnell  M'Irving-Ny.Cl' 59 P^3»Si864Mad.  .37  ParkAv 

Grinnell  tf""  Nancy-Myf.  &  Louise  B. .  J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 
Grinnell  M"  Rob't  Mintum  (Sophie  Van  Allen).  .  .  .s^e  DSoaJ. 
Grinnell  M'  Wm  Milne-Uv.Cw.Ht.Myf .Y.'8i . . .  .ab'd  Ced  Oct  8 

P^^368oMad.  .21  W  31 
Grinnell  M"  Wm  Morton  (ElizabethLeeEmst)..TuxedoParkNY 

Hew  York  1909 


Griscom  MiM"  Clement  A  Jr  (Gen6vifeve  Ludlow)  PVo5835Spring 
Mt.Un.Ct.Mid.Mg.Cw.Rv.Uvp.Mep.Pa'87  2iWashSqN 

J2&  M""  Ludlow  ft  Acton see 

M"  Wm  Ludlow . .  ab'd  Phila  Aug  29 P** 

Griscom  MiM"  Lloyd  C  (Elisabeth  D  Bronson)  Un.Dt.Mep. 

Pcp.Pa*9i . .  American  Embassy  Rome . .  see  P*fc 

Griswold  M'*  Chester  (Grace  Cannon) [P-'o3 

Griswold  MiM"  Le  Grand  C  (Esther  Tone)  R.Un.  Ar.  P'*^S468Bry 
GriswoldJIiM"  Chester (ElizabethHGTiswold)Un.Uv.   23  W  48 

Griswold  Ml Sr'DanielPaine  ( AnnieRobe)  R. PI.  H . '  8 7 . . LenoxMass 
Griswold  M'  Frank  B-Un.Ny Troy  N  Y 

Griswold  MiM"  Frank  Gray  (Canfield-Josephine 

Houghteling)  Un.Ny.Tf.K.B.Rv.Cly. 

JSn  IP""  Laura  ft  Mary  ft  JT  A  Cass  Canfield 

Griswold  M'  Geo-Un.T.H/8o. 




.av'd  Cecil  Jly  28 

P^«S89..  Tuxedo  Park  NY 
Griswold  Miir  Harold  E  (Elsie  M  Whitney)  Stv'93 

P^1?S64 .  .  ^^Egbert  Hill"  Morristown  N  J 
Griswold  MiM"  J  N  A  Qane  Emmet)  Un.Ul.Smb. 

128  W  59 .  .M'  at  Newport  R  I 
Griswold  M"  John  Wool  (Sarah  P  Randall)Cly.  .  . .  P*^«S4947Col 

Griswold  II'  John  A-Un.Rp.Wms'04 127  W  58 

Griswcdd  Mir  Wm  E  S  (Evelyn  Sloane)  Y.'99 

P'«?4i2  7Plaza. .  128  E  70 
Gross  Mar'ChasE  M(LeonoraP  Miller) Ul.Cd.Dar.   * 

150  W  78 

J^  W  An6t6  E-at  St  Paul's  Concord  N  H ['67 

M"  Hy  Jas  Miller  (Swasey) 

Grossmann.  M'  Edwin  Booth  (Ignatius  R) . .  Married  at  Christ  Ch 
Foos HP"  Helen  L  (late  Lamar) Oct  15 

Grossmann  MS  M"  Edwin  Booth  (Helen  L  Foos)  PI. 

Morgan  Harjes  ft  Co  Paris 

Grossmann  MiM"  Ignatius  R  (Edwina  Booth)  PI 115  E  16 

Grosvenor  tf "  Alice  M  (late  Wm) ....  Married  at  Newport  R  I 
Davis  M*  pudley_(Fellqwes).  . Aug  31 

Grosvenor  M" James  B  M(Minna  J  Ludeling)  Cly.  P'«S2048Plaza 

M"  John  T  Ludeling; 39  E  50 

Grosvenor  tf"  Rosa  Anne-Cly see  PSJi. 

Grosvenor  Mil"  Robert  (Florence  Padelford) London 


Sodal  Register 

Grosvenor  M"  S  H  (Mercer) 

Grosvenor  M*""  Gertrude  M  &  Ursula 

Grosvenor  Rev  Wm  Mercer-C.Uv.Wms'Ss 

M*"  Ellen  M  Mercer.  .  [av'd  Lusi  Aug  ^o 
Grosvenor  M"  WiiKam  (Rose  Dimond 


Grosvenor  M*""  Caroline  R  &  Rose  P 

Grosvenor  M'  Wm-H'09 

Jro"t.  If"  Anita  D  &  If "  Robert  &  Theo  P.  . . 
Groves  M"  George  M  (Mary  Dominick).  . 

Groves  IT  Morris-Y.'99 

Grugan  MIM"  C  Dutilh  (Florence  S  E  Coleman) 


209  Madison  Av 

51  Prospect 
Providence  R  I 
Feb  I  "Rosebank" 
Aiken  S  C 
42  W54 

104  W  49 

Grugan  Maj  &  M"  Frank  C  (Kate  M  Dutilh)  USA  P«S4268Plaza 

Grugan  JP"  Emily  Dutilh 10  E  53 

Gruner  MiM"  O  Harry  (Katharine  H  Drake)  Snc.Tf  .Mg.lUi. 

Y/02..MS167S-38..111  E  39 
Gruner  M"  Siegfried  (Annie  J  Dater).  .P*^2i2  5Plaza.  .133  E  55 

Grymes  MiM"  J  Randolph  (Sophronie  C 

Thomas)  Un. 
J&n  tf**Athenais,Medora&M'JohnRandolphJr 
Guernsey  M"  Jos  Reynolds  (Alice  Clark).  .  . 

JlS.  tf- Alice. 

Guernsey  M"  Wm  Noah  (Catinka  Hagerman)Bd 


Tyson  St 

New  Brighton  S  I' 


S40  Park  Av 

1672  B'way 

Guest  Hon  Capt&M"  Fred'k  E (AmyTPhipps) .  .po  787  Fifth  Av 

?'To2s,  .lie  St  Gilles 
Ste  Anne  de  Bellevue 


Guest  Hon  &  M"  Lionel  G  (Dodge-Flora 

tf"  Lucy  B  Dodge [Bigelow) 

J&«  M'  John  Bigelow  Dodge 

Guggenheim  MiM"  Isaac  (Carrie  Sonneborn)  Lt.Au 

M"  ab'd  Dtld  Jun  25 .  .P^1»S562  Plaza. .  763  Fifth  Av 
Guild  MiM"  Fred'k  A  (Agnes  L  Pearl)Ny.Na.Ats. 

Dt.Dke.Eg.'69  P*^Si854Col 

Guild  tf"  Charlotta  P~Fn Morgan  Harjes   127  W  58 

M"K  G  Bowne(KatherineGuild)     &  Co  Paris 
Guinness  MiM"  Benj  S  (Bridget  W  Bulkeley)Mt.Mid.Ny. 

P^S3232Spring.  .8  Wash  Sq  N 
Guit^ras  D'  Ramon-Un.Ny.Na.Pl.H.'82.PiJSs467Plaza.7S  W  SS 
GuHck  M'  Alex  Reading-'Uv.Hl.Snc.P.'89  ' 

P«SS  2Gram '. .  Princeton  Club 


V  VAf^ 



Guffiver  Mir  Wm  CCUv^^^^Qr^enj  Un.C.Uv.Gg.Myf .        P«5 

Rg.Ct.Cda.Y.'7o ab'dCecilJly7..av'dKII    sissPlaza 

GuUiver  If"  Louisa  Walker-Myf.Cda [Sep  8     8  E  56 

Gummere  Mill"  Barker  (Simonds-Daisy  O'D  Breaux)  E. 

168  W  State.  .Trenton  N  J 
Gummere  MiM"  Chas  Ed  (Annie  Scarborough).  . .  Trenton  N  T 

Gummere  M'  S  R •' 

Gummere  MIM"  R  Morris. Trenton 

Gummere  ff"  Rebecca  N N  J 

Gummere  Justice  &  M"Wm  S-E,Bg.P. '70.95  ClintonAvNewark 

Gunther  M'  Ernest  Rudolph-Ul.Cy Union  League  Club 

Gunther  M'  Franklin  L-Un.Ul.R.Cy.Ny.Tf  .Na. 

Rv.Cw.    P^«S3574Bry 

Gunther M'FrankKnMott'-Un.R.H.'o7.  .at  Amer-  53^2  Fifth  Av 

icari  Emb  Tokio  Japan 
Gunther  M"  W  Henry  (Marie  L  Hatch).  .  . 

Gunther  M'  W  Laurence-As.Rv 

DiM"  Carl  A  demons  (Gunther).  .... 



Riverdale  N   Y 

Via  Dagli 

Abruzzi  2 

Rome  Italy 

417  Fifth  Av 

Gumee  M*  Augustus  Coe-Un.Uv.Ht.H.'78 

Gumee  ff"Delia  E.  ,at  104  Av  des  Champs  Elys^es 

Gumee  MiM"  Walter  S  (Bell  Barney)  Unjki. 

Gumee  M*""  Bell  B^Cly.  .av'd  Kp  Wm  Aug  4  & 

Mary  L-Cly. 
Gumee  MiM"  Walter  S  Jr  (Rita  Burgess)  Un.S.CPpa 

^^^23415-38..  337  Lex  Av 
Gurteen  M"  Stephen  Humphreys  (Edith  Carpenter)  Bd. 

Skaneateles  N  Y 
Guthrie  M"  Chas  S  (Lehmann-Frances  A  Lam- 

M'  Fred'k  V  Lehinann .  .[son)  Cly 

As.  M"  Alex  H  &  Chas  L  Lehmann 

Guthrie  tf"  Mary  H Married  at  R! 

Walcott  M'  Fred^c  C  (late  W  S) Apr  3  '07 

Guthrie  MiM"  Wm  D  (Ella  E  Fuller)  Un.Mt.Ul.Rg.Mid.S.Dt. 

Ny.Mtw.Cly.  .aV*d  Adri  Sep  30.  .P*^^S3i8Mad.  .28  Park  Av 
Gwathmey  MiM"  Arched.  B  (Emma  D  Murchison)  Au.So.Dar. 
'  '.  i  PIW329C0I..49  W  7i2 

863  Park  Av 



Social  Register 

**  Medehamstede  '* 
Rye  NY 

Gwathmey  M'  A  B  Jr-N.Au .478  Central  Pk  W 

Gwathmey  Mill"  J  Temple  (Lelia  Gaines)  R.Mt.So.Na.N.Ap. 

Tf.Au.Gg.Ay.  .P**^i72.  .Rye  N  Y 
Gwynne  MiM"  Arthur  C  (Edith  S  Mathews)  Uv.Ay.Ap.Cl.'gi 

P»^«5ii9Rye.  .Harrison  N  Y 
Gw)mne  M"  John  a  (Mary  E  Gulhver) .  . . 
Gwynne  IP""  Alice- Ap.  &  Mabel-Ap.  .  . . 

Gw5mne  M'  John  A 

:.  J^»  If"  Dorothea  Sherman 

Habirshaw  W  William  M.  .  .  .Died  at  Saratoga  N  Y  Aug  15 
Hackett  MiM"  Corcellus  H  (Helen  L  Humphrey)  Ul.Mt.Au. 

Dth*64.  .Hotel  Netherland 
Hackstaff  MiM"  Alex  G  (Cornelia  T  Allen) Un.Ny.   |P^S338oCol 

Hackstafftf*  Elizabeth  A [Cal.Na.Snc.j  235  W  75 

Hackstaflf  M"  Charles  L  (Margaret  E  Hoffman) 

Died  at  E  Hampton  L  I  Oct  5 

Hackstaff  M'  Chas  L-Mt.M.Ss.Rg Qly  io|P^1K3 031  Plaza 

Hackstaff  tf-Mai  E-Fn. & Ja  tf"Caryl.  .av'd  Ced     |       7  E  54 
Hackstaff  M'  Wm  G-Ul.Mg.Mo.Snc.Rv. 

ab'd  Bait  Jly  9.  .Morristown  N  J 
Hadden  M'  Alexander  M-Ch.Na.Bm.Cl.'go 

av*d  Ced  Oct  21 .  .P'^'S4963Plaza. .  16  W  51 
Hadden  MiM"HaroldFarquhar(Val^rieBurckhardt) 
Hadden  tf"  Valerie  B.  .[Uv.Ch.T.Mc.Rg.Camb'76 

Hadden  M'  Harold  F  Jr-^H'09 

Hadden  M'Gavin-H'io&JS?,  M'  Edw  K.  .at  Groton.  . . 


fm'y  av'd  Adri  Jun  10 


**Uriiondale  Farm" 

Hempstead   L   I.    .see    DSSlS. 

Hadden  MiM"  J  E  Smith  (E 
Georgina  Hamilton)K.Mb. 

Hadden  IP*  Frances 

Hadden  M'  Hamilton-K. Mb. . . 

Hadden  MiM" John  A  (Marie  Torrance) Un.Rg.Cy.JP^^UiSgMad 

M"  Daniel  S  Torrance [Cly.Bm.l379  Fifth  Av 

Haddock  M"staniey  B  (Amelia  Watkin) Married  Aug  15 

LottimerM'William  Gardner  (Wm  A) .  .atMonmouthBeachNJ 
Haddock  M' Stanley  B-Lc.Mep.Rcp. .  .P^'»S2oroMad.  .SoMad  Av 

93  Whitney  Av 
New  Haven  Ct 
Hagadom  Capt  Chas  B-C.USA'89 .West  Pt  N  Y 

Hadley  Pres  &  M"  Arthur  Twining  (Helen  H 

Morris)  C.Uv.Y'76 
JiSs  M'  Morris .  .  at  Groton. 

New  York  1909 


Calumet  Club 

Hage  M'  John  D-X^al.Rc.. 
Hage  M'  Dan'l  S-Cal.Rc. 

Hagemeyer  M"  Prank  if  (Garetta  P  Johnson) I    P***5i45 

Hagemeyer  M'  Frank  E-Ct.Ul So  Orange 

Hagemeyer  M'  Arthur  H-Uv.P.'q; j      N  J 

Hagen  MiM"  Winston  H  (Lucy  Trotter)  Uv.C.G.Aht'79 . .  10  W  9 
Haggin  M"  Ben  AU  (Lee  Wood).  . . .  av'd  Luc  Oct  3.  .121  Mad  Av 
Haggin  MiM"  James  B  (Margaret  S  Voorhies)  Un.T.Rg.Au.Mt. 

Cly.  .P^«Siii8~38.  .587  Fifth  Av 
Haggin  M*M"  Jas  Ben  Ali  (FaithRobinson)  P'^^$ii23Col.  .27W67 
Haggin  MIM"  Louis  Lee  (Emma  Jackson)  H.'o6 

**Elmendorf  Lexington  Ky 
Haggin  MiM"LouisT(BlancheButterworth)Un.Ny.Uy  .      p,  , 
Ctss  E  Festetics  (Haggin) .  .[Mid.Uv.Camb'7o|  ^^^^^  "^^^^ 

Hague  M'  James  D Died  at  Stockbridge  Mass  Aug  3 

Hague  M*"-  Marian  &  Eleanor P^^'S6s69--38 

Hague  M'  Wm~H.'o4. 108  E  40 

Haig  M"  Geo  Ogilvy  (Drayton-Charlotte  Astor).av'd  Carm 

Jly8.  ,ab'd  Maur  Sep  2 .  ,65  Brook  Grosvenor  Sq  London 
HaightMiM"ChasCoolidge(EuphemiaKneeland)     P*'^Sii3iBry 
Haight  IP" Sarah  Bard.  .[Uv.C.Ch.Snc.Cd.Cr6i  "The  Birches" 
Haight  M'  John  McV-Sa.Cr 07 .  .at  1 7 5  Ninth  Av  Garrison  N   Y 
Haight  Capt  &  M"  C  Sidney  (Margaret  W  Folsom).  USA.Uv. 

Sa. An.Cw.Fw.Ll.Cr 98 .  .  Ft  Wingate  N  Mex . .  see  WB* 
Haight  M;M"  Chas  Sherman  (Alice  M  Hoyt)  Uv.Rg.Mid.Cw. 

Y.'92.  .P**«SiS52Plaza.  .22  E  69 

.Haight  D'  David  L-Uv.Un.Rh.Y'6o University  Club 

Haight  M'  Edw-Uv.Cy.Ll.Ch.An.Cr6i.P*^«Si883-79.  .43   E  80. 

Haight  M'  Edward  C 

M'  Josiah  Hedden 

Haight  MiM"  Fred'k  A  (Helen  D  White)  Ny.Snc. 

P^S3 268-79.. 89  E  79 

Haight  M'  J  Halsey see  D2SK. 

-Haight  MiM"  Louis  (Florence  D  Coppell)  Cal. 

av'd  Slav  Sep  9..P^«S458oPlaza.  .70  W  55 

126  E  34 

Haight  MiM"Wm  B  (Susan  HRichards) 
JS.  »"  Dorothy [Mc. 

Haines  MIM'"  Chas  Davis  (Mary  T  Sabine) 

Haines  tf"  Aline  S 

Frances  M  &  Julia  M  Sabine 

P«S29..*^  The  Terrace" 
Ridgewood  N  J 

SO  E  6s 


Social  Register 

Fifth  Av 

Haines  Mill"  John  P<Mary  Merritt)  Ny.M.Snc.Au.Lc. 

Haines  JP"  Emily  Somers 

tf-  Julia  D  Dawson 

IT  Benj  F  Dawson-at  Yale 

Haines  MiM^*  Wm  A  (MarionASchenkberg)Ny. .  N  Y  Yacht  Club 

Haldane  tf"  Mary  H-Cd "  Glenwood"  Cold  Spring  N  Y 

Haldane  MiM"  Wm  Hy  (Alice  Paulding)  Dt.Cda.Cl/72 

^^3  ..*'  Rockneath "  Cold  Spring  N  Y 
Hale  MiM"  Eug  Jr  (Eunice  Terry)  R.K.B.Cy.Uv.Mtw.Y/98 

H/99.  .P«;5S7aPlaza..52  W  55 
Hale  MiM"  Herbert  D  (Margaret  C  Marquand)  M  av*d  ProvJlyiS 

Uv.Pl.Unb.Tvb.H/88  P«S  5754  Plaza 
JgS.  tf-  Margaret  C  &  M'  Herbert  D  Jr 82  E  55 

Hf  Ki''^  K  iiV  ^  f^rPv!^''''^''     -6  lS  Hill  Av 
Hale  tf"  Ehzabeth  Prescott-Cd.Dar Yonkers  N  Y 

Hale  MiM"  Thos  Jr  (Elizabeth  H  Henderson)  Dar.Cl/94 

!*'»S457r. .  100  Locust  Hill  Av  Yonkers  N  Y 

Hstlkett  Bmss  (Sarah  Stokes) see  A  P  Stokes 

Hall  MiM"  Benj  E  (Mary  H  Brown)  Rp.Cw.Rv. 

fc  IP-  Marian  W [Dke.Wms'Ss 

M"  Richard  &  M'  Sam^l  C  Brown 

Hall  MiM"  Bolton  (Susie  Hurlbut  Scott) Uv.Rv.  |P^«Sii49Plaza 

JSk  JP-  Lois  H [P'7si      33  E  61 

Hall  M"  Chas  C  (Jeanie  S  Boyd) . 46  E  70 

Hall  Rev  &  M"  Chas  Mercer  (Bertha  Parker)  Tf. 

f^TogiG. .  Holy  Cross  Rectory  Kingston  N  Y 

P«Ss  207R1V 

S3  Wash  Sq 

Hall  M"  David  Prescott  (Florence  M  Howe) 

Hall  IP"  Caroline  Mintum [Dar. 

Hall  MiM"  Dewitt  C  (Julia  N  HiUiard)  Ul ! .  "Norwalk  Ct 

Hall  MiM"  Ed  Hagaman  (Irene  G  Gazzam)  Ar.Ats;Dar.      ' 

P^i87oBeek..i2  W  103 

Hall  M"  Edward  J  (Mary  Hoey) . 

Hall  tf"  Grace 

Hall  MiM"  Ed  J  (Louise  Winne)  Uv.Mg. 

Hall  tf-  Gertrude  S-Mg. . . .  

Hall  M' Edw  B-Y/06 

Riverside  Dv 
fm'y  aVd  Celt  Jly  30 
P«Si8       '' 
Morristown      • 
■   NJ       ■■•■ 
Hall  M;M"  Edward  L  (Josephine  B  Zabriskie)  R. . .  .Tivoli  N  Y 

Ifcw  York  1909  245 

Hall  MiM"  Edwin  Trowbridge  (Cornelia  Ross)  Myf.Na.Ny.Bd. 

Pl.Y/86.  .ab'd  Lor  Oct8..P^1?S2s69-38.i24E38 
Hall  MlSr  Emlen  Trenchard  (Louisa  F  Field)  Pa*87 

P^SSiQ.  .138  Franklin  PI  Flushing  L  I 
Hall  M"  F  Gardiner  (Florence  Gardiner)..P^S4i6oChel..4S  W  11 

Hall  If-  Frances  Mintum .  .P'i?53486Gram.  .209  E  16 

Hall  M'  Frank  L-Uv.Un.Dt.Ss.Pu.Y/72..NSi362Broad.  .1W30 
Hall  MiM"  Fred'k  J  (EUzabeth  W  Miles)  Kg:Ll.Rv. 

P'«Sio2 .  .  4  Benedict  Av  Tarrytown  N  Y 
Hall  MiM"  H  Oakey(Marie  JHarvey)Pl.Ad.Kg.Wms'84..i4  E  60 

HallM'  Harold  N Married  at  Madison  N  J 

Holmes  tf"  Natalie  (Rob't  B) Oct  15 

Hall  MiM"  Harold  N  (Natalie  Holmes)Cl/98.  .see  R  B  Holmes 
Hall  MiM"  Henry  (Virginia  Houghton) 

P'^«S2i88Bi:oad.  .Lawrence  Pk  Bronxville  N  Y 

107  E  65 

Hall  M"  Henry  B  (Eliza  Newcomb) 

Hall  M' Henry 'B 

Hall  Miriiy  Clay  (AUce  M  Sweetser).  .  .37  W  5S.  .see  D^X 

Hall  MIM"  Henry  P  (Agiies  Clark)  Uv.Ny.Y'89.. .  .  1^^55279-79 

JS^  M**  Carolyn J    141  E  71 

" ~  ~"  P'^sssia-ss 

5S9  Fifth  Av 

Hall  M"  John  H  (Cornelia  G  Ward)  As 
MiM"  Geo  G  MacCracJcen  (Hall) 
Hall  MiM"  John  Hudson  (Mabel  A  Varker)  U1.H.'9'4 

P«S3i4iPlaza..49  W  57 

Hall  M"  John  M. New  fiaven  Ct 

106  E  30 

Hall  M"  John  T  (Catharine  C  Delafield) 
Hall  IP—  Elsie  B  &. Katharine  D 

Hall  if"  Josephine  B .:. .54  E  77 

,Hall  M"  May  B  (Stevens-May  Brady).  .  .  .Married  at  Newport 

Harriman  M'  Herbert  M  (late  Oliver) Aug  19 

Hall  IP"  Mary  Louise Tarrytown  N  Y 

Hall  M'  Melville  P-Cal.Bg P«S3028Broad..Calumet  Club 

Hall  M'  Richard  &-At?.G. [P^^'S4225Col 

Hall  tf-  Agnes \     33  W  67 

Hall  Rev  DiM"  Thos  C  (jennv  E  L  Battling)'  C.P.'79 

'  ,  1*^3 23 7 Riv.. 26 1  Central  Pk  W 

Hall  M"  Valentine  G  (Mary  L  Ludlow) lP*'^47Ger*tn 

Hall  M'  Valentine  G-Snc.Sa I  tivoli  N  Y 


Social  Register 

Hall  M*M"  W  A  Rembert  (Gertrude  L  Lane)  H'oi 

ab'd  Bait  Jun  11..  av'd  AdriOct  30 . .  P^SsQoPlaza . .  3 1E49 

Hall  MiM"  Wm  Aug  (Sarah  Jewett  Adams)Ul. 
J^  M'  Melvin  A-at  Princeton 

ab'dAdri  Juniy 

av'd  Sep  30 


Hotel  Gotham 

52  W  9 

Hall  MiM"  Wm  C  (Suzette  de  Marigny  Thomas) 

Hall  JP"  Agnes  S [Uv.Ats.Y'75 

Hall  M'  Wm  C-Dke.Y'04 

Hall  MiM"  Wm  E  (Marguerite  Wood)  Y/oo.H'03 

P'»Sio8iPlaza..29  E  61 

Hall  M'  Wm  H-Uv.Au.N.Ny.Na.N's5.Cl/92 265  W  73 

Halliday  Mill"  Alex  B  (Ella  M  Reid)  Uv.H.'9i 

P^^S48o.  .316  Palisade  Av  Yonkers  N  Y 

Hallowell  MiM"  Thos  Jewett(Marion  R  Slocum)    -    ''*'^*^S9J 
M'  Francis  R  Slocum [Pl.Rv.Cw 

Lawrence  Pk 
Bronxville  N  Y 
177  Union  Montclair  N  J 


JlS»  tf"  Eleanor  L [An. 

Halsey  MiM"  Charles  D  (Effie  Van  R  Grubb)  Un.Uv.P.'86 

P^^Si 289-79.  .49  E  72 

Halsey  M'  Chas  Woodruff-P/98  Rv |   P'i?S468oStuy 

Halsey  M*"  Katherine  "Crows  Nest*'  Bronx-     Princeton 

viUeNY  Club 

HalseyM' Francis  W-C.A.Ats.Cr.'73.  .P**^S2704Gram..i46  W  119 
Halsey  M'  Frederic  R-Un.Uv.R.M.Au.G.T.Wk.Na.Snc.H/68 

ab'd!Aka  Jly  2..av*d  A  VicSepio..P^^S2  244Plaza..2  2  W  53 
Halsey  M"  Frederic  R  (Enima  G  Keep).. Died  at  22  W  53  Oct  17 

Halsey  MiM"  Hy  (McFarlan-Elizabeth  R  Halsey) 

Halsey  M"  Wm  S [Ct.Bg. 

Halsey  tf"  Isabel 

&  tf"  CaroUne  N  McFarlan 

Halsey  M'  John  R-Uv.Y.'84 

Halsey  ff"*  Harriet  &  Caroline 

Halsey  MiM"  N  Wetmore  (Margaret  C  Hitt) 

Ji^  tf—  Frances  D  &  Helen  &  M'  Ralph  W.  . 
Halsey  M'  R  T  Haines-C.Uv.G.Mid.P.'86 

141  Clinton  A  V 
Brooklyn  N  Y 
150  Montrose  Av 
S  Orange  N  J 

Halsey  M"  Silas  C  (Ella  L  Price).  .  .16  Central  Av  Newark  N  J 

New  York  1909  347 

Halsted  M"  David  c  (Elizabeth  Mayhew  Cooke) IP^362  2Col 

Halsted  M'  E  Bayard-Un.Mt.Na.Kg.Cw ]  128  W  59 

Halsted  MiM"  James  M  (Josephine  A  Douglas)Ct.Snc.j 

Halsted  JP"*  Elizabeth  H  at  Josephine  D [309  W  84 

Halsted  M'  Douglas  &  JSS.  M'  Robt  M | 

Halsted  MiM" David C  (Sarah T Coles)  )P^«S24S  •  ."Coles-Croft" 
Cw.Rc.  .av*d  Grosse  Jun  23  Glen  Cove  L  I 

IP"  JuHa  W  Coles |  see  DSlSS. 

Halsted  M'  Richard  H-R.Na.Mt.Ny.Cy 56  W  70 

-  --    ~     -^  p.^^  jj.y  j^  Y 

P**^i  241-79 
1030  Fifth  Av 

Hamersley  M'  Andrew  S-Na.Rv.Cr75 

Hamersley  J^  M*"  Catherine  L [boro  Mass 

Hamersley  JliS.  M'  L  Gordon,  .at  St  Mark's  South- 

Hamersley  M'  Lewis  R  Jr-Geo'94.  .  .  .P«SiS74Mad.  .1  W  34 

Hamersley  M"  May  S  H  (May  S  Harris), see  S  P  Cox 

Hamersley  M'  Wm-Uv.M.Ty*58 University  Club 

231  W  State 
Trenton  N  J 

Hamill  MiM"  HughH(ElisabethDGGummere)P'7i 
Hamill  if"  Mathilde  G.  .  .  .[ab'd  Minto  Aug  8 

Hamill  W"  Barker  G  &  Hugo  H 

Hamilton  IP"  Adelaide-Cda 17  W  20 

Hamilton  If  *  Allan  McLane  (Florence  R  Craig) ^ 

Hamilton  Lt  Louis  McLane-USA.  .absent 17VV32 

Hamilton  DIM"  A  McLane-Uv.M.Cr7o |P«S537oMad 

&  M*"  Madeline  Tomlinson |    124  E  29 

Hamilton  Rev  DiM"  Braddin  (Augusta  R  Stevenson)  Ty*82 

P«S524sPlaza.  .61  E  55 
Hamilton  M'  Campbell  Thorpe-^USA'89.  .  .1        PlBsoMain 

Hamilton  M"  John (103  Joralemon  Bkln 

Hamilton  MIM'  Clarence  M  (Jane  L  Farrington)  Lc.P.'95 

av*d  Prov  Jun  20.  .P'!Kio63FarRock.  .Cedarhurst  L I 
Hamilton  tf"  Elizabeth  Stewart-Cly.  .PSSi  130-38. . loiPark  Av 

Hamilton  M'  Francis-Mt.Cy.Dke |P'*«S2233Bry 

Hamilton  M'  J  McMillan-Cal |    12  W  44 

Hamilton  W  Hamilton-C.Lt Peekskill  N  Y 

1 1  Union  Park 
Norwalk  Ct 

Hamilton  M"  Schuyler  (Hebbard-Emma  Gray) 

JSk  tf"  Alexandra  S 

M'  Fred'c  G  Hebbard 

Hamilton  MiM"WmA(MLilianBrumell)N.Cly.|Lakewood  N  J 

fe  tf-  Hope  at  W  Arthur (     see  D2SS. 

Hamilton  M*  Wm  Gaston-CT.Ch.Rv.Snc 105  E  21 


Sociai  Register 

M'  av*d  Maur  Aug  6 

M"  av'd  Adri  Sep  3 

67  E  82 

32  E  36 




Hamilton  MiM"WmH(EmmaAKittridge)  Ul 
&  Jf"  Margaret  H 

Hamilton  MiM"  Wm  Pierson  (Jtdiet  P  Morgan)  K 

Hamilton  «*"  Helen  M 

Hamilton  M"*  Pierpont,  Laurens  &  Alex 

Hamlen  DiM"  Geo  Dempster  (Estelle  L  Fitz- Randolph)  Na.Dke. 

Rv.Wes'88.  .av'd  K  II  Sep  8.  .P*^«S2667  Col.  .50  Cent  Pk  W 

Hamlin  MiM"Alfred  DF(MinnieFMarston)C.Aht'75 

Hamlin  M'  Marston  L 

ifS^  M'"-  Clara  L  &  Genevieve  K  &  M'  Talbot  F 

IP"  Harriet  P  Marston 

Hamlin  M'  Arthur  S-Y.'qq P«S 7 60 7 Hanover.  .112  W  44 

Hamliii  M'  Elbert  B  (late  Teunis  S) Married  at  I*S* 

Shields  IP"  Elizabeth  R  (Nelson  R) Dec  10 

Hamlin  MLM"  Elbert  B  (Elizabeth  R  Shields)  Y.'96.Dke.Rp. 

Pi?59i sRiv  . .  320  Central  Pk  W 
Hammill  Mill"  G  Cadwalader  (Cordelia  Glenn) 

Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Hammill  MiM"  Geo  Gordon  (Margaret  W  Boardman)  Uv.P*96 

P^«23i3oBry..72  W4S 
Hammond  D*M"GraemeM  (LouiseElsworth)  Na.  Fn.Dar. 

Hammond  IP""  Helen  G,  Dorothea  &  Louise  E. .  .[Cr78 

JSS.  tf"  Claire  N, 

Hammond  MiM"  John  Hays  (Natalie  Harris) 

Hammond  IP"  M  Elizabeth 

Hammond  M'  Harris  &  JlS,  M'  John  H  Jr 

Hammond  M"  John  Henry  (Sophia  Wolfe) -.1856  Park  Av 

Hammond  M*"  Harriet  King |     see  Skui 

Hammond  MiM"  John  Henry  (Emily  V  Sloane)  Uv.K.Ay.Rp. 

Ap.DtMid.Sa.Y.'92.  .P^S28-79.  .9  E  91.  .see  Skui 
Hammond  MiM"  Ogden  H(MaryPStevens)Un.Sa.Uv.Cly.  Y^93 

P^S5723Plaza.  .34  W  53.  .see  Sk«i 
Hance  DIM"  Irwin  Howell  (Isabel  M  Clark)  Uv.Rac'8o 

P^Sio.  .Lakewood  N  J 
Hancy  MiM"  Edw  J  (Eliza  J  Ferry) Mt.T.Dt.Rg. 

M"ab'dAdriJuni7..aVdOnicSepi6..P^«J36i2Plaza.  .  S9WS2 


Lakewood  N  J 

Hew  York  1909 


Hand  MiM'*  Augustus  Noble  (Susan  Train)  Uv.Dt.H.'po 

P«J239sGram..48  W9 

Hand  MiM"  Learned  (Frances  A  Fincke)Uv.Dt 
M'  Reginald  Fincke [H.'pj 

Handy  M'  Albert  Montgomery-Ox' 93 

Handy  If  Edith  B  &  M'  Howard  R 

142  E  65 
95  Tompkins  Av 
St  George  S  I 

SO  W87 

28  W  71 

Handy  MiM"  Parker  D  (Annie  K  Warner) Uv.S 

Handy  if"  Cornelia  S.  .  .' [Dt.Rv.P.'79 

&  if"  Cortlandt  W  &  Truman  P 

Hanford  ff  Chas  W-R.H.'97 P^i346Bry.  .50  W  45 

Hanford  MiM"  Solomon  H  (Margaret  E  Parmly)Mt. 
Hanford  iP^  May  N  &  Marguerite  P.  .  .[M.Na.Au 

Hanford  M'  Parmly-H/04 

Hanna  MIM"  Howard  M  Qean  G  Hanna)Ny.Mt.Y/oo 

Cleveland  Ohio 

Hanna  MiM"  L  C-Ny.Mt Cleveland  Ohio 

Hanna  M"  Marcus  A  (Augusta  Rhodes) 1155-16  Wfft 

Hanna  Capt  &M"  Matthew  E  (Helen  D  Richards)  An.USA'97 

Ft  Leavenworth  Kan 

Hanna  M'  Thos  K-Y.'93 ^ :.......  126  E  23 

Hannah  M"  John  (Annie  B  Carrington) 

Hannah  tf"  Elizabeth  M 

Hannah  M'  Miles  C  &  JS".  if-  ZoS 

Hansen  DiM"  Ejnar  (Sara  F  Jenner)  '93.^^602 

Hanson  MiM"  Eug  M  (Kate  R  Cochran) 

Hanson  M'  Richard  C-C1.'94 

fc  IP—  Kathryn  S  &  Margaret  C 

Hapgood  tf-  Isabel  F 

Hapgood  M' Asa  Gustavus-Uv.H*72.  .at  i  W  54... . 
Hapgood  MiM"  Norman  (Emilie  Bigelow)  C.Uv.Rg.Ct.Cly 

H/90.  .P**m25os-79.  .107  E  73 

Harbeck  MiM"  Chas  T  (Sophie  Child)Ul 

Harbeck  M'—  Helen  &  Mildred 

Harbeck  irChasJ-As.Dp.H.'oo.Cl.'05-atNY  Hosp. 

Harbeck  M"  Wm  Hy  (Helen  F) 


Hard  M'  James  M  B-at  City  of  Mexico [Ch.Ct. 

Hard  M'  DeCourcy  L 

471  Park  Av 

38.   .41   E  41 

611  W  114 

165  Mad  Av 

306  Lex  Av 


P^m33 10-79 
E  80 



Social  Register 



Hard  JliM"  Anson  W  Jr  (Florence  Boume)  R.Rh.  . .  Babylon  L I 
Harde  MIM"  Herbert  S  (Elinore  Egerton)  P^^S3i66Riv 

Jfon  M'  Russell  E  Lowe 116  Riverside  Drive 

Harden  MiM"  Ed  Walker  (Ruth  I  Vanderlip)Lt see  DSJS. 

Hardenbergh  M'  Ambrose  (Thos  E) Married  Oct  17 

Sperry  IP"  Bessie  (late  F  S).  .  .  .at  Larchmont  Manor  N  Y 

Hardenbergh  M'^  Henry  J-C.Pl.N.Rg.G.Ch 12  E  56 

Hardenbergh  M"  John  A  (Elizabeth  Buckingham) 13  E  12 

Hardenbergh  MiM"  Thos  E  (Louise  Finch) Ny.Lc. HI 

Hardenbergh  IP"  Hildegarde.  .at  Bryn  Mawr 

Hardenbergh  M'  Thos  E  Jr-P.*o4 

Hardenbergh  HUM" Ambrose  (Bessie  Sperry)  Na.Cl. '02. 
Hardenbergh  MIM"  Wm  P  (Adelaide  Clarke)  Mt. 
Dt.Au.Mid.Pl.Rg.Cly.  .ab'd  Adri  Oct  7 

Hardenbergh  IP"  Sara  C 

JfiS.  M'  Wm  P  Jr-at  Hill  Sch  Pottstown 

Hardie  MiM"Jos(Lucia  Polk  Huger).P^«S4i2oPlaza.48o  Park  Av 
Harding  M'  Adalbert-As.H.'94.  ,  .  P'^^5io7Bry.  .Harvard  Club 
Harding  M"  Butler  Kenner  (Annie  Bigelow) . 

Harding  tf"  Charlotte  K 

Harding  W  Edward-Uv.Cy.H.'QS 

ab'd  Phila  Jun  27  aVd.  .P^«S647Bry.  .44  W  44 
HardingMiM"JHorace  (DorotheaBamey)  Mt.  Au.  Ny .  Cy .  Ul .  Rg. 

Mid.Cly.Ulp.etc.  .P^«S3565-79.  .955  Fifth  Av.  .seeP^K 
Harding  M"  Russell  (Isabel  Rous^y) 

ab'd  A  Vic  Oct  15 .  .P^Sioo3Stuy .  .43  Fifth  Av 
Hardon  MiM"  Hy  Winthrop  (Cora  F  Burr)Uv.Dt. 

J?o"»  IP"  Anne  &  M'  Henry  K.  .at Randolph  Hall  Camb' 
Hardy  MiM"  Alpheus  S  (Elizabeth  G  King)  Uv.As.Unb.Ubb. 

H'87.  .P^«S2405Spring.  .27  Wash  Sq.  .see  BSn 
Hardy  MiM"  Arthur  S  (Grace  A  Bowen)  C.A.USA'69 

Brown  Shipley  &  CoLondon 

Hare  M'  J  Montgomery-Un.C.Dt.Ct.Ch.T 

Hare  IP-  Mary  M 

Hare  M'  Meredith-Uv.R.Dt.Y'94 

Hare  M'  Wm  Hobart-Uv.Sa.Y'96 

Hare  r"  Dennie  M-K.Ay.As.  &  Morin  S-R.Y'04. . 

10  E  64 

see  J  Bigelow 

315  W  71 

20  E  75 

New  York  1909 


Hot  Springs  S  D 

Hare  MiM"  Montgomery  (Constance  Parsons)  Uv.Un.R.Y*93 

Hargens  DiM"  Chas  W(Hunt-Pearl  Carley) . 

M'  Frank  C  Hunt-at  Yale 

JS.  M'  Jonathan  Hunt 

Harison  MiJI"  Geo  D  L  (Elisabeth  Nightingale)    IP^SssSyGram 

lP"'FrancesNNightingale.[Ch.G.Snc.Hob*56]     126  E  24 

Harison  M"  Richard  M  (Gertrude  Ogden) P^Si  461  John 

Harison  IP"-  Gertrude  &  Elizabeth 129  Franklin 

Harison  M'  Wm-Uv.Cl'Qi . .  iP"  Fanny  Ogden.  .  . .    Astoria  L  I 
Harjes  MiM"  John  H  (Amelia  Hessenbruch).  ...  62  Av 

Harjes  JP" Henri  Martin 

HarjesM'HermanH-Mt.  .MorganHarjes&CoParis.  Paris 

Harkness  MiM"  Charles  W  (Mary  Warden)  Mg.Uv.Rg.Ny.Dt. 

As.Cly.Y.'Sa.  .685  Fifth  Av 
Harkness  MIM"  Edw  S  (Mary  E  Stillman)  Dt.Uv.Rp.Mg.Au. 

Rg.Cly.Cd.Y.'97.  .The  Plaza,  .see  DimiSK. 

Harkness  M"  S  V  (Anne) 611  Fifth  Av 

Harkness  MilT  Wm  L  (Edith  Hale)  Uv.Mt.Ny.S.As.Au. 

Cly.Tf.Y.'8i..r2  BVay 

Harlan  MiM"  Wm  M  (Reynolds-Alice  L  Burdett) . 
M'  Henry  S  Reynolds. 

60  E  79 

Harland  M'  Edward-Uv.C. Y.'53 .Norwich  Ct 

Harmon  M'  Archer see 

Harmon  W^  Kate  Lee DoiS. 

Harmon  MiM"  Benj  Smith  (Helen  Lockwood  Ketcham)  Ul. 

Harmon  M'  Charles  W-Ap 10  W  30 

Harmon  MiM"  Clifford  B  (Benedict)  S.Na.Cly. 

see  E  C  Benedict..  10  W  51 
HarmonM"FrankDenham(Riker-JuliaLRiker). .  P^'iSS3049Plaza 

JSs  tf-  Ruth  &  M'  Sam'l  Riker  3d 778  Mad  Av 

HarmstadM' Clarence  C-Uv.Bg.Y.*93 University  Club 

Hamed  MiM"  Bedell  H  (Belle  F  Powell)  Ny.As.Na. 

Plff528Riv..39  W  86 

Harney  M'  Geo  E-Un.C.Rg P«S2355Mad.  .  113  E  36 

Harinckell  M' Henri-Cal P^^S377oBroad.Calumet  Club 

Harper  MiM"  Chas  S  Qulia  A)  Uv.Rp.'73 

P«Sii26.  .646  N  B'way  Yonkers  N  Y 


Social  Register 

Harper  M*"  Elizabeth  F 4  Gramercy  Park 

Harper  MiM"  Hy  Sleeper  (Myra  Haxtun)  C.Dp.Uv.Cl'SS 

MS56Mad.  -.  21  Madison  Av 

Harper  MiM"  Horatio  R(Myra  C  Parker)  Uv.       P^^Si2aPtWash 

Harper  M*"  Amelia  M [Lc.Dp.Ny.Cl'So   '^Bytheway'* 

Harper  M'  John  B Sands  Pt  L  I 

Harper  MiM"  J  Abner  (Sackett)  Ul New  Windsor  N  Y 

Harper  MiM"  James  (Lillie  M  Hyde) 

Harper  IP-  Lillie  Hyde 127  E  28 

Harper  M'  James  Jr-Cl/02 

Harper  MiM"  James  P  (Florence  E  Hyde)  N. 

P'^«S5347Plaza..8a  E  55 

Harper  MiM"  Jas  Thome  (Katharine  C  B)rme)Uv 

Harper  tf-  Ethel-Bm.  .at  Bryn  Mawr ['75 

Harper  tf"  Florence-Bm 

Harper  MiM"  John  (Ethel  M  Taintor)  Ul. 

Jr»M*"  Annie  C [Dp.C.Cr77 

Harper  MiM"JohnW(EleanorEBrown)C.Uv.Crs2 
Harper  MiM"  Jos  Hy  (Mary  S  Hoe)  C.Rh.Au.R. 
Harper  M'Fletcher-R.Rh.H.'98..[av'dMajJuni7 
J^«  M""  Jos  Hy  Jr  &  John  Jr 


New  Windsor 
po  Newburgh  N  Y 
.Sands  Pt  LI 

AUenhurst  N  J 

Harper  M"  Jos  W  (Caroline  M  Sleeper) 562  Fifth  Av 

"  ~  ~       -         —  P»^«S2  72oPlaza 


Harper  MiM"  Jos  W  Qane  C  Sutphen)  Wms'84 

Harper  M"  Chas  W  (Harriet  W) 

Harper  MiM"  Orlando  M  (Kathleen  T  Ludlow)  Y.'67 . .  41  W  47 

Harper  MiM"  Richard  M  H(MabelSBacon)Rh.H.'oi..see  D^S. 

Harper  MiM"  Wesley  (Mary  Lee)  Uv.S.Dp.Cr77 170  W  73 

Harper  MiM"  Wm  D  (Tacie  BMcDonald)Ul.Na.Dp.|P'«Si7SiCol 

Harper  tf"-  Clara  McD  &  Violet I  350  Wyi 

Harriman  M"  Charles  (Helen  M  Anderson) rTo^ 

Harriman  M*"*  Katharine  S  &  Helen  M.  .  . 
Harriman  M"  Edward  (Clara  Mellon).  .  .  . 
Harriman  MiM"  EHy(MaryWAverell)  Un.Rg.Ats. 

Harriman  tf--  Mary-Cly.  &  Carol  A [Cly. 

Jl?„  M'  W  Averell-at  Groton 

Harriman  MiM"  Fred'k  C  (Harriette  B  Hitchcock) 

see  M"  R  D  Hitchcock 

33 S  W^87 
.see  JL/oniciiM 


Fifth  Av 

New  York  1909 


^'Thomhill  Park" 
Bitterne  Hants 


Harriman  MiM"  Geo  F  (MattieHDumont)M.Uv.Dar.Rens'66 

Bow'76.  .P^«S4229Chel.  .27  W  II 
Harriman  M'  Herbert  M  (late  Oliver) Married  at  Newport 

Hall  M"  May  B  (Stevens-May  Brady).  .  . Aug  19 

Harriman  MiM"  Herbert  M  (Hall-Stevens-May  Brady) 

B.  Mb.  Cly.P'96 . .  47  E  44 . . see  DSSSZ. 
Harriman  MiM"  J  Arden  (French-Adfele  Lesher)  K.Un.Uv. 

Ny.Clv.F86.P^«S7i."RoUingHillFarm''  Pleasantville  N  Y 
Harriman  MiM"  J  Borden(FlorenceJaffrayHurst) 

Uv.Un.B.M.Ny.K.Ay.Cy.Au.R.Gg.Cly.P.'Ss*  Ethel 

Harriman  MiM"  J  Low  (Bishop)  M 

Harriman  M*"  May 

Harriman  M*  Oliver  B 

Harriman  MiM"  James  (Sarah  Fotterall). 

Harriman  M^"  S  Alice [     1306  Conn  Av  WS8 

Harriman  MiM"  Jos  (Eugenia  McLane)R,B.Cly.P'87,. Aiken  S  C 
Harriman  MiM"  Jos  Wright  (Augusta  Barney)      I  P^^^S  1 8  2  7  Plaza 

JSJ.  M*"  Miriam  &  M' Alan [Un.Mt.Rg.B.Cly.j      20  E  54 

Harriman  MiM"  01iver(Grace  Carley)Uv.K.Mt.Tf.B.Ap.Cy.R. 

Ny.Kg.Au.Ay.Cly.P.'83 .  .M'  ab'dAVicJtini6.UniversityClub 
Harriot  MiM"  S  Carman  (Josephine  Ladenburg)Ul.Ct.Ats.Mc. 

57  W  39 
Harris  MiM"  Albert  H  (Hebe  M  Beach)  Mt.Uv.As.Au.Cly. 

Roch'8i.  .P^6299Col..i3S  CentPk  W 

Harris  M'  Chas  N-Cth.Bg 

Harris  IP"  Margaret 

JS5* M' Thos  A.  .at. Harvard 

Harris  M'  Duncan  G-R.H.'oo 

Harris  M'  Emmet-H.'oo  &  &i  M'  Donnell. 
Harris  M"  Dwight  M  (Ada  L  Fanning).  . 

Harris  M'  Dwight  C 

Harris  MiM"  EdWyckoff  (Talcott-LouiseRowland)Uv.Ul.     75 

Ja  W  Eloise  &  r  Arthur  WTalcott [R.Rp.As.P.^84  E  66 

Harris  MiM"  George  W-Uv.N.Cr84 • .  53  W  95 

Harris  MiM"HyWilson(MabelHovey)Ny.Y/95..East  Orange  N  J 

31  E  49 

125  E  24 

Harris  M"  John  R  (Adelaide  Brady). 
MiM"  LelandH  Langley  (Harris). 

14  E  40 


Social  Register 


Flushing  L  I 
Union  Club 

Hottinguer  &  Co 

Harris  M"K  B(Kathryn  M  Brady)Cly.. 

Harris  HP"  Kathryn 

Harris  M'  Sidney-Un.B.Sa.Cl'87 

Harris  M"  Sidney  S  (Miriam  D  Coles).  . 

Harris  HP"  Nathalie 

Jffi.  HP-  Katharine  C 

Harris  MiM"  Tracy  Hyde  (Laura  D  Curtis)  Uv.Sa.R.Gg.Dt. 

As.P.'86.  .P*^^458oPlaza.  .70  W  5s 

Harris  M'  Victor-*88 1*^6120-38. .  55  W  33 

Harris  M"  Wm  Hamilton  (Emma  Hazen  Witt) 

Harris  MiM"  Wm  Hamilton  (Grace  F  Nicoll)  Uv.      P^«Si  i43Mad 

Harris  Jf"- Helen  F  &  Nancy  E [Nw'78  141  Mad  Av 

Harrison  M'  Alexander-C.Pl 6  rue  Val  de  Grace  Paris 

Harrison  MiM"  Arched  (Helen  B  Walley)  K.Tf .Cy. Y'98 

PH'S2o8 .  . "  The  Willows"  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Harrison  MiM"  Bernard  J  (Jane  Randolph)  Un.So.Bg.Va' 

NssiL.ShortHillsN  J 

Harrison  M"  Burton  (Constance  Cary)  Cly 1607  I  Wdc 

"  *'Belvoir" 

The  Plains  Va 
W!ft     • 


Harrison  MiM"  Fairfax  (Hetty  Cary) Uv. Mid. Cly. 

JlS,  tf"  Constance 

Harrison  MiM"  Francis  Burton  (Mabel  Judson)  K.Uv.R.M.Na 

Ct.Mid.Un.T.So.Pu.Mtw.Y.'9S..i7i7  I  We8 
Harrison  Col  &  M"  Geo  F  E  (Mamie  R  Ray)  Un.W.| Ft  Monroe 

JlS.  tf"  Lelia&M""Ross,Geo,Cleve&Wm. .  [Mtw.USA*73| 
Harrison  D;M"GeoT  (Lelia  Bell)Ch.Dke.So.Va'55 

Harrison  D'  Gessner-So.Va 

Harrison  MiM"  Graeme  (Marquand-Alice  1 1 2  Wilton  Crescent 

tf"  Elizabeth  Marquand.  .  .  ,  [Ogstin)|  London,  .see  B™U 
Harrison  MiM"  Henry  L  (Frances  H  Tyrrell) C.Bd.P.'76 

P^«5542-79..69  E  93 
Harrison  MiM"  Jared  F  (Carolyn  Farnsworth). 

Harrison  M*"  Marie  Louise-Bg 

Harrison  M'  Jared  F  Jr-Na 

M"  Arthur  Turnure  (Harrison) 

Harrison  M'"  Marie  Louise see  C  Duggin 

Harrison  MiM"  Robt  L  (Marie  L  Duncan)  Uv.Ats.Ch.So.Rc. 

Va'70.  .P%22i6Broad.  .20  W  9 


132  W  70 

P^«S62  72-79 
109  E  71 

Hew  York  1909 


Harrison  MiM"  W  Ogden  (Margaret  G  Mack)H/94 

P^«592j. .  .Pelham  Manor  N 


HarrisonMlM"WmHy(HelenSkidmore)Un.R.Cy.  ab'dBaltJuni  i 
Harrison  M'  Leland~Un.R.H.'o7 . . at  AmerEmb  av'd  KII  Sep  8 

Tokio        Brown 
Harrison  M'  John  P  S-R.H'09 . .  at  Claverly  Shipley  &  Co 

Hall  Camb'        London 

Hart.Rev  Ed  P Rochester 

M'  Richard  Church NY 

Hart  MiM"  Geo  Spencer  (Frances  Wheeler)  Rp. 

P*^Sii52Broad.  .14  E  60 

Hart  M"  Joseph  M  (Georgie  Riddell) . 

M'Carl  N  Vigneron 

Hart  M'  Lee  0-Na.Cr86 

60  E  54 

Hart  M'E  Burton-Ny.Cl.'86 I911  Park  Av 

Hart  DiM"  T  Stuart  (Mary  A  Robbins)Uv.Y'9i.Cr95 

P*'«Si579Col..i3o  W  59 
Hart  MiM"  Walter  T  (Rebecca  M  Mitchell) Ap.Uv.Ay.Y' 78 

P^"SSi54P'chester. .  Rye  N  Y 
Hartley  DiM"Frank(Parker-EnimaAllyce) U v. Au.So. Na. P. ' 7 7 
M"  ab'd  Pz  Alice  Jly  16.  .f*m'y  av'd  Carm  Sep  23 

P^«Si86iPlaza..6i  W  49 

Hartley  M'  George  D-Uv.Pl.Cw.T/93 University  Club 

Hartley  M"  Marcellus  (Frances  Chester  White)Cd.Dc.Ht.Dar. 

^^33072-38.  .232  Mad  Av 
Hartridge  M"  Clifford  W  (Russell) . .  .Died  at  Pittsburgh  Jly  13 
Hartshome  MiM"  Edw  Cummings  (Marian  S  Holmes) 

P^«S29..Englewood  N  J 
Hartshome  MiM"  Jas  Mott  (Mary  HShufeldt)Un. 
1^  tf-  Eleanor  &  M'  Harold . .  at  HillSchPottstown 
Hartshome  MiM"  Lloyd  G  (Collins- Rosalba  Beecher)seeD2SS;. 
Hartshome  M"  Rich'd  B  (Josephine  E  R  Cum- 

Hartshome  tf "-  Lydia  R  &  Estelle [mings) 

Hartshome  M'  Douglas  R-Y.'o4 

Hartshome  MiM"  Rob't  (Margaret  Willis) Uv.G.Y/90 

"Portland"  Highlands  N  J 
Hartshome  M"  SidneyG(Josephine  E  Mabbatt) 
Hartshome  M'"SidneyM-Na.&  FrankM.seeDSSd^ 
MiM"  Horace  F  Poor  (Hartshome) 

40  E  65 

9  W  51 


256  Social  Regist^ 

Hartsinck  M'  Chas  Boon P«S536aRect.  .62  W  39 

Hartwell  D' John  A-Uv.Y.'Sg \....  |P«S3722Plaza 

Hartwell  M**^  Antoinette  K  &  Louise |      50  E  53 

Harvey  JI"  Ashton(Anne  Dortic) . .  Died  at  Short  Hills  NJ  Sep  9 

Harvey  M'  Ashton-Bg I  **Cedarcrest*' 

Harvey  IP"  Dorothy ; Short  Hills 

J^rsW  Harold  D.  .at  Pomfret  Ct |  N  J 

Harvey  MiM"  D  Carroll  (Elizabeth  V  Duer)Stv'9o|GardenCity 

M'  Jas  G  K  Duer  Jr I        LI 

Harvey  MiM"  Geo  B  M  (Alma  Parker)  Mt.Tf.Ct.As.R.Kg.Lt. 

P^^7  5 Allenhurst . .  Deal  N  J 

Harvey  M'  J  Downey-Mt Metropolitan  Club 

Harvey  M*"  Rebecca. 22   E   11 

Harvey  MiM"  Turlington  W(BelleS  Badger)  Chch.|P^94ooRiv 

Harvey  M'  Elbert  A-Ct.Eg.Ch'oi I  300  W  109 

Harvey  M'  Paul  S-Chch.H.'o2 .  .  at  4o6NStateGSS . .  ]     see  GjS 
Hasbrouck  M'  Howard-Bg.Hl.Cr.*9o.  .P^S7744Hanover..i6E43 

Hasbrouck  M'  J  Chester-Ul Union  League  Club 

Hasbrouck  M'  Louis  B-Na.Uv.M.Hl.Y.'8i 

P'^^S67ooCol.. Hotel  San  Remo 
Hasell  MiM"  Lewis  Cruger  (Mary  Mason  Jones) Mc.  P'15S3 288-79 

Hasell  W^  Alice-Bm.  &  Mary  M [Cw.    126  E  71 

Haskell  M'  E  Kirk-H.'99. P^^S5o89john .  .Harvard  Club 

Haskell  M'  Harry  &-Sa.Uv.a'93 

P'^S527 .  .  900  Broome  Wilmington  Del 
Haskell  MiM"  J  Amory  (Margaret  Moore  Riker) 

&  tf "  Mary  R  &  M'  Amory  L .  .  at  Pomfret  Ct . .  . 
Haskell  MiM"  Louis  W(Sallie  G  Owens) Mid.So. . 

Haskell  M' Geo  O 

Haskell  MiM"  Wm  S  (Minna  Gans)  Uv.As.Y*92 

P^«S4359Col..3i5  W  End  Av 
Haskins  M"  Chas  Waldo  (Henrietta  S  Havemeyer)  P*^4379-79 

Haskins  M*"  Ruth  H~Bni.  &  Jl^«  M**  Noeline S^  ^  72 

Haskins  M'  Harry  C-Gal.Au.Na.Lc.Cy.Bg. 

P^«S896Mad.  .152  Mad  Av 
Haskins  MiM"Hy  Stanley  (Marian  G  Lathrop)  Laf'98 

P**^Si59r.  .362  Warwick  Av  So  Orange  N  J 
Haskins  M"  M  R  (Molly  Runyon) see  M"  T  Runyon 

?""%  3446  Plaza 
130  E  61 

48  W  59 

New  York  1909 


Haslehurst  H'  Howard  J-Uv.Ha.Y.'93 114  Remsen  Bklyn 

Hassam  ItM"  Childe  (Maud  Doane)Pl.Lt 130  W  57 

Hastings  MiM"  Frank  S(Caroline  Fanning)  Ct.    [P«S2922Plaza 

Hastings  V  Charles  F-S.Cl'pS .  .[Na.S.E.|     15  W  50 

Hastings  MiM"  Geo  Seymour  (Harriet  M  Southworth)Uv.W. 

Ch.Cda.Ham'57.  .P'»52723-38.  .28  E  49 
Hastings  MiM"  Thos  (Helen  R  Benedict)  Rg.C.Au.Ats.Cly. 

P^^Si956..38..ii  E  41 

Hastings  Rev  Thos  S-C.Ham^S 

Hastings  M^"  Isabel P«Si872Bry 

M"  Chas  B  Foote  (Hastings) 27  W  46 

If-  Isabel  &  M'  Hastings  Foote 

Hastings  MiM"  Wells  S  (Elisabeth  P  Steams)         ,«  w!i?hrnn 

tf"  Rebecca  S  Norris [Dke.Y.'o2  Elgkw^od  ?F J 

Haswell  LtCdr&M"  Gouvemeur  K  (AliceBall)      Santa  Barbara 

Haswell  M'  Julian  Ball rS.USN'59  Cal 

Hatch  M'    Cyril-K.R.H.'oo Ns897Mad. .  152  Mad  Av 

Hatch  MiM"  Daniel  B 3  Nassau 

Hatch  M'  Edw  Sargent-Lc.M.Na.Ny.Cl' 76 1        w  >, 

Hatch  tf- Lucy  Wills |34o  W  72 



L  I 


Hatch  MiM"  Fred'c  H  (May  Palmer  Daly)Un 


M"  Wm  H  Daly  (Myrtilla  H  Noe) 


Hatch    M'    Geo    Bates- Y'96 P^«S62o8-38.  .42    E 

Hatch  MiM"  Harold  A  (Margaret  L  Milliken)Uv:Mc.Y/98 

P*"^!  206-79.  -949  Madison  Av 
Hatch  M'  Hy  Prescott-ULUv.Pl.Rv.Y.'74. . . .[Ha.ji24  Remsen 
Hatch  M'  Arthur  Melvin-Un.  Dt.Bm.Rv.Cw.Wt.j      Bklyn 
Hatch  MiM"  Horace  (Adeline  McKinlay)  Un.Cy . .  |        P^«58.5. 
Jl?»  tf "  Adeline  L  &  M'  Horace  M . .  at  St.  Pauls'        I  PelhamManor 

.   Concord  N  H]         N  Y 
Hatch  MiM"  Lorenzo  J  (Elizabeth  G  Harrison)  C. 

P^248.  .Lawrence  Park  Bronxville 

Hatch  MiM"  W  Denison  (Lucy  Rigney)  Un.B. 
Hatch  llf"-  Caroline  &  Jeannette. .  .[Cy.R.Y'79 
J^»  M'  T  Alden.  .at  St  Mark's  School 

Southboro  Mass 



New  Rochelle 



Social  Register 

m  6650  Col 

344  W  72 

I  E  66 

Hatch  MiM"  W  Denison  Jr  (Corinne  Violett)Cy.Un.H/o3 

P*«5i  260 . .  Davenport's  Neck  New  Rochelle  N  Y 

Hatfield  MiM"  Abrani  Jr  (Mabel  Whitman)  Mc 125  E  57 

Hatfield  Mill"  Edwin  F  (Minnie  W  Whitlock)  N'63 . .      ^^.^ 

Hatfield  M' Taylor ^^^^^5 

Hatfield  Mi  M"JoshuaA  (Mary  EByers)  Ny .  Eg. .  P*'^S3  7  8oRi  v. .  i  W8 1 
Hatton  Maj  Gen  &  M"  Villiers  (Emily  B  Hoffman) 

Hong  Kong  China 
Hatzfeld  de  Wildenberg  Pr  &  Pcss  (Clara  Huntington) 

2  E  57.  .absent 
Havemeyer  MiM"  Fred'k  C  (Travers-Lillie  Harriman)K.R.T. 

Cy.Tf.Au.Mb.Cly.Y.'oo..n'S4439Mad.  .34  E  37 
Havemeyer  MiM"  Hector  H  (Ray  M  Russell)Au. 

JSS.  tf"  Dorothy  R [Ul.Na. 

M"  Jas  Russell 

Havemeyer  M"  Henry  o  (Louisine  W  Elder)  Cly.  . . 

Havemeyer  tf"  Electra-Cly 

Havemeyer  M'  Horace-Rg.Ny 

Havemeyer  MiM"  Hy  O  (Charlotte  Whiting)  K.Un.Eg.R.T.       , 
Mid.Ny.Y.'oo.  .P«Si62Plaza. .  120  E  65 
Havemeyer  MiM"  J  Craig  (Adah  Bryant)  Mt.As. 

M'  av'd  Pz  Irene  Oct  6 . .  Metropolitan  Club 
Havemeyer  M"  Theo  a  (Emily  de  Loosey) .  .Credit  LydnnaisParis 
Havemeyer  MiM"  Theo  A  (Katherine  Aymar  Sands)  Au.K.Mt. 

Cy.R.Sa.Mb.Tf.Gg.Cl.'QL.ii  E  84 
Havemeyer  M'  Wm  F-Ul.Mt.C.Dt.G.As.. . . 
Havemeyer  M'  Raymond-As.Y.'os.  .  .[Dke.Y.'o4 
Havemeyer  MiM"  Arthur  (Clara  M  Herrick)As. 

MiM'^  Wm  R  Willcox  (Havemeyer) 

Haven  tf"  Frances  A  L [*1?Si62iStuy.  .  45  Fifth  Av 

Haven  M"  Geo  g  (Fanny  Amot)Cly P''^S847-38 .  .  24  E  39 

Haven  MiM"  Geo  G  (Elizabeth  S  Ingersoll)  Un.B. 

r»  M*—  Leila  I  &  Alice  &  M'  Geo  G  Jr 

Haven  MiM"JWoodward(HenrietteCram)K.Mt.Rg.G. 

Haven  M'  John  (John  A) Died  at  Rye  N  Y  Jun  27 

Havens  MiM"Hy  Powell (MarionHerrick)Snc.  - 

Havens  tf""  Georgiana  &  Marion  C Alice 

10  E  57 

.  100E79 

Sep  23 

P*'«S2479  Gram 

20  Fifth  Av 

New  York  1909 


Haviland  MiM"  Chas  T  (Florence  Knowles)  U'71 

P^^'ffSaiooTohn.  .429  W  22 
Haviland  M'  Merritt  E-Uv.Ap.Gg.Na.Rp.Snc.Cr.'y; 

P*'^4074Plaza.  .61  W  54 
Hawes  MiM"  Alfred  (Grace  Electa  Allen) 

139  Spadina  Rd  Toronto  Can 
Hawes  M'  Edw  S-Uv.Ha.H/8o.P^«S36o6Main.i55  Willow  Bklyn 
Hawes  M'JasAnderson-Uv.Ul.Mid.Rp.Snc.Ll.Dke.Myf.Y/94 

P^'»S444Broad.  .801  Mad  Av 
Hawkes  DiM"  Forbes  (Alice  S  Belknap)  Uv.Snc.Cc.Y'87 

P*^«S984Mad..4o  E  26 
Hawkes  MiM"  McDougall  (Eva  Van  C  Morris) Un.Mt.Ct.Mid. 
Cy.Ul.Rp.G.Cw.Cc.Snc.Cl'85.  .aVd  Prov  Sep  5 

P^«S984Mad.  .  19  E  64.Jan  i  P^^3472Plaza..8  E  53 
Hawkesworth  MiM^Rob't  Wright  (Anna  M  Kirt-       ~ 
Hawkesworth  M'"  Eleanor  E..[land)  Ul.Rp.Dar. 

JlSL  M'  Rob't  W  Jr 

Hawkins  M"  Dexter  A  (Sophie  T  Meeks) .... 
MIM"  Hy  Wolcott  Warner  (Hawkins). . . 
Hawkins  MiM"  Eugene  D  (Julia  F  Clarkson)  Ul.Rg.Mid.Uv. 

H.'8i .  .P^«  E  67 

Hawkins  Gen  Rush  G-Ul.An.G.Pl.Rv 21  W  20 

Hawks  tf"  Mary  Graham J  see  R  D  Bronson 

HawksM'MWGaston-Ct.Geo'87 . .  p'By-the-Way"  Summit  N  J 

Hawley  M'  E  Judson-C 47  Fifth  Av.  .abroad 

Hawley  M'  Edwin-Mt.Na.Mid.Cy.Rg.Au 

Hawley  M'WmP 

M'  Walter  S  Crandell 

Hawley  D'  George  Waller-Sa.  Y'96 St  Anthony  Club 

Hawley  M"  Hy  E  (Elizabeth  Lockwood) 31  E  49 

Hawley  MiM"  Samuel  B  (Fermine  du  B  Baird)  Uv.Myf .  Y'84 
ab'd  Jly  i .  .av'd  Onic  Sep  16. .377  N  B'way  Yonkers  N  Y 


483  Main 

E  Orange  N  J 


62  E  67 

P^^S  858  Plaza 

Hawley  M*"  Sarah  L 

Hawley  M'  D  Edwin-Ul 

Hawthorne  MiM"  Julian  (Minne  Amelung)Dke.H*67. 

Hawthorne  M*"  Hildegarde 

Hawthorne  M'  Fred'k  L 

MiM"  Clifford  Smyth  (Hawthorne) .  .see  Domffi. 

Park  Av 




Social  Register 

Hawxhurst  MiM"  Walter  (Marie  A  Cressy)  Cal.Ny.Na. 


Hay  Ji"  John  (Clara  L  Stone)  Cly 8oo~i6 

Hay  ir  Clarence  L~R.H'o8 WK8 

Hay  MiM"  Louis  Condit  Qennie  E  Burt)  Uv.C.As.    P*^«S5o69Col 

JiS.  r  Wellington  B-Y'io [Rv.Y/8i    205  W  57 

Hay  MiM"  Silas  C  (Elizabeth  Piatt)  Cc.Rv P*W324oRiv 

Hay  M'  C  Cortlandt-Ny.Cw.Rv 204  W  86 

Haydel  M' Abner  J-Ct.Cr'gi P^^Si8i6Brv.  .City  Club 

Hay  den  M"  Horace  J  (Harriet  Putnam) iDho«       ^.-o- 

Hayden  r  Mary  Putnam P  «oi946jRiv 

Hayden  M""  John  P-H.'gy  &  Harold  B-H'99 337  w  70 

Hayden  MiM**  J  Alex  (Elizabeth  B  Gwynn)  Uv.        P^«;78i2Riv 

Hayden  tf"  Agnes  R .'[Roch'78    34;?  W  89 

Hayden  M"  James  A  (Harriet  Whiting) 

Hayden  M*"  Mary  Lena 

Hayden  M'  Henry  Whiting-Ul.S.Kg.Cw 

Hayden  DiM"  James  Raynor  (Trumbull)  C.Rh.Kg, 

Hayden  M^-  Dorothy  T [Cw. 

Jr™  tf—  Ruth  T  &  Faith  T 

Hayden  M"Peter(SarahLeverett)..P*'^S6i6..56iNBVay  Yonkers 
Hayden  MiM"  Wm  B  (Matilda  Langdon)  Na. . . 

Hayden  M'  C  Allen-Na.P'oo 

Hayden  MiM"  J  Harold  (Elsie  Vilas) 

Hayes  IP"  Alice  W-Cd.  .P*'^'S2c^59r.  .  28  Wash^n  PI  Newark  N  J 

Hayes  MiM"  J  Noble  (Emily  G  Welling)  Ct p 

Hayes  M"  J  J "^   "  ^' 

Hayes  tf "  Lena  Frisbie Catskill-on- Hudson 

Hayes  M"  Richard  Somers  (Hqxie-Anna^M) 30E51 



121  W  55 

150  W  59 

Haynes  MiM"  David  Oliphant  (Helen  D  Williams) 

Haynes  M""  N  Williams  &  H  Hasbrouck [Na 

JlS.  M'  David  O  Jr 

HaynesM'  Wm  de  Forest-Rg.Un.Rc.Mc.Ss 

Ha5aies  M*""  Caroline  Coventry  &  Louise  deForest 

of  Highlands  N  J 

Hays  MiM"  Chas  M  (Clara  J  Gregg)  Mt.Mid 

Hays  tf"**  Marjorie,  Orian,  Louise  M  &  Clara  G. 
Haysjtf-  Mary  V 

16  E  36 

27  Ontario  Av 
Montreal  Ont 
Hays'^MiM"  E  "St  John-Mt 514  Madison  Av 

New  Yofk  xgoQ  261 

Hays  Mill"  Wm  Henry  (Mary  N  Sanders)  Mt.Ap.Ad.Cl/96 

P«;i377Plaza.  .805  Mad  Av 

Hayward  Jl'  Harry  W-H/oo.Ty'97 Ns8436Riv..io3  W  77 

Hayward  M'  I  Kilboum-Ul.Dth'sg Union  League  Club 

Hayward  Dill"  J  Kilboum  Jr  (Phoebe  P  Martin).  .  .  .69  W  97 


Far  Rock 

"Meadow  Hair' 

Cedarhurst  L  I 

Hazard  MilP'Wm  Ayrault  (LauraAbellPelton) 

Hazard  IP—  Mary  P  st  Jessie  A [W  T  P 

JlS.  IP—  Laura  P  &  Katharine  &  IT"  Wm  A  Jr.  & 

Hazeltine  M"  Ed  B  (Annie  E  Neilson) .....  .  .Morristown  N  J 

Hazeltine  MiM"  Mayo  W  (SophieBDallas)Mt.Pl.Mtw.         ^^ 

Hazeltine  tf"  Sophie  D [H'62]  '''^3'' 

Hazen  IT  George  H-Uv.G.N'8i University  Club 

Hazen  DilT  Hy  Comstock  (Ethel  M  Smith)  Bd.Na.Rv.Kg. 

P^Sii68Plaza..66  W  56 
Hazen  Mill"  John  Cunningham  (Emily  Hall)  Cd.Dar. 

P^15B6o . .  Pelham  Manor  N  Y 
HeAdley  MiM"  Albert  O  (Adelina  Ross)  E.P.'9o 

P15B3055 . .  8s  Lincoln  Pk  Newark  N  J 

Headley  tf"  Mary  A-Mg [Headley)  P«S  3145 

MiM"  E  Martin  Philippi  (Jane  E  760  High  NewarkNJ 

Heald  MiM"John  Oxenbridge  (Elizabeth  Manning)       P'SSi 20 

Heald  tf"  Ruth  W. .. [Uv.Cc.Y.'73  182  Park  Av 

Jffi.  M^  Elizabeth  &  M*  Daniel  A Orange  N  J 

Heath  IP"  Ella 2  Napier  Mansions  Tunbridge  Wells  Eng 

Heath  M"  Wm  Crosby  (Mary  Frost) see  D'  D  S  D  Jessup 

Heath  M'  Wilson  G  Hunt-Un 54  Charles  Laffitte  Paris 

Helton  MiM"  Chas  A  (Jeannie  Hamilton  Kerr)  Cal.Rg.Rv. 

22  W  56 
Heaton  MiM"  John  E  (Florence  C  Trowbridge)  Cc.Ar.Rv.Cw. 

Wt.  .P^i939.  .363  St  Ronan  New  Haven  Ct 
Heaton  MiM"  Wm  Weaver  (Sarah  A  Wilson)  Mt.Ul.Ss.Bd.Au. 

P«S74.  .''Ridgecrest*'  Mamaroneck  N  Y 
Heaton  MiM"  Wm  Wilson  (MaryWChase)Uv.R.Ap.Au.Y.'96 

P*'^S789.  .Brooksidc  Drive  Greenwich  Ct 

Heazelton  MiM"  Geo  (Howe-Mary  Butterworth) absent 

Hebden  M'  Rob*t  Y->Mt.Dt.Ny.  .  .1-65  Highland  Av  Orange  N  J 
Heck  MiM"  Geo  Callendine  (Helen  Brooke)  Ny.Cd. .  '88 

P«S4283Stuy  ..37  Fifth  Av 

262  Sodal  Register 

hSS  f  5S^W^''^^^^^^^^''*'^'''^^1  "7^  Madison  Av 

Heckscher  MiM'"  August  (Anna  P  Atkins)  Un.Na.  P'«;4«38Plaza 

Au.Ny.Mid.Pl.S.Dv.Ritp.  622  Fifth  Av 

Heckscher  IP"  Antoinette-Fn 

Heckscher  Cir  Chas  A  (Emelia  I  Th^baud)  Un.         Lawrence 

Heckscher  IP"  Georgiana  Louisa [H'71       L  I 

Heckscher  MaIT  G  Maurice  (F  Louise  Vanderhoef)  S.Au.Rh. 

R.Y.'o6.  .P'1R3i66Plaza.  .62  W  58 
Heckscher  W  John  Gerard  (late  Chas  A).. Died  at  18  W  88  Jly  5 

Hedden  MiM"  Edw  H  (Rose  C  del  Pino) IP^USsiiPlaza 

M"  Marcos  del  Pino  (Amalia  Sorondo  y  Portillo)  (    49  W  50 
Hedges  DilT  Benj  Van  D  (Adele  C  WilUams)  Uv.P.'88 

University  Club 

Hedges  Judge  Job  E-Ul.Uv.Rp.Ar.P/84 141  B' way 

Hees  Mil"  J  LedUe  (Adela  S  Moore)  Ny.Cal. Au. 

av'd  A  Vic  Aug  13 . .  P'1B49o6Mad . .  247  Fifth  Av 

Hegeman  M' Adrian  Gardner-Ul.Sa.Na 501  Fifth  Av 

Hegeman  IP"  Annie  M-Cd.Cly.Ht see  H  Kirke  Porter 

Hegeman  M"  John  A I        400 

JS.  IP""  Lucy  M  ft  Aletta |  W  End  Av 

Hegeman  IP  John  A  (late  Jos) . .  Died  at  400  W  End  Av  Sep  23 

Heilner  IP"  Laura  S-Dc IPlR4832rRiv 

Heihier  M'  Geo  C-As.Ul.Cw.Rv j   311  W  89 

Heins  M"  Geo  Lewis  (Aim^  T  La  Farge) 

P«S248Peekskill.  .Lake  Mohegan  N  Y 
Heinze  MiM"  Arthur  P  (Ruth  M  Noyes)  Ha.Dt.Dv.CrSs 

P'^8i9Mad. .  220  Madison  Av 
Heinze  MiM"  Otto  C  (Ada  L  Martin)  Dv.  .P^^4o57-79. .  14  E  72 
Helmuth  M"  Wm  Tod(Fannie  I  Pritchard)  ab'd  Pat 

M"  Wright  P  Edgerton  (Helmuth) [Aug8  701  Mad  Av 

JIS.  IP"  Gladys  Edgerton 

Helmuth  DiM"  Wm  Tod  (Isabel  S  Lockman)  Na.Ul.Au.Rv. 

P'84.  .P^1R3i83Plaza.  .  26  E  62 
Hemenway  MiM'"  John  F  (Alice  Montague)  Ul. 

I*1K34ooMad.  .  17  W  32 
Hemenway  Rev  ft  M'"  Myles  (Susan  McV  Hinton). .  .see  DSSiSJ. 

HeminwayMiM"BuellH(MaudeWillard) . 
fe  tf"  Madeleine 

P^W88~2..  "The  Elms" 
Watertown  Ct 

New  York  1909 



49  W  57 

Heminway  M'  Tniman-Un.Fn.H*77 Union  Club 

Hemmens  MiM"  Hy  J  (Elise  B  Shaw)  Ad.Kg. 

P'^2549Plaza.  .449  Park  Av 
Hemphill  MiM"  Alex  J  (Jeannette  Cadmus)  Mt.Dt. 

Hemphill  IP"  Jeannette ,[Rtp. 


Henckel  M"  Francis  R  (LiUie  E  Reynolds). 

Henckel  M'"  Elma  L 

Hencken  MiM"  Wm  F  (Georgia  Gray)  P/ .  .170  W  73 

Henderson  M*"  Anna 10  Albertplatz  Dresden 

Henderson  M'  Arthur  M-Sa.R St  Anthony  Club 

Henderson  M"  Chas  R  Qeanie  North) ab'd  K  Luise 

HendersonM*"  IMercerCircleCambridge       Nov  7 

Henderson  tf"  Nathalie .ISebastiRe^li 

Henderson  M'  Chas  R  Jr-H.*o2 .  .at.  Saranac  Lake]  Rome  Italy 
Henderson  M'  David  G-Ny.Lc New  York  Yacht  Club 

Henderson  MiM"  Edw  Caims(Helen  IseUn)  C.    ^-'"^  Adn  Sep  9 
JS5.M'AlexI [Uv.Dt.S.Rg.Ct.Cly.*76 

Henderson  MiM"  Francis(EHza  Kent)  Ul.Na.Ch. 
Henderson M'"Helen.  .'[Ny.Ulp.Rtp.Hav'79Pa'82 

JSS.  tf-  Margaret  C 

Henderson  M"  Henry  (Helen  Clabaugh) 

Henderson  M*  Henry 

HendersonMiM"Geo(Helen  de  S  Brown)P'^«S4i59Plaza. 

58  E  54 

P*1?S2  276Gram 
1 2  Lex  Av 

.  120E64 
82  Irving  PI 

Henderson  MiM"  Harold  G(AgnesRoudebush) 
JSS.  M'  Harold  G  Jr-Fn.  [Un.C.Sa.Pl.H'SoCrSa. 
Henderson  MiM"  Isaac  (Marion  T)  A.Ul.Wms'72 

24  Via  Gregoriana  Rome 
Henderson  M'  Norman-Un.Sa.Mo.R.Dt.Mg.Wp.Cr83 

Ph»S42S4-38..i5  E48 
Henderson  MiM"  Richard  (Hildegarde  Oelrichs)     "The  Castle" 

Henderson  tf-  Julia [Dt.Cy.Ny.       Ludlow 

te  M'  Malcohn England 

Hendrick  MiM"  EUwood  (Josephine  Pomeroy)  PLRp.Cd.'Si 

^^6257-38.  .139E  40 
Hendricks  MiM"  Albert  (Helen  Eckman)  M 24  W  75 


Social  Register 

loE  44 

882  Carroll 

113  E37 

Hendricks  M'  Edmund-Un.N.Lt 

Hendricks  tf"*  Madeline  Helen,  Ida  &  Edith. 
•Hendricks  M'"  Harmon  W^-N.Eg.Lt.&Francis-Ul.E.Eg. 

M"  Joshua  S  Bfush  (Isabel  E  Hendricks).  [Hl.Rp. 

Hendrie  M'  Stratheam-Sa Detroit  Mich 

Hendrix'M"  Joseph  C  (Mary  A  Rathbone). 
JfiS.  M'  Clifford  R. .  tf-  Jennie  S  Rathbone. . 
Heneberger  D'  L  G-USN.An. 

** Muenchinger  King  Cottage'*  Newport  R  I 
Henning  Mill"  Jas  Williamson  (Susan  T  Meriwether) 
Henning  M^  Susanne.  .   .  .[Mt.R.T.Tf.Rh.Gg.Cd.Cly. 
Henning  MiM"  Saml  C  QuUa  Duke)  Mt.T.H'87 

**Cold  Spring'*  Cherokee  Pk  Louisville  Ky 

Henop  MIM"  Louis  P  (Alice  Seeley)  Un.W (Buckingham 

Henop  M*"  Sydney  S |       Hotel 

Hehriques  DIM"  Hy  A  (Oakey-Alice  D  Mulligan)  Mo.Mg. 
^»  P^o9 . .  170  South  Morristown  N  J 

Henriques  MiM"  Wm  H  (Lelia  O  Trowbridge) 

MiM"  Wm  S  Elliott  (Leila  Henriques) 

av'd  Adri  Jly  8 

Henry  M'  Ambrose  D-R.T.Uv.Cl.*84 P^44<i>6-38.  .9  E  39 

Henry  MiM"  Clement  S  (Adelaide  R  Jackson) abroad 

Henry  MiM"  Douglas  (Annie  L  Prentiss)  Ul.Na. 

Henry  M'*  Elisabeth  P  ft  Prances  D.  .av'd  Carm 

JSS.  M'-  Honor  S [Sep  25 

Henry  Rev  ft  M"  Francis  A  (Helen  Garr)  Mg. 

r^97 . .  36  Mad  Av  Morristown  N  J 
Henry  MiM"  Geo  Garr  (Elizabeth  L  Lee)  Mg.Y.'oi 

P'IRSS? . .  20  Mad  Av.Morristown  N  J 

Henry  M"  Ouy  v  (Julia  F  MacNair) 1 1*^3183-38 

Henry  M'  W  Seton-Rh |     6  E  43 

Henry  MiM"  Howafd  H  (Frances  B  Strong)  R.Bg.l  Dko«_ft^  ,0 

Henry  W-  Grace  R [Rp.Dke/77  ;J^^J"i^  Frances  W P^^  ^"^  ^^ 

Henry  M'  J  Herrick-Na.Cr  7 1 NY  Athletic  Club 

P^SSS  2Riv 
84  Riverside  Dv 

47  E49 

Henr\-  DiM"  Nelson  H  (Sloan-Sarah  B  Rodgers)An, 

*—  Amv  R  ft  Bess  B  Sloan [Rp.Dke.Fw 

te.M'  Frank  A  Sloan 



York  igog 


Henry  JUr  Philip  W  (Clover  Cox)  Uv.Ul.C.Eg.Rv.Rens'87 

P^43 25-79.  .981  Miad  Av 

Henry  MiM"  Ryder  (Lotdse  P  Jackson)  So 556  Mad  Av 

Henschel  MiM"  Chas  R  (Ruth  Kerr) . .  av'd  Sav  Oct  1 7 

P«Ss9oPlaza . .  3 1  E  49 

Henshaw  IP*  Abbie  L |P'«24i84-38 

Henshaw  W  Sidney  P-H'07 |  136  E  38 

Henshaw  MiM"  Wm  W  (Grace  Gould)  Cal.Dt.Ny. 

Hepburn  MiM"  Alonzo  B  (Emily  L  Eaton)  Ul.Mt. 

Hepburn  HP"  Beulah  E [Au.Ct.Dke.Bd.'yi 

JS,  r*  CordeUa  S 

Herbert  Sir  &  Lady  Arthur  (Helen  L  Gammell)  Cal.Kg. 

British  Legation  Christiania  Norway.. see  ?SS» 
Herbert  M"  Edw  P  (Amelia  Bishop).  .Married  at  Scarsdale  N  Y 
Macdona  M'  Hy  D Jly  23 

205  W  S7 



Lakewood  N  J 

Herbert  Mill"  Hy  Lloyd  (Suzanne  C  Bedell) 

Rg.Mb.Tf..av'd  A  Vic  Oct  8 

Herbert  M'  Raymond  Lloyd 

H«-bert  Lady  Michael  Hy  (Lelia  B  Wilson) 

abroad,  .pd  Jji  Fifth  Av; 
Herbert  IT' Wm  Carlyle-Ct.Pl,. ...  .  .  .P!R3403-38. ;  139  E  45' 

Hering  Mill"  Oswald  C  (Catharine  M  Clark) Dke.  |P«;i78  Plaza' 

MiM"  Jas  W  Clark  (Fay). [Mit'97)     123-  E  56 

Herod  MiM"  Jos  Rogers  (Annette  V  Atchison)Uv. Y'91 1     512 

JIS.  M*  Wm  P (Fifth  A 

Herreshoff  MiM"JBFrancis(Emilie  D  Lee)  Uv.Ny. 

Herreshoff  tf"  Sarah  Lothrop [Ha.Bi*'7o  ' 

Herreshoff  M""  Francis  L  &  Fred'k-Gg. 

Herrick  tf"  Caro  McK ;  .  . «5oW  57 

Herrick  MiM"  D  Cady  (Orissa  Salisbury).  M I    Moccoh 

Herrick  ff—  Helen  &  Bertha  &  M'  Charles P  iNassau 

723  Park  A^ 

56  E  S3    , 

40  W  69 

Herrick  MiM'^  E  Hicks  (Adelaide  I  Moore) U v. Ul. 
JgJs-tf"-  Margaret  A'&  Louise  M.  .  .[Snc.R.P;'88 
Herrick  MiM"  Eli^s  J  (Margaret  L  Post)'. . . . 

Herrick  B'  Wm  Post-Uv.P.!9i: : . . : : 

Herrick  M""  Gerard  P-P.'95  &  H  Wallis 

Herriek  BiM"  Everett  (Harriet  Ford)  a.Pl?Sii98Piaza.'.33  E  51 
Herrick  M"  Frederick  H  (Lizzie  Candler) Hotel  Majestic 


Social  Register 


22  W  12 

Roselle  N  J 



Herrick  MiM"  Harold  (Annie  T  Lawrence)C.Dt. 

Herrick  If"  Anna  L-Bm [Rh.Cd 

Herrick  M'  Newbold  L~Bm.  &  JSS,  M'  Harold  E. . . . 

Herrick  IP"  Mary  E-Ats see  EC  Rushmore 

Herrick  MiM"  Walter  Russell  (Mabel  Morse)  R.Ul.Mt.Ay. 

P*«S44o6^38..9  E  39 

Herrick  M"  Wm  (Frances  Price) 

Herrick  M'""  Harriet  P,  Florence  R  &  Alice  F. . .. 

Herrick  M'  Wm 

Herriman  MiM"  Geo  F  (Cameron- Helen  Strange) 

P^«S4328Chel..3i  W  12 

Herriman  M"  John  (Susan  C  Johnston) 

Herriman  tf"  Susan-Ap 

Herriman  M'  John 

Herriman  MiM"  Sam'l  C  (Alice  M  Ward)  Uv.Ap.Cr87 

P«  E  16 
Herriman  M"  Wm  S  (Seely)  Mg .  .  Madison  Av  Morristown  N  J 

Herschel  M'  Clemens-C.Eg.Unb.H'6o ^^42  Montclair 

Herschel  M'  Winslow  H-H.'96.  .ab'd 152  Ridge  wood  Av 

MiM"  Hobart  Rawson  (Herschel) Glen  Ridge  N  J 

Herter  MiM"  Albert  (Adele  McGinnis)  C 142  E  33^  .Jan  i 

Herter  M"  Christian  (Mary  Miles) 

Herter  DiM"  Christian  A  (Susan  Dows)C.Jkl.Cr86 

JlS.  M'"-  Christine,  Mary  D  &  Susan  D 

Herzog  MiM"  Adrien  B  (Ellen  S  Tappen)  Ul.Rv. 

see  M"  F  D  Tappen  49  E  68 
Hess  M"  G  McAllister  (Henrietta  E  Clarkson).  . 

MiM"RHenshawMetcalfe(Katharine  C  Hess). 

M*"  Reta  C  Metcalfe 

Hess  M"  OttoT(HeninghamWSpilman)F«S4425Riv.  .307  W  80 
Hester  MiM"  Wm  Van  A  (Ada  L  Gibb)  Ha.Au.Mt.Lc.Ny. 

1*^5 1 3 63 Main.  .158  Remsen  Brooklyn 

Hewitt  M"  Abrani  S  (Sarah  A  Cooper) I 

Hewitt  If""  Sarah Cooper-Cly.&Eleanor  G-Cly.[P'9i  9  Lex  Av 
Hewitt  M'  Erskine-Un.Uv.Dt.T.R.Snc.Au.Ht.Pl.Fw.l 

Hewitt  M"  Chas  B  (Agnes  Shepard) I    see  E  M  Shepard 

Hewitt  tf"  Therese (44  Pierrepont  Bklyn 

Hewitt  M'  Chas  R-R.Dt.N see  DSJaJ. 

134  E  67 
819  Mad  Av 

114  Mad  Av 

New  York  1909  267 

127  E  21 

*'Rio  Vista" 



Hewitt  MIM"  Copley  de  L  (Alice  B  Woolsey)  Ox'qs 

P*«Si23Kens. .  15  Ashburn  PI  London 
Hewitt  Mill"  Ed  Ringwood  (Mary  Ashley)Uv.C. 

&  tf-  Candace [T.Pl.Ats.Cly.P'89 

M"  James  M  Ashley  (Emma  J) 

Hewitt  MiM"  Edw  Shepard  (Mary  E  Fowler)  Pu.Cl/oi 

P'^^Siiis-yQ.  .784  Park  Av 
Hewitt  KM"  Peter  Cooper  (Lucy  Work)  Un.K.M.R.B.Au.T. 

Pl.C.Eg.Cly. .  M"  av*d  Grosse  Sep  15.. 11  Lex  Av 

Hewitt  MiM"Robert(Antoinette  Ceballos)  As.Ats.J  -*'^^-^^ 

Hewitt  tf"^  Antoinette  C-Bm.  &  Bessie  M 

Hewitt  tf-  Edythe  Y  C 

Hewlett  M"  Jas  Aug  (Mary  E  Sanderson) |  P^948Main 

Hewlett  M""  Geo-Ha.Rh.Dt.  &  Arthur  T-Ad.U v.  |    68  Remsen 

Hewlett M'  Chas  Russell-Ad.Cl'94 [Cl.'92|      Brooklyn 

Hewlett  M"  Walter  Restored  (Henrietta  Muhl) 

Hewlett  IP"  Henrietta  A 

Hewlett  M""  Louis-Y/9S  &  Robert 

Hewlett  M'  Rudolph  Cat  i6oo  Emerson  Denver  Col. 

Hewlett  MiM"  Walter  J  (Caroline  S  Willis)  S 

Hewson  M' John  H-Uv.Ul.Ch.Ham's3 see  D^'X 

Heye  MiM"  Geo  G  (BlancheAWilliams)Uv.Lt.S.Au.Mid.Atsp. 

Cr96.  .P'^'»2947Plaza.  .667  Mad  Av 

Heyward  M*-  Hannah  W 49  Fifth  Av 

Hibbs  DiM"  Russell  A  (Madeline  Cutting)  Un. 

F^S4783Mad..i3o  E  36 

Hickox  M'  Charles  R-As.Y/93 ^^24468-38.  .31  W  36 

Hickox  MiM"  Ralph  (Marchant-Dorothy)  W.Y'86..67oLex  Av 
Hickox  MiM"  Ralph  W  (Annie  Stager)  Un.Mt.Uv. 

Ul.Ap.Na.Chch.Cly.H'72 . .  78  Malakoff  Paris 
Jan  I . .  15  Av  desFleurs  Monte  Carlo  Monaco  France 
Hicks  M'  De  Forest-Sn.S.Ch.Ty'96 

P*'!??  1 663  Bry . .  St  Nicholas  Club 
Hicks  MiM"  E  Pierpont  (  Edith  Burchell)  Cal.Sn.Bg. 

1*^555-38. 123  E38 
Hicks  MiM"  Percy  S  (Sylvia  Myers)  R. 

H  S  King  ft  Co  Pall  Mall  London 

see  D« 


Social  Register  j 

Hicks  M"  Thomas  (Angie  King)  Cd P«S4376^38..62  E  49 

Hicks  Rev  &  M"  Wm  C  (Margaret  Hughes)  Ty'gi 

P«S3i3.  .Cumberland  Md 

Hicks  M"  Wm  T  (Margaret  T  Lawrence) P^»5243oMad 

M*"  Isabella  Lawrence 130  Mad  Av 

Hidden  M^-*  Frances  E  &  Sadie  E P^Si6i9Plaza 

M"  John  Hall  Watson  (Hidden) 76  E  55 

Higgens  MiM"  J  E  Grote  (JuUa  B  Robinson)  Un.Gg.Rc. 

P«S2566Gram..4o  W9 

Higgins  M'  A  Foster-CJkl Greenwich  Ct 

Higgins  M'  Eugene-Un.R.Sa.T.Uv.Rv.Mt.Ny.Au.WpJkl.Rg. 

Fn.Cy.Na.Cr82.  .P«S5302Gram.. I  Mad  Av 
HigginsMiM"HyVincent(Breese-Mary  LPar-li  Upper  Berkeley 
MiM"  Wm  Lawrence  Breese(Fish).[sons)|         London 

Higgins  M'  Richard  H  Jr~Ul.Na.Bg 29  Nassau 

Higginson  Rr  Adm  &  M"  Francis  J  (Grace  G  Haldane)  Uv.An. 

Ny.Ll.M.Mtw.Cd.Whw.USN'6i .  .po  Cold  Spring  N  Y 

Higginson  fell"  Jas  J  (Margaret  B  Gracie)  Uv.Mt.C. 


Higginson  M'**  Elizabeth  BrynMawr. 

Higginson  W  Jas  J  Jr-H'07 

Higginson  MiM"  James  Potter  (Mary  D  Walke)  Eg. 

P«J3828Gram..46  W  9 
Hildreth'MiM"  Loring  Townsend  (Augusta  W  Miller)  Bm.Au. 

H.'96..see  D^'aS. 
Hill  MiM"  Chas  B  (Sarah  C  Rogers)  Uv.Rp.Cw.Rv.Y.'93 

P^^7o8.  .  70  Harrison  Av  Montclair  N  J 

Hill  M'  Crawford-Un Union  Club 

Hill  MiM"  Edw  Bruce  (E  Currie  Tuck)Myf.H'74.  .  P^i773Riv 

Hill  M*"  Amelia  Leavitt 335  W  84 

Hill  MiM"  Fred'k  T  (Mabel  Wood)Pl.Dt.C.A.As.    PlK344Spring 

J?o»»  M'  Trevor .  .[Y'87  29  Wash  Sq  W 

Hill  MiM"  Geo  H  B  (Margaret  E  Mitchell)  Mt.Ul.Ny.S.Eyb. 

9  Charlotte  Sq  Edinburgh 
Hill  M'  Hugh-Un.Dt.N.As.P«J96.Harriman  Rd  Irvington  N  Y 

16  £  41 

Hill  MiM"  Jas  J  (Mary  T  Mehegan)Un.Mt.Dt.Lc 
Hill  tf--  Clara  &  Rachel.   ...   .[NyJkl.M.Chch. 

Hill  M'  Jas  N^Mt.Rh.R.Rg.Uv.Y.*93 

Hill  MiM"  Walter  J  (Dorothy  Barrows) 

of  240 

Summit   Av 

Skui..8  E  65 

see  Sttai 

New  York  1909 


HiU  Mill"  Louis  W  (Maud  V  C  Taylor)  Uv.Y:'9i 

260  Summit  Av  St  Paul  Minn.  .see. Skui 
Hill  Mill"  Rob't  Carmer(Anna  P  Gilman)Uv.Dp.Cw.Rv.Pa'89 

P'ToiSs  •  • "  Beech  Gate  *'  Englewood  N  J 
Hill  MiM"  Robert  Sale  (Helen  T  Harrison).  .70  Victoria  London 

Hill  M'  Robert  Sale  Jr .av'd  Etru  Jly  29 

Hill  MiM"  Wm  C  (Martha  D  Thompson)  Uv.Ap.    IP^«Si2  24Riv 

Hill  M'  Dudleigh [P.*84l  323  W-  87 

Hillard  MiM"  Harry  R  (Lillian  M  Stevens)  Uv.Rc. Y'83 

I*^i25rT'kinsville..''The  DereUct'*  Grymes  Hill  S  I 
Hillhouse  MiM"  Chas  Betts  (Georgiana  D  Remsen)  Cw.Sa.Y'78 

P^«  W30 
Hillhouse  MiM"  Francis  (Sarah  G  Fitch)  Sa.Cw.Cd.Y'79 

I*^Si28  "Hiluston**  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Hillhouse  MiM"  Jas  (Hildegarde  Speyers)  Uv.Ch.Cd.Y'75 

P'Tos  10 . .  ** Sachem^s  Wood *'  New  Haven  Ct 
Hillhouse  M"Phineas  P (Caroline  Van  Rensselaer). Lake woodN J 

Hillhouse  MiM"Thos  Griswold(JuliaTenEyck)Dar. 
Hillhouse  M'"  John  T  E-Cro4,  Hy  W  &  Julian  G 
Hillhouse  M***"  Margaret  P-Cd.Dc.&  Adelaide.  .. . 

Hudson  Ter 
Yonkers  NY 

Hilton  M'  Edward  B  (late  Hy) Died  at  Milan  Italy  Oct  4 

Himely  MiM"  Henry  A  (Julia  Neilson) Apartado  93 

Himely  If""  Julia  Neilson  &  Beatrice  A Havana  Cuba 

Hinchman  MaM"  W  H  Bowne  (Skerrett-Virginia  D 

Maj  Delamere  Skerrett . .  USA [Brown) 

Hinckley  MiM"  J  Arthur^Ul.Ny Union  League  Club 

Hinckley  MiM"  Sam'l  Parker  (Rosalie  Neilson) 

Hinckley  M'"  Rosalie  N [Uv.Dt.Rh.H'71 

Hinckley  M"'  Saml  N-Rh.H.*o5  &  Julian-H.*o6. 

Hine  MiM"Francis  L(Low-Mary  L  Ide)Mt.Ha. 

J^„  M""  Lyman  N~Y'io&FW.[Au.An.Ul.Rg.Mid. 

Hines  MiM"  Walker  D  (Alice  C  Macfarlane)  Mt.So.Rh.Va*93 

P'^^S4798Plaza..35  E  61 

I  W94 

166  E  6i 

33  W  53 

Hinkle  MiM" A  Howard  (Katherine  E  Davis)  Ny 
Hinkle  tf"  Marie  Th^rfese ' 

Hinman  M"  Wm  (Mary  Van  Dusen).  . 

Hinman  If"  Jennie 

Hinman  M'  Matthew-Mt.Ha.Rv.Gr77. 


313  Pike 
Cincinnati    O 
480  Vanderbilt  Av 
Brooklyn  N  Y 


Social  Register 

Hinsdale  Judge  &  M"  Elizur  B  (Lydia  R  Smith)  Ul. 

Hotel  Manhattan 

Hinton  MiM"  Alfred  Post  (Mabel  Dominick) )P^3Jf556s7Plaza 

Hinton  M^""  Isabel,  Eleanor  &  Mabel f     45  W  55 

Hirth  Prof  Friedrich-C.Dv P^^2594Mom.  .501  W  113 

Hiss  MiM"  Philip  (Helen  Kierstede)  Ul 

Hiss  tf—  Margaret  deG  &  Hilda  R"  Helen  K 

Hiss  DiM"  Philip  Hanson  Jr  (Caroline  Dow)  C.Uv.Ha.JHop'89 
01*95.  .P^S67i8Main.  .200  Columbia  Hgts  Bklyn 

48  W  II 

112  W  72 

Hiss  M*-  Susan. 
Hiss  M'  Nelson. 
Hitch  MiM"  AUerton  D  (Gertrude  M  Dumbell)  Dt. 

P^^l^sair.  .156  Irving  Av  So  Orange  N  J 
Hitch  MiM"  Frederic  Delano  (Annie  L  Delano)  Un.Ny. 

P^-WSsa.  ."Algonac*'  Newburgh  N  Y 
Hitch  MiM"  Hy  F  (EHzabeth  H  Delano)  ''' 

Hitch  M'"-  Sylvia  D  &  JuUa  D [Ct. 

Hitchcock  MiM"  Bradford  W  (Maud  Abrams)  Uv.Ad.Ll.Rv. 

AhV8i.  .P^S3i74Riv.  .148  W  80 
Hitchcock  DiM"  Charles  (Frances  Lapsley)Uv.Gg. 

Hitchcock  tf"  Olivia  G [Br'69  ^ 

Hitchcock  M'  Chas  Jr-Rc.Bg.Y.*o3 

Hitchcock  M'  Howard  L-Rc.  .av'd  Lusi  Jly  30. 

Hitchcock  M'  Ripley-C.A.Na.H.'77 

JS^  M'  Roger  W-at  Cornell 

ISL  W  Ripley  Jr-at  Morristown  School 

Hitchcock  M"  Roswell  D  (Mary  E  Higgins).  .. 
MiM"  Fred'k  C  Harriman  (Hitchcock).  .  .. 
Hitchcock  MiM"  Thos(MarieLouiseCenter)C.N'49. . 
Hitchcock  M'  Center-Un.K.Mt.B.R.Sa.Cy.Mb.Wk. 

Hitchcock M'  Francis  R-Un,K.R.Dt.Rg.Na.Au.Mb. 

Hitchcock  MiM"ThosJr(Louise  M  Eustis)R.Tf.K.Au.|Westbury 
Hitchcock  tf"  C^lestine. . . .  [Mb.Smb.Mtw.Cly.Ox*83l      L  I 

P«S6ij.  .140  Irving  Av 
So  Orange  N  J 

57  W36 


44  W  45 

8  E  29 

Hitchcock  M"  Wm  A  (Mary  W  Taylor) 

Hitchcock  M^"-  Louisa  T  &  Anita  T 

Hitchings  MiM"  Hector  M (Minnie  Lyman)  Aht' 7 8.. 
Hitchings  If **  Christine . .  av'd  Caro  Sep  9 

170  E  79 

264  W  93 

New  York  1909 


Hitt  M'  Wm  F  R-R.  B.  Uv.  Mtw.  Cvcw.  Y.  '01 

av'd  MaurAug6.  .ab*d  Lusi  Sep  16.  .P'^isdsMain.isoy  K  W!« 
Hoadley  MIM"  Chas  Wesson  (Harriette  S  Hastings)Cro2 

P'^Si47r.  .Spring  Lane  Englewood  N  J 

Hoadley  M"  RusscU  h  (Alice  H  Wesson) ^^^3585-79 

M"  George  L  Ronalds  (Hoadley) 62  E  73 

Hoadley  MiM"  Russell  H  (Mary  Eliot  Betts)Sa.    pi»^26i6Plaza 

R.Cd.Cl.'pi  -p  ^ 

JlS.  tf""  LouiseR&Helen&M'SheldonE.  .atHillSch.      '^^  ^  ^^ 

Hoag  M"  Daniel  T  (Susan  Rowland) 2  E  45 

Hoagland  M"  Joseph  C  (Caroline  C  Matlack).  .  .  P'»Sii94Plaza 

Hoagland  MiM"  John  A  (Grace  L  Weir)  N 17  E  66 

Hoagland  MiM"  Raymond  (Rose  W  Porter).  .  . .  r«S38ioBroad 
Jl^  IT'  Jos  C,  Porter  &  Raymond  Jr.  ..  ^  ..... .       23  W  52 

"Carroll  Hall" 
Paterson  N  J 

260  W  94 

Hobart  M"  Garret  A  (Jennie  Tuttle) 

Hobart  MiM"Garret  A(CarolineHBriggs)  Au.Ul. 

Hobart  MiM"  Hy  Lee  (Marie  E  Jefferys)  Ul.Ch.  .'66 

Hobart  M*"  Margaret  J.  .at  Bryn  Mawr 

JSSsM'Chas  J 

Hobart  JlSatf "Rosamond  (Hy  L) .  .  DiedatE Hampton  L  I  Jly  16 
Hobbs  MiM"  Elon  St  C  (Anna  M  Smith)  So.Cda.'82 

P«S534oRiv..2  W83 
Hobson  MiM"  Richmond  P  (Grizelda  H  Hull)S.An.Anw.Mtw. 

USN'89.  .P«S58o7North.  .2117  S  WB6 
Hochstaetter  MiM"  Wm  J  (Augusta  S  Chesebrough).  .  .35  E  53 
Hodenpyl  MiM"  Anton  G  (Annie  E  Preusser)  Mt.Ats. 
Mid.Dt.  Au.S.Ar.Sbb.Chch.  .P^^Si2oGlenCove. 

"Hill  House  ^'Piping  River  Rd  Locust  Valley  L  I 
-  --  P«S2722Plaza 


Hodenpyl  DiM"  Eug(Marie  D  Fahys)  Na 

JSk  JP-  Marion  F  &  M'  Eug  Jr 

Hodge  MiM"  Hy  Wilson  (Sarah  C  Mills)  Uv.C.Rens'85 

P'^98o-79..5i  E  82 
Hodge  MiM"  J  Aspinwall  (Genevieve  B  Karr)Uv. 

Hodge  M*-  Charlotte  M , .  .  .[P'53 

Hodge  M*-  Louie,  .at  Radcliff  Col 

Hodges  MiM"  Amory  G  (Alice Woodward) Un.Uv. 


JS.  M'  John  K-at  Groton 

316  W108 

39  E  49 

272  Sodal  Register 

Hodges MiM" Geo H(AgnesWWRussell)  RcJHop'ga.seeDSS. 
Hodges  M'  Harrison  Blake-Pl.H.Tvb Players  Club 

M"  Robert  Struthers 40   W   9 

Hodgman  Mir  Geo  Barker  (Daisy  Purdy)   Ul.Bg.  PlRii3iCol 

J£!.M'  Geo  B  Jr : 307  W  75 

Hodgson  DiM"  J  Hamilton  P(Harriette  Ensley)|P^5697Spring 

Hodgson  M'  Telfair-'pQ .['86|  29  Wash  Sq 

Hoe  M*-  Laura Redlands  Cal 

Hoe  M"  Peter's  (Emma  M  Brooks) seeD?^*cX 

Hoe  MiM"  Rich'd  M  (Annie  L  Dbws)  Mt.G.Dt.Ny.As.Rg. 

1*^5565-79..  1 1  E  71 
Hoe  MiM"  Robert  (Olivia  P  James) Ul.C.G.Pl.Fn.Eg.Cd.H'.   1 1 

Hoe  M'  Arthur  I-As.H.'o4 E  36 

Hoe  MiM"  RobertJr(EthelLDodd)H.'oo..P^S55i9Plaza..ii3E5S 
Hoeninghaus  MiM"  Fritz  W  (Lillian  S  Procter)  Uv.Y'96 

P^1?S349iPlaza..27  W  52 
Hoes  Mir  Wm  M  (Annie  Nicoll)  M.Uv.Dt.Hl. 

Wms'6i..P^S248iPlaza..i36  E  64 

Hoff  M"  Ann  E  Van  R  (Van  Rensselaer) I     see  M" 

Hoff tf"HarrietL [TLGreene 

Hoffman  M"  Chas  Burrall  (Harriet  Willett) 

34  Charles  Berkeley  Sq  London 
Hoffman  MiM"  Chas  F  (Zelia  K  Preston:  Un.Mt.Au.Sa.T.Ch. 

Snc.CwJkl.Cly.Cr 78.  .P^!?S4646Plaza.  .620  Fifth  Av 
Hoffman  M"  Eugene  A  (Mary  C  Elmendorf)  Jkl.Ht.Cd.Dar. 

P^§337oGram.  .135  E  21 
Hoffman  MiM"  Francis  Burrall  (Lucy  E  Shattuck) 

Hoffman  M'  Wm  W-R.H.'o2 [Un.Cc.Mt. 

Hoffman  M'  F  Burrall  Jr-R.H.'o3 P^546i7~79 

Hoffman  M'  Albert  L-at  9  Bow  Camb\ 58  E79 

JlS.  M'  Murray . .  at  Randolph  Hall  Camb' 

Hoffman  MiM"  J  Ellis  (Alice  Green)R.Fn.H'96 

P^^S655-4o.  .  29  Av  Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris 

Hoffman  MiM"  Richard  (Fidelia  M  Lamson) P^^2289oBry 

Hoffman  W  Malvina  C  &  M'  Chas  L-R 116  W  43 

Hoffman  MiM"  Samuel  Verplanck  (Louisa  N  Smith)Mt.Uv. 
P*^S27o.  .91  Mad  Av  Morristown  N  J 

New  York  1909 


145  W  58 

Hoffman  M"  Walter  (Laura  Sanford) 

P«S278T*kville.  .  9  Tompkins  Av  N  Brighton  S  I 

Hoffman  M"  Wm  B  (Mary  Grade  Ulshoeffer) P^667Mad 

Hoffman  If-  Mary  U-Cly 107  E  36 

Hoffman  MiM"  Wm  M  V  (Irene  Stoddard)  Un.Ul.  p^^,.  .     ^. 
Na.Ch.Mc.Tf.TJkl.Cw.Cr84.  .av'd  Kp  Wm  ^  ^°30O4i:'iaza 

&  IT  C  Gouvemeur  &  Stoddard [Jun  9      35  vv  51 

Hoffstot  M*-  Ada P*^^'S3622Col. .  128  W  59 

Hoffstot  IliM"  Frank  N  (Annie  Willard)Mid.Na . 

Hoffstot  If  Henry  P-H' 10 

Hoffstot  M'  John  G-P'ii 

JgJ.JP- Helen 

Hofman  MiM"  Josef  (Eustis-Marie  C  Eustis) '.see  DSlSJ. 

Hofstra  MtM"  Wm  S  (Katharine  Mason)Cal.Au.Gg.Chch. 

P'1Ki9o.  .'* Netherlands"  Hemptsead  L  I 
Hogan  MiM"  Jefferson  (Mary  L  Parsons)Ap.Ay.Ny. 

P«S3275-38.  .93  Park  Av 
Hoggson  MiM"  Noble  F  (Ella  Dewey)  Uv.Y.'88 

P^«S6i2Mad..io9  E3S 
Hoguet  MiM"  Henri  A  L  (RuthTHoward)j         P^^ioMain 

IfEdw  T  Howard. [Cl.'o3|i43  Willow  Brooklyn 

Hoguet  MiM"  Rob^t  J  (Marie  Nogl)  Cth 

Huguet  IP"*  Marguerite  &  Marie 

Hoguet  M'  Ramsay  C-Cl.'o2 

Hoguet  D'  J  Pierre-H.'o4.  .at  St  Luke's  Hosp. . . 

Hoguet  M'  Ren6-H*o8 

Hoguet  MiM"  Rob't  L  (Louise  R  Lynch)Bm.H.'99 

P*''»S4303Gram. .  76  Irving  PI 
Holbrook  MiM"  Ed  (Frances  Swift) Un.Ul.Ats. 

P^^S2895Plaza.  .6^E  52 

Holbrook  M' Edwin  W-Ul 

Holbrook  tf"  Grace 

Holbrook  M^  Wellington&JohnByers-Ul.Dke.Cr'96 
Holbrook  MiM"  Harry  (Eleanore  Williams)  R.As. 

P»^l?5ii6i-79..S7  E  73 
Holbrook  MiM"  John  Swift  (Grace  M  Sinclair)  Uv.H.'96.Croo 

see  DSSX 
Holden  M"  Daniel  Judson  (Katharine  V|P^'SS93 . . "  Rock  Ridge" 
Holden  f  Edith [Knox)|        Greenwich  Ct 



623  W  141 

117  W58 

274  Social  Register 

Holden  D'  EdwardS-C.USA'yo West  Point  N  Y 


Riverside  Drive 

Riverside  Drive 

Holden  M"  Edwin  B  (Alice  Cort) 

JSJ.  tf"  Marian  &  IT"  Arthur  C  &  Raymond  P. 

tf"  Ella  W  Cort 

Holden  MiM"  Edwin  R-Ul P^2 199-79.  •  ^3  E  79 

Holden  MiM"  Frank  H  (Agnes  M  Johnson)  C.Mit'94 

P^^S4i3W.  .44  Maple  Av.  .Morristown  N  J 
Holden  MiM"  Geo  A  (Mary  A  Steele)  Uv.Mt.  Mid 

Holden  W"^  Dorothy  A  &  Margery  M 

Holden  M' Geo  W...- 

Holden  MiM"  John  Hy  (Grace  F  Smith)  Uv.Sa.Cr87 

M"  ab'd  StP  Oct  3.  .P^36ooRect.  .Hotel  Seville 

Holden  D'  Ward  A-Uv.Kg.  .  '84 P'«S563Bry.  .43  W  48 

Holder  DiM"  Chas  Adams  (MargarettaBTaylor)Cr94 .  see  DSSlSK. 

Holder  M"  Chas  H  (Harriet  H  Valentine) [P'^«S2592Col 

Holder  M'  Lemuel-Na |  117  W  58 

Holder  MiM"  Fred'k  D  (Estelle  Bennett)  Lt Plaza  Hotel 

Holder  DiM"  Oscar  H  (Cumberiand-EUa  Daly)Uv.H.'88 

501  W  120 

Holland  tf"  Eleanor  F-Dar see  F  L  Loring  811  Fifth  Av 

Holland  MiM"  Ralph  H  (Virginia  M  Hewett)  So.Nc'89 

P«58968Riv..32o  W  83 
Hollins  M*-  EdithC-Bm..seeCAWissmann..P^^5i6Plaza.  .22  E  70 
Hollins  MiM"  Frank  C  (Celine  Wissmann)Rg 
Hollins  tf "-  Celine  M,  Daisy  V  &  Beatrix  E . 

Hollins  M'  De  Ruyter  M-Un.Rg 

Hollins  MiM"  Harry  B  (Evelina  Knapp)..| 
Hollins  r"  John  K-R.  Gerald  V-R.  &    |  12  W  56 

Jl^n  M*-  Marion [McKim| 

Hollins  MiM"  Harry  B  Jr  (Lilias  Livingston)  R.K.Un.H.*o4 

P«S3 5.. Islip  L  I 

Hollins  M"  Morris  (Geraldine  E  Stevens) see  DSSlX 

Hollins  M*"  Virginia-  Cda see  DotiSZ. 

Hollister  M"  Frances  S  (Mary  R  Fuller) .  P^^i9J .  Garden  City  L I 
Hollister  DiM"  Fred^c  Kellogg  (Harriet  M  Shelton) 

P''^Si239Plaza. .  521  Mad  Av 
Hollister  MiM"  G  Trowbridge  (RosemaryAHanks)|P«S9oPlaza 
JlS.  tf"  Dorothy  T [Ul.Mt.|  107  E  69 

60  E  56 

New  York  1909  275 

HolUster  Mill"  Geo  Clay  (Martha  Swift)As.Uv.Ad.Y.'96 

P^«S855NRoch.  /^Little  Hillanddale" 

Mamaroneck  N  Y.  .see  B^"^ 
HoUister  llLM"HyH (Annie WStephenson)Un.Mt.Rg.Ss. |P«S4o62 
HolUster  M'^Buell-Un.R.Y/os [Mid.Rv.Cc.Chch.|   Plaza 

M"  Louise  H  Forrest  (Louise  HoUister) |2i  W  49 

HoUister  MiM"  Hy  H  Jr  (Hope  Shepley)Un.K.Y/99 

>^S2938Plaza.  .162  E  70 
HoUister  M'WmH-Ul.Ny.Tf.Cy.R.Dt.Rg.Na..av'dAdriJunio 

P'*'»S66iBry..8  W  43 

HoUoway  M'  Wm  G-H'o8 see  A  F  D'Oench 

Holly  M"  Aug  F  Jr  (Mary  H  Chittenden) .  .see  S  B  Chittenden 

Holman  D'  David  Emory-Br*76 1      P«2i6i-3 

Holman  M'  Frank jAttleboro  Mass 

Holme  M"  M  Van  B  (Maud  Van  Buren) I  P«5324FarRock 

M'  Wm  H  Van  Buren i    Edgemere  L I 

Holmes  MiM"  Artemas  H  (Lillian  Stokes)  U v.  Rv. 

Holmes  tf"  Hilda [Kg.H'70  ' 

Holmes  M'  Artemas-Kg 

Holmes  M'  Duncan  A-Sa.Cl'04 St  Anthony  Club 

Holmes  MiM"  Edwin  T  (Marion  Fisher)Ul.Na.|av*dOnic.Sepi6 

Lt.Rp.Au.Rv.Cw.l     P'ToisPlazsL 

JIS. IP"  Mildred  &M' Edwin  TJr |       43  W  57 

Holmes  MiM"  Jabish  (Marie  Neff  Humes) Uv.Gg. 
Hohnes  tf--  Elise  M  &  Emeline  W. .  .[Rp.H.'79 

JUS.  M' Jabish  Jr 

Holmes  MiM'^^Massey  (Ethel  Greenough)  Uv.So.H.'99 

PIK6629-79.  .960  Park  Av 
Holmes  M'"  Natalie  (Rob't  B) Married  at  Madison  N  J 

HaU  M'  Harold  N Oct  15 

Holmes  M'  Robert  B-Un.Mg.Wp IP«Ss8 .  . "  Holmedale'* 

MiM"  Harold  N  HaU  (Holmes) |  Madison  N  J 

Holmes  M'"  Sarah  W P*''J?S752Main.  .8  Montague  Ter  Bklyn 

P''3?S22  74Plaza 
453  Mad  Av 

116  E  57 

Holt  MiM"  Chas  (Ellen  J  Ives)  C.Uv.Mt.Rg.Y'65.[P^^4i53Plaza 

Holt  M'  Dorsay  Ives-Ct.Rg |      22  E  58 

Holt  IP-  Edith  (Hy) . . av'd  Carm  Aug  26 .  .  .Married  at  44  E  78 
Bloodgood  D'  Joseph  C.  .  ._ !_:•••_• Sep 

Holt  Judge  &  M"  Geo  C  (Mary  Bowen)  C.Dke.Rv. 

Holt  fr--  Constance  &  Sylvia [Y.'66 

Holt  M'  Henry  O-Y/03 

40  E  25 

276  Social  Register 

Holt  M"  Geo  H  (Anne  Penrose  Newlin) . .  ab'd  Prov  Jly  23 

23  Av  Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris 
Holt  M"  Helen  B(HelenCBulkley) .  see  J  L  Bulkley .  787  Mad  Av 

711  Mad  Av 

Holt  MiM"Henry(Florence  Taber)  C.Uv.A.Rv.Ct. 

&  W^  Sylvia [Y/62 

Ji^  Hy  Jr . .  at  Harvard  &  Eliot . .  at  Groton 

Holt  MiM"  Hy  E(PaulineBabcock)Bg.  .P^S397oPlaza.  .138  E  65 
Holt  DiM"  L  Emmett  (Linda  F  Mairs)  Uv.Ct.  av'd  Carm  Sep  23 

Rg.  Au.  Roch'  7  5      P^J53  sPlaza 
JlS.  M'"  Evelyn  &  M'"  Horace,  Calvert& Emmett         14  W  55 

Holt  M'  Roland-Ct.Rv.Y.'Qo 1*^25555-79 

Holt  M'"  Winifred. . av'd  Carm  Aug  26. 44  E  78 

Holter  MiM"  Edwin  Olaf  (Sarah  P  Sage)  Uv.Mt.Kg.R.Rp.Mid. 

Dke.Y.'94.  .P^i?Si943-79.  .105  E  73 

Homans  tf"^  Katherine  &  Lois |P^3746Col 

Homans  M'  Howard  P-Rh.R.Rg.P.'oi J  308  W  75 

Homans  MiM"  Sheppard  (Loraine  E  Vanderpool)  P. '92 

Hamilton  Av  Englewood  N  J 
Homer  Col  Chas  F-Ul.Rp.Na. 

P^Sio7o. .  76  Locust  Hill  Av  Yonkers  N  Y 
Homer  MiM"  Chas  S  (Martha  E  French)  Uv.C.H/55. .  10  W  43 

Hone  M*"  Anna  Russell '^Elm  Lodge''  Newport  R  I 

Hone  MiM"  Augustus  C  (Alice  Castleman)  Rens*96.  .see  D^S. 

Hone  M'  C  Russell t? 

Hone  M'  Harold 102  E  31 

Hone  MiM"  Fred'c  de  P  (C  Augusta  Merriam)  Eg.Rens'97 

P^^S494 . .  White  Plains  Rd  Tuckahoe  N  Y 
Hone  MiM"  John  (Maria  Cadwalader)  Mt.M.Ss.Rv.   5  Gramercy 

HoneM' John  Jr-Rv.M.P'91 - [Wt.Cda.        Park 

Hone  M'  Rob't  G-K.Ch . .  av'd  Maur  Aug  27 

P^^S2099john..i52  Madison  Av 
Honey  MiM"  Robertson  (Mabel  E  Boggs)  Cal.USA'93 

P^"»S268o-79.  •  772  Park  Av 
Honey  MiM"  Samuel  R  (Frances  H  Arkless)  M.An.Ll. 

1 5  Piazza  Indipendenza  Rome 

Hooker M'HyS-Y.'o2.T P^"»S44ioRector.  .Yale  Club 

Hooker  DiM"  Ransom  Spafard  (Mildred  E  P  Stokes)  Cl.Cly. 

Hob'95.  .P'^^S48-38.  .160  E  38 

New  York  1909 


Hooley  MiM"  Edwin  S(MabelCBrooks)     P^Sioi .  /'  Maybrook " 
Hooley  tf"  Helen  R.  .  .  _  .[Ul.Ny.Dt.         No  Plainfield 

JfiS.  tf-  Mabel  B N  J 

Hooper  MiM"  Geo  K  (Shaler-Mary  D  Leverich) 27  Wash  Sq 

Hooper  M"  N  Newlin  (Nona  Newlin  Holt)  Cly. 

see  M*-  C  de  Forest  27  E  72 

Hooper  M'  Richard  H-N.Kg.Ny 23  Cotton  Exchange 

Hope  D' George  B-Ul.P'69.  . P^«523S9Col.  .133  W  72 

Hopkins  M'  Albert-Uv.Ad. Wms*oo . P^2979Plaza .525  Park  Av 
Hopkins  MiM"  Amos  Lawren9e  (Theresa  Dodge) 

Sa.UvJkl.Mtw.Unb.Wms'63 .  .see  BSn 
Hopkins  tf"  Caroline  Lathrop-Mg. 

1*^704. .  24  Elm  Morristown  N  J 

Hopkins  M'  Duane-H.'79 San  Mateo  Cal 

Hopkins  M"  Dunlap  (Ellen  Dunlap) . . .  .I*^6295Mad.  .31  E  30 
Hopkins  MiM"  Eustis  Langdon  (Elizabeth  Stockwell)  Mc.Ny. 

S.Lc.Cly . .  P^«S34 . .  Larchmont  Manor  N  Y 
Hopkins  DiM"  Frank  T(Neilson^Emily  SLinnard)   P'^43oMom 

fe  tf"  Dorothy  L  Neilson [Aht'83   200  W  113 

Hopkins  MiM"  Geo  B  (Zoe  Carrington)  Ul.R.C.Tf.Mid.Au. 

Wk.Ny.T.C.  .P^«S3i87Bry.  .25  W48 

Hopkins  MiM"  Geo  G  Jr  (Lisa  D  Bloodgood) see  DSSiaj. 

Hopkins  M"  Hy  C  (Emilie  F  Jones) .  .r«Ji48-3 . .  Ridgefield  Ct 
Hopkins  M'  Henry  C Died  at  Ridgefield  Ct  Sep  8 



Morristown  N  J 

Hopkins  MiM"  J  Appleton  H  (Alison  L 

Tumbull)  Mg. 

Hopkins  MiM"  Leonard  S  R  (Margaret  M  Barstow) .  783  Park  Av 
Hopkins  MiM"  Louis  Davis  (Margaret  H  Daly)  Y.*gs 

Hopkins  MiM"  Louis  L  (Maude  Hopkinson)  Unb.Y/91. 

Ja  If-  Marian 

Hopkins  M"  Moses  (Emily  Benedict).  .  .  .I*^S99oPlaza. 
Hopkins  MiM"  Richard  (Florence  D  Todd)  Bg.Dt. 

P'Tosg.  ."Beauvoir"  Short  Hills  N  J 
Hopkins  MiM"  Sam'l  Cornell  (Mary  H  Pell)  Uv.Ay. 

Hopkins  If—  Sarah  K  &  Eunice [Bm.Y.'82 

Hopkins  M'  Chas  V-Uv.Y/96. 

M"  John  H  Pell  (Hyatt) 


Catskill  NY 


Social  Register 

Hopkins  MiM"  Tredwell  G  (Margaret  H  Wise)  Y/99 . .  65  W  109 

Hopkins  MiM"  Wm  H-Uv.Br'91 University  Club 

Hoppin  M'  Benj-Y'72 see  DSSSi;. 

Hoppin  M'"  Emily  Rowland av'd  Teut  Aug  26.  .see  D^'^. 

Hoppin  M'  Francis  L  V-Un.Rv.Fn.Fw.'88.av'd  Lusi  Aug  20 

P^'»S2  233Bry..i2  W  44 

TT       .    ur.                   /ni       n>        N  M"  ab*d  Cecil 

Hoppin  M    p^d'k  Street  (Clara  Tracy) g^p  ^ 

99  Power  P3KS. 
see  ideiiM 

29  Waverly  PI 

P^^2  703Riv 
147  W81 

Hoppin  M'"  Frances  Street-Cly. . 
Hoppin  M'  Fred'k  S-Uv.Un.H/96 

Hoppin  Mill"  Hamilton  L(Pruyn-Comelia  V  R 

Erving)  Un.Ap.Rv.Cw.Cd.Bm.Cly. 
J1S.M' Hamilton  H. 
Hoppin  M"  J  Mason  (Susan  P  Mitchell) . .  ab'd  Pret  Jly  4 

av'd  Vtld  Sep  i .  .  **My  Farm  of  Edgewood'*  New  Haven  Ct 

Hoppin  M'  Samuel  Howland-Un.Cw.Rv.H'79 Union  Club 

Hoppin  M"Sarah  C  W(Sarah  C  Weekes) .  P^«S63  7  7 Gram .  1 2  2  E  2  2 
Hoppin  MiM"  Tracy  (Constance  Burlingame)  Pl.Hppv.Agapv. 

H/93.  .P*1?S4049Mad.  .125  E  24.  .see  PSSS. 
Hoppin  MiM"  Wm  Warner  (Katharine  Beekman) 
Hoppin  M'  Gerard  Beekman-K.Uv.Snc.As.R. 

Hoppin  M'  Bayard  C-Y/07 [Y'91 

Hoppin  MiM"  Wm  Warner  Jr  (Mary  Gallatin) Un.Rh.R.Y.'oi 

r^2477Plaza.  .442  Mad  Av 

47  W  S3 

532  W  114 

Hopping  MiM"  A  Howard  (E  Louise  Tilton)Ul.Ch. 
Hopping  yr  Allen  T-Cl.'o7  &  Howard  H.  . 

JlS.  M  Spencer  B. 

Hopping  MiM"  Walter  B  (E  Frances  Moore) 

P**^S6oooRiv.  .215  W  10 1 

Hoppock  M"  J  Leland 192  BVay 

Hopson  M'  Francis  Johnstone-W.Rv.'85 .P^S3776Chel.  14  W  12 
Horn  M*"**  Annie  L-Cd.,  Sarah  Lawrence  &  Mary  T 

P«S4493Plaza..i3  E  53 
Homblower  MiM"  Geo  S  (Dorothy  Marshall)  P.'o4 

P*'^S35i6-79.  .61  E  90 
Homblower  MiM"  Wm  B  (Nelson-Emily  A  San- 
ford)  Uv.Mt.M.C.Rg.Ct.Rv.Cd.P/71 
Homblower  M'  Lewis  W-P/04 

P*'*i?S2  260-79 

New  York  1909 


Hombostel  MIM"  Henry  F  (Patty  Armitage)  Bd.Cl/91 

•     M' ab'd  Bret  Jly  16.  .311  W  77 

Homor*M"  John  West  (Mary  Sibley) P%5233Riv 

Homor  M'"  John  W  &  Townsend 241  W  loi 

Homor  MiM '  Wm  Macpherson  (Julia  Crawford)  Un.T.Cw. 

Bryn  Mawr  Pa . .  see  I^K 

Horton  M'  Harry  L-Ul.Na |P^«S303  Col 

MiM"  Edw  FHutton  (Horton) I  144  W  57 

Hoskier  Mir  Herman  C(Harriet  A  Wood)      IP«S8o.  ."  Hillside  " 

J^r. M'  Walter  H [Un.G.Dt.Na.|    So  Orange  N  J 

Hosking  M'  Vivian-Un Union  Club 

Hosmer  MiM'*  Edw  Sturges  (Estelle  de  Peyster)  Rp.Cw.Ll. 

Cda.Bm.H*88..TivoliN  Y 
Hosmer  M'  Louis  Holyoke-H.'gS.  . P^S 1 5 iCort.  .Harvard  Club 
Hotchkiss  M"  Clark  B  (Margaret  M  Porter)Dar.  .  .  P^24678Col 

Hotchkiss  M*"-  Myra  R-Dar.  &  Cornelia  B 246  W  75 

Hotchkiss  MiM"  Hy  D  (Alice  C  Strong)  Mt.M.Rv.       P^S28s6Col 
JSL  IP"-  Florence  &  Helen  (ab'd  Adri  Sep  9).  .[Mid. 

Hotchkiss  M'  Henry  L-Ul.Ny.Cw.Ats 

Hotchkiss  MiM"  H  Stuart  (Elizabeth  W  Wash- 
ington) Uv.Y.'oo 
MiM"  Elisha  E  Garrison  (Hotchkiss) 
Hotchkiss  MiM"  Horace  L  (Clara  Taylor)  Ap.Ul.Ny.Ay. 

P^64.  .''Green  Acres"  Rye  N  Y 

315  W  75 

55  Hillhouse  Av 
New  Haven 


Hotchkiss  DiM"  Lucius  W  (Alice  H  Greene) Uv.Cr8i 

J^  M'- Alice  &  M' Hy  G 

Hottinguer  MiM"  Henri  (Marian  Munroe) 

P^Sso6-ii . .  7  rue  Alfred  de  Vigny  Paris 
Hough  Judge  &  M"  Chas  M  (Ethel  Powers)  Uv.Ll.Dth*79 

P''^S237oPlaza.  ,550  Park  Av 
Hough  MiM"  David  Leavitt(H61oise  Beekman) 

Hough  M*'  John  (Sarah  D) 

Hough  MiM"  Edw  H  (Grace  D  Vassar)R.Rh.Tf.Mt.Ny.Mdbl. 

P^S23o8Mad..iio  E  30 
Hough  Lt  Cdr  &  M"  Hy  Hughes  (Flaurence  O  Ward)  Anw. 

USN*9i.  .P^^S9i9Plaza.  .51  WS3.  .Lt  Cdr  on  USS  **  Idaho'' 
HoughtaUng  M'  David  H-UlHa.T.Hl see  F  A  Ingalls 

Scarsdale  N 

28o  Social  Register 

HoughtaUng  Mi«"Warren  RQaneWHomster)Ul.lP«;2687GTam 

HoughtaHng  tf-  Irene  H [Dt.Ha.j       6  W  9 

Houghton  Rev  D'  Geo  Clarke-Cal.Pl.Cw.Rv,'67. .  PiKiiyiMad 

Rev  &  M"  Chas  A  L  Strombom  (Houghton). . .       i  E  29 
Houghton  DiM"  H  Seymour(Sarah  Preston)  Uv.Ny.  n,^     «„. 

Houghton  if"  Florence  P [Aht'83  ^^^^sSKiv 

JSk  M^-  Helene  S  &  M'  Hy  S. 

301  W  88 
Houston  MiM"Buchanari(TacieBHarper)..P«Ji879Cdl. .  65  W  70 

129  Stewart  Av 
Jackson  Mich 

Houston  M"  Jas  Buchanan  (Helen  Middleton) 

MiM"  Datus  C  Smith  (Houston) 

Houston  M'  John  W-Uv.H/80 '.  T 117  W  58 

Hovey  MiM"  Edmund  O  (Esther  A  Lancraft)  C.Y'84 

P«52S3oRiv..iis  W84 
Hovey  M'"  Etheldreda  D.  ^ .see  W  M  Seabury 

31  E  37 

ab'd  G  Kurf 
Jun  II  av'd 

How  M"  Isaac  W(Blanche  Robinson). 

How  IP-  Beatrice. 

How  M'  Harold  W-Un.Bm.  .at  Univ  of  Pa  PS . 

Howard  Rev  &  IT*  Arthur  B  (Beers- Anna  D  Whittemore) 

P«Si224Chel..33S  W  14 

Howard  M"  Arthur  Piatt  (Annie  M  Legg) j{P'»S47ooPlaza 

JlS,  If-  Dorothy  L (Hotel  Gotham 

Howard  DiM"Clarence  C(Clara  Campbell) Na.Dar. '84  |I*«S555Col 

JlSs  IT"  C  C  Jr  &  J  C.  .at  Harvard (180  W  59 

Howard  M"Ezra  W(Elizabeth  S  Neilson).2  2  Kay  Newport  R  I 

Howard  Hon  Hugh  M  (Earl  Wicklow) Married  Sep  19 

Sands  If"  May  E  (B  Aymar) at  Southampton  L  I 

Howard  Hon  &  M"  Hugh  M  (May  E  Sands) 

Tremezzo  Lake  Como  Italy 
Howard  MiM"  John  Galen  (Mary  R  Bradbury)  C.Ct.PLAts/86 

Berkeley  Cal 

Howard  M"  Joseph  Jr  (Anna  S  Gregg). Died 

Howard  MIM"  Shafter  (Mary  F  Hunter  )H'8s 

po  Lambs  Club . .  see  SISm 

Howard  M"  Stephen C  (Isabel  G) .Died  Aug  3 

Howard  M"  Thos  H  (Rose  A  Post) 291  Mad  Av 

Howe  M'  Dudley  Rogers .Married  at  Dark  Harbor  Me 

':     Atterbury  tf-  Ellen  M  (John  T) Sep  5 

Howe  MIM"  Dudley  Rogers  (Ellen  M  Atterbury).  .  .  ,see  DSSffiJ. 

New  York  1909  281 

Howe  Prof  &  M"  Henry  M  (Fannie  Gay)  C.H!'69 

P«Si6iMtKisco.  /'Green  Peace"  Bedford  Stn  N  Y 
Howe  MiM"  Hy  Wainwright(EthelGardner)Un.Uv.B.Rh.Mc. 

H/97.  .P^266iPlaza.  .io6  E  65 
Howe  M"  John  E  (Flortoce  Duryee).  .  .  .PIK4S43-79.  .61  E  73 
Howe  M'  John  E Died  at  Southampton  L  I  Sep  16 

P^  3  65 j  West 
762  Mad  Av  Albany  N  Y 

Howe  MiM"  John  K  (Annie  Holland) 
Howe  JP-  Alison.  .  .  ,  .[Uv.Bd.Y'71 

Howe  M"  Jos  W  (Clara  E  Parkhurst). ; 11*^3573-38 

Howe  M'  Joseph  P-ULAp.Myf.Cl/oo I  i39  E  37 

Howe  M'  Wirt-Uv.Un.H.'96 Pl»Si348Plaza.  .65  W  54 

Howell  MiM"  Chas  L  (Clara  E  Stonebraker)  Cal.Bg. 

P»S5224Plaza.  .55  E  65 

Howell  MiM"  Eugene  N  (Mary  J  Whitehouse) see  DJSS. 

Howell  MIM"  Hampton  (Marion  Baehe)  Uv.S.Ha.Y.'93 

University  Club 
Howell  MiM"  John  White  (Frederica  B   |  P«S28iBranchBrook 
Gilchrist)  E.Bg.Stv'8i|2ii  Ballantine  PVay 

la  M'"  Frederica  B |        Newark  N  J 

Howell  M"  Sam'l  C  (Ella  C  Congar) 

l*1?S45i9r. .  1092  Broad  Newark  N  J 
Howell  MiM"  Thos  A  (Helen  Akin)  Uv.Ap.Y/oo 

P^2976Plaza..45  W  51 
Howells  MiM"  Frank  S  (Sophia  B  Waller) Mc.  .Pt  WashingtonLI 
Howells  MiM"  John  Mead  (Abby  White)  Uv.H'91.  .121  Wash  PI 
Howells  MiM"  Wm  Dean  (Elinor  G  Mead)  C.  . . . 

Howells  tf"  Mildred , 

Howes  Rev  D*M"Reuben  Wing(Emilie  Breeden) 

Howes  M""  Reuben  Wing  3d-Cr88  &  Townsend 

Howland  if""  A  R  &  Georgiana-Ats 

Howland  M'  Meredith  Jr-Mt.K.R 


12  Fifth  Av 

37  E  35 

Pasadena  Cal 

Howland  MiM"  Alfred  C(Clara  Ward)  C.Cd. . 

Howland  M'  Winthrop 

Howland  MiM"  Chas  P  (Virginia  C  Lazarus)  Uv.C.Mid.Y'91 

.   P'^'»S4463Chel..i3  W  11 
Howland  MiM"  Dulany  (Marguerite  McClure)  Un.  K.  Cal.  T. 

R.W.Ap...49  Es7 
Howland  M*""Eli2abethL,Hortense&NathalieM.seeFNLawrence 

a82  Social  Register 

Howland  MLM"  Geo  (Elizabeth  V  Stackpok)  C.Y'88 

,  169  Blvd  St  Germain  Paris 

Howland  M"HyE(AnnahJWLovering)Cly.P^^407oGram.  14W9 
Howland  M'  Hy  E-Uv.C.Mid.Rp.Dke.Myf.Y/54  P^S488iGram 

Howland  M*"  Frances  Louise •. 10  E  10 

Howland  DiM"  John  (Susan  M  Sanford)  Uv.Bg.C.Y/94 

Pl?Siio3Plaza.  .49  E  53 
Howland  M"  Jos  (Eliza  N  Woolsey).  .  .97  R  I  Av  Newport  R  I 
Howland  M'  Louis  Meredith-Pl.G.Rg.  .av*d  Kroon  Sep  22 

ab*d  K  II  Oct  13.  .32  rue  Victoire  Paris 
Howland  MiM"  Meredith  (Torrence)  ab'd  Adri  Aug  12 

av'd  Cecil  Jly  28. .  24  rue  Berri  Paris 

Howland  M'  Meredith  Jr-R Racquet  Club 

Howland  M'  Sam'l  S-Un.K.Tf.R.Mtw 12  W  44 

Hoy  M"  Harry  Erwin  (Florence  Von  Eps).  ..*...  |     17  Franklin 

Hoy  M'  Harry  Erwin-Cal.Mg.Mo |Morristown  N  J 

Hoyt  M"  Alfred  M  (Rosina  E  Reese)  Cda "' 

Hoyt  M'"  Rosina  Sherman-^Bm [Au.As.H/85 


Hoyt  M'  Colgate-S.Ul.Mid.Mt.Ny.Af.Au.  . 

Hoyt  M*""AnnieS .  . av'dMaj  Juni7&ElizabethB S-Cly 

Hoyt  M""Chas  Sherman-S.  Ny.  &  Colgate  Jr-S 

Hoyt  M"Colgate(LidaWSherman).  .DiedatOysterBayLISepis 
Hoyt  MiM"  Ed  C  (C  Ida  Bruggerhof)  Mt.Ul.Na. . 

&  W  C  Eleanor  &  M""  E  Kenneth  &  C  OHver 

Hoyt  M'  Francis  C-Mg.Cal.H.'o2 

P*^«Si37 .  .Suburban  Club  Stamford  Ct 
Hoyt  MiM"  Francis  S  (Anna  Cary)  Mg.Mo..34  ElmMorristownNJ 
Hoyt  MiM"  Fred'k  M  (Jane  A  Forby)  Uv.R.Ny.Lc.Y/95 

^^55177-79.  .112  E  71 
Hoyt  M"Geo  H  (Josephine  E  Bailey)  I  ^^272-2 . .  Strawberry  Hill 
Hoyt  IP"  Eva  H |  Stamford  Ct 






12  E  67 

Hoyt  MiM"GeraldL  (Appleton)K.Un.C.Tf.Ny.Rv. 

Hoyt  M^"JuHa  M-Cly...ab'd  Prov  Jly23 .  .av'd  Sav 

Hoyt  M'  Lydig-K.R.Y'o6 [Sep  19 

Hoyt  If"  Gertrude  L.  .av'd  Adri  Sep  3 

P«S4686Spring..2o  Wash  Sq 

M'  av'd 



*tv  York  1909 


Hoyt  M'  Goold-Un.K.R.B.Cy.T.Tf I      ^    , 

Hoyt  IP"  Virginia  S.  .av*d  St  P  Sep  26 |54  w  50 

Hoyt  MiM"  Hy  Reese  (Emy  Otto)  Un.Uv.R.Rg.T.    P«5278-79 
&  tf-  Elizabeth  S  &  M'  Alfred  O. . .  .[Na.Dt.H/82     2  E  75 
Hoyt  M"  James  Otis  (Emily  Fellows) ph^.  c6oCol 

;    310  W  75 



Hoyt  If--  Mary  F  &  Emily 

IP- Carey  Fellows 

Hoyt  M"  Jesse  (Cornelia  B  Waring) 

Hoyt  IP-  Cornelia 

JS.  If-  Isabel  &  M'  Jesse,  .at  Pomfret  Sch Park  Av 

Hoyt  MtM"  John  Sherman  (Ethel  Phelps  Stokes)  Uv.R.Dt.Au 

S.Crgo.  .Pl?S4205Plaza. .  loi  E  65 
Hoyt  MLM"  Jos  Blachley  (Gertrude  Field  Riker)    P^SioSpPlaza 

JlS.  If-  Gertrude  R [Un.R.Rg.Mt.Cda.       37  E  68 

Hoyt  M"  Louis  T(Pell-FrancesMJones)Cd.Bm.Cly.|I*1»S  4828-38 

M'  Shipley  Jones. [ab*djun  25..av*d  Prov  Sep5|392FifthAv 
Hoyt  If-  Margaret  E  (Francis  S).  .Married  at  Morristown  N  J 

White  M'  Theodore  T  (D'  Granville  M) Oct  1 2 

Hoyt  M"  Oliver 

Hoyt  M'  Geo  S-M.Ul.Rg.Ap.B.Cy.Ny.As.R.Lc.  .  .  Stamford  Ct 

Hoyt  M'  Theo,R-Uv.Ul.Ap.Cy.R.Wes*8i 

Hoyt  MLM"  Orson  (Beatrix  Richardson)  Bfbf.Cr'99 

P''^3556Col.  .109  W  74 

Hoyt  M'  Percy  S-Un.Ny Union  Club 

Hoyt  MIM"  Walter  S  (LilHan  A  Johnson)  R.Uv.B.Ul.Cy.Tf. 

Hoyt  MiM"  Willard  Evans  (Julia  Gould  Jerome) 

Uv.Ad.Wms'92..Williamstown  Mass 

Hoyt  M"  Wm  S  (Janet  R  Chase) CountryClub 

Hoyt  If—  Janet  Ralston  &  Beatrix. Grounds 

Hoyt  M'  Edwin  Chase-K.R.Mid Westchester 

Hoyt  M'  Franklin  C-K.Sa.Cy NY 

Hoyt  M'  Winfield  S-Un.Mt.Ss Union  Club 

Hubbard  MiM"  Chas  White  Jr  (Lulu  M  Husted) 

Hubbard  M"  Edmtmd  Gates  (Alice  Gray) 

M"  A  Hunt  Gray 

Hubbard  KM"  Elijah  K  (Margaret  S  Hubbard) Mt.Jkl. 
Hubbard  M' Elisha  D^Mt.  ....  .[Cd.Dar.Dc.Dth'55 

Hubbard  MiM"  E  K  Jr  (Helen  K  Otis)  Uv.Mt.Pl.Ty'92 

512  Fifth  Av 
Credit  Lyonnais 
town  Ct 


Sodal  Register 

i6  W  58 

138  W  74 

31  E  49     • 

Hubbard  IP"  Henrietta  Whitney. . .  /. |P«S35o6Col 

Hubbard  M'  Grosvenor  S-Uv.Dt.Rv.Dth'62. ......(  117  W  55 

Hubbard  MIM"  Thos  H  (Sibyl  A  Fahnestock)  Mt.Ul. 


Hubbard  IP"  Anna  W 

Hubbard  M'  John-Mt.Dt.Rg.T.Ny.H/92 

Hubbard  MiM"  Walter  C  (Helen  Ingalls  Valentine) 

Hubbard  D'  Ernest  V-Na.Cl/94 

Hubbard  M'  Ralph  H-Na.Cl.'os 

Hubbard  DiM"  Wm  Norris  (Adelaide  A  Close)  Uv.Wms'83 

P^^ii7oPlaza..53  W  54 
Hubbell  MiM"  Chas  Bulkley  (Emily  Allen  Chand- 
ler) Uv.Dt.Rv.Rp.Cw.Ar.Wms'74 

Hubbell  tf—  Margaret  L  &  Ruth  R 

Hubbell  MiM"Geo  Loring(Eliza  S  Piatt) Uv.Gg. 

JlS,  M*—  Margaret  &  Elizabeth [Wms'SS 

JS!.  M""  John  P,  Loring  &  Sherwood 

Hubbell  MiM"  Geo  Wolcott  (Cora  S  Churchill) 

Hubbell  M'  Geo  Wolcott  Jr-Uv.Ad.Y/oo. . . 
Hubbell  M*  John  Jackson- Ar.Rv.P.'73l 

Hubbell  tf-  Eliza  A-Cd (25  E  Kinney  Newark  N  J 

Hubbell  tf"  Juliette  E  (Chas  B) .)Married  at  Brick  Presb'y 

Adams  fr  Mason  T  (late  Chas  D) Oct  31 

Huber  DiM"  John  Bessner  (Lucretia  M  H  Brown)  Ham*87 

I*Ǥ47Plaza.  .441  Park  Av 
Huckel  MiM"JFred(MinnieHarvey)Uv.Wms*85.University  Club 
Huddleston  DiM"  John  H(MabelPClark)Bd.C.H/86  P«S447Riv 

fc  M*"  Margaret  S  &  M'  Carrol  H i4S  W  78 

Hudnut  M'  Alex  Malew-Uv.G.P.'8i P'»Si73oRect..5i       39 

Hudnut  MiM"  David  A  (Francenia  E  Wright) . .  I        P«Sso 

Hudnut  tf"  Isabel (Princeton  N  J 

Hudson  tf"  A  H Paris 

Hudson  MiM"  Chas  I  (Sara  E  Kierstede)Mt.Ul.Mb 
Hudson  M^  Hendrik-Bm.  &  Hans  Kierstede-S. . . 

Hudson  M'  C  Alan 

Hudson  MiM"  Percy  K  (Marjorie  V  Lea)  R.S.Pu.W.Cl.'99 

P^«S3oOysterBay.  .E  Norwich  L  I 

GardenCity  L I 

78  Irving  PI 

I  E  76 

T^^^  York  1909 


Hudson  M"  Susan  E  Johnson  (Johnson)  Dc.Cd. 

of  *' JohnsonHomestead**StratfordCt..37  FifthAvuntilMayi 

Huger  M*-  &  IP"  Meta  D -p 

Huger  ff-  Ruth  D.  .tf"  Sophie  M  Warley ^37  ^  74 

Huger  MaM"  Alfred  (Margaret  Mynderse).  .  .15  Cent  Park  West 
Huger  MiM"  John  Wells  (Catherine  A  Beekman)  Bg. 

202  S  Lawrence  Montgomery  Ala 
Hughes  MiM"  Chas  E  (Antoinette  Carter) 


JS^  M^"  Helen  &  M'  Chas  E  Jr 

Hughes  Rev  &  M"  David  C 

Hughes  M'  Geo  H-Ul.Cth.Mc 

Hughes  IP"  Jeanette  Yale,  .see  DomS,. .  •  • 
Hughes  M"  Gordon  T  (Mary  Ridgely  Brown) .  .  65 

Executive  Mansion 
Albany  N  Y 


20  Fifth  Av 

Central  Pk  W 

"  Harrow  Weald  Pk" 
Harrow  Weald  Eng 

Hughes  Mir  John  M  (Cornelia  Hilton)  Ul, 

Hughes  M'  Harry  Hilton 

Hughes  MiM"  Jos  B  (Belle  H  Harper)  M. .  P*^^24876Riv.i39  W  86 

Hughes  IP"  May  E Married  at  fek 

Barnes  M'  Ralph  N  C Jun  4 

Hughes  M'  Sidney  W-Bg 11  W  37 

Hughes  Paymaster  William  N-USN.  .  .  .Married  at  Newport 

'    Whipple  tf"  Gwendolin  (late  John) Sep  16 

Hughes-Hallett  M"  (Emilie  von  Schamburg) 

**Monplaisir'*  Dinard  France 

Huguenin  If"  Sophie see  M"  N  E  Baylies 

Huhn  Mill"  Geo  A  Jr  (Madeleine  A  Foote)  M.As.Au.Rcp.Ulp. 

Cyp.Mep.  .P"»22498Plaza.  .4  E  65.  .seePfe 
Hun  MiM"  Geo  Huntington  (Lucia  E  Houston)T. 

Hull  tf"  Lucia  E [Cw.Rv.Ar.Cd. 

Hull  M""  Geo  H  Jr-T.Y.'o2  &  Russell  H-Y' 

Hull  M'  Lytle.  .at  542  Fifth  Av 

Hull  V  Joseph  J-N^58 

Hull  tf"  Marion  Delafield 

Hull  MiM"  C  Du  Bois  (Mary  O  Marks) 

Humbert  MiM" John JC(FloranceTins- 
Ji?»  tf-  Helen [man)  Bg.Cal 

Tuxedo  Park 


215  W  51 

** Afterglow*'  Madison  N  J 
Humbert  tf"  Susan... ".*... '..  .P^«S4837-38..i2o  E  38 

Seventh  Av 

Humphrey  M"  Frank  M  (Emily  A  Maxwell) . 
IP"  Mary  M  Smedberg". 


Social  Register 





Humphrey  MiM"  Theo  F  (Martha  F  Townsend)  Uv.Ul.P.'94 

P«J4i69Plaza.  .670  Lex  Av 
Humphreys  MiM"  Alex  C-C.Ul.Ct.Eg.Ch.Lt.      .    ^_.     .  ^.  ^ 

Humphreys  M"  Harold-Mg ...  .[Mg.  '^^  ^^^^'^^  ^^  ^ 

Humphreys  MiM"  Ed  Walsh  (Mary  Duane)  Un.Mt.Ll.Dt.Ul. 

Pl.As.Ny.Ch.Cda.Cly..P*^^5333-38.  .32  E  38 
Humphreys  Rev  DiM"  F  Landon  (Jean  Todd) 

Humphreys  tf"  Helen 

Humphreys  M'  Landon  &  JSSs  M'"  Malcolm  &  Geo 
Humphreys  DiM"  Fred'c  H  (Louise  A  Parker)  Mt.Mg 
Humphreys  M*"  Frances  A-Mg.  .  .  .[Rg.Cw.Wp.Cl.'68 

JlS,  M'  Frederic  P.. at  St  Paul's  Concord  N  H 

Humphreys  M'  John  Sanford-Pl 

Humphreys  M'"May-Y'9o&  Geo  H-Y'98.  .. 
Humphreys  V  Fred'k  B-Sa.Y.'90-atNYHosp 
Humphreys  MiM"  Rich'd  Duane  (Fannie  H  Ellis)  Ch.Un 

H.'os . . " Brae-Head"  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Hungerford  MiM"  Richard  S  (Adella  Babcock)  Uv.Mt. 

Hungerford  M'"  Ida  R [As.Camb*99 

Hungerford  MiM"  Victor  W  (Helen  H  Stevenson)  Uv.Dke. 

Mg.Cl.  '95 .  .  1 5 1 1  Wood  Av  Colorado  Springs  Col 

M'  at  P*^^843Cort.  .  55  Liberty 

Hungerford  M"  Wm  Allyn  (Marian  Stuart) I 

Hungerford  tf"  Margharita  S |see  D«m!o5^. 

Hungerford M'  Chas  S-Ul.Ar.Cw.Cl.'96 t 

Hunn  MiM"  Townsend  S  (Julia  deMurguiondo)  P*"i*S445r 

Hunn  IP"  Dolores  R  de  M 1218  Prospect  Av 

Hunn  M'  John  T  S Plainfield  N  J 

Hunt  M'  Arthur  Kinsman-Ul.Ht Union  League  Club 

Hunt  MiM"  Chas  Warren  (Mary  Osgood  Riggs)  Eg. 

Hunt  M*"  Alice  Riggs-Bm [Dp.Cd.N'76 

Hunt  M'  Chas  W  Jr-Dp.Bm.Cr09 

Hunt  DiM"  Edw  L  (Margaret  E  Tobin)  Uv.Cd.H.'93 

P^^2639Plaza..54  Wso 

Hunt  M"  E  R  (Eva  Ramsay) Morgan  Harjes  &  Co 

Hunt  M*"  Evelyn '. .  Paris 

Hunt  tf"  Ellen  D P^^S3i33Plaza 

MiM"  Bowen  B  Smith  (Vanderveer) 42  E  50 

181  North  Av 



171  W88 

New  York  1909 


Hunt  D'  James  Ramsay Married  at  Manchester  Mass 

Nolan  JP-  Alice  St  J  (John  H) Sep  26 

Hunt  DiM"  Jas  Ramsay  (Alice  St  J  Nolan)  Un.R.As.Pa'93 

P^«26o3iCol..ii2  W  55 
Hunt  MiM"  Jos  H  (La  Shelle-Mazie  Nodine)  R.Uv.PLH.'qq 

Cr96.  .Racquet  Club 

Hunt  M"  Leavitt  (Katherine  Jarvis) 

Hunt  JP"  Maud  Dacre 

HuntMXeavittJarvis-B.Cy.H/93-at  119  W  45. . 
Hunt  Maj  C  Du  Vemet-USA.H'87 .  .at  U  S 

Arsenal  IS^h 

Hunt  MiM"  Leigh  (Noble)  Un.Ny.B.Cly.Mtw,     ^"^-^  ^^'"^  ^"^"^ 
Jx^»  tf"  Helen  L  &  M'  Hy  L 

Hunt  M'  Richard  C-Y'o8 135  E  40 

Hunt  MiM"  Richard  H  (Watrous-Margaret  Livingston) C. PI. 

I*«S72 . .  "Aquehung  Farm"  Portchester  N  Y 
Hunt  M'*  Richard  Morris  (Catharine  C  Howland) .  I  P*^^S32oMad 
HuntMiM"HerbertL-H'oa-at23PortmanPlLondon|i78  Mad  Av 




Oct  7 . .  av'd 
Hotel  St  Regis 


273  South 



Suffem  N  Y 

Hunt  Lt  &  M"  Ridgely  (Margarita  Cress)  Uv. Anw. 

Cw.USN'7S .  ab'dGrosseJly28 .  av'dKpWmSep29 
Jg?,  HP"  Virginia  L(av'd  Cecil  Sep  2  2)&  M'  Ridgely  Jr 

M*"  Cornelia  Cress 

Hunt  MiM"  Thos  (Helen  Jewett)  Un.Au.Uv.Ul.Snc.Y.'76 

1637  Mass  AvWSS 
Hunter  MiM"  Arthur  M  (Katharine  R  Schuchardt) 

Hunter  M'  Arthur  M  Jr-Bm [Un.Na. 

JSS.  M'  F  H-at  St  Paul's  Sch  Concord  N  H 

Hunter  M'"  Augusta R  I  Av  Newport  R  I 

Hunter  MiM"  Dwight  Williams  (Margaret  C  Donigan)Uv. 

Ar.Y.'76.  .ab'd  Bait  Jun  11 .  .av'd  Celt  Sep  18 

P^338oCol..235  W  75 

Hunter  M'  Francis  Kinloch-lJn.Na Union  Club 

Hunter  MiM"  Fred'k  Wm  (Annie  B  Haight)  Dke. 

M' John  B  Kerfoot [Cr87 

Hunter  MiM"  ~       "  ""      "  "  "' 

JSJs  M'  Geo  G. 

Geo  (Emmet-Ellen  J 

Temple)  Eg. 


**Barack  Matif  Farm" 

Salisbury  Ct 
M'  at  Bath  Club  London 


Social  Register 

Hunter  M'  Henry  H 

Hunter  M'  John-Un Union  Club 

HunterM' John  Jr-Un.M 

Hunter  M"  John  (Annie  M  Middleton) Pelham  Manor  N  Y 

Hunter  MiM"Rob*t(CarolineM PhelpsStokes)Ct.Ind'96.ab'dBalt 
Jun  I  lav'd.  .PǤ  1 26-2Stam* '  HighlandFarm ' '  NorotonHgtsCt 

Hunter  MiM"  Wm  R  (Edith  Norman) Newport  R  I 

Huntington  MiM"  Archer  M  (Helen  M  Gates)  Fn.Ny.Na.Au. 

G.Pl.Ats.A.Ct.Cly.Y/97.  .P^^S358i-79.  .1083  Fifth  Av 
Huntington  MiM"  Chas  R  (Mary  Irving)  C.Rv.Pl.     P^2S97-79 

Huntington  M'"*  Marie  &  Edythe [Cw.         960 

Huntington  M'  E  Irving Park  Av 

Huntington  M"  Collis  P  (Arabella  D).av'd  Phila  P^§i3Q2Plaza 

M^-  C  M  Campbell [Sep  19        2  E  57 

Huntington  M"  F  E see  P  D  Cravath 

Huntington  MiM"  Francis  C  (Susan  L  Butler)  Uv.Ct.Dt.Ch. 

Snc.H.'87 .  .M'  ab'd  Caro  Aug  22 .  .P^^o4233-38. 143  E  3S 
HuntingtonM'HyEdwards-Mt.Ul.Mid .  MetropolitanClub.seeSR» 
Huntington  MLM"  Oliver  W  (Ellen  Balch)  Ats.H.'8i 

"^^  ^2551.  .Newport  R  I 
950  Lex  Av 

Huntington  M"  Robert  p  (Alice  Ford).  . 

Huntington  M'  Ford-R.K.Tf.Y'91 

Huntington  MiM"  Rob't  P  (Helen  Gray  Dins-lseeM' 
i^rs  M'"  HelenD . [more)Uv.Ny.Tf .Dke.R. Y'9i|  Staatsburgh  N  Y 
Huntington  MiM"  Samuel  E(Mary  Low)      I       P*^«S309Main 
Huntington  tf"  Amy  L [Dt.Ha.|  36  Remsen  Bklyn 

Huntington  Rev  D'  Wm  Reed-C.Uv.Ht. 
Huntington  M'"  Margaret  W.  .  .  .[H.'59 

M'"  Reynolds 
Hurd  MiM"  Geo  Browne  (Florence  Huntoon)  Ul. 

"  »o2455Plaza.  .47  E  51 


Grace  Church  Rectory 

804  B'way 

Hurd  MiM"  Richard  M  (Lucy  Gazzam)  Uv.Dt.Y.'88 

JiTr.  tf"  Mary . 

Hurlbut  M'  Frank  M-^Mg.Mo 

Hurlbut  M*"^  Elsa-Mg.  &  Julia  S-Mg 
JSJ.  M'  Stephen  D 


loi  E  15 

Hurlbut  M"  Hy  A  (Ida  L  Pirsson) 1895  B'way 

Hurlbut  M"  Wm  H  (Margaret  H  Crane) P^«S2  758-38 

Hurlbut  IP"  Margie  Crane 18  W  37 

Hew  York  1909 

Hurry  MiM"  Edmund  Abdy  (Emily  A  Renwick) 
Hurry  tf-  Edith  Renwick.  .[Uv.i;i.Ch.Snc.Cl'6o. . 
Hurry  MiM"  Rutgers  Ives  (Aline  V  Kent)  Bm 


122  E  39 

Hurry  M'  Gilford-An 139  E  33 

Hurry  MiM"  Randolph  (Marye  A  Condit)  Uv.Ap.    P^S2346Mad 

R.Ny.Lc.Sa.Gg.Cl'ys  242 

Hurry  M^"-  Elizabeth  M-Ap.  &  Dorothy  W Lex  Av 

Hurry  MiM"  Renwick  C  (Lucy  Washington  Morss)  Ap.Dp. 

Cr..P^"»S5476-38..i38  E  40 

Hurtt  tf-  Ella  M 150  W  59 

Husted  IP"  M  Katharine.  .P«S2958Pros.  .157  Clinton  Av  Bklyn 
Hutcheson  RevJoseph-C.Uv.Aht'85 .  av'dKIISepS .  WarrenR  I 

Hutcheson  M' Wm  A~Mt P^^S29i9Mad.  .159  Lex  Av 

HutchinsM' Augustus  S-Uv.Dt.Myf.Aht'79 253  W  loi 

Hutchins  MiM"  Francis  S  (Margaret  G  Noyes)  Ad.Rp.Wms'oo 

ab'dKroonAugi .  .av'dOnicSepi6.  .P''^S26o2Mad.  120E31 
Hutchins  MiM"  Waldo(Agnes  J  Swan) Myf.Y'80. Park  Av  Hotel 
Hutchinson  MiM"  Arch'd  A  (Margaret  L  I         P^«S5i    . 

Hutchinson  M'  Arch'd  A  Jr [McMullen[Englewood  N  J 

Hutchinson  M'  Gary  T-Uv.Mt.Rv.Au.T.Rh.Dt.Cw.So.Slsl. 

Mdbl.'86.  .P*^^S4o86Plaza.  .19  E  60 
Hutchinson  M" Gary  T  (Susan  M  Dimock)  Cly.see  H  F  Dimock 
Hutchinson  M'  Charles  A  (Arch'd  A) .  DiedatMilesCityMontOctio 
Hutchinson  MiM"  Geo  Cass  (Helen  Dunlop)  Sn.Na.Bg. 

Lehigh*94..32o  W  83 
Hutchinson  MiM"  Guy  (Mabel  F  Lang)  Y.'o6 

153  W  Main  New  Britain  Ct 

Hutchinson  M'  James  L-Ny P*'^S497 

Hutchinsontf"Edith&J»^»tf"Ruth.  .  Palisade  Av  Englewood  N  J 

Hutchinson  DiM"  John  (Adaline  G  Eldridge) P^"»S  1049 Plaza 

Hutchinson  M***  Margaret 78  E  55 

Hutchinson  M"  Morrison  T  (Lucy  B  Chase).  .  .  .Englewood  N  J 
Hutton  MiM"  Ed  F  (Blanche  Horton)  Mid.Ul.  .see  H  L  Horton 
Hutton  MiM"  Fred'c  R  (Grace  Lefferts)  C.Eg.Cr73.  . .         xrr  o. 

Hutton  D'  Lefferts  &  M'  Mancius  S 257  W  86 

Hutton  M'  Harry  A-Un Union  Club 


Social  Register 

Hutton  Mill"  John  (Amy  Shriver)  Na 

Hutton  IP"  Amy  C 

Ji^™  M*"  Katharine  &  M'  John  L 

M"  Walter  Shriver 

Hutton  M"  Laurence  (Eleanor  Vamum  Mitchel ) 


Hutton  M"  Wm  Rich  (Mary  A  Clopper) 

Hutton  M*"-  Mary  &  Rose 

Hutton  M'  Frank  C 

Hyams  MiM"  Chapman  H  (Violet  V  Hildreth)  R.M.B.Ny. 

H.'92  .  .  133 1  Philip  New  Orleans  La 
Hyatt  MiM"Alpheus(ClaraCarter)Ul.Mid.Athbl.H.'93.see  DSSSZ. 

686  Park  Av 

.247  Fifth  Av 


10  W  47 

210  E  18 

Hyde  MiM"  A  Fillmore  (Elizabeth  V  S  Musgrave) 

Jk5»  M'  Musgrave .  .  at  Harvard -^ .  .  . 

Hyde  MiM"Aug  L(Sarah  E  StJohn)Ch.Rv.Wt.Dar. 

Hyde  IP"  Elizabeth  Mead 

Hyde  M'Henry  St  John-Uv.Rv.Wt.So.Ch.Cl.'96  . . 
Hyde  MiM"Chas  Livingston (Kathlyn  B  Stryker) 


Hyde  M'"  Dorothy,  .at  611  Fifth  Av 

Hyde  MiM"  Clarence  M  (Lillia  Babbitt)  Ul.Mt.    |av'd  Lusi  Sep  10 
JlS.  IP"  Clara  B  .[Dt.Rv.Rg.Ch.Cw.Sa.Fw.Cr67|     284  Mad  Av 
Hyde  MiM"  E  Francis  (Marie  E  Brown)C.Mt.Uv.Dt.Ct.Ul.Rg. 
Cw.Rv.Fw.  /61.  .av'd  Campjun2  7.  .P*'^S4964Plaza.36  W  58 

Plainfield  N  J 

.ab'dMaj  Jun  24 
av'd  Sep  9 

17  Park  A V 

Hyde  M*"  Elizabeth  A-Dar. Ats . 

Hyde  IP"  Mabel  L 

Hyde  M'  B  Talbot  B-Rv.Ap.Ct.Fn.Ul.Na. 

Hyde  M'  Fred'k  E  Jr-Du. 

Hyde  DiM"  Fred'k  E  (Houghton-Katharine  Bolton)  Ul.Ch.C. 

Dt.Cw.Fw.Rv.  ."Westover**  Lawrence  L  I 
Hyde  M"  Hy  Baldwin (AnnieFFitch). [Mb. Au.H;98  P*^1?S6876-38 
Hyde  M'  Jas  Hazen-Un.Uv.Tf .G.R.C.Ss.Mt.Rg.Fn.      1 1  E  40 
Hyde  M;M"  Herbert  M  (Agnes  Genin)  Ul.Rv. 

aVd  A  Vic  Jly  9..6E  58 

Hyde  MiM"J  E  Hindon(Ellen  E  H  Williams)  Cr76 

Ja  M^"  Helen  E  W.  .  : 

M"  Goodwin  G  &  M'  Thos  N  Williams. 

New  York  1909 


41  E  74 

4  W  92 

105  E  61 

Hyde  Mill'*  Lewis  H  (Leila  M  McGuire)  Uv.Mt.Y'79 

P*»«263ooCol..26o  W  76 
Hyde  MiM"  Ralph  M  (Mary  S  Truslow)  Ul.  .ab'd 

Caro  Jun  3 .  .av'd  Maur  Jly  16  i 
Hyde  JP""  Alice  M,  Isabel  C  &  Ethel  N. 

Hyde  M'  Clifford  D 

Hyde  MiM"  Russel  D  (Johnson-Florence  A  Douglas) 

IP""  Francis  L  &  Natalie  A  Johnson [Dke/71 

Hyde  MiM"  Seymour  J  (Elizabeth  Worrall)Ul.Mc.Lc.S.Ny. 

P*^«S349oCol..i6s  W  58 
Hyde  MiM"  Wm  H  (Mary  B  Potter) C.Cr 77.  .av'd 
^»  If"  Sylvia [Onic  Oct  14 

If"  Sarah  T  Potter 

Hyde  MiM"  Wm  Truslow  (Isobel  B  Marks)  Rg.Au.Dar. 

P^«S5ioiCol..23  W  73 
Hyde  MiM"  WmWaldo-Uv.Y/76.  .ab'd  Cecil  Jly  7 

Hyde  IP"  Elizabeth 

Hyde  M'  Alvan  W-Y.'o2 

lasigi  M'  Thomas  G-Cal 

Iddings  MiM"  Lewis  Morris  (Louise  A      American  Dip  Agency 
JIS.  tf"  Elizabeth.[Belden)  C.Uv.Mich'72  Cairo  Egypt 

Ide  M"  Chas  W  (Fannie  Ogden) P^«Si909Main 

Ide  tf"  Alic^  S 43  Remsen  Bklyn 

Ide  MiM"  Geo  Ed  (CarrieWHester)Uv,Mt.Au.Ny.Ha.Lc.Cly. 

Y.'8i.T^65ioCol..2os  W  57 
Ide  Rr  Adm  &  M"  Geo  Elmore  (Alexandra  L  Bruen) 

Hartford  Ct 
.  absent 

Mad  Av 
I  Main 

268  Henry  Bklyn 
144  E  35 

&  M'  John  J [USN.Mt.N 

Ide  MiM"  Hy  E  (Emma  W  Fellowes)  Ha. 

Ide  tf""  Isabel  F  &  Eleanore  F 

Ijams  MiM"  John  Tabb  (Adfele  Smith)  Mc 

Ijams  M*^  J  Horton-H.'o7 

Ilsley  MiM"  Beekman  F  (Charlotte  C  Gilchrist) 

P^«S238wRed  Bk .  .  Shrewsbury  N  J 
Ilsley  MIM"  John  P*(Annie  D  Alexander)  Eg.Mit'97 

P«S5i2wT'kville.  .Fourth  St  New  Brighton  S  I 
Imbrie  M"  Charles  F  (Charlotte  M  Clerk) 

Imbrie  IP"  Lilian 

Imbrie  tf^Andrew  C-Uv.P.'95&Harold-Uv.P.'oo 

179  W  79 

Ingalls  MiM"  Fay  (Rachel  C  Holmes)  Kg.H.'o4...995  Madison  Av 


Social  Register 

Ingalls  MiM"  F  Abbott(MarthaHoughtaling)T.Ul. 
Ja  lP"LauraH  &  M'FAJr.  .  .  .[Mc.Eg.Ha.Hppv.Cd. 

M'  David  H  Houghtaling 

Ingalls  ir  Melville  E  Jr-Uv.Mt.Kg,H/92.P«S453oJohn.47  W  43 

17  E  35 

fm'y  ab'd  Onic  Jly  29 

av'd  Kroon  Oct  20 

P^^S4443  Plaza 

44  E  70 

Ingersoll  MiM"  Colin  Macrae  (Theresa 

McAllister)  Uv.Cw.Unb.Y'80 

Ingersoll  M*"  Theresa  V  de  H 

JS?,  M*"  Corline  M 

Ingersoll  MiM"  Francis  G(LucyPTrowbridge)Uv.Y'74.'Rye  N  Y 
Ingersoll  MiM"Geo  Pratt(Alice  Witherspoon)  P^^56  **Ingleside" 

tes  M'  Colin  M [Mt.T/83      Ridgefield  Ct 

Ingersoll  M'  Hamilton-Y'io.  .at  133  Wall  New  see 

JlS»  M*""  Anita  &  Justine [Haven  Ct  RT  Vamum 

Ingersoll  M"  Jared  (Jane  C) 

Ingersoll  IP"  Mary 

Ingersoll  M"  Robert  G  (Eva  A  Parker) 

Ingersoll  tf"  Maud  R 

^MiM"  Walston  Hill  Brown  (Ingersoll).  . 

iTrs  M*"  Eva  R  I  &  M'  Rob't  G  I  Brown. 

MiM"  Clinton  P  Farrell  (Parker) 

Inglis  M"  James  S  (Lander-Louise  I  jams). 

&  M^  Elizabeth 

Ingraham  MiM"  Geo  (Clara  R  Crowell)  C.Uv.Dt.Wes'7i.Cr73 

P*'^*32S.  .33  Sanford  Av  Flushing  L  I 
Ingraham  Judge  &  M"  Geo  L  (Georgina  Lent) 

Ingraham  M'  Arthur-Un.M.Uv.W.Ny.Lc.R.Kg. 

Ingraham  M'  Phoenix-Un.Uv.Rv.Cw.Ht.H.'98 
Ingraham  M^**  Natalie  (Judge  Geo  L) Married  at  Paris 

Detrell  M'  Claude  B Oct  20 

Inman  M'  John  H-Ny.Sa.R.Kg.Rh.Y.'oo..[Onic  Jly  29 
Inman  M'  Fred  C-Sa.Rh.R.Y.*o2. 

Inman  M'  Chas  S-Rh.Y.^08 

Innes  M*"  Elizabeth  Rickard-Cd. 

410  N  Cascade  Av  Colorado  Springs  Col 
Innes ¥"  Janet  (Wm  R) .  .Married  at  53  W  73 

White  M'  William  W  Jr  (Wm  W) Oct  29 

?**•»;  1 41 2  Gram 
48  W  9 

P'^^32  52Gram 
117  E  21 

1 01  Park  Av 

80  Irving  PI 
M"  at 

104  Ch  Elys6es 


New  York  1909 


53  W73 


Innes  MiM'"  Wm  T  (Elizabeth  Goodrich  Le  Moyne)Cal.Snc.Ay. 
Ch.Cd.  .M'  ab'd  K  II  Jly  21.  im'y  av'd  Onic  Sep  16.116  E  30 

Innes-Ker  Lord  &  Lady  Alastair  (Anna  Breese) abroad 

Innis  MiM"  Wm  Reynolds(Dora  L  Studebaker)Uv. 

Innis  IP""  Janet  &  Dorothy [Au.Y.'So 

JS5.  M'  Wm  S 

Ireland  MLM"  Fred'k  Guion  (Carpenter)  C.H.'68.  .  .  .142  E  40 

Ireland  M"  J  de  Courcy  (Arline  E  Davis) Wtlkesbarre  Pa 

Ireland  M'  J  de  Courcy-Uv.Kg.Gg.Ct.Rv.Na.Cc.Snc.Y.'po 

University  Club 
Ireland  Mir  John  B  (Adelia  Duane  Pell)Un.Rv.Ch. 

Ireland  M'  Jas  Duane-Y.'oo [Snc.N'41 

tf-  Helen  M  Campbell 

Ireland  MiM"  Rob't  L  (Kate  B  Hanna)  Uv.Y.'go 

Pebble  Hill  Plantation  Thomasville  Ga 
Ireland  M"  Uzal  Ward  (Emma  Jones) 

av'd  Adri  Sep  30.  .see  J  M  Wing 
Irvin  M'  Effingham  Townsend-Un.R.T.B.Uv.Ny.H/gS 

ab'd  Dtld  Sep  24.  .av'd  Onic  Oct  14.  .see  J  M  Woodbury 

Irvin  tf""  Fannie  &  Clara 

Irvin  M'  Richard-Uv.P.'Qo. [Francisco 

Irvin  M'  Thos  S-S.P'92-at  11 29  McAllister  San 

Irvin  M"Richard(Mary  B  Morris)Cd.Cly.P^262  2B'ry.  .1 

Irvin  Re vDiM"Wm (Julia  Post  Swan)S.Uv. 

Irvin  tf"  Julia  S [Rut'5i.P.'73 

Irving  M'  Alex  Duer-Un:As.Mid.Ll.Rv.Cl'62 

Irving  M*"  Elaine  du  Pont 

Irving M'AlexDJr-Un.R.Uv.Tf .B.Snc.H.'95.  .at 

Irving  M'  Evelyn  du  P.  .at  Harvard [i  E  35 

Irving  MiM"  Louis  du  P  (Antoinette  B  Erhardt) . 

Irving  M"  Chas  (Sara  C  Wilson) 

Irving  M'  Emmet  W-Bm 

Irving  MiM"  Cortlandt  (Theresa  R  Beck)Snc.Cw. 
M'  Fanning  C  T  Beck [Cl.'64 

331  LexAv 


331  Lex  Av 


'*  Sunny  side" 
^330  W  95 

122  E  62 

Irving  MiM"  Gugy  iE(Maria  A  Henderson) 
Irving  tf""  Louise  H  &  Bertha  A.  .  .[Dt.Rc 
Irving  tf"  M  Adelaide  &  M'  Gugy  JS.  Jr-H'07 

Irving  tf""  Helen  C  &  Frances  R P^^4'j85-38.  .121  E  37 

Irving  M'  Hy  Sutherland-Sn.Ct.Bg P^«S368oRiv.  .51  W  81 

Henderson  Av 
New  Bright'n  S  I 


Social  Bjegister 

Irving  Mil"  Washington  (Susan  R  Bayard) absent 

IP"  Jeanne  Bayard 47  Cedar 

Irwin  r*M"  John  A-N.M.Camb'.Dub'ys.  .P*^'5?Sii56Mad.i4  W  29 
Irwin  MiM"  John  V  (Cornelia  H  MerriU)  Cw.Pu.N'94 

P^S3867Plaza..i30  E  67 
Irwin  MiJT  Theo  D  (Marion  Parsons)  Uv.Fn.Rg.As. Y/90 

P^S547oPlaza..43  E  58 
Irwin  M"  William  (Elizabeth  Vosburgh) ^    t  ^^  A.r 

T  •         Ur   TTT  -C^     T-»        TVT>  IO7O    L/CX   AV 

Irwin  M  Wm  F-Pu.N  03 ' 

Isaacs  MiM"WmM(MarionEFuller)Rp.Myf.P^1§S79Plaza.29  E  69 

Fifth  Av 

Armstrong  &  Co 


3  WS2 

Iselin  MiM"  Adrian  (Caylus)Un.C.K;Mt.Lc.Cy.Ny.Dt. 

Iselin  IP—  Th^r^se-Cly  &  Louise [Rg.Cth.Tf. 

Iselin  MiM"  Arthur  (Eleanor  Jay)S.K.Au.R.Ct.Mc.Mb.Cly. 

Ht.H/o2..P'^S283oPlaza..i25  E  69 
Iselin  MiM"  C  Oliver  (Hope  Goddard)K.Un.Cy. 

Iselin  M*"  Nora 

Iselin  M'  Adrian  2d-Lc 

JK.  M'  C  Oliver  Jr . .  at  St  Mark^s  Sch . 
Iselin  MiM"  Columbus  O'D  (Edith  C  Jones)  Un. 

Iselin  tf"  Adrienne  M 

IseUn  M'  O'Donnell-Ny.K.S.H'07 . 

Iselin  MiM"  Ernest  (Pauline  Whittier)Un.K.Ny.Dt.Rg. 

Tf.Uv.Cl.'98.  .ab'd  Lor  Jun  11.  .av'd  Prov  Jly  18 

P*'^S3096Plaza.  .  20  E  56 

Iselin  M"" Georgine-Cly • .  . .  P'^Si526Plaza 

M*"  Alma  Piderit 449  Park  Av 

Iselin  MiM"  John  H  (Caroline  L  Goodridge)Uv.Dp.As.Ct.Rp. 

H.'96..P*^1?53665-79.  .66  E  80 
Iselin  MiM"  Lewis  (Marie  de  Neufville)K.Un.R.Ny.Sa.Cro3 

P^^Si505Plaza..i6  W  52 

Iselin  M'"  Margaret  M-Em see  F  L  R  Satterlee 

Iselin  MiM"  Wm  E  (Alice  Rogers  Jones) T^n.K.Lc, 

Iselin  M'  Wm  O'D-Un.R.K.H'05 [Cly.Cf69 

Iselin  M'  Oliver. ...  at  41  Dunster  Hall  Camb'  . 
Isham  MiM"  Chas  (Mary  Lincoln)C.Uv.Rv.Cw.Wt. 
JffisM'  Lincoln [Dt.Cc.Snc.H.'76 


Fifth  Av 

122  E  38 

New  York  1909 


Isham  M"  Chas  H  (Joanna  A  Muller)  I  av*d  Adri 

Isham  M*"  Joanna  M |    Sep  30 

Isham  W"  C  Bradley-Na.  &  Fred  de  Forest-Na. . 
Isham  Mill"  Ed  Swift  (Laura  Miller)Uv.Ny.Rg.Chch.Y'9i 

P«S44i5-38..26  W 



Isham  ir  Wm  B-Mt.Dt.RvJkl P«S 

Isham  M'Samuel-Uv.Mt.Pl.C.Rg.Y.'75.  .ab'dLuc     204iPlaza 
Isham  JT  Wm  B  Jr-Mt.Uv.Dt.P'79.  .  .  .[AugiQ.aVd     5  E  61 
Isham  M"  Wm  B  Jr(Sarah  ColUns) .  .  Died  at  PurchaseNY  Sep23 
Ismay  MiM"  C  Bower  (M  Constance  Schieffelin) 

"  Haselbeck  Hair*  Northampton  Eng 
Ismay  M&M"  J  Bruce  (Florence  Schieffe-jSandheysMossley  Hill 

Ismay  If"  Florence.  ; .  .[lin)Un.|       Liverpool  Eng 

Ives  M'  Brayton-C.G.Ll.Mt.Tf.Ny.B.Cly.Ul.Uv.Y'6i.  .33  E  39 

Ives  M"  Brayton  (Eleanor  A  Bissell) |P«Si227Bry 

Ives  M*""  Winifred-Cly.  &  Frances  H |    32  W  49 

Ives  M"  Charlqs  A  (Elizabeth  Hunt) Married  at  Newport 

du  Fais  M'  John  (late  Ferd'd  F) Oct  6 

Ives  M'  Eugene  Semmes-Uv.Gtn'78 i  W  54.  .absent 

Ives  DiM"  Fred'k  M  (Edith  Wetherill)Pa'88 

P'*«S3364Riv..2i3  W  79 

Ives  M'  H  Davis- PI P'»Si67  •  •  Art  Village  Southampton  L  I 

Ives  MiM"Ralph  Olmsted  (Mary  Bussing)  Cal.Rg.Cw.  P»S2S9oCol 

Jff«  IT"  Dorothy 117  W  58 

Ives  MiM"  Theo  M  (Anna  W  Kellogg) P«2i^29Col 

Ives  IT"  Pauline  &  M'  Raymond-Y'o8 

Ivins  MiM"  Augustus  H  (Agnes  T  Bryan)  Ct 

Ivins  M*-  Edith 

Ivins  MiM"  Wm  M  (Emma  Yard)M.Ul.Dt.Ct.Ny. 

Ivins  Jf ""  Margaret  &  Katharine [Bd. 

Ivins  Jr  Wm  M  Jr-G.S.Du.H.'oi 

Ivins  M'  Jas  S  Y .  .  at  Hampden  Hall  Camb ' . . 

Ivison  M"  David  B  (Emeline  M  Crane) 

Ivison  W"  Sara  B 

Ivison  MiM"  Wm  Crane  (Celia  M  Cady)Uv. 

JiS?,  M'  Maynard  C [Rh.Pu.Y.'92 

Ivison  MiM"  Henry^Uv. Y.*87 

Ivison  W"  Hy  Jr  &  Sterhng  H 

Jackson  M'  Arthur  C^Uv.H.'88 P'SS6i2o^38 

43  W  69 


204  W  ss 

55  E  25 

fm'y  ab*d  Jun  25 
av'd  F  Wm  Sep  26 
12  W  48 
N  J 
SS  W  33 


Social  Register 




Jackson  M"  Chas  A  (Mary  E  Bradhurst) 

Jackson  M'  Pearsall  Bradhurst-Cc.Cw 

Jackson  M'*  Chas  Temple  (Alice  M  Bradley) 

MiM"  Robert  Stnithers  Jr  (Helen  F  Jackson) .  . . 
Jackson  M"  Chas  Carroll  (Mary  Van  Nest) . P^«Si886-38 .  33  W  3 7 

Jackson  M'   David   Irwin-Un.Sa.Lc Union   Club 

Jackson  M'"  Elizabeth  W 15  Fulton 

Jackson  T'  Wm  F-E.Uv.P/85  &  Chas  H-P'90 Newark 

MiM"  Lewis  Stewart  (Jackson) N  J 

Jackson  V  Frank  W-C.Ch.G.Rv.  .P^«S2584Plaza.  .555  Mad  Av 

Jackson  M"  Fred'c  Wendell  (S  Louise  Havemeyer) 
Jackson  M'"  Louise  A  H 
Jackson  M'  Chas  H-Cy-d'o? 

P*'^'S62  28-79 
III  E  72 

Jackson  M'  Frederic  Wendell . .  Died  at  Westchester  N  Y  Jun  28 
Jackson  DiM"  Geo  T  (Caroline  G  Weidemeyer)C.. . .  P'«S443oRiv 

Jackson  M'  Frederick  W-P/o4.Cro7 692 

JS.  r"  Rob't  M&Arthur  H . . [ab'd  Adri  Jun  1 7..av;d       West 
Jackson  Rev  D'  Sam'l  Macauley-C.Ats.Ht.Ct/ 70      End  Av 
Jackson  MiM"  John  Brinckerhoff  (Florence  Baird  )  Uv.S. 
Ul.An.Mtw.Rtp.USN'83 .  .M'  av'd  Aka  Aug  27 

U  S  Despatch  Agency  London 
Jackson  Gen  &  M"  Jos  C(Katharine  P  Day)Rv.Cd. 

Jackson  tf"-KatharineS-Cd.Dar.&  ElisabethH  W-  P'»5767Mad 

Cd.Dar.    138  E  34 
Jackson  M'  John  Day-Uv.Rv.Y.'9o.  .ab.d  K  II 

Jly  2 1 . .  at  New  Haven 
Jackson  MLM"  Jos  C  Jr  (Mabel  Goodsell)Rv.Y'87 

314  Park  Av  East  Orange  N  J 
Jackson  MiM"  Oliver  Wolcott  (AdMe  P  Carpenter) P.* 98 

P*'«S2836jWaverly . .  91  Clinton  Av  Newark 
Jackson  Lt  Cdr  &  M"  Orton  Porter  (Jessica  Godfrey)  U v.  Ny. 

USN'93 .  .see  M"  W  Godfrey 

Jackson  M"  Oswald  (Ella  Willing) P^«S3668Plaza 

Jackson  M'  Oswald-Un.Dp.Cw.Rv.Ll.Cl'92  550 

ab'd  K  Albt  Jly  18 . .  av'd  N  Y  Sep  5         Park  Av 

Jackson  M'  Percy-Uv.Dt.As.Pu.Y.^8s P^S2546Mad 

HP""  Jessie  H  &  Lilian  M  Williams 160  E  37 

New  York  1909 


Jackson  MiM"  PhiUp  N  (Margaret  Atlee)Uv.Ul.  ,- w^lithrPl 

JSS.  M^"  Margaret  A  &  M'  F  Wolcott  3d [P'8i    Newark  N  J 

Jackson  MiM"  Schuyler  B  (Forbes)  E.Y'71.  .646HighNewarkNJ 
Jackson  MiM"  Theo  F  (Cornelia  Burr)R.Ha.Ar.Rg.Ats. 

av'd  Aka  Jun  29.  .i*^S3446Bry . .  10  W  43 
Jackson  MiM"  Wm  Harrison  (Caroline  T  Dickson)Gg.So.H/85 

P«Si67iPlaza..4o  W  59 

Jackson  M"  Wm  Hy  (Katharine  Robert) P^254oPlaza 

Jackson  M*"-  Margaret  A-Ht.  &  Emily  S 556  Mad  Av 

Jackson  MiM"  Wm  Hy  (Sarah  A  Job)Ul.Gg.M.Cy.  P«Si764Plaza 
Jackson  tf"  Sarah  L. . [Rp.So.Ny.Rv.H/85  825 

M"  M  J  Hunter  (Marianna  Jackson) Mad  Av 

Jacob  MiM''^  Bartholomew  (Lydia  M  Brown)  Un.H. '96 

P^«S8ol  Wild  Cliff  New  Rochelle  N  Y 
Jacob  MiM"  Lawrence  (Louise  Hamilton) 

Uv.Rg.Cy.H'78..42  E  49 

Jacob  M'  Leonard  (late  Wm  H) Died  Oct  2 

Jacob  M"  Leonard  (Emma  Lawrence)Cy.|  P'^0203  Country  Club 

MiM"  Levin  R  Marshall  (Jacob) .  . .  |  Grounds  W'chester  N  Y 
Jacob  M'  Leonard-Un.Ny.B.Mb.Tf . . .  .^^5620-38. .  i  E  40 

see  DomiSS* 


^sland  N  Y 


Jacob  MiM"  Rob't  (Harriet  D  Hoppin)Cy.Ny. 

JSS.  IP- Eleanor  V&M'Rob'tJr 

Jacob  MiM"  Wm  H  (Mary  Phelps)"MaryP 

Jacobi  D' Abraham-C.Ct 1^^1982-38 

Jacobi  If"  Laura. |    19  E  47 

Jacoby  MiM"  Harold  (Annie  Maclear)C.Cl'86 

P«S4342Riv..333  W76 
Jacquelin  MiM"  John  H  (Josephine  Stagg)Un.W.Dar. 

Jacquelin  IP"  Aline  M 

Jacquelin  M'  Herbert  Ten  Broeck-Un.R.Rg.Sa. 

At  '* Saddle  River  Farm"  Hohokus  N  J 
Jaflfray  MiM"  Ed  Somerville  (Marie  C  Hewitt) Un.As. 

P'»S47lrv.  ."The  Lodge"  Ardsley-on-Hudsoii 
Jaffray  Capt  &  M"  Ed  W  (Mamie  Jaffray) 

S  Sussex  PI  Hyde  Park  London 

Fifth  Av 


Social  Register 

see  JL/iiiSi^a 


Jaffray  Mill"  Howard  S  (Emma  Harris) Un.As. . 

Jaffray  M'  Howard  S  Jr 

Jaffray  MiM"  Arthur  W  (Mabel  E  Jaffray) 
Jaffray  MiM"  John  W  (Mabel  B  Abbott) 
Jaffray  MiM"  Reginald  H  (Azuba  L  Barney) Un.As^Cly 

see  A  L  Barney 
Jaffray  M'  Reginald  S-Cal . .  ab'd  Adri  Jly  i  S .  .  P^«S6303Cort 

Calumet  Club 
Jaffray  MiM"  Robert  (Lily  Butler  Griffin)C.G.Uv.  Rv.Bd  ¥.'73 


2  7  rue  LongchampParis 
see  D^S. 

Jaffray  M"  Wm  P  (Helen  Smythe) . . 

Jaffray  tf"  Helen  F 

James  MiM"  Arthur  Curtiss  (Harriet  E  Parsons) Mt.Dt.C.Uv. 

P'i?S23 25-38.    92  Park  Av 

James  M"  D  Willis  (Ellen  S  Curtiss) 40  E  39 

James  tf"  Florence \myy62TRiv 

James  M""  John  B  &  Wm  H |  306  W  82 


Lakewood  N  J 


James  M'  Henry  A-C.Mid.Uv.Y.'74. . 
fes  tf"  Dorothy  &  M'  Ellery  S. . .  . 
James  MiM"  Thos  L  (Edith  L  Colboume)  Ul.Rp. 
ab'd  Maur  Aug  12.  .av*d  Caro  Oct  7 

James  M*"  Harriet  Weed 

James  DiM"  Walter  B  (Helen  G  Jennings) U v. C.S.Rg.Au.Ss. 

Cly.Y/79.  .P*'*k9Sii2iPlaza.  .  17  W  S4 

James  M"  Wm  Ashbridge  (Marian  Buckner) |P'^53433Riv 

James  M*"  Marion  Ashbridge 203  W  103 

Jamison  MiM"  Wm  A(Inez  M  Mermier)Ha.Ny.Au.      P*^^5i32oCol 

M"  Mermier [Mt.N.Dt.Ppt.      i  W  72 

Janewav  DiM"  Edward  G  (Fanny  S  Rogers)C.Ct.T.As.Ats.Cd. 

P*^^S2ooBry.  .36  W  40 
Janeway  M*"  Frances  R  (D'  Edw  G) .  . .  .Married  at  Garrison  N  Y 

Lannon  M'  John  D Oct  10 

Janeway  DiM"  Hy  H  (Elizabeth  Bulkley) 

^  see  D'  L  D  Bulkley.  .  531  Mad  Av 
Janeway  MiM"  John  H  Jr  (Meta  E  McAllister)  Uv.  469  Elm  CS 
Janeway  Col  John  H..see  DJl^lX.  •  •  .[Uvch.Cr86      see  OS 
Janeway  M'"*  Mary  G  a  Emily  L..P^^'S5932-79.  .981  Park  Av 

New  York  1909  299 

Janeway  DiM"  Theodore  C  (Eleanor  C  Alderson)  C.Y/92 

P*^Si67Plaza..i3i  E  60 

Janin  M'  Hy-Eg.Fn.So. . .  : Rothschilds  London 

Janney  MiM"  G  Mason  (Annah  W  Shaw)  M"  ab^d  Onic  Sep  23 

P*''»S47ooPlaza.  .Hotel  Gotham 
Janvrin  DiM"Jos  E(LauraLLaWall)Ul.Cw.Myf.Ll.  P^'i?Si964Mad 

Janvrin  li'"  Marguerite  L [01*64  191 

Janvrin  M'  Edmund  R  P-Rg.P/05 Mad  Av 

Jarrett  M&M"  Edwin  S  (Cora  Hardy)  Uv.Eg.Rens'89 

P*^'»Si367Gram..io5  E  19 
Jarves  M&M"  Deming  (Elsie  G  Jackson)  Un.Au. 

**Staplefields**  Dinard  France 

Jarvis  M"  Algernon  Sydney  (Nathalie  Pearce) see  DilSSSH. 

Jarvis  MiM"Samuel  M  (PriscillaWear)Lc.Rp.Au.So.|P^'»S332oCol 

Jarvis  M'  Hugh  S-Dke.Rp.Aht'02 [2109  B*way 

Jaudon  tf""  Lucy  B,  Fannie,  Aletta  C  &  Susan  B . .  550  Park  Av 

Jay  HP"  Alice i55  W  58 

Jay  MLM"  Aug  (Emily AstorKane)K.Un.Uv.R.Gg.H'7i| 

Jay  M'  Peter  Aug-K.R.H. '00 .  .  Amer  Emb  Tokio  \^^a\ 

Jay  M'  De  Lancey  Kane-R.K.H.*o3 [Japan]  ^^^^^  ^^ 

Jay  M"  John  (Eleanor  Field) . .  see  M"Wm  H  Schieffelin  242  E  15 

Jay  D;M"  John  Clafkson  (Vinton)  C.Rv |P^^23 133-79 

Jay  tf"  Edith  Van  Cortlandt j   106  E  79 

Jay  MiM"  John  Clarkson  Jr  (Marguerite  M  Sol^liac)  Ad.Eg. 

Rv.Wms'oi .  .  P^1?S72r.. Prospect  Av  Pelham  Manor  N  Y 

Jay  M"  Peter  Augustus  (Julia  PoSt) 

Jay  IT"  Mary  Rutherfurd 

Jay  M'  John-Uv.Y.'98 

Jay  MIM"  Pierre  (Louisa  S  Barlow)  Uv.Trb.Atb.Y'92 

P^"»Si96-2.  .Hyde  Park  Mass 
Jay  Col  &  M"  Wm(LucieOelrichs)K.C.BMb.Ch.Au.Tf.Rv.Ll. 
Snc.Ct.Ht.Cly.Cr59..aVd  Celt  Jly  2..av'd  Adri  Sep  30 

P^^S2075Plaza. .  572  Mad  Av 
Jean  DIM"  Geo  W  (Vera  de  T  Ogden  Jones)  '95 

American  Exp  Co  Paris . .  Mch  i  Fifth  Av  Bk 

Jeans  MiM"  Tames  H  (Charly  T  Mitchell) Princeton  N  J 

Jenkins  MIM'"  E  Fellows  (Adelaide  M  Montgomery)  Rv.  Cw. 

Fw.Lc.Na.  .P'l?S52oiGram.  '.  297  Fourth  Av 

19  E  75 

300  Social  Register 

Jenkins  MiM"  Frank  W  (Ruth  de  K  Prescott)  H/84 

M"  ab*d  Aka  Oct  i..P^^S336o-79. . 781  Park  Av 
Jenkins  MiM"  Geo  Walker  (Helen  Hartley)  Uv.Ul.lP»^«S39ooMad 
Dt.Mo.Mg.Rg.Wp.Dar.Cd.Y'70  37 

JS.  M'"-  Helen  H  &  Grace  H |    Mad  Av 

Jenkins  MiM"  Jas  S  (Gladys  Pomeroy)  U v. Y/94 

Jenkins  M'  John  C-Uv.Ap.Camb'oo..av*d  Luc  |P«Si77iBry 

M'  A  G  Santer ,  .[Sep  6|57oFifthAv 

Jenkins  M*"-  May,  Rebecca  H  &  Louise  P.  .^^52423-79.. 72  E  77 

Jenkins  M'  Wm  B-N.M.Na.Ny.Lc New  York  Club 

Jenks  MiM"  Chas  T  (Sarah  L  Porter) PI. Bg.Mc.Ch 

Jenks  M'"  Margery Paris 

Jenks  M'  Donald  F 

Jenks  MiM"  Rob't  Irving  (Mabel  Runnells)  Uv.Mt.Rg.Mid. 

Rv.Y.'87.  .P^^Si489Plaza.  .54  E  64 
Jenks  MiM"  Wm  Pearson  (Bertha  J  Cooke)  Un.Uv.N.Au.Ap. 
Ay.Lc.Rtp.Acp.Sdgp.Hav'92.  ."Mt  Kemble" 

Morristown  N  J . .  see  ?*"& 
Jenner  MiM"  Wm  A  (Josephine  Curtis)  C.Uv:Bd.Cr65 

P'^«52i29Plaza..i25  E  60 
Jennings  MiM"  Albert  Gould  (Sue  B  Crimmins)  Un.Uv.R.T. 

Rv.Cw.Snc.Cy.P.'9o..av'd  Onic  Oct  i4..P^S28o-79..2  E  82 
Jennings  M*"  Annie  Burr-S.Cly..ab'd  Pcss  Irene  Oct  24 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
Jennings  MiM"  Arthur  O  (Katie  A  Bulkley)  Ny.  .Waterbury  Ct 

Jennings  M"""  CeciHa  D  &  Marie  W. 
Helen  J  Silver. 

313  Clinton  Av 
.aty  Club 

ab*d  Celt  Jly  30 
av'dSep  18 
86  Park  Av 

Jennings  M'  Ed  Hall-Ct.Stbf.Wms'70 

Jennings  MiM"  Fred'c  B  (Lila  Hall  Park)  Ul. 

Jennings  M*"  Elizabeth [Wms'72..H.'74 

JlS,  M'  Fred'c  B  Jr-at  Groton 

Jennings  MiM"  Oliver  Gould  (Mary  Dows  Brewster)  Uv.Mt. 

Ny.R.C.Au.Tf.Mid.Gg.Cw.Cly.Y/87.  .P^S346-79.  .7  E  72 
Jennings  MiM"  Percy  Hall  (Elizabeth  Auchincloss)  Gg.Ct.Rh. 

Y.'o4.  .P"^'S2249-38..39  E  39 
Jennings  MiM"  Philander  R  (B  M  Louise  Asman)  Ul.Ha.Ch. 

Gg.  .  Merrick  Rd  Merrick  L  I 

New  York  1909  301 

Jennings  MiM"  Philip  B  (Outhwaite-Annette  Boyce)  Cal.Gg. 

Na. . .  P^1?S2383Mad. .  25  E  30 
Jennings  MiM"  Walter  (Jean  Pollock  Brown)     |  ,  , .  p       ^ 

Uv,Mt.Ny.S.Tf.Rg.Cd.Y/8o|^^  ^  "/^  ^^^^^ 
i^  tf"-  Jeannette  &  Constance  &  M'  Oliver  B . . .  |        '-'ct  24 
Jennison  W  Frank  E-Uv.H/83.  .  .P«Ss738Cort  University  Club 
Jerome  MiM"  Eug  Murray  (Paulina  VonSchneidau)  ph^,        ^. 

Un.Wms'67       *f  w  Q  ^ 
Jerome  MiM"  Eug  Donald  (Emma  N  Widman).  .  .    ^^^  w  63 
Jerome  MiM"  Lovell  Hall  (Anita  de  S  Gilbert)       P'^^  2168  Chel 

M"  Chas  Thorp  Gilbert [USA'70     138  W  12 

Jerome  MiM"  Wm  Travers  (Lavinia  T  Howe)  Un.Ct.Du. |      8 

h»  M'  Wm  T  Jr [Aht'82   |Rutgers 

Jessup  DIM"  David  S  D  (Maud  O  Heath)  P'91.  |  P^^-J^S  6382  Mom 

M"  Wm  C  Heath  (Frost) |    542  W  J12 

JessupMiM"HyWynans(MaryHStotesbury)  Rp.C.  |P^^i  209Plaza 

J?o?.M"*^HyH&TheoC [P'86.N'88|      65  E  64 

Jester  M'  Claude  W-Sn.Rv.Ar.So.Va' St  Nicholas  Club 

Jesup  MiM"  Charles  (Owen) 124  E  36 

Jesup  M"  James  R  (Mary  E  Lamont) I      555 

M"  Charles  A  Lamont [Fifth  Av 

Jesup  M"  Morris  K  (Marie  Van  A  De  Witt) .  .  av'd  Adri  Sep  3 

P^^S576Mad..i97  Mad  Av 
Jesup  MiM"  Richard  Mortimer  (Florence  R  Bucknam) 

P^«S532.  ."Knollcroft"  White  Plains  N  Y 

M'  av'd  Lusi  Jly  30 
"The  Drift'' 
Halesite  L  I 

Jevons  MiM"  Thos  E  (Isabel  Seton)  Uv.As. 

Tevons  tf"  Marguerite .. . [Dt.'65 

JevonsM'"FerdinandTR-Cal&Thos  Seton. . .  . 
JewettMiM"  Chas  H  (Josephine  M  Gray)  M.".M'  av'd 

Teut  Aug  26..P^«53ii .  .  167  Scotland  Rd  South  Orange  N  J 

Jewett  Rev  D'  Edw  Hurst~Dt 

Jewett  JP"  Katharine  S.  .see  T  W  Lloyd. Garden  City 

Jewett  M'  Henry  S LI 

MiM"  Geo  Carey  (Mary  S  Jewett) 

Jewett  M'  Edward  Woolsey-Un.R.B.Gg Union  Club 

Jewett  Mir"  George  L  (Cara  G  Gilbert)  C.Ch.Ats. 

P^^iSi3Gram. .  20  Fifth  Av 
Jewett  MiM"  Geo  W  (Theodora  D    I  P^«S2i4 

JS.  »-  Ellen  I. .  .[Whittemore)Ny.|  365  Hillside  PI  S  OragneNJ 


143  W  81 

302  Social  Register 

Jewett  MiM"  R  Dickinson(EliseMSchmidt) An.  |      [*»Si  1 24N 
JK.  tf""  EUzabeth  H  &  Gertrude.  .[Rv.Wms'yph*  Jewett  House" 

JSS.  tf"  EUse  B  &  M'  A  D  L  Jr |Conn  Av  &  S  Wift 

Jewett  M'  Rutger  Bleecker-Sn.Pl.Bg.Hob'90 

PlKi663Bry.  .St  Nicholas  Club 

Jex  M"  Josiah  (Isabella  Willis) 

Jextf"  Emily  D 

M"  Gregory  Sutton  (Bella  Jex) 

Johnes  M"  Edward  R  (Winifred  W  Tinker) 

JlS.  M'  Edward  G 

Johns  M'  Arthur  -M.  .  .P^^S354oJohn.  .76  Cherry  Elizabeth  N  J 
Johnson  Di M" Alex  B (Louise  T  White) Uv.Un.Rv.Y.*82... 12  E  58 
Johnson  SiM"  Bradish(Aim6e  Gaillard) 
Johnson  M'  Bradish  G-R.Dp.K.Tf.Mb. 

Johnson  M'  Aymar-K.T.H.*o5 

JiS.  Jf"  Marie  G 

Johnson  M&M"  Burges  (Constance  F  Wheeler) PI. Aht'99 

P*^^S79W2 .  .  Ft  Washington  L  I 
Johnson  MiM"  Columbus  O  (Florence  Farrington)Ul. 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
Johnson  MiM"  Davis  (Mary  W  Freeman)  Un.Rc. 

J  S  Morgan  &  Co  London 
Johnson  M"  Eastman  (Elizabeth  W  Buckley) 

P^^S2527Plaza..65  W  55 

Johnson  MiM"  Ebenezer  P  (Mary  D  Disosway) 148  E  18 

Johnson  M'  Edwin  A-Un.K.Ss Union  Club 



tf"  E  Aymar 

1 02  Fifth  Av 

567  Park  Av 

Johnson  M"  F  H  (Frances  H  Whiting). 

M'  A  Bruce  Whiting 

Johnson  M*"  Fanny  L.  .....  .  .P*^«;6i39-38.  .416  Fifth  Av 

Johnson  MiM"  Francis  Howe  (Mary  Beach)  H'56 

ab'd  Roman  Oct  27.  .Hotel  Royal  Rome  Italy 
Johnson  MiM"  Fred'k  (Antoinette  W  Maclay)  Tf.  .  .340  W  72 
Johnson  MiM"  Fred'k  A  (Grace  S  Lee)  Uv.Y.'94 

P^«S262-sNorwich.  .''Hillcresf  Montville  Ct.  .see  DSliSJ. 
Johnson  MiM"  Fred'k  Morgan  (Janet  P  Smith) 

Uv.Rv.Y.*9i.  .P^'»S6599Gram.  .50  W  9 
Johnson  M"Geo  D(Robbins). Christ  Ch  Rectory  New  BrightonSI 

New  York  1909 


Johnson  MiM"GeoP(Wetmore-EmmaAStucky) 
lir-  Clara  B  Wetmore [Kg. 

Lawrence  Pk 
Bronx ville  N  Y 

Johnson  Mi M'*GuyB  (Thornton-Florence  Sartori) 

JlS,M'  H  Cholmondeley  Thornton.  .[Cal.Ll.Gg.l  37  Mad  Av 

Johnson  M'"  Helen  R P'^Si642Mad.  .40  E  25 

Johnson  Mill"  Hy  Boynton(Augusta  E  Walker)Ul.Rg.Dth'83 

P*'«S4093Riv. .  839  W  End  Av 

Jfohnson  M"Hy  Meyer(Ruggles-Grace  Baldwin)av'd 
Vxs  tf"  Louisa  A [Kroon  Sep  2: 

M'  Burnet  R  Ruggles 

MiM"  G  Thompson  Lane  (Grace  R  Ruggles) .  .  . 




Johnson  MIM"  J  Aug  (Fanny  Matthews)  Ul.Cw.Ar.      'P^^S369J 

Johnson  M'""  Valida Scotland  Rd 

Johnson  IT  Tristam  B-L"l.Cl.*o2 So  Orange 

Johnson  M'  Hallett-Wms'08 N  J 

Johnson  M'  Leeds-Y.'98 P''»Sisi3Gram.  .20  Fifth  Av 

Johnson  M"  M  V  R  (Mabel  Van  Rensselaer) 

see  M"  A  Van  Rensselaer 
Johnson  M'  Manuel  J 

P*'^'S52  5wT*kville.  .Henderson  Av  New  Brighton  S  I 
Johnson  M'  Morris  N-Uv.P.*76.  .  .P**^Si2  2  5Frk*lin.  .290  B'way 
Johnson  MLM"  Norman  G  (Louise  Dudley)  As.Ny.W.Bm. 

Cl.'93.  .P^^S^ipPlaza. .  179  E  64 


99  Bement  Av 

WN  Brighton  SI 


Johnson  M"  ouver  Tempieton  (Thomas). 
Johnson  lf""LauraW-Cda.& Margaret  W.ab'd 
Johnson  M'  Oliver  T.  . .  .[F  Wm  Jun  25  av*d. 

Johnson  MiM"  Owen  (Mary  G  Stockly)  Pl.Y'oo see  D2 

Johnson  M"  Philip  E(Scarborough-LauraHoadly))       care 

JISb  tf"  Mary  H  Scarborough,  .at  Spence  Sch. . .  |  15  William 
Johnson  MIM"  Ralph  M  (Marie  A  Davis)  Mkp.Mep.Scch.Cly. 

H.'95.  .P^'»S5687Plaza.  .33  E  62 
Johnson  MiM"  Richard  M  (Florence  A  Wilmurt)R. 

P'Toaj .  .  Fowler  Av  Pelham  Manor  N  Y 
Johnson  MiM"  Rob*t  Underwood  (Katharine  MacMahon)C.A. 

PI.  .P^^S6743-38.  .327  Lex  Av 
Johnson  MiM"  Rossiter  (Helen  Kendrick)  C.A.Du. 
Johnson  ff"  Florence  K [Roch'63 



Union  Sq 

304  Social  Register 

Johnson  M"  S  Fisher  (Sara  L  Seymour)  Cd P'1Jo3945Plaza 

Johnson  M'  Seymour-Rg.Rh.T.R.Au.H.'os ii  E  63 

Johnson  M"  Sam'l  Wm  (Mary  Verplanck).. .    Dunemere  Lane 

Johnson  tf "  Edith-Cd Easthampton 

Johnson  M'  Edwards-Y.'ga LI 

Johnson  MiM"Tracy  A(LauraLSatterlee).P*^'3»Si27J.Short  HillsNJ 
Johnson  MiM"  W  Templeton  (Clara  D  Sturges) 

SeUgman  Frferes  Paris 
Johnston  MIM"  Ed  W  Scudder  (Mary  Mandeville)  Cr86 

P«S4045-79--52  E  75 

Johnston  M'  Elliott-Cy.R.Ny.Cr94 1  see 

Johnston  M'  Lawrence-abroad f M"  C  F  Winthrop 

Johnston  MiM"  Geo  W  (Martha  T  Darling)  Uv.Y/83|P^o-2 10-38 

M"  Julia  F  Darling |  146  E  38 

Johnston  MiM"  J  Herbert  (Teenie  Noel)  Uv.Rg.  |P^«;4656Spring 

J£L  tf-  No« [Dt.Y/77(i8  Wash  SqN 

Johnston  M"  James  Boorman  (Mary  H  Hum-      li  Rond  Point 

phreys)  Cda.      Bugeaud 

Johnston  M*""  Mary  H  &  Margaret  T-Cda I        Paris 

Johnston  DiM"  Jas  C  (Sydney  E  Price)  JHop'90.    r«Si62oPlaza 

M"  Jas  E  Price 106  E  62 

Johnston  MiM"  John  Humphreys  (A  Lazarus)  C.Rg.Y.'pQ 

Palazzo  Contarini  dall  Zaffo  Venice 
Johnston  MiM"  Rob't  A  (Mabel  A  Brown)  Na. 

M"  ab'd  F  Wm  Sep  3 .  .see  DSSlS. 
Johnston  MiM"  Waldo  Cory  (MakadeT  OJones)  Rg..see  DSaSJ. 
Johnston  M'  Walter  S-Un.M.Ul.Mt.An.Lc.Kg.Ap.Ny.Ll.Lt. 

Union  Club 

Johnston  MiM"  Wm  M-Un Union  Club 

Johnstone  Sir  &  Lady  Alan  (Antoinette  Eno  Pinchot) 

British  Legation  Copenhagen 
Johnstone  M"  Frauds  u  (Margaret  A  Babcock) .... 
Johnstone  lP"-MargaretA,EuphfemeS&MaryW.  .  l*«S23S7Mad 

Johnstone  M'  Francis  Upton-Bm.Cw 22W25 

Johnstone  M'  Wm  Bard-Sn.Cl.'95 

Johnstone  DiM"  Hy  C  (Edith  Scott) 

P^S3iT*kville.  .47  Central  Av  New  Brighton  S  I 
Johnstone  MiM"  Hugo  R  (Kate  R  AUerton)  Mt.Jkl.R.Ny.Gg. 
Mtw.Myb.Pcusf.Cgch.etc.H*93..703  Pasadena  AvPasadenaCal 

New  York  1909 


Johnstone  MiM"  John  (Hermine  C  Gratz)  Cw 

JS.  If"  Hermine  C 

Joline  MiM"  Adrian  Hoffman  (Mary  E  Larkin)Uv. 

M*"  Fanny  J  Gray 

28  Karlstr 

I  W  72 

Jones  M'  Alan  P  (Andrew  D).  .  .  .Died  at  Seattle  Wash  May  13 

Jones  MiM"  Andrew  D  (Margaret  H  Koontz)Mt. 

Jones  M"  Andrew  D  Jr-JHop'97  &  Leonard  R 

512  Fifth  Av 

see  Dawn 

av'd  Celt  Oct  16 

JonesM" Arthur  Mason (ComeliaWaldo) T. . .  ab'd  Prov 

Jones  M'  Arthur  Mason-T.H'09 Jun  25     P*^45oPlaza 

Jones  M"  Mason  Renshaw  (Catharine  L  O'Conor). .      26  £  60 

tf""  Julia  L  &  Margaret  &  M'  Horace  Waldo . . . 
Jones  M"  Cadwalader  (Mary  C  Rawle).. 

Jones  ff"  Beatrix 

Jones  tf"  Caroline  Ogden**of  Mid-Cliff ''Ochre  Pt  NewportRI 

J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 

Jones  D'  Catesby  ap  Gatesby r^244oMad.  .7  E  32 

Jones  M'  Cha5  Landon-Un.Ch.Cw.Na.Mid.Cl.'78 

146  Central  Pk  W 

Jones  MiM"  Dwight  Arven  (Emily  Lefferts)  ¥.'75 I      ^t 

Jones  tf-  Gladys  D j34  w  51 

Jones  M'  E  Clarence-Mt.Au.As.Lc.  .av'd  A  Vic  Oct  8 

P«Sio8oCol..i6s  W  58 

Jones  M"  Edward  (Frances  D  Robinson) abroad 

Jones  MiM"  Ed  Davis  (Conkling)  Br'78 )P''1?S665oCol 

Jones  M'  Arthur  C-Y.'o5 |  346  W  72 

Jones  M"  Ed  Powis  (Rosa  M  Purdy) 

Jones  IP"  Anita  MacNeven 

Jones  r^EdwP-H.'oi&Theo  M-Sa.Cl'os. . 

Jones  M"  Edw  Renshaw  (Mary  E  Baldwin)Cd 
Jones  ff"  Mabel  Irving-Cly [Cly 

Jones  ff"  Frances  Ogden 

Jones  M'  A  de  T  Ogden-Y.'oo 

Jones  M'  Francis  C-C.Ats 

Jones  M'  H  Bolton-C.Ats 

Jones  M"  Frank  F  (Marion  S  Powell) 

Mir  Carroll  J  Post  Jr  (Jones) 

fm'y  av'd  Luc  Sep  6 
333  W87 
av'd  Adri  Jly  8 
784  Fifth  Av 

P^^S43  25-38 

74  Park  Av 

P^^S42  25Col 

33  W67 






Social  Register 

6E  12 

Jones  M'  Fred'k  W Hotel  Sherwood 

Jones  M'"  Edythe  P BsSt. 

Jones  MiM"  Fred'k  W  Jr  (Florence  G  Suydam)  Cal.Sa.  Y'91 

Gladstone  N  J  see  DJiSS. 
Jones  M"  Geo  W  (Lillian  D  Duryea) see  DSISZ. 

Jones  HiM"Gilbert  Ed(LouiseCaldwell)    ^""'^  ^aVd  o" 6 ^^  ^ 

Jones  M'  George-H.'os [Ul.Cly.    jj^a^'d  Kroon  Sep  22 

JUS.  ir  Gilbert  E  Jr.  .at  St  Mark's  Sch.  p^52825Mad.  222MadAv 

Jones  M*""  Grace  L  (Llewellyn) Married  at  San  Francisco 

Gibson  M'  Rob't  Jr  (Rob't) Aug  15 

Jones  M"  H  Leroy  (Augusta  Kingsland) .... 

Jones  M'  A  Kingsland 

M"  M  K  Bradford  (Jones) 

Jones  M'  Henry  E-K.Un 3  PI  des  Etats  Unis  Paris 

Jones  M"  Herbert  C  (Mary  H  Morton) |     **  Ashford" 

Jones  M'  Arthur  S  H-Rg.Cw.Ty'52 |Seabright  N  J 

Jones  M'  J  Howell-Uv.Wms'68 University  Club 

Jones  M'"  Jeanette  Cholmeley-Cly see  M^s"  J  L  Gilder 

Jones  W  Richard  G  Cholmeley 100  E  17 

Jones  MiM"  John  P  (Georgina  F  Sullivan)  M.  "Villa  Miramar" 

Jones  M*"**  Alice  M  &  Georgina  F Santa  Monica  Cal 

Jones  MiM"  Jos  A  (Mary  M  Hayward)Ul.Dt.N.)        P'«5i6w 
JS«  tf"  Tpyce  A.   .   .[ab'd  Kp  Wm  Jly  14  av'd  (Great  Neck  L  I 
Jones  M"  Lewis  Coif ord (Catherine  Ferryman).  .  .707  Fifth  A v 
Jones  MiM"  Lewis  Quentin  (Jones-Sarah  Post  Anthon) 

Un.Ny.Na.M.  .Miami  Fla 
Jones  MiM7  Oliver  Livingston  (Mary  E  Jones)S.Bm. 

Jones  M*""LouiseE-Cd .  .av*d  Onic  Oct  14  &  Rosalie  I 

Jones  M""  Charles  H-Cw.A.  &  Oliver  L  Jr-Bm.Ct. 

Ja  M'  Philip  L [Snc.Y.'o4 

JonesMiM"Pembroke(SadieWGreen)Un.R.B.Mid. "" 
Jones  M'"  Sadie  G&JSf«M'  Pembroke  Jr.[Ny.Lc.Cly. 
Jones  DiM"  S  Beach(GertrudeRCrosby)Cd.P'63. 

Jones  M'  Paul  T-P.'o2 

Jones  M'"  Leonard  C-P'07  &  Ed  C-Cl'o8 

116  W  72 

13  W51 

550  Park  Av 

New  York  1909 


P^«S36ij.  /*Woodmansee" 
286  Tillou  Rd 
So  Orange  N  J 
"^^701..  Miller  Rd 
Morristown  N  J 

140  W  74 

Jones  HiM"  S  Howell(Mary  P  Hart) 
JS.  Nf- Katharine  F  H.  .  .  .[Bg.P'72 

JS.  M'  Stanley  H-at  Yale 

Jones  M'  S  Minot-Un.Mo.Chch 

Jones  NT  Minot 

Jones  M' Samuel  Fosdick-Sa.Ny St  Anthony  Club 

Jones  M'  Shipley-Mt.Bm.Cw.Rc.Cl' 

see  M"  L  T  Hoyt.  .392  Fifth  Av 
Jones  MIM"  Townsend  (Katharine  S  Howard)S.Snc. 

Jones  If-  Elise  H [Rc.Cl.'76 

JS.  tf-  Marguerite  H 

Jones  MiM"  W  Strother(Mary  G  Russell)  Rg.Cal.Y'.' . 

Jones  M*"  Grace  R 

Jones  ir  W  Strother  Jr-Y.'o8 

Jones  ir  Arthur  R-H.'oq.  .at  A  D  P  Club  Camb\.  . 

JUS.  ir-  M  E  B  &  M'  C  M 

Jones  H'  Willard  H-Mt.Lc.Ny . .  ab'd  K  Albt  May  2 

av*d  Kp  Wm  Sep  i .  .P^IKeSsCol. .  2025  B'way 

Jones  HiM"  Wm  (Isabel  Barr)  H.'82 

JS.  IP-  Alice  L 

Joy  DIM"  Homer  T  (Elizabeth  J  van  Beuren)  Mg.Y/93 

P'»S8s5Plaza..S3  W  57 

Judge  M'  Hilliard  M-Un Farmington  Ct 

Judson  M;M"  Alfred  M  (Josephine  York)  Na.Dt ^^  ^^"  Josephine 34o  W  88 

Judson  Rev  Edward-C 53  Wash  Sq 

Judson  M;M"  Henry  I(Frances  E  Williams)    |      P*^2427Main 

Judson  M-  Helen  Y [Ha.Ul.|ii6  Willow  Bklyn 

Judson  MiM"  Wm  D  (Marie  A  Charles)  Ul.Na.Mc. 

PlffS7709Riv. .  250  W  94 

Judson  M"  Wm  Francis  (Isabclle  Field) I  P^82lrv 

Judson  Capt  Wm  Francis-Uv.Y*9o JArdsley-on-Hudson 

Juilliard  MiM"Aug  D(HelenCossitt)Mt.Ul.T.Au. 
Mc.Ht.Rp.  .ab*d  Lusi  Juni7..av*d  Maur  Sep  17 

Juilliard  M'  Fred'c  A-Mt.Rg.T.Mc 

Junkin  MiM"  Jos  de  F  Jr  (Wilhelmina  Schaus)  H.''o2 

P*^94ooRiv.  .300  W  109 
Junod  M4M"LouisH(LauraDuaneIreland)Un.Na.As.Dv.Ritp. 

P«S2024Col..  33  7  W  71 



II  Ws7 


Social  Register 


Jurgensen  MiM"  Edgar  C  (Mildred  Poor)  Na see  DSSSZ. 

Jurgensen  MiM"  Jolin  (Lo.uise  Le  Gendre)  N.  . 

Jurgensen  M'"  Hilda  &  M'  Egbert-Na 

Justh  M'  Edward  Center-Un 30  W  26 

Kada  Lt  &  M"  Lajos  (Marie  S  Eddy) 13  E  47 

Kahn  MiM"  Otto  H  (Addie  Wolff)  Au.Ct.Lt.Mid.Wp.Eyb. 

av'd  Maur  Sep  17..  P*^«S387Plaza . .  8  E  68 
Kalbfleisch  MiM"  Charles  C  (Maud  Kalbfleisch)  Pl.G.Dt.CrQi 

Hotel  Marie  Antoinette 

Kalbfleisch  M"  Ed  l  (Lucy  K  Freeman) see  DSSlSZ. 

Kalbfleisch  MiM"  Franklin  H  (Sarah  P  Schenck)  of  Babylon  L  I 

Kalbfleisch  M'"  Augusta  Schenck Hotel  Savoy 

Kalbfleisch  M"  M  D  (Mabel  Dean) ^^  u"  t  j?  t^ 

JfiS.M'Dean-P'12. ^^^  *    J  E  Dean 

Kammerer  DiM"  Fred'c  (Ida  Knapp)  C 

JgSs  M'  Percy  G . .  at  Claverly  Hall  Camb' 

Kane  MIM"  DeLanceyA(EleanorAIselin)Un.K.Mt.Cy. 
Kane  M' DeLancey  Iselin-Cy. . .  .[Ny.W.Mtw.USA'68 
Kane  MiM"  Grenville  (Margaret  A  Wolfe)  Un.Ny. 

Kane  tf"  Edith  Brevoort : [T.Ty'75 

Kane  tf ""  Margaret  Dorothy  &  Anzonella 

Kane  tf"  Helen  Dorothea.  .  . see  W  E  Glyn 

Kane  MiM"  Hy  Brevoort  (Florence  Hartshome)Un.  P*^^S2o87Riv 

J^r,  tf"  Florence  B [Hppv.Ox'    253  W  76 

Kane  MiM"  John  Innes  (Annie  C  Schermerhom)Un.Au.K.B. 

Mt.Ss.Ch.Cly.Camb'.  .PH';3823Plaza..i  W49 
Kane  tf"-  Louisa  Langdon-Cly.  &  Sybil  Kent-Cly. 

ab'd  K  Albt  Jly  8.  .P^"»S347oBry.  .  23  W  47 

Kane  M"  Theo  F  (Bessie  H  Higbee)  Cd 

Kane  MiM"  Wm  Carson  (Corinne  P  Dickinson)  Un.Tf .  Cda. 

P^1?S4S6. .  128  Maple  Av  Flushing  L  I 
Kane  F  Woodbury (Elliot-SallieJHargous)Cly.  ab'd  Ny  Jly  n 
Jff«  M""  Duncan  Jr,  Rob't  H  &  Giraud  Elliot  Newport  R  I 
Katte  MiM"  Edwin  B  (Elva  King)  Uv.As.Rv.Cr.'93 

''Barney  Park*'  Irvington  N  Y 
Katte  MiM"  Walter  (Elizabeth  P  Britton)  As. 

P*^^S234. .  4  S  B'way  Irvington  N  Y 
Katzenbach  MiM"  LEmery(MaryWhittredge)P'oi.. Summit  N  J 

51  E66 

Tuxfe(lo  Park 

■    NY 

Hew  Vork  xgog 



Katzenbach  W  Wm  Hy-Uv.P/67 .1     P'»S2697Col 

Katzenbach  IP"  Anne  Emery .(853  Seventh  Av 

Kean  MiM"  Hamilton  Fish  (Katharine  Winthrop)  Un. 

Kean  M'  John  2d.  .at  Dunster  Hall  Camb'. 

l^W  Rob^t  W 

Kean  M"  John  (Lucy  Halsted) , 

Kean  If"  Susan  L [av*d  Phila  Sep  19 

Kean  M"""  Lucy  H  &  Elizabeth  d'H . .  ab*d  Teut  Jun  10 

KeanM' John-Mtw.Uv.Mt.K.B.Dt.E.Ny.Y.*76 

Kean  M'  Alex  Livingston-Mt.Mtw.  .at  Livingston  N  J    . 
Kean  M'  JulianH-Mt.Uv.Dt.Pl.Ar.Rg.Y'76.  .ab'dTeutJunio 

av'd  Sep  19.  .P*^'»5228i.  ."Ursino'*  Elizabeth  N  J 


Kearney  if"  Mary  M P*^^3oooMad 

Kearny  M"  Geo  H  (Isabel  Smedberg) 

Kearny  M*""  Isabel  M,  Gertrude  S  &  Jane  A 

Kearny  M'  Philip  J-Mit*o3 

Kearnjr  MiM"  Henry  S  (AliceDe  Wolf)  JLJl.U'67j 

see  xjcau^u 

M"  Jas  H  Tracy  &  Jl?»M'"DorothydeWTracy|Lakewood  N  J 
Keamy  Gen& M"  John  Watts  (Elizabeth  Harrison) Un.  11529-18 

Kearny  M'  Bernard  H [T.An.Fw.Ll.Mtw.Cr66|     Wfi8 

Keamy  MiM"  Philip  (Emma  W. Rutherford)  S.Cal.Wp.Mg. 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 

Keamy  M'  Thos-Un.Y'99 P^^S39ooMad.  .37  Mad  Av 


ab'd  Maj  Jun  24  av'd  Sep  io.P^S263r.Miller  Rd  MorristownNJ 
Keasbey  M'""  Frances  H,  Louisa  E  &  Cornelia 

P^«S326j.  .''Goodrest".  .Miller  Rd  Morristown  N  J 
Keasbey  MiM"  Fred'k  W  (Mary  H  Vibbert)  Sa.M0.Cr92 

see  Rev  D'  W  H  Vibbert 

Keasbey  MiM"  Geo  M  (Annie  W  L3wis)  Y'71 P«Si763Riv 

Keasbey  tf"  Elizabeth  M 205  W  loi 

feasbey  MiM"  Hy  M  (Charlotte  C  Lewis) P«S2ii 
easbiev  tf"  Marjorie  L '* Holmwood'' 

"  Mill"  Jacques  Bramhall  (Keasbey). 
K:easbey  MiM"  Rowland  P  (Minna  M  Wright) Sa.Eg. 
JS.  JP"  Dorothea  M [M.Cr82 

Orange  N  J 

Kedney  tf"  Isabel  A P^888Bry.  .45  W  39 

310  Social  Register 

Keech  Mill'"  Frank  Browne  (Clara  Jay  Williams)  Un.T. 

W.Rg.R.Tf.Cw.USA'90.  .P^'»S3ii8Plaza.  .14  E  65 
Keefer  Surgeon  Maj  &  M"  Wm  (Alice  E  Wilks) 

236  St  George  Toronto  Ont 
Keegan M'DermotWarburton-Uv.Cw.Rv.H'62. University  Club 
KeeUng  Mill"  Rob't  Lee  (Gray-Caroline  W  McGourkey) 

P''»S6569Col.  ,853  Seventh  Av 
Keene  M"  Foxhall  P  (White-Mary  Lawrence)  Cly. 

ab'd  Cecil  Sep  i .  .see  F  N  Lawrence 

Keene  M'  Foxhall  P-R.Rh.Tf.Mb Racquet  dub 

Keene  MiM"  James  R-Rh.B.Tf Cedarhurst  L  I 

Keener  MiM"Wm  A(Frances  McLeod  Smith)C.Ul.      P«S484Riv 

Keener  M'  Ashley  N [Uv.Ct.So.Rp.Ch.H'77     2  W  88 

Keep  MiM"  Chas  Hallam  (Margaret  T  Williams)  P'»S3359Plaza 
Uv.Mtw.Bfbf.Cly.Gbf.H'82        7  E  62 

&  tf—  Eleanor  W  &  Martha  G see  BS 

Keese  MiM"  Theo  (Cloe  B  Gavit)  W I*«S35siPlaza 

tf"-  Helen  E  &  Julia  N  Gavit 81  E  55 

Keith  MiM"  Boudinot  (Dora  Wheeler)  Ct IP^«S42  2  5Col 

JlS.  M*-  Lois  &  M'  Elisha 1   33  W  67 

Keith  M'  Minor  C-Mt.N.Na.Mid.  .ab'd  Lusi  Aug  5.  .Babylon  L  I 
Keller  MiM"ArthurI  (EdithLivingstonMason)  I      ^^$33  2oAud 

Jff„  M'-  M  Agnes [Ats.|876  StNicholasAv 

Keller  M'  Louis-Cal.Bg.Mtw.  .  .P^S  193 5 Rector.  .267  Fifth  Av 
Kelley  MiM"  Albert  Tevis  (Adhle  Morrison)      I  P'»S32  2iPlaza 

]^  M'  Don  M [Cal.Rp.So.|6o2  Madison  Av 

Kelley  MiM"  Austen  Price  (EHzabeth  W  Gillender)  Rc.Dp. 

Clinton  Av  New  Brigthon  S  I 
Kelley  Cdr  &  M"J  D  Jerrold(Isabel  deP  Morrell)Ny. 
Kelley  tf- Jacquelyne  J. . .  .[Lc.Pl.Fw.Cly.USN'68 

JlS.  M*-"  Muriel  J  ft  Nathalie  J 

Kelley  M'  Robert  W-Uv.As.Y.'74 University  Club 

Kellogg  M"Charles  (Ellen  Prentice). P^«S2633Plaza.5oo  Mad  Av 

Kellogg  tf-  Elsie  McI  (Luther  L) Married  at  All  Angels' 

Callaway  M'  Trowbridge  (late  Sam'l  R) Oct  20 

Kellogg  MiM"  Frank  L  (Emilie  H  Baker)  P.'94 

P^«S5996-79.  .863  Park  Av 
Kellogg  Lt  Cdr  Frank  W-Uv.Ny.Mtw.Anw.Cvcw.Uvp.Cc.Ll, 

USN'79..i  Ws4  ..seeWrt 

25  E83 

New  York  1909 


Kellogg  HiM"  Fred'c  R  (Cornelia  V  W  Halsey)  Mo.Dt.Mg. 

P^'^SSaS.  .Momstown  N  J 

Kellogg  M'  Fred'k  S-Uv.Sa.Y'87 i  W  54.  .absent 

Kellogg  MiM"  Geo  Caspar  (Grace  V  Olyphant)  Un.Uv.H.'94 

P'^^S62-4.  .Plattsburgh  N  Y 
Kellogg  MiM"  John  Prentice  (Ethel  L  Thomell)  L  v.Gg.Cy.P.'oo 

P'^«Si23-79..9  E  82 
Kellogg  MiM"  Luther  Laflin(BessieMcIntosh)M.Pl. 

Kellogg  M'  Lee  S [Lt.Dp.Rut'70 

Kellogg  M"  Nathan 

Kellogg  MiM"  Mcintosh  (Genevieve  M  Robinson)  Na.Y'99 

P*^^S4654Riv.  .309  W  107 
Kellogg  M'  Morris  W-R.Uv.Eg.Stv'94.  .P**^S2233Bry.  .12  W.44 
Kelly  Capt  &  M"  A  Lindley  (Elise  Perkins). Spenkford  Bath  Eng 
Kelly  MiM"Edmond(Edith Thuresson)C.Ct.Dp. |     P^«S3 270rch 

Kelly  M'  Shaun-Ct 1 175  Second  Av 

Kelly  M"  Edward  J  (Helen  Pearsall) |    see 

JfiS.  M'"  Eugenia |  B'^tZs 

133  W  70 

414  W  118 

av'd  Adri  Oct  29 
P^«Sio9iPlaza.  .34  E 


Kelly  MiM"  Horace  R  (Evelina  L  de  la  Forest) 

Kelly  M'  Edmond  2d 

Kelly  M"  John  (Anna  T  Mullen) 

Kelly  tf-  Josephine  C 

Kelly  MiM'^  John  Jerome  (Emily  B  Raymond)  Cal.Na.Cth 

Cl.'o2.  .P*^«;437-79.  .119  E  70 

Kelly  MiM"  Rob't  J  (Dorothy  Van  Schaick). .  -KaS  Park'' 

JiS.  M'  Eugene  2d Huntington  L  I 

Kelly  MiM"  Thos  Hughes  (Emerance  A  de  Sallier  du  Pin)  PI. 

Sa.R.Cth.Ny.Uv.'86.  .47  Fifth  Av 
Kelsey  D*M"  Chas  B  (Terry)Cal.Dke.'7o..P*^«o-5555Mad.44  E  29 

Kelsey  M'  Clarence  H-Uv.Y.'78 115  Prospect  E  Orange  N  J 

Kemble  M"  Gouvemeur  ( Julia  Tillou) 

Kemble  M*""MariaTillou,AliceB-Bm.&  Margaret- 
Kemble  M""Gouvemeur-Dp.& Francis  T-Bm..[Bm. 

Kemble  tf-  Mary  W :......  142  E 

Kemble  MiM"  Richard  L  (Mary  M  BurriU)  Na. 

P^«28PelMan . .  Pelham  Rd  New  Rochelle  N  Y 

Kemeys  M"  Edward  (Townsend) absent 

Kemeys  MiM"  Walter  Schuyler  (Emma  D  Stone)  Wp. 

.  P^^i37 . . ''Tranquillity"  Mornstown  N  J 

353  W  57 


Social  Register 

Kemmerer  Mill"  John  L  (Frances  M  Ream) Ny.Mtw.Ulp. Rep. 

Aht'93.H'96.  .P^S439iCol.  .853  Seventh  Av 
Kemp  M"  Edward  (Mary  Augusta  Clement)  a v'd 

Adri  Sep  3  P^^Si8i8Plaza 
Kemp  MiM"  Arthur  T  (Sibyl  Kaye)  Un.K.R.Ny.    615  Fifth  Av 

Au.Cy.Y/94.  .ab'd  Prov  Jun  25  av'd 
Kemp  MlM"Edw(Josephine  deMott)Dt.Rc.Au.Rv.  P**«S6i9Plaza 

JlS.  M'  Edward  Jr. .  M"  A  M  de  Mott 41  W  54 

Kemp  MiM"  Geo  W  (Margaret  S  Hutton)Uv.Ap.Dt\  ^^25717-79 

Kemp  M*"  Margaret [Au.Ay.Rv.H.'84    127  E  71 

Kemp  Prof  &  M"  Jas  Furman  (Kate  Taylor)C.     IP4s527ilAud 

JlSs  M""  Jas  T  &  Philip  K [Aht'8i.Cl/84l  211  W  139 

Kemp  JP"  Marion  M see  S  H  Tyng.  .  .615  Fifth  Av 

Kemp  DiM"Rob'tC  (IsabelShields)Cl'8s..P^Sisi8Plaza..io7Es7 

Kemp  M'  Wm  C  B-R.An.Cr'95.Cl.'oo Racquet  Club 

Kendall  M'  Daniel  R-Mt.Un Metropolitan  Club 

Kendall  tf"  Edith-Ats.Bd P^S935Col.  .14  Cent  Pk  W 

Kendall  M"  Edward  h  (Lydia  J  Wistar) P**^S29 12-79 

Kendall  M'  Isaac  Wis  tar-As.  R.H. '01 65  E  75 

Kendall  M4M"Edw  H(Reba  S  Thomas)H.*o2.P^io7J.BabylonLI 
Kendall  M"FH(FlorenceHMessmore)..P^^S2884Gram.i29  E  17 
Kendall  MiM"  Geo  Choate  (Conrad-Mabel  Bamaby)  R.Mtw. 

J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 
Kendall  MiM"  Messmore  (Elizabeth  Thomason)  Na.Bg. 

P*^^S4o67JRiv.  .422  W  End  Av 

Kendall  MiM"  W  Beals(KateVWhitney)Cy.R.Pl.  P^^S4o6oGram 

Kendall  HP"  Marjorie  S  &  &  M'"  Elinor  W 12 

Kendall  MiM"  W  Floyd  (Marion  Douglas) Gramercy  Pk 

Kendall  M'  W  Floyd  (W  Beals).  .Married  at  Gt  Barrington  Mass 

Douglas  M*"  Marion  (Harry) Sep  19 

Kendall  MiM"  Wm  M  (Grace  E  Endicott)  Uv.C.H.'76 

6  E  45 . .  M"  absent 
Kendall  MiM"Win  S  (Margaret  W  Stickney)  [of  Barrytown  N  Y 

JIS.  tf"  Elisabeth [Fn.|  26  W  8 

Kenefick  D'  Joseph  A-Uvb.H.'9o [P*«2i42Plaza 

Kenefick  D'  Thomas  A-Uvb.Cl'Ss.  .^ |     78  E  54 

Chandos  House 
220  Fif th  Av 

Kennard  MiM"  Martyn  T  (Strafford^-Colgate- 

tf"  Cora  Colgate [Cora  Smith) 

Kennedy  M'  Edw  G-G.TJl.Pl.Bg.Ch.Rp 

^^w  Vork 



M'  ab'd  Aka  Jly  2 

fm'y  av'd  Zld  Oct  13 

40  E  5i 

60  W  50 

145  E 





6'E  86 

Kennedy  MLM"  H  Van  Rensselaer  (Marian 
Robbins)  K.Mt.Ny.R.S.Mb.Au.Dt.Tf. 
JS.  tf"-  Marian  V  R  &  Maud  A.[Cda.Cl'8s 
Kennedy  MiM"  John  Stewart  (Emma  Baker)  C.Cl.Eg.Na. 

Ul.Mt.Dt.Ss.G.Ct.NyJkl.Cd.  .^^$3 60 2 Plaza.  .6  W  57 

Kennedy  M'  McPherson-Rv.Rh.H'62 Wash'n  Av 

Kennedy  M'"  Esther  W Cedarhurst 

Kennedy  M'  McPherson  Jr-Rh.  &  JSSs  M'  Theo  T . .  . .         LI 
Kennelly  MiM"BryanL(ElizabethAWaterhouse)   |P'^«S48 12 Plaza 
tes  M'"  Marguerite  A.  ,[M.Na.Au.Ap.Ay.Bg.'85. 

Kent  M"  chaiies  N  (Julia  A  Draper) 

Kent  tf""  Julia  D,  Mary,  Ruth  &  Lucy 

Kent  M'  Chas  N-Cl/96 

Kent  M"  Edward  (Rockwood) 

Kent  MiM"  Edward  (Edith  Chadwick)  H'83 

Kent  MiM"  Geo  Ed  (LiliasJ  Grace)Uv.Dt.Ny.Au.Gg. 
Kent  M"  Andrew  W  (Nina  Piatt) [USN'82 

Jins  M'   Piatt 

Kent  MiM"  Geo  H  (Adelaide  B 'Hurry)  R.ui.*  *  '. '. '.  *  ."...220  W  70 

Kent  M"  j^mes  (Louisa  Morris  Stewart)  Cd see  L  A  Gillet 

Kent  MiM"  James  (Mary  B  Verplanck) 

P^^Si6i.  .44  Hayes  Norwich  N  Y 
Kent  DiM"  Jas  Manning  (Florence  S  Cornell)  Br' 99 

P'^o3573Riv..  233  W  83 
Kent  MiM"  Richard  P  (Julia  T  S  Haines)  Du.Cl.'95 

P«5i4ilFreept.  /*  Robins  Nest " MerrickLL.. Jan. i.  .  50  E  65 
Kent  MiM"  Thomas  B  (Cora  H  Rutter)  Mt.Ul.  . .  P^'{?S334oPlaza 

Kent  M'"  G  Marie 52  E  65 

Kent  MiM"  W  Irving  (Helen  V  C  Stewart)Un.  P^"9S476w 

Kent  M""  W  Irving  Jr  &  LeRoy [Cw.Cd.  ""        - 

Kent  MiM"  Wm  (Emily  Lorillard)  Un.T.Ct.Ch. 

Kent  M'  Wm  Jr-T.H'04-at  Copper  Cliff  Can.  .  . . 
Kent  M'PeterL&J^Jl'Richard-at  St.Mark'sSouth- 

Kent  M'  Edwin  C-T.Uv.Dp..Cr76 [boro  Mass 

Kenyon  D' James  H-Na.Uv.P.'94 .  .P^^5i8iCol..37  W  71 

White  Plains  NY 

Tuxedo  Park 


Kenyon  M'  Wm  H-Uv.Eg.Mid.Bd.Rp.Dke.Uvp.'76 
Kenyon  tf""  Mary  H  &  Dorothy. . . . 
J^»  M'  Theodore  S 

321  W  82 


Social*  Register 

Keogh  MiM"  Martin  J  (Katharine  Temple  Em-  P**1SS4ii 

met)  Mt.Cy.Tf.Ny.    Pelham  Rd 

Keogh  ir  Alex-R.H/04 New  Rochelle 

Keogh  ir  Martin  J  Jr NY 

Keppel  M;II"  Fred'k  (Frances  M  Vickery)  G P«;i702Stuy 

Keppel  M'  David-Uv.G.Cl.'oi 239  E  17 

Keppel  MiM"  Fred'k  P  (Helen  T  Brown)  Uv.CI.'qS 

P'*"»S4S2  5Stuy.  .142  E  18 

Kerfoot  M'  John  Barrett-CrS; see  F  W  Hunter 

Keman  MiM"  John  A  (Caroline  G  Throop)..36  Rutger  Utica  N  Y 
Keman  MiM"  John  D  (Kathleen  Peebles)  M.Cth.  62 

Keman  M'"  Rosemary ['63  Chancellor  Sq 

Keman  M'  Robert  P-H.'o3 Utica  N  Y 

Keman  DiM"  John  D  Jr  (Charlotte  F  Sherrill)  H/00 

P**"9Si949Aud.  .601  W  148 
Keman  MiM"  Walter  N  (Sophia  Swan)  Uv.R.Cly. 

P^'^S4976Plaza..75  E  54 
Kernochan  M"  Frank  E  (AbbaELeamed)  |        16  College  PI 

Kemochan  M'  Edw  Leamed-Y*9i (Colorado  Springs  Col 

Kemochan  MiM"  J  Fred'c  (Mary  S  Whitney)  Uv.T.  P^% 

Ct.Dt.Ch.Y/63   245Mad 
Kemochan  tf—Eweretta  &Mary  S  W(av'd  OnicOcti4)        1 1 
Kemochan  M'"Fred'c-Uv.K.M.Y/98  &Whitney-Y.'o7  MadSqN 
Kemochan  M"  James  P  (Katharine  Lorillard)  Dar.Tf . 

P^^i486Plaza .  .  824  Fifth  Av 
Kemochan  M'  Joseph  H-Cal.Rg.Ny.Kg.Wms'8o  Calumet  Club 
Kemochan  M'  Marshall  R-Fn.Au.B.T.Un.R. . .  .see  Wm  Pollock 
Kemochan  M"  Wm  S  (Eliza  Winthrop) . .  av'd  Cecil  Jun  30 

174  Madison  A V 
Kerr  M"  Cater  (Edythe  M  Cater). P**^S2oioMad.  .80  Madison  Av 
Kerr  MiM"  ClarenceD(JanetBrinckerhoff)P.'oi.  .EnglewoodNJ 
Kerr  M"  Hamilton  R(EmilieWSmith)..P^S5244Plaza.  .  22  W  56 

KerrMiM"HarrisonD(MaryWShaffer)Ul.Lc.Na.  ^p^e^J^^^^^ 
JSS.  M'"  Jeanne 31  E  49 

Kerr  M"  Hy  S  (Olive  Grace) Great  Neck 

Kerr  HP- LI 

Kerr  M'  James ....  Died  at  Premium  Pt  NewRochelleNY  in  Oct 





Kerr  M"  James  (Julia  B  Smith)  Dar P«Si2i2 

KerrM'AlbertB-Uv.Y.'97-atP*'^S7568Han.49Wall  Premium  Pt 

KerrM'WalterB-Na.Unch.Scch.Y.'o4..atC5S NewRochelle 

Kerr  M'  Chester  M-at  Yale  &  &  W  James  Jr.  .  .  NY 

Kerr  MiM"  John  B  (Elizabeth  R  Case)  Dt 

Kerr  tf""  Marian  M  &  Katharine 40  W  11 

JlS.  M'  John-at  Yale 

Kerr  MiM"  Rob't  Bage  (Grace  Nichols)  Uv.R.  P*^«Sii46 

As.Tf.Kg.Au.Y.'Ss  510  N  B'way 
J^x.  IP"  Katharine  &  IT"  Robt  B  Jr  &  Edw  AN...  Yonkers  N  Y 
Kerr  Mill"  Thos  Bakewell-Uv.Ul.Na.'a; 

45  Chestnut  Englewood  N  J 

Kerr  IT  Thos  H-R.Ul.Na.Ny Racquet  Club 

Kerrison  DiM"  Philip  D  (Mabel  G  Howe)  Cal.Na.Bd. 

P^'»246o9Plaza..s8  W  56 

Kessler  W  Albert 41  Blvd  Haussmann  Paris 

Kessler  MiM"  Alfred  (Ada  P  Smith)  Cal.Dt.Un.T. 

P'«S3783~38--26  W39 
Ketcham  M"  Arthur  C  (Margaret  B  Allen)  Cw...  .  P«S3i28Cal 
JlSa  r'  Wm  T  &  Arthur  C-at  Hill  Sch  Pottstown. .    175  W  58 
Ketcham  M'  Frank  DeHaven-Uv.Uvch.Wms'86 

P*'"SSi822Broad.  .Englewood  N  J 
av*d  Adri  Sep  2^ 
Ketcham  M"  Wm  P  (Lydia  C  Collins)  Cd.  .  . .        P^^Sr48--4 

Ketcham  if"  Ethel  M 318  Lex  Av 

Ketchum  MiM"  Morris  Qane  H  Gillet) 149  E  62 

Keteltas  Jf"  Alice 37  St  Marks  PI 

Key  M"  F  D  (Frances  Dlier  Jones) I    Boston 

Jr»  tf—  Jean  F  &  K  V |see  Dr^"' 

av'd  F  Grosse  Jun  14 

28  E  75 

Keyes  DiM"  Ed  L  (Sarah  Loughborough) 

Keyes  IP"  Agnes  F 

Keyes  DiM"  Ed  L  Jr  (Emma  W  Scudder)  Uv.Cth.Dke.Cl.'95 

Geo'92..ab'd  A  Vic  Sep  17.  .MSs32oMad.  .109  E  34 
Keyes  DiM"  John  M  (Daly-Helen  H  Johnson) 

P'^"9S2864Mad.  .104  E  29 

Keyser  M"  Samuel  (J  Th^rfese  Thompson)  Cd.  .  . 
Keyser  M'  Samuel  S-Un.Mdbl. . . 

6  E  72 


Social  Register 

853  Fifth  A V 

76  Highland  Av 
Orange  N  J 
P*^'SS2  2d4Col 
170  W  59 

I  W81 

Kidd  M"  Geo  W  (Anna  E  Garden) 

MLM"  Chas  C  Dickinson  (Kidd) 

Kidder  MiM"  Camillus  G  (Matilda  CFaber)U v. 

Kidder  tf"  Lois  F [Dt.Ct.Ch.H/72 

Kidder  M'  Jerome  F-H/05  &  &  M'  Herrick  F. 
Kidder  M'  Edw  Hartwell-Uv.Mt.H/63 

IP"  Annette  A  Lewis 

Kidder  W  James  H-B.Smb.Trb.H/92 

P**^S2783-38.  .  14  E  41  see  BSn 
Kilborne  MiM"RobertS(KatharineSkinner)Rg.Y.'97  . .  104  E  38 
Kilbreth  M"  James  T  (Sophie  Agnus  Oudin) . 
Kilbreth  M'  Jas  T-Uv.H.'94 

M' Jos  A  Oudin 

Kilbreth  M'  John  W-tll.Ll.An.Mtw 

Kilbreth  If"  Mary  Guthrie.  .  .  .[Leavenworth  Kas 
Kilbreth  Capt  John  W  Jr-USA.Uv.H/98 .  .   at  Ft. 

Kilham  JP"  Eleanor  B see  tf"  J  B  de  Forest  121  E  35 

Kiliani  DiM"  OttoGT(LilianB  Taylor) Dv.Na.' 88 
JlSs  ir  Richard  B 

M"  Bayard  Taylor  (Hansen) 

Kilner  MiM"  Samuel  E  (Kate  Saunders)  Ul. 

Kilner  If-  Mary 

Kihier  W"  John  S-Y'  &  Fred'k  D-at  Yale . . . 
Kilpatrick  MiM"  John  D  (Julia  A  Houghton) Uv.P.'96 

P^S377r.  .365  Melrose  PI  So  Orange  N  J 
Kimball  MiM"  Arthur  Reed  (Mary  E  Chase)C.Uv.Y.'77 

P^S696..i75  Grove  Waterbury  Ct 
Kimball  MiM"  Chas  E  (Maie  Bennett) tJv.Bg.Dt. 

Kimball  M'  W  Geoffrey-at  Yale [Br*  7  7 

Jg^rs  IP"  Chas  E  Jr&Alden .  .  at  StPaul's  ConcordNH 

Kimball  W  Fred'k  P-Uv.Kg.Wms'95 Lakewood  N  J 

Kimball  MiM"  H  Ingalls  (Nancy  V  Allen) G. PI. H.' 94 

55  rue  Spontini  Paris.  .M'  at  I**»S44ooChel .  .150  Fifth  Av 

Kimball  M'  James  Putnam-C.Ll.Du Century  Club 

Kimball  DiM"ReuelBaker(CaroUneToddKnox)  lav'd  Lusi  Jly  30 

Uv.P.'77|     P*^^S3847-38 
Ja M'  Reuel  B  Jr.  .at  St  Paul's  Sch  Concord  N  H|        1 5   E  41 
Kimball  HLM"  W  Eugene  (Edith  M  Gibb)  Uv.Ha.Aht'96 

Lakewood  N  J 

Y^To  1973  Bry 
40  W45 

116  E  57 

335  W  78 


210  W  57 

New  York  1909 


162  E  78 

Kimball  W  Winfield  S-P.'go 44  W  44 

Kindleberger  MiH"  E  Crosby  (Elizabeth  R  Mcllvaine)  Uv. 

Pa'94.  .P^^34o6Gram. .  11  W  8 

King  ir  Alfred  F-P.'o5 P^^S52Gram.  .Princeton  Club 

King  JP-  Annie  E care  M"'  W  H  Birckhead  133  E  21 

King  Mill"  Arthur  M  (Fanny  E  Payn)Uv.N'9o.  .)P^;6264Gram 

M"  Mary  B  Payn.  .M'  Jas  M  Marvin |  26  Gram  Pk 

King  MiM"  Aug  Fleming  (Emily  A  Lyon)Dp.Cl.'9o. . 

IP^  Louise  A  &  Marjorie  C  Lyon 

King  MiM"  C  Volney  (Mary  Allen)  Ul.Ar.Myf. 

P^Si 5 i3Gram . .  20  Fifth  Av 

King  M"  Charles  (Maria  K  Hone) jP»«S536oSpring 

King  M'  Charles-Bm. f  53  Wash  Sq 

King  M'  Chas  Goodhue 

Died  at  Arrowpoint  Ct  Jun  19.  .see  M"  C  C  Goodhue 
King  M"  Chas  Goodhue  (Alice  W  Brinley) 

see  M"  C  C  Goodhue. .  189  Mad  Av 

KingM' Charles  G  Jr-Uv.Mt.Br'84 .a  w  o. 

King  tf"Edna 5^  w  33 

King  r  David  (Ella  Rives) see  DJKS. 

King  MiM"  David  Bennett  (Antoinette  Southack)Ul.Uv.  A. 

Dke.Laf  71  P«Si789Plaza67  W  49 


av'd  Prov  Sep 
512  Fifth  Av 

King  M'  David  H  Jr-Mt.R.Ul.Ny.Mtw. 

King  tf—  Ruth  &  Dorothy 

King  M'  Van  Rensselaer  C-R.H.'oi-at 

Jffi.  M*"  Jeanne ,  .  .[Wilmington  N  C 

King  M'  David  James-N I        M^d  Av 

MiM"  Fritz  Loeb  (Beatrice  King) P^i  Maa  av 

King  MiM"  Edw  (ElisabethFisher)Uv.C.Rg.Snc. 

King  ff"  Isabella  C .  .[As.Cda.H.'53 

King  M' Edward  Jr-Rg.H 

King  tf-  Ellen The  Connecticut  WSS 


King  ff-  Evelyn  A 

KingM'  Arch'd  G-R.As.Dt 

King  M'  Arklay-H'io-at37ClaverlyHallCamb* 

King  MiM"  George  Gordon(Annie  M  Coats) Un.Ny.jP'^^S  1466-7 9 

J&^  tf—  Dorothy  G  &  Violet  G. . .  .[Dt.C.Snc.Ch.T.l    16  E  84 

I  University  PI 

av'dMaj  Sep  23 
P^"9S2363Chel  ' 
133  W  II 


Social  Register 

King  MiM"  Herbert  Thorn  (Edith  R  Tyler) K.Cda.H/92 

av'd  Teut  Jly  i . .  4  Blvd  des  Pyr^n^es  Pau  France 
King  MiM"  J  Berre  (Louise  W  Wooster)Ny.Mt.Dt. 

King  M*"  Elsie  Casseigne [Lc.Myf.  Baring  Bros 

King  M'  Edward  D-Ny. Au.S.H.'o6 . .  at  New  York      London 
JlS.  M'"- EmmaW  &  Mary C&M'"DavidW. [Yacht  Club 
King  M"  J  Howard  (Henrietta  S  Emerson) 

P*^^S2885Plaza.  .500  Mad  Av 
King  MiM"  James  Gore  (Sarah  E  Erving)  Uv.C.Snc.H/89 

P*^1Ki774Plaza..io3  E  65 

King  M"  John  (Mary  F  Jackson) J  S  Morgan  &  Co  London 

King  MiM"  John  Alsop  (Elizabeth  W  Tompkins) Dp. C? 67 

P^'i9S302i-79.  .Ill  E  71 
King  MLM"  John  C  (Bertha  Dibblee)R.Au.Pl.Rh.Mid.Tf.Chch. 

etc .  .  4  PI  Vendome  Paris .  .  see  CJj^ 

314  W  90 

20  E  84 

70  W  49 

King  MiM"  Landreth  H  (Florence  Lord)Uv.Na.Rv. 
King  M"  Hezekiah  (Rachel  Landreth).  .  .  .[Cl'So 
King  M"  Le  Roy  (Ethel  Rhinelander) 

KingM'  LeRoy-H'o6 

King  M'  Fred'c  R-H'o8 

King  M'"  Mary  A. . .  TToGj . .  ** Orchard  Cottage"  Ridgefield  Ct 

King  tf"  Mary  Rhinelander 

tf"  Lena  P  Sargent 

King  MiM"  Philip  W  Rives  (Gertrude  E  Brown)Lc.Y.  01 

P^'»S6852Col.  .127  W  58 

King  M'  Ralph  T-Uv.Ats.Mtw.Br^78 56  W  33 

King  MiM"  Richard  (Margaret  H  Chater)Un.R.Kg.Ny.Na. 

P^^S63iCol..3oW  71 

King  M'  Roland-K.Ny Knickerbocker  Club 

King  M'  Rufus  Howard-R.Cc.B.Sa.Y.'97.  .  no  Riverside  Dv 
King  MiM"  Rupert  Cochrane  (Grace  P  Marvin) Un.Snc.Cda. 

Dar.H'94.  .Cazenovia  N  Y 

King  MiM"  Theo  G  (Nonie  Barry) Villa  Caprice  Pau  France 

King  MiM"  Thos  W  (Cornelia  G  Peabody)Mb.Sa.Tf.Y'o3 

P^Si94.  .*' Maple  Holm"  Greenfield  Mass 
King  MiM"  Willard  Vinton  (Mary  S  van  Beuren)Uv.Mid.Mg. 

Du.Cl.'89.  .P^^699.  .Whippany  Rd  Morristown  N  J 
King  MiM"  Wm  F  (Martha  K  Dan- 
olds)  Mc.Ct.Lt.Bd.Myf.Dar. 
JS-T.  tf"  Hildegarde 

Mi"tf"  ab'd  Adri  Jun  17 .  .  ab'd 
M'  at  Hotel  St  Regis 

New  York  1909 


King  M'  Wm  Nephew-Uv.Ny.H'71 University  Club 

Kingan  M'  R  W  James-H.'oi.Uv.Ny.Lc see  M"  T  McLean 

Kingsbury  M' Frederick  J-C.Uv.Cw.Y'46 Waterbury 

Kingsbury  tf'^  Alice  E  &  Edith  D Ct 

Kingsbury  MiM"  Fred'k  J  Jr  (Ad^le  Townsend)         ^^2349 

,[Sa.Lt.Mit'86  445  Humphrey 

JjS.  If-  Ruth New  Haven  Ct 

Kingsbury  IP*  Helen  L 

M* *■  Henrietta  Patterson 
Kingsbury  Mill"  Howard  Thayer  (AliceCBussing)  P*^2579Plaza 

M"  Abram  Bussing  (Frost)  .[Uv.Dt.Rv.Y/91       24  E  61 
Kingsford  MiM"  Daniel  Parish  (Edith  C  Parish)Uv. 

JS.  M'  Irving  B.  .ab'd  Arab  Jun  25  av'd 




_          .  NJ 

Kingsford  M'"  M  S abroad 

Kingsland  M"  AmbroseC  (Kath- 

erine  Aspinwall) 

KingslandM**"*Muriel&  Marjorie 

av'd  A  Vic  Sep  10 

?**■»? I osoPlaza. .  721  Fifth  Av 

Mch  1 .  96  Av  Henri  Martin  Paris 

Kingsland  M"  Geo  Lovett  (Helen  S  Welles) |P**'»S4389Chel 

Kingsland  V^  Ethel |  62 

Kingsland  M'  Geo  Lovett-Un.Dp.Cl'09 |     Fifth  Av 

Kingsland  MiM"  Walter  F-Un.Dp.K .  .  22Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris 
Kingsland  M"  Wm  M  (Mary  J  Macy)Myf.Cd. 

P^S68o-79.  .1026  Fifth  Av 
Kingsley  M'  Chas  L-Sn.Rv P^'»S647Bry .  .  44  W  44 

King's  Lea" 

N  Y 
43  Fifth  Av 

Kingsley  MiM"  Darwin  P  (Josephine  I  McCall) 
Ul.Uv.Mc.Pu.Vt'81 .  .av'd  Aka  Jly  30 

Kingsley  M'  Walton  P-Vt'io 

If-  Bertha  E  Hoxsie 

Kingsley  M"  Harry  S  (Whitney-Annina  Fabbri- 
M"  Ottavian  Fabbricotti(Adele  A) .  [cotti)Cly. 

Kingsley  M'  Wm  M-Uv.Dt.Ct.N'83 Ncfrthern  Av  &  181 

Kinney  MiM"  Wm  B  (Helen  M  Murphy)E.Cc.P.'94 

P^S3942 .  .  102 1  Broad  Newark  N  J 
Kinnicutt  DiM"  Francis  P  (ElenoraKissel)C.Uv.Ct. 
Wp.H.'68.  .ab'd  Sav  Jun  18.  .av'd  Sep  19 

Kinnicutt  M'  Francis  H-Uv.R.Wp.H.'97 

Kinnicutt  MiM"  G  Hermann  (May  A  Tuckerman)K.R.Uv. 

Wp.H.*98.  .P«Si2i2-38.  .116  E  40 

39  E  35 

320  Social  Register 

Kip  MiM"  Elbert  S  (Alice  G  Bushnell)Mg.Snc.Mt.Hl.Dt.Mo. 

P'^^Sioo.  .Mad  Av.  .Morristown  N  J 
Kip  Mill"  Garrett  B  (Carola  de  Peyster)R.Uv.Rh.Tf.Cy.Cly. 

Y'oi..i33   E  66 

Morristown  N  J 

Kip  M'  Geo  Goelet-Mt.Mg.SncUv.Dt.Mo. 


MiM"  A  Paul  Olmsted  (Kip) 

Kip  Mill"  Henry  Spies  (FrancesCosterJones)R.Un.Cy.Rh.Uv. 

Y.'96.  .M"  av'd  K  II  Jun  16.  .P^S65ioCol. . 205  W  57 
Kip  MiM"  Ira  A  Jr  (Katharine  Flower) Dt.Hl.As.Mg.Ny.N. 

P^S  1 1 7 . .  1 75  Irving  Av  So  Orange  N  J 

Kip  DiM"  Isaac  L  (Cornelia  Brady) I     448 

Kip  MiM"  Wm  V  B  (EHsa  Strong) Mt.Cw.Snc.Myf iFifth  Av 

Kip  M'  Wm  Ruloff-R.Au.Ny.Y.'97 Racquet  Club 

Kirby  M^"  Cornelia  T 106  E   55 

Kirby  M'  Edmund-Ct.Hob'96.  .see  tf"  M.  C  Fairfax. .  162  E  46 
Kirby  MiM"  Gustavus  T  (Wilhelmine  S  Claflin)Uv.Ar.Cl.'9S 

av'd  P  Grant  Aug  26 . .  P''^S2824Stuy . .  9  E  10 
Kirby  M'  Wm  Geo P^^S944iRiv. .  230  W  io8..see  BSJU 



St  Nicholas  Av 

Kirchwey  MiM"  Geo  W(Dora  C  Wendell)C.Cl 

Kirchwey  tf"  Dorothy  B [¥.'79 

Kirchwey  M'  Karl  W  &  fc  tf"  Freda  B 

Kirchwey  ff"-  Mary  F  &  Clara  B 

Kirk  M"  Ethel  K  (Ethel  Kirkman). . .  .P^^S4639Plaza. .  24  W  59 
Kirkbride  M'  Franklin  B-Ct.Mep.Hav'89 

P^^S39ooMad.  .37  Mad  Av.  .see  P'^fe 
Kirkham  M'"  Anne  L  (Aug) Married 

Allen  M'  Philip  Ray Nov  7 

Kirkham  MiM"  Aug(Clarinda  H  Dunham)  Ul 
Kirkham  M'  Edward-Y.'o5 

M"  Wm  A  Hall 

Kirkham  MiM"Stanton  D(Mary  C  Williams) .... see  BS^^s 

Kirkland  MiM"  Benj  B  (Rosalie  G  Wilson) Cal.R.Mtw.  | Calumet 
l^rs  W  Frederic  R [av'd  K  II  Sep  8|    Club 

78  Irving  PI 

Kirkland  MiM"  Eugene  Thorn  (Louisa  Stephens) . . 
Kirkland  M'  Chas  Pinckney-Cl'87 

New  London 

New  Yorkigoo 


Morris  Heights 

22  E66 

Kirkland  MiM*'  Howard  McK  (EUsabeth  B  Swift)  Ny. 

Fowler  Av  Pelham  Manor  N  Y 
Kirkland  M"  John  L  (Kate  McKesson)..  .[Rh 
Kirkland  MiM"  Wm  Reed(Edith  E  Fairchild). 

Kirkpatrick  M"  Andrew  (Louise  Howell) 191  Lincoln  Pk 

Kirkpatrick  M'"  Alice  C |   Newark  N  J 

Kirkpatrick  M'  J  Bayard-Eg.H/94 

94  College  Av  New  Brunswick  N  J 
KirHn  MiM"  J  Parker(Elizabeth  Burt)Uv.Dt.Rh. 

JSS.  tf"  Elizabeth  L  &  M'  Ralph-at  St  George's 

M"  Alvin  C  Burt  (Ralph) [Newport 

Kissam  MiM"  Coleman  E  (Anne  H  Green)  Snc.Dar. 

P^S2075J . .  48  High  Orange  N  J 
Kissam  MiM"  HySnyder(MaryMMurray)Uv.Cw.Cl'86..3os  W  46 
Kissam  MiM"  Jonas  B(ComeliaBBartlett)Cr64.Los  Angeles  Cal 

Kissam  M"  Phillip  (Mary  A  Parrott) |P^S202  5Stuy 

M'  E  Wyatt  Blanchard |    100  E  17 

Kissam  M'  Wm  Adams~Mt.Uv.Na.Ad.Wms'89 

P^«Si2i6Plaza..9  W53 

Kissel  MiM"  Godfrey  (Bradford) absent 

Kissel  MiM"GustavEd(CarolineThom) 

Kissel  M'""  Dorothy  &  Jeannette  T 

Kissel  M'  Wm  T-H'o8. 

JSS,  M'"  Louise  B 

Kissel  M'  Rudolph  H-Un.C.Sa.MoWp.Mg. 

Kissel  M*""  Ina  A  &  Eleonora  M [Cr79|"Inamere  Farm' 

JlS.  tf"  Barbara  M  &  M'"  GustavH& Rudolph.  .|    Morristown  N  J 
Kissel  M"  Rudolph  H  (Caroline  Morgan) 

Died  at  Morristown  N  J  Jly  1 7 
Kitchel  MiM"  Wm  Lloyd  (Grace  W  Wheeler)Uv.Kg.Cy.Cw. 

Y.'92 .  . P'^^5189 . .  Lawrence  Pk  Bronxville  N  Y 

Kitching  M'  Frank  W-Ul.Na.Lt Union  League  Club 

Kittredge  Rev  DiM"  Abbott  E  (Jennie  H  Hoge)Ul. 

KittredgeM''"MabelH-atP"SS683  2Spring  60  WashSqS 
Kittredge  M'  Fred  T-absent 


Dab'dCaro  Jun  13 
15  W  16 






Social  Register 



H'82 . .  seeDSa:. . .  see  CSSL^ 
Kittredge  MiM"  Samuel  Dana(AnnaMattison)Uv. 
As.H.'76.  .av'd  Lusi  Sep  10 

JP"  M  Augusta  Mattison 

Klapp  Mill"  Eug  (Margaret  Hotchkiss)  Sa.Cl/89 L^  t?  r 

J^  Jf"  Elizabeth  '  ^      ^^ 

Klapp  MiM"  WrnH*  (Elinor  Evans).  .* '.  .J^^k's^ggBry  '  ,'so  W  40 
KUng  MiM"  Chas  P  (Culver-Mary  C  Clark)  As.H/92 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
Klotz  DiM"  WalterC(GertrudeOWhitehouse)Cl/98..Quogue  L  I 

Knapp  M' Chas  R-Uv.Y/94 ;  .Yale  Club 

Knapp  M"  Edward  s  (Margaret  I  Lawrance).  .  . 

Knapp  M'  Thos  P 

J^  M*"  Margaret  A 

Knapp  MIM"  Edw  Spring  (Rosalie  E  Moran)  Un.R.Tf. 

aVd  Onic  Oct  14.  .P«S2377Plaza. .  158  E  64 

Mad  Av 

19  W37 


Knapp  M*M"  Geo  Owen  (Louise  Savage)  Dt 

Knapp  M'  Wm  J 

Knapp  MiM"  Harry Kearsarge  (Caroline  Burr)  Un. 

JSk  IT  Harry  K  Jr  &  Theo  F  J 

Knapp  D'  Herman |P*'^Si69iBry 

Knapp  D' Arnold  H-^Uv.Dp.As.H/89 |    26  W  40 

Knapp  MiM"  Jos  Palmer  (Mcllwaine-Elizabeth  H 

JSSsir  Jos  F [Laing)  R.Lc.Gg.Cy.Wk. 

J^»  M'  Archibald  G  Mcllwaine  3d 

Knapp  JP"  Kate  L 

Knapp  Rev  Shepherd-Ct.Rv.Ad.Cl/94. 

Knapp  JP-  M  M U  .-    t  t 

Knapp  W  John  M-Un.B.Ny.Ss I^^^P  ^  ^ 

Jio„  M    Uaire  A ^  ^^  Riverside  Drive 

Knapp  MiM"  Wallace  Percy(Caroline  D  Miller) Uv.R.Rg.Y'86 

P*«S6os6Col..iss  W58 

Knauth  M"  Percival(Mary  I  Whitman)  Bd 

Knauth  M'  Theodor  W-Du.Ct.H'07 I*«?375SCol 

Knauth  M'  Oswald  W-H'09 302  W  76 

JSS.M' Arnold  W.  .at  Harvard 

247  Fifth  Av 

8  Institute  Rd 
Worcester  Mass 

New  York  1909 


100  E  17 

Kneeland  JP-  Adfele-Cd P»S947 . .  28  Garden  Hartford  Ct 

Kneeland  M"  John  Henry  (A) 

Kneeland  If  Chas  Eustace [Club  1 

Kneeland  M'  Fred'k  R-Dp.Cl/99.  .at  Technology 
Kneeland  MiM"  Yale  (Anna  I  Ball)  Uv.Y/90 

P'^%2727Plaza.  .117  E  60 

Knevals  M'  Sherman  W-Uv.W.Y'53 lP^ro26o5Col 

MiM"  Perry  P  Williams  (Wesson-Knevals) .  . . .  j  200  W  56 

Knevels  tf"  Elizabeth ,  P**'»Si88iMad. .  123  E  30 

Knight  Mill"  Ed  CoUings  (Clara  W  Dwight)  Un.B.Ny.Php. 

Rtp.Rcp.etc . .  Plaza  Hotel . .  see  P'^SS 
Knoblauch  M"  Chas  (Jessie  Chittenden)  Bd.  .  .[don 
Knoblauch  IP"  Gertrude.' .  59  Drayton  GardensLon- 

Knoblauch  M'  Henry  G-at  Beck  Hall  Camb' 

Knoblauch  MiM"  Chas  E  (Mary  A  Bookstaver)  Ul.N.Na.Ct. 

Kg.Au.Ny.Lc.  .P'*^S4i88Col.  .853  Seventh  Av 
Knower  M"  Benj  (Mary  C  Allen)  As.Cd.Dar. 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
Knowlton  M"  Danford  Hy  (Minnie  B  Johnes). 

Knowlton  If"  Madeleine 

Knowlton  If""  Natalie  B  &  Louise  R 

205  W  57 

Knowlton  Milf 
Knowlton  M*M 

102  E  38 

P*^  579  Main 
87  Remsen 

Eben  J  (Mary  H  Beers)  Ha.Dar. 
Eben  B(VioletRichardson)Y/oo. 

Knox  M'" Adelaides  (late  John  J)...av'd  Lusijly  30  Married  Sep  5 

Champollion  M'  Andr^  Ch^ronnet.  .. ." at  Galilee  N  J 

Knox  Rev  DIM"  Geo  Wm(AnnaHolmes)C.Ap.Ham'74 

Knox  M*""  Maryal,  Carol  A  &  Dorothea 

]S5»  M'  R  Jav-at  Hamilton  College 

Knox  &  Henry  (Frances  Shackelton)  Uv.Wms'8o 

see  M"  D  H  McAlpin . .  46  W  58 

127  E  72 

Knox  M"  John  Jay  (Caroline  E  Todd)av'd  Lusi  Jly30 
Knox  M*"  Irving  Gilliss-Y.'oo  &  Herman  W-Y.'o2 
Kobb^  MiM"  Fred'k  (Georgiana  L  Schlotter) 

Kobb^  M"^"  Olga  T-Bm 

Kobb^  M'  Fred'k  W-Cro7 


142  E  18 


Social  Register 

Short  Hills 

S  Country  Rd 



Kobb^  Mill"  Geo  C(AliceLeavitt)Un.Dt.Bg.Cw. 

Kobb6  M'""  Alice  L  &  Martha  L [Rv.Cl/74 

Kobb^  M""  Geo  L-H/03  &  Walter  2d-Bg 

M"  Hy  S  Leavitt 

MiM"  Wm  A  Manning  (Kobb6) 

Kobb^  Mill"  Gustav  (Carolyn  Wheeler)  Cr  7  7 

Kobb^  tf"  Virginia 

Kobb^  M'  Geo  M  W  &  Ja  ff"  Carolyn 

MiM"  Raymond  D  Little  (Kobb^) 

Kobb^  tf"  I  M see  M"  J  Wells 

Kobb^  M'"  Louise  L  (Geo  C) Married  at  Short  Hills  N  J 

Manning  M'  William  A Oct  8 

Kobb^  M"  Ph  Perd'd  (Marie  E  Hessenberg) . . 

Kobb^  M'"**  Helen  J  &  Marie  O 

Kobb^  M'  Herman 

Kobb^  MiM"  P  Ferd'd(Mary  W  Delehanty). 
Kobb^  MiM"  Walter  (Elizabeth  W  Moore) 

av*d  Prov  Sep  5.  .P^"SS503oRiv.  .412  West  End  Av 
Kobb^  MajGen&M"WmA(Isabella  Hoffman)  USA. An 
Kobb^  Capt  Ferd  Ft  Leavenworth  Ks. 
Kobb^  M'  Herman 
Kobb^  W  Eric.  . .  . 

Kohlsaat  M'  Chas  W-Ny NY  Yacht  Club 

Kohlsaat  M'  John  W P*'^S5477-79 

Kohlsaat  tf""  Amy  M  &  Edith  M 25  E  73 

Koop  M*"  Amelie  J 571  Park  Av 

Koop  MiM"  Eugene  Jackson  (Marietta  B  Ludington)  Sn.Cw.Rv. 

P*^^Si436Plaza. .  550  Park  Av 
Koop  M'GodfreyPhelps-Sn.Rv.Cw.. Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Kortright  M"Gouvemeur(Therese  White).P^^§3465Plaza.i5E56 
Kortright  MiM"  Lawrence  Mintum  (Ethel  C  Joues) 

Bristol  R  I . .  see  P$?So 



Harbor  Hill 

New  Brighton  S  I 



238  Madison  Av 

Kountze  M"  Augustus  (Catharine  Ruth)  Dar. 

MiM"  Kari  W  Neuhoff  (Smith).  . 
Kountze  M'  AugustusF-Mt.Uv.Bm.Rg.Y.'Qi.Metropolitan  Club 

Kountze  M'  Chas  B-Ul.Myf '.  .Denver  Col 

Kountze  MiM"  Herman  D  (Clara  A  Palmer)  Uv.Y/97 

P^«S34SSCort..iis  Es6 

New  York  1909 



29  W  84 

Kountze  MiJr*Luther(Annie  P|Ward)Un.Mt.Mo. 


MiM"  J  Gordon  Douglas  (Kountze) 

Kountze  MiM"  W  DeLancey  (Martha  Johhston)K.Mg.Uv.Tf. 

Wp.Un.Y.'99.  .P^Si55iPlaza.  .51  E  51 

Kraft  M'  William  H-Un ; Union  Club 

Krans  H"  Edward  H  (Charlotte  W  Sheaf e) . 

Krans  M'  Horatio  S-CI/94.A 

Krans  MiM"  Ed  S  (Clara  M  DeHart) 

Krasicki  Ct  &  Ctss  Jean  (Helen  E  Montgomery).  .  .  .see  DimiSS. 

Krebs  tf"  Margaret P**«S4399Col 

M'  Henry  B  Shope 1700   B'way 

Krech  M*M"  Alvin  W  (Angeline  S  Jackson)  Mt.    ph^.  .      t>u„^ 
C.Dt.Mid.Au.Na.R.Rg.Gg.As.G.Cly.      ^     Jw  cT 

&  f-  Angeline  J  &  M'  Shepard-at  Groton 20  w  50 

Kremer  MiM"  Wm  N  (Helen  M  Elwyn)  Na.Gg.Lc.Bg.'69 

34  Park  Av 
Kretschmar  MiM"  Herman  R  (Isabelle  Graham)  Mt.  .       ^rrr  q."  Isabel 49W86 

Kretschmar  M'  Horatio  C-Un.K 200  W  56 

Kuhne  MiM"  Fred'k  J  (Margaret  Bloodgood) abroad 

Kuhne  tf"  Irma P*^^§6283  Plaza.  .839  Mad  Av 

Kuhne  MiM"  Percival  (Lillian  M  Kerr)  Un.Mt.Ul.Cal.Dt. 

Plaza  Hotel 

Y^To  640  Lawrence 


N  Andover  Mass .  see  BtSn 

Kunhardt  Mi M"GeoE  (Martha  E  Knapp) 


Kunhardt  IP"  Harriet 

Kunhardt  MiM"Hy  R(Mabel  A  Famham)Rg.Na.Dt. .  |P*^669Col 

JlSs  M'"  H  Rudolph  Jr-H'ii  &  Geo  F I124  W  74 

Kunhardt  M'  Wheaton  B-Uv.Eg.Cr8o Reading  Pa 

Kunkel  M"  John  J  (Mary  E  Macgill)',Cda 

Kunkel  M'  T  Harold '^. 

Kunkel  MiM"Rob'tMacgill(AnnaM  Conaway)N. 

MiM"  John  F  Daniell  (Kunkel). [Na. 

Kunz  MiM"^*  Geo  F  (Sophia  L  Handforth)C.G.Ats.Ul. 
Kunz  ff"  Elizabeth  H [Cr98 

M"B  Handforth ".. 

Kuser  Col  &  M"  Anthony  R  (Susan  F  Dryden) 

E.Aii.Ul.Wp.Lt.  .see  J  P  Dryden 

1074  Mad  Av 


326  Social  Register 

Labouisse  Mi M"PeterR (Pell-Isabel  A  Townsend).Warrenton  Va 
Lacombe  MiM"  Chas  F  (Nancy  Edrington)  Uv.CVSs 

P«S3494Riv.  .256  W  97 

Lacombe  Judge  E  Henry-Uv.Mt.Dp.Rc.Cr63 ^r*r 

Lacombe  M'  Rufus  Tryon-Sn.Wms'98 253  w  42 

Ladd  r'  Carol  W-Rc.  &  Wm  F  Jr-Rc P^1?S3 183-38.  .6  E  43 

Ladd  MiM"  Walter  Graeme  (Kate  E  Macy)  Un.Mt.Dt.Rg. 

S.Ny.  .Natirar.  .Far  Hills  N  J 

139  E  34 

P^3S  iPlaza 

Ladd  M;M"  Wm  Whitehead  (Elizabeth  A  Rowe) 


M*M"  Alex  von  Gontard  (Ladd). 

Ladenburg  M"  Adolf  (Emily  Stevens)  Cly Iio  Angel  Ct 

J^r,  IT"  Eugenie  M |    London 

Ladew  M"  Ed  R  (Louise  Berry  Wall). 
Ladew  M'"  Elise  W  &  Harvey  S-Rg.  . 

M"  Chas  Wall 

Ladew  MiM"  J  Harvey  (Jennie  B  House)  Ul.Rg.Ny.Cr8s 

W^     -  813  Madison  Av 

Ladue  W  George  F Married'^at  Heavenly  Rest 

Crombie  M'-  Maude  E  (Wm  A) 7 Oct  21 

Ladue  MiM"  Geo  F  (Maude  E  Crombie) 

M'  Wm  A  Crombie.  .  .  .• 

LaFarge  MiM"  Bancel  (Mabel  Hooper)  C.Sa.Rv. 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
La  Farge  MiM"  C  Grant  (Florence  B  Lockwood)  C.R. 

P**^Ss59Gram. .  124  E  22 

2350  B*way 

lo  Sunny  side  PI 
Newport  R  I 

La  Farge  MiM"  John  (Margaret  Perry) C. A. G. 

La  Farge  If"  Margaret. [B.Ats.Lt. 

La  Farge  M'  Oliver  HP '. .  Married 

Lewis  IP"  Mary 

La  Farge  MiM"  Oliver  H  P  (Mary  Lewis)  Sa.C.S.Cr9i 

University  Club  Seattle 
Laffan  MiM"  Wm  M  (Geofgiana  Ratcliffe)  R.Un.Mid.Ny.Wk. 

Rh.Chch.Cly.  .ab'd  Lusi  Aug  5.  .P^^S6oi-38.  .335  Lex  Av 
Laflin  M"  Albert  S  (Hester  C  Nail) 

P'^S5397Plaza. .  540  Park  Av.  .see  GS 

Laflin  M"  John  P  (Mollie  F  Smith) I P^^*. 7,, Plaza 

te,  tf"  Ellen  P V    J^W.ft 

M"  Mary  H  &  M'  H  Barclay  Andrews 57  vv  s» 

N6W  York  i90<>  3^7 

La  Grange  Bm&BmssLouis  de(AnitaCarroll).46  Copemic  Paris 

31  W  73 

Lahens  M"  Phebe  P  (Phebe  P  Bradhurst) P*^^Si346Bry 

Lahens  M'  Louis  E-Cw. 50  W  45 

Lahens  MiM"  Pierre  P  (Elinor  V  Boynton)Cr93l        P*^^82l 

tf-  Isabel  D  Boynton 152  Nutley  Av 

IT"  Fred'k  C  &  Theo  V  Boynton [  Nutley  N  J 

Laidlaw  M"  Hy  B  (Elizabeth  C  Onderdonk).  . . 

Laidlaw  W  Elliot  C  R 

MiM"  Wm  H  Judson  (Louise  Laidlaw) .... 
Laidlaw  MiM"  Jas  Lees  (Harriet  W  Burton)  Ny.Pl.Mt.Ch. 

r^S77o6Riv..3i2  W  90 

Laidlaw  MiM"  Rob't  R  (Isabella  Wood)  P.'o4 see  Do^^SJ. 

Laidlaw  MiM"  Thos  K  (Elizabeth  B  Clark) abroad 

Laimbeer  MiM"  Francis  E  (Kate  L  Abbot)  Rp.Ul.     11*^2 63 6Riv 

Laimbeer  MiM"  John [Uv.Ap.Rv.Cl'831  138  W  87 

Laimbeer  MiM"  John  Jr  (Wilhehnina  Dulles  Mar-    I  P^'»S3  493  Riv 

JSS.  tf-  Helen  W [tin)Rp.Rv.Cr83l   105  W  86 

Laimbeer  MiM"  Richard  H  Jr  (Belle  Meafoy)Ny.Na.Ha.Rp.Cr  78 

Plaza  Hotel.  .Jan  6  St  Augustine  Fla 

Laimbeer  M'  Wm-R.Tf.B.Cy.H.'96 .2  E  45 

Lakin  MiM"  Herbert  C  (Helen  W  Beaman).H.'94 

P^'»S4os3Mad..ii2  E  31 
La  MarcheMiM"  Hy  J  (Clara  J  Lynch)  Uv.Cth.Na.'76  .  131  E  35 
La  Marche  MiM"  John  V  (Rose  Nelson)  Uv.'77 

P*^Si4ir..42o  Fourth  Lakewood  N  J 
Lamb  MiM"  Chas  E  (Harriet  Walker)  Vt'93 

P'^97iFar  Rock.  .Lawrence  L  I 
Lamb  MiM"  Charles  R  (Ella  Condie)  Ch.Ats. 

P^^Si929Spring.  .360  W  22 
Lamb  MiM"  Gilbert  D  (Blanche  D  Baldwin)  Ct.Y'79 

P*^^Sii62Riv..2  W  94 
Lambart  Hon  &  M"  Lionel  J  O  (Adelaide  D  Randolph) 

*'Bazzleways"   Milbome  Port  Somerset  Eng 
Lambert  DiM"  Adrian  V  S  (Mary  S  Robinson)  Uv.Y.'93.29  W  36 

Lambert  DiM"  Alex  (Ellen  W  Cheney)  Uv.  C.Y.'84 36  E  31 

Waveriy  PI 

Lambert  M"  Edward  W  (Martha  Waldron) 

Lambert  M*"  Katharine 

Lambert  MiM"  Elliot  C  (Annie  M  Thompson)  Uv.Y'86 

P^S2  2o.  .  507  Chestnut  Manchester  N  H 


Social  Register 

Lambert  DiM"  Sam*l  W  (Elizabeth  Willets)  C.Uv.  |  I*«Si68Mad 
J^  tf"  Helen  W [G.Rg.R.Y/8o|     130  E  35 

Lambert  DiM"  Walter  Eyre  (Grace  Gumey)  Un.Uv. 

M"  Benj  Gumey [Cal.As.'?; 

Lament  M"  Charles  A see  J  R  Jesup 

Lament  M"  Daniel  S  (Juliet  Kinney) . . 
Lament   M'""  Elizabeth  K  &  Frances  C 

JiSs  M*"  Katharine 

Lament  MiM"  Thes  Wm  (Flerence  H  Corliss)  Mt.Ul.Pl.Ct 

Dke.H.'92 .  .ab'd  Vtld  Jly  11 .  .av'd  Fin  Oct  6 

P^^Si79.  .Beech  Rd  Engleweed  N  J 
LaMontagne  M"  Auguste  A  (Annie  Davis) 

ab*d  Cecil  Sep  29 . .  av'd  Prev  Sep  26 . .  161  Mad  Av 

47  W38 

2  W53 


Lex  Av 

52  E  53 


La  Mentagne  MiM"  Edw(Alice  Weir)  Un.R.Rh.Cly. 

La  Mentagne  tf"  Dolly  M [Haven 

La  Mentagne  M'  Rob't  W-at  17  HillhouseAv  New 
La  Mentagne  MiM"  Harry  A(Beatrice  Kinney) R.Mt.Tf 

La  Mentagne  M'  Philip... ab'd  K  Albt  Jun  6 [R  .As 

La  Mentagne  M'"  Marie-Cly 

La  Mentagne  M'  Ernest  C-Un.Mid.Cy.R.Rh.Tf. 
La  Mentagne  MiM"  Maurice  (Emily  T  Frith)  R.Rh, 

P^^Sio97-38..i39E  38 

La  Mentagne  M"  Pierre  (Kate  Patterson) 1333-18WB8 

La  Mentagne  MiM"R6n6  L(LauraLMergan)Un. 


LaMontagne  M'  Mentaigu-Rh.R 

La  Mentagne  M'  R^n^  Jr-Rh.R 

La  Mentagne  M""  Morgan  E-Rh.  &  Wm-Rh.  . 
La  Monte  MiM"  Geo  M  (Anna  I  Vaill)  Mt.Ct.Ad 

JSSs  tf"  Isabel  &  M"'  Gee  V  &  Archie  D [Wes'84 

M"TD  Vaill 

Lamson  M"  Albert  H  (Annie  Bennett). . .  46  Park  PI  E  Orange  N  J 
Lamsen M'  Edwin  R-Ul.Bg.Uvb.Y.'93. . .  P^^S237 . .  Summit  N  J 
Lamson  M"  John  (Draper).  .  .care  G  H  Draper  39  Galilee  Paris 

Lamsen  M"  John  l  (Anne  Allen  Ward) IP^'i?S23i3Plaza 

&  tf"  Eleanor  &  M"^  John  L I784  Fifth  Av 

Lancaster  MiM"  Edwin  R  (Cornelia  H  Harris)  Ul.Bd.Rc. 

P^^S599oRiv  ..125  Riverside  Dv 
Lance  MiM"  Hy  W  (Julia  Ralli)  N.  Pl.Camb*92 

*'Lancecote"  Peapack  N  J 





Kew  York  1909 



Cent  Pk  W 


av*dOnicSep  16 

II  rue 

Picot  Paris 




19  E  61 

Landale  M"  James  (Mary  Haigh) 

Landale  W  Russell  H-M.Rh.Na 

Landale  M'  Cecil  D-T.Mt.Bg 

Landon  MiM"  Ed  H  (Mary  L  Grinnell)Mt.Rg. 

Landon  IP—  Ruth  &  Lucy [Myf.Cd.Y/75 

Landon  M'  Harold  M .  .  at  8  College 

JSS.  M'  Wm  G [New  Haven  Ct 

ir  Richard  B  Grinnell 

Landon  MiM"  Francis  G  (May  Toel)  Mt.Un.Uv, 

i^»  M*—  Adelaide  &  Eleanor 

Landon  Mill"  Hy  Hutton  (Caroline  Lesher)  Uv.Mt.An. 

Landon  IP""  Edith,  Agnes  G  &  Cornelia 

Landon  M'  Stephen  L-S.Y/07 

Landstreet  MiM"  Fairfax  S  (May  Davis)  Mt.N.So. 

JSSs  M'  Stuart [Mdbl.Elkbl.Cly. 

Lane  M'  Derick-Cal.Ay.Rp.Y' ".  .9  E  10 

Lane  MiM"  Edw  Van  Zandt  (Grace  M  Huctace)Rg.  P*^'SSi9i4Bry 

Lane  M'"  Alice  L [Rv.Snc.Dke.Rens*75     24  W  49 

Lane*  MiJC'Francis  T  Luquer  (Carrie  M  Carpenter)  Snc.Cw. 

ab'dBalt  Junii.  .av'd  AdriOct3o.  .P«Si727Bry.  .40W49 
Lane  MiM"  Gardiner  M  (Emma  L  Gildersleeve)  C.K.Uv.B. 

Ecb.Smb.Cyb.H/81 .  .see  BSn 
Lane  MiM"  Geo  Thompson  (Grace  R  Ruggles)  Y/04 

see  M"  H  M  Johnson  57  W  58 
Lane  MiM"  Jas  Warren  (Eva  Metcalf  Bliss)  Ul.Rg.l  Baring  Bros 

Lane  M""  Mortimer  B  &  Arthur  B [Ny.Na.Au.|     London 

Lane  W^  Mabelle  F  &  Elizabeth  A-As .  .  MS859Gram . .  13 1  E  2 1 
Lane  M"  Peter  Van  Zandt  (Mary  B  Ross) I     612 

M"  I  M  Williams |FifthAv 

Lane  M'  Theo  T-Y/03 see  J  V  Graham 

Lane  M'  Wm  Armistead-Mt.N.Mtw.Va'7i.P«J3oioBry.i27  W43 

30  Jamaica  Av 
Flushing  L  I 

Lane  MiM"  Wm  H  (Caroline  H  Allen)  '65. 
Lane  M*""  Cara  &  Agnes  R. 

Lane  ff**  Agnes  J 

Lane  MiM"  Wm  Hustace  (Josephine  A  Bassett)  Snc.Dke. 

Wms'04.  ,P'To2goT, .  28  Clinton  Av  Montclair  N  J 


Social  Register 

Lane  Mill"  Wolcott  Griswold  (Edith  G  Perkins)  Uv.Cw.Cd. 

Y.*88.  .ab'd  Hamb  Sept  15.  .P^SaiyirRiv.  .353  W  84 
Langdon  Mill"  Woodbury  (Elizabeth  L  Elwyn)  Ul.Lc.Mc.Ct. 

Rg.Na.Cly.  .Waldorf-Astoria 
Langdon  tf-  Sophie  E-Bm.Mg.Cda.[Ch.Cw.Cda.  719  Fifth  Av 
Langdon  M'  Woodbury  G  Jr  &  JiSs  tf-  Helen  M . . . . 

Lange  M'  Fred*k  E-Uv/66 University  Club 

Langley  MiM"  Leland  H  (Cornelia  B  Harris)  R. 

see  M"  J  R  Harris. .  14  E  40 

Langley  ff""  Marjorie  S-Bg.  &  Edith  M see  W  C  DeWitt 

Langley  MiM"  Wm  C  (Elida  Bonnell)  ¥.'03 15  E  10 

Langley  M'  Wm  H-Ny.Lc 105  Worth 

Langzettel  M"  Fred'c  T  (Marion  B  Bailey) |P»S3S02Mom 

"  Florence  A  Wood (   414  W  118 

Lanier  M'  Chas-Un.K.Ul.Jkl.C.Mt.Au.Ny.Ht.T.Rg.Ch. 

P«S287Mad..3o  E  37 
Lanier  MiM"  James  F  D  (Harriet  A  Bishop) ...     M""  av*d  Prov 

K.Un.T.R.B.Mt.Tf.Au.Cy.W.Mb.P.'8o         Sep  26 
Lanier  M""  Chas  Jr-T.H'io  &  Reginald  B-H*io    Knickerbocker 

ab'd  Phila  Jun  27. .at  Randolph  Hall  Camb'  Club 

Lanman  MiM"  Jonathan  T  (Mary  L  Thomas)  Ha.Rh. 

see  M"  L  Thomas.. Lawrence  L  I 

Lannon  IP  John  D Married  at  Garrison  N  Y 

Janeway  IP"  Frances  R  (D'  Edw  G) Oct  10 

Lannon  MiM"  John  D  (Frances  R  Janeway)  Uv.So.Geo'94 

SI  E  78 
M"  Abraham  (Catherine  Ganesvoort)  Dc. 

P«Si236Chap.  .115  Wash*n  Av  Albany  N  Y 
Lansing  CaptTleveland  C-USA.Sn.Hl.Blbl. 

Vancouver  Barracks  Wash 
Lansing  MiM"  J  Townsend  (L^ontine  De  Kay  Townsend)  HI. 

Albany  N  Y 

Lansing  M'  Livingston 

Lansing  M""  Hy  L  &  Ernest  C 

Lanza  Marquise  di  Brolo  (Clara  Hammond) 

Lanza  Capt  Conrad-US  A.. at  Key  West  Fla. . . . 
Lanza  Lt  Manf redi-USA .  .at  Ft  Logan  Col. . . . 
Lanza  D'Anthony-'o6 . .  MarineHospCorpsAlaska 



New  York  1909 


see    JDomieK* 

12  W37 

Lapham  M'  John  H  (Lewis  H) Married  at  Noroton  Ct 

Capen  tf"  Julia  Edna Oct  7 

Lapham  Mill"  John  H  (Julia  E  Capen)  Wms'07 150  W  47 

Lapham  MiM"  John  J  (Mary  E  Walker)  R.Na.Ny.Ul. 

Lt.W.M..49  E  67 
Lapham  MIM"  Lewis  H  (Antoinette  Dearborn)  ab'd  Onic  Nov  18 
Lapham  tf"  Elinor.. .  .[Ap.Na. Kg. Rg.Gg.Bg. 
Lapham  MiM"  Roger  D  (Helen  B  Abbot)  Ap.H.'os 

Pelham  Manor  N  Y 
Lapsley  MiM"Howard(Katharine  A  Willard)Un.C 

Lapsley  M*"  Anna  Welsh [Cambridge  Eng 

Lapsley  M'  GaiUard  T-Uv.H'93  •  -at  Trinity  Col 
Lapsley  MiM"  John  W  (Eleanor  T  Emmet)  H'90 

P*^"»Si69S.  .Wildcliff  New  Rochelle  N  Y 

Lapsley  M"  Samuel  W  (Margaret  Jefferis) P^S4375Chel 

Lapsley  M'  David-Cal.T.  .ab'd  Celt  Jly  30 50  W  11 

Larkin  MiM"  Adrian  H  (Katherine  B  Satterthwaite)  R.   |       ^ 
JSk  M'  Jas  S~at  Hill  Sch  Pottstown  Pa  [Uv.Dt.Gg.P.'87P^       ^^ 

Larkin  M"  Francis  (Sarah  E  Hobby) P^^248isCol 

Larkin  tf"  Alice-Ats i  W  72 

Larkin  MiM"  John  (Ida  Rahm)R.Uv.Gg.Kg.Dar.  IP^S2529Plaza 

Ji^»  M""  Francis  R-Fn.  &  John  A.  . [P.'82l     47  E  53 

Lamed  Rev  &  M"  Albert  C  (Gladys  L  Lee)  Ox'o5.P'o7 

St  Peter  Port  Guernsey  Eng 
Larned  Col  &  M"  Chas  Wm  (Louise  HAlexander)      U  S  Military 

Lamed  If"  Louise [Ul.C.Fw.USA'70    Academy 

Lamed  Lt  Paul  A-USA.  &  M'  Wm  E.  . West  Pt 

J^»  tf-  Alice  C NY 

Lamed  MiM"  Edwin  Channing  (Emma  O  Hoffman)  Uv.Rv. 

Br' 78.  .ab'd  Minto  Aug  8.  .Pappoosesquaw  Rd  Bristol  R  I 

Lamed  M'  Edwin  P Summit  N  J 

Lamed  M'  Wm  A-R Racquet  Club 

Larocque  M"  Joseph  (Annie  S  Whittemore) ... 

Larocque  M'  Louis  E-R.Mt.Gg.Tf.B 

M"  Howard  L  Thomas  (Larocque) 

Larocque  MiM"  Joseph  (Eleanor  T  Duer)  Un.K.Sa.Rg.R.Mid. 

Tf.Cr92..  Union  Club 
Larremore  MiM"  Wilbur  (Susan  B  Armitage)C. 

JSi  M'  Thos  A.  .at  260  Crown  New  Haven  Ct. . 

6  E  56 

440  W  End  Av 

aaa  Social  Register 

loE  54 

Latham  MIM"  John  C  (Elsie  Gaylord) 

M"  Thomas  G  Gaylord  (Alice  B) 

Latham^r  John  H  (Adelaide  M  Ives).  .P^SSsoPlaza.  .16  E  58 
Lathrop  M"  Chas  D  (Effie  M  Huntington).  .  .see  P  D  Cravath 
Lathrop  M'  Francis-C.Rv I      ^rxr 

M'  H  A  Hammond  Smith j5i  w  10 

Lathrop  MiM"  Levi  C  (Fannie  R  Graves) Mo. Ny.Cd.  |P^Ss9oCol 

Lathrop  M'"  Florence  G [Dar.j   i  W  72 

Lathrop  M'"  Louise  G 39  Franklin  Morristown  N  J 

Latrobe  M'  Osmun-Mt.Mdbl.Cybl.  .ab*d  Prov  Jun  25 

av*d  Lusi  Aug  20.  .Metropolitan  Club,  .see  B^ 
Latting  MiM"  Chas  P(Isabella  W  Carter)Un.Uv. 
Latting M^" HelenLeslie .  .abroad. .  .[Rp.Rv.Y.'73 

Latting  M'  Emerson- Dke.Y. '04 

Latting  M'  C  Percy  Jr-Ct.Rp.Rv 

Latting  M"  John  J  (Harriet  A  Emerson) 

Latting  W"  WalterS-S.Rp.Rv.&ArthurD. [Latting) 

M"  Clarence  R  Van  Benthuysen  (Harriet  E 

Lattman  MiM"  August  (Fanny  Schluter)  Na .abroad 

Lauder  MiM"  Geo  Jr  (Katherine  M  Rowland)  Ny.Y.'oo 

P**"»S3oo.  .**Tighnabruaich''  Greenwich  Ct 

Lauterbach  M'  Alfred  (Edw). Died  Jly  30 

Lauterbach  M"  Ed  (Amanda  Friedman) 

P'»S2o82Plaza.  .761  Fifth  Av 

Lauterbach  M'  Edward-Mid.Rp.'64 see  DSiS. 

Law  M"  George  (Alga  Smith). .39  Av  d'Antin  Paris 

37  E49 

23s  W  75 

Briarcliff  Manor  N  Y 

Law  MiM"  Walter  W(G  H  Ransom)C 

Law  MiM"HyH (Elizabeth  B  Gilman)Au 

Law  MiM"  Walter  W  Jr  (Helen  R  Kingman)  P1.Y*92 

P*^"i?Si 7 . .  Briarcliff  Manor  N  Y 
Law  M'  William  H-Un.Uv.Y.'78.  .P^«S3829john.  .Union  Club 
Lawrance  M'  Charles  L-K.Ss.T.R.Au.Y.'o5 

"Manatuck  Farm'*  Bay  Shore  L  I 

Lawrance  M'  Francis  C-K.Un 38  Av  Hoche  Paris 

Lawrance  M"  Francis  C  Jr  (Susan  Willing) 

P^«S5478-38 . .  268  Mad  Av 

Lawrance  M"  John  I  (Anna  Stanton) L     „ 

Lawrance  tf"  Sara  S T^  ^  S^ 

New  York  zgOQ 


P'»S2  28Spring 
69  Wash  PI 

The  Rectory 
Stockbridge  Mass 

Lawrence  Judge  &M"AbrahamRiker(ElizaMiner) 

Lawrence  M*"  Ruth-Cd.Dc.Dar 

JS.  M'"  Oliver  P  &  Clement  M 

Lawrence  Re^  Arthur-C.Ct.Unb.H/63. 

Lawrence  M*"  Caroline  T 

Lawrence  MiM"  Arthur  W  (Virginia  L  Hepp^)Ul.Kg.Rp.Y/97 

Pl?S2  25.  .Lawrence  Pk  Bronxville  N  Y 
Lawrence  MiM"  Augustine  N  (Margie  Neil)N.Ny.  .  .  ^^2740  Col 

Lawrence  M*"  Margaret  C :  Hotel  Marie 

Lawrence  MiM"  Augustine  N  Jr  (Louise  Lieber). . . .   Antoinette 
Lawrence  MiM"  Benj  Bowden  (Alice  Jerome) 

Un.Uv.Dt.Ap.Gg.Ay.Cl/78.  .P^^S3878Col.  .170  W  59 

45  E  29 

81  Park  Av 

Lawrence  M^"  Caroline  T-Cd. 

M'"  Mary  H  Trotter: 
Lawrence  MiM"  Chester  B  Jr  (Florence  B  Bailey) 

P^S484W.  .943  Mad  Av  Plainfield  N  J 
Lawrence  M"  Cyrus  J  (Emily  A  Hoe) 

M"  Ralph  Oakley  (Theodora  Lawrence). 

W^  Katherin  &  Helen  Oakley 

M'  Ralph  L  Oakley-at  Wms'  Col 

Lawrence  tf"  Edith ! . .  138  E  40 

Lawrence  M'  Edward  S-Sn.Snc St  Nicholas  Club 

Lawrence  M"  EflSngham  (Janet  Mickle) 

av*d  Onic  Aug  19.  .P^'»S4046Mad.  .40  E  25 
Lawrence  MiM"  Effingham  (Dorothy  Q  Gookin)Ny.R.Tf.Rg. 

As.Au.Rh.Cly.Swth'98.  .P^3 240-38.  .2  E  45 

Lawrence  M'  Emlen  N-Ul 45  E  21 

Lawrence  M^"  Emma  McA Mastic  L  I 

Lawrence  MiM"  Frank  Mauran  (Louise  C  Mauran)  Sa.Hppv. 

CrSo.  .P^^S33861  Union.  .326  Benefit   PSJl.  R  I 

Lawrence  M'  Frank  R~Lt.Ny.Ay.Au.Ap.M I     534 

Lawrence  M'"  Frank-H.'99,  Herbert  R  &  Connor. . .  .jMad  Av 


Lawrence  M'  Fred'k  Newbold-Un.Na 

M"  Foxhall  P  Keene (White-Lawrence).  . 
IP""  Elizabeth  L,  Hortense  &  Nathalie  M 

Lawrence  DiM"  G  Alfred  (MariaJMoehring)Fn.Ar.Ap.Pu.Dar. 

Cr95..Southport  Ct 

Bayside  L  I 

see    JDomicSei 


Social  Regteter 

Lawrence  MiM"  Geo  Francklyn  (Anna  C  White)  Ats. 

see  A  Terry.  .Short  Hills  N  J 

Lawrence  MiM"  Henry  C  (Lucy  B  Ryerson)C.Ct 

Lawrence  M*""  Gladys  &  Lucy  G [Ats 

Lawrence  M"  Henry  E  (Lydia  G  Underhill) ...  7 

Lawrence  IP"  Margaret 

tf"  A  E  Underhill 

Lawrence  MiM"  Isaac  (Lee  Gwynn)  Lt.Snc.Cr . . 


Lawrence  M'*  Jas  G  K  (Catharine  Augusta  Le  Roy) 


Lawrence  M"  John  (Emily  La  Farge) 

Lawrence  M*"  Agnes 

Lawrence  MiM"  John  Burling  (Katharine  D  Wisner) 

Mt.Ch.Na.Snc.  .P^i74iMad. .  126  E  30 
Lawrence  MiM"  John  L  (Alice  W  Work)  Rh.S.Cd.Myf. 

P^^Sio83FarRock.  .Lawrence  L  I 

166  W  88 

57  E2S 

15  E  90 

see    DonaiSa 

2  Av  Montaigne 

Lawrence  MiM"  Joseph  D  (Margaretta  La  Forge) 
Lawrence  M^"**  Minnie  A  &  Edith  W [Cal.Rc. 



Lawrence  MiM"  Louis  (Lillian  W  Munson).  .  .  .  see  S  L  Norton 

P^1?Sio96Far  Rock 
^Homewood"  Lawrence  L  I 

J  Munroe  &Co 

Lawrence  M'  Newbold  T-Rh.Dt. 
&  M'  Newbold  T  Jr 

Lawrence  MiM"  Prescott  (Katharine  Bulkeley)K. 

Lawrence  M*"  Katharine  B 

Lawrence  M'  Richard-K.Smb.H.'o2 

P'*^86ooCort.  .  135  Mad  Av  .  .see  BSn 
Lawrence  MiM"  Rich*d  Hoe  (Jessie  Cort)C.G.Kg.Mid.Ct.Pl. 

P**«Si3i2Riv..3So  W  87 
Lawrence  MiM"  Robert  C(MargueriteLoew)Cal.An.Cy.Rg.Cw. 

P^^Si209-79..55  E  76 

Lawrence  if""  S  St  G  &  Rita J  S  Morgan  &  Co  London 

Lawrence  M"Samuel(PhebeCarolineCotheal).see  M*"  P  C  Swords 
Lawrence  M"  Sam'l  B  (Elizabeth  H  Jackson) 

167  Barclay  Flushing  L  I 
Lawrence  M'  Townsend  (lateHyE) . .  Died  at  Flushing  L  I  Jly  7 
Lawrence  M'  Walter  B-K.Uv.Dp.W.  IP^"i?S238.  .^'WillowBank" 
Lawrence  W  Anita [CV6i\  Flushing  L  I 

New  York  1909 


Lawrence  MiM 
Lawrence  MiM 

Lawrence  MiM"  Wm  T  (Alice  G  Taylor)  Mt.Gg. 

P'^^SiaoSPlaza.  .515  Mad  Av 

Wm  V  (Sarah  E  Bates)  Ul P^^SsSs-yp 

Dudley  B  (Katherine  C  Birch)  Kg.  969 

Ul.Rp.Dke.Y.'oi   Fifth  Av 
Lawrence  M'WmW-Uv.Mt.Rg.Au.Cy.Ll.Cw.Ppt.Dqpt.Mdbl. 
P/78.av'd  Adri  Jly  S.P^^'KSipsSPlaza.  749FifthAv.see  KSih 

Lawson  tf"  &  tf"  Cornelia 

Lawson  M'  James-Ul . .  at  i  E  39 

Lawson  M"  j  Herbert  (Anna  Meredith  Ahem) 
Lawson  ff""  Margaret  H  &  Cecilia  H 

Lawson  MiM' 

Lawson  M'Wm  Thomton-Un.R.Uv.Tf.Ct.Ny. 

Lawson  MiM"  Leonidas  M  Jr  (Marion  L  Addoms)R.Na.Cl.'9S 

P'*^2239-i4Bdgpt.  .Stratford  Ct 

Lawson  M'  Wm  S-Ul.T ^243  oRect  ..512  Fifth  Av 

Lawton  MiM"  Francis(Elizb'h  A  Evans)Br'69.    .    .    .157  Win 

24  Dudley  PI 
Yonkers  N  Y 

2  W  io6 

Lawson  DM  Herbert-Cro2 .  .P^'^S76o5Riv.  .  113  Manhattan  Av 
"'LeonidasM  (TheodosiaThomton) 



14  E  60 

P^^i66..RyeN  Y 

Lawton  MiM"Geo  P(JeannieLathrop)Rp.Cw.Dar. 
Lawton  M'  Daniel  L-Cw.Zp.Y'09  [Cd.Ht,Wms'68 
Lawton  M"  Jas  Marsland  (Eba  Anderson)  Bd.Dc.Ht.Cd. 

P*^^22 73 6Stuy  ..37  Fifth  Av 
Lawton  MiM"  Sydney  A  (Harriet  S  Lawton) 

Lawton  ff- Mary  E [Uv.Ap.H.'9S 

Lawton  M'  Henry  D-Uv.Ap.Stv*94 

Layng  M"  James  D  (Agnes  Means) 

P^^S3S.  .'*Sengahurst"  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Layng  MiM"  James  D  (Vemona  M  Spencer)  Uv.Mt.T.Ul. 

Y'9S.  .130  E  67 

Layton  M'  Fred'k-Ul.C 524  Marshall  Milwaukee  Wis 

LazardM'ChasH 10  Wall 

LazarusM"Frank(AliceFurman)|ab'd  StP  Jly  4  av*d  StL  Aug  15 

Lazarus  ff"  Elsie  W (        ^^01618-79 . .  61  E  86 

Lazarus  M'  Frank-Un Union  Club 

38  W  10 

Lazarus  tf*"  Sarah  &  Josephine 

tf-  Adah  E  Marks  &  fe  W  Peggy  Marks. . . . 


Social  Register 

Lea  MiM"  Chas  M(Charlotte  A  Brown)  R.Cyp.Crp.Gcp.Dar. 

Acp.Cly.  .P^^5iS7.  .Devon  Pa.  .see  DomiX.  .see  PS 

Lea  M"  I  Cryder  (Madeline  Pistor) IW  New  Brighton 

Lea  tf " SI 

Leake  M'  Chas  R-Uv.Na.Ap.Wms'y? P^546ioRiv 

Leake  IT"  Rob't  H-P.'os  &  Fred*c-P.'o8 357  West 

Leake  IT  Jos  Bryant-P'io End  Av 

Leake  DIM"  Henry  S(Bertha  von  H  Mund^)  Uv.Na.Ats.Sa. 

Wms'S'J,.?''To^S.  .Williamstown  Mass 

Leale  DiM"  Charles  A  (Rebecca  M  Copcutt)  LI jP^Saa^aza 

Leale  M*""  Annie,  Lilian,  Marion  &  Helen [  604  Mad- 

Leale  M'  Loyal-Dke.  Croo |    ison  Av 

Leale  DIM"  Medwin  (Matilda  H  Marvin)  Dke.Cl.*94 

P^226iCol..i  W68 
Leaman  MiM"  Alfred  V  Jr  (Dorothy  Carter) .  P^Si64r .  NutleyNJ 

Learning  DiM"  Edw  (Lula  M  Smith)  C.Cr92 P^S4225Col 

Ja  tf"  Helen  R 33  W  67 

Learned  MiM"  Billings  P  (Draper- Victorine  U  Wetmore) 

P^^li52 . .  ** Fairview  Cottage"  New  London  Ct 
Learned  MiM"  Frank  (Ellin  Craven).  .  .  .P'^'^SisipGram.  .38  W  9 
Learned  MiM"  Walter  (Alice  Flagg  Beckwith)  A.G.  P^^S2 . .  New 

Learned  M^"  Mary  Carleton [Ats.Cw.  London  Ct 

Learned  MiM"WmP(MarieEzell) Rc.H.'8o .  P^^S3684Chel .  60  Wi 2 

Leary  tf"  Annie ^^2481-79 . .  1032  Fifth  Av 

Leary  MiM"  Hy  Bennett(Marion  C  Bagg)Uv.Ar.Wms*99 


Essex  Fells  N  J 

Leavitt  M"  Chas  Weiiford  (Sarah  AUibone) . 

Leavitt  tf "  Cecilia  A 

Leavitt  MiM"  Chas  Weiiford  (Clara  G  White)  Un. 

P^'»l468lWhtPlns.  .** Meadow  Farm'*  Hartsdale  N  Y 
Leavitt  M'Edward  (late  Hy  S).  .  .Died  at  Woodbury  Ct  Sep  12 
Leavitt  M"  Edw  (Bean-Louisa  B  Chapman)  *The  Homestead** 

Leavitt  M*""  Anabel  L  &  Gertrude  J Woodbury 

JIS.M' Henry  S Ct 

LeavittMiM"GHowland(AmeliaWillets)  Un.     )P^Si24JFlushing 

&  tf-  Margaret  H [Au.Ny.  |    Bay  Side  LI 

Leavitt  MiM"  Guy  S  (Julia  Reed) Rocky  Ford  Col 

Kew  York  1909 


Leavitt  H"  Helen  E  (Helen  E  Gandy)  av'd  N  Y  Sep  5 

Leavitt  M"  Henry  S  (Martha  A  Young) 

see  G  C  Kobb^.  .  Short  Hills  N  J 

P'^^S32  2iHarvey 
1916  S  32  Av 
Omaha  Neb 
247  Fifth  Av 

Liberty  N   Y 

328  W  83 


Caldwell  N  J 

Leavitt  MiM"  Heyward  G  (Alvina  Weller)  Uv. 

]|*«  Hattie  Weller 
Leavitt  M"  James  T  (Foster)  Cly .  .P«Si3i6Mad 
Leavitt  Mill"  John  Brooks  (Mary  Keith)  Uv.Ct.Ch.Bd.Cd. 

Ken'68 . . P^^Si6270rch .  .  44  Stuyvesant 
Leavitt  M"  Sheldon  (Frances  E  Tucker) 

Died  at  Liberty  N  Y  Aug  22 

Leavitt  M'  Sheldon-Dt.An.Ll.Rv 

Leavitt  MiM"  Sheldon  Jr(Frances  HopePurdon) 

M'"MaryVirginiatucker [Zp.Ll.Cl.'o2 

Leavitt  MiM"  Wm  Foster  Biddle (Helen  Clark) .  Essex  Fells  N  J 

Leaycraf t  IP"  Berkeley . .  resides  abroad 

Leaycraft  HP"  Agnes-Bd 

Leaycraft  MIM"  Chas  Russell  (M  L^ontine  Roose- 
Leaycraft  If""  A  Ethel&Marjorie. .  .[velt)  Un.Dt 

JS.  M""  Chas  R  Jr  &  Latrobe. 

Leaycraft  MiM"  Reginald  R  (Dorothy  B  Corbifere)  H/os 

Harvard  Club. see  DSuS. 
LeBoutillierD'WmG-Uv.Ul.Ch.Ht.Cr8o.P^^3547Col.  170  W  73 
L'Ecluse  MiM"  Milton  A(Julia  Manley  Weeks) .  .  see  W  H  Weeks 
Ledlie  M'  Geo-Uv.Dke.H/84. .  .  .P^^^SpSoPlaza.. University  Club 
Ledoux  DiM"  Albert  R(Annie  Von  Vorst  Powers)  Ct.Dt.Ats. 

Eg.Bg.Cr74.  .P^^3989Plaza.  .39  W  50 
Ledoux  MiM"  Louis  V  (Jean  Logan)  Ct.Dt.Cl.'o2 

P^'5?S3673Aud.  .600  Riverside  Drive 
LeDuc  M"  Janvier  (Marie  Clinton  Spencer) 

P'^^S458oPlaza..7o  W55 
Ledyard  M'  Henry  B-K.Cc.USA'65.  .  .  . 


Ledyard  MiM"  Henry  (Maude  Hendrie)  . 
Bmss  Von  Ketteler  (Ledyard).  .  .  . 
Ledyard  MiM"  Lewis  Cass  (Isabel  Morris)  C.l 

If"  Muriel  &  JlS.  tf"  Jean  Morris [Adri  Sep  3 

Mich  Central  R 
Detroit  Mich 



27  E  72 

a38  Sodal  tbtgalbK 

Ledyard  ICM"  Lewis  Cass  Jr(Ruth  L  Emery)K.Ny.Rja.'oo. 

1*^53098-79.. 64  E  73 
Ledyard  I"  Spencer  (Maud  Ledyard).  .  .  .Baring  Bros  London 

Lee  B^  Alleine-Cda 1*9X423 7Gram.  .9  Gramercy  Pk 

Lee  Lt  Col  &  M"  Arthur  H(Ruth  Moore)Cd 2108-16  Wffi 

Lee  WtW  Burton  James  (Mabel  L  Kershaw)  Uv. ¥•94.0*98 

r«284-79..i28  E  73 

Lee  )P*  Caroline  K Saranac  Lake  N  Y 

Lee  IT  Charles r«328oBry.  .66  W  46 

Lee  M"  Chas  Carroll  (Helen  Parrish) 
Lee  IP—  Sarah  R-Cda.Qy.  &  Helen. 
Lee  IT  Thos  S^Mtw.Cosw.Cvcw.H'91 
Lee  KIT  Chas  H(Lucie  C  Whitney)Cal.C.Dt.Cr' 

Lee  )P*  Cornelia 

Lee  IT"  John  W-H.'o4&LowellM-atCedar  Edge 

Lee  M'  Chas  C-H'o6  &  JS.  IP"  Elinor [Col 

Lee  MiM"  Chas  Northam(Harriet  Welles  Lee)  Ul.Cd.Dc 

1*1^40.  ."Eastlands"  Farmington  Ct.  .see  D^S. 
Lee  Mill"  Chas  W  (Suzanne  Harrison)  Ny.Lc.Na.N. 

Lee  Mill"  ComeHus  S  (Chloise  Hatch) R.T.H.'o4 

Lee  IP"  Laura  Shelby 

Lee  W  James  W 

LeeM'Eliot-Un.R.Rh.Dp.Cro2.    .    .    .I*1?Si2oStuy.  .105  E  15 

Lee  M'  F  Lawrence-Un.Uv.Rh.Y.'ps 107  W  54 

Lee  MiM"  Frederic  S  (Laura  Billings)  C.  .'78 

I*«Si836Plaza..i2S  E  65 
Lee  D'  Geo  Bolling-Un.M.R.So.Cl.'96. .  .PlK4832Plaza.  .30  W  59 

Lee  Capt  ft  M"  H  Romer  (Clara  D  Hilger) see  DSlS. 

Lee  M'  J  Bowers-Un.R.K.Mt.Ul.Gg 51  Exchange  PI 

Lee  M'  Jas  Gore  King-K.Uv.H.'94 

^^55667 John.  .Knickerbocker  Club 
Lee  MiM"  James  Parrish  (Clara  L  Lincoln)  Un.T.Na.H.'9i 

P^33  26-38..  141  E37 

1771  Mass  Av 

I*1!S  Q46  Stuy 
43  Fifth  Av 

250  W 
Tuxedo  Pk 


see    Domidlet 

Lee  M"  John  Lawrence  (Margaret  L  Livingston).. 

Lee  MiM'^'  Hy  Livingston 

Lee  M'  Jos  Jenkins-Cal.Rv.Amer  Minister  Guatemala.see  BSi* 

Lee  MIM"  Rob*t  Lincoln  (St  John-Josephine  Claiborne  Wilson)  f 

R.Ny.Cr8s.  .Laurel  House  Lakewood  N  J 

Hew  York  iQog 


Lee  M"  Wm  Hy  (Louise  Northam). 
Lee  M*"  Louise 

Lee  M'  Fred'c  H-R.Ny.Lc.Cr82 

Lee  M'  Wm  Hy  L-Uv.Dt.C.Gg.Rv.Mdbl.Y.'69'. 

138  Washington 
Hartford  Ct 

94  Remsen 

JS5.  IP—  Ethel  M  &  Katharine  &  M'  BSi.|  107  W  54 
Leech  KM"  John  E  (Harriet  W  Robinson) Ha.Dt. 

Leech  IP"  Charlotte 

Leech  H'  Robinson-Y.'o6 

Leeds  M'  Chas  Carroll ! . . .71  E  87 

Leeds  MiM"  Theo  E  (Minnie  E  Bronson)  Ul 20  Fifth  Av 

Leeds  MIM"  Warner  M  (Moore-Louise  T  Hartshome)  Ny.S. Ar. 

ab'd  Dtld  Jun  25  av'd 
Plaza  Hotel 

Leeds  M'*  Wm  B&teman  (Annie  Stuart) . 

JSkM'WmS  W-H'io. 

Leeds  M"  Wm  Bateman  (Nonnie  Stewart)  Cly. 

av'd  Kp  Wm  Jly  7.  .P«S2 166-79.  .987  Fifth  Av 

Leeds  M'  William  Bateman Died  at  Paris  Jun  23 

Leeming  MiM"  Woodruff  (Esther  Howard)  Ha.Ats.Mit'91 

P'«S4693lMain.  .277  Henry  Bklyn 
Lefferts  MiM"  Barent  (Isabella  M  Wetherill)  Bm.Cl.'oa 

I*^5697Spring. .  29  Wash  Sq  W 
Lefferts  MiJTChas  M(EdithHerrick).av*d  Bluch  Sep7.i33  W  113 
Lefferts  M"  Franklin  B  (Sally  D  Work)Myf. 

P**S42Ced'hrst.  .Lawrence  L  I 
Lefferts  MiM"  Fred'c  R  (Elizabeth  Morris  Waring) 

Lefferts  If"  Caryl [Snc.Myf.Cw.Cd. 

Lefferts  IT  F  Raymond  Jr-Snc.Myf.Sn.Cw 

Lefferts  DiM"  Geo  Morewood  (Annie  Cuyler  Van  Vechten) 

Uv.Rg.Cr70.  .P'^469Mad.  .212  Madison  Av 
Lefferts  MiM"  Marshall  C  (Caroline  E  Baker)Ul.  P'*«S4S 45 Plaza 
Lefferts  H'  MarshaU  C  Jr.  .  .[G.Snc.Rg.Rh.Myf.       34  E  65 

Lefferts  M'  Rob't-Uv.Hl.Rut'8i University  Club 

Lefferts  MiM"  Wm  H  (Edith  Crane)  Ul.Dt.Myf .Ht.Cw. 

r«Sio63-38.  .308  Lex  Av 

24  W  37 

Leffingwell  MiH"  Chas  R  (Mary  E  Cornell) 

Leffingwell  If-  Julie  C 

MiM"  Franklin  A  Batcheller  (Leffingwell) 
Leffingwell  MiM"  Russell  C  (Luchen  Hewitt)  ¥.'99 

"^»5i768Spring. .  29  Wash  Sq  W 

250  Palisade  Av 
Yonkers  N  Y 

340  Social  Regjustir 

LeGendre  IT  William  C-Cal.Ct loi  E  19 

Legg  M;M"Geo(Clara  Straus)Ul.Na.As.P«S946Stuy.43  Fifth  Av 
Legg  MiM"  Geo  A  (Cora  Carpenter)  As. 

P^S6667Col.  .851  Seventh  Av 
Leggett  MiM"  Francis  H  (Sturges-Besse  MacLeod)     12  Bruton 

M*"  Josephine  MacLeod. [Mt.Ul.Mc.G.    London 

Leggett  M*"  Linda see  F  L  Schmidt.  .54  E  75 

le  Gonidec  de  Traissan  Ct  &  Ctss  Raoul  (Frances  Murphy) 

44  Av  d'lena  Paris 

Lehman  MiM"  Arthur-Au.H.'94 31  W  56 

Lehman  MiM"  Sigismund  M  (Harriet  L)  M.Au.Cr.'79.  .  .  16  E  46 
Lehr  MiM"  Harry  Symes  (Dahlgren-Elizabeth     1^^2433  iPlaza 

"' ;  Jr»  W  John  V  Dahlgren [Drexel)  Cda. |     20  W  56 

Leigh  M'  Chapman  J 

Leigh  ff-  Lizzie  C 

Leigh  M'  Benj  Watkins-R. 
Leigh  Lord  &  Lady  Francis  Dudley  (Helen  Beckwith).  .London 
Leigh  MiM"  Rowland  (Mabel  Gordon).  .  .St  James  Club  London 
Leighton  MiM"  Geo  B  (Charlotte  Kayser)Un.Mid.  [301  Berkeley 

&  M'  Geo  E [Mt.Au.Uv.Smb.H.'88]Bs:«..seeBSn 

Leith  MiM"  Geo  D  F  (SophieE  Moehring)!  P^SiiS  **Ridgelawn*' 
fe  M'  Wm  G  F [Rg.Na.Kg.Ay.         White  Plains 

M"  Wm  G  Moehring(Maria  E  Baker)  |  NY 

Leland  MiM"  Amory  (Emily  M  Whitney)  Ul |P^«S4284Plaza 

Leland  M"*  Amory  Jr-H*o6  &  Dudley  R-H'o8.  .  .|  692  Park  Av 
Leland  MiM"Chas  Frothingham  (Margaret  W  Carr)H.*9i.see  BSa 
Leland  MiM"  Chas  H  (Maud  Frothingham)  S.Cw.  .  .  |P*^S7o5Mad 
Leland  ff""  Maud  Aguilar-Cd.  &  Luisita  A I162  MadAv 

123  E  79 

299  Lexington  Av 

Leland  M"*  Eufrasia. 

M"  Charles  Howland  Wesson  (Emma  Leland) 

Leland  M'  Francis  L-Ul.Ny.Ll.Lc Union  League  Club 

Leland  MiM"  Lester  (Frances  E  Converse)  Un.Cal.Eyb.etc. 

422  Beacon  Bwd.  .see  BtSn 
Lemoine  MiM"  Louis  R  (Augusta  W  Blow)  Dt.Rtp. 

of  323  S  18  P^fe.  .P«S277oMad. .  161  Mad  Av.  .see  P^fe 
Le  Moyne  Ir'  Edward  M  (Josephine  M  Bond).  .  ..  P^^S4059Riv 

Le  Moyne  M**"  Henrietta  &  Marie  M-Cd 2193  B'way 

Le  Moyne  tf"  Josephine  C  (late  Edw  M).  .  .Married  at  1 16  E  30 

Morris  D'  Elliston  J  (Galloway  C). '.' Nov  1 1 

New  York  1909 


Lenssen  MiM"  Arthur  (Emily  B  Wilson). . 
Lenssen  If""  Elizabeth  Goelet  &  Ruby.  .  . 
Lenssen  M'  NicholasF-P.'gS&teM'-Eleanor  W 
Lenssen  MiM"  Arthur  Jr  (Ethel  L  Cleveland) 


Lente  tf"-  Ellen  Kemble  &  Mary P^^S  6437rRiv.  .251  W  91 

Lentilhon  MiM"  Ed  Detmold  (Helen  D  Downing)  Ny.  .15  W  10 

Lentilhon  MiM"  Eug  (Florence  Bergh  Brown)     .  ^^^3lslip 
J^«  M'  Eug  Jr [Uv.Ny.Y'90 

Lentilhon  MiM" Eug L  (Ida  M  Ward)  ?'To2si* 

Lentilhon  tf "  Ida  W Far  Rockaway  L  I     • 

Lentilhon  MiM"  Jos  de  Tours  (Louise  Everett)  Y'94 

P«S7ij.  .Tarrytown  N  Y 

Lentilhon  M*"  L^onie.  .  .  .  : see  C  C  Boynton 

Lentilhon  M'"  Pauline  de  T ^^2231.  .Far  Rockaway  L  I 

42  D wight  Place 
Englewood  N  J 

po  Bay  Shore  LI 

see    JJomiSSa 

Virieuxsur  Mer*' 

Europinscher  Hof 
Dresden  Ger 

Lentilhon  M"  Wm  A  (Julia  E  Rodewald). 

Lentilhon  W"  Julia  Mac  Neill 

Leonard  Col  &  M"  Rob*t  W(Mary  Barnes)  Un. 

Leonard  M*""  Martha  &  Evelyn [Ll.An.l'*Meadowside*' 

Leonard  M'  Wm  H-Un.  .absent |  Mt  Kisco  N  Y 

Leonard  MiM"  Thos  D  (Lucie  M  Norton)  Mg.P.'96 

Tompkins  Av  New  Brighton^S  I 

Leonard  MiM"  Wm  B  (Jean  Hendrickson)  Mg, 38  W  72 

Leoser  M"  Chas  McK  (Julia  Repplier) I  66  Harrison 

Leoser  M'  Chas  McK-Uv.Ny.Bg. .  .'91 |E  Orange  N  J 

LeRoy  MiM"  Edward  A  (Clementina  B  Pell) ^r.  ^ 

LeRoy  ff"  Archibald-Un.H.'79  &  Otis-Rv.  Snc 5»  ^  49 

LeRoy  MiM"  Edw  A  Jr  (Katharine  M  Mintum)  Dt.  P^^23996-79 

JSJs  M'  Edw  A  3d.  .at  Hill  School 149  E  72 

LeRoy  tf"  Eleanor-Cly av*d  Onic  Sep  16.  .25  E  30 

LeRoy  MiM"  Fred'k  G  (Hopkins-Fanny  W  Chambers)  Un. 

Dp.Rv.Cw.  .P«Si8'*The  Lindens"  Tarrytown  N  Y 
LeRoy  MiM"  Hy  Wyckoff  (Elizabeth  T  B  Mey^f ) 

LeRoy  If"  Cornelia . .  at  362  Com'w'th  Av  B«a. . . 

M""WHK&CRF  Gamble 

te.  If"  Beatrice  C  Gamble 


Stamford  Ct 


Social  Register 

Newport  R  I 

LeRoy  M'  Herman  Stewart-Un.Ht.H.'yp I         28 

LeRoy  M'  Rob't-Sa.CVos [Seventh  Av 

LeRoy  MiM"  Newbold  (Jane  H  Eno)  Dp.  .1  PIK691J.  .120  Elm 

IP-  A  D  Parkhurst |  New  RocheUe  N  Y 

LeRoy  M"  Robert  (Lewis) [14  Clamant  Marot 

LeRoy  M'  J  Rutgers-Un.Rv.Ll \  Paris 

LeRoy  M'  Robert  Coleman-Un.Dp.H/88 Union  Club 

LeRoy  M"  stuyv«ant  (Pauline  W  Bridge) . . 

Le  Roy  M'  Stuyvesant-K.Unch.Cr87 

LeRoy  M"  Wm  Edgar  (Mary  B  North) .see  D, 

Lesher  MiM"  Arthur  L  (Marion  A  Isaacs)Ap. 


Lesher  M*"  Marion  A . .  at  Vassar 

JfiS.  W  Theresa  L  &  M'"  Wm  M  &  Arthur  L  Jr . . . 
Lesher  MiM"  Raymond  (Martha  B  Niles)R..M'ab'd 
jK.M*"MarthaN. .  .[Lusi  Aug26.M'&M"av'dCedOct2 
Lesher  M"  Stephen  R  (Emilie  T  Sniffen) 

M"  Chas  S  Van  Norden 

Leslie  MiM"  John  (L^onie  Blanche  Jerome) 

10  Gt  Cumberland  PI  London 
Lestelle  MiM"  Chas  T  (May  H  Neeser).  .P^^S664-ss 

12  rue  Cortambert  Paris 


"The  Cedars'' 

Rye  NY 


65  Ess 
611     . 
Fifth  Av 


47  MadAv 



P^^S  S9  Newtown 

"Fair  View'* 

Corona  L  I 

Letchford  MiM"  Wm  Slark  (Sarah WPalmer)  Mo. Mg. 

Letchford  M*"  Sarah  Augusta-Mg 

Letchford  M'  W  Palmer-Mg.  &  fc  tf"MarieB-Mg.  . 

M'  E  Cleveland  Palmer 

Leverich  MiM"  Chas  Duncan  (Fannie  Floyd 


Leverich  tf—  Mathilde  G  &  Gertrude  R 

Leverich  M"  Edward  (Annie  F  Schuchardt).  . 
Leverich  M'"**  Catharine  S-Cly.&  Margaret  D- 
Leverich  M'HenryS-Un.Cy.Bm.Fn.Y.'oi  .[Cly 

Leverich  M'  S  Duncan-Lt .27  Wash  Sq  N 

Levering  MiM"  Richmond  (Laura  Bamum)  Y.'o2..LexingtonKy 
Levey  MiM"  Fred'k  H  (Mary  C  Bispham)  M.Bg.         P^^S229 

Levey  tf"  Margaret  B-Cda [Cda.   323  N  Broad 

Levey  M'  Chas  B-Sa.Bg.Y.'oo Elizabeth  N  J 

Levy  M'  Jefferson  M-M.Ny.Rv.So nhoM^     j,r  j 

MiM*^  Cari  von  Mayhoff  (Amelia  Levy)  ^  ^o62oMad 

JfiSi  M'  Monroe  von  MayhoflE 


Throggs  Neck 
W  Chester  N  Y 


Hew  York  1909  343 

Lewis  IP  Albert  Nelson-Ritp.Rv.Wt.Mdbl.Pa' see  P^fc 

Lewis  IP*  Annette  A see  E  H  Kidder 

Lewis  M'  Birdseye  Blakeman  (Chas  V).. Married  atMillbrookNY 

Thome  IP"  Charlotte  P  (Oakleigh) Jun  27 

Lewis  MiM"  Birdseye  Blakeman  (Charlotte  P  Thome)  Aht'io 

Lewis  IT  Chas  A-Uv.Ty'93 US  Forest  Service  WfS 

Lewis  M"  Chas  Edw  (Jane  Perry  Hone) I      10  DeHart 

Lewis  IP"  Jane  Hone JMorristown  N  J 

Lewis  D'  Chas  H-Uv.Na.Y'82 I*«;293Plaza.  51  W  58 

Lewis  MiM"  Charlton  M  (Grace  H  Robbins)  Uv.Y'86 

PIK889.  .425  St  Ronan  New  Haven  Ct.  .see  3J 

Lewis  M"  Charlton  T  (Margaret  Sherrard) 

Lewis  IP"  Mary  L ...,,.  see  D2SS. 

Lewis  IP"  Margaret  &  IIS.  M'  Jas  McK 

Lewip  IT  Clarence  McK-R.Mid.Au.Uv.Cl.'98 see  W  Salomon 

Lewis' MiM"  Edison  (Edith  Greenough)  H.'o2 

1*1524332-79.  .960  Park  Av 


131  South 



Lewis  M"  Edwin  A  S  (Alice  S  Walker) . 

Lewis  M'  D  Freeland 

H"  M  Walker  Harrison 

JS.  JP"-  Evelyn  B  &  Virginia  R  Harrison. . . . 
Lewis  Prof  &  M"  Edwin  S  (Jessie  S  Norris)  P'88 

P«563a. .  20  Bank  Princeton  N  J 

Lewis  MIM"  Fred'c  E  (Mary  A  Russell)  Ny Pl?S68 14-38 

Lewis  IT"  Wadsworth  R  &  Reginald  M 22  W  38 

Lewis  MiM"  H  Radnor  (Carolyn  T  Brown)P^S448oMad.i42  E  27 
Lewis  IP"  Mary Married 

La  FargeM' Oliver  H  P 

Lewis M'  Orlando P«S4o66Gram. .  103  W  84 

Lewis  D;M"  Oriando  F  (Edith  S  Sabine) see  DSS. 

Lewis  MiM"  Percy  Pyne  (Cesarine  A  Graves)  Lc I     see 

te  M'  Frederic  E  2d |  DSX 

Lewis  M*M"RobtC(PaulineEPenniman)P.'89.seeGH  Penniman 

Lewis  MiM"  Rob't  E  L  ( J  E  Mathilde  Gossler)  So 31  E  77 

Lewis  M"  Walter  Herron  (Arabella  B  Dash) 
'     -.     ■  '         ':  '    Pl?r3c83Plaza..53E  64 

Leyba  MiM"  Ed  P  W  (Zabriskie-Elizabeth  Driver)  . 

12  rue  Castiglione  Paris 

344  Social  Register 

L'Hommedieu  Mill"  F  Arnold  (Noella  V  Colquitt)  Bg. 

P^SiSw.  .373  Charlton  Av  So  Orange  N  J 

So  Orange 

L'Hommedieu  MiM"SylvesterY(ACarolineBaldwm) 
L'Hommedieu  IP""  Nathalie  C  &  Augusta  D 
L'Hommedieu  M'  Sylvester  Y  Jr 

Libbey  M' Jonas  M-Ul.Lc.P'77  Fort  Wash  Ridge  Rd  Wash  Hgts 

80  Prospect 
Summit  N  J 

Libby  MilT*  Aug  F  (Harriet  M  Robbins)Mc. 

Libby  tf"  Marie  Curtis [Bow'64  i 

Libby  Mill"  James  L-Ul.Na i  Union  League  Club 

Libby  M'  Wm  H-Ul.Lt |        see  DS^lS. 

Libby  Mill"  Paul  (Frances  Dixon)  Mt.Ha 2109  B'way 

Libby  MiM'^  Walter  G  (Mary  E  Stokes)  P/95 

P«Si681. .  16  Hillside  Av  Summit  N  J 
Lightfoot  MiM"  Alfred  R  (Marie  Zo^  VaU^)  R. 

P^976Broad..62  W39 
LilUe  M*"  Caroline  Hasbrouck ^ 

M"  Chas  Symington  (Julia  W  LilUe) 12^  .^  24 

Lincoln  M'  Arthur-Uv.Br'70 [*^;i77iBry.  .570  Fifth  Av 

Lincoln  MiM"  Fred'c  W  (Philena  Prentice)  Ap.Ct.Rv.Cd. 

P"5SSi29l.  /*Miramonte''  Greenwich  Ct 
Lincoln  M'  John  L-Uv.Pl.Unch.Uvch.Br'73 I334  Huron 

M'  Wm  Hulin j  (JS.see.CSfe 

Lincoln  MiM"  Lowell  (Clara  A  Lothrop)  Ul.Mc. 

[*^  W37 
Lincoln  M"  Lowell  Jr  (Anna  J  Steward). .[*^S22i3Plaza.i66  E  64 
Lincoln  M"  Rufus  P  (Caroline  Tyler) jP'»Sio2 . .  622  W  8 

tf"  Anna  H  Tyler |    Plainfield  N  J 

Lindabury  If"  Lucy  H  (Rich'd  V).. Married  at  Bemardsville  N  J 

Berry  Lt  Robert  L-USN Sep  26 .  .see  WBS 

Lindabury  MiM"  Richard  V  (Lillie  Van  Saun)  E.Au..Plaza  Hotel 

Linderman  M"  Rob't  P  (Ruth  May  Sayre) j        South 

JSJ.  M'—  Mary  E,  Lucy  E  &  Evelyn iBethlehem  Pa 

Lindley  MiM*^  Chas  A  (Edith  Greene)  Sn.Rh.Y.'o4 

I*«SS7i4Plaza..5s  E  55 
Lindley  DiM"  Charles  L  (L  Catherine  Marshall)  Un.C.Cr79 

P'«S223  •  •  Lakewood  N  J 
Lindley  IP-'EUa'M-Bm see  M"  n  Floyd 

Lindley  MiM"  Forrest  P  (Converse-Lita  I  Berry) . 
Lindley  M"  Mark  Newton  (Gertrude  Ely), , ,.,... 


New  Yorkxoog 


Lindley  MtM"  J  Bryant  (Leavitt)  S (  Claremont 

Lindley  IP*  Inanda  &  J£^  IP"*  Elsie  &  Marjorie... .  |Cape  Colony 

M"  Ed  Morse  Field  (Lindley) |    So  Africa 

Lindley  MiM"  John  (Louisa  L  Crosby) . . . 

Lindley  tf"  Eleanor  C 

Lindsay  MiM"  John  D  (F  Stella  Gregory)  Cal.M.Rv.Snc 

43  E30 

Kg.Fn..34  W  II 

P*'1i?o470o  Plaza 
Hotel  Gotham 

Lindsay  MiM"  Wm  (Eleanor  Holmes)  M.So.Dar. 

M"  Sarah  L  Holmes 

Lindsley  MiM"  Van  Sinderen  (Isabel  C  Fanshawe)  R.Cly.Y/98 

see  DiSSSZ. 

Lister-Kaye  V*  Adeline abroad 

Lister-Kaye  Sir  John  Pepys  &  Lady  (Natica  Yznaga) 

26  Manchester  Sq  London 

Litchfield  M'  Bayard  Sands  (Edw  H) Married  at  OckleyEng 

Berg  M*"  Marguerite  (late  Victor  A) Aug  12 

Litchfield  MiM"  Ed  H  (Madeleine  M  Sands) 
Litchfield  M*"*  Madeleine  Sands  &  Marion 

Litchfield  Mi M"BayardS (Marguerite  Berg) 

Litchfield  MiM"  Electus  D  (Elizabeth  B  Rodman)  Ct.Cw.Bm. 
Stv'92.  .P«S4oioMad.  .po  244FifthAv 

Litchfield  M'  Percy-Ct.Ch.Stv^97.  • mytS^^'e 

Litchfield  tf-  Cornelia Brooklyn  N  Y 

Littauer  M'  Lucius  N-Mtw.Uvw.Cvcw.H.'78 

P'^^S2ooi.  .Gloversville  N  Y 
Littauer  MiM"  Wm  (Catharine  M  Manice)  Ct.Na.Cd.Cly.H/86 

P*^«S563-79..884  Park  Av 

Littell  W  Elizabeth  Duval P^^S4986Gram 

Littell  M'  Emlen  I  Trenchard-Sa 44 

Littell  Paymaster  Wm  J-USN.Ny.Cl.'93 W  9 

Littell  RevDiM"TGardiner(HelenAHarrington) '  5 5      ni 1 423 

Littell  ff""  Helen  Arcadia-Cda.  &  Mary  M 143  Park  Av 

Littell  D'  Elton  Gardiner-Ty'99 Yonkers  NY 

M'"EH  &  Jr  av'dLusi 

Aug*y  av'd 

Maur  Oct  16 


.  2  Montague  Ter 



Social  Registif 

Little  MiM"ArthurW(Marguerite  L  Wmslow)Bg.Pl.Rv.Cw.Ar. 
P«S6ir.  .Knollwood  PI  Short  HiUs  N  J 


47  W  68 

Little  M'  George  J-Mg.Mo 

Little  M^  Elizabeth  N-Mg 

Little  MiM"  Joseph  J  Qosephine  Robinson) PI 
Little  M'"  Elsie  R 

M"  Wm  Archer  Thomson  (Little) 

JlS.  IP"  Edith  M  Thomson 

Little  MiM"  Raymond  D  (Beatrice  Kobb6)Kg.P.'oi.;seeGKobb^ 

Little  M'  Robbins-K.Mtw see  Di^'X 

Little  M"  Robert  Forsyth  Qulia  Whiton) P^^Si  i54Cort 

Little  IP"  Julia  W 343 

Little  MiM"  Rob't  Forsyth  (Janet  S  Heath)P.*96 . .  j      W  7 1 
Little  MiM"  Stephen  H  (Cornelia  R  Halsted)  P^^S294 


Little  M""  Halsted-P.^oi  &  Ed  H-P.'o5 

Little  Capt  &  M"  W  McCarty  (AnitaMChartrand) 
Little  tf"  Alice  McC [Uv.N.Un.USN'66 

M"  J  L  Chartrand  (Louisa  J  Macomb) 

Little  MiM"  Willard  Parker  (Minnie  L  Norton)Myf.Cr8i 

P«Si9oiBry..49  W  44 
Littlejohn  MiM"  Rob't  M  (Rebecca  L  Boiling)  Cybl.Cda. 

1**5845 j . .  18  Locust  Flushing  L  I 

29  Elm 
Morristown  N  J 
44  Everett 
Newport  R I 

M'ab'dCecil  Jly7..aVd 

P«Si59o. .  144  Park  Av 

Yonkers  N  Y 


Wells)  Ul.Na.Dth'88 
J&?.M""Hy  W&  Russell  B. 
LivermoreM"JohnR(JosephineWBrooks)      av'd  Cecil  Jun  30 

J»^»  tf-  Gladys  E  &  M'  John  W.  •. P^«54974Plaza..i7E6s 

Livermore  MiM"  Philip  W  (Fannie  G  Iselin)K.Mt.R.H.'o3 
M'  av'd  Phila  Aug  22 . . ab'd  Kp  Wm  Oct  6 

P^i2.  .**A11  View*'  New  Rochelle  N  Y 
Livermore  Col  &  M"  Wm  R  (Augusta  Keen)C.Rv.USA'6s 

30  Whitehall 

Livingston  M'  Arch'd  R-Uv.Cl'91 fCanon  City 

Livingston  M*"  Anna  P |       Col 

Livingston  M'  Bayard  U IP*'^Si4oMain. .  140  State 

JgkM'"  Louisa  M. 1  AlbanyN  Y 

Livingston  M'  Bayard  U  Jr-Bm.Y.'o4.  .326  S  16  PK.  .see  P*: 

New  York  1909  347 

Livingston  MIM"  Cambridge  (Judson-Alice  C  Smith)  K.Cth. 

H'90.  .P^^Si6oMad.  .  122  E  34 
Livingston  M"  Carroll  (Helen  M  Cornwall)  Cly. .  .  .  IP'^«Si642Bry 

M"  Chas  R  Cornwall |  222  W  45 

Livingston  IP"  Charlotte  L-Cd I     12 

Livingston  JP"  Mary  K .  .  at  434  William  E  Orange  N  J . .  |  W  -18 

Livingston  if"  Clarisse  Hazeltine-Cd 1^^54951-79 

Livingston  M'  Edward-R.Tf.B.H.'93 |    17  E  74 

Livingston  MiM"  D  McRa  (Margaret  L  Clarkson)Au.Rv. 

American  Exp  Co  Paris 
Livingston  M"  E  Louis  (Mary  J  Kemochan) 

Died  at  Ledbury  Eng  Jly  13 
Livingston  MiM"  Ed  McEvers  (Pollock).  J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 

Livingston  M*"  Flora 64 

Livingston  M'  Louis  M W  87 

Livingston  MiM"  Gilbert  R  (Annie  L  Wheeler)Cw.Aht'78 

Nutley  N  J 
Livingston  MIM"  Goodhue  (Louisa  Robb)C.As.Un.Uv. 

T.R.Sa.Cr88.  .P^'»5io52Plaza.  .38  E  65 
Livingston  MiM"HyB(FrancesRedmond)Un.Ss.  IP'^^S2839Spring 
Livingston  M'^"]"Angelica  &  Frances  L...[K.Tf.Cd.|23  Wash  Sq  N 
Livingston  M"  Henry  W  (Mary  S  McRa) ....  [20  rue    Chalgrin 

Livingston  tf"  Jacqueline  de  C |  Paris 

Livingston  M"  Herman  T  (Susan  Bard 
Livingston  tf"  Sarah.  .[Rogers) Dc.Cd. 
Livingston  N*"  Herman-Du.Wms'05  & 

Hy  H-Y'09 
Livingston  MiM"  James  Duane  (Mabel C  Wright)!      P*'^S35oj 

Sn.Dp.Rv.Cl/80  99  Central  Av 

J[S,  ff-  Gertrude  C  &  M'  Jas  D  Jr [Montclair  N  J 

Livingston  MiM"  John  C  (Louise  Bowler) K loi 

JiSs  tf"  Alida E  72 

Livingston  MiM"  John  G  (Clara  M  Dudley)  K.Tf.Rh. 

P*'^95.  .Lawrence  L  I 
Livingston  MiM"  John  Hy  (Alice  D  Clarkson)Uv.Snc.Rv.Cw. 

Cc.Cr69.  .J  S  Morgan- &  Co  London,  .see  P^'K 
LivingstonM70hnston-K.Un.Snc.Mid.pp.Tf.Mtw.309  Fifth  Av 

■" ------    p^'^SiigoFarRock 



av'd  Onic  Sep  16 

2o*,Wash  Sq  N 



M'  Courtlandt  D  Moss-H'09 

34ft  Social  Register 

Livingston  IP"  Julia P*^63i4Col. .  2020  Broadway 

Livingston  M*"  Margaret  M see  DSSiS. 

Livingston  M"  Maturin  (Ruth  Baylies) 4  £  69 

Livingston  M"  Murray  (Virginia  T  Purdy) 

P^S^9ooMad.  .37  Mad  Av 
Livingston  M"OscarF(LetaNichols)Cda..Hs3898Mad..io8  E  30 
Livingston  M"  Philip  (Juliet  B  Morris) 

Died  at  Bar  Harbor  Me  Sep  16 
Livingston  M'  Philip-Mt.Dp.T.Rg.Rv.Cw.Snc.Mg.Bm.Wp. 

H'84.  .P«S342oPlaza.  .Metropolitan  Club 
Livingston  M"  Robert  Cambridge  (Maria  Whitney) ...  I      37 

Livingston  M'  H  Louis-Un.R.K.Dp.Gg |Mad  Av 

Livingston  M'  Henry  Walter  (late  Rob't  C) . .  ..Married  Oct  22 

Moorehead  M*"  Alice at  Shanghai  China 

Livingston  MiM"  Hy  Walter  (Alice  Moorehead) abroad 

Livingston  MiM"  Rob't  E  (Agnes  A  Mead).  .P**^  145 

Lawrence  Pk  BronxvilleNY 

Livingston  M"  Rob*t  E  (Susan  de  Peyster)Cd 

Livingston  IP"  Catherine  G 271  Fifth  Av 

Livingston  IT  Ed  de  Peyster-Un.Cal.T.Sa.Cw.Snc. 
Livingston  M'  Rob*t  L-Un.  .ab*d  Lusi  Sep  16 

see  Ctss  H  de  Laugier-Villars 

II  WashSqN 

Livingston  M"  RoVt  R  (Mary  Tailer) 
Ja  IP"  L^ura  S  &  M'  Rob't  R-P*io. 

Livingston  M"  S  Otis  (Sara) P^^Si499Plaza. .  25  E  64 

Livingston  M"  Van  Brugh  (Ada  M  Jaudon) 1078  Mad  Av 

Livingston  M'  Walter  E-Cal Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 

Livingston  M'  Wm  S  Jr see  H  M  Raborg 

Livor  M'*  John  (M  Anna  Erineis) see  G  Place 

Livor  IP"  Felicia 125  E  57P 

Lloyd  Hill"  Francis  G  (M  H  Herbert) Mt.Ul.Ats.Rg.Rv. . .    157^ 

Lloyd  M"  D  Herbert  (Julia  A  Trowbridge) E  71 

Lloyd  Maj  Harlan  P-Ul.Bd.Ll.Ham'59. .  .Union  League  Club 
Lloyd  Miir  Nelson  McA  (Susanne  L  Green)  Un.As.Cly 

av'd  Onic  Aug  19.  .Syosset  L  I 
Lloyd  MiM"  Robert  McA  (Jennet  M  Belknap) S.Dt.Ats.Au. 

PlKro66Col.  .863  Seventh  Av 
Lloyd  DiM"  Samuel  (Adfele  Ferrier)P/82 12  W  50 

New  York  1909  349 

Lloyd  D'  T  Mortimer-Ha.Pa'76 |  P^^272Main  . 

Lloyd M*" Mercy  H _. _i-|i2S  Pierrepont Brooklyn 

Short  Hills  N  J 


HP"  Katharine  S  Jewett 
Locke  HftM"  Campbell  (Ruth  C  Slatterv)Rh.ClV94 

nSlg^T. .  Woodmere  L  I 

Locke  Mill"  Chas  E  (Eleanor  Brown) Ul.Rp |P^S2966Col 

Locke  IP"  Enid-Fn.Dar |  14  W  69 

Locke  MiM"  Jesse  A'(Caroline  T  Hecker)Cl/8o 

P^S259.   Polifly  Rd  &  Essex  Hackensack  N  J 
Lockett  MiM"  Arthur  H  (Antoinette  L     [P*^«;2o6r  '*The  Brink ^' 
Whiton)Uv.Dt.H/92  Maple  St 

Lockett  M"  James [      Englewood  N  J 

Lockman  M"  Jacob  K  (Mary) 50  W  39 


Lockman  M'  Fred  I-Bg.Snc.Y/oo 140  W  73 

Lockman  M' John  Quentin-Uv,Snc.Y.'98 

Lockman  Mill"  Myron  A  (Helen  Van  Wyck)H/87 

'*Van  Wyck  Homestead''  West  Neck  L  I 

Lockwood  M'fBenoni-Ct.Dt.Ll. 105  E .  18 

Lockwood  M'^Buckingham-Cal.Ny P*'il?S2233Bry.  .12  W  44 

Lockwood  IP"  Enrnia  H see  C  L  Westcott  243  W  75 

Lockwood  MiM"  Ernest  M  (Grace  Horton)  Ny. 

^^4406-38.  .9  E  39 
Lockwood  DiM"  Geo  Roe  (Dennett)C.Uv.Rg.T. 

P^^Si882plaza.  .18  E  52 

49  W  57 

Lockwood  MiM"  Hy  Benedict  (Rosa  C  McCay)Ny. 

Lockwood  M*"  Violette [Rv. 

Lockwood  MiM"  Isaac  Ferris  (Sarah  'Wisner)C.Rv.Cc.|     550 

JlS»ff--Priscilla  &  Eleanor [Park  Av 

441  Park  Av 

Lockwood  M"  LeGrand  (Katherine  H  Bissell) . 

Lockwood  ff—  Katherine  B  &  Hilda  LeG 

Lockwood  M'  Manice  De  Forest-Cal.Y. '07.. Calumet  Club.absent 
Lockwood  M"  Mary  I  (Mary  I  Bonner) . .  P'^S  1739-79 . .  137  E  79 
Lockwood  MiM"  Wm  A  (Elizabeth  E  Edwards)Uv.Wms'96 

P^'»5297o  Plaza.  .635  Park  Av 
Lockwood  M**'Williston  B  (J  Isabel  Dominick) 

P^S48C6L.2QS  W  57 
Lockwood  M^  Williston  B  (late  Le  Grand) 

Died  at  E  Hampton  L  I  Jly  20 


Social  Register 


Loening  MIM"  Albert  (Hermine  Rubino)  Ar. . 
Loening  IT"  R  Rubino-Cro4  &  A  Palmer.  .  .  . 

Jffi.  M'  Grover  C-CroQ 

Loew  M"  Edward  V  Qulia  F  Goadby) . .  Died  at  25  W  57  Jly  22 

LoewM'  Ed  V-Un.Rg.T P^^S42S4-38. .  15  E  48 

Loew  M'  Fred'k  W  2d-R.Rg.Cr01 Racquet  Club 

Loew  MiM"  Wm  Goadby  (Florence  Baker) Un.Mb.Rg.B.Sa. 

Tf .Cy.R.T.Cly.Cr97 . .  260  Mad  Av 

Logan  M"  John  A  (Edith  Andrews) 

Logan  IP"  Marie  L 

Logan  M'  John  A 

Jffi.JP"  Edith 

Logan  MiM"  Rob't  R  (Sara  Wetherill)Pl.H.'97.Pa'oo 

P«S6288Mad..48E  26 

Logan  M"  Waiter  s  (Eliza  Preston  Kenyon)  Ats 225  West 

Logan  JT"  HoUister-Ats.Lt.Yale'oo  &  Walter  S End  Av 

Loines  Mill"  Russell  H  (Katharine  H  Conger)  Ha.Ct.Cr94 

H.'98.  .P«S55oiPlaza. .  131  E  66 

P^1K2  58Plaza 
17  W  56 


152  Columbia  Hgts 


P1JS72W.  .Prospect  Av 
Pelham  Manor  N  Y 

Loines  MiM"  Stephen  (Mary  Hillard)  Dt, 


Loines  IP"*  Hilda,  Elma  &  Sylvia 

Loney  MiM"  Allen  D  (Catharine  W  Brown)  av'd  Camp  Jly  22 

ab'dMaurSep  2..**GuilsboroughHouse'*  NorthamptonEng 

Loney  MiM"  Hy  E  (Henriette  C  de  Rivera) see  J)^'^., 

Loney  M'  Wm  A 

Loney  M'  Fred*k  Roosevelt-Sa.  .  . 

MiM"  Harry  S  Abbot  (Loney) 

Jffi.  tf"  Alice  L  Abbot 

Long  M"  John  F(Emily  A  Chatterton).  ..'  .Pl?S2903Col. .  i  W  72 

Longfellow  MiM"  Clark  (Amanda  B  Gardner) 123  E  78 

Longfellow  MiM"  Fred'k  W(Julia  Livingston  Delafield)  Ct. 

Cda.H.'9i.  .P^1JS262Kingsbdge.  .Riverdale  N  Y 
Look  MiM"  David  Millard  (Mariana  Townsend  Reed)  Un.Uv- 

Ul.Mc.P.*84.  .P«Si23 . .  107  Maple  Av  Greenwich  Ct 

Loomis  M"  Hy  P  (Julia  J  Stimson)Cly.T.Cda P^5209Mad 

Loomis  tf"  Julia  A  &  M'  Alfred  L-Y'09 58  E  34 

Loomis  MiM'^  Horatio(Mary  HPhelps)As.Bd.Cly.Vt  P^«S9i4Bry 

V  Julius  H  Woodward ['76    58  W  40 

Loomis  MiM"  Wm  (Adela  Hess) Ats. .  .  .Pl?S3882CoL  .  175  W  58 

New  York  1909  351 

Loper  IKM"  G  Weaver(Fannie  Gordon)  Mt.Ny.Ulp. 

rW3 4ooMad. .  17  W  32 .  .M'  at  Park  City  via  Republic  Wash 
Lord  MiM"  Arthur  P  (Marion  Louderback)  T.Y.'qs 

P^«S66.  /'Kiltanning"  Tuxedo  Pk  N  Y 

Lord  M"  Chas  (Susie  F  Furman) 

Lord  IP"  Zaidee 


Mil"  Hy  T  AUey  (Lord) 

Lord  MiM"  Chester  S(Katherine  M  Bates)Ul. 


Lord  M'^Rich'd  &-Wms'o2 

Lord  M"  Daniel(SilvieBolton)ab'dCarmJun  27.  .av*dLusiOct3o 
P«Si4FarRock.  /'Sosi^go**  Lawrence  L  I 

Lord  IP*  Elsie  B  Couper Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 

Lord  M'  Frank  H-Uv.Rv.Ll.Cw.An.Fw.P/79 

University  Club  Seattle  Wash 

Rye  NY 


57  S  Portland  Av 


av'd  Carm  Sep  23 
PW6368-38. .  sSParkAv 

Lord  M"  Prankfin  Butler  (JoSCphinC  GiUct) 


Lord  MiM"  Franklin  B  (LiUan  L  F  Barker)  Y.'os' 

P*«S86 1-79..  136  E  71 
Lord  MiM"  Fred'c  Wait(Garrison-AliceHKirkham)Au.Ct.Eg. 

R.Trb.Exb.Mit'93.  .P'«Sii66Plaza.  .126  E  65 
Lord  MiM"  Fred'k  R  (Edith  Tiffany)  Cl/92.  .  .  see  H  D  Tiffany 
Lord  M"  Geo  de  Forest  (Frances  T  Shelton) 

P^S495Bry.  .524  Fifth  Av 
Lord  M'  James  Couper-Un.R.T.H/03.  .see  C  C  Cuyler.  .34  E  52 
Lord  MiM"  Kenneth  (Mildred  Grimwood)  N.Wms'oo 

P*1K4957JPros.  .37  S  Portland  Av  Bklyn 
Lord  MiM"  Richard  SandersQulie  E  Westbrook)  Sn. 

St  Nicholas  Club 
Lord  M'  Wm  Brown-Un.W.H'88.  .  .P^^2257john.  .Union  Club 
Lorentzen  Prof  &  M"  Carl  C(Anne  T  Turner). .  .UniversityHgts 

Lorillard  MiM"  Beeckman  (Kathleen  L  Doyle) see  DSdS!. 

Lorillard  MiM"  Ernest  E  (Elizabeth  K  Screven)  Au'.Cy.Ny. 

P*^Si697~79.  .9  E  79 

Lorillard  MiM"  Jacob  (Uhlhom)  Ny Throgg*s  Neck  N  Y 

Lorillard  MiM"  LouisL(KatherineLBeeckman)Un.  |     P'To^  1 5 

K.B.Ny.Snc.Smb.Mtw.j  '^Oakwood 
Lorillard  M'GeoL-K.H'o3.atAmerLegCopenhagenl    Terrace" 
Lorillard  M'  Louis  L  Jr-Un.Sa.Ny.Y'97 JNewport  R I 

35a  Social  fi^stef 

Lorillard  M"  nettt  (Emily  Taylor) Tuxedo  N  Y 


Lorillard  MiM"  Pierre  (Caroline  Hamilton)  Un.Tf . .    of  Tuxedo 

B.K.G.T.Dt.Wk.R.Mtw.Cd.Cly [Club      Pk  N  Y 

Lorillard  M'  Pierre  Jr-T.Un.K.R.H.'04-at  Harvard 
Lorillard  M'  Griswold-T.R.  .ab'd  A  Vic  Jly  16.  . . . 
Loring  MiM"  Daniel  A-Ny.Au.Na.  .av'd  K  II  Oct  6 

N  Y  Yacht  Club 
Loring  MiM"  Daniel  Alden  Jr(Marie  L  Wicker)Uv.R.Rp.Sa. 

Y'91 .  .P'^^SisilGlenCove.  .Locust  Valley  L  I 
Loring  M"  Edward  G  (Helen  S  Swift) 109  E  30 



811  Fifth  A V 

Loring  MiM"  FrancisL(William-AnnaHolland)  \ 

Loring  M^""  Marie  Lemoine [Rp.Dar.Cda. 

tf"  Eleanor  F  Holland. 
Loring  M"  Geo  B  (Hildreth-Anna  Smith)  av'd  Phila  Oct  17 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris,  .see  DSSlS. 
Loring  MiM"  J  Holland  (Henriette  Weiniaska)  Au. 

22  Norfolk  Park  Lane  London 
Lorton  MiM"  Heth  (Mary  N  Lawrence)  Sn.Kg.Cc.So.Rv.Cw. 

Anw.Wesso.Cd.  .P^«S242Plaza.  .62  E  54 

Lottimer  M'  William  Gardner  (Wm  A) Married  Aug  15 

Haddock  M"stanieyB( Amelia Watkin)  .atMonmouthBeachNJ 
Lottimer  MiM"  W  Gardner  (Haddock-Amelia  Watkins) 

P^«S2383Mad. .  121  Mad  Av 
Loubat  M'  Jos  Florimond-K.Un.Ny.Uv.Mtw.'47 

53  rue  Dumont  d'Urville  Paris 

Lough  tf"  Alice  F Married  at  London 

Clutterbuck  M'  Richard  W  B. Jim  lo 

Lough  MiN"  E  St  George(Eloise  Lowndes  Roman)Cd.Y'84 

P'^^SSySw.  .Cumberland  Md 

Lough  M**  Helen  M Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 

Lounsbery  MiM"  Henry  R  (Clara  Bogardus)  As [Bedford 

Jx^„M'  De  Witt I    NY 

Lounsbery  MiM"  Hy  R  Jr  (Elizabeth  Donaldson)  As.Au. 

Lounsbery  MiM"  Richard  P (Edith  H  Haggin)Ul. 

Ny.Ct.G.Rg.Na.Au.Kg.Mid.Snc.  P^^S46o4Plaza 
Lounsbery  M""  Ben  Ali  H-Na.Y'oi  &  Richard-  14  E  52 


New  York  1909  353 

Love  KM"  Sidney  C  (Marjorie  Bumes)  Mt.Tf.Rh.Mid.R. 

"XW  37.. see  OS 
Lovell  MiM"  Franklyn  Hallett(M  Louise  Lewis)  Ul.Cw.Ats. 

DcMyt.  .Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
LoveU  MiM"  Franklyn  H  Jr(Florence  B  Lane)  Myf.Cw.P'90 

52  Crescent  Road  Madison  N  J 
Lovering  M'  Wm  Maltby-Uv.Un.B.R.Ny.Mc.Lc.Smb.Atb. 

Eyb.Y.'Si .  .of  Taunton  Mass. .  la  W  44.  .see  BS. 
Low  MiM"  Abbot  A  (Marian  Ward)C.Ha.Dt.Ny.    P«S94iMain 
Low  ff"  Geo  C  W  &  Abbot  A  Jr.  .  .  .[Myf.Cda.  aPierrepont  PI 

JS.  M'  Seth  2d B'klyn 

Low  M"  C  Adolphe(Martha  Westervelt)  Cd.  .ab'd  Bait  Oct  i 

av'd.  .P«Si99sPlaza. .  19  Ws3 

Low  M"  Chauncey  E hS  Grace  Ct 

Low  tf"  Nathalie |     B'klyn 

Low  MiM"  Ethelbert  I  (Gertrude  Herrick)Uv.Ha.S.Rh.Ad. 

Y.'o2.  .P«S4i72Plaza.  .38  E  64 
Low  MiM"  Jos  T  (Mary  Mott)  Un.Ul.Snc.As.Cc.Rv.lP^SysyPlaza 

Low  tf"  Laura.. . : [Cw.Cda.]    47  W  52 

Low  DiM"  Jos  T  Jr  (Edith  K  Joyce)  Rv.P'94.Cr98 

MSi4S.  .63  Grove  Hill  New  Britain  Ct 

161  Franklin  PI  Flushing  L  I 

Low  M'  RobesonLea-Sn.USN'91 
Low  M"  B  Lea  (Bertha  Lea) .... 
Low  MiM"  Seth  (Annie  Curtis)  C.Uv.Ul.Mt.Ct.B.Rp.Ny.Myf . 

Dt.A.Ats.Bd.Ha.Dar.Cl.*7o.  .P^»S6sPlaza.  .30  E  64 
Low  MiM"  Wm  G  (Lois  R  Curtis)  Ha.Ny.Cr65. . . .  P«S469Main 

Low  tf""  Lois  C,  Harriette  &  Esther  H 58  Remsen 

Low  M'  Benj  R  C B'klyn 

Low  MiM"  Wm  G  Jr  (Rhoda  Howe)  Uv.Bm.Rv.Cw.Y'97 

P^«S  1 448Main  ..29  Grace  Ct  Brooklyn 
Low  MiM"  Will  H  (Berthe  E  M  Julienne)  C.Lt. 

P'^«S24olBronxville.  .Lawrence  Pk  N  Y 

Lowe  MiM"  Gerald  (Cora  T  UnderhUl) see  DSSZ. 

Lowe  MiM"  Hy  W  (Marie  C  Leary)  R.Snc.As.P.'97 

P''^4S37Plaza..io2  E  57 
Lowe  MiM"  Wm  E  (Mary  W  Wheeler)  Ny.Sn.Ch.JP^5423Plaza 

JJS.  tf"  Margaret [Snc.|      67  E  66 

Lowell  M*-  Carlotta  Russell P«S4969Plaza.  .43  E  64 

Lowell  MiM"  James  B  (Harriet  Worden)Un.Uv.R.H.'94.33  E  77 

3S4  Social  Register 

Lower  M'  Wm  Savery P'^S2S2-79. .  173  E  70 

Lowndes  M"  A labsent 

Lowndes  M*"  Caroline | 

Lowndes  MiM"  Chas  T  (Catharine  S  Beasley) 

P''^Sii87Main. .  22  W  Buena  Ventura  Colorado  Springs  Col 
Lowndes  MiM"  Jas  (Laura  W  Tuckerman)  C.Cly.Mtw.'54 

1515  Mass  Av  Wiffi 

Lowndes  MiM"  Rawlings  (Ellen  F  Ware) see  D^lX 

Lowrey   M"  Girard  C  W  (Charlotte  Rice) 153 

Lowrey  M*"  Ruth  &  JlS,  tf"  Miriam  S Riverside  Dv 

Lowrie  MiM"  Chas  N  (B  Isabelle  Forrest)  Rv.Y.'qi 

P'*«S52i2Plaza.  .67  E  53 
Lowther  Sir  &  Lady  Gerard  (Alice  Blight) 

British  Legation  Tangier  Morocco 

Lucas  M"  Alex  L 1^ 

Lucas  tf"  H^lfene  Von  S 17  J^  n 

Luce  MiM"  Harry  J  (Katherine  H  Moxley)  Mt.W.|P^«Si5i2Plaza 

fe?.  W  Margaret  P [Kg.R.Na.Ny.Au.Lt.Dar.]       4  E  52 

Luce  M'  Rob't  L-M.Na.Pu.Rv.Y/89..P«S4i29Chel. .  137  W  14 

Luckemeyer  M"  Edward 41  Av  de  TAlma  Paris 

Ludington  M"  Benjamin  L  (Marietta  Barclay). .  P^^S4oisPlaza 

Ludington  M*"  Helen  A 44 

Ludington  M'  Rob't  B-Na.Dke.Aht'91 E  69 

Ludington  M: Chas  H-Ul.C. p.^..  ^^^^_^g 

276  Mad  Av 

Ludington  tf""  Mary  L  &  Katharine-Cd 

Ludington  ff"  Wm  Howard-Y.'87&ArthurC-Y'o2 
Ludington  MiM"  Chas  H  Jr  (Ethel  M  Saltus)  Uv.Rcp.Y'87 

P^^io9.  .**Clovelly''  Ardmore  Pa.. see  PK 
Ludlam  M"  G  D  (Gertrude  de  la  M  Denison)  .[Cw.  I         600 
Ludlam  MiM"  Percy  Clifford  (Florence  L  Pollard)] Riverside  Dv 

Ludlam  M'  Percy  C Married  at  Cleveland  O 

Pollard  M*"  Florence  L  (late  Wm) Aug  15 

Ludlow  MiM"  Banyer  (Lydia  C  Ellis)  Snc. 

P^^SiS'  -"Cedarhurst"  W  Chester  N  Y 
Ludlow  MiM"  E  Livingston  (Hall)  I  M"ab'd  Bait  Jly  9 . .  av'd  Adri 

Ludlow  M'  Edw  Hunter [Snc.(    Sep  3 . . P*^«S663-79..6E 76 

Ludlow  MiM"  James  B  (Wood-E  Louisa  Geary)  Un.Uv.Ct.C, 
Dt.Snc.As.H.'Si.  .of  Lenox  Mass.  .21  E  77 

New  York  1909  355 

Ludlow  M"  Thos  w  (Frances  F  Bettner) 

P^i74j. .  5  Fairfield  PI.  .Ludlow  Pk  Yonkers  N  Y 
Ludlow  MIM"  Th6sW(HametDBrowne)Cl.'o3. 1 irueScribe  Paris 

Luke  M'  Arthur  F-Mt.Na.Lc.Ny Metropolitan  Club 

Luling  M*M"  Theo  W  (Grace  L  Dunham)  Uv.Camb'89 

Baring  Bros  London 
Lummis  MiM"  Chas  A  (Marion  Duhain)  Na.Cth.Rv. 

P«544.  .''The  Fortress *'  Summit  N  J 

Lummis  IP"*  M  Florence  &  Eliza  O'Brien P^4634Riv 

Lummis  M'  Benj  R-Na.Rv 322  W  106 

Lummis  MiM"Wm(ElizabethColeman)M.Na.Cw.    P^S  3 «;44  Riv 
i^  M*"Harriet  &  V"  Wm  M  &  John  M..[Rv.Cr59    320  W  107 
Lung  D;M"  George  A  (Helen  V  C  de  Peyster)  Ht.USN.Uv.S. 

Roch'83.Pa'86..P«S3i32Main.. Navy  Yard 
Luquer  RevLea-C.[StLJlyi8|  av'd  St  L  Aug  12 

Luquer  IP"  Eliose  P .  .  ab'd     jStMatthew's  RectoryBedfordNY 
Luquer  MiM"  Lea  Mcllvaine  (Anne  Low  Pierrepont)  C.Ct.Cw. 
Cda.Ht.Cr87.  .aVd  St  L  Aug  i2..P^«54864Riv.32i  W80 
Luquer  M'  Thatcher  T  P-Ad.Uv.Cw.Ht.Cr89 

ab'd  St  L  Jly  18.  .av'd  Aug  i2..P^'»Si7oMad.  .  135  Mad  Av 

Lusk  If"  Anna  H 

Lusk  D'  Wm  Chittenden-Uv.Mt.Rg.C.Y'90 

Lusk  MIM"  Graham  (May  W  Tiffany)  C.Uv.Cr87 

P«S897-79..2  7  E  72 

Lusk  D'  Thurston  G-So P'^«S2292-38 . .  121  E  40 

Luttgen  MIM"  Walther  (Amelia  F  Bremeyer)  Ny.S.Dt.Au.Na. 

P^^S4348Riv.  .680  West  End  Av 
Lutz  Mill"  Fred'k  L  (Lillian  M  Gillett)  H.'o2.As. 

P^1?S2  7o8Mad.  .35  E  30 
Lydig  MiM"  David  (Hannah  M  Tompkins)  Un.Dp.R.Cr6o 

P^S3i64Mad..49  E  29 
Lydig  MiM"  Philip  M(Rita  de  A  de  Acosta)Un.K.Mt.R.Tf . 
Fw.Mtw.Cly.H.'89..M"  ab'd  Prov  Sep  10.  .av'd  ^ 

P"3?S52Plaza.  .38  E  52 
Lydon  M'""  Marie  J,  Elizabeth  B  &  Cornelia  B. . .  IP^878Plaza 

Lydon  M'  Richard  P-Mt.Cth.Na.Cr90 |    149  E  61 

Lyford  MiM"  Oliver  S  Jr  (Frances  L  Meigs)  Myf.Y.'9o 

P^«S2 509-79.  .HI  E  70 

47  E  34 

iS6  Social  Re^ster 

Lyle  V  Wm  G-Mt P^i82oPlaza.  .60  W  58 

L5mian  M"  Chas  (Anna  I  Corse)..**  Mimosa"  St  Raphael  France 
Lyman  IT  Chester  W-Uv.As.Mid. Ar.Dke.  Y.'82. 

P«S328oBry..66  W46 
Lyman  Kr  Frank-Uv.Ny.Pl.Gg.Ct.Eg.Dt.H'74 

34  Remsen  Brooklyn  N  Y 
Lyman  M"  George  Gray  (Milly  Parker) ..  IP«S20  *'Woodacres'' 
Lyman  IT"  Jas  Otis~H'o6  &  Frank  M. . .  .1        Heliport  L  I 

L5mian  M'  Geo  Theodore Died  at  Milton  Mass  Jun  14 

Lyman  MiM"  Hart  (Marion  Torrey)  Uv.Y.'73 

P*^1K4683Plaza..74  E  54 
L5mian  M&M"HenryD(Davis-LotiiseCJudson)Ul.Lt.. Hotel  Plaza 
Lyman  DiM"  John  Grant  (EmmaHBrown)Au.  .  .  IP^3627Plaza 
M"  Frank  S  Brown.  .IP"  Anne  A  Brown. . . .  |       9  E  63 

Lyman  M"  Thos  C  (Lois  H  Manley)  Bd 

Lyman  IP""  Laura  C,  Lois  M-Bd.  &  Anna  1 24  E  76 

J^  IP"  Lois  M  Cunningham 

Lynah  Pcss  Alex  de  (May  Parsons) ^u-rr^^A 

Lynah  Ctss  Jane  de aoroaa 

Lynch  M'  Edw  Lambert-Rh see  DSlSK. 

Lynch  M'  Eug  T-Snc ^^  ^  ^^ 

Lynch  IP"  Elizabeth  M-Cda 75  ^  »i 

Lynch  MIM"  Jasper  (RachelACartwright)R.Cw.  J  **Lynx  Hall*' 

Lynch  IP"  R  A  C  &  JJS.  HP"  Louise  F [Lakewood  N  J 

Lynch  MiM"  John  H  (Lucy  Moffitt)  Ul.N.Dt. 

W  Mountain  Rigdefield  Ct 

Lynch  IP""  Mary,  E  Louise  &  Emily P^S727Gram 

L)nich  M'  James  D-Cth 129E21 

Lynch  MiM"  Peter  W  (Mabel  Robbins) I5.  rue  Picot  Paris 

Lynch  IP"  Jessie  R-Bm |        M'  absent 

Lynch  MIM"*  Wm  J  (Emily  Morrison) see  DSliSK. 

Lynde  M"  Rollin  Harper  (Elizabeth  Blaney) see 

Lynde  HP"  Augusta DSX 

Lynn  MiM"  Wm  H  (Ramoncita  Yglesias)  M.Mt.Lc. 

184  Centre  Av  New  Rochelle  N  Y 
Lyon  MiM"  Cecil  (Anita  de  Bary)  Mg.Cly.po  5  Ws2..see  DJ^'SS. 

Lyon  MLM"  E  Burton  (Emily  C  Vyse)  R.Tf 68  E  77 

Lyon  D*M"  Edw  Dewis  (Pinckney-KateE)Uv.P.'76.576Fifth  Av 
Lyon  M'  Emory  S-Mt.Bg.Gg.Mid.Uv.Ul.  .  .  Metropolitan  Club 

Hew  York  1909 


Lyon  M^"*  Louise  Abeel  &  Mar jorie  C see  A  F  King 

P^^Sio8..2io  South 
Morristown  N  J 

Lyon  W  Richard  B-Uv.P/91 

Lyon  W  Wm  Roscoe 

Lyon  MiM"  SamlB (Margaret Wiley)C.Ats. Ay.. White  PlainsNY 

McAdoo  MiM"  Wm  (Eva  L  Tardy) ab'd  Bait  Jly  9  av'd 

McAdoo  M*"  Eva  T P^^SMBry . .  59  W  46 

McAdoo  MiM"  Wm  Gibbs  (Sarah  H  Fleming)Mt.  M'  av'd  Maur 
McAdoo  W^  Harriet  F.  .  .[As.Au.So.Rh.Tenn'83  Aug  6..P^«223i 

&  W"  Nona  H  &  M'  Francis  H-P'io 

&  W  Wm  G  Jr.  .at  St  Paul's  Concord  N  H 

McAllister  IP-  Julia  G-Dar.Ht.Cd 

McAllister  M"  Ward  (Sarah  T  Gibbons) 

McAllister  M'"  Louise  Ward-Cly.Cd.Dar.Bm. 

McAllister  M'  Heyward  Hall-Un.Na.Cw.Bg.. 

McAlpin  MiM"  Benj  B  (Alice  T  Martin)  Uv.Myf.An.Cw.Rv. 

P.'93..P^Ǥ3497Plaza..i25E  57 
McAlpin  MiM"  Chas  W  (Sara  Carter  Pyle)  Uv.Mt.Mo.Mg.Ats. 

G.Cly.P.'88.  .P^2344Bry.  .10  W  43 

McAlpin  M"  David  H  (Cordelia  Rose) P*^^3207Plaza 

MiM"  Hy  Knox  (Shackelton) 46  W  58 

McAlpin  DIM"  D  Hunter  (Emma  Rockefeller)  Rg.Uv.Mt.Mo. 

Ats.Au.Wp.Mg.P.'Ss.  .P*^^S4799Plaza.  .3  E  54 
McAlpin  MiM"  David  H  2d  (Madeleine  Evans)  Uv.Rg.Mg.P.'o2  ' 

P^^72o. . 22  Mad  Av  Morristown  N  J 

61  Clinton  Av 

Irvington  NY 

.P^^S39ooMad..37  Mad  Av 



Mad  Av 

St  Regis 

McAlpin  Gen  Edwin  A-Ul.Rp.Cw..ab'd  Arab  Sep  17 

McAlpin  M'  Kenneth  R-P.'o5 .... 

Jx^JT  J  Roderick,  .at  Hill  School 

McAlpin  Rev  &  H"  Edwin  A  Jr  (Emily  B  Pickard)  Uv.P.'gS 

P^^S2388Mad. .  2101  Linden  Av  BSi 
McAlpin  MiM"  Geo  L  (S  Blanche  Benjamin)  Uv. 
McAlpin  ff"  Dorothy..[Ny.Rg.Au.Ats.As.Ul.Y.'79 

JlSs  M^-  Jeanette  &  Flora  B. 

W  Flora  G  Benjamin 

McAlpin  MiM"  Wm  W  (M  Louise  Close)  Lt. 

McAlpin  IP-  Adelaide  R [P' 

McAlpin  M'  A  Heyward-P'07 .  .see  DJSX. . 
Gladys  C  &  Harriette  L 

P'^S3 139-79 
9  E  90 

fm'y  ab'd  P  Grant 

Jun  13 


II  E  90 

McAneny  MiM"  Geo  (MarjorieJacobi)C.Ct..P*^*S542-38. .  19  E  47 


Social  Reguter 

20  W  49 



McAnemey  M'  Francis  B  (John) Married  at  St  Anne's 

Ewing  iP"  Elisabeth  (Bernard  M) Nov  18 

McAnemey  MiM"  Francis  B  (Elisabeth  Ewing)  Sa 27  W  11 

McAnerney  M'  John-So 

McAnemey-  iP"  Isabel 

McAnemey  M'  J  Preston 

McAnerney  MiM"  Jos  A  (Hilda  Gardiner)  Sa.Cl.'o2 
McBumey  DirChas (Margaret WWeston)  U v.C. 

McBumey  M'  Hy-Uv.R.H/98 [Gg.H/66 

McBumey  M'  Malcolm-H.'o6..ab*d  St  P  Jly  4. . . 

McBumey  M"JohnW (Louisa  Eldridge)Cd.  I  av'd  OnicOct  14 

McBumey  tf-  Mary  R-Bm |P«54553Mad.48E26 

McCagg  MiM"  Louis  Butler  (Edith  Edgar  King)  C.Uv.Ct.T. 

Cd.H/84.  .P«Si369-79.  .18  E  84 

McCall  M"  James  E  (Anna  G  Hart) 

McCall  M'  Chas  N-H/99 

Jffi.  IP"  Gertrude  G  Hernandez 

McCall  r  John  A  (Mary  I  Horan) 

McCall  M'  Sydney  C-Y'09  &  JSJ»  T  Clifford  H 

MiM"  Albert  McClave  (Mae  K  McCall) 

McCall  MiM"  John  C  (Mary  Lambert)  Uv.Mc.H.'99 

P*^«S2693Riv..2  58  W  78 

McCarter  IP"  Eliza  N see  E  B  Williamson 

McCarter  Mill"  Rob't  H  (Mary  B  Peterson)  E. 

Au.Uv.P/79..av'd  A  Vic  Oct  8 
McCarter  M'  Geo  W  C-P'o8.  .av'd  Teut  Sep  23 

McCarter  IP"  Eleanor  J 

McCarter  Mill"  Thos  N  (Madeleine  G  Barker)  Uv.E.R.Mtw. 

Cly.P.'88.  .P^«S26oRed  Bk.  /'Rumsonhill"  Rumson  N  J 
McCarter  MIM"  Uzal  H(Jane  Meeker  Lewis) Uv.E.        P^«S492 

Ny.Rtp.P.'82  1044  Broad 

McCarter  JP"  Isabelle  L Newark  N  J 

McCarty  Mill"  Barclay  E  V  (Widdleton)  Uv.Cr84 

P'«;277oMad.  .161  Madison  Av 
McCawley  Lt  Col  &  M"  Chas  L  (Davis-Sarah  H  Frelinghuysen) 

Mtw.USMC.K.Uvp.etc.  .P«;ii6oNorth..i6io  N  H  Av  Wlft 
McClellan  M"  Geo  b  (Ellen  M  Marcy) .  .av'd  Zrd  Oct  13 

Hottinguer  &  Co  Paris 

S4  W  72 

ab'd  Aka  Jly  2 


1080a  Broad 

Newark  N  J 

New  York  1909 


McClellan  Mill"  Geo  B  (Georgiana  L  Heckscher)  Un.Rv.A. 

Ch.Ll.Mtw.Anw.P/86 . .  10  Wash  Sq  N 
McClintock  MaM"  A  Garrison  (Armide  de  SauUes)  Mtw.Cvcw. 

Y.'go. .  1227-19. . WBc 
McClintock  MiM"  Emory  (IsabellaBishop)  C.Mg.Rv.Dar.Wp. 

CI.59.  .P«2i948Gram.  .38  W  9 

ab'd  Cecil  Jly  7 
av'd  KII  Sep  8 


McClure  MiM"  David  (Katharine  F  O'Gready) 

McClure  M^  Katharine  F [M.Na. 

McClure  M"  Arthur  J~Ad.Na.Cr02  &  Walter  C 

McClure  MiM"  Geo  G(Caroline  S  Wood).  .P«S304oMorn  610W1 16 

McClure  MiM"  Wm  (Ella  Crane)  Ny.Mt.Rv.Cd 14  E  6c 

McCobb  M' Jas  Selden-Uv.M.Un.R.H.*7i University  Club 

McComb  MiM"  J  Scott  (Mary  Gilkison)  Mt.Na.Au.As. 

P«S7o.  .**Rowsley  House''  Dobbs  Ferry  N  Y 
McCombs  M'  Wm  F  Jr-M.So.P.'98  H.'oi 

P^Ss45Rect.  .Hotel  Marie  Antoinette 

McConihe  M"  Isaac  (Phoebe  Mc  K  Warren) 

McConihe  MiM"  Warren  (Margaret  S  Schneider) 

Ty*9o..ab*d  Pz  Irene  Jun2o 
McCook  MiM"  Anson  G  (Hettie  B  McCook)  Ul. 

McCook  M*"  Katharine [Rp.Ll.Na. 

J&  M'  Geo  A-at  Pomfret  Sch 

McCook  tf"  Caroline  A  (Col  John  J)  ab'd  Maj  Jun  24 

av'd  Aka  Jly  22 .  . Married  Oct  6 

Morgan  M'  John  Junius  (RevD'  John  B) atioW54 

McCook  MiM"  John  J  (Janetta  Alexan-         ab'd  Maj  Jun  24 
der)  Un.Uv.Ul.Na.Rg.Ct.Rp.Dt.T.    M"  &  tf—  av'd  Aka  Jly22 

McCook  W"  Susan  A  &  Martha 

McCook  M'  Philip  J  (Rev  J  J) Married  at  CooperstownN  Y 

Brown  tf"  Jean  R  A  (Rev  D'  Philip  AH) Sep  2 

McCook  MiM"  Philip  J  (Jean  R  A  Brown)  Ct.Rp.Ty'95.H'99 

571  Park  Av 

McCook  M'  Robert  Latimer-B.Na.H.'85 Brook  Club 

McCord  MiM"  David  W  (Fannie  E  Davis)  Uv.P.'89  P^«S3735Riv 

JSL  V^  Dorothy 320  W  81 

McCord  MiM"  Jos  A  (Eleanor  B  Reed) 

P^«Si92Lawr.  .Woodmere  L  I.  .seeKSin 

42  E  SI 

33  W  54 

10  W  54 

d6o  Social  Register 

McCormack  Mil"  Lincoln  (Victoria  A  Wood)  Un.B.MidJ      j. 

JlS.  tf"  Madge  &  M'  Lincoln  Jr [R.As.Cr86r'^  ^  "^^ 

McConnick  H'  Vance  C-Uv.Sa.Php.Y.'93 

301  N  Front  Harrisburg  Pa 

McConnick  M'  Walter  Brooks Married  at  Morristown  N  J 

Freeman  M*"  Louise  (Sam'l) Jly  7 

McCormick  MiM"  Walter  Brooks  (Louise  Freeman),  .see  D2S32. 
McCosh  D'  Andrew  J-Un.Uv.P/77 

av'd  Ced  Oct  2.  .P^«Si248Plaza. .  16  E  54 

31  W  10 

McCray  MiM"  Edw  H  (Anna  R  Carr)  U1.Y.'94. 

M"  W  S  Carr. 
McCrea  MiM"  Jas  A  (Mabel  Clarke)  Un.Rh.Sa.Tf.Rtp.Y'95 

P«S49oiPlaza..i7  E  54 
McCready  M"  Nath'i  l  (Caroline  A  Waldron) 

Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
McCready  MiM"  Nath'i  L  (Jeanne  Borrowe)  Un.Uv.Cy.T.Mt. 

Snc.Ny.Tf.Dt.Cda.Cly.Cr86.  .P^«S307-79.  .4  E  75 
McCreery  MiM"  Hy  Forbes  (Clara  Byron)  Ul.Dt.Rh. 

P^«S907Mad  ..37  Mad  Av 
McCreery  M"  John  a  (Louise  Carrigan) 

McCreery  M'""  Christine  F  &  Mary 

McCreery  M'  John  A-H/06 

McCreery  MiM"  Richard  (Egerton  Grey-May  Cuyler)K.  .abroad 
McCreery  M'  Rob't  S-M.Kg.Lc.Y'Ss-.  .P^iSl.Huntington  L  I 
McCuUoh  M' Allan-Un.M.Ct.As.Cr78.  .  .P^«S3092Col.  .253  W  73 

McCulloh  MiM"  Chas  S  (Kate  M  Mayo) |P«S  2369  Aud 

JS^r.  tf"  Katharine  M |    223  W  139 

350  Lex  Av 

"Warriston''  Rye  N  Y 

McCuUoh  MiM"  Jas  S  (May  White)  Ay 

McCulloh  tf"  Mildred [As.Ap.Rtp. 

McCuUough  MiM"  Hall  Park  (Edith  A  van  Benthuysen) 

Mt.Uv.Ul.Y/94.  .P«S6i-38.  .116  E  39 
McCullough  MiM"  John  G(EUza  Hall  Park)Mt.Mid.  P*^^S3684-38 
McCuUough  M"-- Ella  S&EstherM.[Ul.Uv.Ar.Der  5 5  88  Park  Av 
McCulloughM"john  H(IsabellaLThompson). JP«Si28"BlueRock" 
McCullough  M'  Edw  A-R.As.Uv.Y/99.  .  .|  Irvington  N  Y 
McCullough  MiM"  John  H  (Anna  C  Dodge)  Uv.Un.R.B.As. 

Kg.Ny.Cy.Cly.Y/96.  .^4885-38.  .115  E  40 
McCurdy  M'  Delos-M.Mt Manhattan  Club 

New  York  1909 


McCurdy  MiM"  Richard  A  (Sarah  E  Little)  Mo.Mg.Wp.H's6 

Menton  Alpes  Maritimes  France 
McCurdy  Mill"  Robert  H  (Mary  Sucldey)  Un.Ny.Rh.Uv. 

Mo.Dt.Mg.S.Wp.Cly.H.'8i.  .P^«S82iPlaza.  .39  E  51 
McDavitt  MiM"  Clarence  G  (Edith  Lauterbach)  Dke.Dth'oo 

P^6874Riv..262  W  107 
McDonald  DiM"  EUice  (Ann  Heebner)  Ats.McG'oi 

P^^3978Riv.  .294  Cent  Pk  W 

139  Riverside  Drive 


McDowall  MUr'  Walter  R  (Elizabeth'W 

M"  Rufus  King [King) 

McElheny  MiM"VictorKJr(SarahGMitchell)tJv.Wes'9o.. 1 1 W  84 
McElroy  MIM"  Chas  E  (Harriet  L  Parker)  Y'96 

P^26i7w. .  194  Lark  Albany  N  Y 
McEwen  MIM"  J  Forrester  (Eleanor  Potter)  5  Via  Malcontenti 

McEwen  JP*  Eleanor Florence 

McGarrah  MiM"  Gates  W  (Elizabeth  Wallace) Mt.  IP^^2497Plaza 

McGarrah  JP*  Marion  L [Ul.Rg.Dt.Ct.j     108  E  57 

McGiffert  Rev  &  M"  Arthur  C  (Gertrude  H  Boyce) 

McGiffert  JP*  Elizabeth,  .see  Do^'S. [C.'82 

JS!.  IP"  Katharine  W  &  IT  Arthur  C  Jr 

McGill  M"  Alexander  T  (Caroline  Stockton  Olmsted)  Cda. 

P^736. .  270  Barrow  Jersey  City 

McGill  M;M"  Geo  W  (Mary  L  Harry)  Ny.Lc IP^S559oCol 

McGill  M'  W  Harry-Ny.Lc |  253  W  72 

McGinnis  D'  E  L'H-Ny P^2028Riv.  .202  W  86 

McGinnis  IP"  Mabel.  .P^^i4i4-i2.  .64  Edgehill  Road 

New  Haven  Ct 

McGourkey  M'  Samuel  D-Cal.Na U«n,      ^r>.    ^ 

McGourkey  IT  Fred'k  W-Cal. P^«S3426Plaza 

IP-  Emma  Down |       ^  ^  ^9 

McGovem  MiM"  James-R.Mid.Wk.Cth.. . 

McGovem  IP" 

McGowan  Rr  Adm  &  M''John(EvelynMan 


McGowan IP-  Anna [LI. 

McGowan  Dili"  John  PatrickJ(Francis  M  Condict)  Cal.Ul 

^       *An.Anw.  .P^57oMad. .  no  E  30 
McGraw  M*  Stanley  D-Ad.Sn.Ul.Kg.Na.Mich'92 

P«S2S92Bry.  .Alpha  Delta  Phi  Qub 

ab'd  Maur  Aug  12 
326  W  76 
av'd  Penn  Jly  20 
1420-16  W?S 


362  Social  Register 

McGregor  M"Bradford  B(ClaraSchleminer).PW23i-79.  .54  E  S^ 

McGrew  M'  Fitzhugh-Sn.Hob'99 Geneva  N  Y 

McGuire  M'  Jas  Clark-Uv.Dt.Rh.Dke.Cc.Rv.Cw.Mtw.Rens'88 

P^S53Cort..i5  E  10 

McHarg  Mil"  Henry  K-Un.Ul.Ny.Dt 

McHarg  M'"  Marion  A 

McHarg  MiM"  Hy  K  Jr  (Laura  W  Brown)  Ul. 

Mcllvaine  MIM"  Clarence  W-Uv.P.'85 .1  W  54 

Mcllvaine  M"  M  G  (Mary  Graham) abroad 

Mcllvaine  M"  Reed  Qane  W  Tompkins) 

P«Si444Plaza.  .571  Park  Av 
Mcllvaine  Mil"  Tompkins  (Julia  D  Potter)  Un.Dt.IJv.R. 

ergo.  .52  William,  .see  DJKS. 
Mcllwaine  MIM"  Arched  Graham  Jr  (Elsie  B  Ros^)  Dt.N.Bg. 

Capso.  .P^iSSy.  .682  Prospect  Av  Hartford  Ct 
Mcintosh  MiM"  Charles  L-Ul.M.Mt.. . . 

Mcintosh  If-  Helen  M 

Mcintosh  M'  Charles  J 

Mcintosh  M'  Geo  Moulton-Cal P^SaybMad.  .22  W  30 

Mcintosh  tf"  Harriet  E P«S65ooMad.  .29  E  29 

Mclntyre  M'  Thomas  A Died  at  K2.  Jly  29 

McKay  M'  John  A-Cal.Gg Hoffman  House 

McKay  W  Theo-R.M Racquet  Club 

McKee  MIM"  Hy  Sellers  (Jeannette  E  Hartupe^)  Na.Ecb.Acpt. 
Dqpt.Pn^.  Atsp.  .M'  ab'd  St  L  Oct i  yav'd.  .Plaza  Hotel  see  PSSih 

Union  League  Club 

49  W  72 

McKee  M*M'  James  R  (Mary  S  Harrison)  Na 

McKee  M"*  Mary  Lodge 

McKee  M'  Benj  Harrison-at  Yale 

McKee  MXanier-Uv.Rh.Y'95.P^«S27i2Mad.62  Mad  Av.see  Wtt 

McKee  MIM"  McKee  Dunn  (Henrietta  Bates)  Y'96 

Victoria  Rd  Asheville  N  C 
McKeever  tf""  Helen  C  &  Elsie.  .  Union  &  Smith's  Bk  London 
McKeever  MiM"  Isaac  Chauncey  (Julie  R  Draper)  K.Un.Sa.T. 

R.B.Y'92.  .M'  av'd  Luc  Oct  3.  .122  E  65 
McKeever  M'  J  Lawrence-Un.Ar.Dt. 

av'd  Kp  Wm  Jun  9.  .P^38i8Mad. .  164  Lex  Av 
McKelvey  MiM"  Chas  Wylie  (Susan  A  Delano)  R.Y'oo 

P^«S2S2o..  Orange  N  J 

New  York  1909 



'Bonnie  Brae*' 
Spuyten  Duy vil  N  Y 
Monroe  PI 

41  E83 
390  W  End  Av 
Riverside  Drive 




If^  W^  Mary  A,  Constance  &  Ruth 

McKelway  MiM"  St  Clair  (Virginia  B  Thompson) 


McKelway  M'  Lee . .  at  Paris 

McKenna  MiM"  Wm  LQeanne  E  Merriam)Ul.Na 

JS'r.  M^-  Evelyn [Mid.E 

McKeon  MiM"  John  C  (Anna  Tewksbury)Mt. 

M"  Lydia  Tewksbury [Ul.Na.Chch 

McKesson  M'  Geo  Clinton-Ul.Rv 

McKesson  tf""  I  M  &  M  A 

McKesson  MiM"  Irving  (Mary  Henderson)  Cw, 

P*^'»S5234Grani.  .24  E  10 

McKesson  MiM"John  Jr(Leila  S  Forbes) Ul.Cc.  P'^'^^ 9"  Roaring 
McKesson  M'  Donald-Y.'o3 

McKibbin  M'  Gilbert  H-Ul.Ny.Na.Bd.An.Ll. 

McKibbin  tf"  Mildred-Bd 

McKim  M'  Alex  Rice-Uv.Ats.Mit'86.Cr97 

P*^^S2855Mad..ii6  E  28 
McKim  M'  Chas  F-Uv.C.Mt.B.Ct.Smb.Gg.Alb.Sb.Mtw. 

McKim  M'- Margaret  S .  .[H.'68 

McKim  MiM"  Clarence  (Lee-Caroline  Lawrence) 

&  tf"  Janet . 

McKim  M"  Haslett  (Harriet  R  Winthrop) 

McKim  M'  LeRoy-Y.'97 

McKimM' John  A~Ct 

McKim  tf"  Susan  M 

McKim  MiM"  Robert  Albert  (Caroline  Remsen)  Un.Ch.LL 

Cr84.  .P*^^53979Riv.  .65  W  88 
McKim  M'  Albert  Vanderburgh 

M"  Geo  C  Wilde  (Mary  Albert  McKim). ..... 

HP"  Mary  M  Wilde. 

McKim  DiM'^  Smith  Hollins  (Margaret  Emer- 
son) As.  Cybl.  Blbl.  Elkbl.  Mdbl.  Cly. 

M"  D  E  Homer  (Daisy  Emerson) 

Brook  Farm" 
Chappaqua  N  Y 
170  W  59 



9  W  48 



Plaza  Hotel 

Feb  1 5* 'Arcadia" 

Georgetown  S  C 


Social  Register 

772  Park 


McKim  D&M"  W  Duncan  (Jones-Martha  A  Moran)  Un.Dp. 

Mtw.C0sw.Uvw.Whw.Cr75 . .  1701-18  W^' 
McKim  MiM"  Wm  J  Albert (MaudSLee) . .  P'T.^Sl . .  Short  HillsN  J 
McKim  MiM"  Winthrop  (Rowena  Whitman)  Uv.   I       ^^559 

M^"  Nancy  Whitman [T.Y'94lTuxedoPark 

&  W  Edw  B  Whitman |        NY 

McKinley  MiM"  Andrew(PaulineAChapin)P.'78.  .  .Sands  Pt  L  I 
McKinney  MiM"  Andrew(Ida  B  Riley)  N.Ny.Lc. 

P^1?Si 243-79.  .26  E  76 
McKinney  MiM"  Glenn  Ford  (Annette  Reynaud)  Uv.Lc.P.'9i 

"  Killeeburn"  Mt  Vernon  N  Y 

McLanahan  MiM"  Geo  Xavier (Caroline  S  Duer)  Uv.Rv.Mtw. 

Cvcw.Cosw.Y.'96.  .2031Q  WSf 

McLanahan  M'  Scott-Uv.P.'96 P*'Ǥ3288Plaza.  .60  W  58 

McLan^  MiM"  Hy  R  (Alys  Schroeder)  Ul.Mt.Ny. 

"Brookside"  Millbrook  N  Y 
McLane  DiM"  James  W  (Adelaide  L  Richards)  Y'6i 

McLane  M'  Guy  R-Uv.Au.Cy.Rp.Y.'95 

McLane  MiM"  Thos  S  (MaryCGreer)Y.'98.P'»S5542-79.  .  47  E  80 
McLaughlin  MiM"  Chester  B(Lucy  Warner)  Uv.C.Ul.Rp. 

Lt.M.Vt'79.  .393  W  End  Av 
McLaughlin  MiM"  Frank(Helen  Malcolm)  Cal. . 

McLaughlin  M"*  Helen  M [Rcp.Cyp. 

&  M'  Frank  Jr 

•McLaughlin  DiM"  Geo  E  (George  H  Belloni)  Rv.l 

P^'SSiiBergen.  .41  Crescent  Av  Jersey  City 

McLean  M"  Allan  (Frances  Coit) 

McLean  M'"  Genevieve 

McLean  M""  Hy  Coit-Y.'o3 

McLean  MiM"  Donald  (Emily  Nelson  Ritchie) 


McLean  M'"  Rebekah  M 

JSSs  M^"  Emily  N  R 

McLean  MiM"  Geo  Hammond  (Minnie  Dater)Mt. 
McLean  M'  AlatiD [Sa.Snc.Na.Ar.Dp.Cr7ol 


Pelham  N  Y 


loi  Park  Av 

P''"i?o2  2oHarlem 
186  Lenox  Av 

133  Ess 

New  York  1909 


McLeanMiM"Jas(SaraThrockmorton)Mt.Mid.Au.      P»Si3 13-79 

McLean  M|-- Helen  &  Ethel  L [As.Ch.Rg.      5  E  75 

McLean  MIM"  Jas  Hammond  (Cecil  Boardman)Snc.ifg.P/oi 

av'd  Sav  Sep  19.  .see  A  B  Boardman.  .40  W  53 

McLean  M'"-  Mary  L  &  Nathalie [92|P'«53i9oRiv.  .331 

McLeanM*M"Marshall(HelenHHomans)Wms'|  Amsterdam  Av 

McLean  M*"  Nannie 

McLean  M'  Robert-Un.An 

McLean  M'^NathanielC(MaryLThompson) .  .DiedatWashAugiS 

~    -  04.. 24  West  Av 

Norwalk  Ct 





McLeanM"Thos(Kingan-HelenMSeely) . 

H'  R  W  James  Kingan 
McLoughlin  M'"  John.  .seeDSSS..  .[Lc.Ay.Cr/84  P«S34i6Gram 

McLotighlin  M'  Chas  S-Ny  Lc.Ci;84 27  Fifth  Av 

JSSiJP"  Cornelia  B  &  H""Gregory  VS& J  Comerf ord.  . 

McMahon  M'  Fulton-Uv.Ct.P.'84 P«S6o6iCort.  28  W  39 

McMillan  MiM"  Hugh [Detroit 

McMillan  M""  Harold  D-P'94  &  Maurice  B-P'98 |  Mich 

McMillan  MiM"  Wm  C  (Marie  L  Thayer)Cal.Alb.Mtw.  |  Detroit 

McMillan  M'  Wm  E [¥'84!    Mich 

McMillin  MiM"Emerson-Eg.Lt.Ul.As.Ats.So.An.. .  '''''^' 

McMillin  tf"  Maude 

McMillin  MiM"  Marion  (Clark-Jane  Maguire)Y.'oo 

M"  S  H  G  Stewart 

McMillin  M'  Marion  (Emerson) . .  .Married  at  320  Riverside  Dv 

Clark  M"  Jane  M  (Jane  Maguire) Jun  10 

McMuUin  Rev  &  M"  Wharton  (Alethea  C  Mesier) 

P^1?574Ji.  .Ascension  Rectory  Rockville  Centre  L  I 
McMurtry  MiM"  Geo  G(Clara  Lothrop)Mt.Mid. 

Ny.Au.Ht.Myf .  .ab'd  A  Vic  Jun  i6..av'd 
McMurtry  FChas  W-Mt.Au.H'97&M'AldenL-Au.  1 

McMurtry  M'  Ed  P-Au.Na.Ny 

McMurtry  MiJT  GeoG  Jr(Mabel  C  Post)R.Rh.Tf . " 
H.'99.  .ab'd  A  Vic  Jun  i6..av'd 

McNairH' Wm-Pl.Cl.'92 P"«S647Bry. 

McNamee  MiM"  Chas  Qulia  A  Lord)  An.Cw.Rv.Snc.Cr77 

Minor  Av  &  Summit  Seattle  Wash 
McNulty  MiM"  Frank  P  (A  Caroline  Morgan) 

P^»23i42Aud.  .601  W  184 

812  Fifth  Av 

.  44  W  44 


Social  Register 

McPherson  DiM"  Ross  (Virginia  Wisschusen)  H/98 

P^iy§39ooMad.  .37  Mad  Av 
McPhersonRevD*M"SimonJ  (LucyBHar- 
McPherson  M'- Elizabeth.    .    [mon)P.'74 

McPherson  JT  Oscar  H-P'o6 

McPherson  M'  John  F-P'io 

JIS.M' Panic 

MiM"  Chas  H  Raymond  (McPherson) 
McVickar  MiM"  Edw(Edith  L  Speyers)  Un.Mid. 

JS.M' Julian  R  Speyers [Lc.R.Dp.Y'92 

McVickar  MiM"  Edw  S  J  (Rittie  E  King)  Un.B.As.Kg.Cly. 

Hotel  Gotham 


'Foundation  House" 

Lawrenceville  N  J 

112  E  56 


606  Palisade  Av 

Yonkers  N  Y 

McVickar  M"EllaT(Ella  V  Tomlinson) 



McVickar  M"  Harry  Whitney  (Maud  Robbins) 

McVickar  MiM"Hy  G(JanetSLansing)  K. 

McVickar  M'  Hy  Lansing,  .at  Randolph 

Hall  Camb' 

McVickar  M'  James-As 

McVickar  M'  Noel . .  ab'd  Tour  Jly  9 . .  av*d. 

McVickar  MiM"  John  A  (Dorothea  E  Crouse)Un".As.Sa.Au, 

Cw.Cl'04.  .P'*«S28i.  ."Quarry  Hiir'  Irvington  N  Y 

McVickar  M*"  Matilda  C 571  Park  Av 

McVickar  M"  Wm  A  (Fanny  E  Booth) 

P^^379 . .  Farragut  PI  MorristownN  J 


Mamaroneck  N  Y 

448  Fourth  Av 



Morristown  N  J 

McVickar  M"  Wm  Bard(MaryLMacculloch 

JIS.  tf"-  PhvUis  &  Elizabeth  H. 
McVickar  M'  Wm  Neilson 

P^«S244m2Nyack.  .^'Homebrook  Farm'TalleyCottageNY 

McWilliams  D'  Clarence  A-Uv.P'92 P*^«S6o3iCol.  .112  Wss 

Mc Williams  M'  Howard-Uv.P.'88 

P^^2697Pros  39  S  Portland  Av  Brooklyn 
Maben  MiM"  J  Campbell  (Virginia  Merchant)  Un. 

av*d  K  Luise  Jun  28.  .701  S  21  Birmingham  Ala 

New  York  1909 


Maben  MiM"  J  Campbell  Jr  (Pauline  Carter) 

Rose  Av  Birmingham  Ala 
Mabie  MIM"  Hamilton  Wright-A.C.Ad.Wms'67  3  Femwood  Rd 

Mabie  HP"  Helen  R Summit  N  J 

Mabon  MiM"  Jas  Brown  (Elise  Howell  Smith)  R:As.  .  .59  W  70 

Mabon  M'  S  Cliffton-Uv.As.Rut'91 44  W  44 

MacArthur  MiM"  John  R  (Pauline  Amoux)H.'85..IP^2793Riv 

JSS.  M'  Alex  A |  346  W  84 

Macchi  Ct  &  Ctss  Pietro  (Fanny  W  Woodworth).  .....  .Rome 

MacConnell  Major  Chas  C Died 

MacConnell  M"  Charles  C(Britt)Mg.  .**KahdenaV*MorristownNJ 
MacCracken  MiM"Geo  G(Martha  J  Hall)N'98..see  M"  John  h  Hall 
MacCracken  Chancellor  &  M"  Hy  M(Catherine      P^1K4iTremont 

Hubbard)  Miami*  5  7  Univ  Heights 

MacCracken  M'  John  Hy-Ct.N'94 NY 

MacCracken  MiM"  Hy  N  (Marjorie  Dodd)N'oo . .  1 180  E  Rock  Rd 
iP"  Sara  B  Dodd.  .[av'd  F  Wm  Aug  22|New  Haven  Ct 

Macdona  M'  Hy  D Married  at  Scarsdale  N  Y 

Herbert  M"  Edw  P  (Amelia  Bishop) Jly  23 

Macdona  MiM"  HyD(Herbert-AmeliaBishop)M.Kg.Ny.Lc.'79 

P^Si3i6Mad.  .247  Fifth  Av 
Macdonald  MiM"  Chas  (Sarah  L  Willard)  C.Au.Un.Eg.Rens'57 
ab'd  Adri  Oct  7.Speyer  Bros  London.M'at  220  W  57  until Jan25 

fm'y  ab'd  A  Vic  Aug  20 


'Phoenix  Lodge" 

Westbury  L  I.  .see  CJS 

Macdonald  M'  Geo  Alex-Du.N'91.  .  .  .P«;4028John.  .40  Wall 

Macdonald  M'  Gordon Died  at  Gananoque  Can  Aug  14 

Macdonald  M"  Gordon  (Emilie  Iselin) 

Macdonald  M'  Gordon-Un.P.'o6 

Macdonald  M'  Colin  I.  .1  Lower  Pyne  Princeton. 
MacDonald  M*M"  J  Brewster  (Mabel  Schenck)  As. 

80  rue  Spontini  Paris 
Macdonald  MiM"  Jas  Allan  (Clara  Crooke)Uv.Pl.Dt.    (Flushing 

JaJT Flora [Mt.Cda.Cr63|      L  I 

Macdonald  IP"  Janet  (Chas  B) Married  at  Westbury  L  I 

Grace  M'  Jos  P  (late  Wm  R) Aug  i 

Macdonald  M"  K  C  (Katharine  Lansing).  .Died  at  Toronto  Jly23 

Macdonald  MiM"ChasBlair(FrancesPor 
Macdonald  IP"  Frances 

13  W  16 


Social  Register 

Murray  M  (Elizabeth  H  Crawford).  .  .  .abroad 


72  W   12 

Macdonald  MiM' 

Macdonald  MiM"  Pierre  Fleming  (Mary  Young  )M 

Macdonald  M**^  Mary  Noel  &  Helen  Murray.  .[Rv 

Macdonald  M'  Pierre  F  Jr 

Macdonough  MIM"  Jos  M  (Jessie  Tutt) 

Jl?»  M'  Jos  G ; 

Macdonough  M'  W  O'B-M.R 

MacDougall  M'  Geo  R~Un.Dt.N.G 

MacDuffie  MiM"  Rufus  Leighton(Isabel  G  Mar- 
JUSsM'  Francis  M.[bury)Uv.Dt.Ar.Cw.Cly.H.'9o 

MacFarland  tf"  Effie 

&  IP"  Ruth  &  M'  Clinton  Fumiss.  . 

MacFarlane  M'  Wallace-Uv.H.'dQ 26  Liberty 

MacGovem  M'  Frank-N.M.Lt.Bg P'^^3736Mad.  .31  E  30 

Mack  M"  Oscar  A  (Georgina  Mechlin) i73iHWf* 

Mack  M'  Thos  A-R.As.Eg.Gg Racquet  Club 

Mackay  MIM"  Archibald  K  (Helen  G  Edwards) 
K.H'89.  .ab'd  Onic  Sep  23 

Mackay  M*"  Margaret . .  ab'd  Minap  Aug  29 

Mackay  MiM"  Clarence  H  (KatherineADuer)R.Un.Mt.Ul.Rg 

K.B.Ny.Cy.Ct.Tf.T.Mb.Au.Wk.S.Cly . .  244  Mad  Av 




Manhattan  Club 

131  W  73 

University  Club 

see  JJomiSJ* 


Arrochar  S  I 

Brown  Shipley 
&  Co  London 


41  Dwight  PI 




Mackay  Mi M"Donald (Jennie  E  Wise)Ul.Cly.Dt. 

Mackay  IP"  Jennie  L [Na. 

Mackay  M'  Duncan 

iP-  S  L  Wise 

Mackay'M"  Donald  Sage  (Helen  L  Smith)  av*d  Cecil 

JSS.  SP"  Annette  C  &  M'  Donald  S [Aug  25 

Mackay  Rev  D'  Donald  Sage 

av'd  Cecil  Aug  25 .  .  Died  at  Portland  Me  Aug  27 

Mackay  M' F  B-N.Kg.Ny New  York  Club 

Mackay  MlM"Geo  D(AnnieRBames)Mt.Na.Rp.Ay.  m,^,  ^     p  , 

Mackay  M'  Donald-at  Yale 1     °^-^t  V"^ 

Jl?»  M*-  Lois  &  W"  Hugh  &  Alfred 

Mackay  if  *  John  W  (Marie  Hungerford) 

of  6  Carlton  House  Ter  London.  .50  Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris 
Mackay  IP"  Margaret  A .  .  av*d  K  II  Aug  1 1 

P'1?o277oMad. .  161  Mad  Av 

20  W  69 

New  York  1909 



Dobbs  Ferry 


Mackay  MIM"  Rich'd  T  (Edna  Thomas)  Cal.Dp.Cr98 

P^S2307Col.  .2131  B'way 
Mackenzie  Rev  &  M"  Jas  C(Ella  Smith)C.Ats.Uvp. 

Mackenzie  M"*  Alex-Cro5(av'd  Maur  Aug  6)  Geo 

Mackenzie  M'  Rich'd [M  &  J  C  Jr 

JiS.  1P"~  Margaret,  Anna  &  Jean 

Mackenzie  M*M"  Cameron  (Elizabeth  McClure).. . 
Mackenzie  Rr  Adm  Morris  R  S-Uv.W.Mo.Mg.Ny.Mtw.Cvcw. 

USN'66.  .P^^S537.  .7  Farragut  PI.  .Morristown  N  J 
Mackie  MiM"  David  Ives  (Isabel  Turlay)  Uv.Kg.H.'83 

P«54i6i-38..i28  E  39 

Mackie  MiM"  Jas  Steuart 13  Franklin  St  Morristown  N  J 

MacKinnon  IP"  Kathleen see  M*-  E  V  K  Foos 

'      P^«S46i 
304  Palisade  Av 
Yonkers  N  Y 

70  W  55 

Maclay  MiM"  Isaac  W  (Laura  A  Havemeyer) 

Maclay  HP"  &  tf"  Laura  G [Wt.USA'64 

Maclay  If'FHavemeyer&ArchibaldM-Rh.Rg. 
Maclay  Mir  Mark  W  (Maria  J  Hinman)  M. Ap.Dt 

Maclay  M'^Mark  W  Jr-at  Wms*  Col .[Mid 

Maclay  M"  Robert  (Georgiana  Barmore) |P^3464Plaza 

Maclay  M'  Alfred  Barmore-Un.Rg.Tf.Mb J  50 

!P"  Eleanor  Forde (        W  57 

Maclay  MiM"  Rob't  (Mary  E  Chaffee)    Un.Rg.Sa.Cly.Cl.'oi 

P'»Si925Riv..329  W  89 
Maclay  MIM"  Wm  Hinman  (Reynolds-Katherine  MacChesney) 

Uv.Wms'94.  .P«S30ooMad.  .56  W  33 
MacLean  Justice  &  M"  Chas  Fraser  (Marie  Mott)|P*'^S74iHarlem 
M.Bd.Kg.Lt.Ats.Cda.Y.'64'f         2122. 

r"  Jordan  L  &  Aug  W  Mott ]      Fifth  Av 

MacMartin  IT  Malcolm-Uv.Ul.P.'67 168  Fifth  Av 

MacMonnies  M'  Frederick  W-Ats Paris  France 

MacNutt  MiM"  Francis  A  (Margaret  V  C  Ogden)  Mtw.Cda. 

Palazzo  Pamphili  Piazza  Navona  Roiiie 
Macready  MiM"  Rob't  Ashton  (Louise  M  Kemp) 

P^i62l  Madison.  .Florham  Pk  N  J 

MacVeagh  MiM"  Chas  (Fanny  D  Rogers) 
JSS.  M""  Rogers-H'io  &  Davenport-at 


M"  ab'd  Onic  Jly  i 
fm'y  av*d  Adri  Sep  3 

ft  Camp  Sep  26 
PIK3 266-79.. 40  E  74 


Social  Register 

MacVeagh  IP*  Virginia I         see 

JlS.  M'  John  H IF  O  deBillier 

Macy  MiM"  Carleton  (Helen  Lefferts)  Rh.Pl. 

ab'd  Brem  Jun  i8.  .P^^Si267FarRock.  .Woodmere  L  I 

Macy  M*"  Carroll-Ats.Bd 154  W  57 

"'"  -----  -  ph^.  4456  Col 


Macy  M"  Chas  A  Jr  (Clara  B  Sutton) 

Macy  M*"  Mary  S-at  P*^^759Riv.  .101  W  80 

Macy  M' Coggeshall-Cw.  .ab'dSep  15.  .at  Japan. 
Macy  Mill"  Geo  H(Kate  L  Carter)  Un.Ul.RgJkl.Ss. 

Macy  if-  Helen [Myf.Dt.Ct.Cw. 

Macy  M'  W  Kingsland-at  46  Claverly  Hall  Camb' 

|P«59oCol2  2 

JSJ.  Jf"Kathleen |      Drive 

Macy  MiM"TRidgway (LouisePugh)H'o8 .  seeDSiXl 
Macy  MiM"  Nelson  (Edith  V  B  Matthews)  Pl.Ny.Ay.Au.Kg. 

Cr'94.  .P^36i  '*The  Comers'*  Milton  Ft  Rye  N  Y 
Macy  MiM"  Oliver  Carter  (Martha  J  Law)  Un.Au.Dt. 

P«S622  5-79.  .130  E  80 

Macy  M"  siivanua  J  (JuUct  Wasson) Died 

Macy  MiM"  Silvanus  J  (Susanne  Morgan)  Cw Avon  N  Y 


of  P^o860ss'g  *'Chilmark"  Scarborough  N  Y  205W  57 

Morristown  N  J 
see  DomiSS* 
see  W  P  Anderson 

Macy  M"  Wm  H  2d  (Caroline  E  Foster)  Mg. 
Macy  M'  Alfred-Mg.Mo.R 
Macy  M'  Tosiah-Mg.R 

Madan  M  Julian  Appleton-Pu.Ay.Ap.Cr99 

Magee  M"  George  J  (Emma  S  Stothc^) 

Magee  M*"*  Emma  &  Lucie 

Magee  M'  Geo  J-R 

Magee  MiM"  John  (Florence  Wetmore  Seeley)  Un.'R.B.Tf.Mid 

Jkl.Cly. . .  Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 

Watkins  N  Y 

Maghee  MiM"  J  Holme  (Harriet  E  Van  Home") 

Jffi.  tf-  Adelaide  H [C.Uv.Mo.Cr72 


Magie  M' JasMcCjRc.P.'04-at  157  W  47 
Magie  MiM'" 

Magie  Judge  Wm  J-Uv.Mo.P.*52  — 
Magie  fr"  Henrietta  Oakley. 

Morristown  N  J 

Princeton  N  J 
Wm  Francis  (Mary  B  Hodge) P. '7 9.. Princeton  N  J 

556  N  Broad 
Elizabeth  N  J 

New  York  1909 


Lawrence  L  I 

Magill  Rev  G  Emest-Ty'84 . .  Holy  Innocents  Rectory 

311  Sixth  Hoboken  N  J 

Magoun  M"  Geo  B  (Katharine  Jordan) Babylon  L I 

Mahan  RrAdmft  M"Alf redT(EllenLyleE vans) 

Mahan  IP"  Ellen  Kuhn 

Mahan  Maj  &  M"  Fred^k  A  (Mary  M  Bonbright)  Uv.USA'67 

5 1  Av  Montaigne  Paris 

Mahan  ff"  Jane  Leigh P^^j^Bry.  .58  W  47 

Mahan  MiM"  Lyle  Evans  (Madeleine  Johnson)  Uv.Bm.Cl.'o2 

PTo3i4Bry..59  W46 
Mahony  MiM"  Fordham  C  (Mildred  B  Grossmann) 

^^51690-79.. 55  E  76 
see  M"  J  J  Post 
872  Mad  Av 

Irvington  N  Y 

Mahony  tf "  Helen  Fordham 

Mahony  M'  J  Hill 

Mairs  MiM"  Edwin  H  (Katharine  LaT  Evans) 

Mairs  M^  Mary  St  John [As.Bd 

Mairs  M'  John  Dows 

Jr»  tf-  Joanna  LaT  &  M'  Walter  H 

Mairs  MiM"  Geo  Hope  (Caroline  E  Jaffray  Hurst)  Un.R.Tf.B. 

As.Cly.H/89.  .P^Si533Mad.  .152  E  35 
Maitland  M"  Alex  (Mary  J  McCosh).. Library  PI  Princeton  N  J 
Maitland  MiM"  Robert  L  (Ellen  M  Taylor)  Ats. 

P«Si7i2.  .Rochelle  Pk  New  Rochelle  N  Y 


Union  &  Smith's  Bk 


Maitland  M"  Thos  A  (Helen  Van 

Jffi.  tf "-  Helen&Agnes  &  M'Jas  W.  .at Yale 

Major  ff"  Maria  T.  . I*«Si7oOrch. .  147  Second  Av 

Major  M"  Robert  L  (H^l^ne  Jurgensen) 9  W  81 

Major  MiM"  Wm  Kevan  (Mary  T  Luqueer) 47  E  63 

Major  MiM"WmKJr(Moore~HelenLRandall).  "Nacada  Farm' 

J?»  IP"  Helen  L  Moore Goshen 

M"  Chas  K  RandaU  (Whitlock) Ct 

Malcolm  DiM"PercyED(MinnieLGay) .  .P^S4957Plaza..S5  W  55 

Malcohn  M"  Thos  S  (Margaret  van  Dyck) |P«255i4Mad 

Malcolm  tf"  Anna  van  D |      11  E  32 

Malcom  MiM"  Geo  I  (Beulah  A  Benham)  Uv. 

JJSitf-Hope [Ad.Rg.W.Br'79    P»2768Pla2a 

US.  M""  J  B .  .at  Randolph  Hall  Camb'  &  Julian-        50  E  52 

at  St  Paul's  Sch 


Social  Register 

Malcom  M'**  Marguerite S^  ^3-7  Newport  R I 

MaliMiM"Pierre(FrancesJohnston)Un.T.      ab'd  Vtld  Jly  4 
Uv.Mc.Liege'78     av'd  Kroon  Sep  22 

&  ir-~  Gertrude  &  Eva  &  M'  J  T  J P^«S3  7  Spring  SFifthAv 

Mallery  Maj  &  M"  John  C  Qeannie  Tumure)  Uv.        I  Aiken  SftS 

JlS.  M'  Garrick [Ritp.Cly.USA'ayl   see  P^K 

Mallet-Prevost  MiM"  Severo  (Virginia  H  Johns)Uv.JP«S403o-  79 

J^»  M*"  Pauline  C [Rg.Dt.Mid.Pa'811931  Mad  Av 

Mallory  MiM"  Chas  (Maria  L  Dimon)R.Eg.Ap.Ul.   Baring  Bros 

tf"  Mary  E  Clift [Au.Lc.Ny.Ha.Y'65      London 

Mallory  M'  George  B-Ul Union  League  Club 

Mallory  M'  Marshall  H-Ul.Ch.Pl.Rens* Bridgeport 

Mallory  tf"  Mary  L Ct 

Maloney  M'  Wm  R  Jr-Cth.Dke.Y.'oo.  .P^22233Bry. .  12  W  44 
Maltby  M*"  Margaret  E 

P^§6956Mom.  .Brooks  Hall  Barnard  College 
Man  MIM"  Alrick  H  (LucyARussell)Cal.Dt.  ^2 

JIS.  M'"  M  Elizabeth  &  M'Alrick  H  Jr .['  7  7  .CI'  7  9         Church  St 

tf"  Anna  W  Russell Richmond  Hill  L  I 

Man  M'  Arthur-Ad.Uv.Rc.N.'9i 

P'^^S2  592Bry.  .Alpha  Delta  Phi  Club 
Man  MiM"  Edw  (Mary  Hewitt)  Rh.Wms'85 

P^^68i2Main.  .261  Hicks  B'klyn 
Man  MiM"HenryH(AdeHneWHowell)Na.Gg.Dt.Rc.N'74 

see  DomidZts 

Man  M"  William  (C^lestine  L  Man) I      ^. 

Man  tf"  Louise  B. |i9  W  10 

5  Grosvenor 
Sq  London 

Manchester  Dowager  Dchss  of  (Consuelo  Yznaga) 
Manchester  Duke.&  Dchss  of  (Helena  Zimmerman) 
Manice  MiM"  Arthur  R  (Whitney-Louise  M  Bell) . ..."  58  W  11 
Manice  MiM"EdwA(CaroUneFraser)Gg.W.Au.Na.    P^^573Plaza 

JSk  M^  Dorothy  J [Cly.Y.'9i     100  E  64 

Manice  MiM"  Wm(SarahRemsen)Un.Cal.Uv.  ab'dCeltJly2.av'd 
R.Dt.Rg.Gg.Tf.Dp.Au.Ny.T.Mtw.Cr86      P^«S4897Plaza 

JS.  tf-  Sallie  R  &  M'  Wm  De  F |  6  W  53 

Manierre  MiM"  Alfred  Lee  (Cornelia  P  Lockwood)  Ct.Bd.Ad. 

Cr83.  .P'«S8s4Col,  .330  W  76 
Manierr^  MiM"Chas  E  (EUsabeth  H  Welling)Ct.     "^ 
Manierre  If  Benjamin  F . ; [P'8i 

352  W  End  Av 

New  York  1909 


Irvington  N  Y 

3  W50 

Mann  M"  chas  Addison  (Mary  E  Lee)Ht.Cd.Dar.Whw.. . 

Mann  M'"  Mary  Lee-Cd loi  E  75 

Mann  M'  Chas  Addison-Cw 

Mann  MIM"SVemon(Bessie  I  Smedberg)Mt.Dt.  ^^o  Co^WH  ^.r 

Mann  tf«"  Dorothy  V  &  Marjorie  I V [Rv.     piush^g  L  I 

Mann  MiM"  S  Vernon  Jr  (Helen  W  Colgate)  Rv.H/95 

P*^^Sio7  •  •  '* Grove  Point'*  Gt  Neck  L  I 
Mann  MiM"  Wm  D 'Alton (Sophie  Hartog)Ll.Lt.M.  IP^SssqqCoI 

Mann  tf"  Amy [An.So.Anw.l  309  W  72 

Manning  MiM"  Alfred  J  (Bessie  P  Rutter)  Ul. 

Manning  M'"*  Frances  E  &  Marguerite  S 

Manning  M""  Harold  R  &  JlS.  M'  Stanley  R 

Manning  MiM"  Hy  S  (Leona  C  Pearce)  Uv.Ap.Ul. 

Manning  M'^  Henry  S  Jr-Y/07 [Ll.Au.An.Y'62 

Manning  M'  John  A-IJn Union  Club 

Manning  MiM"  John  P  (AdMe  G  Taylor)  Y/04 

P^^S33ooRiv..32o  W83 
Manning  MiM"  Jos  Jay  (E  Antoinette  Gilbert)  Cal.Na.Au. 

Cy.W.Rh.Gg.Rc.Fn.R.  .P^^S236iPlaza.i5  W  53 
Manning  MiM"  Rob't  F  (Mabel  E  Flake)  Rh.H/04 

P^«S2 S47Plaza  ..611  Fifth  Av 

Manning  M'  William  A Married  at  Short  Hills  N  J 

Kobb6  M'"  Louise  L  (Geo  C) Oct  8 

Manning  MiM"  Wm  A  (Louise  L  Kobb6) . .  ab*d  K  Albt  Oct  10 

see  G  C  Kobb6 
Manning  Rev  D'  &  M"  Wm  Thos  (Florence  van  Ant- 

JlS.  tf"  Frances  van  A [werp)C.So/9i 

M"  Lewis  van  Antwerp  (Maria  F  Cleneay) . . 

M^"  van  Antwerp 

Mansfield  MiM"  Howard  (Tuttle-Helen  CooUdge 


,M'"  Margaret  Tuttle 21  W  36 

MiM"  Geo  C  Tuttle  (Freeman) 

Manson  MiM"  Thos  Lincoln  (Mary  Groot)  Ul. 

.  Mt.Mid.R.Un.Myf  .Rv.Gg.M.Mg.  Hotel  Gotham 
MansonM'"ThosLJr-R  .Kg.H/o4&  VanceS-H  .'04 
Mantius  M' Wm  E-Cth.Na.Ats. 

P'^S257-i6.  .41  Blvd  Haussmatiii-Paris 

27  W  25 

374  Social  Register 

Mapes  MiM"  Augustus  S  (Annette  M  Stewart)  Na.Uv.P.'86 

P*^^S6oooRiv.  .215  W  loi 
Mapes  MiM"  Charles  V  (Martha  M  Halsted)Uv.H.'57 . .  | 

Mapes  M'  Charles  Halsted-R.Uv.Cl.'Ss [60  W  40 

Mapes  MiM"  Victor  (Anna  L  Hoeke)  Uv.Pl.Cl/91 | 

Mapes  MiM"  Clive  Spencer  (Winifred  H  Britton)Uv.R.Pu. 

Cl.'oi .  .P'^'»548o9Riv.  .306  W  80 
Mapes  MiM"  S  Herbert  (Julia  Pierson)  Ul. .  .  .SSSS*^  Ga...see  Do™*;5^, 
Marble  Lt  Cdr  &  M"  Ffank(Isabel  R  Yardley)C.Ny.Uv.An. 

Anw.Cvw.USN'88 . .  Amer  Legation  Tokio  Japan . .  seeWJ* 
Marble  MiM"  Manton  (Williams)  Mt.M.C.  .Bedford  N  Y.  .ab'd 

Marbury  tf"  Elisabeth-Cly. P'roi704Stuy 

tf"  Elsie  de  Wolfe 122  E  17 

Marbury  MiM"  Francis  Stone  (Julia  Ross) 150  W  59 

March  MiM"  ChasJCaroline  TiUinghast) J  P*^«Sii64J 

260  Valley 
Orange  N  J 

JSS,  IP"-  Marjorie  T  &  Carolyn  B. 

tf"  Julia  A  TiUinghast 

March  M'  Clement-C.Na.Lt.Snc.  .ab'd  Adri  Oct  7 

P*^«S3o6Spring. .  25  Wash  Sq  N 
Marckwald  MiM"  Albert  H  (Isabelle  H  Kirkpatrick)  Y.'oi 

P^42l..ShortHillsN  J 
Marcus  MiM"  Geo  Elder(Anna  R  Hand)Lt.Au.Bd.    P^3?54265-79 

l^rs  W  Herman [Ap.Na.Kg.     30  E  74 

Marcus  MiM"WmElder(MaryChapin)Lt.    IMi'tf"  av'd  K  II  Sep  8 

[Na.Bg.         P*^S3i8oBry 
Marcus  M'  Chapin . 
JlS,  M*"  Dorothy . . . 
Marcus  MiM"  Wm  E  Jr  (Dorothy  Cooksey)  Pu.Y.'o6 

P^«5 1 61 . .  9 1  New  England  Av  Summit  N  J 

Marden  M"  Francis  A  (Lillie  Skiddy) ^rjrr  ^ 

Marden  M^"*  Marian  &  Eleanor 3  w  57 

Marden  MiM"  Francis  Skiddy  (Fannie  L  Clark)  Uv.Un.Snc. 

H.'88.  .see  Cyrus  Clark.  .327  W  76 
Marean  Justice  &  M"  Josiah  T  (Elizabeth  Richards)  Gg.Cda. 

Dar.Cd.  .161  Henry  Bklyn 
Mari^  MiM"  John  B  (Florence  Stevens  Waite)  Cal. 

P^5i79Rector.  .see  D^'X 

Mari6  M"  Joseph  Qosephine  Hubbard) IP^Si77Mad 

Mari6  tf-  L^ontine |     48  E  26 

2o6Up  Mountain  Av 
Montclair  N  J 

New  York  1909 


Mari6  MiM"  h6on  (Gordon-Adfele  S  Schlicter)  Uv.Dp.Cl.'Ss 

20  E  Mt  Vernon  A vBsSi. 
Mari^  M"  S  S  (Sarah  Slosson) see  M  G  Barnwell 


Markle  IP"  Emily  &  M'  Alvan  Jr.  .  . 

Ja  ir  Donald,  Eckley  B  C  &  John  2d 

A  Vic 

av*d  A  Vic  Jun  1 1 

ab'd  F  Grosse  Jun  20 

av'd  Dtld  Aug  20 



Markle  M'  George  B  Jr 

Markle  MiM"  John  (Mary  E  Robinson)Uv.Mt.Ui:Au. 

Na.G.Eg.Ny.As.Pl.Laf  80.  .av'dGrosse  Sep  15 

MarkoeM"prancisHartman(MadelineShelton)Cly.ab'd[I*^S3 1 58Plaza 
Markoe  M'  Francis  Hartman-Y'o6. . .  ,  [Zld  Jun  20]      15  E  49 

Fifth  Av 


571  ParkAv 

see  Pft 

12  W55 

MarkoeMiM"Harry  (FrancesECaldwell)  Php.Cly. 
Markoe  M"*  Harry  Jr-R.Cyp.Gcp.  .av'd  ProvSeps 

&  Stephen  (>-Gc.H/o8 
Markoe  DiM"  Jas  W  (Wetmore-Annette  B  Wet- 
tf"  Dagmar  Wetmore.  .  [niore)C.R.Mt.Ny.Cly. 

J^«  M'  Louis  Wetmore 

Marks  tf"  Lucy  B-Dar I       37 

tf"  A  S  Lindermann JFifth  Av 

Marlborough  Duchess  of  (Consuelo  Vanderbilt) . .  .London  Eng 
Marling  MiM"  Alfred  E  (Harriet  W  Philips)         lav*d  Ced  Oct  2 
Ul.Mt.Ny,Ct.Rp.Dt.An.     P^1?Si4i2Bry 

Jf"  Emma  Philips |     35  W  47 

Marple  DiM"  Wilbur  B  (Jane  S  Hathaway)  Uv.Aht'77 

P^S638Plaza..46  W  53 
Marquand  Prof  &  M"  Allan  (Eleanor  Cross)Ats.Uv.G.C.Ht. 
P/74.  .aVdAdriSep3.  .P^«S7.  ."GuemseyHalVTrincetonNJ 

Marquand  M'**  Elizabeth see  Graeme  Harrison 

Marquand  MiM"  Hy  (Griswold-Katharine  Cowdin)  Uv.G. 

Ny.C.Cly.P/78.  .P^S234MtKisco.  .Bedford  N  Y 
Marquand  MiM"  Philip  (Margaret  Fuller)  U  v.  Ay  .Ap.      I   P^«S84 

Marquand  tf"  Elizabeth-Ap.&.J^  M'  JohnP [H/89|Rye  N  Y 

Mars  Lt&  M"JasA  (Marion  E  Burr)USA'o3 ...  Ft  Des  Moines  la 

Marsh  M"  chas  m  (Roberta  W  McCurdy), 

Marsh  tf"  Elizabeth  C 

Marah  M'  Fred'k  B  2d.  .at  Wms'  Col. 




Social  Register 

Marsh  MiM"  Chas  M  (Gen6vifeve  W  Cutler)  Cr/03 

P«Si933North. .  1408M  WfiS 

Marsh  M'  Edward  S-Uv.Br'79 i  W  54.  .absent 

Marsh  D'  Elias  J . .  Died  at  600  Park  Av  Paterson  N  J  Aug  3 

Marsh  M"  BKas  j  (Sarah  L  McCurdy) 

Marsh  IP"  Sarah  G 

Marsh  D'EliasJ-H/96&M'Rob'tMcC-H/99.Cl/o3 

MIM"  EHsha  K  Snodgrass  (Marsh) 

Marsh  MiM"  Hy  Wheelwright  (Agnes  E  Power)  Ul.Chch 

Unch.etc.H'Ss.  .P«Ssi22Plaza.  .753  Fifth  Av 
Marsh  M'  J  Edward-Mt Metropolitan  Club 

P'To  189 
600  Park  Av 
Paterson  N  J 

727  Park  Av 

.611  W  114 


Je.  Jf-  Dorothy  K [Uv.Rp.H/91 

M'  Alonzo  Kimball 

Marsh  Mir  Rolph  (Mary  S  Miller)  Uv.G.Wms'92 


Marsh  MiM"  Sam'l  (Maria  R  Gray)  U'67 

Marsh  IP"  EHzabeth  C  S 

Marsh  M'  Radcliffe-at  Harvard 

Marsh  MiM"  Wm  Lawrence  (Adele  Young) .'  .see  DSllX 

Marshall  MiM"  Chas  Clinton(AbbyA  Story) Rg.Dt.lP'»S4042Plaza 
JSS.  tf"  Hetty  V [Ch.Cl/82      137  E  62 

340  W  57 

M™  av'd  Lusi  Sep  10 


6  E  77 




Marshall  MiM"ChasHQosephineLBanks) 

JSS.M'  Chas  H  Jr-at  Groton 

Marshall  MiM"  Chauncey  (May  L  Bamber)  Dt.Ul.N. 

Marshall  Jf"  Edith  G [Ny.Y'77 

Marshall  M'  Chauncey  Jr-H/oi .  .at  Los  Angeles  Cal. . 

Marshall  M'  Howard . .  at  Crescent  Club  B'klyn 

Marshall  If"  Cornelia  E IP'«J4389Gram 

Marshall  tf""  JuHa  P  &  Blandina  T |     126  E  24 

Marshall  tf"  Elizabeth  Morris see  P  L  Mordaunt 

Marshall  MiM"  Finis  E-As.Bg I   49 

Marshall  M'  Chauncey  A Wall] 

Marshall  MiM"  Gustavus  C  (Mabel  L  Tones) 

r«Si 25 iCol . .  97  Cent  PkW 
Marshall  Mir  H  Snowden  (Isabel  C  Stiles}  Na.So.Va'90 


Hew  York  1909 


E  81 


Marshall  M'  Hy  Rutgers-C.Rv.Cw.Crya I  P^SasiQStuy 

Marshall  IP"  Serena  Oilman )      142  E  18 

Marshall  Mill"  Jas  G  (M  Louise  Harris)  Rg.Na.        P«S2684Col 

Lc.Ny.Bg.Ul.As.  280 

JS.  JP"-  Eleanor  &  Margaret WestEndAv 

Marshall  Mill"  John  (NelUe  F  Davis) I  H23423Riv 

J^  M'  John Jr |    256  W  93 

Marshall  MiM"  Levin  R  (Martha  Jacob)  Cy.    .    .see  M"  L  Jacob 

Marshall  M'  S  Duncan-Un.Cy 

Marshall  tf""TrinaC,EdithB,SarahE&CharlotteCS 

Marshall  M'  S  Duncan  Jr~Cy.Sa 

Marshall  M~  Robert  D  &  Henry  H 

Marston  MiM"  Edgar  L  Qennie  C  Hunter) Mt.Ul.Lc.'Cy. ,      ^j. 

JSS.  tf- : . .    [Au.Ap.Dt.h3  E  57 

Marston  MiM"  Edwin  S  (Emma  B  Doty)Mt.|  P^^S2ii 

JlS,  tf"  Edna [Na.Gg.Bg.M.|South  Orange  N  J 

Martin  M"  Amelia  B  (Amelia  Bowers).  .  .Married  at  Ascension 

Rawlins  M'  Oeo  Foster Jun  12 

Martin  tf"  Antoinette  W-Cly P^'^SieyoMad. .  12  E  31 

Martin  MiM"  Bradley  (Cornelia  Sherman)  Un.K.R.Cy.T. 

Mt.Dt.Snc.  .4  Chesterfield  Gardens  London 
Martin  MiM"  Bradley  Jr  (Helen  M  Phipps)  K.Un.Uv.R.Mb.Mt. 

Ox'94..6  E  87 
Martin  MiM"  Clarence  (Cornelia  K  Hall)Cl.'o2 

P**"»J2569-38..i24  E  38 
Martin  MiM"  Clinton  R  Irwin  (Sheldon-Marion 

JS5.  M'  Bruce  S  Sheldon [I  Smith) 

M"  Thomas  Smith 

Martin  tf"  CorneUa  E ["Willowbrook" 

tf«"  Sylvia,  Cornelia  &  Violet  Wilder \  Auburn  N  Y 

Martin  MiM"  E  Howard  (Elizabeth  Agnew)Rg.So.     |P^362sCol 
Martin  tf"BessieD-Dar.[Ats.Fw.Cw.Rv.Cd.Dar.'73|  160  W  59 
Martin  MiM"EdwardSaulia  Whitney)C.Uv.H.*77 

Martin  tf"  Mary 

Martin  M'  Geo  W-H*io  &  JSS.  tf"  Lois  W 

Martin  M"  Frank  Evens  (Mary  Redmond  Wood)!       P^  477 
Martin  M""  Franklin-Cl.*o3  (ab'd  Arab  f  "Woodside" 

Jun2s)&Chas  JjSo  Orange  N  J 
Martin  M'  Fred  Townsend-K.Un.Mt Knicketbocker  Clu>^ 

21  W  54 

178  E  64 


Social  Register 

Martin  M'  Geo  Bliss Punta  Rassa  Pla 

Martin  M"  Howard  T  Qustine  de  Peyster)  Cly.Bm.Cd. 

see  M"  J  L  de  Peyster 
Martin  M'  Howard  Townsend-Un.Cr'75 . .  av'd  Cecil  Jun  30 

Union  Club 

Martin  M"  James  E  (Florence  C  Brokaw) Married  Jly  7 

Satterwhite  W  Preston  P at  Great  Neck  L  I 

Martin  M"  James  E  (Gladys  Robinson) Plaza  Hotel 

Martin  M'  James  M-Mt.Gg.  .ab'dTeut  Jun  10 

av*dCarmAug26.  .152  Madison  Av 
Martin  M"  John  Laurie  (Julia  D  Nichols) . .av'd  K  H      P^«S2 2 1 
MartinM'VarickDey  & J^rJl'Winthrop-Wms'  1 2 .  [Aug  1 1      Mad 

M"  J  E  Nichols 115  E  31 

Martin  MiM"  John  N  (Gertrude  M  Martin) 

M"  at  Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Martin  MiM"  John  S  Qeanne  G  Buckley)  Pl.Cl/00 

J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 

Martin  M"  John  T  (Jane  A  Barkley) Died  at  20  W  57  Jly  13 

Martin  M"  John  W  (Elizabeth  Swift) [Geneseo 

JS.  If"  Isabella  F. NY 

Martin  MiM"  L  Trowbridge  (Kathleen  T  L  Harper)  Rg.Cl.97 

114  E  36 
Martin  MiM"  Luther  (Kate  A  MuUer)  Gcp.Pa'96 

P*^«23799l.  .Llewellyn  Pk  W  Orange  N  J 
Martin  MiM"  Newell  (Laura  G  Grinnell)C.Uv.Mid. 

Martin  tf"  Helen [Ct.Myf.Cly.Y.'75.Cl.'75 

Martin  M'  Grinnell-H'io  &  JSS»tf"  Janet 

Martin  MiM"  Peter  D  (Lily  Oelrichs)  B.R.Pcusf. 

2040  BVay  %n.  .see  SISh 

Martin  M"  Reune  (Grace  I  Buddington) |P^2  2i5Riv 

Martin  M'"Reune^Sa.Y.'98  &  Shelton  E-Sa.Y.'oS-.  |    36  W  83 
Martin  MiM"  W  Clarence  (Alice  L  Homony)  Ul. 

Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 

Martin  D'  Walton-Uv.C.Y.'89. P^S2i43Plaza.  .25  W  50 

Martin  M"  Wm  Irwin  (Catharine  Clarke) P^«537S4Riv 

Martin  M*"  J  C  Irwin-€d.Dar 345 

Martin  M'  Ed  E  Irwin-Rp W  85 

Martin  MiM"  Wm  M  (Lillie  Mathews)C.Uv.Dt.Cd.     P^1J53 296Bry 

Martin  tf—  Florence  C  &  Edith  C [CI' 63  44 

Hrtin  M'  Drelincourt  M-H/07 W  40 

Audubon  Pk 

IJew  York  1909 


Martin  MiM"  Wm  Mulford  Irwin  (Bessie  C  Gray) 

P^S4i52Col.  .853  Seventh  Av 

Martin  M'  Wm  M  Irwin  (late  Wm  I) Married  at  Boston 

Gray  IP"  Bessie  C  (late  Jos  H) Sep  3 


Martin  MiM"  W  R  H  (Elizabeth  Trowbridge)  Myf.Bd.Ay. 

Martin  tf"  Elsey  K [Kg.Dp.Cr97 

Martin  M'  Wm  Vail Waldorf-Astoria 

Martineau  MiM"  Cyril  (Muriel  D  Robbins)  Cly. 

3  Oxford  Sq  London 
Martinez  MiM"  Aristides (Annie  Niblo)Dt.Mt.Lt.Na..203o  B'way 
Martinez  MiM"  Miguel  R  (Maria  de  la  C  Varela)Un.  P^«S3475Chel 

Martinez  tf"  Carmen  EM [Dt.Rg.Ny.S.  25 

JSS.  M""  John  M  R  &  Edward  L W  10 

Marvel  MiM"  Wm  D  (Church)  Dt Flushing  L  I 

Marvin  M'  Chas  Densmore-Uv.P'96.Laf'78. .  .University  Club 
Marvin  JP"  Elizabeth  V  N P^^S5643-38' . .  133   E  39 

Marvin  MiM"  Harry  N(OramellaLTackabury)Ul 

Marvin  tf"  Daniel  W  &  Rob't  S [Lt.'83 

J^r.  tf-  Maud  M 


Riverside  Dv 
Marvin  M'  James  M-R.H.'89 see  A  M  King 

Marvin  tf"  Katharine  L . 

Marvin  M'  Selden  E-An.Ll.Rp.H.*93. 

Marvin  M'LangdonP-Uv.As.Mtw.     P^^Si8ioSpring 

H.'98  27  Waverly  PI 
Marvin  M'  Edmund  R-As.R.H.'99  N  Y 

Marvin  MiM"  Walter  Rumsey  (Julia  A  ColHns)  Y/93 

P*^«S536l. .  *'  Rumsey  Pr '  New  Rochelle  N  Y. . see  DSlffi. 






Newport  R I 
Park  N  Y 

Mason  M'  A  Livingston-Apv.Rv.Br*7i 

Mason  M*"  Marguerite  S 

Mason  M'  Eari  P-Apv.Mit'97  &  Jl^n  M'  Lion  G. 
Mason  MiM"  Alfred  Bishop  (Mary  E  Murdoch)  Uv. 
Mason  MiM"  Macdonell  (Archa  Rice)  Y/04.  .  .[Y*7i 

Mason  M"  Arthur  (Amelia  C  Taylor) 

Mason  M*"*^  Maud  M-Ats.  &  Anita  J P*«J2925Plaza 

MasonM'AlexanderTaylor-Uv.C.Dt.Rp.Ty'8i.  .        119  E  57 
JS^r.  tf"HelenJ&M'"ArthurM&RoVtODuBois. . 

Mason  M'  Ehner  B-P'03 P'^«S536oSpring 

Mason  M'  Roy  M-Y.'o2 53  Wash  Sq 

Mason  MiM"  Roswell  H  (Mary  J  Brown)An.Ll.  see  CS&     • 


Social  Register 

Mason  M"  James  (Marie  Louise  Youngs) . 

Mason  DIM" 

av'd  Adri  Jun  lo 

see    ±Jojmcm» 

.  see  JJomicS* 
348  W  58 

John  J  (Florence  Angell)  Mtw.H'66 

Newport  R I . 

Mason   M'*  R  Osgood  (Charlotte  Vander  Veer) 

Mason  IP"  Ethel  O 

IP"  Amelia  Vander  Veer 

Mason  M"  T  Henry  (Lewis ) 

av'd  St  L  Oct  10.  .120  Champs  Elys^es  Paris 

Masson  M'  J  Harry-Un.R.Uv.W.P/97 30  W  59 

Masten  MilT*  Arthur  H  (Christine  MacMartin)  Un.Uv.C.Mt. 

Dt.Hl.Wms*76.  .P'To2SS2-yg.  ,101  E  70 
Masters  MiM"  Francis  R  (Ella  R  King)  Ul.Mc.As. 

of  Dobbs  Ferry  N  Y.  .P'»S6o63Col.  .  210  W  57 

"The  Cedars'* 
Bound  Brook  N  J 

Mather  M*"  Edith  Herbert. .  .[at  Sitka  Alaska 
Mather  MiM"  FrankJ  Jr(EllenSMills)C.Ats.Wms*89.  .seeDo^lSK^ 

Mather  M'  Samuel-Mt.R.S.Ny.Ats.Ul Cleveland  Ohio 

Mathers  MIM"  John  J  (Mary  D  DuBois) Montclair  N  J 

Feb  I 
Cocoanut  Grove 


Matheson  MiM'^  Wm  J  (Harriet  M  Torrey)Ul. 
Ny.Mt.C.Au.Dt.S.Ha..ab'd  Maur  Jun24 

Matheson  M'  Hugh  M-S.-at  Yale 

JlS.  M'  Malcohn 

Mathews  M"  Chas  Drellincourt  (Rebecca  B 

Mathews  M*"  Florence [Thompson) 

Mathews  M'  Chas  T-Uv.Mt.R.T.Dp.Y'86.Cr89.. . 

Mathews  MiM"  Ed  Roscoe  (Loulie  Shaw  Albee)  Un.Uv.K.Cy. 

B.Cly.H.'96.  .P^^5764Gram..ii  W  9 

Mathews  M' Frederic  B-R.Cy.Y'89 PlJS3046Bry.  .80  W  40 

Mathews  MiM"  Harold  C  (Edith  C  Candee)  Uv.Au.Y.'93 

P^3o6.  .309  Field  Pt  Rd  Greenwich  Ct 

W  8 

Mathews  M"  John  R  (Catharine'T  R  Van  Cortlandt) 

Mathews  tf""  Catharine  Van  C  &  Isabel  R 

Mathews  MiM"  Wilbur  Knox  (Currie  Duke)  R.Pl.Ul.Mt.Na 

T.Rdp.etc..P^i67Col..i6o  W  59 
Mathewson  MiM"  Chas  F  (Jeanie  C  Anderson) 


JSJb  M'  Samuel  A 

tf- Edith  H  Lay 

337  W  87 

New  York  1909 


75  E  54 

Mathewson  MiM"  Frank  Mason  (Rachel  G  Jackson)  Lt. Apv. Ar. 

Cda.Dar.Mfy.Br'73.  .Pl?S4283Stuy.  .37  Fifth  Av.  .see  FS^J. 
Matthews  ItM"  Brander  (Smith)  C.Pl.A.Cr7i 

P^«Si993Riv.  .681  W  End  Av 

Matthews  MiM"  Edwin  Scott  (Agnes  Rounds) )P**^S259oCol 

JSk  M'  Harold  N-at  Harvard |  117  W  58 

Matthews  M'-  Florence  Hallett see  P  T  Barlow.  .55  E  21 

Matthews  M&M"  Geo  (Grace  Birmingham).  . . 

Matthews  M"^  Geo  Jr 

JIS.  tf"*  Guenn,  Yvonne  &  Doris 

Matthews  MiM"  John  H  (Grace  Ferguson)  Cr79. . .  phon^z: 

Matthews  tf"  Madelon Lq  mH"2^ 

JIS.  tf-  Natalie  &  M'  John 898  Mad  Av 

Matthiessen  M'  Conrad  Henry -Ny.S.Au.Kg. As i  W  72 

Mattison  tf"M Augusta.  .seeSDKittredge.  .Hastings-on-Hudsoh 
MaudMiM"ChasE(LaMontagne-LouiseBCather-  I  P^S257Main 
&  W  E  Clinton  LaMontagne.  .[wood)  Sfgsf.|  Monterey  Cal 

Maud  M' Walter  DeS-R 44  Pine 

Maudsley  MiM"  Alfred  P  (Annie  Gary  Morris) abroad 

Maupoint  de  Vandeul  Bm  &  Bmss  H  F  (Edith  Clift) 

** Villa  St  George'*  Arcachon  Gironde 
Maurice  MiM"  Chas  Frazier  (Emily  C  Wilkinson)  Ct. 

55  Oakland  Av  Bloomfield  N  J 
Maurice  MiM"Chas  Stewart  (CharlotteMHolbrooke)Un. 

Maurice  M^-  Marian  B,  Margaret  S  &  Emily  M 

Maurice  M'  Arched  S-Uv.Lehigh'93 [Univ. 

Maurice  M"^  Albert  T-P.'o6  at  LivingstonHallColumbia 
Maurice  MiM"Geo  H(Ethel  Eglin)Uv.Lehigh'93.  .Harrisburg  Pa 
Maury  MiM"  Chas  Walker  (Emily  L  Flanders)  Un.R.Ch.So.Ht. 

P'^SisStamford.  .Noroton  Ct 

Maury  M'  Hy  Tobin-Un.R.Ny.So P^1JS647Bry.  .47  W  43 

Maury  DiM"  J  W  Draper  (Alice  H  Pray)  H.'95 

P'^«S27o7Col..264  W  57 
Maxwell  tf -  Annie  S  (late  Jas  T) 

Died  at  Roosevelt  Hospital  Aug  14.  .see  Humphrey 
Maxwell  M"  Eugene  Lafelle  (Mary  I  Carleton).    100  Eighth  Av 

Maxwell  tf"  Mary  C B'klyn 

Maxwell  MiM"  Geo  T  (Marie  Raymond)  Un.T.R.Au.Rg.P.'89 
M"  ab'd  Aka  Sep  3  aVd.  .^^5570-79. .  14  E  77 

Jekyl  Is 


Social  Register 

Maxwell  MiM"HyL(BessieSJordan)S.Lc.R.Ny.Ay.Ad.seeDJ^S;. 

Maxwell  MiM' 
Maxwell  M*"- 
Maxwell  MiM' 

Horace  (Mary  O  Martin) P*'*5222o-79 

F  Edna  &  Madeleine 7  E  74 

Howard  W  (Helen  S  Young)  R.Ha.Tf. 

P*^^Si8o. . Glen  Cove  L  I .  .see  DJi^S:. 
Maxwell  MiM"  J  Rogers  (Maria  L  Washburn)        P'^^tisyPros 

Ny.Mid.S.Lc.  78  Eighth  Av 

MiM"  Howard  F  Whitney  (Maxwell) Bk'lyn 

Maxwell  MiM"  John  R  Jr  (Lydia  B  Clothier)  Lc.R.Mt. 

Ad.Ny.Aht'97.  .P«S47iiCol.  .32  W  74 

Maxwell  M'  Rob't-Uv.Ul.Mc.Au.Rp.Y/87 524  Fifth  Av 

Maxwell  MiM"  Wm  H-C.Ct.. 1 88  Franklin  PI 

Maxwell  tf"  Elaine  R |  Flushing  N  Y 

May  MiM"  Chas  (Cardera  Collin)  Uv.Ad.Wms'73 

JS"»tf- Sybil  H 

May  Col  &  M"  Henry  (Isabel  Coleman)  Mtw. 
May  tf-  Isabella  L.  .see  D?S..  .[Un.Ny.etc 
May  M'"  Hy  C  &  Gerald  de  Courcey-Un.  . . 

J^„  tf"  Cecilia  J 

May  DiM"  Wm  (Amy  W  Draper)  Ny ' 27  W  26 

"'       "  ■"    ■'"    "       **FoxHill" 



ab'd  Hamb  Jun  30 


1325K  WSfe 

Mayer  MiM"  Chas  W(Mary  R  Howell) Ny.M.Pa.'82 

'Mayer  M*"  Mercedes-at  Paris 

J^r.  M""  Francis  H  (at  Christ  Ch  Oxford)  &  Carlos. 
Mayer  MiM"  John  Jr  (Marie  N  Foote)  Mg. 

24  Elm  Morris  town  N  J 
Mayer  MiM"  Jos  B  (Belle  Falck)M.Au.Cybf.Tcbf.Elbf .'70 

PIJS5882C0I.  .20s  W  57 
Mayer  MiM"  Laurence  J  (Florence  E  Gail)  iY*o2 

Pelham  Rd  Pelham  Manor  N  Y 

Mayer  M"^  Laurence  J  (Jos  B) Married  at  Niagara  Ont 

Gail  IP"  Florence  E Jly  29 

MaynardM'  Duff  Green-Pl P^«S6264Gram.  .26  Gramercy  Pk 

Maynard  M"  Effingham  (Helen  M  Hollister)  Cd, 

av'd  Adri  Jun  lo 
Maynard  M'  Effinghani-Un.R.Uv.H.'98 
Maynard  MiM"  Geo  W  (Atkin)  Eg.C'SQ. 

Ma3^ard  tf"  Katherine  A 

Maynard  H'  Gurdon  M 



Lex  Av 


305  W  77 

W  56 

Ifew  York  1909  383 

MaynardM'  Richard  F-Uv.H'98 P«54225Col.  .33  W  67 

Maynard  MiM"  Walter  E  (Eunice  Ives)  Un.Uv.Rg.Au.Cly. 

H/93 . .  M"  av'd  K  II  Oct  6.  .P^^Si 289-38.  .114  E  40 

Mayo  M"  Henry  O  (Mary  N  Townsend) 247  Fifth  Av 

Mayo  M^  Marie  L P^S284iChel.  .360  W  21 

Mayo-Smith  M"  Richmond  (Mabel  B  Ford)  Cd.Bd. 

Mayo-Smith  tf""  Lucie  &  Amabel-Bd 

Mayo-Smith  M'  Richmond,  .at  Amherst  Mass.  . 

Mead  M"  Edw  Spencer  (Susan  Abbot)  av*d  Adri  Oct  27 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
Mead  MiM"  Fred'k  (Bowman-M  Eleanor  Hill) U v. ¥.'71,. 

M'"  Rosalie  Bjowman 

Mead  M"  Fred'k  G  (Marie  L  Myers)  Dar.Cda. 

Mead  Jf""  Margaret  P  &  Frederica  R 

Mead  M'  Lawrence  M 

M"  Lawrence  Myers 

Mead  MiM"  Gilbert  W  (Mary  C  Ely)  H.'oi. . . 
Mead  MiM"  Lawrence  J  (Anna  F  Ely)  P.*96.  . 
Mead  MiM"  Rob't  G  (Elsie  M  Cleveland)  Uv.Wms:'93 

ab'd  Lor  Aug  20.  .11  W  11 

Mead  MiM"  Theo  H  (Anna  R  Johnson) I  P^^Si.  ."Elmdon" 

Mead  Jf"  Lucy  G 1    Tarrytown  N  Y 

Mead  MiM"  Wm  Ruth'd  (Olga  Kilenyi)  C.Uv.Mt.Gg.Aht'67 

M'  ab'd  Prov  Jly  23  MiM"  av'd  Lusi  Oct  8 . .  10  W  43 
Meade  MiM"  Chas  Watson  (Mary  E  Reynolds)  Ct.Lehigh'92 

PlK4373MtV.  .809  N  Charles  BSlik 

Meade  M"  Richard  w  (Rebecca  Paulding) |P'&o23oo-79 

Meade  r'-AnnaP-Whw.,RebeccaP&CharlotteH.  |  129  E  76 
Meade  MiM"  Richard  Worsam  (Helena  R  Ely)  Un.  Au.Ll.Cd. 

P^«58-79..2i6  E  72 
Meara  DiM"  Frank  S  (Alice  M  Sykes)  Uv.Y.*9o 

P'*"SS2665Riv.  .400  West  End  Av 
.    Meeker  M"  Fred'k  W  (Abby  A  Leaming) 

Pl?S32  7.  .**Amosquam"  Rye  N  Y 
Meeker  MiM"  Hy  Eugene  (Jenny  Royce)  Ul.Uv.H.'89.  .119  E  64 

Meeks  M'  Edwin  B-Uv.Ul.P'6o University  Club 

Meer  MiM"  G  Victor  (Brugi^re-Sarah  Van  Buren) 

25  rue  Gounod  Antwerp  Belgium 






102  W  80 

384  Social  Register 

Meert  M"  Chas  F  (Adelaide  M  Van  Buren) 

Meert  If"  Virginie  Louise,  .at  25  rue  Gounod 

Antwerp  Belgium 

Meert  MiM"  F  Wm  (Gertrude  W  Sturtevant) . . 
IP"  Eloise  B  Sturtevant 

Sebasti  &  Reali 

132  High  Av 
Nyack  N  Y 
Meert  MiM"  Victor  E  (Esther  B  Hoagland)  '92 

P^«S243o-79-i54  E  91 
Meigs  MIM"  Ferris  J  (Louise  A  Lawrence)  Uv.Rp,Y/89 

P«S2  74r.  .Lawrence  Pk  BronxviUe  N  Y 

Meigs  MiM"  Titus  B  (Lucia  Jacobs)  Bd.Myf P«Si3i6Plaza 

M'  T  Lasell  Jacobs 16  E  65 

Meikleham  Mill"  T  M  Randolph  (Agnes  D  Dash) 

CI. '90.. see  M"B  Dash 
Meikleham  Mill"  Wm  A  (Washbum-Margaret  Brackenridge) 

Uv.Cl.'86..ShortHilkN  J 
Meissner  MiM"  Wm  C  (Louise  D  Aldrich)Zp.Croo 

P^^S8824Riv..2oo  W  79 
Melcher  M"  John  Lowell  (Ellen  Stevens) 

Died  at  N  E  Harbor  Me  Sep  1 1 
Melcher  MiM"  John  Stevens  (Helen  de  Selding)UnlP^«Si6i8Plaza 
&  M'"  Margaret  S .[Uv.Dt.H.'8i|        5  E  51 

New  Haven « 

Garden  City  L  I 

Mellen  MiM"Charles  S(Katharine  Livingston)  Mt. 
Mellen  M^"  Marion  F  &  r»  tf»  Kathryn  L.  .[Ul.Rp 

Mellen  M'  Graham  Kingsbury 

Mellen  MiM"Chase(Lucy  C  Manley)Uv.Ct.Gg. 

JSJs  M'  Jos  M ,  .[Sa.Ox'87 

Mellon  M"  chasHy  (Loraine  W  Roberts)  Mg.  Acp..)524  Fifth  Av 

&  tf-  Eleanor  M  &  M'  Chas  Hy |      see  P*^S 

Melville  M'  Henry-Uv.Rp.Rv.Cw  Dth'79.H'84 

P^^;3S32Cort.  .447  Lex  Av 
Melville  MiM"  Henry  H  (Marcia  L  Phillips) Ny. Alb. Atb. 

37  Wall,  .see  D^SK. 
Mende  KiM"  Edwin  (Elsie  Porter)  '03  """  " 

63  Thun  Str  Berne  Switzerland 
Menken  MiM"  S  Stanwood  (Gretchen  von  Briesen)  M.Cr*9o 

P^«S4978Plaza..34  W  52 
Menocal  M'  Aniceto  G  (late  Gabriel)..  .Died  at  251  W  81  Jly  20 

New  York  igog 


Menocal  Mill"  Edw  (Dodd-Agnes  Kneeland) . .      P^sSSyCol 

M'"  Marjorie  Dodd 853  Seventh  Av 

Menocal  M"  L  W  (Laura  W  Abbot) see 

JiS.  tf"  Vera  J M"AM A  Nelson 

Mercati  Ct  &  Ctss  Alex (Harriette Wright). Cr^ditLyonnaisParis 
Mercer  DiM"  Archibald  (Katrina  Campbell)  E.Rut' 

P''^§733.  .31  Washington  Newark  N  J 

Mercer  MiM"  Carroll  (Minna  L  Tunis)  Cd 66  W  46 

Jiir»  M^"*'  Violetta  C  &  Lucy  P M'  absent 

Mercer  HiM"  Geo  Jr  (Helen  V  Bingham)Ny.Ay.Cy.Ap.Cl.'o4 

Rut'91.  .524  Fifth  Av 

Mercer  W  Theodore  P I  P'^S3377r 

D;M"  Geo  B  Emory  (Mercer) [662  High  Newark  N  J 


W  158 
of  P*^^Si5i 
'* The  Lilacs'* 
Cedarhurst  L  I 
J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 

Merchant  M"  Stephen  L  (Elizabeth  H  Wolcott)Cd. 
Merchant  Mill"  Huntington  W  (Mary  C  Tallmadge) 

Meredith  MiM"  Jas  Shaw  (Dunning- 

Katharine  M  Cheever)  Mc. 
M'  Ralph  C  Dunning. .  Amer  Exp  Co 
M'  Harold  W  Dunning.  .  .  .[London 
Meredith  MiM"  Joseph  D  (Maria  S  Douglas)  P.'qS 

P^^S437Col..i748  B'way 
Meredith  MiM"  Wm  T  (Mary  R  Watson) Dt.Rv.  ]P^'i§§i578Plaza 

Meredith  M^"  Katharine  M [Ll.Rg.U'59  38 

Meredith  M'  Wm  P-Na.P.'94 |        W  50 

Merriam  MiM"  Arthur  L  (Ellen  G  M  Rogers)  Ul.Rp. 

ab'd  Ced  Jun  18.  .P*^«S47i8Col.  .  58  Cent  Pk  W 

Merrill  MiM"  Bradford  (Sara  L  Taylor)  PI P'^^Sqsj 

Merrill  M'"  Elizabeth Great  Neck 

Merrill  M'  Bradford  Jr-H' 06  &  J&"n.  tf"  Dorothy LI 

Merrill  MiM"Chas  E(Sally  C  Markoe)C.Uv.Dth'69  P'^'i?S3867Plaza 
Merrill  M""  Payson  McL-Y.'o2  &  Wallace  W.  . .  .       130  E  67 
Merrill  MiM"  Chas  E  Jr  (Ethel  R  Moses)  ¥.'98.  .925  Park  Av 
Merrill  MiM"  Ed  B  (Mary  E  Gibbs)Uv.Bow's7. . .  |P"^"S2473Chel 

Merrill  M'  Edw  Gibbs-Uv.Cr97 147  W  1 2 

Merrill  MiM"  Edwin  G  (Adelaide  I  Katte)  Uv.H.'9S 

care  W  Katte  Ardsley  N  Y 

Merrill  MiM"Fred'k  J  H(Winifred  Edgerton) 
Merrill  tf"  Louise [Uv.Fw.Rv.Cw.CrSs 


JS.  tf"  Winifred  &  ff"  Hamilton&Edgerton.  .|New  Rochelle  NY 

386  Social  Register 

Merrill  Rev  &  M"  Geo  Grenville  (Pauline  G  W  Dresser)  Uvbf.Dar. 

P/89.av'dSt  LAug  i5.P^^S3i8Tup.2i4  PorterAvBSNY.seeBlS 

Merrill  MiM"  Payson  (Emma  H  Strong)  C.Dt.Uv.   |P^^S8ioPlaza 

M"Geo  P  Slade (Cornelia  W  Strong). [Cd. ¥.'65 1    41  E  67 
Merrill  MiM"  Wm  F  (Eliza  Fessenden)Uv.An.Aht'63 ....     New 

Merrill  M*"  Ellen  L Haven 

Merrill  M'  Clement  F .  .  M''"  Susan  S  Fessenden Ct 

Merriman  Mi M"  Harry  Morton  (Maude  A  Jackson)  Ul.Rv. 

Spuyten  Duyvil  N  Y 
ab'd  Sep  15 
T  Cook  &  Son 

Merritt  Mi M"Douglas (Elizabeth  Cleveland  Coxe) 


Merritt  M'*""  Ethel  Douglas  &  Julia  D 

Merritt  M'  Alan  D |        India 

Merritt  MiM"  Edw  Reeve  (Leila  Roosevelt)  R. 

P^^'S34ioPlaza.  .  7  E  53 
30  W  9 

Merritt  M'  Robert  Gwathmey-Cw.  . 

Merritt  M"  Jas  A-Cda 

Merritt  MiM"  Schuyler-Uv.Ht.Y.'73 |Stamford 

Merritt  M^"^"  Louise  H  &  Katharine  K  &  &  M'"  Julia.  .  .|      Ct 
Merritt  M"  Temple  (Augusta  Temple  Schack) 

see  M"  O  W  C  Schack  120  E  25 
Merritt  Maj  Gen  &  M"  Wesley  (Laura  Williams)  Un.An.Mtw. 

Cvcw.Cvw.USA'6o.  .  1622  R  I  W^8 

Merrylees  MiM"  John  (Belle  Gibbs)  N P^^Si2oStuy 

Merrylees  M'"  Dorothy  G 105  E  1 5 

Merwin  M"  Edw  Payson  (Grace  C  |  P^^^gSOrange 

Bishop) I " Oakridge "  178  Harrison 

Merwin  M'  Edw  Payson-H.'94 |         Brick  Church  N  J 

MeseroleM'Abraham-Sn.Un.Ul.As.|ab'd  Akajly2.  .av'd  P  Grant 

Meserole  M"  J  V  (Evelina  A) |  Aug  22 .  .  539  Madison  Av 

Meserole  MiM"  Alfred  V  (Cornelia  P  Johnson)  Ul 
Meserole  M'"~  Alf reda  C  &  Cornelia  E 


Mesier  Rev  Henry.P^^Sigg.St  John'sRectory  FarRockaway  L  I 

S105  "The  Orchards'' 
Chappaqua  N  Y 

Messenger  M^"Maria  Gerard,  .ab'd  Pat 
^"Elisabeth  Chamberlain. [Aug  8 
Messervy  MiM"  Geo  P  (Harriet  L  Colgate)  Uv.Pr.Ecb.H'80 

247  W  End  Av 
Mestre  MiM"  Alfred-Kg.Na.Uv.'So 301  W  81 

New  York  1909 


Metcalf  MiM"  Bryce  (Susie  T  Hall)Rg.Sa.Cc.Cw.Rv.Wt. 

Mass'98.  .P^^S676Mad.  .120  E  30 

Metcalf  MiM"  Geo  F  (Catherine  Bell)R see  DS;!?K. 

Metcalf  M'  Prescott-Un.R.Ap see  Geo  Bird 


105  Neptune  Av 

New  Rochelle  N  Y 

.57  E  58 
M"  G  Hess 

78  E  55 

Metcalfe  M"  Frank  J  (H^l^ne  Rochat). 

Metcalfe  M^""  Susan  S  &  Hd^ne  F 

Metcalfe  M'  Louis  R-Y.'95..av'd  Sav  Oct  17 
Metcalfe  Capt  &M"Hy(Harriet  Nichols)C.An.USA'68 
Metcalfe  MiM^RHenshaw (Katharine  Clarkson  Hess) 

Metcalfe  M*"  Reta  Clarkson 

Meyer  MIM"  Blakeman  Quintard  (May  B  Cooke) Sn.Ap.Ch.Cw. 

P'^^'SSSsPlaza. .  525  Park  Av 
Meyer  MiM"  Chas  B  (Virginia  H  Hoyt)  Ch.Cl'ys 

Meyer  tf"  Mary  Q 

Meyer  M'  Schuyler  M-Y/07 

Meyer  MiM"  Chas  Garrison  (Sara  W  Leavitt)  R.Ny.Tf.Dp. 

Cl/oi.  .P^'»Si24rFlushing.  .Bayside  L  I 

Meyer  M'  Edwin  0-Un.Na Union  Club 

Meyer  MiM"  Geo  A  (La vine  Graham  Youngs)  Ul. 

P^^S2435Plaza.  .  loi  E  64 

Meyer  M'  Henry  C-Ul.Ll.C 25  Highland  Av  Montclair  N  J 

Meyer  M'  Henry  C  Jr 21  Highland  Av  Montclair  NJ 

Meyer  MiM"  Hy  von  Lengerke  (Laura  W  Hard)Un.Suffem  N  Y 

mZZ  J-  ae'lt^''"/.':'^"^- : : : ; : : :  h^'^-^  ^^  ^  J 

Meyerkort  M'  John Died  in  Oct  '07 

Meyerkort  M"  John  (Clara  Oakley) |P^^S3883Plaza 

J^x.  M'  John I     42  E  53 

Meyn  MiM"  Heinrich  (Mary  Agnew)  PI 150 

M^"  Anna  M  King W  59 

Middlebrook  M'  Fred'c  J-Ul.Ap.Rg.Dt P^^S63i4Col 

Middlebrook  M*"-  Sarah  L  &  Marianna  M 2030 

JSS*  M'  George .  .  at  Berkshire  Sch BVay 

Middleton  M'"  Margaret-Cd P^^S2025Stuy.  .100  E  17 

Middleton  DiM"  John  Izard  (Elena  de  Apezteguia)  IP''^S668Plaza 

Uv.Cal.P.'87  169 

Middleton  M"  John  izard  (Harriett  S  Gittings) |       E  64 

Middleton  MiM"  Thos  A  (Edith  Sloan)  Un.Cal 
Ja  M'"  Jeanne  C 



Social  Register 

Mikkelsen  MiM"  Michael  A  (Gwendolen  Hawthorne) 

54  Grove  Tarry  town  N  Y 
Milbank  MIM"  Albert  G  (Marjorie  E  Robbins)  Uv.P/96 

P^^S3579Plaza..45  E  61 
Milbank  MiM"  Albert  J  (Georgianna  Goodsell)  Na.  IP^^U7oi-38 

tf"  Adele  Keys |    42  W  38 

Milbank  M'  Henry  R-Un.Na Union  Club 

■" ~       ' '      ■  —  '    -         ntsosS-sS 

27  E  39 

i6  W  10 

Milbank  MiM"  Joseph  (Ella  Dunlevy)  ULAp.Rp.  . 
Milbank  M""  Dunlevy-Ul.Au.Uv.Y.'oo  &  Jeremiah. 
Milbum  MiM"John  G  (Patty  Stocking)  C.Un.Ny. 

Milbum  M'  Devereux-Mb.R.Ox'03 

Milbum  M'  Ralph 

Milburn  MiM"  John  G  Jr  (Madeleine  Scatcherd)  Stbf .Ox'03 

"'  k'S6732Spring.  .  29  Waverly  PI.  .see  82 


367  Vose  Av 

S  Orange  NJ 




Miles  IP"  Agnes  Tiers 

Miles  r"  Francis  T,  Robert  M-Sa.  &  Wm  R. . 


Miles  M' Fred'c  B 

Miles  M'  Basil-atAmerican  Emb  St  Petersburg 

MiM"  Thos  W  Surette  (Miles) 

Miles  MiM"  Geo  Hy(GeorgienneBramhall)..264ValleyOrangeNJ 
Miles  Lt  Gen  Nelson  A-USA.Ul.Au.Cc.Sn.Mtw.etc..i233-i7WS8 

Miley  M'  John-Uv.Pl.M.Wes'75 P^^SS^J 

Miley  M'"~  Annie  Brooks  &  Sarah  Foster Lakewood  N  J 

Milhau  M*"  Zella  de-Ats P^^Si783Gram 

Milhau  M'  Louis  J  de  G  de-Ats.Pl.Ll.Anw.H/06       119  E  19 
Miller^ MiM"Andrew(Nina  Le  Roy)Un.R.Tf . Wk.B. 
Miller  M'  LeRoy.  .at  Ridgeley  Hall  Camb'.  .[H.'8o 

J^»  M'  Geo  W-at  St  Mark's  Sch 

Miller  MiM"  Andrew  J  (Grace  C  Saunders)  R.As.Rg.Mid. 

Geo'87.  .P^^;23i8Col.  .853  Seventh  Av 
Miller  MiM"  Bleecker  (Berthenia  Dunn)  Rv.Cw.. ..  .  .121  W  71 

Miller  M"  Chas  Addison  (Mary  Ely) |P*^^S44iS-38 

Miller  M'  Chas  D-Un.S.Y.'o2 |    26  W  37 

Miller  M"  chas  e  (Jessie  A  Danforth)  Cly 63 

&  M""  Chas  E  &  Danforth £54 

Miller  M'  Chas  O-Uv.Cy.Y.'SS :University  Club 

Miller  MiM"  Chas  H  (Jane  M  Taylor)  C.Lt. . Queens  L  I 

P^^S2  36sCol 


New  York  1909 


21  E  9 

W  72 

Miller  M'  Chas  R-C.Mt.Gg.As.Rli.Dth'72. . . . 

Miller  JP"  Madge  Daniels 

Miller  M'  Hoyt  C-H'04 

Miller  M"  Chas  Wooster  (Tefft-Gertrude  Benchley) 

&  M*"  Beatrice  W 

Miller M'  Constantine  S-Cal.Bg 22  W  30 

Miller  M'  Dickinson  S-C.H/92 

P^^^S  1 4ooMom . .  Faculty  Club . .  Col  University 

Miller  M"  Edith  G  (Edith  Gardiner) see  G  N  Gardiner 

Miller  MiM"  Franklin-Un East  Hampton  L  I 

MillerMiJrGClinton(CamilleBrown)Rh.  .P^1?S965Plaza..io9  E  64 
Miller  MiM"  Gardiner  Hope  (Emma  Achelis)  Uv.As.P/93 

P^^Sio37Col..i6  W  69 
Miller  MlM"GeoMacculloch(ElizabethHoffman)C.  |  P*^1?S4439-38 
Millertf"EdithMacculloch-Mg..[Mt.Ul.Ch.Mg.Mo  " 

Miller  DiM"GeoNorton  (Martha  LeRoy Glover) 
Miller  tf"  Helen  Le  R.  .  .  [Un.Uv.Bm.As.H/79 
Miller  M'  Geo  N  Jr-P*io  &  &.  W  Katharine  C. 
Miller  MiM"  Geo  W  (Mary  E  Warren)  Un.. . . . . 

Miller  M^  Helen  P 

M"  Chas  R  Johnson  (Georgina  Miller) 

Miller  M"  Hy  Jas  (Elizabeth  R  Swasey)  Dar.  .see  C  E  M  Gross 
Miller  M"  Hy  W  (Katharine  S  Hoffman) 

P^702.  /*The  Kedge''  Morristown  N  J 
Miller  MiM"  Hy  Wise  (Alice  M  Duer)  Uv.H/97 

P^S2079Plaza..62  E  53 
Miller  MiM"Hoffman(EdithMcKeever)Uv.Ul.Ch. 

Miller  M'  G  Macculloch  Jr [Ty'8o 

JS>n  M"'  Lawrence  McK . .  at  Harvard  &  Lindley  H 

at  St  Paul's  Concord 
Miller  MiM"  J  Blackbum(PaulineRClarkson)Sn.M. 

Miller  M'  C  Blackbum-Cl/09 [Lc.Snc.Cd 

JS^»  M^«  Violet  C 

M"  Julia  C  Ellis 

Miller  MiM"  Jacob  W  (Katherine  Wise)  Uv.C.Mt.Fw.Mo.Ch 

Wp.USN'67.  .P^^'S4746Mad.  .113  E  30 
Miller  DiM"  James  Alex  (Marion  C  Hunt)  P/93 

P*'^42i2plaza. .  550  Park  Av 

270  Mad  Av 


Madison  Av 




Tuxedo  Pk 






Social  Register 

Miller  MiM"  James  E  (Gladys  G  Kissel)  R.Y.'o4 

P^^^S204.  .Morristown  N  J.-seeDmS. 
Miller  MiM"  John  Doull  (Elinor  M  Shepard)  Mc. 

P'^^S474W.  .  222  E  9  Plainfield  N  J 

Middletown  N  Y 

Miller  MiM"  Laurence  W  (Chesney-Rose  B 
MillerM'"  Rosamond  S  [Wemple)  Un.Dp.Cl'82 

Miller  M*"  Margaret  (late  Theo) Died  at  Hudson  N  Y  Oct  25 

Miller  M"  Morris  S  (Jeannette  C  Hurlbut) see  DJ^SS^. 

Miller  M'  Peyton  F^Uv.Wms'67.  .P'^^S255.  .335  AUenHudsonNY 
Miller  M;M"  Ralph  G  (Alice  Bowers  Lee)  Un.H.'93 

P'ToSiT.  ."Hilholme"  Short  Hills  N  J 
Miller  MIM"  Roswell  (Mary  L  Roberts)  C.Mt.G.  P^^S2652Plaza 
&  M'  Roswell  Jr.  .  .  .  [Dt.Rg.Chch.etc.Ham'69       19  E  62 

Miller  M'  Rutger  B-Un.  Y.'oo.CL'o3 P^1K463Gram 

Miller  Lt  Wm  S-USN 

Miller  M'  Theodore  F-Uv.M.C.Dke.Na.Ul.'69 . 
Miller  M'  Warner-Ul.Rv.Na.Rp.Snc.Lt.U'6o. ... 

Miller  M' Max 

M"  E  R  Churchill  (Roberts) 

Miller  MiM"  Wm  Starr  (Edith  C  Warren)  Un.K. 

45  E  20 
.147  Willow  Bkn 
..  ..  P^^S3782Col 

W  57 


Miller  M^"  Starr [R.j  39  Fifth  Av 

Miller  W  Wm  Wilson-R.Mt.Un.Rh.Mid.Rg.As. 

2318C0I.  .853  Seventh  Av 
Miller  MIM"  Wm  Wisner  (Helen  A  Coming)  R.  . .  .  .Goshen  N  Y 

9  E39 

Millet  MiM"  Francis  D  (Elizabeth  G  Merrill)  Uv.C. 
"  "  ....[P1.H.'69 

Millet  M'  Lawrence (      at 

Millet  M'  John  A  P [Harvard 

Millet  Mill"  Jean  Francois  (Mary  Geraldine  Reed)  Cda 
Millett  M'  Daniel  C  (late  Rev  Stephen  C) 

Died  at  Chehalis  Wash  Jly  1 1 

Millett  M"  Stephen  c  (M  Emma  Child) P'^^Ui  93 Plaza 

Millett  M*"  Mary  G 4^ 

Millett  M'  Gardner  W-Uvw W  59 

Millett  MiM"  Stephen  C  (Thalia  Westcott)  Cal.Rg.Au.As. 

P*^'»S3223Col..i  W  72 
Milliken  MiM"  Charles  S  (Alice  B  Plummer)  Ul. . .  .  IP''i?S2  77oMad 
&  M*"  Edythe  E |i6i  Mad  Av 

Milliken  MiM"  Foster  (Louise  Ward)  R.Na.Mid.As. 
&  tf"  Ruth  &  M'  Foster  Jr. 


•     Mew  York  190$ 


W    54 


Milliken  F  Hugh  K-Un.Snc.Bm.Ct 

Milliken  M'  H  Oothout-P.'os.MorganHarjes&CoParis 

Milliken  M'  Seth  M-Ul.Rg.Na.Mt.Bg.Mc.Rp 

Milliken  M'  Gerrish  H-Ul.Uv.Rg.Mc.Y/98 

Milliken  DiM"  Seth  M  Jr  (Alida  K  Leese)Ul.Y/98. .  .  . 

Mills  M"  Abraham  (Ella  W  Townsend) JP'^^S296oMad 

Mills  M'"  Amy  Hawxhurst |  66  Mad  Av 

MillsMiM"AbrahamG(MaryCSteele)Ul.Eg.Na.An.|"  Hill  Crest'' 
Mills  M*""  Frances  S  &  Mary  C.  . .  [LI. Ats.Dc.Dar. [Summit  N  J 



Macculloch  Av 
Morristown  N  J 

Mills  W  Alfred-Mg.Y'47 

Mills  M**-"  Katherine-Mg.  &  Edith  E 

Mills  M'  Alfred  Elmer-Mg.Mo.P.'82. . 

Mills  M;M"  Chas  H  (Mary  G  Fulton)  As.R.H.'95 

Racquet  Club . .  see  DomiS, 
Mills  M'  Darius  Ogden-K.Un.Mt.C.Ul.Tf.W..av'd  Cecil  Jly  28 

634  Fifth  Av 
Mills  MiM"  Edw  Kirkpatrick  (Laura  E  Slade)  Mo.Mg. 

P'96..P^«S389J . .  2  Perry  Morristown  N  J 

'The  Elms'' 
Fairfield  Ct 

Mills  M"  Henry  L  (Mary  S  Glover) 

Mills  If"  Geo  A  &  John  Glover-Cal.  [Mills) 

MiM"  Walter  R  Hartshorne  (Sara  G 
Mills  M'  John  Beale-Un.Uv.Cy.Ny.Hppv.Y' 73 

■^^  *  Hillair ' '  Bristol  R  I .  .see  KsSe 

P*^^S862..78  MadAv 

Morristown  N  J 
Prof  at  Oxford  Eng 

Mills  Prof  &  M"LawrenceH  (MariaBSwann) 
M"  Moses  B  I  Goddard  (Swann). .  [DSS52K. 
Mills  MiM"  L  Hey  worth  Jr  (Mariette  B  Thompson)  Mg. 

P^^S439.  .  54  Mad  Av  Morristown  N  J 
Mills  M;M''  Mountfort  (Day-AdMe  Mittant)  H'.97 

P*^^S3i23Col.  .327  W  End  Av 


Mills  M'"  Beatrice. • 

Mills  M'  Ogden  I^R.TJn.Mb.K.H.^oj 

Mills  M"  Sam'l  M  (Annie  Maison) 

Mills  M'  S  Fred'c-Mt.R.As.Php.H.'99 

at  P"SfS342oPlaza.  .  Metropolita-n  dub 
Mills  M'  Philip  0-T.R,As.Php,Ry.H,'o5, ...... 

av'd  Maur 
Aug  6 

2  E  69 


Park  Av 

392  Social  Register 

Mills  MiM"  W  McMaster  (M  Augusta  Mills)Mt.Rg.Ny.Na. 

P«Si74oPlaza.  .Plaza  Hotel 
Mills  DiM"  Walter  Sands  (Sylvie  L  de  Long)Rv.H/88|  P^^'S44Riv 

JlS.  tf"  Emma  de  L [Cl'o7i324  W  89 

Milmine  MiM"  Chas  E(Charlotte  Parsons) Ul.Uv. Ken' 85.  .29E80 
Milne  MiM"  Geo  G  (Celia  A  Gould)Ap. 

*'Ridgecrest"  Port  Chester  N  Y 

Milnor  tf"  Alice MS3247Bry. .  109  W  45 

Milnor  W"  Jeannette  S P^m3337Mad.  .  102  E  31 

Milton  MiM"DavidM(EllenHFink)Uv. As.      MS543wTarrytown 

J^  r*  Albert  F  &  David  M  Jr [P'86  Pocantico  Hills  N  Y 

Milton  M"  Wm  F  (Anna  R  Miller) . .  P'^^Sio26Plaza . .  500  Mad  Av 

Minford  if"-  Agnes  A  &  Mary P^^Si996Plaza. .  16  E  50 

Minford  M'"  Emma  M  (late  Thos) Died  at  16  E  50  Jly  17 

Minis  M;M"  Philip  H  (Roberta  B  Clarke) Un.Ss IP^«S4685-79 

Minis  MiM"  Robert  B  (Janet  Davidson) Un.Bm ]  117  E  78 

Minor  MiM"  Chas  W  (Lottie  E  Sprague)Uv.Y.'74.  .104  W  42 
Minott  MiM"  Fred'k  S  (Michler-Marion  Lowry)Uv.P.'89 

P^ǤS6o7Plaza.  .449  Park  Av 
Minott  MiM"  Harold  (Anita  L  Sands)R.P.'o5 

P'^Si52..Mt  Kisco  N  Y 
Minott  M'  Jos  Otis-Mt P'^^3249Plaza.  .449  Park  Av 

TViT: XX  U'M"  nr a    //^i t» \-r»  nhone_^_o 'j^-i^j. 

Minott  MiM''  Wm  A  (Clara  Brewer)  R 

J,^»  tf-  Margaret [P.'95 

Minton  M"  Chas  A  (Emily  G  Marriott) 
Minton  M*"  Margaret  H 

P^^S2  5rSmithtown 
St  James  LI..  seeDSiS. 
635  ParkAv 
see  D^"^ 

Minton  MiM"  Chas  F  (Anita  E  Small).  .P^^S  193 Riv.  .315  W  79 

Union  Club 

Minton  M'  John  McKim-Un.Ny 

Minton  M'John  McK  P^^S457oPlaza..i8  E  60 

JlS.  M'  Chas  A 

Minton  M'  Roger  M-Ny.Un P^1»S947Bry. .  150  W  47 

Mintum  M"  John  w  (Louisa  Aspinwall) -p  z- 

MintumM' JohnW-R.S.Y.'o5..ab'dAVicJuni6....  ^^  ^  ^^ 

Mintum  M"  Robert  B  (Shaw)Cly IP'^^S4643Gram 

Mintum  M'  Hugh-Ct.H.*o4 1     109  E  22 

Mintum  MiM"  Robert  Shaw  (Bertha  H  Potter)  K.C.Uv.Ct. 

Dt.Cly.H.'84..ii6E  22 
Mitchell  MiM"  Alfred  (Annie  O  Tiffany) Uv.Mt.Y'S4 

**The  Folly''  Pt  Antonio  Jamaica  B  W  I 

New  York  1909 


Mitchell  ff"  Arthur  Minturn  &  Albert  M  Post-T.Pl 8  W  19 

Mitchell  MiM"  Chas  E-Uv.Ct.Br'6i New  Britain  Ct 

Mitchell  M"  Chas  Le  Mo)me  (Emma  C  Morse) 

P^S3529Plaza  .  .635  Park  Av 
Mitchell  M;M"  Clarence  Blair  (Mildred  Mat- 
thews) Un.Uv.Mid.Rv.Cly.P.'Sp 

Jl^»  IP^  Dorothy  M  &  Virginia 

Jt^rs  M'  Clarence  VanS--at  St  Paul's  Sch 

Mitchell  MiM"  Cornelius  Berrien (MaryeVB Davis) 

Mitchell  M'  Wm  Spingler~Snc.Mg.Dke 

Mitchell  M'  Cornelius  von  E-Un.Snc.Dke.Cl'o; .  . 

Mitchell  M'  J  Van  Beuren-Snc.Dke 

Mitchell  MiM"  Edw  (Caroline  C  Woolsey)Mt.Ul.T.C.Uv 

Dt.Rp.Mtw.Cd.Ht.Cl.'6i.  .P^'»S2247Plaza.  .31  E  50 

Mitchell  M'  Ed  Page-Uv.A.Ats.Bow'71 University  Club 

Mitchell  MiM"  FrankP  (Hare~AugustaHancock)Un.|i747RIAv 
te  tf"  Irone  Hare .  [K.B.Tf .R.Mtw.Cvcw. Abiw. |       WBS 


Pennbrook  House 

Far  Hills  N  J 




Ft  Morgan 
Mobile  Ala 

Mitchell  Capt  &  M"  JasBrady(MabelStebbins)USA. 

Mitchell  M"  David  J [An.Cr'95 

Mitchell  MiM"  James  M  (Margaret  B  Crosby)  Cr95 

261  Florence.  .Houghton  Mich 
Mitchell  MiM"  John  Ames  (Mary  H  Mott)C.Ct. 

P«S27i3Bry.  .20  W  46 

Mitchell  M'  John  J Died  at  Glasgow  Scotland  Oct  14 

Mitchell  M"  John  Murray  (Lillian  Talmage)T.Cly. 

av'd  K II  Oct  6 .  .  Morgan  Harjes  &  Co  Paris 
Mitchell  M*""  Margaret  &  Martha  Reed . . . 
Mitchell  MiM"  David  F  (Kath'ne  Parrott) 

Mitchell  M"  Pringle-Ap. . see  DJSS. 

60  W  9 

see  X/omieiiea 

Mitchell  M'  Wm-Ul.Dt.Na.Cr68. 

Mitchell  tf-  Grace. 

Mitchill  M"Bleecker  N(LauraVanLiew)P'^527o-79..863ParkAv 

MitchillMiM"ComeliusS(Helen  E  Reed) .  .P'*«5422  2Col.  .31  W  68 

Mitchill  tf-  Margaret  E 1*^57 55-79-  .863Park  Av 

Moehring  M"  Wm  G  (Maria  E  Baker) see  G  D  Leith 

Moen  M'  A  Ren^-Uv.Y.*89 Pl?5647Bry.  .44  W  44 

Moen  MiM"  Edward  C  (Ethel  W  Cram)Uv.H.'9i 

P^«SS976Riv..304  W  99 

394  Social  Register 

Moeran  M'"  Amy  S P*^«S5354Mad.  .  22  W  33; 

Moffat  M"  A  G  (Aline  A  Graves) 

Moffat  M'  Curtis . .  at  3  rue  de  la  Tt6- 

J?o°»  M*"-  Roma  &  Helena  M [moille 

Moffat  HiM"  Fraser  M  (Elizabeth  C  Ripley)Ats. 

P«Si29l.. Short  Hills  N  J 

P^^  1 3  2..  "Woodbine" 
Larchmont  M  Y 

Moffat  MiM"  Geo  Barclay  (Frances  H  White)  Mt. 
&  M'"  Alex  W  &  Donald [Au.Dt.Rg.Ha 

6  E  70 

Moffat  DiM"  Hy  (Edith  Bogart)Uv.P.'7S  P^mioy.  .  i39Park  Av 

&  M'  Stanley  M Yonkers  N  Y 

Moffat  MiM"  R  Burnham  (Ellen  Low  Pierrepont)C.Uv.Dt. 

Cw.Cda.H.'83.T«Sii43Plaza..i2  E  66- 
Moffett  MiM"  Cleveland  (Mary  Lusk)Pl.  .av'd  Cecil  Aug  25 

P^«S36o2Gram..43  W  9 
Moffett  MiM"  Robert  L  (Lillian  M  Emout)Uv.Cr9i 

P'^«Si7ooBry..65  W  45 

Mohun  M*M"  R  Dorsey  Loraine  (Harriet  A  L  Barry) ab'd 

Moir  MiM"  Arthur  D  (Laura  M  Russell)Dt ISummit 

&  M'"  Jean  &  M'  Arthur  D  Jr |    N   J 

Moller  MiM"  Ch  Geo  (Elizabeth  E  Furman) . .  290  Madison  Av 
Moller  MiM"  Chas  Geo  Jr  (H^l^ne  Allen) As. Rh.lP*'^  1393 Plaza 
&  W"  Ruth  H  &  M'  Chas  G  3d [Cw.Myf.l       54  E  55 

74  Wall 


32  W  37 

Moller  M'  Christopher 

Moller  M'  Wm  Henry 

Moller  M"  Peter 

Moller  M^"SAdelina 

Moller  M'  Edwin  Clarence-Un.Ap.Mt. ...... 

Molleson  MiM"  Dean  Chase  (Polly  L  Fallon) 

Hotel  Gramatan  Bronxville  N  Y 
Monell  MiM"  Ambrose  Jr  (Maude  Monell)Uv.Cr96. 

P^^^S I.. Tuxedo  Pk  N  Y 

Monks  MiM"  John  Jr  (Alice  S  Parsons)R.M 165  E  79 

Monroe  M"  Augustin  (Woolley- Alice  Brent) 

?^To^g.  .'*  Brentwood"  Larchmont  Manor  N  Y 
Monroe  M'  Rob't  Grier-Un.Uv.C.Mid.Ct.So.P.'8i .  .  534  FifthAv 
Monsarrat  M'  Nicholas-R.S.Uv.  Mid.Tor'6o.  .  .  .  Columbus  O 
Monson  Lord  &  Lady  Aug  D  J  (Tumure-Romaine  Stone) 

permanently  abroad 
Montagu  MiM"  Geo  C  (Alberta  Sturges).  .  .  .12  Bruton  London 

New  York  190F9 


Montague  MiM"  Frank  L  (Virginia  H  Johnson)  Ul. 

JfoB  M'  Richard  J.  .at  Westminster  Sch  Simsbury  Ct. . 
Montague  MiM"  Gilbert  H  (Amy  A  Collier)  Ul.  [P'^ 
M"  Peter  Collier [H.'oi| 

49  W  72 

105  E  19 

Montant  MiM"  Alphonse  (Eliza  CarolineBrugi^re)  '    P'^^S89 1 9Riv 

M' Thomas  Morgan  Brugi^re [Lc.Mc.Cda.     17  W  96 

Montant  MiM"  Auguste  P  (Hannah  Townsend)       P^^S 5715 Plaza 
Montant  M'  Louis  Townsend... [Un.Ss.S.Mc.Cda.      31  W  50 
Montant  M"  Chas  L  (Charlotte  Storrs).P'^^Si458Chel.  .146  W  13 
Montant  MiM"  Jules  A(IsabelGumee)Un.Mt.  .42AvGabrielParis 

Montgomery  W"  Adelaide  H see  M"  J  G  Floyd 

Montgomery  MiM"AlpheusW(GraceGChandler)        m  1 7  4I 

Jte«  M'  Chandler,  .at  Cornell no  Jaggar  Av 

M"  Henry  R  Chandler Flushing  L  I 

Montgomery  MiM"  Fletcher  H  (Ruth  G  Hebbard) 

7  Berkeley  Norwalk  Ct 
Montgomery  MiM"  H  P  Alan  (Helen  Campe)  Cw.Cl.'96 

P*^^S564l. .  104  E  9  Plainfield  N  J 
Montgomery  MiM"  Hy  B  (Frances  D  Robinson)  Dt.Wt.Rc. 

P*^^S6o26-79.  .129  E  78 
Montgomery  MiM"Hy  Eglinton(GraceSandsHunt)R.IRhinebeck 
JfcSs  M*"  Margaret  L.  .[Un.Rv.Snc.Ny.Rc.Cw.Cd.Cl.'88|      N  Y 
Montgomery  MiM"  Hugh  E  (Alice  W  Howland)  Cd.  .ab'd  Camp 

Jun  27  av'd.  .P*'^oi775Home.  .381  E  Wash'n  Pasadena  Cal 
Montgomery  MiM"  JasM  (Cornelia  M  Peabody)Un. 
Montgomery  M'"  Cornelia  P. .  .[Dt.Rv.Cc.Wt.Snc.  P^'Sf^3759Stuy 
Montgomery   M'JasMJr-Rv.H'o6.atKirklandAriz      142  E  18 
Montgomery  M'  Geo  P-Rv.  &  &  M*"  Kathryn  B .  .  . 
Montgomery  MiM"  John  A  (Helen  B  Stryker)  P'86 

see  M"  Wm  S  Stryker 
Montgomery  MiM"  John  Howard  (Annie  G 

Fitch)  Cr72 
Montgomery  M'^'Mary  C.  .J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris.  .       P''"i9Si8iw 
Montgomery  M'  Hy  Eglinton  2d-Cw.Bm.Cl. '00.   232  Lincoln  Av 
Montgomery  M""  John  H  Jr  &  Austin  P-Cl'o8..     Flushing  L  I 
Montgomery  M'"  Martha  A  &  &  M*"  Janet  T.  .. 
tf"  M  E  Fitch 

396  ^cial  Register 

Montgomery  MiM"  Phelps  (Elsie  Matthias)  Uv.G.Y'95 

P^^S732 . .  221  Whitney  Av  New  Haven  Ct 
Montgomery  MiM"  Richard  M  (Maud  B  MacFarland)  Ct.Cy. 

Rv.  .P^^S486.  .Ft  Schuyler  Rd  Westchester  N  Y 
Montgomery  MiM"  Wm  Slack  (Emily  C  Poor)  USN'93 

P^S402Plaza..i36  E  55 
Montgomery  M'  Wm  Watts-Cal.Ny.Lc.P.'Sy 

P'^^S3865Broad.  .Calumet  Club 
Montsiers-Merinville  Mq  &  Mqss  des  (Mary  G  Caldwell) 

see  D^SJi  •  •  Mq  absent 
Moody  MiM"  Winfield  Scott  (Helen  WattersonTuv.Pl.Bd.Sbb. 

Ty'79.  .Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Mooney  M'  Rob*t  J-Unch.Cal.Onch.Atch.Heidlbg'91 

Union  Club  CJS.. see  CSS 

Moore  D'  Albertus  Adair-Rv.Au.So P''^Ss43  Mad.  .52  E  31 

Moore  MiM"  Casimir  deR  (Harriet  F  Burges)Un.Uv. 


Moore  M*"  Grace  A-Cly 

Moore  M'  Benj  B-Uv.Fn.Y.'99 

Moore  MiM"  Chas  A(Mary  L  Campbell)  Ul.Lt.Rg.Eg.l  P^«S45Cort 

&  M'  Eug  M [Rp.Au.-Du.Wp.Mtw.|see  DSSlS. 

Moore  MiM"  Chas  A  Jr(Annette  Sperry)  Ul.R.Ct.Eg. Y.'o3 

P^^S3 99.. Greenwich  Ct 
Moore  MiM"  Clement  C  (Laura  M 

Williams)  Ll.Au. 
Moore  H""  Wm  S-Un.T.  &  Barrington 

Moore  M'Benj-H'. 08 [Y.'o6 

Moore  M"  D  Sackett  (Margaret  L  Moore) .... 

M'  Lynford  M  Dickinson 

M*"  Margaret  Moore  Riker.  .  . 
Moore  MiM"  DThomas(MaryPEarle)Uv.Y.'96WestburyStnLI 

Moore  M"  Edward  c  (Mary  Pethick) [20I  P^«S4242-38 

Moore  M'EdC-  C.Uv.Dt.As.Kg.H.'yS.av'd  Provjunj      8  E  44 

Moore  M^"  Ella  L-Cly P^S2i54Plaza 

Moore  tf"  Faith-As.Cly 787  Fifth  Av 

Moore  M'"  Emmaline  Parker P^«S422oMad.  .3  E  27 

Moore  MiM"  Francis  C  (Cora  W  Taylor)  Mt.Myf. 

of  20  Fifth  Av.  .Laurel  House  Lakewood  N  J 
Moore  M' Frank  A-Uv.Ap.Lt.Lc.Mit'88..P^«Si  169-38.  .44  W  44 

109  E  38 

fm'y  av'd  Grosse  Sep  15 

3  2  Av  Marceau 


851  Seventh  Av 

New  York  1909 


Moore  M'  Frederic  Potts-Uv.R.As.Rg.S.Swth'8s 

P'^^S647Bry..44  W44 
Moore  MIM"  Geo  Haydock  (Edith  H  Owen)  R. 

P'^S4i2oPlaza..43  E  58 

Moore  M"  Hy  Boynton  (Kate  Kieffer) P^^S5834Col 

&  IP""  Katharine  &  Constance 851  Seventh  Av 

Moore  MiM"JLeverett(NancyClarkWil-IP^^S895.  .117  Academy 

JSk  M^"  Nancy  C .[Hams)  Uv.P/8i|     Poughkeepsie  N  Y 

Moore  M"  Jas  Amory(Anna  Fallon)  Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Moore  MiM"JohnBassett  (Helen  F  Toland)C.  Credit  Lyonnais 
Jg^r.  M^"  Phyllis  E  &  Anne  F.  .[Cosw.Cda.Va'8o  Paris 

Moore  MiM"  John  Chandler  (Corinne  deB^bian)  Ul.    P^^i  570C0I 

JSS.  M'  Louis  de  B-H'ii [Na.S.As.    165  W  57 

Moore  M"  Julia  E  G  (Stewart) see  Hy  M  Shrady 

Moore  M*"  Katharine  T IP^^S2i47Mad 

HP"  Anne  &  M'  Edw  Sing 1     108  E  36 

Moore  MiM"  MacAUister  (Mary  K  Jones) see  DSSS;. 

Moore  MiM"  Rufus  E  (Mary  W  Stevens)  Lt J 

Moore  M'  Don  L-Y'o6 38  W  88 

JSk tf"  Florence  S  &  M""  EdwS  &  Roland  N .  j 

Moore  M'  Russell  W Married  at  Duxbury  Mass 

Taylor  M"  Van  Campen  (Anna  B  Wright) Jun  23 

Moore  MiM"  Russell  W  (Taylor-Anna  B  Wright)     P^^S2383Mad 
Moore  M*""Jeannie&Lucilla  HL..  [Uv.Dar.Cd.P/83       25  E  30 
Moore  MiM"  Thos  Ewing  (Beatrice  B  Rutter) 

Sec'y  Amer  Legation .  .  Lisbon  Portugal 

412  WEndAv 

see    J^omicilfea 

Moore  M"  V  Mumford  (Elizabeth  Williams). 

M"  M  M  Cross  (Marguerite  Moore) 

Moore  M'WmClifford-Cal.Dke.Rv.Y.'89.P^'i?S4i29Chel.i37  W  14 
Moore  M"  Wm  d  (Esther  F  Ransom). 

Moore  M'"  Saidee  R. 

Moore  M'  Wm  D-at  Montclair  N  J.  . 
Moore  MiM"  WmH(AdaWSmall)Mt.Ul.R.Rg.Kg. 

Moore  M'  Paul 

Moore  MiM"  Wm  H  H  (Adelaide  L  Lewis)U'44- 

M"  Le  Roy  C  Fairchild  (Julia  L  Moore).  .  . 

M*"  Adelaide 

ISi.  tf"  Lila  Fairchild 

4E  54 

349  W  84 


Social  Register 

770  Park  Av 

Moore  M"Wm  T(Katherine  Robinson). 43  Bois  deBoulogneParis 

Moorehead  M"*  Alice Married  at  Shanghai  China 

Livingston  M'  Henry  Walter  (late  Rob't  C) Oct  22 

Moran  M'  Am^d^e  Depau-K.Un.Mt.W P^^SSsoPlaza 

Moran  M^"-  Maria  L  &  Helen  D 46  E  53 

Moran  MiM"  Anson  Blake  (Gertrude  W  Vander      lP4s4439Plaza 

JC  ff"  Gertrude  V  P [Poel)  Un.Cd.j     133  E  64 

Moran  MiSI"  Chas  (Martha  D  Adams)  Un.Na.Zp.Wt.Rv.Cw. 

Cl.'99.  .P^«S2i64-79.  .56  E  81 
MoranM;M"ChasA(Rosalie  deN  Bard)Uv. IP^^Sgg.    /'Hascombe '' 

JSS.  M^"  Rosalie  B [Dt.Sa.Cl'8i|    Bernardsville  N  J 

Moran  M'  Daniel  Comyn-Un.B.S Union  Club 

Moran  M"  Daniel  E  (Annie  A  Blake) 

Moran  If-  Nina  A 

M'"-  Elizabeth  B  &  Nina  M  Delafield. 
Moran  MIM"  Daniel  E  (Sarah  V  Kelly)  Uv.Eg.Cl.'84 

P^^S403W.  .Morris  Av  Morristown  N  J 

Moran  M'  Thomas-C.Lt P^^S296oMad 

Moran  If-  Ruth  Bedford 66  Mad  Av 

Morawetz  M'  Victor-Mt.Un.Uv.C.Mid.Au.Rg.Dt.H.'78 

ab'd  Adri  Jly  15..  Metropolitan  Club 
Mordaunt  M&M"  Francis  L  (Sara  E  Marshall) Na. 

JlS»  M^""  Elizabeth  M  &  Mildred  C Ontario  N  Y 

M*-  Elizabeth  M  Marshall 

Mordecai  MiM"  Rob't  E  L  (Nellie  E  King)  Na 

av'd  Bulow  Sep  22.  .P^^S37i3Col.  .246  W  74 

Morford  M'"  Mary  L P^^S7634Riv.  .254  W  84 

Morgan  MiM"  Albert  J  (Jessie  L  Flint)  R.Lc.M.Ap.Na.Ny. 

P^277^.**Rocklawn''  Larchmont  N  Y 

134  W  73 

Morgan  MiM"  Alex  C  (Martha  Woolwine)  C.Dt.. 

M*"  Frances  Woolwine 

Morgan  tf"  Anna  G P^^S44o6-38^.  .9  E'39 

MorganMiM"BanksonT(CatherineDTownsend)  Rp.     I      1 2  7 1 

Morgan  M' Townsend-Sa.Cr95 [Ll.Ty' 61  [Broadway 

Morgan  Rev  Brockholst-Rv.Fw. 

607  Westminster  Av  Elizabeth  N  J 

Morgan  M***  Caroline  L-Cly 121  Mad  Av 

Morgan  M"  Charles  (Clara  Woodward)  av'd  Adri  Jly  8. 

Morgan  T'  Hy-H.'os  &  Chas 

JSTr.  M'  Rob't  W.  .at  Porcellian  Club  Camb' 

E  81 

New  York  1909 


Morgan  M'  Chas  N-M.Dt Manhattan  Club 

Morgan  MiM"Clarence(AnnaLDelafield)Uv.H;94        ^^^523 

JSSs  tf"  Mildred  L Burlington  Vt 

Morgan  Rev  DiM"  D  Parker  (S  Louisa  Leigh)  Ct.Ox'66 

St  John's  Rectory  Copake  Iron  Works  N  Y 

~  -  "  P^«Si475-38 

Park  Av 

Morgan  M"  David  Pierce  (Carolyn  Fellowes)Cly. . 
Morgan  M'  D  Percy-B.Ay.P'83 

tf-  Harriet  D  Fellowes  2d 

Morgan  M"  Edith  P  (Edith  Parsons) 

Morgan  M'"  Helen 

JiS.  tf"  Edith  P .  . av'd  Cecil  Aug  25  &  M'  D  Percy  Jr 

at  Middlesex  Sch  Concord  Mass 
Morgan  M;M"EdwinD(ElizabethMoran)Un.K. 

Morgan  M)"  Elizabeth  S.  .  .  .  [Wk.Cd.Eyb.H/yy 

Morgan  M'  Edwin  D  Jr 

Morgan  IP"  Elsie  R 

Morgan  IP"  Constance 

Morgan  M'  Leslie  A 

Morgan  M&M"  Geo  H  (Mifflin-Sarah  E  Learned) Un. 

MorganMiM"GeoD(YukiKato)R.N.S.Ny.Cw.Y.'94 .  . 
Morgan  MIM"  Henry  K  Jr  (Katharine  S  H  Brooks)  Mg.Mo. 

131  Madison  Av  Morristown  N  J 

Morgan  M"  Hy  P  (Eunice  Hicks) see  M"  N 

Morgan  M*""  Caroline  H  &  Sarah  L Pendleton  Schenck 

Morgan  MiM"  Jas  Hy  (Arabella  P  Walden)  Cw.    [P'^'SSs  i  yHac'sk 

Morgan  M'  F  Townsend [Rv.Wt.Fw.]     River  Rd 

&  tf"  Anne  M |  Bogota  N  J 

Morgan  MiM"  Jas  L  (Alice  M  Hill)  TJl.Ha.Myf.Cd. 

P^Si692Main.  .7  Pierrepont  B'klyn 
Morgan  MiM"  J  Hewitt  (Martha  Leavitt)  K.B.  |J  Munroe  &  Co 

JSJ,  tf"  Vera  &  M'  Hewitt [R.H'941         Paris 

Morgan  M"  John  B(Juliet  P  Morgan)Cly...P''«S3535-38...40  E  38 
Morgan  W  John  B-Uv.Ny.Mc.Cr64 9  rue  Freycinet  Paris 


5 50 1  Plaza 
135  E  66 

of  P*^1?S2Roslyn 


Westbury  L  I 

35  E  30 

301  E  68 



E  40 

Morgan  MLM"  John  Hill  (Lelia  A  Myers)  Uv.Ha 

JSS.  tf"  Lelia  A  Pegram 


141  Willow 



Social  Register 

Morgan  M'  John  Junius  (D'  John  B) Married  at  lo  W  54 

McCook  tf"  Caroline  A  (John  J) Oct  6 

Morgan  MiM"  John  Junius  (Caroline  McCook)Ny .  ab'd  Maj  Oct  4 

M' av'd  Maur  Jun  18 
ab*d  &  av'd  Adri  Sep3 
M"  ab'd  Adri  Aug 
219  Mad  Av 


Morgan  M&M"JPierpont(FrancesLTracy) 
Pl.GJkl.Tf.W.Mtw.Eyb.Cd.Cly."AnneT-Cly.av'dProvOct  23.  . 
Morgan  MiM"  John  Pierpont  Jr  Qane  N  Grew) 


ab'd  Bait  Aug  6. .  231  Mad  Av 

Morgan  M"  John  W  (Kate  M  Elsworth) P^«Si794Col 

M*"*  Sarah  A  &  Josephine  G  Elsworth 

Morgan  MiM"  Junius  Spencer  (Josephine  A  Perry) 

Ja  tf"  Sarah  S  &  M'  Morgan 

243  W  72 



av*d  Maur  Aug  7 
"Bon  Air"  Augusta  Ga 

2350  B'way 


JSS.  tf"  Helen  R [Uv.Cw.Lc.CrsS 

Morgan  M'  Matthew-K.R.Tf.B : |    n 

Morgan  M'  George-Fn.B.Tf |E  32 

Morgan  MiM"  Rollin  M  (Gertrude  H  Vedder)Na.M. 

Morgan  W^  May  A  &  Helen  G [Cl'So 

]&"«  tf "  Rosa  V  &  M'  Arthur  M 

Morgan  M'  Thomas-Un.N Union  Club 

Morgan  M'"  Ursula  (late  John  B) . .  Married  at  Tuxedo  Pk  N  Y 

Fitz-Simon  Rev  William Jun  23 

Morgan  M'"  Virginia 13  W  8 

Morgan  M"  Wm  D  (Angelica  Hoyt) 

Morgan  tf"  Ruth-Cly 

Morgan  M'  Wm  Gerald  Dare-R.K.Y'oi 

Morgan  MiM"  Wm  Fellowes(Emma  Leavitt)R. 

P^^S  919  Spring 
26  Wash  Sq  N 

Morgan  M'  Wm  F  Jr-H'  10 .  .  at  Senior  House 
Ja  M*"  PauHne [Camb' 

Morgan  MiM"  Wm  Festus(Ethel  E  Smith) R. 

JSTr,  M'  Wm  F  Jr .  .  at  Pomfret  Ct. 
Morgan  MiM"  Wm  Forbes(Ellie  R  Robinson) Un.K.Ad.N'65 

15  E  22 
Morgan  MiM"  Wm  Forbes  Jr(EdithLHall)Un.K.R.S.  ..165  E  6t 

Short  Hills  N  J 

Feb  I 
70  Park  Av 

**  Grey  stone" 
Cooperstown  N  Y 

New  York  1909  401 

Morgan  M'  Wm  H-Un.Dp.Na.Cw see  M'  L  de  Caumont 

"Tudor  Lodge" 
Newport  R  I 

see    JJomicSe* 

Westchester  N  Y 

Brown  Shipley  &  Co 


Morgan  M'""  Johanna  A  &  Ethelinda  C 

Morgan  M'  Dudley  S 

Morison  MiM"  Nathaniel  H  (Fanny  C  Lemmon)  Sa.Cda 

Morison  MiM"  Sam'l  B  (Helen  L  Neilson)  Rc.Y/91 

P«Si67..MadisonN  J 
Morrell  MiM"  Robert  Lee  (Anita  H  Haggerty)  Au.   P'^5244oMad 

M*"  Janet  H  Haggerty [Cl'Sp       7  E  32 

Morrill  M"  Amos  (Mary  A  Thomas) P^S  12  23  Plaza 

Morrill  If—  Louise  M  &  Elsie  L 6 

J^»  W"  Edward  T  &  Amos E  67 

Morris  MiM"  Alfred  Hennen  (Jessie  Harding)  P^T^eg 


JS.  tf "  Cora  H  &  M'  John  A . .  at  Pomf ret  Sch 
Morris  MiM"  Arthur  Gouvemeur  (Lilian 

Brooks)  As.Cc.  .ab'd  NY  Jun  13 

Morris  M"  Arthur  (Adelaide  Bettner) 

Morris  MiM"  Benj  W  (Alice  F  Goodwin)  Uv.Cly.Cl/94 

863  Park  Av 
Morris  MiM"  Dave  Hennen  (Alice  V  Shepard)Mt.Lc.Cy.Uv. 

Rg.R.Au.Cly.H.'96.  >^i3ooCol.  .269  W  72 
Morris  MiM"  Fordham  (Annie  L  Westcote)C.Snc.Ll.Cda. 

Ty'64.Cr68 . .  Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 
Morris  M"  Gouvemeur  (Henrietta  Baldwin) .  .J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 
Morris  MiM"  Gouvemeur  (Elsie  Waterbury)  R.Cy.Cly.Y'98 

ab'd  Maur  Jun  24.  .Aiken  S%J 
Morris  MiM"  Hy  Lewis  (Anna  Russell)Mt.Ch.Dt.Ct.Snc. 

Rg.F.  .P*^S9Plaza. .  12  W  53 
Morris  MiM"  Jas  E  (Florence  M  Baylis)  Uv.Na.P.'oo 

VToS . .  Pelham  Manor  N  Y 
MorrisM"JohnA(CoraHennen) .  /*  Engelheim"  Westchester  NY 
Morris  MiM"  John  B  (Violet  Lee  Willing)  Un.Mb.Mdbl. 

P'To^w ./'  Guinea  Hollow  Farm ' '  Roslyn  L  I 
Morris  MiM"  JohnJ  (FlorenceSCreighton)Cal.Mc.  |P«Si5ioGram 
tf"LduiseMaudCreighton.  [Un.Bg.Hl.Dp.N'74|  20  Fifth  Av 
Morris  DiM"  Lewis  (Mary  Gibbs  Murphy)  USN.Au.Lc.Ny.Dp. 
Cc.Cw.Rv.Rtp.Uvp.Cyp.Mtw.Anw.Md'9a-      - 

P^"»S36i .  .  USNTorpedo  Stn  Newport  R  I 

402  Social  Register 

Morris  MiM"  Lewis  Gouverneur  (Nathalie  L  Bailey) Bm.H. '06 

see  M"  J  M  Bailey 
Morris  DiM"  Lewis  R  (Katherine  L  S  Clark)  Cal.Mt.Ny.Na. 

Ss.Rv.C.Ats.Au.Cw.  .P*^^;i49oCol. .  155  W  58 
Morris  MiM"  Lewis  S  (Emily  Pell  Coster)  Mt.T.Rg.P.'o6 

37  E  37.. Feb  I.. 47  E  67 
Morris  W  Monson-K.Un.Dt.Tf.B.Dp.Mb.Cr97 

Knickerbocker  Club 
Morris  MiM"  Newbold(Helen  S  Kingsland)Mt.Fn.Rg.Dp.Rv. 

Rp.Tf.Bm.Ct.Cl'91.  .P*^^S3445-79.  .52  E  7? 
Morris  MiM"  P  Randolph  (Louisa  A  Hughes)  Dp.  .  .Denver  Col 

Morris  MiM"  Ray  (Katharine  Grinnell)  Y.*oi 46  W  9 

Morris  MiM"  Richard  L (Carolyn  W  Fellowes)  Un.Snc.Sa.Cr96 

ab'd  Caro  Jun  13 . .  P'S54oo6Mad .  .  40  E  25 
Morris  M"  Rob't  (Lucy  P  Marshall)  Cda.Whw.  .  |P^'i*S55i3Spring 

MiM"RichardPTinsley(LucieMMorris) |    27  Wash  Sq 

Morris  MiM"  Robert  Clark  (Alice  A  Parmelee)  Ll.T.Rv.Cc.Ul. 

Mt.Rp.Y'90.  .P^'i?S828Cort.  .Hotel  Savoy 
Morris  DiM"  Robert  S  (Bertha  M  Thayer)  Rv.P'74 

"  i?Si98-79.  .152  E  71 

152  W  57 

20  Fifth  Av 

Morris  DiM"Rob't  T(Mazergue-Aim^e  Reynaud) 

Morris  M'"  Luisa.  .abroad [Mt.Ad.Rv.Cr.'8o 

Morris  DiM"  Stuyvesant  F  (Ellen  J  VanBuren)C.Snc.Cr63 

ab*d  Onic  Jly  i . .  av'd  Sep  16 . .  16  E  30 
Morris  MiM"  Stuyvesant  F  Jr  (Elizabeth  H  Wynkoop).Sa.Cr98 

P^^Si  io6FarRock .  .  Woodmere  L  I 
Morris  MiM"TheoWilson(FannieSchanck)Na.Rv. 

Morris  M'  McLean  F-P.'o7 [N'56 

Morris  RevD'DuEois  S-P.'93.atHwaiYuenChina 
Morris  MiM"  Theo  W  Jr  (Mary  M  Steele)  P.'92 

P*^'»S637Riv.  .101  W80 
Morris. M"  Wm  Gouverneur  (Helen  L  Carnes) 

P*'^S684Col.  .  2025  Broadway 
Morrison  M"DanielWilson(AliceBuckingham)  Bd.  .|P'»24io2~79 

Ja  M^"  Dorothy  W |      59  E  78 

""     "      P^^  1542-38 


Morrison  MiM"  David  M  (Abby  Putnam)  Mt.UL. 

Morrison  tf""  Natalie  &  Abby  P [Mc.N'6o 

Morrison  M'  Putnam  M-at  Harvard 

Morrison  MiM"  Edw  A  (Frances  M  Jones)  Ny.Na.Lc 

P^'»S24i2Bry..49  W  47 

New  York  1909 


128  E  61 


Cent  Pk  W 

Morrison  MiM"  Ed  A  Jr  (Isabel  G  James)  Ul.Na.Ct. 

Morrison  M'-  Julia  L [Lc.Kg.As 

Morrison  M*"  Louise 

Morrison  M'  Geo  Austin  Jr-Mt.Rg.Rv.Cw.Snc. 

Morrison M'ChasKing-Mt.Cy.Rv.Cw.H/9i.Cr94. .  . 

Morse  M'  Albert  T-N.Au.Dt P*^^Si772Broad..i54  W  57 

Morse  MiM"  E  Rollins  (Marion  R  Steedman)  Un.K.Mid.T. 

Ny.Mtw.Smb.Cly.etc.  .  see  DomS. . .  seeB?o'n 
Morse  Mill"  Edwin  Wilson  (Florence  L  Stone)  Uv.C.Bd.H'78 

P*^"»S6639Col..2io  W  57 
MorseM;M"HarryF(JaneSchuyler)Ul.Cy.  .^P'*"»S3o62Bry .  .3W  46 

Morse  MiM"  Jas  H  (Lucy  Gibbons)  C.A.H'63 

Morse  M'  James  H  Jr-H/96 

Morse  Lt  Cdr  &  M"  Jerome  E(Ella  P  Packard)  An. 

Morse  M^"  Louise  V. [USN'66 

Morse  M'"  J  A  Clinton-Y*94  &  A  Willard-Na.N. 

Morse  M'  Fred'c  E-Cri2 [¥.'99 

Morse  IP"  Leila  Livingston 29  E  29 

Morse  M'  Richard  Dana-Ar.Y^87 P^"WS2  583Cort..Yale  Club 

Morse  M*"  Ruth  Livingston.  .  .  .Married  at  Fourth  Presb'y 

VoseM'  Richard  H Oct  12 

Morse  MiM"  Samuel  F  B  (Anne  C  Thompson)  ¥'07.  .Delano  Cal 

129  E  76 


129  St  James 

PI  B'klyn 

113  E  95 

Morse  MiM"  Sidney  E  (Anna  M  Church)  Snc.Y'56. . 

Morse  tf"  Mary  Trumbull-Cda 

Morse  MiM"  Wm  Otis  (Harriet  B  Harmon)  P. '02 

P*'^o3453Plaza..5i  E  58 

Morten  M'  Alexander-R P*^^Sio24-38.  .7  W  42 

Mortimer  MiM"HyCoit  (Katherine  Crocker)  Un.    P^'5?S3354Plaza 

Mortimer  tf"  Mary [Uv.R.Gg.Dt.Cr68  105 

Mortimer  M'  Hy  Coit  Jr-R.Cr98 E57 

Mortimer  MiM"  Lawrence  (Edith  O  Beale)R.Croo 

P'^^Si369Col. .  225  W  End  Av 
Mortimer  MiM"  Richard  (Eleanor  Jay  Chapman) 
Mortimer  M*"  Mary  Eleanor  &  Jli^r,  tf"  Wilfreda. . 
JS'ni  M*"  Richard  Jr-at  Dunster  Hall  Camb*  & 

Stanley  G-at  Manter  Hall  Camb' 

^^To  5124  Plaza 
709  Fifth  Av 


Social  Register 

ab'd  Grosse  Jun  30 
av*d  Cecil  Jly  28  &  Kp 
Wm  Sep  29 . .  **  Roslyn 
Hall"  Roslyn  L  I 
Hoboken  N  J 

Mortimer  MiM"  Stanley  (Elizabeth 

Mortimer  tf"  Edith 

J^X  Stanley  Jr 

Morton  MiM"  Alex  Logan  (Mary  E  Barber)  Uv. 

Morton  M'  John  T [USA*68 

Morton  MiM"  Hy  S(SarahCBronson)Ny.Bg. 
Morton  IT  QuincyLudlow-Bg.Stv'o2.[Stv'97 
Morton  MiM"  John  A  (Eekhout-Faith  McNamee)  Re. 

P^'»S39rNDorp.  .Dongan  Hills  S  I 
Morton  Mill"  Levi  P  (Anna  L  Street) Un.Ul.Mt.C.Rp.Cw.    681 

Morton  IP"  Mary [Myf.Mtw.Cd.  Fifth 

Morton  M"  H  (Helen  Morton)  at"Ellerslie"RhinecliffNY   Av 
MortonM;M"Paul(CharlotteGoodridge)Mt.Rp.Cly.    P^^S546i-79 

MiM"  J  Hopkins  Smith  Jr  (Morton) 733  ParkAv 

Morton  DiM"  Wm  James  (Sherman-Elizabeth  C  Lee)  Na.Uv. 

H'67.  .P*'"»S7i4oRiv.  .225  Riverside  Drive 
Moseley  DiM"  Hy  P  (Kate  M  Williams)  Uv.Y.'94 

P^1?S893 Plaza.  .635  Park  Av 
Mosenthal  D'  Herman  O  (late  Jos) Married  at  207  W  107 

Troeber  M*"  Johanna Sep  3 

Mosenthal  M"  Joseph  (Augusta  Andreae) 

Mosenthal  M*"  Elizabeth P^^S585Riv 

Mosenthal  M'  Walter  J-Cl'oi 16  W  85 

Mosenthal  DiM"  Herman  O  (Johanna  Troeber)  €1*99 
Moses  MiM"  Fred^k  J  (Elizabeth  A  Lacombe)  P.'92 

P'^'SS242J..io2  Bement  Av  W  Brighton  S  I 

Moses  MiM"  James  (Mary  W  MacDonald)  Myf.Dar Hotel 

Moses  IP""  Laura  M  &  Vera  M Savoy 

Mosle  MiM"  A  Hy  (Cornelia  E  Boardman)  Uv.Rh.Dt.Dv.Cly. 

Y.'89..P^^S5i4Plaza..i28  E  62 

Mosle  M"  Geo  (Caroline  D  Dunscomb) P^^Si79oPlaza 

Mosle  M'  Max  A-Dv.R.Dt [Sprgs  713 

Mosle  M'  C  Fred'k-Uv.Y' 97  atElPasoClubColo  Park  Av 

Mosle  MiM"  Geo  R  (Katherine  H  Kunhardt)  Uv.]  P'SSePeapack 


J^r,  tf"  Elizabeth  &  M'  Geo  R  Jr [Gladstone  N  J 

Mosley  M"  Edw  Dakota  (Elizabeth  E  Averill).!    P*^*Kliooo-79 

te.  M'  York  A  Meyer I1038  Fifth  Av 

New  York  1909 


Moss  MIM"  Aug  L  (Carrie  Curtis)  Mt Metropolitan  Club 

Moss  MiM"  Frank  (Annie  B  Harrison)  Rp.Ul.Mtw.etc. 

P^^Sioi4North. .  1726  Mass  Av  Wlft 

33  Remsen  B'klyn 

Moss  M"  Fred'k  Wm  (Grace  A  Bulkley)."  Alice  B 

Moss  M'  Jay  0-Mt.Ul see  G  H  Brown  54  E  52 

Moss  M'  Rob't  T  W-Un.B.H.'94 Union  Club 

Mostyn  M"  Berkeley  (Stevens-Helen  C  White)  |  ^^2269 

if"  Alexandra  H  Stevens |Far  RockawayLI 

Motley  M"  james  M  (Kate  M  Niven) P'^^^UnoPlaza 

Motley  M'  James  M-N.Na.Lc SS  E  58 

Motley  MiM"  Thornton  N  (Haley-Kathryn  L 

Kennard)  M.Ny.Eg.Na.  P«S  2528  Plaza 
JgJ.  tf-  Kathryn  T  &  M'  Thornton  N  Jr 52  E  55 

tf-  Marion  L  &  M'  C  Merton  Haley 

Motley  MiM"  Wm  Harry  (Katharine  I  Meany)Mt.  P^i76oPlaza 

Motley  tf"  Marjorie  &  JS!.  tf"  Kathryn 578  Mad  Av 

Mott  M"  Henry  F  (Mary  Jeffrey) |I*^S4. .  **  Hatheme'* 

Mott  M'  Wm  F-C.Uv.Snc.Cl'64 1  Tom's  River  N  J 

Mott  MiM"  Hopper  S  (May  Lenox) Ul.Mt.Sn.Hl.     P«S2964Col 

Mott  M'  Hopper  Lenox-Cro3 [CI' 7 7  288  W  End  Av 

Mott  M"  J  Vamum  (Sarah  E  Wilson) lI*^U353-38 

Mott  M'  J  Vamum |  142 'W  34 

Mott  MiM"  John  Bowne  (Lucy  L  Barney)  K.Un.Mt.Ss.Ny. 

P^^S4..Bellport  L  I 

Mott  M'  Jordan  L-N.Ny.Eg see 

Mott  M'  Aug  W-Ny.Lc C  F  MacLean 

Mott  MiM"  JordanLJr (Katharine JeromePur-  |    ' *  Stoke  Hall ' ' 

M"  CarolineHPurdy.  .[dy)Un.Cy.Ny.Cd.lNewarkNottsEng 

Mott  MiM"  Jordan  Lawrence  3d  (Caroline  Pitkin)  Ny.Kg.H.'os 

P*^Ǥi2  7*'Twin  Pine  Farm"  White  Plains  N  Y 

Mott  MajTBentley-Un.Mtw.Chch.Onch.USA'86.FtSheridanIll 

Mott  DiM"  Valentine  (Emily  Langdon  Erving)     [**  The  Jungle" 

JfiS.  tf-  Sophie  L. ..  . [Sa.Tf.Ll.Cr72l    Aiken  S  C 

Mottet  Rev  DiM"  Henry  (Jeanie  Gallup)  Ats. 

™6o49Gram.  .47  W  20 

Moulton  M"  Arthur  Julian  (Catharine 
Moulton  tf"  May  T [T  Lewis) 

ay'd  Sep  30 

Moulton  M'  Arthur  J-Mt.AuJMunroe&CoParis. 

4E  61 


Social  Register 

Moulton  MiM"  FrankUn  W  (Edith  W  Stockwell)Dt. 

JSk  if""  Edith  &  Margaret  &  M'  Francis  S [H/83 

Moulton  M"  Francis  D 

Mourichon  MiM"  Raoul  (Cruger-Bell-Meta  Kane) 

Aix  les  Bains  Savoie  France 

Park  Av 


W  12 

Mourraille  M"  Gustave  (Elise  M  Burgy) 

Mourraille  W  M  Mathilde 

Mourraille  M'  C  Gustave-Cl.'ps 

Movius  M'  Edw  Hallam-Uv.Bfbf.Heid'69 

.     P^S43 i3Cort . . University  Club..see  BflS 
Movius  M"  Mary  R  (Mary  L  Rumsey)  Ats. 

P^S2383Mad.  .25  E  30.  .see  BSJ 
Mowbray  MiM"  H  Siddons  (Helen  Millard)C. . . .         ^^^3-2 

Mowbray  M"  George  M Washington  Ct 

Mowe  MiM"  Wm  R  (Charlotte  Brainard)  Uv.G.Ch.Cd.Ty'70 

P^Si885Plaza..io8  E  55 
Muir  MiM"KennethJ(Ad^lePCammack)P^Si667Plaza. .  58  W  58 

Muller  M"^-  &  W"  Elizabeth  W 10  W  43 

262  W83 
33  W67 

Dover  N  J 


Muller  MiM"  Victor  R  (Lulu  C  Hunting)  Dv.. . . 

JSS.  M'"  Alice 

Muller-Ury  M'  F  Adolf o-R.Lt. Ats P^^S42  2  5Col. 

Mulligan  M'  Cadwallader  R-Ul.Ss 

Mulligan  M'  John-Ny.Ss [&  Co  Paris 

Mulligan  M'  Cadwallader  RJr-Cl' 01.. Morgan  Harjes 
MuUiken  MiM"  Harral  (Eleanor  Patterson)  Eg.Mtw. 

Y'91.  .P^«S473 7-79.  .784  Park  Av 
Mumford  MiM"  Geo  Dana  (Butterfield-Claire  Drake) 

Uv.Cr89.H.'9i  .  .P^^S2826-79.  .44  E  81 

Mumford  M*"*  Marion  E  &  Gladys  B P^^52452-79 

Mumford  M""  Daniel  Blodgett  &  Clinton  B 44  E  79 

Mund^  M"  Paul  F  (Eleanor  C  Hughes) Buckingham  Hotel 

Munn  M'  Chas  Allen-Un.K.Uv.C.R.Mc.G.Wp.P.'8i 

P''^*5773Gram..i4  E  22 

Munn  MiM"  Geo  F  (Margaret  Crosby). see  DJSllS. 



Lex  Av 

Munn  M"  Hy  Norcross  (Anne  E  Elder)  Cly 

Munn  M'  Orson  D-Rg.R.Wp.P.*o6 

MiM"  I  Sheldon  Tilney  (Munn) 

Munn  DiM"  John  P  (Martha  B  Plum)  R.Na.Dke.*7o " .  .  .18  W  58 
Mufioz  M"  Jos6  M  (L6ontine  C  Thieriot) abroad 

New  York  1909 


Munro  M"  Geo  (Catherine  Forrest) P^S5247Plaza 

MiM"  Geo  W  Schurman  (Munro) 15  W  57 

Munro  M"  John  W  (de  Lancey-Frances  A  Bibby) 

P^^S4i3NewRoch.  .Bartow-on-Sound  N  Y 
MunroeM"ChesterClark(AdelaideHoadley)  CI. '  7 1 .  EnglewoodN  J 
Munroe  DiM"  Geo  E  (Jessie  Reynolds)  C.Uv.Y.'74.)P^«S2972Mad 

JSS.  M'"  Marjorie [i 26  Mad  Av 

Munroe  MiM"  Geo  P  (Martha  Otis) 88  Malakoff  Paris 

501  W  120 


av'd  Prov  Sep  5 


3 1  Pierre  Charon 

Munroe  Prof  &  H"  Hy  S  (Alice  Brown)  CI' 69 

&  M'  Rob't  K 

Munroe  MiM"  Hy  Whitney  (Alice  T  Kneeland) 
Munroe  M'  Geo  K.  .av'd  Prov  Sep  5.  .at  68 

Mt  Auburn  Cambridge  Mass 

if^  W"  Louise  &  M' John-at  St  Mark's  Sch 

Munroe  M"  John  (Hunt-Julia  Gould).  . 

M***  Julia  Hunt 

Munroe  MiM"Vemon(SallySCook)H.'96.P'^'»S467.Englewood  N  J 
Munsey  M'  Frank  A-Ul.Rg.Ny.As.Au.Lt.Mtw. 

ab'd  Cecil  Jun  9  av'd.  . P^«S4oooBry .  .  524  Fifth  Av 

Munzinger  M"  Chas  (Charlotte  Bloodgood) see 

Munzinger  M'"  Emma D^*S. 

Mur  MiM"  Jos  M  M  (Schack-Minna  Livingston).  .  .Kobe  Japan 
Murchison  MiM"  Kenneth  M  (Aur6lie  de  Mauriac)  CI. '94 

P*''»S66Gram.  .136  E  22 
Murdock  MiM"  Geo  Wilson  (Mary  Pearson  Paulding) 

Cold  Spring-on- Hudson 

68  E  77 

Murdock  MiM"  Lewis  Champlin  (Mary  M  Shiland) 

Murdock  M' Uriel  A-H.'o4 [Uv.Na.Gg.H.'66 

Murphy  DiM"  Deas  (Mary  R  Belknap)  Na.So.Cd.Cl.'82 

P*^m'3i9Plaza.  .165  E  62 
Murphy  MiM"  Edgar  G  (Maud  King)  Pl.Ct.  .  , . .  .  Montgomery 

Ji"«  If"  Du  Bose  &  Gardner Ala 

Murphy  HP"  Florence  D ^^^582 

Murphy  M'"  Florence  E 708  High  Newark  N  J 

Murphy  M'  Franklin-E.Un.C.Rp.Cc.Au.Ul.Cw.Ll.Ss.Wp. 

Ar.Ulch.  .P^^;i7i .  .  1027  Broad  Newark  N  J 

Murphy  M'  Franklin  Jr  (Franklin) Married  at  CJfc 

Long  iP*  Harriet  A,  ,,,,,.,,,.-,.,,, , Oct  17 


Social  Register 

Murphy  MiM"  Franklin  Jr  (Harriet  A  Long)  E.UI.P.'qs 

1023  Broad  Newark  N  J 
Murphy  MiM"  Grayson  M  P  (Maud  Donaldson)  An.USA/03 

P^SiQoiBry.  .49  W  44 
Murphy  MiM"  Hy  Killam  (Edna  M  Cook)  Y/gQ.see  M"  E  M  Cook 

Murphy  M'  J  Francis-Lt 222  W  23.  .see  D'^^Z. 

Murphy  MiM"  Richard  F  (Elizabeth  W  McConihe) 

235  Engle  Englewood  N  J 

Murphy  M'  Walter  Gibbs-Ny.Na NY  Yacht  Club 

Murray  MLM"  Arch  Gordon  (Grace  H  Stanton)  Uv.P/91 

P^«5i2Stuy..9  E  10 
Murray  MiM"  Ambrose  Spencer  Jr  (Henrietta  F  Dumbell)  Uv. 

Dt.C.Snc.Ch.Ty'71.  /*Lone  Oak*'  Goshen  N  Y.  .see  DSSSi^. 
Murray  M'  Bronson 238  W  52 


Murray  M"  Byron  (Elizabeth  Leavitt  Howe) 

Murray  M*"  Louise [Henry  Bklyn 

Murray  D'  Archibald-Ha .  P*^«S2445Ham.36i 

Murray  Judge  &  M"Chas  H(Grace  Peckham)Rp.Bd.Rv.Ar.Ll. 

Cw.Wt.Fw.Na.Snc.Ats.Ht.Dar.Cd.  .P^'»5i346Bry.  .50  W  45 
Murray  MiM"  David  (Carol  B  Gillis)  Rut'76 Delhi  N  Y 



W  39 

ab'd  Onic  Jly  i 

av'd  Adri  Sep  3 




Murray  DiM"  FrancisWisner(MGertrudeLawrence) 

Murray  M'  Francis  W  Jr [Un.C.Cd.Y.'77 

]."«  M*""  Caroline  L  &  Gertrude  &  W  Lawrence  N.  .  .  . 
Murray  MiM"  Hy  Alex  (Fannie  Morris  Bab- 
cock)  Un.Mt.R.Rh.Dt.Na. 

Murray  M*"  Virginia 

JlS,  M'  Hy  A  Jr-at  Groton 

Murray  MiM'^^J  Archibald  (Alice  Rathbone)  Un.DtyRg.K. 

Rh.H'78.  .P^^'S399iPlaza.  .57  E 
Murray  MiM"  Jas  B  (Alma  P  Van  de  Bogart)  Ct.Cr72 

P^«S6ior.  .  19  Dudley  PI  Yonkers  N  Y 
Murray MiM"LoganC(HarrietGordon)Ul.Un.Rv.P'66.  Louisville 

Murray  tf— Ky 

Murray  M'  Rob't  D-Uv.Na.As.Cl.'85 64  W  45 


Murrav  M'  Ambrose  S  2d [Ty'73 

JIS.  M'  Herman  S 

Myers  MiM"  Chas  F  (Anna  Freeborn)  Ui.Dt 

Myers  M*""  Jeannette,  Mary  C  &  Amie 

Myers  M'  Arthur  V  N 

10  W  II 

Hempstead  L  I 

New  York  1909 


Myers  M'  E  H-N New  York  Club 

Myers  MIM"  Jos  L  (Henrietta  E  Hawley)Uv.P.'96 

P^«S682 .  .38  Franklin  PI  Flushing  L  I 

Myers  M"  Julian  L  (Pauline) see  D'^S. 

Myers  M"  Lawrence see  M"  F  G  Mead 

Myers  DiM"  T  Halsted  (Sarah  Hawley)  C.Uv.Y.'Si 

P^'5?S65oPlaza..59  W  50 
Myers  Mill"  Theo  W  (Rosalie  Hart)  M.N.Rh.Ny.Au.Na.Tf . 

Plaza  Hotel 
Mygatt  MiM"  Lemuel  C  (Sophie  H  Weidenieyer)C. 

Mygatt  M'"  Jessie  Carrington [Rv.Wms'70 

Mygatt  M*"  Kenneth-Ad. Wms'oo 

Mygatt  M'  Gerald-Wms'o8 

&  M'  Francis  S 

MygattMiM"Otis  A  (Elisabeth  M  Greene)  Ul.Rv.Uv.H'96 

P*'«S32o6Col..3ii  W  74 



257  W  97 

av'dCarmSep  23 

46  W38 

Mygatt  M"  S  M  (S  Matilda  Robertson) , 
Mygatt  MiM"  Robertson  K  (Emily  Tyers)  Ul. 
Myles  DiM"  Rob't  C  (Edith  G  R  Piatt)  Cal.Ch. 

is.  r"  Rob't  C  Jr  &  Beverly  R [So. As. 

at  Hill  Sch  Pottstown  Pa 

Mynderse  D'  Herman  V Married  at  Poughkeepsie  N  Y 

Douw  M'"  Helen  L  (late  Col  John  de  P.) Oct  i 

Mynderse  DiM"  Herman  V  (Helen  L  Douw).  .Poughkeepsie  N  Y 
Mynderse  M"  Wilhelmus  (Hannah  H  Gould) 

Myf.Cd.  .94  Joralemon  B'klyn 
Nadal  MiM"  Chas  C  (Mary  Taylor  Warrin)  C.Ct.Fn.As.CrrS 

P^«S6o7Mad..i42  E  35 
Nancr^e  Rev  &  M"  H  Walstane  de  (Emily  K  Rodgers) 

Pa*72.  .12  via  della  Mercede  Rome 

Nash  M*""  Cornelia  R  &  Almira  A see  DUSiJJZ. 

Nash  MiM"  David  (Youngs)  Un Union  Club 

Nash  ff-  Alice  Y see  DS^S. 

Nash  MiM"  Edmund  S  (Mattie  Chenault)  Dt.Ap.    Lafayette  Sq 

Ja  M'""  Gwendolen  &  Eleanor [So. Ay., 

Nash  MiM"FrancisP  (Katharine  Cleveland  Coxe) 

Nash  M'  Arthur  C-Uv.H.*94-at  P^«S293Plaza 

51  Ws8 


Hobart  College 



Social  Register 





Nash  Mill"  Francis  P  Jr  (Angelica  H  Lawrence) 

P**^iooo-38.  .  167  Barclay  Flushiflg  L  I 
Nash  Mill"  Henry  van  Bergen  (Florence  W  ['*  Owannux  '*  North 

&  W"  Rebecca  &  M'  Hy [Ryder)  |    New  Castle   Me 

Nash  M'  James  R-Uv.Wms'89 Warrenton  Va 

Nash  M'  John  McLean-Un.Uv.C.Dp.Cl.'68. . . 

Nash  M'  Thomas-Un.Uv.Dp.Ch.C.Cl.'82 

Nash  M'"  Catherine  McL 

Nash  M'  Henry  P-at  157  W  47  &  M'  Hy  P  Jr. 
Nash  MiM"  Paul  (Margherita  Mayneri)  Mtw. 

U  S  Consulate  Budapest  Hungary 
Nash  MiM"  S  Edward  (Isabel  Coggill)  Un.Snc. .  " 

Nash  M*—  Isabel  &  Edna  McL 

Nash  M'  Stephen  P-Un.Cl.'oi 

Nash  MiM"  Warren  Bynner  (Anna  W  O'Connor)  R.Uv.Cy.Ny. 

Y'91 .  .P**^'S4873Col..5o  Cent  Pk  W 

Nash  M'  Wm  Alex-Mt.Ul.Na.Ha P'*^;26o3Col 

MiM"  Antonio  Ponvert  (Nash) .  .M'  at  Cuba  . .       19  W  73 
Nason  MiM"  Daniel  (Caroline  T  Plum)  Un.Uv.Du.Aht'8i 

H'83.Cr84.  .see  J  R  Plum 
Nast  MiM"  Cond6M  (Clarisse  Coudert)  R.Rg.T.Geo' 

av'd  Adri  Jun  10.  .see  DSiS. 
Navarro  MiM"  Antonio  Fernando  de  (Mary  Anderson),  .abroad 

Navarro  MiM"  Jos^  F  de  (Ellen  Dykers)  Cth P^IKaSiiBry 

Navarro  M'  Alfonso  de- K.B.Mt.R.Cy.Mb.Tf . .  .  ab'd  13 

Lusi  Aug  5 .  .  av'd  Maur  Sep  17        W  46 

Naylor  M"  Geo  (Sarah  D  Gilliat) |see  J  R  V 

Naylor  M^"  Mary  Gilliat |    Gilliat 

Neave  MiM"  Charles  (Elisabeth  Ferriday)  Uv.Y.'88 
ab'd  K  II  Jun  23.  .av'd  Grosse  Sep  i5..P''^'S3289Plaza.i33  E62 

Neeser  M"  John  g  (Josephine  C  Wilden) 

Neeser  M*"  Elvine  L-Cly 

Neeser  M'  John  G-T.Uv.Cl.'9i 

Neeser  M'  Rudolph-Uv.Rg.R.Cr95 

Neeser  M'  Rob't  W-Rg.Y.'o6 at  1074 

Chapel  New  Haven  Ct 
Neill  M"  Edward  M  (Katherine  Stuyvesant) 

Neill  M'"  Katherine  L 

M"  Walter  N  Eldridge  (Neill) 

M'"  av'd  Lor  Sep  23 
247  Fifth  Av 

'  Longacre ' 



New  York    1909  41  z 

Neilson  MIM"  Alfred  (Annie  F  Embler)  N'66. . . .  P^ssyyPlaza 

Neilson  M*""  Anita  &  Katharine  H 125 

M"  Wm  A  De  Witt  (Neilson) E  57 

Neilson  W"  Dorothy  L see  F  L  Hopkins 

Neilson  M"  Frederic  (Belle  Gebhard).ab- d  St  P  Jly  4.see  DJiSiSK. 
Neilson  HiM"  Jules  Blanc  (Marguerite  Wall)  Un. 

P^'SiSl.  .Garden  City  L  I 

Neilson  M"  Louis  (Anne  Rodgers) [Lawrence 

Neilson  M'"  Louis,  Carol  K  &  AlexS 1       LI 

Neilson  MiM"  Raymond  P  R  (Mary  S  Park) 

P'^%i42oFarRock..Cedarhurst  L  I 
Neilson  M'  Robert  Hude  (Hy  A) .  . .  .Married  at  Cambridge  Mass 

Russell  M"-  Sarah  E  (Jos  B) Oct  6 

Neilson  MiM"  Rob't  Hude  (Sarah  E  Russell)  Rut'o3.H.'o6 

P^^S976Spring.  .27  Wash  Sq  N 
Neilson  M' Wm  Hude-Un.K.R.av'dTeut  Sep  23.see  J  RDrexel 

P'^^286j..2  28  E  9 
Plainfield  N  J 

Neilson  Rev  D'  Wm  Hude 

M"  Edmund  J  Lee  (Bessie  R  Neilson). 
Nelson  M"  A  M  Abbot  (Adelaide  M  Thompson) 

M"  L  W  Menocal  (Abbot)  JgS»  H^"  Vera  J  Menocal. ...  W  86 
Nelson  MiM"  Chas  N  (Mary  L  Merrill)  Ny.Au.Parr's  Bk  London 
Nelson  MiM"  Francis  A  (Helen  Ackerman)  Ad.Croo 

P^^S55ioMom..6ii  W  112 

Nelson  Rev  D'  Geo  F-C P'^'ffSiaooSpring.  .416  Lafayette 

Nelson  M"  HyLoomis(IdaFWyman)  .P''^o37 .  WilliamstownMass 
Nelson  MiM"  Stuart  G  (Anna  C  Van  Horrie)Ul.Lc.  |P*^«5426o-79 

Nelson  tf" Mabel  Stuart [Mid.Na.l    25  E  81 

Nesbit  M"  Robert  W  (Elizabeth  Clossey) ^^51961-38 

Nesbit  tf—  Isabel  D  &  Jean  L 58 

Nesbit  M'"  Louis  C-Sa.&  Rob't  C'-Uv.Kg.Y.'95.  .  W  39 

Neuhoff  MiM"  Karl  Walther  (Katharine  R  Smith)  Dv.Mc.Dar. 
av'd  K  II  Aug  II .  .see  M"  A  Kountze..238  Mad  Av 

Nevins  M'"  Anna  Key 20  Fifth  Av 

Newberry  MiM"  Henrie  (Henriette  D) JDetroit 

Newberry  M'"  Gladys ^ |  Mich 

Newberry  M'  J  Stoughton-Ny.Ha.Cw.Y'85 Detroit  Mich 

Newberry  MiM"  Truman  H  (Harriet  J  Barnes) 

Un.Uv.Sa.Ny.Au.Cw.Mtw.Anw.Cvcw.Y'85  P^^53973North 

Newberry  M'"  Carol  B [Lakeville  Ct    1315-16  W^ 

&  ff"  Barnes  &  Phelps,  .at  Hotchkiss  Sch 

289  Mad  Av 

4x2  Social  Ret^ster 

Newbold  HP"-  Catherine  A  &  Edith |  P«Si2i 

Newbold  M'  Frederic  R-K |Poughkeepsie  N  Y 

Newbold  M'"  Katharine  Post-T ^^83.  .Tuxedo  Pk  N  Y 

Newbold  MiM"  Thos  (Sarah  Coolidge)  K.Mt.Tf. 

Newbold  tf"  Mary  E [R.Ch.Ny. 

Newbold  M'  T  Jefferson  &  IZ^  M'"  Julia 

Newbold  M'  Trenchard  E-Sa.Pa'99 

P*^«52  237.  .Mad.29E28.  .see  Pft 
Newcomb  M"  H  Victor  (Florence  W  Danforth)  Cda.Dar. 

ab*d  Jun  16.  .av*d  Kp  Wm  Sep  29.  .Hotel  Savoy 
Jan  I  ** Spring  Fort"  Jefferson  Co  Ky 

Newcomb  IP  H  Victor-Na absent 

Newcomb  MLM"  Hermann  D  (Matilda  F  Churchill)  Y'96 

Louisville  Ky 
Newell  M"  Geo  Baldwin  (Julia  Pomeroy).  .  .11  Av  Kl^ber  Paris 
Newell  M"  K  R  (Kate  Rogers) Married  at  New  York 

de  Forest  M'  Shepherd  K in    Oct 

Newkirk  MiM"  Louis  H  (Grace  R  White)  Ul.Cl'95 42  W  9 

Newlands  M*"  Frances  C  (Wm) Married  at  Franconia  N  H 

Auchincloss  D'  Hugh  (late  Edw  S) Sep  29 

Newton  MiM"  Francis  (Amy  James)  Sa.Pl.Cly 130  W  57 

Newton  MiM"  Parker  (Elizabeth  C  Hedden)  Ny. 

J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 
Newton  MiM"  Richard  Jr  (Bates-Grace  Clarke)  Rg.Au. 

see  T  B  Clarke  22  E  35 
Nicholas  Mi M"GeoS(ElizabethTPurdy)Un.Ss.Dt. 
Nicholas  tf"*  Elizabeth  T  &  Virginia  T.  .  .  .  [Mt. 

Nicholas  M'  George  S  Tr-Un.Cy.Na.Cl.*92.  .^ 

Nicholas  M'  Ridgely-Un. Y.'o3 

Nicholas  MiM"Grosvenor(DaisvNicholas)Uv.  Y'96 . 

Nicholas  M"  Harry  I  (AHcc  M  HoUins) I  P^«Si38l 

Nicholas  M*--  Alice  &  Reta r  Virginia  Farm'* 

JlS.  M*"  Beatrice ]    Babylon  L  I^'^ 

Nicholas  MiM"  Harry  I  (Dorothy  Snow)  Tf.R.T.  .  .see  F  A  Snow 
Nichols  M'  Acosta-Mt.Dt.Ats.Fw.Snc.Cw.Rv.Wt.Wms'93 

P«Si238Plaza..3o  E  58 

Nichols  MiM"  Edward  T-Mg.Mo Morristown  N  J 

Nichols  MiM"  Erickson  Norman  (Edith  C  Haines)  Un.[P«S5c-79 
JS^  tf"  Ruth  R [As.Na.    52  E  78 

44  Park  Av 

New  York  1909 


Sep  9 

66  E  56 

Nichols  Mill"  Geo  L(Ruxton-Mary  Chicker-  ; 

ing)  Mt.Un.Uv.Dt.Snc.Wt.Ha.Cw.G. 
Jus.  tf" Christina  M. . .  .[Fw.Rv.Cly.Wms'81 

W  Dorothy  V  Ruxton 

J^»  M'  Wm  V  C  Ruxton-at  Pomfret 

Nichols  Rev  DiM"  Harry  P  (Alice  M  Shepley)C. 

Nichols  IP"  Margaret  Baxter [H'71 

Nichols  M'John  D-H'o6&JaM'Shepley-at  Groton 

Nichols  M'  Herbert  B-Ul see  M"  WCStone 

Nichols  Mill"  Humphrey  T  (Prentiss-Edith  S  Allen) 

NicholsM' Arthur  B-Pl.H.'gi [Pl.Trb.H.'gy 

Nichols  MiM"  J  Osgood  (Gertrude  G  Meredith)  Bm.Pl.Tf . 

Wms'90.H/93.P^«S455o-79..7i  E  78 

18  W  122 

see  i)omiS«g 

Nichols  MiM"  JohnWT(Mary  Blake  Slocum) 
Nichols  M^"-  Helen  S  &  EHzabeth  W.[Mc.Rg. 
Nichols  r'  Geo-S.Mc.H.'oo&  JohnT-H'05. 

]^»  tf-  Susan  F  &  M'  Wm  B 

Nichols  MiM"  Lyman  (Bessie  Welling)  Pl.Mtw.Smb.Ecb 

Burnett  PI  Nutley  N  J 

fm'yav'd  Pz  Irene 
Jly  20 
42  W 



57  E  64 
Apr  I.. Morgan 
Harjes  &  Co  Paris 

Nichols  MiM"  Morton  Colton  (Hostetter 

AUene  Tew)R.Mt.Au.Ul.Uv.Tf.Rg. 
H/92.Cr95..av'd  A  Vic  Oct  8 
JSk  tf"  Greta  &  M'  Theo  R  Hostetter.  . . 
J"«  IP"*  Adelaide  &  Margaret  &  If "  J  Dykers  & 

Chas  F 
Nichols  MiM"  Seth  (Mary  E  Hodgdon)  Uv.H.'85 

P'«57i2Riv.  .313  W  107 

Nichols  M'  Starr  Hoyt-Uv.Y'54 University  Club 

Nichols  M'  Washington  Romaine.  .P*^o4oooPlaza.  .621  Fifth  Av 

Nichols  MiM"  Wm  E  (Florence  Gillette)  Lt.Y'86 15  Wall 

Nichols  MiM"  Wm  Oilman  (Mary  Armour)   !P^«S24. .  *'Petronia'* 

J1S.M' Herman  A [Ul.Ay.Ap.l  Rye  N  Y    '  r^ 

Nicholson  MiM"  G  J  Guthrie  (Sallie  D  Elliot).  .1  "Four  Bear'* 

tf"  Alice  May  Elliot.  .  . [Meeteetse  Wyo 

Nickerson  M"  Roland  c  (Adelaide  Daniels). 
Jff™  M'  Roland  C 

259  Mad 
Nicol  M"Rob't(Mary  E  Prentice) Bd.P^^S48 2 7 Plaza. 449  Park  Av 


Social  Register 

M'  ab'd  Aka  Jly  2 

av*d  P^'J?S4072Plaza 

18  E  50 

PXs  707-38 

23  E  39 



108  E  65 

1730  B'way 

Nicoll  MiirBenj (Grace  Lord)  Uv.R.Dt.Rg. 
Nicoll  tf"Elsie-Cly . . .  .[Mb.Mg.Wp.Cly.P'77 
Nicoll  M'  Courtlandt-Un.Ny.Wp.S.P.'o3 . 
Nicoll  M;M"  DeLancey  (Maud  Churchill)  Un.Mt.R. 

&  M'"  Josephine  &  M'  DeLancey  Jr 

Nicoll  MaM"  Edw  Holland  (Edith  M  Travers)  P'8i 

Nicoll  M'"  Charlotte  Van  C 

JSS»  M"-  Nancy  &  M'  Edw  H  Jr 

Nicoll  MiM"  Fancher  (Christine  Spies)  Cw.Zp.Wms'99.Cl.'o2 

P^4o6Col.  .1730  B'way 

Nicoll  D'  Henry  Denton Died  at  New  Windsor  NY  Oct  26 

Nicoll  M"  Hy  Denton  (Anne  Bancker  Camac)Cd. 

Nicoll  M^"  Anne  C. 

JSSsM' Wm  L 

Nicoll  M'  James  Craig-C 

Nicoll  M'"  Emily  R 

Nicoll  M'  Craig 

Nicoll  M"Leonard  F(Fannie  H  Harper) |  P'^^S456Newburgh 

If"  Anne  C  Harper |New  Windsor  N  Y 

Nicoll  M'  Matthias-Uv.Wms'6i |P«S3556Bry 

Nicoll  M^"-  Lilly  M  &  E  Carlotta 119 

Nicoll  M^"  Annie-Cd j      W  48 

Nicoll  DiM"  Matthias  Jr  (Alice  M  Wing)  Uv.Wms'89 

P*^^S4478Plaza..i24  E  60 
Nicoll  M"Wm  Courtlandt(Eliza  Large). see  M'"M  B  Brown59E65 
Nightingale  M'"Frances  N..av'd  Prov  Sep  26.  .see  G  D  L  Harison 
Niles  Mill"  Arthur  Lucien  (Clara  T  Hotchkiss)  Rv. 

P^^Si436Riv..3is  W  80 
Niles  MiM"  Geo  Caspar  (Maud  L  Nicholas)  H.'94 

**The  Chestnuts"  Riverdale  N  Y 

Niles  M'  Lucien  H 18  E  74 

Niles  M"  M  G  R  (Mary  Gregg  Richards).  .  .24  Av  Kl6ber  Paris 

Niles  MiM"  Marston |         P^^§93l 

Niles  M'  Nathaniel-Ul |  **  Monatiquof' 

If"  Anna  Thompson  Roberts.* |  Madison  N  J 

NilesMiM"Rob'tL(RomaLyman)  |  P"i§S2  5oTremont 

ifots  W  Rob't  L-at  Harvard [Sedgwick  Av  University  Hgts 

307  W  92 


New  York  1909  415 

Niles  Diil"  Walter  Lindsay  (Louise  Vezin)  Cr.'oo 

P^"»S595i-79..55  E  76 

Niles  M"  Wm  w  (Isabel  White) !  Woodla^vn 

Niles  M'"-  Isabel  W-Bd.  &  Florilla R'd 

Niles  M'  Wm  White-Uv.Rp.Au.As.Dth'83 Bedford 

Niles  M'  John  Barron-Na * |      Park 

Nixon  MtM"  Lewis  (Sally  Lewis  Wood)  Un.Cy.Ny.B.So.Rc.Au. 
Ritp.Anw.Mtw.USN'82 .  .  Mad  Av  &  53 

Noble  M'  Alfred-Uv.C.Eg.Mich'70 501  W  120 

Noble  liiM"  Hy  G  S  (Clemencia  Mestre)  Uv.Ny.Lc . 

Noble  M'  Floyd  C-Cl.'os [Na.Dke.'8o 

JlS.  M'"  Gwendolen 

Noble  MiM"  Herbert  (Elsie  R  Patteson)  So.Cy.Ny. Au.Kg.Lt 

Na.Cl/93 .  .MS705C0L  .  170  W  58 

Noel  M"  Auguste  (Emilie  Raberg) 

Noel  SP"  Josephine 

Ncel  if"  Auguste  L  &  Louis  W 

Sf"  Louise  Raberg 

Noel  MiM"  Auguste  (Elizabeth  B  Dixon)  Ny. 

P^'S2388Bry..72  W  45 
Norden  MiM"  Hermann  (Elsa  Amend)  N.Au.Dv. 

P^1JS2o89Col.  .  58  Cent  Pk  W 
Norman  MiM"  Reginald  (Augusta  McC  Little)  Ny.Mtw.Hppv. 

^^^5558-2.  .Newport  R  I 
Norrie  MiM"  A  Gordon  (Margaret  L  Morgan)  K.R.Tf.Na. 

Sa.Dt.Cly.Cr91.  .P«S9i9Spring.  .  26  Wash  Sq  N 
Norrie  MiM"  A  Lanfear  (Ethel  Lynde  Barbey)  Un.Cal.Mt. 

Dt.Rg.Cy.T.R.  .P^^Si48o- 79. .  15  E  84 
Norrie  MiM"  Adam  Gordon  (Eloise  L  Breese)  T.Ats.Cd. 

**Nundao"  Tuxedo,  .see  DJmS. 
Norrie  MiM"  Gordon  (Emily  F  Lanfear)Un.C.Mt.  |P*^'}?S2o62  Mad 

Norrie  ff"-  Mary,  Sara  G  &  Emily  L [Dt.Ch.l377  Fifth  Av 

Norrie  D'  Van  Home-C.Uv.Cr85 P^"»52i24-38.  .21  W  37 

Norris  MiM"  Alfred  L  (Florence  M  Lee)  R.Gg.Tf.Rh.  .  .  .52  E  53 

Norris  M*"*  Dorothea  C  &  Fanny :  . .    105 

Norris  D'  Charles-Uv. Y'88 .  .at  44  W  44 E  64 

Norris  B'  Hy  Selden-Un.C.Snc.Ny IP"^S63Bry 

Norris  M'  Dudley  H-Ny.Cl' 77-at  Zacatecas  Mex |  10  W  49 

109  E  29 

'S66  Ideno* 

416  Social  Reg^ter 

Norris  M"  Samuel  (Isabella  E  Dimond) .  . 

Norris  M'-  Maria  D 

Norris  M'  Samuel-Uv.Uvp.Uppv.H. '83. 

North  MiM"FranklinHaven(AdabelStrebeigh)Na.  .io48FifthAv 

North  M'  George  B-Eg.Na P^^S6205-38.  .8  E  45 

North  DiM"JamesHarper(Henrietta  M  Jackson) Un.  ^^25647-79 
North  M*"  Helen  S  &  JSf»  M'"  Marjorie  S  &  M'ClarenceJ.     50  E  73 
North  MiM"  Thos  M(Mary  A  Wayland)  C.U1.Y.'46 

160  Central  Park  S 
Northrop  MiM"  Frank  (Anna  S  Leisenring)  N.Cw. 

Northrup  DiM"  Wm  Perry  (Antoinette  Stebbins)  CBd. 

Ham'72.  .P^^S2792-79.  .57  E  79 
Norton  MiM"  E  Hope  (Lily  M  Carr)  Na.M.Lt.Va'95 

Stamford  Ct.  .see  D^S. 
Norton  MiM"  Ed  Loudon(Louise  E  Seggerman)R.Cw.  jP*^iSS9iCol 

Norton  M""  Allen  T  &  Edw  L  Jr [Myf.(256  W  74 

Norton  MiM"  Eliot  (Margaret  P  Meyer)  Uv.G.H'85 

P^'^SSiiPlaza.  .690  Park  Av 
Norton  MiM"  Ex  (Jane  W  Helm)  Rc.H.'96 

P^^Sii9Tpk'vlle.  .New  Brighton  S  I 
Norton  M"  Frank  L  (Jane  H  Watkinson) 

"Notleymere*'  Cazenovia  N  Y 
Norton  MiM"  Huntington  (Marie  A  Montant)Un.R.Uv.H/oi 

P^Ǥ5266Mad..i22  E  34 
Norton  DiM"  Nath'l  Read  (Bertha  d'l  Weightman)  Uv.Y.'9i 

P'^^S2  263~79.  .113  E  70 

Norton  MiM"  S  L  (Marie  Keller) 314  Union  Av 

M'  Louis  Lawrence Cranford  N  J 

Norton  M'  Wm  P-R.Rc.Mid.Mtw 12  W  44 

Norton  MiM"  Wm  Strange  (Elizabeth  F  Brown) see  DJ^S. 

Norwood  MiM"  CarHsle  (Ethel  J  Hanbury)  Mt.T.Dt.Snc.Cly. 

Metropolitan  Club 

Norwood  tf"  Louisa-Cd I  P*^^Sio6 

Norwood  M'  Eugene [Tuxedo  Park  N  Y 

Norwood  M*"-  Margaret  M  &  Catherine-Cd.Ht. 
Norwood  M'  Lewis  Morris-Rv.Cw.Snc 

32  E  81 
Notman  MiM"  Clyde  (Josephine  Richardson) see  H  TRichardson 

New  York  1900 



149  Joralemon 


182  Amity 

Notman  If*  fidith 

Notman  M'  Chas  P-Ha.Gg.  . 

Notman  M'  Grant-Ha.Cl.'86 

Notman  MiM"  Geo  (Katharine  Howard)  Ha. Eg. 

Notman  M'"  Winifred-at  Smith  College 

Notman  M'  Howard-H'03* 

Notman  M'  Arthur-Dke.H.'03-at  Morenci  Ariz. 
Notman  M"  John  (Anna  W  Daniell) 

of  136  Joralemon  Bklyn.  .abroad 
Nott  MiM"  Chas  Cooper  Jr  Qulia  J  Hildt)  Uv.Rp.Wms*9o 

see  M"  B  Perkins . .  47  E  60 

Nourse  M"  Oms  j  (Julia  L  Peabody)  Cd P^^SioisMad 

Nourse  IP"  Julia  L 245 

Nourse  M'  Chas  J Lex  Av 

Noyes  M'  Alexander  Dana-'C.Aht'83 jP^'SSii62Riv 

Noyes  tf"  J  D ^.^ f     2  W  94 

'     fm'y  av'd  Cecil 
Aug  25 
7  Park  Av 

Noyes  MiM''ChasPrentiss(Fannie  E  Wentworth) 

Noyes  M' Julius  W-Cr  II [Cal.Na.Ny. 

JSS.  M*"  Marjorie  W. 

Noyes  M'  D  Raymond-Y.'o5. .  .see  Prof  W  A  Brown,  .see  Skui 
Noyes  If"  Edith  I  (late  Jos  G) Married  at  Milford  Ct 

Boone  Rev  Elliott  W .Oct  14 

Noyes  M"  Henry  D  (Anna  M  Grant) .  .ab*d  Arab   |P*^«S2383Mad 
Noyes  M'  DeWitt  C-Y.'oi . . at  Fajardo  P  R.[Jly23j     25  E  30 
Noyes  Ml M"  Hy  F  (Jeanie  LRichardson)  Ny . Au.    P%S  1 9 15 Main 
Noyes  M*""  Mary  &  Dorothy [LIl.Ha.      90  Remsen 

M*"  E  B  Richardson B'klyn 

Noyes  M"  Jos  Gillet  (Edith  Wetmore) 

P^'^'SQ-S-  -^^The  Hawthorns''  Milford  Ct 

Noyes  M'  O  H  P-M see 

Noyes  M^"  Adele M^"  G  M  Gillet 

Nugent  SiM"  Horace  D  (Antoinette  Guion).  .  British  Consulate 

M*"**  Frances  &  Martha  Guion Galveston  Tex 

Nunn  MiM"  Loftus  J  de  Winton  (Caroline  S  Schieffelin) 

British  Consulate  Vera  Cruz  Mexico 
Nutt  Dill"  John  Jos  (Blanche  P  Paulson)  Dth'94 

P*^^S63i4Col. .  2020  B  way 
Oakes  MiM"  Chas  (G  Ethel  Ludlam)  Fn.H/90 

P'^^'S3263Mad.    25  E  30 



loi  W  72 
av'd  Lusi  Sep  1 1 
35  E  64 

524  Fifth  Av 

Oakes  M"  S  Everett  (Helen  Piffard) 

Ptr:34y 5.  ."Dragon  HiU  Farm"  Lake  Mahopac  N  Y 

Oakes  MiM"  Thos  F  (Abby  R  HaskeU)  Mt.ULNy IPlaza 

Oakes  M'  Prescott-H.'o4.  .at  Seattle  Wash [Hotel 

Oakes  JtM"  Walter  (Mary  B  Taylor)  Ul.H'87 Seattle 

JSJ.  Jf-  Mary  B Wash 

Oakley  MiM"  John  A  (Eleanor  M  Peckham) I*1K3i36Col 

Oakley  M'  Ainsley  C-Cl/99 

Oakley  M"  Walton  (Ad^le  Jones)  Cda 

Oakley  M'  Walton  Livingston-K.Dp.Croo. . 

W"  Jeanne  Randolph  White 

Oakman  MiM"  Walter  G(EConkling)Un.Rg.Tf. 

Oakman  M'- Helen  L [aVd  K  II  Jly  21 

Oakman  M'  Walter  G  Jr-Un.H.'&JSS.lf-Katharine 

O'Brien  M'  Ed  Chas-Ul.Rp.Lt.As."Knollcroft"  E  Chatham  NY 

O'Brien  MiM"  Ed  Lyons  (Audrey  T  Crawford) abroad 

O'Brien  MiM"  Morgan  J  (Rose  M  Crimmins)  M. 


O'Brien  M**^  Rosalie  &  Madeleine 

JK.  M"*  Morgan  J  G  &  Esmond  P 

O'Connor  M'  Gerald-Y.'os PlK647Bry.  .44  W  44 

O'Connor  M"  Tames  (Sarah  Morse) [Re. 

O'Connor  MiM"^'  W  Scott(Mary  HJohnson)Fn.Rv. 
O'Connor  M**^  Gertrude-Dar.,  Kate-Dar.  & 


O'Connor  MiM"  John  A  (Frances  Brush)  Cl.'S? 129 

O'Connor  MiM"  Wm  P  (Janet  Hardie)  W.Cth 

O'Connor  M'"  Valeria  H 

O'Connor  M*"  Wm  J-Sn.Bm.  &  Chas  W 

O'Connor  M*"JasW-Na.Sn.Cl.'98,EdA-Bg.&JosH. 

O'Connor  M"*  Harold  H  -Cth.  &  Paul  S 

O'Conor  MiM"  John  Christopher(Post)Ul.Dt.Ny. 
0'ConorM'NorreysJ-Un.H.'o7 [Cw.Cl.'7o 

M*-  Laura  J  Post 

Oddie  MiM"  Harold  H  (Helen  M  Thain)  Ny.Cl.'99 

P«S3 529-79.  .1143  Lex  Av 
Oddie  M"  John  Van  Schaick  (Helen  F  Freeman) 

P*'m34o6-79.  .987  Mad  Av 

729  Park  A V 



W  10 




Hew  York  1909 


Newport  R  I 



Oddie  MiM"  John  Van  S  (WilHams-Edith  J  Hawley)  Ny. 

Proi346Bry..44  W4S 

OdeU  Prof  George  C  D-Uv.Pl.Cl/89 P«S647Bry . .  44  W  44 

Odell  MiM"  Hamilton  (Elizabeth  A  Pinckney)  C. 


O'Donohue  M"  Joseph  J  (Teresa  M  J  Riley) Pl?52 11  Plaza 

O'Donohue  ff"*  Teresa  R  &  Marie  M  Irene 5 

O'Donohue  M' Hugh-Na E  69 

O'Donohue  M"  Jos  J  (Louise  Bruner) 262  W  73 

O'Donohue  MiM"  Thos  J  Qosephine  Quan)  Na.Dt.. .  P«S34oCol 

JSS.  tf-  Marie 330  W  71 

Oelrichs  MiM"  Chas  de  L  (Marjorie  R  TumbuU)  T.H.'o4 

Oelrichs  MiM"  Chas  May  (Blanche  de  Loosey)Un. 

Oelrichs  M'"  Blanche  M [B.Cly 

Oelrichs  M'  Harry  E  -Un 

Oelrichs  M"  Hermann  (Thcrcsa  AFair)  Cly 

J^  M'  Hermann 

Offley  M'  D  Remsen-R ....'.  .Racquet  Club 

Ogden  MiM"  Archb'd  Gracie  (Margaret  S  Olmsted) 

P'^^S6o9r.  .518  Westminster  Av  Elizabeth  N  J 

Ogden  M"  Charles  Walton  (Louisa  H  Frazicr) P^'i?S3207-79 

Ogden  tf"  Mary  Frazier 12 

W"  Annie  Frazier E  79 

Ogden  MiM"ChasW(IdaGLittle)Uv.Cl.'9S.  .P*'«S3724-79.i4  E  79 
Ogden  M^"  Clara  F 

M"  wm  H  Pendleton  (Rebecca  E  Ogden) 

M'"  Rebecca  Eliot  Pendleton 

OgdenMiM"DavidB(MaryESherman)Dt.Uv.S.T.C.  P^«2937Gram 
Ogden  M'"-  Mary  E  &  Harriet  V  C.  .  [Snc.Ch.Cr69      12  E  10 

Ogden  tf-  Ellen [University  Club        74  South 

Ogden  M'Walter-Uv.Cc.Cr 70.  .PH'S5358Tohn. .  Morristown  NJ 

Ogden  M'"  Emilie P%Si669Mad.  .128  E  30 

Ogden  M*"  Esther  Gracie 15  Gramercy  Pk 

Ogden  tf- Frances PH'54328Spring.  .20  Wash  Sq  N 

Ogden  MiM"  Francis  Ludlow  (Gertrude  H  Jones)  Uv.Cr74 

I  W  54.  .abroad 
Ogden  M'  George  B-Uv.H'77 53  ^  30 

W  SI 


Social  Register 

Ogden  MiM"  Herbert  Gouvemeur(Gladys 

Frost)  Ul.E.Na.Cosw.Cr.'97 

M"  Harry  T  Frost 

Ogden  DiM"  J  Bergen  (Alice  L  Parry)  Pl.Ap.H'93 

P^«Si52lP'tchester.  .Rye  N  Y 


** Portland  Farm" 

Stamford  Ct 

9  Lincoln  Pk  Newark  N  J 

Ogden  MiM"  James  L(Ball-Mary  Jen- 
M'Fred'kWBall.  .  .  .[kinson)Dt. 

Ogden  M"  John  R  (Josephine  E  Marshall) I345  Lex 

Ogden  tf"**  Sara  D  &  Josephine |     Av 

Ogden  MiM"  John  R  (Porter- Adelaide  Wattson)  Un. 

^•»S4o87Plaza..43  E  58 
Ogden  MiM"  Jonathan  (Fannie  H  Brush). ..P^'»S7383Riv..ioiW88 
Ogden  MiM"JosW(CharlotteWard)Un.Dt.Mo.Mg.Rg.Wp.Lf'72 

Ogden  MiM"  Louis  Mansfield  (Augusta  McK  Davies) 

Un.Ch.T.Bm.Rv.Cr88.  .P*^'»S5334Riv.  .302  W  79 

Ogden  MiM"Ludlow(Susan  W  Jones)Uv.Dp.Cw.Ch. 
Ogden  M'  Alfred-at  612  W  116 [Cr 


Ogden  MiM"  Robert  C  (Ellen  E  Lewis)C.Ul.Ct. 


DiM"  Geo  Waldo  Crary  (Ogden) 

Ogden  M"  Thomas  Ludlow  (Susan  Lyon) 

Ogden  M*""  Alice  Lyon  &  Constance 

Ogden  M*  Wallace see  DJ^iSJ. 

O'Gorman  MiM"  Edward  J  (Caroline  Snyder) 

97  New  England  Av  Summit  N  J 
O'Gorman  MiM"  Rich'd  (Mary  J  O'Connor)  Cth.Lc. 

Grove  Av  Larchmont  Manor  N  Y 


of  Garden  City 
LI.,  abroad 

Ogston  MiM"  Frank  F  (Horton-Wood-Charlotte 

L  Buel)  Cal.  Pelham  Manor 

Jl?«  M'  Dabney  Horton NY 

Olcott  M"  Douglas  Worth  (Pauline  Von  S  Jerome) 

302  State  Albany  N  Y 
Olcott  M'  Dudley-Mt.Ul.G.Dt.Ll. 

P*^93iMain.  .'* Arbour  Hill"  Albany  N  Y 
Olcott  MiM"  Dudley  2d  (Howard-Sarah  C  Levick)  Mt.Mg.Na. 

Mo.Au.Wp.G.  .P^^S309iPlaza.  .16  E  64 

Olcott  MiM"  Eben  Erskine  (Kate  Van  Sant- 

voord)  Uv.Snc.Dt.Ul.Eg.Cd.Cl'74 
JB,  IT"  Alfred  V  S-P'09  &  Chas  T 

see  tf "  A  T  Van 


38  W39 

New  York  1909  421 

Olcott  MiM"  Fred'k  P  (Mary  Esmay)  Mt.Mo.Dt.Bd.  .  .4  E  53 
Olcott  MiM"JVanVechten(LauraIHoffman)  Ul.T.Ss.M.Rp.Rv. 

Ch.Ad.Mc.Mtw.Cvcw/ 76.. of  P^^S2353Col..3iW72..2223  RWSS 
Olcott  MIM"  R  Morgan  (Alice  M  Handley)  M.Lc.Na.Rp.Mtw. 

M"  ab'd  A  Vic  Jun  16.  .P*^^S2  8o5Plaza.  .40  E  53 
Olin  MiM"  Stephen  H  (Dodge-Emeline  Harriman)  Uv.C.Ct. 

Dt.Pl.Dke.Cw.Cly.Wes'66.  .P^'»5293Mad.  .  107  E  35 

Oliphant  M"  Alex  C  (Sarah  Elkins) . 

JSJ-  M*"  Elizabeth  E  &  M'  Elkins. 

Oliphant  M"JasH  (MarianneSMontgomery)  |      P'^^S83  Prospect 

OliphantM'JasNorris-Au.Uv.Sn.Ny.Cr.'oi  I41 5ClintonAvB*klyn 

175  W  State  Trenton  N  J 

1753  N  WB^. 

Oliver  MiM'  Robert  S  (Marion  Rathbone)  Mtw. 

Oliver  M*"  Marion [Cvcw.Anw. 

Oliver  Rev  John  Rathbone-H.*94-abroad. 
Oliver  MiM"  Wm  H  P  (Lydia  W  Seabury)  H'92 

P'^^'S633l.  .Morristown  N  J 

OUesheimer  MiM"  Henry  (Sarah  Scheuer)  Au .5  E  58 

Ohnsted  MiM"  A  Paul  (Anna  E  Kip)Mg see  G  G  Kip 

01mstedM"WmN(MaryASteams)|P^^S798w..  .  434  Jefferson  A v 

Olmsted  IP"  Katharine  N |  Elizabeth  N  J 

Olney  MiM"  Geo  H  (Amy  G  Gillette)  Uv.Br'95.H.'98 

P^^o3  9ooMad  ..37  Mad  A v 
Olney  MiM"GeoW(Vallette-JosephineWhittemore)  IP^^S  1 3  3  7  John 
Olney  M'  Edward  H [Cc.Cw.Rv.Wt.Fw.H.'ssJ  428  W  147 

Far  Rock 
L  I 

Olney  MiM"  Peter  B (MarySigoumeyButler)  C.Rh.Uv 

Olney  M'  Peter  B  Jr-H.'o3 [Ht.H.*64 

Olney  M'^  Wilson-H'07-at  The  Ludlow  B?5„ 

Olney  M'  Sigoumey  B-H'io-atAp thorp  House  Camb' 

Olry^MiM"  Fenwick  (Estelle  Davidson)  '69 jOrange 

Olry  tf"-  Eunice  &  Estelle  M'"  Eustace  &  Arthur |    NT 

Olyphant  tf"  Anna  E-Cda 17  48  Corcoran  TO 

Olyphant  MiM"  F  Murray(Mary  Wells)Dt. .  JP^^S2  7"Incleuberg'* 

Olyphant  tf"-  Ruth  &  Elizabeth  G |        Englewood 

Olyphant  M'  Murray-P.'o5 |  N  J 

01yphantMiM"JKensett(NannieHHeilman)Un.     |P^^S3o72Plaza 
Olyphant  M'"AnnaV.  .[Mt.Rv.Dt.Cw.Fw.Wt.Cda.|      59  E  54 
Olyphant  MiM"  Robert  (Caroline  Wetmore  Muller) 

Un. Ah.Rv.Ct.Ny.Cw.Wt.Fw.Cly.    P'To4s  2Plaza 

Olyphant  tf"  Sophie  Vemon-Cd 16  E  52 

Olyphant  M'  Robert  M  Jr-Ny.Rv.Wt.Cro6 

422  Social  Register 

Olyphant  M'  Rob't  Momson-Rv.Cr42 i6o  Mad  Av 

"       -        -     -  -'P^«S59i-79 

E  82 

Onativia  MiM"  ]os6  V  (Cushman)  Un.H.'8s..ab*d 
Zld  Jun  20.  .av'd  Vtld  Sep  29 

Onativia  tf"  Vera  &  JlS,  M'  Gerald 

Onativia  MiM"  Jos6  V  Jr  (Clara  W  Barclay)  Un.H'oS 

see  B  R  Bayne 

Onderdonk  M'  Andrew  J-Hl.Snc..av*dJly  30  PlJSij^vPros 

Onderdonk  M'  Andrew  J  Jr-H'io ^^ ^  Park  PI  Bkl'n 

Onderdonk  M*"  Gladys  (late  Andrew).. Married  at  OysterBayL  I 

Weekes  M'  Bradford  G  (Arthur  D) Oct  10 

Oothout  M"  Edward  (Julia  C  Drake).  .  .P^'Ss 631  Gram. .  105E18 

" P^365Chel 

151  W  12 

Oothout  M"  Henry  (Elizabeth  C  Williams) 
Oothout  tf"  Marie  J.. IP"  Theodora  M  Williams. . . 

Oothout  M"  Wm  (Jane  E  Morgan) P^2097Mad..2i8  Mad  Av 

Oothout  MiM"  Wm  (Saltus-Helen  S  Read)  Un.S.Mt.Na.Cly. 

Rp.*98  Santa  Barbara  Cal 
Opdycke  M"  Emerson  (LucyWStevens).P*'^'54634Plaza.ii9  E  69 
Opdycke  MiM"  Leonard  E  (Edith  Bell)  C.Uv.Dt.  IP^«S43o8Plaza 

Jffis  M*"  Mary  E  &  M'  Leonard [H.*8o      117  E  69 

Opdyke  MiM"  Alfred(HildeCBeck)Uv.Ats.N*9o. .  .29  Wash  Sq  N 

Opdyke  M'  Henry  B 

Opdyke  tf"  Agnes 420  W  118 

Opdyke  M*  Henry-Y'90 

Opdyke  MiM"  Wm  S  (Margaret  E  Post)  Mt.Uv.Dt.Ct. Ats.Hl. 

N*56.  .P^S35ooPlaza. .  14  E  60 
av*d  Aka  Oct  10 
Audubon  Pk 

Orcott  M"  Davis  (Jane  Pettigrew) 

Orcott  M*—  Helen  &  Mary. 

Ord  MiM"  Joseph  P  (Susan  Vander  Poel)  Uv.Mt.Ny.Y.'73 

P^^Si94Main.  .459  State  Albany  N  Y 
Ordway  MiM"  Saml  H  (Frances  Hunt  Throop)  C.Ct.Uv.Rg. 

As.Hppv.Br'8o.H.*83..P*^^S537-79.i23  E  71 

Orfit  MiM"  Octavius  (Adele  Brown) J      247 

Orfit  M'"  Theresa (Fifth  Av 

Orlowski  Comte  &  Ctss  Micislas  (Mabel  Stevens) 

154  Long  Champs  Paris 
Ome  MiM"  Hy  Merrill  (Harriet  J  Orvis)  Cw.Rut'78 

P'9Si488Mom.  .600  W  114 

New  York  1909 


0'RourkeMiM"JohnF(Katharine  B  Innis)  Lt.Ny.lP«S4o66Plaza 
JiS»  M""  Innis  &  John  F  Jr.  .  .  .  .  [Cth.Au.Eg.'ya]       8  W  50 

102  Remsen 

132  E  72 

122  E  72 

Orr  MiM"  Alex  E  (Luquer)  Ha.C.Ht 
Orr  M*"  Mary  Moore 

Orr  M"  Alex  M  (Margaret  Y  Knox) .Died  Jan  31 

Orr  M' Alex  M-Na 

Orr  M*"  Martha  Knox 

Orr  W"  Alex  M  Jr-Ny.Stv'97  &  David-N*97 

Orr  M""**  M  Louise  &  Frederika 

Orr  M"*  Frank  &  Joseph  K-P/02 

Orton  MIM"  Grosvenor  Porter  (Grace  A  McConihe)  H.'97 

P^^235ooPlaza..i4  E  60 
Orvis  M;M"  Charles  E  (Storm-Sarah  M  Boyd)Na.    P^^-i^SisooRiv 

M'  Clarence  Storm [Mid.Mg.Cw.     35  W  81 

Osbom  M"  Francis  Pares  (Nancy  E  Macgregor).  .  .  Rome  Italy 
Osbom  Prof&M"HFairfield  (Lucretia  T  Perry) C. 


Osbom  M'  A  Perry-R,.at  Harvard •  •  •   [23 

Osbom  M'  Hy  F  Jr-at  162  Little  Hall  Princeton.  . 

JS.  IP"  Josephine  A 

Osbom  Mill"  Henry  S  (McAllister) see  DSSiS- 

Osbom  M"  Rob't  (Edith  L  Hard) see  DiSS. 

Osbom  MiM"  Wm  Church  (Alice  Dodge)  C.Ct.Uv. 

Osbom  M»"  Aileen [R.Rg.Dt.M.Cly.P.'83 

&«  M'  Fred'k-at  '79  Hall  Princeton  &  M'  Earl  D .  . . . 
Osborne  M'  Duffield  -A.  Ats.Cl'  79..  P^^^S9  7  9Mad 

Mad  Sq  Garden  Tower 
Oscanyan  MiM"  Paul  C  (Elsie  C  Stone)..P^'i?S6o45JRiv..i59  W  81 

Osgood  M'"  Elizabeth  A P''^S3 59-38.. 259  Mad  Av 

Osgood  M'  F  L-'Ny Norwich 

Osgood  M'  Charles  H-Ny.N.Lc Ct 

Osgood  M"  Franklin  (Isabella  Borrowe) Manhattan  Hotel 

Osgood  M"  Wm  H  (Marie  E  Schenkberg) 

Osgood  M'  Wm  N  Y  Yacht  Club. . 
O'Shaughnessy  M'  Jas  F-Mt.Cth.So.Jkl.Ny.M.Au. 



Madison  Av 

40  E  36 

12  E  31 

Ostrander  MiM"  Charles  F  (Mary  Morris  Edwards) 
Ostrander  M'"  Mary  Morris-Bm [Rg.G.Snc.Cd. 

50  W  53 

O'SulHvan  M"  Thos  S  (Mary  L  Allen) absent 


Sodal  Registtl 

Otheman  MiM"  FrancisW(LauraJB  Chamberlain) 

Otheman  M'-  Margaret  S [Ul.Mc. 

Otheman  M'"  Edw  Roe-P.'95  &  RoswellC-P/07. 
Otis  MiM"  Chas  A  Jr  (Lucia  R  Edwards)  Uv.Sa. 


University  Club 
Otis  MiM"ChasHarrison(MaryIWoods)Ha.H.'73 ....         108 

Otis  M'  Harold-Ha.H/08 Joralemon 

JlS.  tf"  Helen  C B'klyn 

Otis  M'  Francis  J~Un.K.R.Rg.  .  .  .127  rue  Longchamps  Paris 
Otis  M"  Frank  A  (Marie  A  Weidenfeld) . .  ab'd  Adri  Oct  7 

po  127  rue  Longchamps  Paris 
Otis  tf-  Rosina  H 17  E  86 

Ottley  MiM"Jas  H(LucettaBGilbert)Ul.Ny.Ay.Au. 

JSk  M^"  Martha  M  &  M'  Jas  H  Jr 

Oudin  M'  Jos  A-N see  M' 

29  W  53 
T  Kilbreth 

Jg'r,  tf"  Ethel 

Outerbridge  DiM" 
Outerbridge  MiM" 

Oudin  MiM"  Lucien-C : . .  115  W  69 

Pudin  MiM"  Maurice  A  (Susan  W  Folger)Uv.'85.P.'9i 

Schenectady  N  Y 
Outerbridge  MiM"  A  Emilius (Nannie  RThomp-         f^'T.Ggo 

son)  Na.Mg.Wp.  **0n  the' Hill" 

Outerbridge  M'  Frank  R-Wp.H.'96 Morristown  NJ 

Outerbridge  MiM"Adolph J  (Elizabeth  P  Norton)  Re.  IP«S2  298 -79 

JSJ.  M'"  Kathleen  &  M'  Cyril  N-at  Pomfret  Ct [T.|    53  E  75 

Outerbridge  MiM"  Eug  H  (Ethel  M'  ab'd  Lusi  Jun  17 

Boyd)  Un.Rc.S.        av*d  Maur  Jly  16 

P^1?S396iPlaza.  .38  E  62 

Paul  (Roberts)  Cal.As.Na 27  W  74 

'  Sam'l  Roosevelt  (Amie  W  Willetts)  S.H/97 

Owen  M"  Edmund  C  (Rosamond  H  Harriman). 
Owen  M'""  Mary  H,  Georgianna  H  &  Frances  J.  .   567   Park  Av 

Owen  M'  Arthur  Dixon 

Owen  M'  Frank  W-Cal.Sa.Ty'84 Boonville  N  Y 

Owen  DiM"  Henry  E  (Sophia  L  Ives)  Uv.Y.'64.   P^^SiiosPlaza 

JiSJ,  M'  Hy  E  Jr 40  W  56  ' 

Owen  MiM"  Philip  F  Cunliffe  (Ctss  ~' 

Marguerite  du  Planty) 
Owen  M'  Algernon  C. 

*'Oneata  Manor*' 
Grymes  Hill  Stapleton  S  I 
Owen  M'  Wm  H-Na P*^'»S37ooPlaza.  .Hotel  Netherlands 

Hew  York  igog 


Owen  Rev  Wm  H  Jr-Rv.Cw.Y/97 

PlK854r.  .Trinity  Rectory  Mt  Vernon  N  Y 
Owsley  DiJrHyFarrar(GertrudeIFowler)N.Ny.  .616  Mad  Av 
Oxnaf d  MiM"  Hy  Thos  (Marie  Pichon)  Mtw.Un.    I         2210 

IP"  Eugenie  Christine  Pichon. . .  .[Uv.R.H'82|Mass  Av  W!* 
Oxnard  MIM"  James  G  (Caroline  M  Thornton)  Un.Uv.R.Tf. 

Dv.Gg.Cr83.  .P'»S2  5w  Smitht'n.  .St  James  L  I 


"Lathrop    Hall'' 

Lakewood  N  J 

Pack  MIM"  Chas  Lathrop  (Alice  G  Hatch)  Ul. 
JlS.  HP-  Beulah  F  &  IT"  RandolphG  &  ArthurN. 

HP*  Florence  Nightingale. 
Pack  M"GeoW(FrancesFarman)j  of  "Manyoaks"  Asheville  N  C 

JP-  Ida  Farman IPIK3240-38.  .2  E  45.  .  see  Nte 

Packard  D'  Chas  W-C.Bow'83 P*«5i02iPlaza 

Packard  tf"-  Charlotte  M  &  Edith  M 445  Park  Av 

Packard  M'  Edw  W-Cal.Mt.M.Dt Salt  Lake  City  Utah 

Paddock  M"  Franklyn  (Louise  Barron) 507 

Paddock  JP-  Hazel W  in 

Paddock  M'  Gordon-Un.P'87.  ......US  Legation  Seoul  Corea 

Paddock  M'  Robert  A-Y.'o2.Uv P«S2oooBry.  .Yale  Club 

Padelford  HiM"  Edw  M  (Woolsey-Frances  Smythe)  K.Ny. 

Mtw.  .1721  I  Wift 

Pagan  M'  Wm  Durant-B? P^1^n3o57-7o.  .955  Mad  Av 

Page  Prof  Curtis  H-C.H'oi P'»o'6iToRiv.  .235  W  109 

Page  MiM"Ed  D(Comelia  Lee)C.T.M.Mc.|fTn'y  av'd  Prbv  Sep  5 

Ats.Y'75|P^iQ78Stuy.2^8  E  15 
Page  IT  Leigh-Y'04  ft  Allen  S-Y'o8.  ..|M"  at  Brown  Shipley 

JSJ.  JP-  PhvUis I         ft  Co  London 

*' Walnut  Gate" 
So  Orange  N  J 

av'd  A  Vic 
Oct  8 

Page  IP"  Helen  B 

Page  IP"  Marie  K 

M' Geo  Page  Ely 

Page  M'  Henry  Savage-Mb.Mt.Tf.Mdbl .Hempstead  L  I 

Page  MiM"  Howard  (Mildred  A  Mitchell)      jav'd.  .P^^384i-38 

Page  IP"  lone [R.Gg.Kg.T.Cly.Rh.Cd.  (         121  E  39 

Page  M'  J  Seaver-Ul.Wk.Na.Uv.Snc.W.'62 

see  A  W  Francis. .  119  E  56 
Page  IP"  Lily  Lee  (Howard) Married  at  Geneva  Switz 

Cross  M'7ohn  W  (R  Jas).  .  .  : Aug  17 

l^^il^^^  ^^^P^^ ^  ^^'?'  ^  ^^^r2?^Sf'    21  Ed^gTwoidRd 
jfi^if—  Helen  C  &  Lois  L [Mtw.H.*77     gunimit  N  J 


Social  Register 

ab'd  Lor  Jlv  2  av-d 


Audubon  Pk 



Page  MiM"  Walter  Hines-Uv.Ats.Bd/76 

Teaneck  Road  Englewood  N  J 
Page  M"  Wm  D  (Helen  J  Grinnell)Myf.Cly. 

Page  M*"  Laura--Cly 

Page  IT"  Frank-Y'o8  &  Rutherford-Y*io, 

JlS.  IP-  Sylvia 

Page  MiM"  Wm  H  (Blanche  Page)Na.Au.H.'83.. . . 

Page  IP"  Richard  M-H'io  &  Wm  K-H'ii 

JJS.  IT"  Douglas  J  &  Donald  O 

Paget  MIM"  Almeric  Hugh  (Pauline  P  Whitney) 

Mt.Ny.Myf .  .39  Berkeley  Sq  London 
Paget  Gen  Sir  &  Lady  Arthur  Hy  (Mary  Fiske  Stevens) 

35  Belgrave  Sq  London 
Paget  MiM"  Sydney  (Marie  Miller).  .  .P*^'»55445-38.  .328  Lex  Av 

Paige  M'  Ed  Winslow-Mt.Dt.Cw.U'64 29  Wash  Sq  W 

Paine  MiM"  Augustus  G  (Charlotte  M  Bedle)  Ul.Mc.Na. 

Plaza  Hotel 
Paine  MiM"  Aug  G  Jr  (Maud  Eustis  Potts)  Un.Ul.|P«;2032Bry 

JlS.  ff"  Aug  G  3d  &_Geo  E ._ |    18  W  49 


E  41 

Paine  M"  Frances  B  M  (Frances  B  Martin) 

Paine  IP"  Ethel-at  Radcliffe 

Jgk  ff"  Frances-at  St  Agnes's  Sch  Albany 
Paine  M'  Frederick  H-Mtw.Abiw.Y/88. . . 

Paine  !P"  Frederika 

Paine  M'  Hy  Gallup-Pl.CrSo Players  Club 

Paine  MiM"  Willis  S  ((Virginia  C  Brown)  Mt.T.Myf  .Roch'68 

Plaza  Hotel 

Painter  M"  Aug  E  W  (Mary  Alice  Blair) 

Painter  M'  Geo  Blair.  R.B.Tf.Pgpt.etc,H/89.  . 

Painter  M'  Jacob  Jr-Acpt.Ppt.Dqpt 

Painter  M'  Christopher  L-Un.  Acpt.Ppt.Dqpt. . 
Painter  DiM"  H  McM  (Carrie  A  Stevens)  C.G.Y.'84 

P^S38iPlaza..62  W  55 
Palmer  MiM"  Alfred  Craven  (Pauline  Whiting) 

P^^6i69Mad.  .8  E  85.  .see  S^i 

Palmer  W  Cortlandt  E-Uv.R.Cr78 35  Fleurus  Paris 

Palmer  M'  Courtlandt.  .av*d  K  II  Oct  6.  .see  V  Robert  Abbe 
Palmer  MiM"  Francis  F  (Isabel  W  Fowler)  Mt.Ap.Ad.Mid. 


815  Irwin  Av 
Allegheny  Pa 


New  York  1900 


Palmer  MiM"  Francis  Sterne  (Beatrix  Bennet)  Pl.Rv.Bd.Na. 

H'87..P*^«S27iiPlaza..57i  Park  Av 
Palmer  Mill"  Geo  Carnegie  (Helen  Campbell)  Sa.Bg. 

Mg.M0.Cr83 .  .P'^^S497  •  •  Miller  Rd  Morristown  N  J 
Palmer  MiM"  Geo  Q  (Edna  E  Johnson)  Uv.Ap.R.Rg.Ad.Eg. 

Palmer  Mill"  Harwood  (Alethea  F  Putnam) 

1 1  Cresswell  Gardens  London 
Palmer MiM"JCulbert(MaryEagle)Uv.Rv.Y.'82.    P«S537oMad 

Palmer  M'  Wm  E 25  Madison  Av 

Palmer  M"  Lucius  N  (Anna  Culbert) .  lav'd  A  Vic 

Palmer  M*"**  Gertrude  &  Jean  C.  .  . .  |      Jly  9         Brown  Shipley 

Palmer  M'  Lucius  N-Uv.Dke.Cw.Rv.Y.'88.  .at      &  Co  London 

tf"  Anna  M  Culbert [Asheville  N  C 

Palmer  M'"  Mary  E l'"^S3io3-79 

Palmer  M'  Miln  Parker-Sn.Ny 

Palmer  M'"  Miles  C-Lt.  &  Fred'k  Halstead 

Palmer  MiM"  Nicholas  F  (Laura  A  Quintard)  Mt.Eg 

Mid.Ay.Ny.Au.Ap.'66.  ^P'To^is  "Alden'^  Port  Chester  N  Y 

Palmer  M'  Roland  S-Y.*oo P^^*S27i7-79.  .1048  Fifth  Av 

Palmer  M' Stephen  S-Dt.Mt.Mid.Ul.Ny.Au.T.Pl.Tf.  .  Princeton 

Palmer  M'  Edgar-Ny.Eg.S.P.'o3 N  J 

Palmer  MiM"  Tyler  R  (Marie  Stuart) Madison  Av 

JSJ,  M'""  Alsa  &  Marie  &  M'  T  R  Jr Lakewood  N  J 

Palmer  MiM"  Walter  Launt  (Zoe  de  V  Wyndham)  C. 

P^S462mMain.  .5  Lafayette  Albany 

Palmieri  M*"  Lily I     P^ 

Palmieri  M""  W  M  &  Vivian |  7  ^  43 

316  W  72 


E  81 


M'  Harry  Smith  Kelty 

Pancoast  M'  Richard-Un.Uv.M.Dt.Hav'6o 

P^«S3785john..i24  E  29 

Pardee  M'  Ario-R.P/97^ 44  W  44 



Pardee  DiM"  Ensign  B  (Clara  B  Burton)  Myf.Cw. 

Pardee  M'  Harold  E  B-Cro6 [Cd.N*75 

JiS.  tf"  Gertrude  B  &  M'  Irving  H 

Pardow  M'  Jos  V-R Box  100  Santos  Brazil 


Social  Register 

144  E  36 

.  Union  Club 

Paris  Mill"  Francis  Ulshoeffer  (Nina  Perry  Fisk) 

J^»  M*"  Harriet  B  &  M"^  Irving  2d.  .at  St  Mark's  Sch 

Southboro  Mass 

Paris  M'  Irving-Un 

Parish  M'  Daniel  Jr I    13 

Parish  M^"  Susan  D |W  48 

Parish  M*"  Helen P^§6o5iGram.  .7  E  9 

Parish  M'  Henry-Mt.Cr49.  •  .  .[Uv.Cw.Cd.Cl.'95lP^«S42  7iPlaza 
Parish  MiM"  Edw  Codman(Maria  B  Perkins)Ad.    ]      18  W  57 
Parish  MiM"  Henry  Jr  (Susan  Ludlow)  Un.Bg. 

ab*d  Onic  Jly  i.M'  av'd  Adri  Aug  6. M"  av'd  Prov  Sep  26.8  E  76 
Parish  M'  Wainwright-Un.Uv.T.Rens'88.  .ab'd  Arab  Jly  23 

av'd  Luc  Sep  6.  .P^1?S3666Mad.  .135  Mad  Av 
Park  M"  Trenor  L  (Julia  H  Catlin)     I       av'd  Grosse  Sep  1 5 
J^  tf"  Frances  H [Cly.|74  Bois  de  Boulogne  Paris 

Park  MiM"Wm  Gray(Elizabeth  Sweitzer)Un.Na.    ^'^^SMBrady 

Park  M'  Jas  Jr-Un 

Jr»  tf"  Elsie  S  &  M'  Darragh  A-at  Blake  Sch 

Park  D'  Wm  Hallock-Uv.C.'83 

Park  tf"  J  H 


Parker  MiM"  Alton  B  (Mary  L  Schoonmaker)  Mt.C.flg.M.Dar, 

P'^^S2075Plaza.  .572  Mad  Av 

Parker  Gen'l  Amasa  J 143  Wash  Av  Albany  N  Y 

Parker  MiM"  Amasa  J  Jr  (Jane  M  Kidd)  Uv.  Y'91 

P«S20781Main.  .324  State  Albany  N  Y 
Parker  DiM"  Chas  T  (Susan  de  F  Day)  Au.Myb.Eyb.Smb.Cly. 

Cda .  .  P''»S29 .  .  Hamilton  Mass.  .Feb  i  J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris 
Parker  Justice  &  M"  Chas  W  (Emily  Fuller)      "' 


MiM"  Geo  Fuller  (Vincent) 

Parker  MiM"  Chauncey  G  (Dora  M  Wright)  E.H?85 

P^^S96rBranchBk.  .  523  Mt  Prospect  Av  Newark  N  J 


Western  Av 

Allegheny  Pa 

see  iDuzgh 


W  76 


88  Gifford  Av 

Jersey  City 

Parker  M'  Cortlandt-Uv.E.Zp.Rut'78. 

Newark  N  J 

Hew  York  1909 


Parker  MiM"  Forrest  H  (Stevens) I797  Mad 

Parker  M^"  May  A ]      Av 

Parker  M"  Francis  Eyre  (Henrietta  B  Macaulay)Dar.| 

JSi,  M'""  Sallie  M,  Dorothy  N  &  Adelaide  B 160  W  59 

tf"  Coralie  R  Covas ] 

Parker  M'  Fred'k  Sheldon-Un.Uv.Ul.Ha.Mt.Ny.Cw.Myf  .Rv. 

Y' 73.. Union  Club 
Parker  Col  &  M"  James  (Charlotte  Condit)  An.E. 

Parker  LtCortlandt  2d-USA'o6...atFtRileyKas. 

Parker  M'  Tames  Jr-USN . .  at  San  Francisco 

Parker  DiM"  James  H(JuliaAJones)M.Na.Ats.So.W.Cd.Dar. 

of  i8  E  69.  .abroad 

Parker  M'  Jas  V-Un.K 253  Madison  Av 

Parker  MiM"  Lewis  R  (Ellen  V  Hun)  Y'92 

152  Chestnut  Albany  N  Y 
Parker  MiM"  Neilson  T  (Anna  C  Benedict)  Ats. 

MS34or.  .165  College  Av  New  Brunswick  N  J 

Pinar  del  Rio 


see  WB8 


R  I  Av  WBfe 

Mad  Av 


Parker  MiM"  Richard  Wayne  (Eleanor  K  Gor 

Parker  tf""  Alice  G,  Eleanor  W  &  Elizabeth  W.  . 
Parker  M'StephenHills.  Palazzolandelle  2  ViaMelarancioFlorence 

Parker  M"  wniard  (Margaret  M  Ketchum) 

Parker  M'^  Morris  K-Y/oi [Y.'98 

Parker  MiM"  Grenville (Eleanor  Montgomery)  U v. 
Parker  MiM"  Willard  (Lillie  M  Skiddy)  Un.B.R.Uv.Y'90 

see  W  W  Skiddy 

Parker  M'  Wm  A-H/96 4 

Parker  r*  Gurdon  S-H/00  &  Hy  S-H.'o4 E  41 

Parker  M'  Wm  N-Uv.Ha.Y'79 University  Club 

Parker  MiM"  Winthrop  (Birdsall-Susan  A  Robinson) 

Kg.Bd.  .P^S698oRiv.  .102  W  93 

Parkin  IP*  &  IP"  Alice  Temple P^^2402  7Stuy 

Parkin  M'  William-C.Uv.Rc.Y/74 49  Fifth  Av 

Parkin  M'  Henry  H-absent 72 

Parkin  IP"  &  tf"  Marion  L  ~" 

Parkin  tf"  I  Winthrop.... 

Parkin  M'  T  Winthrop 

Parks  M'  G  Elton- Y/04 30  Broad ; 

W  49 
see  R  A 
de  Russy 

see    Ideno* 


Social  Register 



E  21 

342  Madison  Av 

Parks  Rev  DiM"J  LewisQulia  B  Warmg)C.Acp. . . 

Parks  M^"  Harriet  W 

Parks  r*  J  Lewis  Jr  &  John  W-Pa'98.   .  . 

Parks  Rev  D'  Leighton-Rg.C.St  J'73 

Parks  iV""  Ellen  S  &  Georgiana  P 

Parks  MiM"  M  Phillips  (Alice  C  Adenaw)  Pa'98.Cl.'oo 

see  J  K  Adenaw 
Parmele  M"Theo  W(Mary  Platt)Cd.Dar.Bd.P»S22o6Bry.68W49 
Parmelee  MiM"  James  (Alice  Maury)  Uv.Ats.Cly.Mtw.Cr'76 

161  Mad  Av 
Parmly  MiM"  Randolph  (Mary  S  01mstead)Uv.  [P«S2s62Rector 

M"  Virginia  Olmstead [N'751     303  W  81 

Parris  MiM"  Ed  Lowden  (Mary  I  Du  Bois)C.Uv.Bd. 

Parris  tf"  Marion [Rv.Cd.Ht.Dar.U's7.H/66 

Parris  M'  Ed  L  Jr 

Parrish  M""  Hetty  L 9  E  49 

Parrish  M'  James  Cresson-C.K.Mt.T.Pl.Ct.Dt.Gg.    jHotel  Ritz 
Parrish  M'  James  C  Jr-H.'.  .at  Harvard  Club. .  .[Rg. |    .  Paris 
Parrish  M'  Samuel  L-Uv.Un.C.Ats.Php.Mtw.H.'7o 

P*^'»Si284Broad.  .University  Club 
Parrott  M"  Edw  m  (Julia  Paulding  Fountain).  .  . 

Parrott  M'  Rob't  P-Eg.Roch'oo 

Parrott  Rev  Ed  M-at  Lake  George  &  Fred'c  T. 

Parrott  M'  George  P 

Parrott M' Richard DArden-Uv.Y' 7 4.  ..P**«S202  5Stuy.  .100 E  17 
Parshall  MiM"De  Witt^Carrie  Ewell)Lt.Hob'85.see  M"  J  N  Ewell 


267  W  79 

606  W  13s 

Parsons  MiM"  Arthur  Webb  (Frances  J  Graves) 
fc  M*"  Dorothea  W [Na.Fn.Cr83 

M*-  Claire  C  Graves 

Parsons  M"charies  (Sarah  J  Shepley)  av'd  Maur 
Parsons  M^^^Frances  Nott.  .[Jlyi6  &  LlewellynS 

Parsons  M'  George  C 

Jfo"»  r*  Chas-Y'i2  &  Hy  H-at  Pomfret 

Parsons  MiM"  Rob't  W  (Alice  P  Read) Ay. Y' 01.. 

at  Summerville  S  C 
Parsons  M"  Edwin  (Mary  Llewellyn  Swayne) 

MiM"  Francis  Bond  Swayne  (Young).  .  .. 
Parsons  MiM"  Edwin  (Mary  B  Whitehead)  Uv.Au.Cyso.Y.*88 

P^^i64oCharleston.  ."The  Oaks''  Cantrell  S  C 

E  62 


99  Park  Av 

326  W  90 

Hew  York  1909 


Parsons  M*"  Evelyn  Knapp  (Schuyler  L).  .Married  at  Islip  L  I 

HoUings worth  M'  Amor  (Zachary  T) Nov  24 

Parsons  MiM"Fred'c  J  (Ethel  Stoddard).  .1  Rd  Pt  BugeaudParis 

Parsons  M"  George  (Sarah  E  Eddy) P'^^^i 595-79 

Parsons  IP"**  Abigail  &  Louise 1033  Mad 

Parsons  M'  Henry-Uv.Pu.Cr88 Av 

Parsons  M"  Herbert  (Campbell-Emeline  F  Coe)  Cd.As.Cly. 

P«23023Plaza.  .147  E  56 
Parsons  MiM"  Herbert  (Elsie  W  Clews)  Uv.Ul.Mt.Ct.Ay.Rp. 

Ap.Mtw.Cly.Y.'Qo. .  1229-19  WSg 
Parsons  MiM"  H  de  Berkeley  (Frances  Walker)  Un.  P«S6307-38 
JSUI'Livingston-atStMark's[Ap.Cy.Eg.Ny.Ay.Cr82  294  MadAv 
Parsons  M"  James  R  (Dana-Frances  T  D  Smith) 

P«23492Plaza.  .  550  Park  Av 
Parsons  MiM"John  E  (Bishop-Florence  V  C  Field)  Uv.Ap.C.Mt. 
Dt.Rg.Pl.Ct.Tf.Ay.Cly.NU8.  .ab'd  Prov  Oct  i 
P^2644Mad..3o  E  36 

Parsons  MiM"  Jos  (Rose  Milmine) 29  E  80 

Parsons  M*"-Mary-Cly.&Gertrude-Cly.  .P^S2758Mad.  .110  E  36 
Parsons  MiM"Marselis  C( Whitney- Jessie  Stott) tJl. Ap.    PIK2 50 

tf"  Leila  D  Whitney [Au.Ay.   Post  Rd 

Jl^  tf"  Prudence  &  M'  Wm  M  Whitney Rye  N  Y 

Parsons  M"  Robert  B  (Mary  E  Mitchell) PIK528 

Parsons  iP"~  Anna  H,  Cornelia  M  &  Bertha  R. .  'Xiriodendra*' 
Parsons  M^Rob'tE-Ats.Rut*88&WmB-P.'96..    Flushing  L  I 
Parsons  M'  Rob't  W-M.Dt.Ay. 

I*"9;647Bry.  .47  W  43-  Jan  10  Hotel  Royal  Palm  Miami  Fla 
Parsons  M'  Samuel  Jr-C San  Remo  Hotel 

Parsons  M'Schuyler  Livingston-Un.Pl.Snc.  W.Ny.    ^^2283  2Bry 

fcM'Schuyler  L  Jr [Tf.     62  W  49  i 

Parsons  M*"  Sylvia  C  (Wm  B)...ab'd  Adri  Jly  15 

av*d  Sep  30.  .Married  Nov  7 

Weld  M'  W  Rudolph  (Stephen  M) at  Trinity 

Parsons  MiM"WEugene(Teannette  |ab'dCeltJly2.  .av'dAdriSeps 
Jff„tf"LeBrun.  .[LeBMott)M.Bg.|      ^^5791-79. .  126  E  73 
Parsons  MiM"  Walter  Wood  (May  H  Childs)  Uv.Ty'96 

Great  Neck  L  I 

Parsons  M"wm  Barclay  (Eliza  Livingston)  Cd.  .av'd 

Phila  Aug  2  2 
Parsons  MiM"GeoB(ElizabethRWebb)Cal.Cr82...  . 


Fifth  Av' 


Social  Register 

Parsons  Mill"  Wm  Barclay  (Anna  D 

Reed)  Uv.Ch.C.Ny.Sa.Mtw. 

Parsons  M'  Wm  B  Jr [Cda.CryQ 

Parsons  M'  Wm  Ed-Y'95 '. Manila  P  I 

Parsons  M"  Wm  h  (Sara  M  Ely)  Bd *'Brookside"  Rye  N  Y 

Sepi7..M"ab'dJly  13 

av'd  Adri  Sep  3 
P^2344Plaza.  .35  E  50 


W  End  Av 




140  W  69 

see   JjomiSei 

ParsonsMiM"WmH  (Laura  WolcottCollins)  Uv.  Ay. 

JSJ.  JP""  Laura  C  &  Mary  M [Ny.Lc.Cd.Y/82. 

&  r*  Wm  H  Jr-Y'  10,  JohnP-Y'  1 2  &  Oliver  W 

at  Hill  Sch 
Parsons  MiM"  Wm  Usher (KatharineCorbin)Uv. As 


Parsons  MiM"  Geo  (Isabel  S  Hartley) 

Parsons  HP"  Winifred  (late  Chas)  ab'd  St  P  Jly  4 

Died  at  Paris  Aug  23 

Partridge  D'  Edw  L-C.Uv.Rg.Ht.Cr7S P*^«Ss92iGram 

&»  W  Theodore  D-at  Yale 19  Fifth  Av 

Partridge  MiM"  Frank  H  (Humphrey- Augusta  V       P*^'»S39q6Co1 
Newton)  Ul.Rp.Ny.Na.Ch.Cw.Rv.Snc.Cc.Wt. 

&  tf"  Evelyn  Humphrey 

Partridge  MiM"  Wm  Ordway  (Margaret  R  Schott)  Ct.A.Pu. 

Rv.Cosw.  .30  W  59 
PatersonJiM"  Rob't  W  (Marie  L  Fahys)  Dt.Jkl.Au.Lt.Cd. 

Hotel  St  R  gis 
Paton  M""  Geo  Macpherson-Un.R.Trb.Cyb.  .  .  .50  Wsi.  .see  B??n 

Paton  M"  John  (Isabelle  G  Hamilton) 15 

Paton  M'  Francis  John-Un E  48 

Paton  MiM"  Morton  S  (Anna  H  Siter)  Uv.R.Tf.As.Cly. 

P.'8o.  .ab'dAdriJly  15.  .of  P^^Si35.  ."Dun-Gled'* 

Dobbs  Ferry  N  Y.  .see  DJSSX 

Paton  M'  Wm  Agnew-Un.C.Ats P«Si46 

Paton  M'  David-Un.C.P.'74 Lakewood  N 

Patterson  M'  Albert  M  (late  Albert  M) Married  at  P^l 

Taylor  HP"  Edith  Moore  (John  M) Nov  7 

Patterson  MiM"  Albert  Mansfield  (Edith  M  Taylor) Un.Mc.R. 

Uv.H'9S.  .120  E  22.  .see  Wift 

Patterson  tf**  Caroline  H-Cd.Myf IHottinguer  &  Co 

Patterson  IP"  Jessie-Cd.M)rf j  Paris 

New  York  1909 


Patterson  Lt  &  M"  Chas  H  (Jean  Rushmore)  An.USA'03 

P'»Si2ooFlushing.  .Ft  Totten  L  I 
Patterson  Judge  Edw-C.M.Mt.Ny.Ad.Pl.CV.  .....  PIK5S03-38 

Patterson  H'  Arthur  C-Uv.Wms'oo 124  E  39 

Patterson  MiM"  Edw  Liddon  (Louise  Hewlett)  C.Uv.Rh. 

Ad.Rv.Fw.Cl.'86.  .P«Si35iMad. .  102  E  26 
Patterson  MiH"  Francis  Gordon  (Helen  B  Long)  Un.Ad.Pb. 

Cr/oo.  .P^S278Plaza.  .  550  Park  Av 

Patterson  H' Frank  M-Rc.Y.'96 P^2oooBry. .  Yale  Club 

Patterson  DiH"  Hy  Stuart  (Charlotte  W  Hopkins)  Uv.Wms'96 

149  E  62 
Patterson  MiH"  Rufus  L  (Margaret  W  Morehed)Cal.Ny.Rh. 
Rg.As.Tf.So.Au.Dar.Cda.  .'93.  .P^«Si74oPlaza.  .PlazaHotel 

Patteson  H'  Henry  B  (late  Jas  A). Died  in  Oct 

Patteson  M"  jas  a  (Eliza  R  McCaw) P^63i4Col 

Patteson  IP"  Anne  H-Dar.Cda.Dc 2020 

Patteson  M'"  James  A-N.  &  Frank  H-N B'way 

Pattison  MiM"  Alfred  T  (Laura  Pandely)  Ar.'92 

M'  ab*d  Vtld  Jun  18 ..  2325  Camp  New  Orleans  La 
Patton  Rev  DiM"  Francis  L  (Rosa  A  Stevenson)  **Springdale" 
Patton  Prof  &  M"  Geo  S  (Winf*d  Outerbridge)         Princeton 

P.'9i..ab'dAdriJly  15  NJ 

Patton  MiM"  Francis  L  Jr  (Jessie  C  Mclntyre)  P'93 

P**^233oAud.  .622  W  137 
Patton  MiM"  Rob't  H  (Katharine  L  Sharp)P.'96.  .  .  .309  W  93 
Pauer  von  Budahegy  MiM"  Leo  (Josephine  Braem).  .  .  .abroad 
Paulding  M"AM(Anne  Mitchell  Depew) . .  . 
Pauldingtf'*AnneDepew.av*dPhilaAug2  2 . . 

ab'd  Phila  Jun  27  .  .  av'd  Aug  22 

Paulding  M'  Wm  H-As 

Paulding  M"  Chas  Pearson  (Margaret  Price) 

Ji^i  M'  Charles  G |  Paris 

PauldingMiM"JasP(AnnieNorton)M.Lc.  .P*^'rfS592oGram.  .loWio 

Paulding  tf""  Katharine  O  &  Maude  S ;  . .  miwaq  Art-om 

Paulding  M'"  Elise  B .  .  American  ExpCoLondon    ^^^»90^^am 
PauldingM7amesKirke-C.H*8«;.  .aVdProvSeps  .       ^^°      ^^ 
Pavenstedt  M'Adolf-R.Un.Dv.Rg.Dt.  .P^S2  586Broad.  112  W  59 

Ardsley-on- Hudson 

..  I  American  Exp  Co 


Sodal  Sai^star 

Pavenstedt  MiM"  Edmund  (LUly  Probst)  Dv.Dt I  120 

JB!.  IT-  Eleanor  tW  Edmund  Jr ^ . . . . .  j  W  7  4 

27  WashSqN 

^^43  90-38 
98  Park  Av 

Pavey  M'  Frank  D-Ul.Ny.Lc.Y.'84. 
Pavey  IP' 

Payne  M'  Chas  Thos-Y/98.Myf P^1R2oooBry. .  Yale  dub 

Payne  M'  Hy  C-N.Ap 22  E  48 

Payne  MiM"  Hy  Wilmerding  (Mary  Field)  Un.  Mt.Au  '^^^"iif 

Payne  M"  John  W  (Georgiana  Smyth) 

Died  at  Milan  Italy  Oct  22 

Payne  IP"  Bessie Morgan  Harjes&Co  Paris 

Payne  M'  Oliver  H~Mt.K.Uv.Ny.Y'63.  .  , 852  Fifth  Av 

Payne  M"  Wm  Henry  (Sarah  L  Beers) 

Payne  M*""  Lilian  M  &  Alice  V 

M"  E  B  P  Bacon  (E  Blanche  Payne) 

Payson  M"  Francis  (Mary  F  Dabney)  Ht 

Payson  LtCol&M"  Francis  L(Maybelle  Stewart) 

JiS.  M^  Frances  A 

Payson  MIM"  Harold  (Lavinia  Hodgkinson)  As.Pu.Cl/95 
Peabody  M'  Archibald  Russell  (late  Arthur  J) 

Died  at  Babylon  L  I  Sep  23 
Peabody  M"  Arthur  J  (Eleanor  E  Russell)  Cda. . 

Peabody  iP-  Helen  M 

Peabody  M'  Geo  Russell-P.'os 

Peabody  M"Arch'dRussell  (MaryTempleEmmet) . 
Peabody  M"  chm  a  (Bowen-Athenia  Livingston)  Cd. 
Peabody  MiM"ChasA (Charlotte  A  Damon)  Mt. 

Peabody  M'"  Anita  L 

Peabody  M'^Julian  L-Un.H.'o3&JohnD-H/o6 
Peabody  MiM"  Chas  L  (Beatryce  W  Peck)  H.'o3 

363  Edgecombe  Av 
Peabody  MiM"  Chas  S  (Alice  R  Bowden)  Ct.Ha. 

H/02.  .aVdTeut  Jly  i 
Peabody  M'  Geo  Foster-C.Mt.Ny.Ct.Ats.Mid. 


Peabody  D'  Geo  L-C.Uv.R.Ct.Cryo 

Peabody  iP"  Helen  A 

tf"  Louise  M  Lemp 


500  Peachtree 

Aft.. see  AS 

15  W  10 

.12  W  18 

224  Madison  Av 


28  Monroe  PI 




New  York  1909 


Peabody  Mill"  Lincoln  Rea  (Constance  C  Roddy)    P^SSdydsRiv 

Jr»  M*"  Constance  E [Uv.Dar.H.'Sy    139  W  95 

Peabody  MiM"  Richard  A  (Mary  Chester  Miller)    P*^^3043Plaza 

JIS.  M*"  Constance [Uv.Rh.Tf.R.Dke.Y.'Si       27  E  65 

Peabody  JliM"  Stephen  (Haven)K.Mt.Ny.Dt.Ch.    P«S7i2Plaza 
Peabody  IT  "Stephen  Jr-Un.  &H'George .  [Gg.  W.  Au.  30 

JlS.  IP-  Priscilla  &  Emma E  54. 

Peale  MiM"  Franklin  D  (Martha  V  Tufts)  Uv.H/88 

P«Si53w.  .85  Boulevard  Summit  N  J 
Peale  MiM"  John  W  (Elsie  Barrows)  Na.  P«S2i4iPlaza 

JiS.  M'"  Betty [Lehigh'8s      iii  E  61 

Peale  MiM"  Rembrandt  (Minnie  E  Batcheler)  Na.N/83 

Pearce  MiM"  Arthur  W  (Lucy  Inman)  R.Sa.Rh.Y'96.  .42  W  57 

Pearce  M'  Richard  F-Uv.Sa.R.Cr9o •.  .University  Club 

Pearsall  MiM"  Paul  S  (Blaine-Martha  Hichbom)Au.Mtw. 

CVCW..2135R  WK» 
Pearsall  M'  Thomas  W-Un.Ul.Au.Ats.  Hotel  Bon  AirAugustaGa 
Pearson  MiM"  Albert  Carlton  (Edith  F  Kimball) 

P«S34i8Gram..6o  W  10 
Pearson  MiM"  D  Appleton  (Wainwright-Anna  R  Peabody) 

R.Mdbl.  .P*^«S2839-79.  .71  E  77 



Pearson  M"Frederick(LesleyJAyer) .  av'd  Grosse 
Pearson  tf'—JosephineS&LesleyF. . .       Jly 

Pearson  M'  E  Pennington-Un.H*o9 

Pearson  M'  Fred'k  F  A.  .at  Harvard 

Pearson  MiM"Fred'kS(Ward)Uv.Ny.Au.Eg.lof  Gt'Bar'gtonMass 
Pearson  tf"  Natalie  &W  Ward  E. .  .[Tufts'831  abroad 

Pearson  D*M"Henry(Macartney-MinnieHatch)So.Ala*99Cr' 03 

P«Si9oiBry.  .49  W  44 
Pease  MiM"  Geo  Card  (Louise  Burridge)  Ny.Lt.  .  .  .701  Mad  Av 

Pease  MiM"  Hy  HoUister  (Katharine  di  PoUone) 

Pease  M'  Walter  A-'Ul [Rg.G.As.Uv.H/91 

Pease  M"  Walter  A  (Mary  L  HoUister).. Died  at  Lenox  MassAug7 
Pease  MiM"  W  Albert  Jr  (Patty  Rodgers)  Mb.Sn.Tf.H.'93 

P*^«S93 . .  Hempstead  L  I 
Peaslee  DiM"  Ed  Hy  (Florence  Witherbee)  C.Un. 


JS^  M'  Edmund  W.  .at  Hill  Sch  Pottstown  Pa. . 

M"  Charlotte  S  Witherbee  (Spencer) 

285  Lex  Av 

17  Wash  Sq  N 

436  Social  Register 

Peaslee  IP"  Randolph 29  E  29 

Peck  MiM"  Arthur  N  (Ella  F  Knowlton)  Rh.Rg. 

P«2i27sFarRock.  .Woodmere  L  I 

Peck  MiM"  Bayard  L  (Elizabeth  S  Butler) 
Peck  M"  Anna  V [Hani'9i 

142  Willow  Bkly'n 

Peck  DiM"  Chas  H  (Betsy  F  Chaffee).  .P»S2553Plaza.  .30  W  50 

Peck  M"  Ernest  Hamilton  (Blanche  Morrell) 1*1^23071-79 

Peck  M'  Howard  M-Ad.Ul.Cl/os 48 

MiM"  Dudley  F  Phelps  Jr  (Peck) E  75 

Peck  MiM"  Herbert  R  (Roberta  P  Whipple) 

P*'1?S753r.  .307  Lincoln  Flushing  L  I 
Peck  MiM"  Lester  O  (Laura  E  Wells)  Ap.Au.Cal.Rp. 

P«S83 sRiv . .  804  W  End  Av 
Peck  M"  Norman  (Waters-Laura  A  Martin) 

P«;2936Plaza . .  500  Mad  Av 
Peck  MiM"  Norman  (Alice  Berthet).  .  .  .P«;6o.  .Scarsdale  N  Y 

Peck  M'  Philip  C-Y/96.UV.RC P«S4237Cort..Yale  Club 

Peck  MiM"  Thos  Bloodgood  (Mary  F  Staunton)  Sn.Snc.Ch. 

P»  E  34 
Peck  MiM"  Thos  B  Jr  (Elinor  P  C  Lewis)  Uv.Snc.Ad.Cr98 

P*^^242  2Plaza.  .640  Mad  Av 
Peck  MiM"  Walter  T  (Elizabeth  C  Backus)  Myf. 

care  W  R  Grace  &  Co  Valparaiso  Chili 
Peck  MiM"  Wm  Emerson  (BerthaT  Pierce)Uv.Dt.|P*«Si8o3Plaza 

Peck  M'"  Elena  M [Rv.Bd.Y.'8i|      12  E  58 

'^ '  ■"       ""  "Yew  Tree  House" 

Harpenden  Herts  Eng 

Peckham  MiM"  Edgar(MarieJThompson) 

Peckham  tf "  GraceA . .  see  D2SS 

Peckham  Justice  &  M"  Rufus  W  (Harriette  M  Arnold) 

1217  Conn  Av  Wtt 
Peckham  MiM"  Walton  C  (Mary  C  Hurry) ,  .3  PI  dlena  Paris 
Peckham  M"  Walton  M  (M  Louise  Cheseborough) 

Died  at  Royat  France  Aug  i 

PeckhamMiM"WheelerH(EthelASteel)  J"^""'"^  ^^^^^^  Se^  is 
Peckham  M'  Walton  M. .  .  ..[Pcp.Y.'o3 
Peckham  M*"  Marie  L 

P'^SiaeS.  **Langthwaite*' 
Davenport  Neck 
New  Rochelle  N  Y 
Peckham  M"  Wheeler  H  (Annie  A  Keasbey)  Mg. 

PH'o*2687Plaza.  .685  Mad  Av 

New  York  1909 


Valley  View" 
Mountainside  N  J 
452   ^ 

Peckham  SIM"  Wm  G  (Laura  Thurston)  PI. 

Peckham  M*"  Ruth-Ats [H/67 

Peckham  M'  Paul  T 


M"  Chas  H  Kitchel  (Hazard) 

tf"  Carolyn  H  Kitchel 

Pedersen  DiM"  James  (Anna  S  Vieths)  Uv.Ch.Dke.Bd.Cl' 90 

2020  B'way 
Peet  W  George  J-Uv.Ul.Ad.Kyn'65 

P'To  251 7 John . .  University  Club 
Peet  MiM"  Wm  Creighton  (Meta  B  Potts)  Sa.Na.Mit'94 

MS355..Post  RdRyeN  Y 
Pegram  M"  Orlando  A  (Mary  M  Sandford). 

Pegram  M*"  Marjory  ME [Co  Paris 

Pegram  M'  Robert  Bruce-Cro  i . .  .ab'd  Seps . . .  AmericanExp 

Peirce  M'  Theodore  Whitney-As 69  W  50 

Peixotto  MiM"  Ernest  C  (Mary  G  Hutchinson)  Pl.Bhmsf. 

P^^^S5644Plaza. .  58  W  57. .see  &?« 
Pelham-Clinton  MiM"  Chas  S  (Elizabeth  C  di  Zer^ga) 

Woodside  Amersham  Bucks  Eng 


Fifth  Av 

Pell  Rev  &  H"  Alfred  Duane (Cornelia  LCrosby)Bm. 
MlM"LivingstonCrosby(Camochan)  [Cda.Cr87 

tf"  Estelle  M  Crosby 

Pell  M"  Arthur Goshen  N  Y 

Pell  M"  Chas  Elliot  (Josephine  Delano) P***i?o*357oMom 

&  M'  W  H  D-Cro9 404  W  115 

Pell  M"  Clarence  (Annie  Claiborne) Buckingham 

Pell  JP-  Charlotte  L Hotel 

Pell  M"  D  Archie  (Caroline  Cheever) I    see 

M^"  V  I  Cheever IDJSlS. 

Pell  MiM"  F  Livingston  (Ellen  Van  B  Morris)  Sa.Rh.Cl.'9S 

PellM' Frederick  A-Uv.Na.Snc.Cw.P.'7i 

av*d  Lusi  Oct  8.  .University  Club 

Pell  MiM"  H  Arched  (Bent-Sara  Cromwell). 40  W45 

Pell  MiM"  Herbert  C  (Katharine  L  Kemochan)  Un.Dp.  [Tuxedo 

Pell  M'  Clarence  C-Un.T.H*o8 [K.Mt.T.Cl.'74    N  Y  , 

Pell  M'  Herbert  C  Jr-Un.G.T.Dp.Snc. 

P*^«Si486Plaza.  .824  Fifth  Av 

438  Social  Register 

Pell  MiM"  Rowland  (Amy  G  Gallatin)  Un  T  Ny. 
Pell  tf-  Gladys  A  H.  .[Wt.Cw.Snc.Bm.Cda.Cr76 

PellM'  H  Gallatin-at  Dunster  Hall  Camb' 

Pell  MiM"HowlandHaggerty(Mary  Willets) 
M"  Fred'k  Willets  (Ann  Whitson) .... 
Pell  MiM"  John  (Gretchen  Tefft) see  DJSIS. 


Mad  Av 
**  More  wood  Farm'* 
Westbury  Stn  L  I 


Pejl  M"  John  Hy  (Mary  B  Wessells). 

M"  John  J  Zabriskie  (Mary  C  Board). 
Pell  M"  John  Rowland  (Caroline  T  Ryatt).  .  .see  S  C  Ropkins 

Pell  M"  Mary  R  E  (Mary  R  Ecclesine) see  D2SL 

Pell  MiM"  S  Osgood  (Betty  K  Warden)  Tf  .S. Au.Sn.  .Plaza  Rotel 
Pell  MiM"  Stephen  R  P  (Sarah  G  Thompson)  Sn.Snc.S.Ny.T. 

Tf.Na.Mid.Au.Bm.Cy.Cw.An.Cly.  .P^^S402oPlaza.  .3  E  69 
Pell  MiM"  Theo  Roosevelt  (Florence  Cramp)  Sn.Bm.Cw. 

P*^^52s89Plaza..i27  E  61 

Pell  M"  Waiden  (McHssa  Ryatt) [CI. '02  |P^^S3o6Plaza 

PellM'"JasDuane-Sa.R.Rc.Cl.'99&Walden-Sa.Rc.|     77  E  55 
Pell-Clarke  M"  Leslie  (Renrietta  Temple) 

P^^2oi8Main.  .84  Elk  Albany  N  Y 
Pellew  MiM"  Chas'E  (Margaret  WChandler)C.Cd.    IP^«S5094Mad 

Pellew  M'-  Anna  C-Bm .[Cl.'84|     48  E  26 

Pellew  MiM"  Ry  Ed  (Augusta  Jay)  C.Uv.  |      *'Sand  Oaks" 

Pellew  tf"  Marion [Mtw.Cda.Camb* 54] Aiken  S  C.  .see  WS?) 

Pelton  M"  Carter  (Lucy  E  Carter) see  DJ^SS?. 

Pelton  MiM"  Franklin  D  (Ranna-Maud- Elizabeth  Gordon) 

R.Rh.Jkl..  abroad 

Pelton  M"  Guy  R  (Angelica  S  Scoville) 2  W  43 

Pemberton  MiM"  Francis  R  (Josephine  Lyons) 

309  W  Franklin  Richmond  Va.  .see  RSnd 
Pendergast  M'  J  Lynch-Mt.So.Myf.Wt.Geo'73.  .  .  P*^'ff§5725JRiv 

Ja  tf-  Adelaide  J 60 

Pendergast  M*"  Leila  A W  76 

Pendleton  MiM"  Edm'd  (Marg't  Riviere  Retzel)  Un.Rv.Ll. 

P'gfSS . .  '*  Montpelier  Manor*'  Laurel  Md . . see  WSf 
Pendleton  MiM"  Francis  Key  (Elizabeth  LaMontagne)K.Un. 
»   Mt.Dt.Tf.M.Mid.Rg.Mb.Dke.Au.Cc.R'7o..P^^^S456-79..7  E  86 
Pendleton  MiM"  Wm  Ry  (Florence  B  Vyse) 

P^^343rT'pksville.  .Pendleton  PI  New  Brighton  S  I 

New  York  X909 


10  E  40 

Penfield  MiM"  Frederic  Courtland  (Walker-Anne  Weightman) 
Ny.M.A.Mtw.  .av'd  Adri  Sep  3 .  .P^^43 12 Plaza.. ySyFifth  Av 

Penfield  M'  Walter  A-Sn 501  Fifth  Av 

Penfold  W  Edmund-Ul.Dt.Snc 


Penfold  M'  Wm  Hall-Un.Mt.Ul.Dt.Snc.Ss 

Penniman  M'  Geo  H-Un.Sn.Ny.Ats.Rv.Snc.Mtw. 
MiM"  Rob't  C  Lewis  (Pauline  Penniman) .... 

Penniman  MiM"  Gardner  B  (Mary  Johnstone).. ab'd 
Carm  Sep  30  Belle  Isle  Plant'n  near  GeorgetownSC 

Pennimanr'SamuelJ  (MaryKnower)Myf..P*'^S4i76-79..8  E  77 

Pennington  MiM"  Geo  H  (Jane  Thompson). 

Pennington  JP"**  Mary  T  &  Julia 

J^xs  M' Geo  H  Jr.^^ 

Pennington  MIM"  Louis  (Hayes-Mary  I  Vanderpool)  Pg. 

aVd  K  II  Aug  II.  .P^'S2  2i7r.  .22  Wash'n  PI  Newark  N  J 

Pennington  H'  Samuel  H-E.P'62 

P*'^3563 . .  763  Broad  Newark  N  J 

Pennington  MIM"  Wm-Uv.Pl.Cc.Y'6o 

Little  Falls  Rd  Paterson  N  J 


Fifth  Av 

Morgan  Harjes  &  Co 

124  E  57 

Pentz  MiM"  Archibald  M  (Mary Edwards)Cal.Snc. 

Pentz  ir  Jean  M 

J^„  JP-  M  Louise 

Pepperman  M'  W  Leon-Sn.Cvcw.  .P*^'i?o2453Mad.  .285  Fifth  Av 
Percival  M"  Jas  Hawley  (Juliet  Chichester) 

P'^'i?S3i79Bry.  .32  W  46 
Perin  M;H"  Chas  Page  (Keokee  M  Henderson)  Uv.Eg.H.*83       ^ 

P^'»S4449-79.  .  1056  Fifth  Av 
Ferine  MiM"Wm  D  N(Mae  Bennet)Ul.  .P*^^^8666Riv.  .317  W  77 

Perkins  IP"  Alice  J  G P*^'^S3 100-79.  .959  Madison  Av 

Perkins  M"  Benj  (Hildt-Frances  Jerome) P**^S29ioPlaza 

MiM"  Chas  C  Nott  Jr  (Hildt) 47  E  60 

PerkinsMi  M"CLawrence  (MargaretGandy)  R.Gg.  H  *  7  9 1  Woodmere 

JSf«  M'  John  L I       LI 

Perkins  M"  Chas  L  (EHzabeth  W  Nevins)  Cly 

Perkins  W  Geo  E-Uv,R.Un.Sa.Gg.Ty'8i 

Perkins  M'  Rob't  P-R.K.B.Uv.Ny.Un.Gg.H.'84 3  W  16 

MIM"  H  G  Chapman  (Frances  Perkins) 

JiSs  M'  Grafton  Chapman 

'Bruen  Villa" 
Newport  R  I 

440  Social  Register 

Perkins  M"  Edw  C  (Elizabeth  H  Evarts).  . 

Perkins  tf-  Mary  AD 

Perkins  M'"  W  M  E  &  Chas  C^at  Harvard. 
Perkins  H'EdwN-M.  .atStPaurs&Jffi.M'-FrancesB 
Perkins  M"  Edward  H  Jr  (Mary  B  Norton) 

ab'd  Bait  Jun  11  av'd.  .P«S3462-79. .  18  E  73 

Perkins  M'  Edward  R-Ul.Bg.Na.Mc 362  Fifth  Av 

Perkins  Prof  &  M"  Frank  E  (Emily  R  Lewis)  Ats.Mass'92 

av'd  Maur  Jly  16.  .P'^345Mom.  .438  W  116 
Perkins  M'  G  Lawrence-Un.R.  .ab'd  Lusi  Aug  5.  .Union  Club 

Perkins  MiM"  Geo  W  (Evelyn  Ball)  Ul.Mt.Ny.    P'^^i3iYonkers 
JlS.  M*-  Dorothy [Cy.Au.Mc.As. 

Perkins  MiM"  Hy  A  (Olga  Flinch)  ¥.'96 

ab'd  A  Vic  Sep  17 .  .  27  Marshall  Hartford  Ct 
Perkins  MiM"J  Deming(Margaretta  Dot-I     ;    P»^^29 . . "  The 
PerkinslirjDemingJr-Rv.[terer)Cw.Dar. [Lindens  "  Litchfield  Ct 

Riverdale  N  Y 

Perkins  Rev&  M"J Newton  (Mary So wles)Cw.Cd.      P«2 1 484Plaza 
Perkins  M'-  Elizabeth  Bishop-Cd.Myf.Ht.  .[Myf.       65  E  52 
Perkins  MiM"  Norton  (Ethel  W  Holbrooke)      |P*^«5i  249Far  Rock 

M*- Florence  C  Holbrooke.  .[Rh.Na.H.'98|    Lawrence  L  I 

Perkins  M"  Russell-Uv.K.R.H.'99 University  Club 

Perkins  M*-  Ruth.  . Married  at  Woodstock  Vt 

Bailey  D'  Walter  C Jun  30.  .see  Tatum 

Perkins  Ml'M"  Seymour  (A  Maude  Rodriguez)  Cw.S.CrQ7 

P*^^Sii85. .  223  E  6  Plainfield  N  J 

Perkins  M'  Wm  H-Mt.Ul.Rp.Rg.Na Park  Av  Hotel 

Perrin  MiM"  Howell  C  (May  Kerr)  Lc.Cl.'95 

P*'^S299  •  •  Howell  Pk  Larchmont  N  Y 

Perrine  M'  Frederic  AC Died  at  Plainfield  N  J  Oct  20 

Perrine  M"  Fred  A  C  (Margaret  J  Roebling) 

''Wemrah  Farm"  Leland  Stanford  Palo  Alto  Cal 

?^To2S6g.  .187  Green- 
wood Av  Trenton  N  J 

Perrine  MiM"  Lewis  (Addie  Slack)  Mtw. 

JiS.  M'-  Rachel  H  S [P.'8o 

Perry  MiM"Chas  M(Maud  Green).*' West  Cottage"  RidgefieldCt 
Perry  MiM"  Ed  Delavan  (Alice  Van  Schaick)  C.Cr75 

P*^^Si64ojMom.  .542  W  114 
Perry  MiM"  Edward  Wood  (Fanny  F  Hering)  C.  .  .  see  D2SSJ. 

Hew  York  1909 



12  Lenox, PI 
New  Brighton  S  I 

Perry  MlM"  Fred'k  W  (Caroline  Neilson  Watts) 

P*^^S4i6oChel..4S  W  II 

Perry  M'  Gardner  B-Ct.H.'o3 1*^23211-38.  .138  E  40 

Perry  MiM"  Hy  Pierrepont  (Edith  Lounsbery)  H.'oi.  ..  ,17  E  $5 
Perry  Rev  &  M"  Jas  De  W  Jr  (Edith  D  Weir)  Pa'9i.H'92 

P'»S24io.  .213  Wooster  New  Haven  Ct 

Perry  MiM"  Jas  W  (Ida  West)  Ul.Na.Eg.Br'74 see  J)^& 

Perry  DiM"  John  Gardner  (Martha  Derby  Rogers) 

C.N.H'63..37  Mad  Av 
Perry  DiM"Nehemiah  (Emily  P  Jennings)  ?'"^l43-4'    •  *  *  Boxwood 

Perry  tf""  Lucile  J  &  Grace  J Cottage"  Fairfield  Ct 

Perry  MiM"  Oliver  H  (Maria  L  Moore)An.Wt.Cc.  .       P«S27o 
Perry  M""  John  M-P.'o3  &  Oliver  H  Jr-P.'o6. . . .     Newtown 

JlS.  M'  Franklin-at  Princeton Elmhurst  L I 

Perry  MiM"  Wm  A-Uv.C.Eg.Cl'ss 

ab'd  Phila  Aug  i  av'd.  .P^«S5o7Plaza.  .7  E  56 
Perry  MiM"  Wm  S  (Ida  L  McKesson)  Rv.  . 

Perry  tf"  Nina  McK 

Perry  M'  Alexander-Eg.Cw 

Jr»  M^"  Ida  L  &  M'  G  C 

Peter  MiM"  Armistead  Jr  (Anna  W  Williams)  Mtw.Cvcw, 

Cw.Rv.Cda.  .P^^5i5i6  North. .  1818  Q  WB» 
Peters  MiM"  Chas  Grenville  (Mary  L  Walker)  Un.Tf .  po 

Peters  M"  John  C  (Snelling) [Au.Mb.Ay.  52  B'way 

Peters  M*—  Frances,  Marion  &  Sally.  .  .P^^I63i6Riv.  .146  W  82 
Peters  MiM"  Geo  W  Jr  (Ethel  Howell)  Y.'o2 

P^^S7492Riv.  .495  W  End  Av 
Peters  MiM"Harry  T(Natalie  Wells)Un.Sa.Tf,Rg.Au.Mt.Wk. 

R.Mb.Cly.Cl'03.  .av'dLusi  Jly  9.  .P^^Si724Plaza.  .32  E  52 
Peters  DiM"  John  Dodge  (Ethel  Kemer)  Y.'oo  Cro4 

P^^S4296Plaza..74  E  55 
Peters  Rev  &  M"  John  P  (Gabriella  B  Forman)C.Ct. 

Peters  W"  Gabriella  B [Y'73  P«S8902Riv 

Peters  W  John  P  Jr-Y'o8 227  W  99 

JiS.  tf"  Joan  S  &  M""  Bryan  F  &  Frazier  P 

Peters  M*""  Lucretia,  Julia  &  Elizabeth . . P^^S873 iRiv. . 264  W  94 
Peters  MiM"Ralph(EleanorHGoodman)Ny.Ga'73 . 

Peters  M*""  Eleanor  H  &  Pauline  P P«S2 

Peters  M'  Ralph  Jr-P'o8  &  JK.  M*"  Dorothy Garden  City 

M^-  Kittie  P  Goodman LI 


Social  Register 

of  Englewood  N  J 
Buckingham  Hotel 

Peters  MiM"  Samuel  T  (Adaline  Elder) Un.Rg.B.Mt.      P«6-38 
Ul.Au.Mid.R.Tf.Ss.G.Ny.Cly.       117 

M;M"  Harold  H  Weekes  (Peters) ,....,     E  37 

Peters  MiM"TheoL(AlbertaLPreston)  Uv. 

JSSs  IP-  Alberta  L [Wms'gi 

Peters  MiM"  Thos  Entwisle  (Gladys  M  Whitin) 

Farringdon  Exeter  Eng 

Peters  M'  William  J Married  at  Larchmont  Manor  N  Y 

Boyd  tf"  Beatrice  S  (Wm  A) Sep  2 

Peters  MiM"  Wm  J  (Beatrice  S  Boyd) Carnegie  Ins  WBfe 

Peters  MiM"WmR(HelenHeiser)C.Dt.Mt.S.Rg.Ch.  P«S 

Peters  M*""  Isabel  M  &  Alice  R. [Au.Y'70  4494Plaza 

Peters  T'  Wm  R  Jr-Y'o8  &  Thos  McC  2d-Y'i2. . .    33  W  49 
Peterson  DiM"  Fred'k  (Antoinette  Rotan)Bd.C.A.    P**«S3oi Plaza 

i^m  tf"  Frederika .• [Lt.      4  W  50 

Petrasch  MiM"  Carl  Schurz  (AHce  M  Schmidt)  Uv. Ad.Ct. 

Dt/86.  .P^S527o-79.  .863  Park  Av 

Pettibone  M'  Asa  G Died  at  N  Y  Mills  N  Y  Aug  13 

Pettibone  M"  Asa  G  (Elisabeth  Walcott)  Cd.Dc. 

** Evergreen  Lawn**  New  York  Mills  N  Y 

Peugnet  Jf"  Lillie  H. I   P^Si64Tremont 

Peugnet  M'Jules  J.  .M'Jos  O  B  Webster I2474  Valentine  Av 

Peugnet  MiM"  Ramsay  (Katharine  B  Robinson) 

Armour  Villa  Pk  Yonkers  N  Y 



W  76 


51  E34 


Phelan  M'"  Paul  Louis-Y/02  &  Harold  L 

Phelan  M""  Thos  A  Jr  &  Alfred  C 

Phelps  M"  Anson  G  (Jane  G  Gibson)  As 

tf"  Helen  L  Gibson 

Phelps  DiM"  Chas  (Isabel  M  James)  M.Br'sS-  ... 57  W  45 

Phelps  M"  Chas  (Helen  M  Stowe)  Cd 

Phelps  MiM"  Ansel  (Georgianna  L  Wilmerding 


Phelps  r  Eleanor-Ats [Ats.       ^Century  Club 

Phelps  MiM"  Dudley  (Margaret  G  Burnet)  Ul.Uv.Y.'83 

P'T.342i-79..3oE  75 
Phelps  MiM"  Dudley  F  Jr  (LouiseGPeck)H.'97.  .see  M"  E  H  Peck 

44  W4S 
Jan  1 . .  125  E  61 

Hew  York  1909 


Phelps  M;r  Edgar  M  (Caroline  H  Kane)  K.Cy.Dp. 

P'^'SSSo.  ."The  Gables"  New  Rochelle  N  Y 
Phelps  MiM"  George  B  (Ballard-Alice  G  Carter)  U v.   P»S4 1 2 1 Col 

Jl?™  M'  Carter [Na;Y.'8o         147 

JC  tf"-  Anna  C  &  Frances  H  Ballard W  74 

Phelps  M'  George  A-Uv.Y/qs University  Club 

Phelps  DIM"  Gouvemeur  M  (Helena  P  Curtis)  H/02 

I*'»S537iPlaza.  .901  Lex  Av 
Phelps  M;M"  Hy  D  (Kate  B  Morris)  Ul.Cd.Ty'ss 

P«S37o.  ."Glen  Ellen"  New  Rochelle  N  Y 
Phelps  M"  John  Case  (Martha  W  Bennett) 

P^i . .  54  S  Franklin  Wilkesbarre  Pa 

"Red  Towers'' 
Hackensack  N  J 

Phelps  Capt&M"John  J(Rose  Hutchinson)  Ul 
JS^IP— Dorothy&Rose.[Uv.Ny.S.Fw.Eyb.Y/83 

IP"  M  E  Scott 

Phelps  Mill"  Luis  James  (Christina  Nichols)  Un.Cw.Rv.H'86 

^^3304-79.  .69  E.82 
Phelps  MiM"  Marion  B  (Mary  U  Leavitt)  Y'96 

P"»;79.  .Pelham  Manor  N  Y 

Phelps  M*"  Mary  C-Ap P'»S59oPlaza.  .31  E  49 

"" "'  '"  --     '    -  P»^«S452Eng 

Teaneck  N  J.. Jan  i 
*RoseHill" Aiken  SC 

Phelps  M"  Sheffield  (ClaudiaWright  Lea) 
JS^  tf  —  Claudia  &  Eleanor  &  If  WmW-at 

Phelps  MiM"  Stowe  (Edith  R  Catlin)  Uv.Y.'9o..see  M"  J  Catlin 

Phelps  M"  Wm  Walter  (Ellen  Sheffield) Englewood  N  J 

Phelps  Lt  Cdr  &  M"  Wm  Woodward  (Susie  K  Southwick) 

Sn.Mtw.Anw.Cvcw.USN*89.  .Training  Stn  Newport  R  I 

Phifer  M'  Robert  F-Cal.M.Cc Calumet  Club 

Philbin  MiM"  EugA(JessieHolladay)  Mc.Ct.Cth. 
J^n.  M*-  Eugenie  A.  .J  Munroe  &  Co  Paris  [Cy.Rh 

JS!.  Stephen  H-at  Whitehall  New  Haven  Ct 

J^«  M""  Ewing  R.  .ab'd  Lusi  Aug  26  av'd-at  8 

ColNewHavenCt&JesseH-at  Westminster 
tf-  Daisey  Holladay 
Philipp  MiM"  M  Bernard  (Abby  A  Baker)  Ul.G.feg.Na.Mtw 

P«S3SooPlaza. .  14  E  60 
Philips  M"  F  Stanhope  (Martha  W  Bagg)Bd..ab'd  Adri  Jun  17 
av'd  Cecil  Aug  25.  .P^S277oMad.  ..161  Mad  Av 

M;  ab'd 

Lusi  Aug  26 



63  W  52 

Social  Register 

**  Gray  house'* 
Lawrence  L  I 
142  W  71 

Philips  MiM"  Fred'c  D  (Jessie  M  Taylor)  Uv. 

JlS,  r*  Wm  F  &  John  T.  .at  St  Marks. . . 

Philipse  M*"  Catharine  W 

Philipse  M*"  Margaret  Gouvemeur 

Phillips  M'  Alexander-Uv.H.'97.  .ab'd  K  II  Jly  21 

av'd  Onic  Aug  20.  .P*'1?S43i-38.  .  142  E  40 

Phillips  M*"  Amy  Lyman P^^Si74oPlaza.  .Hotel  Plaza 

Phillips  MiM"  Fred'k  (Emily  L  Carter) see  DiS^lSZ. 

Phillips  MiM"  John  F  (Harriett  H  Hoyt)  Ad.Aht'oi 

P^^S474oMom.  .605  W  iii 
PhilUps  MiM"  Walter  S  (Harriot  E  Sprague) 

P^^S75oT'kville.  .11  Phelps  PI  New  Brighton  S  I 

Phillips  M'  Wm  H P*'«Si448Plaza.  18  E  57 

Phillips  M'  Wm  Wirt-Uv.P.'95 P^^S39i7Mad. .  120  E  31 

~ "  of  "Hilltop"  Newport  R  I 

Aiken  S  C 

Phinney  W  Theodore  W-Atch 
PhinneyM'^^AnitaLjLola&MaryL. .  . 
Phipps  MiM"  Henry  (Annie  C  Shaffer)  Mt.Ats 

Mid.Ct..ab'd  Caro  Jun  13  av'd  Grosse  Jly  11  1063  Fifth  Av 

Phipps  M'  Howard-Mb.Y.'o7 [Mb.R.Y.'o3  /l?see  KS?gh 

Phipps  MiM"  Hy  Carnegie  (Gladys  Mills)Tf.Ny. 
Phipps  MiM"  Hy  P  (Emily  T  Hazzard)  LI.  |"Happy-Go-Lucky" 

Mg.Cal.Mo.lNormandie  Heights 

JSS,  tf"  Louisa  D  H |     Morristown  N  Jl| 

Phipps  MiM"  John  S  (Margarita  C  Grace)  Uv.Ny.Mb.R.Ppt.  ^  ' 

Y'96.  .15  Curzon  London 
Phipps  JP"-  S  M  &  Ada-Cly.  .see  M"  j  h  Bradford.  .279  Lex  Av 
Phipps  MiM"  Wm  Wilton  (Jessie  ButlerDuncan)Cda. .  h  Culford 

Phipps  M'"  Rachel (  Gardens 

Phipps  M''  Paul |  London 

Phoenix  M'  Lloyd-Un.K.Uv.Mt.S.Ny.Lc.An.Ll.Tf.Eyb. 

USN'6i..P^^Si85Mad..2i  E  33 
Phoenix  MiM"  Phillips  (Lillie  G  Lewis)  K.Un.Mt.Ul.Ct.Dt. 

NyJkl.Snc.Tf.  .P^^S684Plaza.  .3  E  66 
Phyfe  M'  Wm  H  P-C.Cr79 P*^«Si29-38. .  12  E  43 

Pickhardt  MIM"Carl(PaulavonScheven)Dv.Mc..  ^^'ATCmimTf, 

Pickhardt  M'—  Gertrude  E  &  Edith  C f^w-o  .«^_,« 

PickhardtSrWmPaul-Na.Bg.Cl'oi&OttoC-Y'oS    ™Mad  Av 

New  York  1909 


^15  ES7 

fe  S6C   oLouui 

Pickhardt  JKM"  E  W  Sutton  (Maude  Fortescue)  Cal.Fn.H/98 
M"  av'd  Carm  Jly  8 . .  ab*d  Onic  Jly  29 

43  Queen's  House  St  James's  Court  London 

Pickhardt  M"  Wilhelm  (Beresford  Strong) see  D^'SS. 

Pierce  M'  Hy  Clay-Mt.M.T.Ny.N.Mid.Au.Slsl. 

Pierce  W  Roy  E-H'o6 [Unb.Chch.etc. 

Pierce  MiM"  Theron  F  (May  Deering)  H'o6..ab'd 
Grosse  Jly  2 8.. see  DSSlSZ. 
Pierce  MiM^.Hy  Hill  (Katharine  R  Curtis)  Uv.Bow'96 

P*^«228s8Chel..42i  W  21 

Pierce  M'  Reginald  K-R.Kg Racquet  Club 

Pierce  M'  S  Dewey-Sa St  Anthony  Club 

Pierce  W  Theron  F  (Hy  Clay) Married 

Deering  M^"  May  (Jas  A) Jly  28 


Pierce  Mill"  Winslow  S  (Grace  D  Williams)  Mt.Ny.Rg.S. 

JlS.  HP—  Allison  D,  Grace  D  &  Helen  B [Mdbl 

Jffi.  M'  Winslow  S  Jr. .  at  St  George's  vSch  Newport  R  I .  . . 
Pierrepont  W  Henry  E-Ha.Cl'67.av'dTeutJun29. 
Pierrepont  M'  R  Stuyvesant-Sa.Au.Cl.'os  P^'ffSi968Main 

P**^S3368Main  216  Col  Hgts 
Pierrepont  M'  Seth  Low-Sa.Cl'o7..av'd  Adri  Sep  3        B'klyn 
at  American  Emb  Rome 

Pierrepont  JP"*  Julia  J  &  Anna  J 

Pierrepont  M'  John  J-Dt.S.Ny.Ha..  .  . 
Pierrepont  MiM"  Rob't  Low  (Kathryn 


I  Pierrepont  PI  B'klyn 
Reed)  Ha.Sa.Dt.Cr98 
12  Pierrepont  B'klyn 

Pierson  M"  Bowen  W  (Nancy  Meech) "P«S58o4Col 

JlS.  IP"  Clarissa 200  W  57 

Pierson  MiM"  Chas  W  (Elizabeth  G  Groesbeck)  Uv.Rc.Y.'86 

P^S24i~-79.  -925  Park  Av 

Pierson  M' David  H-Ul 

Pierson  tf- Mary  H 

Pierson  MiM"  Henry  L  (Henrietta  Haines)  C 

Pierson  M'  Henry  L  Jr-Ll 

M"  Horatio  W  Garrett  (Charlotte  Pierson). 
Pierson  Gen  &  M"  J  Fred  (Augusta  Rhodes)  Un. 

Pierson  tf-  Marguerite [Ny.T.Ll.An. 

Pierson  M'  James  R-Na.H.'97 

P^'»S573J..926  N  Broad 
Elizabeth  N  J 

136  E  19 



446  Social  Register 

Pierson  JliM"  J  Fred  Jr  (Suzanne  Miles)  Un.Au.T. 

PlK3473Plaza. .  17  W  49 

Pierson  D'  Stephen-Mg. Y'68.Cr 69 IPIK38 . .  70  South 

Pierson  IP"  Laura  A |  Momstown  N  J 

Pierson  MiM"  Thos  H  (Ball-Virginia  R  Lowrey)  Rh.P/95 

960  Park  Av 

Piffard  D'  Henry  G-Snc.N'62 Pl?S663Col..2  56  W  57 

Piffard  M"  Hy  G  (Helen  H  Strong).  .  .  .  P^l?Sioi7..33S  Prospect 

Piffard  M'  Charles  Haight-abroad New  Haven  Ct 

Pillot  M'"  Clara P^2025Stuy 

Pillot  llf"  Matilda  Louisa 100 

Pillot  M'  Andr6  P-Un.Bm E  17 

Pillot  MiM"  P  Stuyvesant  (Gertrude  H  Grossmann) 

Un.K.R.Ny.T.Snc.Fw.Cw.Mtw.  .P*'«533i7Plaza. .  116  E  56 
Pinchot  MiM"  Amos  R  Eno(GertrudeMintum)R.Uv.Cly.Y/97 

1***3254-79. .  1021  Park  Av 

Pinchot  M"  Jas  W  (Mary  Eno) I     P^^yNorth 

Pinchot M'Gifford-C.Uv.Uvw.Cosw.Mtw.Y/89|i6i5  R  IAv..WK^ 
Pinckney  M"  Thomas  (Sally  W  Walke) .  r«5298f.  .'*  Willoughby  " 
JS^  tf"  Celestine  H  &  M"*Thos&FrankH]        Morristown  N  J 
Pine  W  Alice . .  ab'dKLuiseNov  7 .  BrownShipley  &  Co  London 

Pine  M;M"JohnB (CarolinePryor;  Uv.C.Dt.Snc.     P«S43 sSSpring 

i^  If—  Alice  &  Edith [Cd.Cl/77  20  Wash  Sq  N 

Pinhey  M"  Rob't  W  S  (Amy  V  Putnam) 

T  Cook  &  Son  Florence  Italy,  .see  DJilSS. 
Pinkerton  MiM"  Chas  (Ellen  H  Arthur)  Uv.Cy.Rv.Mep. 

Wms*94.  .P^«256o2Gram. .  12  Wio 
Pinkham  D'EdwWarwick-Pl.An.Kg.H.'92.P^«2972~38.  .41  E  41 

Pinkney  M"  John  M  (Emma  Sidell) [Zp.Cl.'oi 

Pinkney  M'  Cornelius  S-M.Na.Lt.Sn.Snc.Cw.Wt.     P«S295Plaza 
Pinkney  M'Townsend-N.M.Na.Snc.Cw.Rv.Wt.Dp.  716  Mad  Av 

Pinkus  MiM"  Fred'k  S  (Laura  A  Ball)  Rh.Dar..  .1  P^^'S975Plaza 
Pinkus  M""  Fred'k  B-Va'o6  &  Walter  D-Y.'o7. .  |      70  E  56 

Pitcher  MiM"  Jas  R  (Helen  K  Sweet)  PI. 
Pitcher  tf' 


Pitkin  M'  Lewis  S Married  at  Wash 

Carlisle  tf"  Laura  R  (late  Wm  K) Jly  " 

Pitkin  MiM"  Lewis  S  (Laura  R  Carlisle),  .to  Boston,  .see  1)^35. 

Mew  York  190$ 


Pitney  MlM"  Pred'c  Vernon  (Elizabeth  W  Chadwell)  P'po 

8  CoUes  Av  Morristown  N  J 
43  Maple  Av 
Morristown  N  J 

29  Maple  Av 
Morristown. N  J 

Pitney  M'  Henry  C-P'47 

Pitney  tf"  Mary  B-Mg 

M"  Sadie  P  &  M'"  Lucetta  P  Johnson 

Pitney  MiM"  Hy  C  Jr  (Laura  G  Wood)  Mg. 

M"  Andrew  J  Wood [P.'yy 

Pitney  MiM"  John  O  H  (Anna  R  Ballantine)E.Uv.Au.Ec 

Wp.Ny.Mg.Mo.P.'Si .  .see  M"  R  F  Ballantine 

Pitney  MiM"  Mahlon  (Florence  T  Shelton) 
&  M'  Guy  S [Wp.Mo.Mg.P'79 

Morristown  N  J 

Pitzipio  MiM"  George  O  (Adrienne  Owens)^R.Y.*o3.  .  . .  29  W  50 

Place  MiM"George(Iphigenia  Z  Livor)  Ul.Rp 
M"  John  Livor  (Enneis) . .  M*"  Felicia  Livor. 

125  E  57 

Place  MiM"Ira  A(Katharine  B  Gauntlett)  Uv.Pu.Cr.*8i.  .    268 

JlS,  W"  Katharine  &  T"  Hermann  &  W^m  F W  77 

Plant  MIM"  Morton  F  (Nellie  Capron)Ny.R.Na.S.    P«S578Plaza 

aSI'HyB [Gg.Ar.Lc.Mid.M,As.Au.Unb.       2  E  52 

Piatt  MiM"  Chas  A  (Eleanor  Hardy)  C.Pl 135  E  66 

Piatt  MiM"  Chas  H  (Maud  Southack)  Ar.Au.Myf. 

P«553Col..209  W  70 
Piatt  MiM"  Clayton  (Bates-Jessie  H  Keator)  Un.    )P^«57438Riv 

JS5,  M'  Richard  U [Dt.Na.Ty'74|  331  W  76 

Piatt  MiM"  Edw  T  (Harriet  J  Coit)Ul.Bd.  .P^«S65ioCol.  .205W57 
PlattMiM"ElbertS(AngelicaSThompson).  .TroyNY.  .see  DSSS. 
Piatt  MiM"  Frank  H  (Caroline  E  Livingston)  Uv.Ul.Lt.       242 

Piatt  M'  Livingston-As.Y.'o7 [As.Y/77  W  74 

Piatt  M'  Hy  Barstow-Uv.Bd.As.Y.'82 Proi263Riv 

JUS.  M*"  Charlotte  &  M'  Sherman  P 303  W  76 

Piatt  M"  Henry  C  Qennie  Dusenberry) 

P*^S57m.  .** Meadow  Lawn"  Huntington  L  I 

P^S2  28r . .  Eagle  Rock  Way 
Montclair  N  J 

Piatt  MiM"  John  Cheney  (Frances  M 

JSfr.  tf-  Mary  C [Wright)  Ct. 

Piatt  M'  Thos  Collier-Ay.Mtw.Y's3 .  .of  Highland  Mills  N  Y 

The  Arlington  WUJ 
Plimpton  M"  Arthur  W  (Mary  Minot  West).  . . 

Plimpton  tf"  Grace  M P^«S4i99Gram 

Plimpton  M'  Albert 41  E  10 

MiM"  Jas  D  Remsen  (Plimpton) 


Social  Begiilir 

Plimpton  M'  GeoA-C.Uv.Ct.G.Bd.As.Unb.Aht'76  ^lR45ooMacl 

M"  W  B  C  Pearsons 41  E  33 



Lex  Av 

Plum  M'  James  R-Na 

Plum  M'  George  W-Snc,Na.Lc,Cr84 

MiM"  Daniel  Nason  (Plum) 

Plumb  MiM"  J  Ives(AnnaBurton)Cw.Rv.Dar.Rens'86lWaldorf- 

Plumb  M'  Burton  I ]  Astoria 

130  E  67 

Plummer  MiM"  Albert  T  (Jane  A  Seney)  Ny. . 

Plummer  M'  Seney-H.'o4 

Plummer  M'  Franklin  A-Ul.Ny.Cal.S.CrsS 

P*^«S897Mad.  .152  Mad  Av 

Plummer  M"  John  f  (Emily  M  Atkins).  . P^2  77oMad 

Plummer  M'  Howard  A-Rc.Y.'o3 161  Mad  Av 

Plummer  MiM"  John  F  (Katharine  E  Stockly)Uv.Au.As.Y*9i 

av'd  St  P  Sep  26 . .  P^^Si45  •  •  Barney  Park  Irvington  NY 
Plympton  M'  Gilbert  Motier-Mt.Un.Dt.Ny.Cy.S.Lc.Rg. 

Mid.Rv.Cw.Wt.Snc.  .P^iSSiioPlaza.  .30  W  52 
Polhemus  MiM"  Jas  Suydam  (Ida  B  Wagner)Hl.  I     P^«S3o64r 

Polhemus  M'"  Louise  E [Cda.      69  Wash 

M"  Charles  K  Wagner (Newark   N   J 

Polhemus  M"MillardF(AnnaCNevins).P^«S6263Mad'  i6iMadAv 

Polhemus  M*"  R  A P^^UoooPlaza ..  Buckingham  Hotel 

Polk  MiM"  Anderson  (Christine  S  Mayer)  So.Cd. 

7  Bursley  PI  White  Plains  N  Y 
Polk  MiM"  Frank  Lyon  (Elizabeth  S  Potter)  R.K.Dt.Mb.Tf. 

B.Uv.So.Y.'94.  .P^«53464Mad.  .129  E  36 
Polk  DiM"  Wm  Mecklenberg  (Ida  A  Lyon)Mt.C.So.Ch.Rv.'64 

P^^S278Mad..7  E  36 

Pollard  M'"  Florence  L  (late  Wm) Married  at  Cleveland  O 

Ludlam  M'  Percy  C Aug  15 

Pollock  M"  Chas  Manice  (Sallie  Mc Alpine).  .  .  .  Pittsfield  Mass 
PoDock  MiM"  Edw  L  (Katharine  McAlpine)Un.B.Y'84 

P^^JSioDoug. .  2922  Prairie  Av  Chicago,  .see  Clj^ 
Pollock  M'  George  E-Un.K.R.Y*78.  .ab'd  Aka  Aug  6.  .37  W  47 

Pollock  MiM"  Wm  (Kemochan-LouiseGMarshall) 
M' Marshall  R  Kemochan [Un.Y'82 

Pomeroy  M'  Chas  Coolidge  (Edith  Burnet). 

Pomeroy  M*"  Mamie 

Pomeroy  D'  George  B-Un.H'6o.Pa'63. 

Mad    Av 
Munroe  &  Co 
Union  Club 

New  York  1909    . 


Pomeroy  If"  Mary  M abroad 

Pomeroy  M'  S  W  Wyllys-K.H.'o2 Knickerbocker  Club 

Pomeroy  M'  Wm  L-Ul P«S3754Riv 

M'  Wm  A  Abbott 345  W  85 

Pomroy  MiM"  Hy  K  (Moseley)  C.Pl P^"¥?S5 294-38.  .  118  E  40 

Pond  M""  Ellen  J .  .  .P^^Si554Mad.  .34  E  32 

Poniatowska  Press  Maud  (Maud  Ely-Goddard) 

see  M"  A  V  Ely-Goddard 
Ponvert  MiM"  Antonia  (Mabelle  S  Nash)  R.  .  .see  Wm  A  Nash 
Pool  DIM"  Eugene  H  (Esther  P  Hoppin)  Uv.Ap.Cw.H.'gs 

P^^S2828Plaza..i28  E  64 
Pool  MiM"  John  L  (Maud  G  S  Fleming)  Ap.Cal.Ll. 

P^^Si62Rye. .  '* Sunny  Ridge  Farm''  Harrison  N  Y 

Pool  M'  Wm  Henry-Ap.  .  .  .    see  M"  b  c  Duer 

Poole  M"  J  M  (Julia  Meigs) 1448 

Poole  M'  Austin  Meigs-Pu.Cr88 Broadway 

Pooler  M"  Hiram  A 61  E  65 

Pooler  MiM"  Louis  James  (Annie  G  Paddock)  T. 

ab'd  Caro  Jly  1 1 . .  av'd  Prov  Sep  5 . .  Tuxedo  Pk  N  Y 
Poor  MiM"  Chas  L  (Mary  L  Austin)  Ny.Rv.Fw.Dp.Mtw.Cvcw. 

Cda.Cd.Dc.USN'96.  .see  F  B  Austin 

Poor  MiM"  Chas  Lane  (Anna  L  Easton)C.Ny.Mc. 
tf'' Mary  A  Ward [Na.Ad.Lc.JHop'92 

4  E  48 

Poor  M"  Edward  E  (Mary  W  Lane) Park  Av  Hotel 

Poor  MiM"  Ed  E  (Susie  E  Grimes) Ul.Na.Bg.Mc. 

i^rs  W  Edward  E  Jr-Aht'io 

Poor  MiM"  Frank  Ballou  (Bessie  F  G  Hamilton)  Na 

Bellevue  Wash 
Poor  MiM"  Hy  W  (Constance  E  Brandon)Un.Uv. 

Poor  r"  Henry  V-R.H/oi  &  Roger  M-H.'o6 

JlS.  M*"  Pamela 

Poor  MiM"  HoraceF(HelenHartshome)Ny.  .seeM"SGHartshorne 
Poor  MiM"  Jas  Harper  (Evelyn  Bolton) Mc.Rv.Ny.  .  ^^^06373-38 
PoorM'"Evelyn.  .av'dPhilaSepi9  &  if^M"  Mildred.  .     119  E  39 
Poore  DIM"  Chas  Talbot  (Helen  Talbot)  Ul.C.Snc.Wms'6i 

av'd  Zld  Oct  13.  .P^^S2i79Plaza.  .43  W 

Passaic  N  J 

I  Lex  Av 

Pope  MiM"  Alfred  A  (Brooks)  Mt.Ul. 
Pope  tf-  Theodate-Cly 

*' Hill  Stead'' 
Famiington  Ct 


Social  Register 

Pope  M' John  Russell-Un.Pl.B.Cl/94...P'^^S5245Mad...2S  MadAv 
Popham  MiM"  Guy  H  (Louisa  T  Glover) White  Plains  N  Y 

ab'd  Nov  19 
Brown  Shipley  &  Co  London 

Porter  M'  A  Kingsley-Ul,Y.'o4. 
M'"  Joanna  Krom 

Porter  M'  Alfred  H  Jr-Dt.Gg.Y' 86 :./....  P«S74-38 

JlSs  If"  Doris 116  E  38 

Porter  MiM"  Aug  Drum  (Ella  de  Ruyter)An.Rv.Cw.Wt.Fw. 

Mkp.  .P^^;i833Plaza.  .604  Park  Av 

Porter  M"  Benj  C  (Mary  L  Clark) P'^«S4356Chel 

J^m  M'  Sydney 22  W  11 

Porter  MiM"  Clarence  (Mary  S  Bird)  U1.R.P.'95 

P^^i2  24-38, 

Porter  M"  Fitz  John  (Harriet  P  Cooke) 

Porter  M'"  Lucia  C 

Porter  M"  Frank  Brinley  (Pond) 

Porter  M'"  Harriet  P 

Porter  MiM"  Frank  B  (Rachel  L  Kennedy)  Y.'os 

Porter  MiM"  H  Hobart  (Katharine  Porter) U v. 

Porter  M'  Seton-Rh.R.Y.'os 

JSs  lif"-  Dorothy  D  &  Margaret  S 

Porter  M'"  Henrietta~Ap see  S  H  Valentine 

1600  I  WS6 

Feb  15  JekyllsClub 

Brunswick  Ga 

.  83  Park  Av 


75  E  81 

3  Park  Av 

.  161  Mad  Av 

Lawrence  L  I 


Porter  MiM"  Hy  Kirke  (Hegeman-Annie 
de  Camp)  Uv.C.EgJkl.Ht.Ats.Cosw. 
tf"  Annie  M  Hegeman. 
Porter  MiM"Holbrook  Fitz  John(Rose  Smith) Eg.    JP^"»S292  7Stuy 

&  M'  Fitz  John [Lehigh'78(      15  E  10 

Porter  Gen  Horace-Ul.Mt.Uv.C.Ar.Dt.Cal.Pl.A.An.Dke.Au. 

Fw.Lt.Ll.Rp.USA'6o.  .P^'i5§6333-38.  .277  Mad  Av 




Porter  M"  Hugh  (Margaret  H  Albertson). 

Porter  IP"  Maud 

Porter  M"  Julia  G(Jeffrey).  .at  61  Av  Victor 

Hugo  Paris  ' 
Porter  MiM"  Augustus  G  (Gertrude  Wright) 

Porter  MiM"  Louis  Hopkins  (Ellen  M  Hatch)  Uv.Y.'96 

P^^S246.  .**Blachley  Lodge"  Stamford  Ct 

*The  Homestead" 
Niagara  Falls 
N  Y.  .see  B2 

New  York  1909 


Porter  M*M"  Nathan  T  Jr  (Caroline  C  Knicker- 

backer)  Uv.Y'90 
Helen  LK 



165  Gates  Av 

Montclair  N  J 

Porter  D'  P  Brynberg-Ch.Y' P^^SSsRiv.  .128  W  84 

of  P^^Sl2I 

Tuxedo  Park  N  Y 
31  E  49 


Porter  MiM"  T  Wyman  (LilUan  M  Ward)Un. 

JSS.  If-  Katharine  W 

Porter  DiM"  W  Evelyn  (Mary  R  Redfield)  Na. 

Porter  M"'  Wm  Redfield-Cl/06  &  Edw  E-Cl'o8 149  W  73 

Porter  MiM"Wm  H(EstherJackson)Mt.Ul.Mid.Rg.Rp.Na.     56 

J^»  M'  James  J E  67 

Porter  M'  Wm  L-Un.Ul.H/7S 54  Third  Waterford  N  Y 

Posfay  MiM"  Oliver  (Elizabeth  G  Underwood) 

see  M"  W  A  Underwood 
Post  MiM"  Alfred  Seton  (Alice  L  Morgan) Un. . .        P«Sio9 

Post  IP"  Ethel  Maud 39  Bowne  Av 

Post  M'  A  Seton  Jr-Sa.Y'98.  .at  202  Goethe  CSJS. .   Flushing  L  I 
Post  MiM"  Allison Wright(KatharineBHoppin)  Un.R.Sa.Cr90 

P'TosS  ** White  Lodge"  Bemardsville  N  J 
Post  MiM"  Carroll  J  Jr  (A  Elizabeth  Jones)  Sn. 

see  M"FF  Jones  151  W  57 
Post  MiM"  Chas  A  (Marie  C  de  Trobriand)  Un.Cly.Cr63 

P^^29lBluep't.  .**Strandhome''  Bayport  L  I 

P^«Si78.  .Whittredge  PI 
Summit  N  J 

Post  MiM"  Chas  H  (Mimken)Bg.Lt.Dt. 

Post  M'"  Katharine  M. 

Post  MiM"  Edward  C  (Emilie  Thorn  Kmg)  Un.K.Ny.C. 

P^^Si748Riv.  .350  W  End  Av 
Post  MiM"  Edwin  A  (Margaret  O  Gibbes)Un.. . .  P*^44ooPlaza 

Post  M'"  Edwina  M Union  Club 

Post  M"  Emily  B  P  (Emily  Bruce  Price) see  M"  B  Price 

Post  MiM"  Geo  B  (AHce  M  Stone)  Un.C.Mg.Ats.S.N*68 

aVd  Bait  Aug  6.  .P^«Si38iPlaza. .  129  E  69 
Post  MiM"Geo  B  Jr(Julia  Cotton  Smith) Un.Sa.K.    P^«Sn79Mad 
Ny.Au.Rg.Mid.Gg.Mo.R.Mg.Cly.Cl.*86  18 

&  tf"  H  A  &  M'  George  B  3d E  37 

Post  M*-  Helen  Mintum see  D^lX 

Post  MiM"  Hy  A  V  (Caroline  B  McLean) Un.Ll.Dt. 

Post  JP"  Nathalie  McLean 

Post  M'  Albertson  V  Z-Fn.Cl.'89 

Post  M'  Edwin  Main-Un.K.R.Ny.T.Rv.Cr92 ..... 

140  W  77 


Social  Register 

Post  Mill"  Henry  B  (Grace  W  PhiUips) see  D2LS. 

Post  M"  James  Clarence  (Anne  M  Pultz) see  J  T  Pultz 

Post  MiM"  Jas  Otis  (Dorothea  Miller)  Un.Mg.R.Ats.Sa.CrQy 

P^S3Si2-79..235  E  72 

Post  M"  Jehiel  J  (Lucrie  F  Mahony) PIK6199-79 

M'"  Helen  Fordhain  Mahony 872 

M'  J  Hill  Mahony Madison  Av 

Post  M*"  Josephine 9  rue  Copemic  Paris 

Post  M'"  Laura  J-Cly see  J  C  O'Conor  24  E  33 

Post  tf-  Mary  L 5  E  84 

Post  MiM"  R^gis  H  (C  Beatrice  Post)  Un.H/91 

Government  House  San  Juan  P  R 

''Grey  Cottage" 
Argyle  Park 
Babylon  L  I 
31  E  49 

Post  MiM"Rich'd  Bayley(Silvie  L  Strong)Cr93 
JS5.  M*"  Alletta  B 

M"  Jas  H  Strong  (Berryman) 

M'  Jas  H  W  Strong 

Post  M"  Stephen  R  (Carrie  B  Morgan) 

Post  M'"  Hy  M-N.P/95  &  Chas  M-Mt.N.P/98. 

Post  MiM"  Waldron  Kintzing  (Mary  L  Perkins)  Un.Ll.Rh 

H . ' 90. . P''^S7 SCedarhurst .  . Lawrence  L  I 

Post  M"  Wiiuam  (Anthony) P^«S4207Plaza 

Post  M'  Wm-R.T.  Y'oo.  .ab'd  P  Line  Aug  29 14  E  67 

Post  MiM"WmH(HarrietBridges)Lt.Mid.S.    M'  ab'd  Maj  Jly  25 

JSk  M*""  Fanny  &  Mary [Na.'84        see  D'^S. 

Post  MiM"  Wm  Merritt  (Katharine  E  Van  Nest)  Bd.Dar. 

P*^«Sii23Col..27  W  67 
Post  MiM"  Wm  Stone  (Lilian  M  Hood)  Un.Sa.Cr90..  j.  ^ 

JlS,  M^"~  Marion  H  &  Lilian 171  i^  71 

Postley  M"  Brooke  (Fairfax).  .  .av'd  Grosse  Oct  13.  .see  D^'S. 
Postley  M"  Clarence  A  (Margaret  V  Sterling)  Cda.Dar. 

ab'd  Cecil  Jly  7 . .  46  rue  de  Bassano  Paris 
Postley  MiM"  Sterling  (Edith  Cook)  M'  ab'd  Cecil  Jly  7 

19 1 7  Sacramento  San  Francisco  Cal.  .see  %•» 

Potter  M'  A  Ludlow Died  at  ffck  Oct  10 

Potter  M*"  Alice  Key  (Frank  H) Married  at  Newport 

Adams  M'  Newton  (Thos  B) Sep  5.  .see  Blatchford 

Potter  M"  Alonzo  (Frances  Seton).  .71  Jamaica  Av  Flushing  L  I 
Potter  MiM"  Alonzo  (Elsie  Nicholas)  K.R.Uv.Mid.As.Y'94 

119  KS4 

New  York  1909 


Potter  JP-  Blanche P*^^S643-38.  .33  E  38 

Potter  M"  Charles  (Mary  I  Mintum). 

Potter  M'  Chas.  .at  Camden  S  C 

MiM"  W  Roscoe  Bonsai  (Potter) . 
Potter  MiM"  Clarkson  (Mathilde  D  Allien)  K:.Cy.H'92 

Hottinguer  &  Co  Paris 


"Sunny side  Place*' 

Newport  R  I 

av'd  Lusi  Jly  30 
Westchester  N  Y 

105  E  40 

Potter  MiM"EdClarkson  (EmilyHavemeyer) 

Potter  W  Emily  de  L [K.Cy.R.Tf.Cly. 

Potter  ir  Thos  W 

Potter  MiM"  Edw  C  Jr  (Lisa  B  Marshall)  Rh.H.'oy 

P^"»S824FarRock.  .Woodmere  L  I 

Potter  M"  Edward  T  (Julia  M  Blatchford) 

Potter  M'  Robert  F-K.Cy.Mb.  .ab'd  Tour  Aug  27. 

Potter  M"  EKphaiet  Nott  (Helen  Fuller) I 

Potter  M'  Howard  C [Ct.R.T.  36  W  9 

Potter  MiM"  Eliphalet  Nott  (Josephine  T  Atterbury)Un.j 
Potter  MiM"  Francis  H  (Gwendolen  Cary)  Sec'y  Amer  Leg 

Madrid  Spain 
Potter  MiM"  Frank  H  (Casey-Flora  MacD  Woodcock)  Pl.Gg. 

Ch.Cly.U'73.  .P*^^§47ooPlaza.  .Hotel  Gotham 

Potter  M'  Fred*k-Uv.As.Y.'78 P^^Siiq 

Potter  M'  Orlando  B Ossining 

J^»  M^"  Dorothy  W  &  M'  Fred'k  A NY 

Potter  M*"  Grace  H-Cly P^^S688-38.  .52  Park  Av 

Potter  Rt  Rev  Henry  C  (late  Rev  Alonzo) 

Died  at  Cooperstown  N  Y  Jly  21 
Potter  M"  Henry  C  (Clark-Elizabeth  Scriven)Cly. . . 

M""  Edw  S,  Rob't  S  &  Stephen  C  Clark 347  W  89 

MiM"  F  Ambrose  Clark  (Florence  L  Stokes).  . . . 
Potter  MiM"  Howard  Nott  (Ethel  Potter)  R.Cy.Ct.U'8i 

P^^S3iolWhitePlains..*^ Allendale  Farm"  Harrison  N  Y 

Potter  M"  J  Neilson  (Harriet  D  Jones) Pau 

Potter  IP""  Marguerite  &  Katherine France 

Potter  MiM"  J  W  Fuller  (Mary  B  Atterbury)  R. 

P^«S2  294Mad..i26  E  34 
Potter  MiM"  James  Brown  (May  Handy)  T.Ny.Dt.Cly.U'73 

M'  av'd  Lusi  Oct  8..ab'd  Oct  i4..P**^Js4ioBroad. .  59  Wall 
Potter  M'Jotham-Uv.P'77 1  W  54.  .absent 

454  Social  Register 

Potter  DiM"  Nath'l  Bowditch  (Mary  Sargent)  Uv.  P»S762Plaza 

M'  A  Robeson  Sargent [H.'qo     48  W  51 

Potter  M'  Philip  K abroad 

Potter  Mill"  R  Bumside  (Elizabeth  S  C  Fish)  K.Ny.Cy.Dke. 

Cly.H.'pi.  .Knickerbocker  Club 

Potter  If"  Virginia Ft  Salonga  L  I 

Potter  M'  Wm  Appleton-U'64 Rome  Italy 

Potts  MiM"  Fred'c  A  (Elizabeth  W  Olcott)  Un.Na.Tf .Sa.Snc. 

CrSo.  .401  Madison  Av  Lakewood  N  J 
Potts  MiM"  Geo  Hy  (Selina  J  Eanshawe)  Sa.R.Un.Tf.B. 

Cly.Cro4..iio  E  61 
Potts  M"  Geo  H  (Helen  B  Hard).. . Llewellyn  Pk  W  Orange  N  J 
Potts  MIM"  Gilbert  R  (Georgie  McNeel)  Mg..ab'd  AVic  Jlyi6 

&CecilSep  i  av'dAVicOct8..P^^S3iS4..24jamesNewarkNJ 
Potts  MiM"  Hugh  R  (Florence  C  McAnemey)  Sa.  .Hohokus  N  J 
Potts  Mill"  Rob't  B  (Helen  R  Jacquelin)  Un. 

P^Ǥ242rRidgew'd..** Saddle  Brook  Farm"  Hohokus  N  J 
Potts  MiM"  Rockhill  B  (Anita  Tone)  Un.Sa.Cly.Cl.'o2 

P«Si2i..Islip  LI 

Potts  M'  William Died  at  Phila  Jly  29 

Potts  MiM"  Wm  Brevoort  (Elizabeth  W  Barnes)  Un.Sa.R. 

Au.Tf.Dar.Cl.*95.  .P^^S3i48Plaza.  .125  £55 
Potts  MiM"  Wm  Rockhill  (Emily  Brevoort)  Ul. 

Potts  M*"  Emily  B .  .  ab'd  Zld  Jly  i8..av'd  Barb 

M"  Howard  Walton  (Potts) [Oct  6 

Poulet  M'  Acton-Ch.Y.*97 P^2oooBry.  .Yale  Club 

853  Seventh  Av 


Powel  tf"  Elisabeth  H [As.H'78 

J&yi'  Rob't  J  H  Jr-at  St  George's  Newport 

of  P*^^S97 

Dobbs  Ferry  N  Y 

Hotel  Gotham 

Powell  M"  Irwin  A  (Marie  S  Feitner).  .  .P^Ss  124-79. .  10  E  96 

Powell  M'  Wilson  M-U'59 324 

Powell  tf"-  Rachel  H-Bd.  &  Elsie W  58 

Powell  MiM"  Wilson  M  Jr  (Elsie  Knapp)  Ct.Uv.H.'96 

P«S444iPlaza.  .130  E  70 
Power  Capt  &  M"  Carroll  (Marie  B  Reid)  USA.  .  .Ft  TottenL  I 
Power  M'  EOrmonde-Cal.Du.Cl.*93P^^S262oMad..Calumet  Club 
Power  MiM"  John  A  (Edith  I  Trenchard) see  E  Trenchatd 

iT^^  York  xm 


Power  Dlir  Walter  B  (Laura  L  Stone) 

P^^SSpMain.  .  233  Cajon  Redlands  Cal 
Powers  M' John C-Cal.Mc.Gg P^SiyoMad  . .  135  Mad  Av 

Clinton  Av 

24  W48 

Powers  M"  Waiter  H  (Katharine  Weaver)  Ap P^^5268o-79 

^  M'  Lansing  W 772 ParkAv 

Powers  MiM"  Walter  H  (Helen  G  Ballard)  CI. '02 

P^»J8i6-79..i46  E  74 
Powers  MiM"WmVanV(CarolineM  VanBuren)  I  **Deer  Hill" 

Powers  M'C  Van  V-Uv.Cr82 [U v. Cr 7 7 (Cornwall  N  Y 

Pratt  MiM"ChasM(MarySMorris)Ny.S.Ar.Ad.Ha.    Pl?S2709Pros 

Pratt  M^  Margaret  R [Au.Aht'79 

Pratt  r"  Morris  &  Theodore 

JS»»  IP-  Katharine  E 

Pratt  MiM"  Cleveland  F  (Sophia  J  Briggs)  Ar. 

•*^SS35SJBedford..24  Virginia  PI  B'klyn 
Pratt  MiM"  Dallas  Bache  (Mary  G  Landon)  Un.Lc 

Pratt  IP"-  Constance  &  Beatrice  G 

Pratt  M'  Alex  Dallas  Bache-Un.Cw.Rv.P/04. .  • . 
Pratt  MiM"  Fred'c  B  (Caroline  A  Ladd)  Uv.Dp. 


JS.  tf—  Mary  C  &  Helen  L  &  JT  Charies 

Pratt  Mill"  Geo  Dupont  (Helen  D  Sherman)  Uv.Ny.Ad.S.Au. 

Ats.Ha.Aht*93 . .  245  Clinton  Av  Brooklyn 

Pratt  MiM"  H  Ruth ven  (Florence  A  Mathews) abroad 

Pratt  MiM"  Harold  Irving  (Harriet  Barnes)  Au.Ny.S.Ad.Ct. 

Aht'oo.  .P^^S2267Pros..232  Clinton  Av  B'klyn 
Pratt  MiM"  Herbert  L  (Florence  Gibb)  R.Ha. 

P^^SSoPros. .  2 1 3  Clinton  Av  Brooklyn 

Pratt  M"  Horace  E  (Sarah  K  Martin) P^«?2o63-79 

Pratt  M""  James  B-N.  &  Lawrence  K loii  Lex  Av 

Pratt  M"Huger(Wright-AbigailPankhurst)..av'd  PhilaOcti